29 September 2011

Berlusconi: "Milan is better than Barça and will win everything"

Silvio Berlusconi is euphoric with the European good march of Milan.

The Milan owner and Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is convinced that the Lombard team is stronger than the Fútbol Club Barcelona" and that it will win everything."

Berlusconi made the remarks before a group of deputies of his party with the in advance celebrating its 75th anniversary to discuss his team's victory against Czech side Viktoria Plzen modest by 2 goals to 0 in the group stage of the League of Champions, as reported by Italian media.

"We will win it all," stressed the Conservative leader, also happy that the striker Antonio Cassano scored the goal of 2,000 of Milan "was Berlusconi".

Milan leads Group H, level on points with Barcelona. Both teams met on Sept. 13 and tied at two goals. (via SPORT)

Carles Puyol with discomfort

The FC Barcelona captain suffered a rib contusion on the right side in the Champions League match against BATE Borisov.

During the match of the Champions League against BATE Borisov yesterday the player had a bruised rib on the right side and this morning he still had discomfort. The player will do specific work and evolution will make his availability for Sunday's game. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] The Mini welcomes European gratuitous youth football

The FC Barcelona Juvenil A debut at home to Olympique Marseille in the Next Gen series. The Óscar García has won the first two games of the competition in the fields of Celtic and Manchester City.

Good football lovers have an appointment on Thursday at the Miniestadi. Barca will face Olympique Marseille (20.15 h, Barça TV) on the third day of the third group of the Next Gen Series, a competition that brings together some of the best European teams at youth level.

Barça would take giant's step to be classified for the final phase of this competition if they are able to add the third serial victory in Next Gene Series. The two exits of the Juvenil A azulgrana have put an end to victory.

Those of Óscar García won Celtic (1-3) and to Manchester City (1-2) with the boys' two exhibitions futbolísticas of the Juvenil A azulgrana.

The reason to go on Thursday at 20.15 in the Miniestadi are manifold. The coach says the major Oscar Garcia: "Anyone who comes will see the best youth football can be seen throughout Europe."

In the dressing room of Junior A look forward to play this kind of game, as explained in Barça TV players once finished Sunday's game against Mallorca.

Sergi Samper midfielder admits: "I've never played in the Miniestadi against Marseille and it motivates me, I encourage people to come and support us." By Cantabrian Miguel Ángel Sainz-Maza, these parties "are very special and if people decide to support us."

Rafinha Alcántara, one of the architects of the treble last season that won the Juvenil A Óscar García, encourages the public to approach the Miniestadi: "I'm going to encourage and urge all fans of good quarry not miss it, it will be a great show." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[The Player Ratings; UCL; Group H] BATE Borisov - FC Barcelona (0-5)

Víctor Valdés 8, Alves 8, Puyol 8, Mascherano 8, Abidal 8, Keita 8, Xavi 8, Thiago 8, Pedro 8, Messi 9, Villa 8, Cesc 7, Adriano 7, Maxwell 7. (via SPORT)

Valdés: "We got a really positive result"

The FC Barcelona goalkeeper highlighted the patience of the team in creating space against BATE’s solid defence, and the great work done in Minsk that helped take 3 important points in the Champions League.

Against BATE Borissov Valdes probably didn’t have too complicated a game, although he never lost concentration. The Barça keeper expressed his surprise at how the Belarusian team played "because they defended so deeply, with 10 men in the area, leaving one forward totally on his own". But Valdes believed that the team "had the patience to keep the ball and create the necessary space to break them down".

After the draw at home to Milan in the first game of the Champions League this season, the Barça keeper sees the win in Minsk as "a very positive result for us".

Valdes also had words for Leo Messi, who with two goals against BATE equalled Kubala as second top scorer in the history of FC Barcelona, with 194 goals. "So many records. Every game is a new one. With the quality he has, and what he’s already won, he’s entered into the history of the club". He added that "collectively we feel that any record or trophy is shared. We all recognise that".


"Messi is incredible. He keeps beating his own records. We are happy to help him do it".

"We always try to keep possession. BATE defended really deeply, especially in the first half, and left us to carry the burden of the match".

"We were very comfortable and the rain helped because it made the pitch quicker".

"Champions League matches are tricky. It’s to our credit what we did today. We played a very good game".

"I’m happy with the game from both an individual and collective standpoint".


"They shut up shop and let us dominate. We played at ease because they didn’t even want to leave their area most of the time".

"We had to open up the pitch as they had ten players defending deeply. We kept them on the back foot, although it's tough when they are so deep, but we did well".

"What Messi does is fantastic, achieving these figures, and playing for the team. Having the best player in the world in our team is priceless". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rosell and Guardiola give for closed the topic of the guarantees

When concluding the encounter between the BATE and Barça, Sandro Rosell and Pep Guardiola gave 'carpetazo' to the topic of the guarantees that finally Vicenç Pla decided to postpone.

FC Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, has said it is "a closed issue," the latest episode lived in the state following a Barca coach Josep Guardiola statements in which he defended the previous policy and Joan Laporta had to refine later.

"It's an issue that is closed, is history, I have nothing to say. For us everything is fine and that everything would look good. We must not give more laps," Rosell has said in statements to TV3 after the rout of his team against BATE Borisov (0-5).

Rosell has insisted that the leadership of Barcelona just wants to talk football and the future, not past, and would not comment if the team leader has advocated for a partner that Laporta had sued on a matter of guarantees, has decided to seek a postponement.

"Football is what we like to talk. It's nice to see them play with such a high level: thrashings, Xavi, Messi, Puyol's return, well ... It's the first win of the Champions, we will go step by step, "said Barca president.

Rosell has said that Barca players were keen to play a good game to provide it to the memory of Chus Pereda, who died recently. "It was really nice to dedicate the win," he stated.

It has also settled the issue Josep Gaurdiola in the press conference did not want to talk about the controversy over the demand for guarantees of former president Joan Laporta and seven other executives but said: "Everything said. What is best for the club, that's the most important. I've said enough already, "has ruled. (via SPORT)

Leo Messi equals Ladislao Kubala as the second highest scorer ever

This Wednesday, in Minsk, Leo Messi equalled the record of one of the legends of FC Barcelona, Ladislao Kubala. Both have scored 194 goals in official matches.

No one can stop him. Messi is a machine for scoring goals, breaking records and providing happiness. On Wednesday, in Minsk, at 24 years old, he scored another couple of goals, the second one really impressive, and equalled the 194 goals of one of the greatest players in the history of the Club, Ladislao Kubala. The Argentinian is now second in the list headed by César, with 235 goals.

It had to be a very special competition like the Champions League when Messi caught up with the Hungarian superstar. Messi has been the top scorer in the competition for the last three years, and has scored 39 of his 194 goals in European competition. The rest are distributed as follows: 127 in the League, 17 in the Cup, 8 in the Spanish Super Cup (in which he’s now the top scorer ever in the competition), 2 in the World Club Championship, and 1 in the European Super Cup. In total, 194 goals in 280 games, that’s 0.69 goals per game in 7 seasons and the start of this one.

Ladislao Kubala’s goals, scored over his 11 seasons at Barça, were distributed like this: 131 in the league, 49 in the Cup, 7 in the European Cup, 6 in the Fairs Cup, and one in the Latin Cup. Messi, therefore, still has one last challenge with respect to the Hungarian: pass his number of goals in the League. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Important events

The following are some of the previous records beaten by Messi for FC Barcelona:

16/01/2010: Goal number 100 in an official match.

27/02/2010: Overtakes, with 71 goals, the number of goals by Ronaldinho in the League.

01/05/2010: Reaches Kluivert as the tenth leading scorer in club history (122 goals).

21/08/2010: reaches 130 goals, the same as Eto'o and Rivaldo.

19/09/2010: Reaches fifth top scorer for Barça in the League, level with Kluivert (90 goals).

20/10/2010: Messi equals Rivaldo as top international scorer ever (31 goals).

03/11/2010: Goal number 100 since Josep Guardiola took over as Barça Manager (100 goals in 117 games with Guardiola).

13/11/2010: Scores his 30th two goal haul, and reaches fourth place in the list of top scorers for Barça in the League, with 98 goals, one more than Mariano Martín (97).

20/11/2010: Goal 100 in the league.

24/11/2010: Goal 150 in official matches.

29/01/2011: Becomes the third top scorer for Barça in the League with 109 goals, overtaking Eto'o (108).

28/05/2011: Scores his 53rd goal in a single season, a record in the Spanish League, shared with Cristiano Ronaldo.

24/09/2011: Goal 150 with Josep Guardiola as manager, in 192 matches.

28/09/2011: Reaches Ladislao Kubala, with 194 goals, as the second top scorer in the history of the Club.

Rosell: "Everything is very well, everything paints very well"

FC Barcelona president has been very pleased with the team's resounding victory in Minsk. On the judicial process involving the Board earlier FC Barcelona, Rosell has explained that "everything is very well, everything paints very well."

Sandro Rosell was today a happy man. The team has won 0-5 in Minsk with a new football lesson and already sum four points in the League of Champions after two disputed days. On the judicial process that affects the Directive previous Meeting of FC Barcelona, Sandro Rosell has explained that "everything is very well, everything paints very well."

And he has added: "For our part anything that to say. For us everything paints very well. It is not necessary to give him more turns. It is a topic that it has passed to the history of the Club. It is a closed topic. We only want to speak of soccer and, for luck, everything is very well and he paints very well for the future."

The president has also wanted to dedicate him the victory in Minsk to Chus Pereda, deceased this Tuesday. "We wanted to win and remember him. We have dedicated the win. I want to thank BATE they are also wearing the bracelet, is a detail," he explained. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: "We have taken a good step"

The coach, very pleased with the 0-5 victory against BATE Borisov, notes that the staff has done a "good step" in their way in the Champions league and with this victory, the club's first group.

The Santpedor has recognized that although the club has done a very good last three Champions League, away from home "we have not been very reliable," so that the party believes that his team played on Wednesday in Minsk was, a priori , "a mystery". Guardiola is why we give "great weight" to victory in the Dinamo Stadium, a win which he described as "vital" and is "a good step" in the face of the objectives of the template. "Now the qualifying round goes by the Czechs," he said.

To achieve victory, the club has had to deal with the solid defense of BATE Borisov: "The truth is that they have been very close behind, and not what I expected. Sometimes if not faster marks this fact makes you lose a little patience. But we were able to control very well, and that has set the pace and quiet to play our game. "He added:" It's never easy to attack to 10. All these teams are very similar. Leave to defend and hope that you lose a little patience. It was very important to control the interior and Kezman, and players have done very well. "

Precisely on their players, Guardiola has expressed aloud his desire not to lose the competitive spirit that have shown this Wednesday and for that characterizes so long. "The spirit I see in years. Already have established. I have very clear that they feel it. No matter whether we win or lose, you always have to keep doing the same.

Despite the win by 0-5, the Santpedor, who dedicated the victory to the family of Chus Pereda, does not consider the match was not easy: "We had to run a lot. Things have much value when you get them, and if we won by 0-5 is because we had to do things better than BATE Borisov. But nothing is simple. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Champions League; Group H] BATE Borisov 0 - 5 FC Barcelona

Barça destroyed BATE Borissov with goals from Messi (2), Pedro, Villa, and an own goal, and came away with their first win in this season’s Champions League. Messi has drawn level with Kubala as the second top scorer in the history of the Club.

Barça didn’t leave any room for surprise in Minsk, where BATE Borissov play their home games in the Champions League. The Belarusian Champion belied their fame as an offensive team, and handed the initiative to Barça from the start. Barça had a lot to play for following the draw against AC Milan at the Camp Nou, and decided the game with 3 goals before the break. In the second half, also totally controlled by Guardiola’s players, Messi equalled Kubala’s record, and Barça equalled their biggest away win in the Competition. It was the best possible tribute to the late 'Chus' Pereda.

BATE showed a lot of respect, and even fear, to the Champions of Europe. They defended really deep, with 10 players practically in their own area, and Kezman as the lone attacker. So, with the exception of the odd counter-attack from the Belarusians, the game became a Barça monologue, similar to the scene when they faced Rubin Kazan. This time, however, Barça were much more vertical, and effective.

Barça had total possession, and tried to pierce the defensive network with long range shots, like the ones from Thiago (min 7) and Messi (min 17). The Barça siege soon found it’s reward: in the 18th minute a cross from Alves was diverted into his own goal by Volodko, under pressure from Messi. Barça followed the same 'modus operandi' to make it 2-0, when Villa crossed the ball for Pedro, who anticipated keeper Gutor’s attempt to catch the ball, and put a glancing header into the net.

Soon after, Gutor did well to save 2 shots from Villa, but messed up again for the 3rd goal, when he dropped a cross from Pedro, and an opportunistic Lionel Messi nipped in to make it 3-0 (min 38).

After the break, BATE tried to push forward a bit more, while Barça stuck to their 4-3-3 formation, brought back for this game. Now there was even more space, and Messi took full advantage. A combination with Alves, and a superb strike into the top corner, enabled Leo to catch Kubala as the second top scorer in Barça history with 194 goals. With the match decided, Guardiola decided to give some rest to players like Abidal and Xavi.

Under heavy rain, Barça retained their high percentage of possession, and intensity, to the end. Pressure by Villa on the Belarusian defense allowed him to recover a ball and beat the keeper to make it 5-0. An undisputed win and another milestone achieved: equalling Barça’s biggest win in the Champions League away from home.

A win for Milan
In the other game in Group H, AC Milan beat FC Viktoria 2-0. The scorers were Ibrahimovic, from a penalty that opened the scoring in the 53rd minute, and Cassano, in the 66th minute. After the second games of the group stage in the Champions League, Barça and Milan share the lead in their group with 4 points. Meanwhile, FC Viktoria and Bate Borissov have one point each. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
BATE Borisov: Gutor; Volodko, Filipenko, Simic, Bordachev; Baga, Olejnovich, Bressan (Kurlovich, m.82), Rudik (Aleksiyan, m.60), Kontsevói and Kezman (Skavysh, m.57)

Barcelona: Valdés; Alves, Puyol, Mascherano, Abidal (Adriano, m.61); Xavi (Cesc, m.59), Keita, Thiago; Pedro (Maxwell, m.69), Messi and Villa.

Goals: 0-1, m.19: Volodzo, own goal. 0-2, m.22: Pedro. 0-3, m.38: Messi. 0-4, m.56: Messi. 0-5, m.90: Villa.

Referee: Manuel Gräfe (GER). He showed yellow card to Alves (m.77) and Simic (m.80).

Incindents: 40,000 spectators filled the Dinamo Stadium in Minsk (BLR) in game for the second day of the first phase of the Champions League, Group H Barcelona put on his second gear, black, and the players wore a white armband in tribute to the late Chus Pereda, former footballer of the entity.

Milan joins to the bid for Abidal

The Italians join the bid for PSG in the Gallic defender has not yet renewed with FC Barcelona.

Paris Saint Germain and AC Milan are willing to fight for Abidal in case the French defense decides not to renew for FC Barcelona. As reported by the portal 'footmercato', Milan could make a proposition that only Abidal had the PSG great interest in having their services.

The whole 'Rossoneri' is not satisfied with the performance offered by Taiwo and, together with the age of Nesta veteran, would be to have to bid on a high-level defense.

And that's where it comes Abidal as a reference for the rear. Although the proposals have not yet occurred, and French milanista environment has started to move to probe the intentions of a Abidal has not yet responded to the offer of renewal of FC Barcelona. (via SPORT)