28 September 2011

Vilanova: "For sure the BATE will vary its system"

The second coach of Barça, 'Tito' Vilanova, is convinced that the champion from Belarus will "make something different regarding what we have seen" him/her. They usually play a 4-2-3-1, but usually, before Barça, the teams change the strategy", d.

Speaking to Barça TV , assistant Pep Guardiola has affected the tactical to the coaching staff expected tonight at the Dinamo stadium in Minsk: "We have seen some part of the bat, both of their league, as the first game Champions. They play a 4-2-3-1, but as usually happens when we play against teams lower theoretically, they always do something different, and today it probably will happen again to us. "

For Villanova, the tie against Milan at the Nou Camp "is a situation that forces us to make urgently." "The league is short and therefore the three points in the next few games before playing at San Siro is critical," he adds. The coach reiterated the great difficulty presented by these teams, who await the arrival of Barcelona to make a name in Europe. "We already know that can happen if we do things very well. We already have the experience of Shakhtar, Rubin and Copenhagen, we made ​​things very complicated." He continued: "Without going any further yesterday was about Manchester United losing at Old Trafford against Basel. You can not always brilliantly winning the Champions League. If we look at our record on the road in the Champions League, the results are better. "

Asked if the game system with three defenders is possible to see him again tonight in Minsk, Vilanova said: "If we did at the Mestalla, I think we can continue everywhere. What I have to say is that a decision is not trivial, and if we do so because we believe that we have reason to apply this system football. "

To Tito Vilanova, the two central "are able to play 90 minutes, but it is also true that out of the injuries they have suffered, it would be better them play in a progressive way to go slowly with them. " As for the state of the game box says that the grass is fine. "We were lucky to play here now, and do so in November or December, as we might have found a situation quite different from now on." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Iniesta and Alexis recover running for the mountain

The Fuentealbilla midfielder and the forward tocopillano were shown optimists on their recovery when posing smiling in one of their incursions for the mountain to train.

Andres Iniesta and Alexis Sanchez go forward with the recovery from injury and Wednesday showed the fans how to retrieve running down the mountain.

Fuentealbilla midfielder hung a picture on his Facebook account on the next to Alexis Sanchez and Barca in which he stated that his recovery continues on Wednesday and he did run down the mountain.

The good news is that 'Don Andres' said "I feel better every day," while not hesitate to thank all the fans for their support. (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Sylvinho debuts as coach in the Cruzeiro

The full- back exazulgrana incorporates to the technical staff of the Brazilian group to exercise the works of the assistant coach Vágner Mancini and to help to that the team recovers its best version.

The ex Brazilian full-back Sylvinho, of pleasing memory in Can Barça, was presented this week as assistant coach of the Cruzeiro.

Sylvinho he joined the technical staff of the Brazilian team, which will act as assistant coach Vagner Mancini, new signing and specifically requested the inclusion of ex azulgrana.

The former defender of Barça, Celtic, Arsenal and Manchester City, among others, had a curious debut in training, having participated in exercises with the first team to complete the group.

Sylvinho, as friendly as usual, he acknowledged that he could not keep up with the players and complained of pains in his legs. "I have no intention of working out with players, but to teach and direct them," he said.

The ex azulgrana full-back said to want to help to "improve self-esteem" of the group and make them feel "happy every day" to "improve their performance" in order to pull the team difficult situation because accumulates seven games without a win and is flirting with relegation. (via SPORT)

Goncharenko, Guardiola of Minsk, promises battle to Barça

"There are not invincible" teams, Goncharenko warned.

"Barca is one of the favorites to win the Champions League. But in football there are no invincible teams. Especially in single matches," warned Viktor Goncharenko. BATE Borisov coach is 34 and was a good defense team until a knee injury ended his career at 25. He is the son of an engineer who worked at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and because of the radiation during the devastating accident in 1986 died in 1993. At home he set out for football. Olympic studied at a college in Minsk, where he received his first lectures. He played RUOR and then in 1998 and signed for 21 years BATE, winning two league titles in four years.

Tactically very disciplined, he began coaching football at the club and attended Yuri Puntus the first team until he took over in 2007. He won the League in 2008, 2009 and 2010, the year in which he also won the Cup and had the honor of carrying the club of his life to the group stages of the Champions 2008-09, losing to Juventus, Madrid and Zenit. (via MD)

It BEATS Borisov-Barça: Barcelona, to encarrilar their pass and to dedicate the victory to Chus Pereda

The team wants to dedicate the victory against the BATE to missing Pereda.
The draw against Milan forces to win so that the first position is not in danger.

For misery of BATE Borisov , rival today in the second group match of the Champions League , Barca back to channel all their energy in sports. Yesterday, in the previous one European, Pep Guardiola extinguished the institutional fire that him same he lit behind days in its unexpected defense of Joan Laporta. "I did not mean to disturb," coach reconciled. Minutes after shaking hands with Sandro Rosell in the same stadium in Minsk . Here peace and then Europe. No one symbolized as moods Pep Barca and in these last hours had declined. For the stir caused by his views but also by the death of Chus Pereda , a myth of FC Barcelona and a great friend, "an extraordinary guy." "It's going for you, Chus", dedicated. A whole cracking.

At the end of their feelings, Guardiola seemed relieved. It was logical. The clash against BATE Borisov had passed a dangerous background, to be vital to a process, and had managed to stress again the mood turning around the situation. The colon volatilized at the last minute against Milan urgently need to recover the treasure of the playoffs is in Minsk. A victory would give luster to a party that will become the Barca coach with more games in the Champions League.

His head is now focused as a defense if you align three or four. Kezman minimize the discomfort of the offensive potential of BATE but wary. The central tandem of defensive reliability that are recovered Puyol and Pique gives muscle to the team, if only for hierarchy and gallons. The defense of three, sometimes swells and tonight nothing can go wrong gear. If Pep returning to its origins, the defensive line holder, with Alves and Abidal in the bands, now would be eight months and a half after that game against Malaga in January. The rest of the eleven would depend on the artists, but with Xavi and Cesc is guaranteed game architecture. The goals would run on account of a state of grace Messi, on the track to beat all records. Two goals will catch more and Kubala (194), three will get over it and will approach you and Cesar (235). As catch the ball, do not remove anyone. Pedro and Villa, again, be their squires. An MVP who could give Barca the lead in a group unexpectedly matched. Winning takes a giant step and not winning be damned to fight to the last day to qualify.

Barca know what teams are rocky eastern and northern Europe. Rubin, Shakhtar and Copenhagen were bones. A Pep give you more afraid of these parties that the crossings of eighths, quarters and semis because it is assumed they will win without breaking a sweat.

Opposite is the champion of Belarus in the last five years. A team drawn with lines similar to those of Barcelona, ​​a firm commitment by the quarry, but far from his genius. Go saddened by the injuries of four of his props. Kuntsevich Rodionov and have been the worse off the knee injury. A low that they have hurt their morale. They have 16 matches unbeaten in 26 league and have left the score at zero. Of course, in Belarus is Messi. Barca stunned by a controversy that did not understand, Belarusian journalists not even once asked by Leo. Only externalized their anger about not seeing the cracks. Today I will. (via MD)

Rosell, "Chus Pereda was a very dear culé"

Rosell fondly recalled the figure of Chus.

Barca president, Sandro Rosell, joined the many expressions of remembrance of the figure of Chus Pereda from the city of Minsk. Rosell praised the charismatic player and revealed the relationship he had with his family. "For Barcelona is a pity. A very sweet memory for Chus. He was a football man, a Barça, a person loved by everyone: the Association of Veterans in the club and personally I have to say also that he had a family relationship with my father in particular, for many years, "said Barca president in the most official club channels.

Looking to tonight's clash against BATE Borisov in the second game of the Champions league, Rosell hoped to dedicate the victory. "To me what I want is to make a very good match and dedicate it, be a victory, a draw or a defeat, but the dedication it with attitude. The same as he had. Attitude of doing things well, struggle and defend our shield. So the Catalans will remember him forever, "said. (via MD)

Alexis accelerates recovery and could be ready in three weeks

From Chile they assure that the forward azulgrana has burned stages in its recovery thanks to a special treatment and that it could return to the game lands before that foreseen.

Chilean Alexis Sanchez could return to be made ​​available to Pep Guardiola ahead of schedule, according to reports from Chile media as 'La Tercera' , ensuring that the 'Niño Maravilla' might be back in just three weeks.

The publication says that the rehabilitation Chilean Alexis is unbeatable and that time has advanced so it might be available to play again Oct. 15 against Racing Santander.

The initial forecast was that the front tocopillano a call back in late October, so that met the latest estimates, ten days earlier return than expected, great news for Barca's technical staff.

According says 'La Tercera', the work of Alexis, so well that you are giving in their recovery, is to combine massage, electrotherapy and ultrasound with pool and gym exercises for, then light jogging exercises. (via SPORT)

Hidden in the airplane...hugged in the field

Guardiola and Rosell they resumed talks on Sunday and offered a conciliatory image and institutional normality.

In the privacy of the public image plane. In private conversation gestural representation before the cameras. Guardiola and Rosell final yesterday staged an open wound after the technician's nod to the old board. The technical talks between the president and does the Sunday and matured a truce yesterday did you have a new chapter. There was no public staging before catching the plane. Both kept the distances, probably because they had already agreed to address the issue later.

A Sandro saw you smiling and Pep tried to address displacement to Minsk as usual 'focused on football' though do be aware of the sound of their words. On the plane both had time to share impressions. Moreover, the extended one hour and twenty minutes a planned trip of just over three hours. The technician sat in row 1 and the president left the hall in between. Among the displaced managers feel is the best thing for the club is to move on quickly to an incident that threatens to reopen the `isms what historically have plagued the club.

The judicial embargo of the former junta members disenchanted technician. And Guardiola interventionism upset the Board. But both the president and coach have tried to disable a particularly sensitive issue. The message is to downplay the issue. That was from Andoni Zubizarreta: "Relationships are very fluid and based on mutual trust. I have a feeling not to be concerned about. I do not think that affects the costume because it is very mature. "

The expedition was received Barca Airport Minsk.por an enthusiastic audience, knowing even some local songs that surprised the Barça squad. In the afternoon came the big moment. The press conference of course. Pep was expected to clarify his last words and the technician did not disappoint. Addressed the issue head and kept equidistance; praised Rosell but lamented the situation of some of the former junta leaders. After the press conference, new meeting with Sandro. This time in the field. The president came to greet Pep, both departing and hugged. The picture played out the unraveling of a conflict that has shaken the club in recent days. (via SPORT)

Alves, from beginning to end

Goncharenko has a new headache to brake Barça: to sense which the outline will be for the one that Guardiola will bet.

If it was difficult to guess a lineup of Barca, Guardiola has now added another layer of difficulty to the puzzle, and know what the club will face drawing the match.

The 4-3-3 with usually drawn to the 'Pep Team' and was a starting point rather than flexible, it would vary during the course of the game in terms of mobility and versatility of most of Barca players .

The arrival of Cesc Fabregas and his brilliant entry into the starting lineup has been perhaps the most eye-catching result. But undoubtedly, the key is in the framework position of Dani Alves. Nor is it something really new. Brazilian football is a long haul, giving supply to the entire right wing. In attack and was transformed almost at one end, and the defense forced to Xavi, Puyol and Pique Busquets and multiply in the right coverage. Now, when it has established itself as extreme in the absence of Pedro and Villa, Alves has shown he can perform at the tip. And above all, to sow doubt in Victor Goncharenko: Barca will play the 4-3-3 or 3-4-3? (via SPORT)

Vicenç Pla: "If they're friends... Guardiola pays!"

The partner that activated the 'case of the guarantees' he won't give it goes behind, in spite of the desire of the coach of Barça.

Friday is the deadline for each of the eight former executives sued by partner Vicenç Pla deposited with the Professional Football League (LFP) the guarantee of 2.9 million euros, issued by the Court of First Instance, 24 Barcelona. Pep Guardiola expressed his wish not to be reached this point by the injury which meant for the former leaders, but the plaintiff does not intend to back down.

Vicenç Pla, a neighbor of Premia de Mar, not to prominence, but is at the epicenter of the media. Since Guardiola raise his voice was once again overwhelmed by the interest from the press. The Catalan media calls has been steady and has also received visits at home, like the SPORT or 'Ball Point'. Pla try to enjoy the tranquility of your home, but this week it will be impossible. Despite the uproar, the partner stands by its position and the microphone of the football program and the presence of Sport, said "will not withdraw the demand for sure."

Guardiola's words caused him no pity. Quite the contrary. Pla understands that the previous board must comply with the mandate of the court for the alleged irregularities committed during his tenure. "To pay Guardiola, if they are such good friends with Laporta," said tired of being considered the bad guy. The member was upset that try to give moral lessons from the press room at the Camp Nou and stressed that "what you say Guardiola me indifferent. He has a lot of money and a lot of people going hungry. " Vicenç Pla believes "is a topic that does not belong to the coach, its role is in the sporting arena."

Pep Guardiola has made him reconsider and not feel any sympathy for Joan Laporta. Referring to the president was very explicit in stating that during his tenure "is taking great delicacies. If you do not pay, you can take a vermouth with seafood and I just I can take one with potatoes once a month. " Pla did not want to extend and made clear before going back to his home that "I do not care what you say Guardiola."

This partner has gotten away with it in its application on the grounds that the board of FC Barcelona who was in the club in 2006 should submit a bank guarantee of 60 million euros, of which about 42 are equal to 15 percent of the 2006/07 budget and the rest losses for the year 2002-03.

The eight exdirectivos to be submitted by the endorsement of 2.9 million before Friday are Joan Laporta, Alfons Godall, Joan Boix, Rafael Yuste, Josep Cubells, Alfons Castro, Albert Perrin and Jaume Ferrer.

The plaintiffs have to face a delicate situation and to cope with a very high and severely affects their personal assets. Failure to comply with the requirement of the judge, would be automatically seized. (via SPORT)

More united than ever

The trip to Belarus was good to return the institutional calm to Barça and to recover the speech futbolístico.

Peace took less than three days to get it signed and sealed. All the controversy it had generated support from Joan Laporta Pep Guardiola after the match against Atletico Madrid was virtually reduced to the level of anecdote after a long day in which the ship returned to the helm to return the ball.

He made it taking advantage of the trip to Minsk to play tonight before the BATE Borisov, a party that had been completely eclipsed by the fracture that seemed to confront the barcelonismo again: of a side, those 'laportistas'; of other, those 'rosellistas', faced soon after the words of the míster.. But the figure rose again Pep Guardiola over the sides, the likes and phobias, to remember that the club is so great precisely because it encourages discussions of this kind, which is very close to the philosophy of the club and forms the institution, both for good and for bad.

"Maybe all the fuss is armed because I knew to express it," mused the coach in a press conference that served more than to talk about the Champions League game tonight, probably for something far more important: institutional restore calm a club that had entered a dangerous and self-destructive dynamics in the last hours.

Guardiola lowered the tension that had been installed in the club environment with a deliberate and coherent speech. He took his time, lingering on the answers, trying to contextualize his words, giving them an air of normalcy, reminding families of the directors of the Laporta era '¿, and stressed the obvious, remember that Laporta and their managers are having Possible bad for embargoes related to the guarantees of 2003, when the club took a loss, does not mean Sandro Rosell attack or its board. "People, at last, after all he wants is that Barca wins," said Pep, reducing stress and trying to turn the discourse toward the grass, the ball and players, to full normalcy enjoyed by the better team the world.

What passed his words during the press conference he also reported some images acquired enormous symbolic value before training at the stadium where Barça will play today, Guardiola and cordially greeted Rosell. It was an embrace in the strict sense of the word, but close.

The image was strong and left a clear message: there is no problem in the relationship between the coach and the president. Both spoke with proximity, in the presence of sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta, in a fun and relaxed, a few meters of lawn, Guardiola already wearing the tracksuit training, probably joking about the dust that had generated his words.

Seconds later also joined Manel Estiarte. Rosell Guardiola had a mutual gesture natural and spontaneous approach that offered an easy read: institutional calm and go back to talking football. (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] 1960s legend ‘Chus’ Pereda dies

Former FCB player Jesús Pereda has died today at the age of 73. He represented the club from 1961 to 1969, playing 316 games and scoring 110 goals.

Today is a sad day for FC Barcelona. The legendary ‘Chus’ Pereda has died at the age of 73 in Barcelona. The midfielder will never be forgotten at the Camp Nou, where he played for eight seasons.

Jesús “Chus” Pereda was an amazing player. He was the central playmaker at the club throughout the sixties, forming an extraordinary midfield along with Josep Maria Fusté. He combined skills, strength and excellent shooting to become not just a great player, but also a great person, famous for his happy, open character.

Pereda was born in Medina de Pomar (Burgos) on June 15, 1938. When he was a child, his family moved to the Basque Country, where he started playing football for Indautxu(1955-57). He was later at Real Madrid (1957-58); Valladolid (1958-59) and Sevilla (1959-61). In 1961 he signed for FC Barcelona, and was there for eight seasons, scoring 110 goals in 316 matches. He won one Fairs Cup (1965-66) and two Spanish Cups (1962-63 and 1967-68) before ending his career at Sabadell (1969-70) and Mallorca (1970-72). He later went into management and coached the Spanish national side at various youth levels.

He won 15 caps for Spain, and appeared at the 1964 European Championship, where he scored the first goal in the final against the USSR and also laid on the famous winner for Marcelino. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Bojan suffers a car accident when returning from training

The former azulgrana returned by lorry home after training with his partners when the vehicle in which colisionó traveled with that of a youth that you jumped an it gives the step.

The Roma forward Bojan Krkic on Tuesday suffered a car accident while returning home after training with the rest of the first team.

Bojan traveling in a vehicle with his compatriot Jose Angel, which was led by Sara -side the Spanish girlfriend-, when suddenly hit with a vehicle driven by a young man who had missed a yield sign. Fortunately, the incident had no serious consequences but the angry reaction of those present did not wait.

The worse off was Jose Angel, which was a strong rebuke of the young, when asked repeatedly to be quiet. Bojan asked for explanations from the young to gamble despite the dialogue, it does not attend the meeting prevented a municipal police patrol in the Italian capital to write the relevant part.

None of those involved in the accident had to mourn for major damage and if the vehicle he was traveling Bojan There was little damage to the underside of the car in front. (via SPORT)

Piqué: "I allow myself to guide for Shakira when dressing"

The centreback azulgrana granted an interview it has more than enough fashion and estilismo in which admitted its sentimental couple's influence when choosing garments of dressing and affirmed that takes the topic of the personal estilismo as a "hobby."

FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique admitted that leaves advised by his girlfriend, Colombian singer Shakira, when choosing the clothing, in an interview with the magazine 'FHM'.

Pique had no qualms in admitting the councils and declared that "all men are guided always by our partners. Women have always had more style than men or at least have understood more clothes, but lately people are better at it worse a good opinion of your partner always good. "

The center also acknowledged that the Barca players, media in scope, trend easily generated when dressing and recalled the examples of Real Madrid's David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Despite being linked to the vogue for some advertising work, Pique downplayed importance. "The facet model is simply a hobby that I like fashion and feel good but football comes first and what I like to stay focused. Fashion is always in the background." (via SPORT)

Mascherano: "Don't necessary to trust theoretically of the teams inferior"

In views to tomorrow's game in Minsk before the BATE, the Argentinean has it clear: It would "be an error to think that we will win the party without fighting. The last year was these teams - Rubin and Copenhagen .los that put us in more difficulties."

or Mascherano, the fact that the club is, on paper, than the champion of Belarus, to cause the computer to be more alert than ever: "We have to approach the game with the utmost seriousness. It is a mistake to believe that we will in trouble. We can not underestimate any opponent. We can not have any confidence in them. begin to be common in the Champions League is the best team in Belarus and have as much respect Kezman. "

After the draw the first day at the Camp Nou, three points is very important: "It's all very balanced, the four with a point. not win the first game forces us to win tomorrow. It is very important to win to start seeing a bit closer classification. The league is short, so errors should be overcome as soon as possible. "

Regarding the tactical awareness of these recent games, playing with three defenders instead of the usual four, "Masche" believes "this year's results show that the two systems things have gone pretty well." "In the three games of the two SuperCup play with the system before and after, in the league, we played defense 3. The results have been pretty good. Anyway if there is a negative result would be to play the blame to three defenses. " On this point he added: "We are ready to play with both systems and I've been comfortable in all situations."

Return to calls for Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique make the choice of Argentina to continue being entitled "to be lower because - he said - the headlines of the rear axle they are. I've played in recent games, both this year and last year for injuries and other circumstances. The logic is that, from Now, play them. In any case, the technician who will ultimately decide. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Sandro Rosell, on Chus Pereda: "A very dear"

Sandro Rosell and Pep Guardiola, from Bielorusia, and Zaldúa, Alfonseda and Fusté, the missing person's three former partners 'Chus' Pereda in Barça, they have regretted the death of a very dear person.

The reactions to the news of the death of Jesus Pereda not long in coming. The president Sandro Rosell and coach Pep Guardiola has spoken from Minsk, where on Wednesday the first team will play against BATE Borisov in the Champions League. In addition, Barça TV has captured the impressions of three of the companions of a person always linked to the veterans of the Club.

Sandro Rosell. Barca president

"for Barcelona is a pity. A very sweet memory for Chus. He was a football man, a Barça, a person loved by everyone: the Association of Veterans in the club and personally I have to say as well , who had a family relationship with my father in particular, for many years. To me what I want is to make a very good game tomorrow and spend it, is a victory, a draw or a defeat, but the dedication that is attitude. The same as he had. attitude of doing things well, attitude and attitude control to defend our shield. So the Catalans will remember him forever. "

Pep Guardiola. Barca coach

"try to make the best use for him and his family: his wife Teresa and his son Chus, that we agree on the grassroots. I'll take your joy and enthusiasm. I want to emphasize how good a player he was and that was a Televisive pioneer in a game that at lower levels, as a Spanish coach. We let the memory of an extraordinary person. "

José Antonio Zaldúa. Player of Barça 1961-1971

"I always said I was his little brother, when we arrived at Barcelona 50 years ago we began to live together. We were, of bachelors, living together. Then we had a very narrow, very endearing because he was an amazing, it was a very good person and we wanted a lot. "

Ramón Alfonseda. Player of Barça 1970-1973

"If we say that Barça is 'more than a club', this is more than one partner. has always been with us, always encouraged us ... We want to be remembered because here in the field of Barca have loved much. We want that history will render the homage he deserves. "

Josep María Fusté. Player of Barça 1962-1972

"A different person to what we are Catalans. He was always humorous, never had one not for anyone, even playing football had so soon was given the nickname of 'Tinderbox'. Outside the field was an extraordinary person and very well identify the vessel and in Catalonia. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

First contact with Dynamo Stadium

The 20 first team players that have travelled to Minsk have trained in the same Dynamo Stadium where they will play their second Champions League fixture on Wednesday night.

FC Barcelona are about to play in Belarus for the very first time in their history. To prepare, they trained today in the Dynamo Stadium, Minsk with all 20 of the players named by Josep Guardiola (which include 18 first team players and Dos Santos and Cuenca of Barça B). Two of these players will have to be struck off the list for the definitive squad that faces BATE.

The squad was greeted by pleasant temperatures of around 15ºC and began the session with usual pre-match warm-up drills. It was announced the players will wear their black change strip on Wednesday, and today’s session was observed by some special guests, including President Rosell and several members of the Board who have travelled to Minsk to enjoy the historic occasion of FCB’s first ever trip to this country.

Afterwards, the Barça directors went off to join the BATE Borisov officials for a pre-match supper.

The venue for the game is the Dynamo Stadium, which is normally the home of Dynamo Minsk, and not the Horodskiy where BATE Borisov usually play because the latter fails to meet the minimum UEFA requirements. So, this is not strictly speaking a home fixture for BATE either, although they are used to playing European fixtures in this facility, which holds more than 40,000 spectators. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: “We have to realise what we’re playing for”

The manager has warned that BATE Borisov could be a difficult opponent, and that after the draw with Milan at the Camp Nou, “if we don’t win here we will have to wait till the last day to guarantee qualification”.

Josep Guardiola was speaking to the press ahead of the Champions League encounter on Wednesday night with BATE Borisov. He said he has much respect for the early rounds of Europe’s premier club competition, because “in this group they are making a lot of assumptions … but my experience reminds me of the shocks we’ve had at these stages … If we are shocked now, then we’ll have to suffer right through to the end”.

The 2-2 draw with Milan at the Camp Nou has no doubt conditioned the urgency with which FC Barcelona are approaching the match. “If we don’t win here we will have to wait until the last game to see if we qualify. We have to realise what we are playing for tomorrow, because it will be a big step forward if we win.”

Asked about BATE Borisov, Guardiola said he has much respect for the Belarusian side, and “it is not the first time they have played in the Champions League … They have experience of competitions like this. They are a team that is used to winning, they are well prepared, they have potential and last year caused some surprises. They are very strong physically, strong in the air and we will have to be orderly in attack, that’s always our objective … we have to know where our spaces are, to be patient, and to realise what we are playing for.”

Asked to clarify his words after the Atlético Madrid match, where he said he was sorry that members of the previous Board of Directors are facing a legal issue with the club, Guardiola said that his concern is entirely focused on the “eight families that have been suffering a delicate situation because of 15 days that have nothing to do with them” in reference to the final days of the 2002/03 season. Guardiola said “I have always been able to work in total freedom with both Laporta’s Board and also Rosell’s”.

Guardiola also said that he often speaks to Sandro Rosell, and that they did so for quite some time on Sunday. “I didn’t intend to upset anybody” he said in reference to what he said on Saturday, and on his relations with the current board, he said “I always felt supported at all times, and I still do now … Everything being done now and everything we did before is purely to make the club better and better. It may not seem so, but the two presidents are much more similar than people think. Sometimes I think that they are both the same side of the same coin.”

The Barça manager thinks that what really matters is for “people who run the club at any time to do what they think the people who love this club want. Ever since I’ve been here I’ve sensed that they are working to make this work. We all want Barça to win, the presidents the players and the coaches. Ultimately the aim is for Barça supporters to enjoy the way their team plays.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)