27 September 2011

Barça arrive in Belarus

The first team has arrived in Belarus, where the play their second Champions League group match against BATE Borisov on Wednesday evening. The squad touched down at Minsk airport at 13.25 CET (one hour more in Belarus).

Josep Guardiola’s side are fully concentrated on their European fixture against BATE Borisov. After training at the Ciutat Esportiva on Monday, they set off bright and early for Minsk on Tuesday morning, where they will train in the evening. The flight left a little late, and arrived in a sunny Belarus at 13.25.

As well as the 20 players that have been named in the side, the group was also joined by president Sandro Rosell, the secretary and spokesman for the Board Antoni Freixa, and directors Jordi Moix, Eduard Coll and Silvio Elías. The sports director for Professional Football, Andoni Zubizarreta, was also on the plane.

The day started early for the group. They left the Camp Nou at 8.15 for a transfer to El Prat Airport. The flight was due to leave at 9.00 but there was something of a delay and they didn’t land in Belarus until 13.25, where they were taken from the airport to their hotel.

At about 17.45 CET, Josep Guardiola and Javier Mascherano will be speaking to the press about Wednesday night’s encounter. Then at 18.30, the players will train at the Dynamo Stadium in Minsk, their final session before the game between FC Barcelona and BATE Borisov on Wednesday night. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] The inferior teams begin the competition in form

The beginning of most of Suspenders in the formative football has gone accompanied by a good game of the teams of the quarry that they have been able to overcome the first challenges of the season.

After having goleado to Sant Andreu in the Ciudad Deportiva, Mollet surprised Juvenil B with a very balanced party that decanted from the local side to the end.

The debut in the League of Quique Álvarez's boys put an end to a comfortable result, although the egarenses hindered the game a lot, especially in the first period.

Worked Victoria of the Infantil A in Terrassa. Dani Olmo and Jang marked the differences in a party dominated by the group of Fran Sánchez. Although it generated many occasions, the Infantil A it could only transform two goals.

First time of begun game and second period of more braided and spectacular game of the team of Marcel Sans. The scorers of the encounter were Victor of Joaquín, Mamadou Touré, Sergio Gómez and Pau Martínez.

Jordi Font's boys' unanswerable goleada in Sant Adrià. Alevín B imposed its best football before a level rival.

Sant Cugat put the things very difficult to Benjamin A azulgrana that solved the party with two goals in the third period. Marc Alegre and Raúl advanced to Marc Serra's team that suffered the last minutes of the encounter after the visitors shortened the differences.

The youngest son Peña Azulgrana of Sant Celoni planted face in the first two periods. To the rest you arrived with a short (0-2) victory, but the differences got wider in the renewal. Jan Reixach (3), Oscar Romero (2), signed this week of Sant Andreu, Iker González (2), Joël López and Albert Garrido were the scorers of the encounter. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former president] The boatd of Laporta has three processes in march

Two board members and, by mandate of the assembly, have filed lawsuits against the board of Laporta.

Three lawsuits are currently occurring as a collective to the previous board of Joan Laporta. Which can have direct and immediate consequences on eight of them, in particular on Joan Laporta, Alfons Godall, Alfons Castro, Joan Boix, Josep Cubells, Rafael Yuste, Albert Perrin and Jaume Ferrer, is derived from the provisional execution of the sentence the guarantees for which they are forced to submit by next Friday September 30th an endorsement by 23,242,810 euros, ie a rate of 2.9 million apiece. The co-executive, said the sentence may also deposit and record that amount in cash or otherwise the judge will proceed to the seizure of goods to the fulfillment of the guarantee.

The sentence itself is not damning it corrects well understood by the Provincial Court, an irregular situation in the inauguration of the board of Joan Laporta in summer 2006 conducted without the requirement of collateral, necessary to access the charge under the Sports Act.

Following the inauguration and on the basis of failure to file the guarantee Vicenç Pla partner filed for annulment. In his view be considered an accrued accounting makeup, under Joan Gaspart accounts of the 2002-03 season, a total of EUR 64 million result of the losses by the staff restructuring undertaken in the 2003-04 season. The judge dismissed the case at first instance and in part the District Court on appeal. However, if it considers this second instance the obligation to provide collateral under the defendants, who were all elected board in 2006. The same sentence of 2010, whose budget is calculated on the support of 23.2 m. after discounting benefits, said, however, that endorsement should pay only those managers who were on the board, which exempted Albert Vicens, Ferran Soriano, Marc Ingla, Alfons Godall, Xavier Cambra, Antoni Rovira, Claudia Vives-Fierro, Joan Franquesa, Evarist Josep Lluis Vilaseca Murtra and lending it.

The provision of the guarantee is no loss of equity or cash, is the same personal guarantee that the law now requires the current members of the board of Sandro Rosell, that support 64.5 million euros from 20 managers, or to 3.2 million apiece.

The execution of this guarantee at the time would be determined only by the confirmation of losses at the end of the term, ie for the 47.6 million who claim the board of Joan Laporta liability actions approved by the assembly of delegates the October 16, 2010. This process will eventually establish civil if the losses are attributable to their action or to assume the club. Demand prsent late July.

Just as only the partner may withdraw Vicenç Pla demand guarantees, currently under appeal to the Supreme Board, the withdrawal of an action for damages would only be possible for another term of the assembly.

Finally, against the same board of Joan Laporta a club member has raised an administrative litigation seeking their disqualification for any office in the FC Barcelona. (via MD)

Zubizarreta: "The words of Pep Guardiola won't affect to the wardrobe"

Andoni Zbuzarreta speaks before the expedition leaves for Minsk Barca and appreciates the words of Pep Guardiola.

Andoni Zubizarreta , sporting director of FC Barcelona , praised the words of Pep Guardiola after Barca's win against Atletico Madrid (5-0) and has clearly not alter the costumes: "It's a mature group and will not affect."

Zubi insists that "relations are fluid and his comment is based on mutual trust and must be understood within the Pep commitment to the institution and the club." Zubizarreta also did not want to replicate the returns of Florentino Perez who said in the Assembly of Real Madrid that the elimination of targets in the last Champions League was the fault of the officials . To Zubi: "It was a very great teams win the Champions League and powerful. The final with Manchester United was wonderful and this is football people who can think anything."

Afellay's injury and the influence Messi

Finally, Ibrahim Afellay's injury, Zubi says is "going through difficult times and need to be at his side." Meanwhile, Leo Messi says, "is a luxury to have him and over the years will see its actual size." (via MD)

BATE Borisov, la Masia of Belarus

BATE vetoes' big signings look to our youth with contempt ".

BATE Borisov philosophy has many similarities with Barça. They preach the grassroots as a way of life, although their implementation is very different from the tradition, and resources at Barca. Since its reestablishment in 1996, BATE's first steps were directed to break into the lower levels but in the second half of the 90, its leaders devised an ambitious project based on the quarry that soon paid off in 1998 after two promotions row. In 12 seasons among the elite of local football, BATE League has won 7 and 2 Cups, stood up to Dinamo Minsk.

Despite the success, become a stranger to a popular entity and become the team to beat, BATE has not lost its roots. It is a working example of the quarry in the former Soviet republics, where presidents with the emergence of large fortunes is on the agenda. In the case of Anatoli Kapski BATE became a wealthy businessman dedicated to supply electrical equipment to the country's machinery, especially tractors, and sponsor since 1996, it is not based on write checks but to empower the grassroots and create his own school . Only 4 million are aimed at signings.

The success of the results has come to agree with him the current leader of Belarusian League. Every season players that are rated out the best in the country. In 2000, without going any further, there was his figure more name: Alexander Hleb. Being young and joined the first team played between 1998 and 2000, in Stuttgart, Arsenal and Barcelona, ​​with whom he has a contract in force. This year, Shitov and Nekhaychik have gone to Dynamo Moscow, but there are others, like Filipenko, Baga, Skavysh, Gutor and Patotski. Half the workforce is home, although in previous years reached 80%.

The president says he plans to develop infrastructure and the club is clear that "we will never do big signings to look down on our quarry." For now has two training camps and a service area.

Cantera yes, and that your budget is very limited. Reaching the Champions League playoffs for the second time rather overstates its true status in the sports market and put their young players. Do not give up sell is law of life. Madrid or Juve gave muscle to the club in 2008. Now touch the ship, which was measured with an average age not exceeding 24 years and a bonus not exceeding one million. (via MD)

Barça already flies toward Minsk

The expedition of FC Barcelona went out this passed Tuesday nine in the morning of the Airport of El Prat with destination Belarus.

The first team players, accompanied by the coaching staff, the president, Sandro Rosell, and other members of the board took off early Tuesday at the El Prat airport to meet Wednesday to Bate Borisov on the occasion of the group stages of the Champions League.

It is expected that during the trip and Rosell Guardiola statements talk about the coach did last Saturday, on the legal situation being experienced by the president Joan Laporta and seven of his exdirectivos one hand, social action and responsibility for another. (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta: "Messi has a player's numbers about to retire"

El director deportivo de fútbol profesional del FC Barcelona, Andoni Zubizarreta, atendió a los medios de comunicación antes de partir hacia Minsk, donde el equipo se enfrentará al Bate Borisov con motivo de la liguilla de la UEFA Champions League.

Zubizarreta answered questions from journalists who were at the airport of El Prat and said that "the costumes are mature enough to be affected the controversy over statements Guardiola", in relation to Joan Laporta and the previous board . "The relationship between president and coach, are very fluid, and are based on mutual trust," he added.

Zubizarreta passed comment on the party that awaits the first team and said: "In the Champions League, we have to add out if we want to be first in the group. With games like this, against Bate Borisov, are those who think we dominated."

Also referred to the Argentine crack Catalans: "Messi is a player numbers to retire, when you only have 24 years." (via SPORT)

Cesc looks and the new Puma boots

Fabregas, in agreement with Nike, he left the U.S. multinational to sign for Puma.

Cesc Fabregas looked yesterday at the session prior to the trip to Belarus, the new Puma boots, signature sponsor it now. The FC Barcelona Nike broke off the relationship by mutual agreement by failing to reach an agreement when negotiating a contract renewal.

SPORT reported in its edition of September 22 that the relationship between the player and the U.S. multinational was very near the end, as it has.

From Arenys now becomes one of the flags of the firm Puma, which will provide, in addition to athletic footwear, apparel and other accessories. Puma, as well as Cesc, has other familiar faces in the world of football, if Samuel Eto'o, currently in Russian football, and Sergio Aguero in the ranks of Manchester City. Jamaican Usain Bolt also is one of the most universal sport that looks footwear and equipment for this brand.

Cesc and 'presented' new boots yesterday in the briefing but tomorrow in Minsk against BATE Borisov in the second group match of the Champions League, officially released the new boots firm that sponsors you. (via SPORT)

Barça notices Cahill for the winter market

Bolton defender is released in June and that could hasten his departure in the winter market.

A few weeks ago Gary Cahill's name appeared as the future for FC Barcelona and, far from weakening the rumor, the British press continues to give hints that Bolton defender has become an alternative party with strength to get to Barca the winter market.

As confirmed by the 'Daily Star', Guardiola has given its approval to the reports that have come from the player and the club could be preparing the details of the operation to strengthen the defense with the English player.

According to British newspaper account, a Spanish source said: "Barca have been seeing Cahill and has fallen in love with its quality," so there is a "real possibility" of signing the player.

Cahill, who out of contract in June 2012, has not renewed with the Bolton and is in a situation similar to that of Ibrahim Afellay PSV Eindhoven in when he arrived at FC Barcelona. The English do not want to risk losing one of their free market values ​​could access powerful and sale in the winter market.

In England say that the club could offer about 11 million euros for the player who, at 25 years old, is a sensation in the Premier League why Tottenham and Arsenal have already shown interest. (via SPORT)

Summit of height

Pep wanted to recognize the merits that he has the meeting of Laporta in the success of current Barça and he will say this way it to Rosell.

Last Sunday morning, Sandro Rosell showed up in the gym Arsenal, in the high area of Barcelona, thwarted and certainly affected by the declarations that on Saturday night Pep Guardiola had carried out on the judicial situation that the expresidente is living Joan Laporta and seven of its exdirectivos, on one hand, and the social action of responsibility for another.

Rosell Guardiola spoke by telephone on the same Sunday and both were to talk at length during the long plane flight today will have to FC Barcelona, ​​more than three hours to the capital of Belarus, Minsk, where tomorrow Wednesday the club is measured to Bate Borisov in the second round of the Champions League.

The two most representative faces Barca want to open up, point out some things and make it clear why these statements have been that surprised the entire board of FC Barcelona and much of the social mass.

Guardiola has never hidden the great friendship and relationship with people who, for various reasons, are confronted with the current board, such as, for example, Cruyff and Laporta. Last Thursday, without going any further, there was in the restaurant Drolma a meal served to put an end to the culinary life of the famous hotel, has closed its doors permanently at the Hotel Majestic.

At the luncheon were also de Guardiola, Cruyff and Laporta, Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler, Manel Estiarte, Joan Patsy and Txiki Begiristain. There was a lunch to instigate or prepare any alliance or strategy. This group usually meets three or four times a year in different locales, such as the workshop of El Bulli, or Toni Peixateria d How to talk about today and strengthen their relationship.

Pep in the food, Laporta was greatly affected, but it had long been mulling over his head on how it could help to ensure that there is deep division between the board of Rosell and Laporta made up.

Guardiola thought very seriously about in person, face to face with Sandro to ask him to intercede and to put an end to the prosecution that the club lives for the good of the organization, to seek unity in truth, all Barcelona . He, who is in the middle, do not feel comfortable seeing their friends as they are denied some merits and above have to see how their heritage is at risk.

Pep wanted to reflect in their statements that if he is training with FC Barcelona is because there was a bet on the directive in late 2007 and the success, prestige and size light up the club today are also, in large part Laporta responsibility and its former executives. And so requests this recognition and share them generously configured to do so.

The technician had long been feeling very bad inside to see, to cite just one example how Rafael Yuste, which feels a great affection, which failed to Barca until 2006 and that was with him side by side with Barça B in Third Division has to deal with an endorsement that can lead to ruin. Or as Joan Boix managers, who never passed a gas receipt to the club, and worked with complete dedication and honesty, have to go through this drink.

Guardiola is not happy seeing that a board makes a claim of responsibility for social action against another, because in the end who are harmed are the entity itself, but also human beings.

Now everything is in the hands of judges and courts, but would like Pep, and so I will know Rosell, institutional life was as placid Barca and successful as the first team. No hard feelings, a family ...

"Qatar yes, but Laporta not?"

People close to the coach of FC Barcelona do not understand that from certain sectors Pep criticize for having opined on the situation of Joan Laporta and those same people will applaud because a few days publicly blessed the deal with Qatar and, indeed, something much or little, helped Pep for passage in the Assembly. (via SPORT)

Nike will introduce changes in the Barca shirt

The players weighed the cloth before the game in Valencia: 200 grams. They made it later: 500 grams. It had won 300 in the scale.

Problems have appeared in the new kit of FC Barcelona. Problems detected in the players and the tour that the team carried out by the United States. The shirt is gaining weight (300 grams) at rest and is attached over the body. Facts bother professionals and they expect a solution to this problem.

The news was revealed 'El País' in its Monday edition. The report said the players before the game against Valencia last Wednesday, seeking evidence and weighed the shirt: 200 grams before starting the match. Repeated at the end of the operation and fabric, on the scale, now given a weight of 500 grams. Among clothes and sweat, 300 grams more than jumping on the lawn. In addition to weight, another problem revealed by footballers have is the excessive adherence to the body as the minutes tick by. A fact that is especially bothersome when temperatures are high, as in summer and in recent games.

Facing a series of complaints, the players were distributed to the board to take action on the matter. And the truth is that the issue has been with a particular speed.

According to the information of 'El País', responsible for the area of marketing of Barça they met with Nike last Friday and they have already started hands to the work to pay this problem. "In two weeks the issue will be solved," said a spokesman for the American multinational.

And, indeed, is what players expect and want. That is a solution to the issue and thus not accumulate weight in the shirt with the passage of minutes. Pretty legs carry them to bear more weight on the shirt that, on paper, its tissue (Dri-FIT) should absorb and evaporate sweat quickly to keep the fabric dry and comfortable at all times.

In any case, the truth is that in a competitive match, FC Barcelona knows no defeat with this kit. So if you improve ... (via SPORT)

Belarus, a destination unpublished

Barça 'premiered' country in the eurotorneos since it matched the hype with the Matador Púchov, Slovakia, the 2003-2004 season.

FC Barcelona for the first time ever, play a game tomorrow in Minsk, Belarus. A city and a country that, since starting the pilgrimage of Catalan painting European competitions (Christmas Day 1955, in Les Corts), had never crossed his path. This new destination is the number 40 in terms of countries and about 107 cities.

Belarus is one of 15 new states that emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and will be the third visit the FC Barcelona behind this dramatic metamorphosis. The first and the second was Latvia, Russia. In Ukraine, the club played for the first time when the current republic was under the yoke of the Soviet Union in 1978. After it has in most cases (four), but always as a sovereign state.

The balance in this area of ​​Barcelona Eastern Europe (USSR, Ukraine, Russia and Latvia) is 16 games played, seven wins, six draws and three losses (one to two against Shakhtar and Dynamo Kiev). In the chapter on goals: 20 in favor and 18 against.

Throughout the nearly 56 years since the FC Barcelona walking around the Old Continent (the only club that has never missed an appointment with eurotorneos), the most visited city by the Catalan table was London. In the British capital the club has played 13 games, the final at Wembley, winning the fourth Champions League against Manchester United. Milan, with 10 games, Lisbon and Istanbul and Athens 7, both with 6, are the other main attractions for the whole Camp Nou by his travels through Europe.

And where else has been gained in London and Basel (4 games). And where has scored more goals, London (20), Basel (15), Milan (12) and Belgrade and Sofia (10). The cities that has received are London (22), Valencia (14), Milan (11), and Birmingham, Manchester and Kiev (9). And where there has never been to Barcelona (in competition) is in Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, Wales, Georgia, Faroe Islands, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro and San Marino. In Croatia played when this country was part of Yugoslavia, but since independence the hype has never been to these lares.

Europe still know the ship and the fate of Belarus will see one of their best teams of all time. (via SPORT)

Pepe believes Cristiano and Mourinho provokes "jealousies and frustrations"

The Luso-Brazilian centre-back lava Kepler Lima Ferreira "Pepe" , says the Real Madrid them for its grandeur and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho, for being "the best" provocan "envidias and frustration" in many sectors.

"We are in the best club in the world. After Cristiano, as a player, Mourinho as coach, are the best. All this causes jealousy and frustration in many sectors," Pepe said in an interview published today in the online edition of the journal Luso "Public".

The centre-back, 28, said the Real Madrid's "Today" team "more likely" to come face to face Barcelona and ensured that Catalan rivals are not invincible.

Barca and Messi Reviews

In the last Spanish Super -won by the Catalans, were "well above" , said Pepe, who felt more weight to the collective quality of Barca's own talented Argentine Lionel Messi.

"I think what is eventually outweigh the collective of the club. For some reason, fails to prove what Messi is worth when he plays for the Argentina national team, " he said.

In his fourth season at Real Madrid where he arrived from Porto in exchange for 30 million euros, Brazilian-born defender claimed his performance and commented that "no longer speaks of" the famous curse of the club's central white.

"I think I contributed to that," said the three of Real Madrid, whose biggest moon in the Spanish league was the aggression in the middle of Casquero Getafe in April 2009.

"To this day I can not understand (the reason for the aggression). In the field, Casquero called me those things that we heard many times and we do not like, especially about family. At some point it exploded and came," recalled .

The Luso International complained that harmed its image since come out and defended his style of play.

"Today, I am a player who commits one or two fouls per game . And almost always very normal faults. Still, the officials threaten me with yellow cards. It's unfortunate, but I have to learn to live with that, "he argued.

On the controversial abandonment of the Portugal team of fellow team-Ricardo Carvalho who was angry to see that would be Pepe's own deputy, the central ensured that there is no problem between the two and wanted to return to the combined Carvalho country. (via MD)

Sporting-Barcelona, ​​Sunday at 20h and Espanyol-Real Madrid at 22h

FC Barcelona will visit the stadium The Molinón on Sunday October 2 at 20h, in the party of the seventh round of the League against Sporting, two hours before Jose Mourinho Real Madrid meet in Cornella dispute before the Espanyol. Basque derby, Sunday at 12 am at Anoeta. (via MD)

All times on the seventh day:

Real Sporting de Gijón - Fútbol Club Barcelona
Sunday, October 2, 2011 - 20:00 - Estadio El Molinón

Club Atlético de Madrid SAD - Sevilla Fútbol Club SAD
Sunday, October 2, 2011 - 18:00 - Estadio Vicente Calderón

Valencia Club de Fútbol SAD - Granada Club de Fútbol
Saturday, October 1, 2011 - 20:00 - Estadio Mestalla

Club Atlético Osasuna - Real Club Deportivo Mallorca SAD
Saturday, October 1, 2011 - 18:00 - Estadio Reyno de Navarra

Real Sociedad de Fútbol SAD - Athletic Club
Sunday, October 2, 2011 - 12:00 - Estadio Anoeta

Villarreal Club de Fútbol SAD - Real Zaragoza SAD
Saturday, October 1st 2011 - 18:00 - Estadio El Madrigal

Málaga Club de Fútbol SAD - Getafe Club de Fútbol SAD
Saturday, October 1, 2011 - 22:00 - Estadio La Rosaleda

Real Betis Balompié SAD - Levante U.D. SAD
Sunday, October 2, 2011 - 16:00 - Estadio Benito Villamarín

R.C.D. Espanyol de Barcelona SAD - Real Madrid Club de Fútbol
Sunday, October 2, 2011 - 22:00 - Estadio Cornella-Prat

Real Racing Club SAD - Rayo Vallecano de Madrid SAD
Saturday, October 1, 2011 - 18:00 - Campos de Sport de El Sardinero.

Madrid-Betis, Barcelona-Racing-Atlético Granada on Saturday 15

Also, the Football League announced the schedule of the eighth game of the season in the First Division in which the Real Madrid-Betis will be played on Saturday 15 at 18pm, the Barcelona-Racing at 20h and the Granada-Atletico to 22h.

The 8th day Primera Division (Liga BBVA)

- Saturday, October 15
18:00 Mallorca-Valencia
18:00 Getafe-Villarreal
18:00 Real Madrid-Betis
20:00 F.C. Barcelona-Racing
22:00 Granada-Atlético de Madrid

- Sunday, October 16
12:00 Rayo Vallecano-Espanyol
16:00 Zaragoza-Real Sociedad
18:00 Levante-Málaga
22:00 Sevilla-Sporting

- Monday, October 17
Athletic-Osasuna 21:00

[Ex-president] Gaspart asks not to retire the demand to the meeting of Laporta

The ex-president of FC Barcelona Joan Gaspart spoke highly topical issues Blaugrana. Looks good sponsorship from Qatar Foundation and wants to reach the final in the lawsuit against the previous meeting.

Joan Gaspart indifefente not stop anyone when he is interviewed. The former president of Barca and until recently the Sant Andreu reviewed the latest hot topics related to the Barcelona club in the ONA FM program stands and threw his support behind the latest proposals of the board of Sandro Rosell.

The sponsorship of Qatar Foundation, approved by the electors partners, are critical to the future of the club, according to the president: "A club like Barca who wants to fight with other European teams can not give up the revenue from a sponsorship as Qatar Foundation, can not be too sentimental or purist ".

"The referendum is the day to vote for a president, the Board has preferred a decision as advertising the shirt had to go to the assembly for acabr with any questions. I do not like the referendum has to be done every time there to make a decision, "added exmandatario.

And one of those decisions has been to present claims for liability against the previous board, led by Joan Laporta. Despite the words of Pep Guardiola said that in his opinióm, it would queretirarse this demand, Gaspart is clear that "over any person is the ship and we must do what is good for the club. Josep Guardiola has an opinion and we should not criticize it. Personally I like to respect the past, present and future. Not withdraw the demand for Guardiola's words. "

Lastly, Joan Gaspart is of those in favor of crera a Grada Jove of animation in Camp Nou. There are many youths that are not violent, the violent ones they are 50 and we should not allow ourselves to guide for them. I believe that we don't lose anything proving and if it doesn't leave well, next year you prohíbe", indicated. (via SPORT)

Xavi's father: "My son and Casillas are more friends than ever"

Xavi's father said that the relationship between the two captains is still excellent.

Xavi Hernandez's father has said in the award 2SportCultura Barcelona "that his son and Iker Casillas have settled their differences:" I have made peace, have spoken and made things clearer and more friends now than ever. "

Joaquin Hernandez has gone to collect the award on behalf of his son by being proud. "We are very grateful and very honored that Xavi is still a humble person, a friend of his friends and a crazy sport, to be encouraged along with other values."

The event was attended by the current president of Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, and former national coach, Luis Aragones has also spread praise for the Catalan player.

MOVIE: www.sport.es

[ex-coach] Luis Aragonés: "Barça is the team to the one that more envy one has"

The Spanish ex-coach Luis Aragones has said that Barcelona is the team "that has more envy" for his style of play.

Speaking to reporters before the Awards SportCultura Barcelona, ​​who have awarded this year and Barca midfielder Xavi Hernandez Spanish international, Aragones stressed that Pep Guardiola's team is this year's top candidate to raise all the titles in dispute.

"Barça is favorite to all and the most envied club have a healthy envy for the way you play," said Aragones. "I know the years will continue to Guardiola, but it deserves to because it is doing tremendously. The best coach for Barça will always Pep."

However, the coach who led Spain to win the European Championship in 2008 lamented that sometimes "you talk some football," to cover such success tinged with Barca.

"Overall we all have a bit of guilt. But he does things is the biggest culprit and that's why he says, to rectify," he suggested when asked about the controversy between Guardiola and Mourinho in the newsroom .

And although he has avoided specifying who was the culprit, has suggested: "When you talk, you talk about things that maybe harmful to these issues, to try to cover them. If we were talking about football, we would say who has been better and we forget. But there are so many ways right now can not escape anything. "

"There are things that should not be done, but in football and in life we ​​all make mistakes and there are things that people are wrong," he ruled.

In any case, Aragones has insisted on denying that this rivalry to the extreme last season between Barcelona and Real Madrid is causing a break in the heart of 'La Roja'.

"Those things are left in the field, that has always happened. Now there's more media and more externalized. They are two teams with the rivalry and it is normal that people are nervous," she noted.

Regarding the canary David Silva, a few days ago expressing his disagreement with the few minutes that I was counting on the selection, Aragones recalled that "a thing of the player and says what he believes, but I think playing and Del Bosque There are others who have played less than him. "

"The player is a bit selfish about these things and sometimes say things they should not say. I think the behavior of the forest with him has been good," he asserted.

Finally, the 'Sage of Hortaleza' has praised the honored figure, Xavi Hernandez, who in his opinion "brings some unique features that make the best Spanish player of the moment".

And the coach admitted that, had it been another player's award-winning, perhaps had not attended the event. "But Xavi is a sensational person is an honor to present the award."

"No doubt it will be hard so that we can meet (in Barcelona and selection), but good players have been and always will be life beyond Xavi" he concluded. (via SPORT)

Manuel Gräfe will be the referee of the BAT Borisov - Barça

Belarusians and Barca know the match referee will face them.

German referee Manuel Gräfe will be responsible for leading the FC Barcelona in his home debut in this edition of the Champions League. The referee will direct the meeting that the Catalans played in Belarus against BATE Borisov. These are the designations arbitration for Wednesday's matches:

Group E
Valencia (ESP)-Chelsea (ING) Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
Bayer Leverkusen (GER)-Genk (BEL) Alan Kelly (IRL)

Group F
Arsenal (ING)-Olympiacos (GRE) Velasco Carballo (ESP)
Marsella (FRA)-B. Dortmund (ALE) Jonas Eriksson (SUE)

Group G
Zenit (RUS)-Oporto (POR) Howard Webb (ENG)
Shakhtar Donetsk (UCR)-APOEL (CHI) Robert Schörgenhofer (AUT)

Group EH
BATE (BIE)-Barcelona (ESP) Manuel Gräfe (ALE)
Milan (ITA)-Plzen (CZE) Florian Meyer (ALE). (via SPORT)

[Selection] Xavi: "Aragonese is my number one"

The player of FC Barcelona was rewarded with the Premio Sport Culura de Barcelona and shipment a videotape since he could not go to the event.

Barca midfielder Xavi Hernandez has been awarded the Sport Cultura de Barcelona, ​​a recognition of his career he has shared with ballet Foundation Angel Corella.

At the award ceremony, held in Barcelona, ​​attended by the Barca president Sandro Rosell, and some of his fellow board and sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta, the Spanish ex-coach Luis Aragonés and other authorities related to the world sport and culture.

Not so the player himself, as the Catalan club's policy does not allow players to participate in public events hours before a game, so was his father who has come to his name.

In any case, in a video shot this morning after Pep Guardiola's training in the sports city of Sant Joan Despi, Xavi has apologized for failing to collect an award that gives him "a great personal satisfaction."

The Barca game director has exalted the figure of Luis Aragonés, the manager handing the award. "It's the number one in my career that changed my mindset and selection, and the great architect of this generation of Spanish players," he highlighted in the video.

"Xavi has always been my weakness," he responded shortly after Aragones, the coach who led Spain to rise to the top of European football in 2008 and laid the foundations of the World Cup victory two years later. "He deserves this and more. It is an interesting person in all aspects of life," he underlined.

Some "values" has also highlighted Joaquim Hernandez, father of the player, whose candidacy was imposed on Rafael Nadal in the final vote of the jury. "It is the recognition of the effort, consistency and perseverance, but above all a love for color," said an excited Jehoiakim.

"When a player moves from thirty starts to look for substitutes. But he cares for, lives for football and, if you respect the injury, we Xavi for long time, "added the midfielder's father. (via SPORT)

Villa and Mascherano support the Foundation of Rafa Benítez

They agreed last week in Valencia and David Villa and Javier Mascherano did not hesitate to help Rafa Benitez in a worthy cause.

The same day that Barça played in Valencia, the club "che" he gave his former coach Rafa Benitez and the bright gold badge of the club. The coach still lives in England, has no home in Valencia and therefore stayed in a hotel and, coincidentally, was the same where he was the club. Naturally, Benitez took the opportunity to talk to Pep Guardiola and much of the Barca players. They talked football, of course, but also Montse Benitez Foundation, driven by the technician and his sister.

Rafa Benitez spoke, among others, David Villa and Javier Mascherano, his former players at Valencia and Liverpool, respectively. And it was Villa who has himself revealed on his Facebook page that talked. " The other day when we played in Valencia, I was with Rafa Benitez. Mascherano My partner and I signed a shirt for an auction to raise funds for the Foundation Montse Benitez. The truth is that I loved the charity projects to which are helping and worth supporting. "

Montse Benitez Foundation (WBF) was born in order to help raise funds to several charities on Merseyside (Liverpool) and Wirral. These associations must have an annual income below £ 15,000 and must be completely independent. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Two weeks out for Sergi Roberto

Barcelona B midfielder was injured in the final leg of the match against Recreativo de Huelva. The Reus is a small lesion in the left hamstring that will keep you down a period of approximately two weeks.

The '10 'in the subsidiary had to be replaced in the 85th minute of the match against Recreativo by a puncture in the left leg. adductor injury in the medical tests you have done during this Monday morning have found a small lesion in the left adductor. It is expected that the low period is about two weeks.

Sergi Roberto had been started every league games this season. Against Villarreal midfield and played the remaining games have alternated between left-insidehalf position with the right midfielder. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Villa considers competition good for team

David Villa is happy with the way he is playing and feels that it is good to have so much quality in the team. As for Leo Messi, he defines his fellow striker as ‘extraordinary’.

David Villa has got his second season at FC Barcelona off to a fantastic start, with five goals, two more than at the same stage of last season. He is now fully adapted to the team and said today that “they always say that when I score it is like a release and when I don’t it adds to the pressure. But my job is not only to score goals, I try to help the team, I have done that all my life … I am very happy both on and off the pitch and I hope to stay here a very long time”.

Quality squad
Cesc and Alexis have certainly made the team stronger. “There are players here that have always been in the first eleven. But there are more than eleven of us here and not everyone can play. Whoever plays, helps the team”, says Villa, who understands that Guardiola changes the team depending on the needs of each match. “Healthy competition leads to very positive things for the team. I try to do my job as well as possible whenever I get to play”.

Messi amazing
Messi’s team mates are the first to praise the greatest player on the planet right now. “He is doing incredible things. Every day he surprises us with a new records, he is surpassing himself. Nobody compares with him and we are so happy that he’s wearing our shirt each day … He is extraordinary, unique, wonderful.” Villa also spoke about Xavi, who “always plays well … Messi is also better thanks to how he plays”.

Feeling positive
After thumping Atlético Madrid 5-0, Barça seem to be back to their old selves. They played some magnificent football on Saturday, but Villa knows they have to take things a step at a time. “Barça play a very high level of football, but each day is different and no team is unbeatable … But we sense that the fans are excited. They know how much potential we’ve got and what we can do, but we are aware that is only just starting”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)