25 September 2011

[Barça B] Eusebio: "We are growing, but we still lack"

The coach of Barça B has not wanted to apologize in the bad luck to explain the draw of the branch against the Recreativo. Eusebio has wanted to highlight, however that the level of game of the team continues growing.

After conceding an equalizer in the Miniestadi two goals against Recreativo Huelva, Eusebio Sacristan not hide in his subsequent appearance before the media, their mood: "I'm sad, because today we would have done well to win" .

The draw did not satisfy one Eusebio who declined concede influence the unorthodox way: "I will not excuse the bad luck. I think that things happen for no reason, and therefore, if we these goals conceded is that we have failed in some detail. " Although the branch has not been able to score a victory in the Miniestadi, Eusebio is convinced that he must persist in the same idea and way of working: "We will continue working in the same way, with great determination, convinced that eventually we will get good results.

While the subsidiary has added only one point in the last three days, Eusebio has detected a marked improvement in team play: "I have no doubt that we are growing, the team is becoming better. It is true that we still have, and we have to improve, but I think against Recreativo have made ​​the best home game and we are close to what we want. " Barca B play on Saturday, at 18 hours, again in the Miniestadi and to the Sabadell. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça controls Azpilicueta

The player is not to pleasure in Olympique Marseilles and he wants to return to Spain.

As reported by the 'Cadena Ser', FC Barcelona would be controlling full-back César Azpilicueta's evolutions to be about reinforcing the right wing in a next future.

The formerplayer of Osasuna signed up in the lines of Olympique Marseilles wants to return to the Spanish soccer in June since he has just adapted to its adventure in the French football.

Azpilicueta already sounded to get dressed of azulgrana before joining Marseille and discontent in the French side was a good opportunity to revive interest in the young player. (via SPORT)

And the tiger made 'meow'

Not face to face or anything. The mattress maker suffered in his own meats the class azulgrana and the exhibition of the best player in the world.

Atletico Madrid arrived at Camp Nou grown by the latest results from the capital and endorsed as a serious candidate to stand up to the big two. In addition, the presence of Radamel Falcao in their ranks was advertised as a nightmare, a test of fire for the alleged fragile Barca defense. The Colombian tigre `Was he on a roll and dreamed of one to shake the kingdom of Leo Messi in their field before their fans.

And, indeed, was that, a simple dream, a mission impossible. Falcao the Tiger 'is it only able to show off their claws on a pair of individual actions. An aerial shot, a couple of struggles ... and wandering aimlessly on the pitch. There was no way to come into play.

Every time you drew a diagonal, searched the back of a defense or delay its position sought to contact the ball watched again and again the defense is expected culé without major problems.

Mascherano and Busquets embittered him sensed a very special night. The long-awaited debut of `Colombian tigre Did you just disappointing in the making. More than a tiger was blurred as a mere kitten. The only reward of Falcao came after the match when Pep Guardiola approached him to congratulate him.

The glory was for the Barça squad Messi generically and individually. Another hat trick, three more goals against an Atletico Madrid have taken him far. Falcao will wait. (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta: "The idea is not to sing to replace Afellay"

The sports director regrets the low, but says that the parts are to be found in the quarry.

The sporting director of FC Barcelona, ​​Andoni Zubizarreta, lamented yesterday the Dutch striker's low Afellay, who will be out for about six months. However, yesterday ruled Zubizarreta microphones Barça TV the possibility that you can sign a replacement in the football market. "Doctors have to analyze the case and see the recovery time should be. It is not a good news the drop of Afellay, but it is also certain that the solution is in our staff and in the filial barcelonista. We are not fiochar the idea, "said Barcelona sporting director.

It also highlighted the good work done by the team in the first 45 minutes. "We played a rival ant in this early season has shown more as a team and as individuals. We have had a great stage, we have handled the ball well and recovering and we played with the intensity and pace of the great moments demand. "
Mas y Pujol, in the box. (via SPORT)

Platini: "Messi? For me the best is Cruyff"

The UEFA president does not believe that the club is the best team of all time.

When asked if the club is the strongest team of all time, says: "You can not say never. And Santos, Ajax, Bayern, Milan, Juve? Is like saying that Messi is the best ever: for Cruyff me better. Everyone has a choice. "

Of Cristiano Ronaldo he said that they whistle "him because they fear him. It is strong, as Federer, he can have what wants. To me they also whistled me...". (via SPORT)

[Player Ratings; Liga BBVA; week06] FC Barcelona - Atletico Madrid (5-)

Valdés 7, Alves 6, Mascherano 7, Abidal 6, Busquets 7, Xavi 7, Thiago 7, Cesc 7, Pedro 6, Messi 9, Villa 7, Piqué 6, Keita 6, Maxwell 6. (via SPORT)

Manzano: "We are against one of the best teams in the history of the football"

The coach of Atletico Madrid , Gregorio Manzano , has surrendered today to the game of Barcelona , and said after his team's defeat by 5-0 to Barca to be found "one of the best teams in football history ".

Manzano has said that he leaves the Camp Nou "a little angry" with the displayed image, but aware of the difficulty of facing up to Barca for Pep Guardiola .

"Barcelona are enjoying all Barca fans and football fans is making a time with a team of extraordinary dimensions," said Atletico coach.

Manzano has said that the quality of Barcelona any drawing or tactical approach may be prepared to nothing because "it is physically impossible to" argue the ball. "To beat them, it should be the party of the century," he added.

Still, Manzano has acknowledged that in the first two goals of the Barcelona team has been "unlucky" with the beginning of the party "very negative." (via MD)

Guardiola: "It was a lesson in concentration"

The Boss was really pleased with the players’ performance on the pitch. "They were immense in every way. Everybody responded to the challenge. I think we played at a very high level" he noted.

Josep Guardiola highlighted the attitude and concentration that his players demonstrated against Athletico Madrid. While daring to say that in the game this Saturday, Barça were "better" than their opponents, the Barcelona Manager clarified that "we are not unbeatable…….any team can beat us, but if we do things right the fans who come to watch us will have a good time, which is the most important thing. We played very well, it was a lesson in concentration, but from tomorrow on we have to do it again. Let's see if we’re able maintain this level. It’s this year’s challenge" he added.

Undoubtedly, the star of the night was Lionel Messi, who scored a hat-trick: "Messi was decisive again, you can only congratulate him. He’s a player that you don’t have to explain, you just have to watch him in action. He is 2 goals away from Kubala’s record, at 22 years old. It’s all been said, there’s not much to add".

On Barça’s defensive formation, which in the first half was a 3-man defence, and in the second half, when Pique came on, 4-man, Guardiola suggested that "to talk about tactical questions you have to know the opposition. We move the pieces around accordingly. In the second half we changed it around a bit, because of the way they were playing. When they attacked us we had to adapt a little. Barça is really lucky to have the players we have, who can adapt to every situation".

On Afellay’s absence through injury, Guardiola confirmed that he won’t be signing anyone. "We have B Team players who can do very well. We understand that from February or March he’ll be back with us" he added. He also referred to Abidal, and expressed his wish that "he might renew his contract and carry on playing with the Club".

Finally, Josep Guardiola expressed his sadness about the fact that Barça is involved in lawsuits with the previous Board, the Board who chose him to take over the reins as Barça Manager. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Piqué: "I have felt very well"

The Catalan centreback after a month away and acknowledged having felt "very well" during the 37 minutes he was on the lawn. "It's nice to enter the field with this team," he said.

On August 23 , three days before the end of the Super Cup in Monaco , Gerard Piqué fell injured in training with the first team. He suffered a hamstring injury in his left leg calf that has kept him off the field of play until Saturday, one month and one day after being injured. Busquets has entered and completed a great game day, in fact, celebrating the fifth anniversary of his debut in First with Zaragoza .

"I felt great. The team is playing very well. It's nice to enter the field game with this team, which plays very well. Now we must return to pick up the pace, because I've been standing a while, "he said. On the defense team of three, Piqué believed to be a good way to play, especially at home, where "teams are defensive minded."

What follows is more interesting statements from other players of FC Barcelona.

"We knew we came with confidence and it would be difficult. The team has gone very seriously and have a great game against a good rival, as Atletico. "

"We're playing very well, at a high level, especially here at home. We feel very comfortable. "

"We feel comfortable with this system. It is a resource for the technician and also we can adapt to the 4-3-3 best known."

"We have been quite thin and made ​​things easy. And when we do well, things go well. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Liga BBVA; Week06] FC Barcelona 5 - 0 Atlético Madrid

Barça have destroyed Atlético Madrid with a formidable display of tactics and skill. Villa, Miranda (og) and Messi put the home side ahead after just 26 minutes and the best player in the world was simply amazing in the second half.

Atlético Madrid were beaten after just 26 minutes following some amazing football from a set of players that just seem to get better and better. Xavi was monumental as he orchestrated the onslaught on the visitors’ goal, with Barça suffocating the red and white midfield with devastating possession play that as good as had the job done before the first half hour was up. Atlético may have been one of the most impressive teams so far this season, but they were powerless to contain FCB, who completed the show with two more goals in the second half, one of which will go down among Messi’s greatest ever.

Although the mattress-makers drew first blood with a Tiago shot onto the bar after just 4 minutes, Barça, once again playing with just three defenders (Alves, Mascherano and Abidal) soon started making their presence felt. After dominating the possession, they first hit the target thanks to Villa, who controlled a magnificent pass from Xavi on his chest and left Courtois floundering with a precision finish. Xavi was involved in the action shortly after, this time supplying Pedro, whose effort narrowly skimmed wide of the post.

Barça didn’t hold off. Xavi continued his extraordinary first half with a cheeky back-heel that led to the second goal. However, it will officially go down to the unfortunate Miranda, off whose body the ball rebounded after Courtois had parried away Messi’s strike. The Camp Nou was about to be soaked by a massive downpour, but nothing was going to dampen the spirits of Pep Guardiola’s charges. It was time for some Messi magic, in yet another move inspired by the omnipresent Xavi, in which he wove his way around the entire Atlético defence and slotted the ball home inside the near post. A goal that was simply a delight to behold.

Both sides like to play the ball around in the middle, and that is where most of the action took place. But Barça had the perfect game plan to deal with a very talented opponent indeed, and made sure neither Diego nor Falcao got too involved in what was going on. Instead, all the chances were going Barcelona’s way, and Cesc almost made it four with a deft chip shortly before the break. Gregorio Manzano was clearly looking to shake things up a bit in the second half, when he sent on Salvio and Arda Turan, while Guardiola was under considerably less pressure and decided to give Piqué his first taste of match action since his return from injury. He was welcomed with a huge ovation and settled in nicely in what went back to being a four-man defence.

As the minutes ticked by, Barcelona looked in absolute control of what was going on and continued piling the pressure on Courtois, especially through Messi and Villa. The Argentinian sent the stadium into raptures with a run that Maradona would have proud of in the 72nd minute that he finished off with a perfectly executed strike to make it 4-0. Not even that was enough. In injury time, he and Villa combined and the Argentinian completed a spectacular hat-trick to make it five. There is no doubting that Atlético is one of his favourite victims, and once again the red and whites are leaving the Camp Nou on the back of a thrashing in which at times they were merely spectators of another truly marvellous display form FC Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Barcelona: Valdés; Alves, Mascherano, Abidal (Maxwell, min.81), Sergio Busquets (Piqué, min.53), Xavi, Cesc (Keita, min.72), Thiago, Pedro, Villa and Messi.

Atlético Madrid: Courtois; Perea, Godín, Miranda, Antonio López, Mario Suárez (Arda Turan, mi.46), Tiago (Adrián, min.79), Gabi, Reyes (Salvio, min.46), Diego and Falcao.

Goals: 1-0: Villa, min.9. 2-0: Miranda (p.p), min.15. 3-0: Messi, min.26. 4-0: Messi, min.78. 5-0: Messi, min.90.

Referee: Delgado Ferreiro (Collegiate Basque). Pique showed yellow card (min.71) and Perea (min.72).

Incidents: From the sixth game of the season played at the Camp Nou before 83,154 spectators. The Barca players jumped into the pitch with a shirt of encouragement to his teammate Ibrahim Afellay, who will be six months sidelined with a knee injury.

[BarçaB; Liga Aderante;week06] FC Barcelona B 2 - 2 Recreativo Huelva

Luck has returned to give back to Barca B. A rebound goal and another own goal have given an unfair draw at Recreativo Huelva has been exceeded at all times by the team of Eusebio.

Seems like witches. Barça B very superior to the Recreativo de Huelva has allowed to escape two points after a party in which has been shown very superior to the Andalusian team. The best game and sometimes higher have crashed to a "rebuild", with two actions fortunate, has added an unearned point.

The good game of Barça B has not had fair recompense until the minute 36 of the first time when Riverola marked the goal of the tie. Until then, Eusebio players crashed over and over the defensive wall before FC. Territorial dominance did not translate into clear chances. Rafinha and tried without success Montoya side centers. In contrast, the Andalusian only needed a lucky break to get ahead on the scoreboard. In minute 22, a rejection of Sergi Gómez, trying to remove a ball rejected by the club, bouncing in Sergi Enrich and introduced into the goal of Miño.

Unlike other times when he accused Barca B over these adversities, the goal conceded was a shock. Rodri, Tello and Sergi Roberto were about to tie but was Martí Riverola with a great header to Montoya center marked the 1-1in the 35th minute. Before the break, Barça B turned it over to the scoreboard. Tello, the more incisive attacking Barça finished off with a powerful shot Dos Santos center that made ​​it 2-1 by setting absolute justice to the merits of the Catalans.

In the second half, the Barça B came out ready to kill the game as soon as possible. But once again, misfortune planned by the Mini Stadium. In minute 54, Rodri introducing the ball to the back of the net when he tried to refuse Miño Pablo Sanchez center. It was the Barca B 2-2 and was touched.

The "Rrecre" closed even more on defense and the Catalans could not find space to create danger. Even the Andalusian could early lead on 78 minutes but the goal of avoiding Miño Pablo Sanchez.

This occasion spurred Barca B which launched a relentless attack. Espinosa shoot the stick after a great action Rafinha and Marc Bartra, headache, Manu did shine late in the game. Finally there was no justice and Barca B remains winless this season in the Miniestadi team play even better game by game. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona B: Miño, Montoya, Bartra, Sergi Gómez, Planas, Tello, Dos Santos, Sergi Roberto (Isaac Cuenca, min. 86), Riverola (Kiko, min. 67), Rafinha and Rodri (Espinosa, min. 67).

Recreativo Huelva: Manu Fdez., Zamora, Alex Quillo (Arcas, min. 52), Pablo Sánchez, Borja Granero, Cifu, Ximo, M. Martínez, Sergi Enrich (Asen, min.77), Javi Álamo (Vilalr, min.60) and Zambrano.

Goles: 0-1, Sergi Enrich, min. 22; 1-1, Riverola, min. 35; 2-1, Tello, min. 44; 2-2, Rodri (p.p), min. 54.

Referee: Iñaki Vicandi Garrido (Col.legi basc) Vicandi. Ensenyar targetes grogues goes to Quillo, Borja Barn and to Arks (2).

Santos makes of the continuity of Neymar a state question

Santos's president, Luis Álvaro Ribeiro, affirmed in declarations that daily Folha of Sao Paulo publishes that to retain forward Neymar in the Brazilian football is a matter of "national interest".

The President again denied that any agreement between Neymar and Real Madrid, although he admitted there were "indications" that the Spanish club "made a nice play," about which no details.

Apparently was referring to an alleged agreement, unveiled by the press, so that the player is integrated into the discipline Madrid next year, after the London Olympics of celebrations for the centenary of the Santos. However, Ribeiro football metaphors he used to insist that no operations are closed. "The game (the player) did not complete.'s Zero to zero or one to zero, because Neymar still on the Santos."

Also, to reinforce their zeal in retaining the player in the Brazilian club, he said that Santos is looking for patrons that contribute enough money as so that Neymar continues at least in Santos up to 2013. (via SPORT)

Guardiola comes out in defense of Laporta and his board

Pep Guardiola did not miss the opportunity to give their opinion about the 'war' between the current policy and presided Joan Laporta.

Before talking about the game being developed his pupils at the Camp Nou against Atletico, Pep Guardiola was asked about the 'riff raff' that maintain the current and the previous board. Far from diverting the subject, Guardiola gave his honest opinion on the subject: "I have great affection for the previous board because I chose. Theirs is the merit. And I'm very sad for everything that is happening," he said in relation to the crossing of statements by members of both boards.

The technician said that the team led by Joan Laporta "club took a more precarious position now and did extraordinary things. And not to fuck me. I do not know how it will end, but I know they are suffering a lot and do not deserve it. All they did a lot for this club. All joints are good and bad, as players or coaches. " Pep insisted that past presidents have also contributed to the development of the club. "Part of this club belongs to all former presidents, Nunez, Laporta, they all play many of the virtues of this club. That all may be aware that we are here thanks to many people. Hopefully it does not go beyond for the club this is a bad important, "he said. (via SPORT)

Go ahead for new supporters terrace

The members have expressed their agreement with proposals for a ‘Grada d’animació’. The vice president of the Social Area, Jordi Cardoner, said “it will not happen is it doesn’t not satisfy all safety requirements.”

Jordi Cardoner explained the third of the major proposals being put by the Board to the General Assembly, the desire to create a zone in the stadium for particularly passionate supporters who can set a “world standard” and “transmit the Barça values around the world”.

The section will accommodate 1,400 members that reflect “Barça support, Catalanism and civil duty. We want the very best support for our team. Not accepting this project would be like giving in to violence. We have the best fans in the world and we should have the best terrace in the world” he said.

[Voting on the ‘Grada d’animació’ project]
For: 295
Against: 198
Abstentions: 33

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

Assembly accepts agreement with Qatar Sports Investment

The members have unanimously accepted the shirt sponsorship deal with Qatar Sports Investment that will bring in 171 million euros over five years.

The first of three major issues to be put to the Assembly today was the sponsorship deal with the company Qatar Sports Investment (QSI). Economic vice president, Javier Faus explained the details of the deal to promote the Qatar Foundation, which is responsible for social, education and scientific projects and whose name appears on the first team football shirt.

[Result of voting]
For: 697
Against: 76
Abstentions: 36

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Camp Nou to be smoke-free zone

The Assembly has voted unanimously for the smoking ban to be applied to the Camp Nou. The Board said this reflected a commitment to “health, sport and respect”.

Smoking will be banned in the Camp Nou. The vast majority of the Assembly accepted the Board’s proposal to establish article 19.10 of the statutes in support of the campaign to forbid smoking in the Camp Nou. Supporters have already been encouraged not to smoke, but this rule has now been made an obligation and will be applied “gradually over two or three months”.

[Result of the smoking ban voting]
For: 538
Against: 89
Abstentions: 39

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Green light for 2011/12 budget

94% of the members at the assembly have voted in favour of the budget presented by Antoni Rossich, director general of the Club, which foresees profits of 20.1 million. “It is a prudent and realistic budget” he said.

At last year’s General Assembly, the director general of the Club, Antoni Rossich, explained that the losses expected in the 2010/11 season, which turned out to be 9.3 million euros, were “essential in order to make profits a year later.” 12 months have passed since then, and the members are united in their support, with 94% in favour of the budget presented for the 2011/12 season, which see profits of 20.1 million. Rossich called it “realistic, it was produced responsibly and following highly prudent criteria”.

Antoni Rossich explained that this budget had been designed on the assumption that the first team will win La Liga, get to at least the semi finals of the Cup, the quarter finals of the Champions League and the Clubs World Cup Final.

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Rosell reviews historic season

Sandro Rosell has spoken about what he describes as a historic season, in which 16 titles were won. He also commented on financial, social and institutional matters.

The president of FC Barcelona opened the Ordinary General Assembly by reminding members that the Board is pursuing not just sporting excellence, but excellence in all aspects of the club. Using videos and a multimedia presentation, he looked back at the events that have most affected the club over the year.

Sandro Rosell is convinced that this is the best ever moment in FC Barcelona history, but is also delighted by the way, win or lose, the team promotes such positive values, which has won the club respect all round the world. He also paused for a moment to formally recognise everything that has been achieved by Pep Guardiola and his team, which was followed by rapturous applause.

He also spoke about two players that have had a dramatic effect on the club’s finances. He said that the sale of Chyigrinski was more for financial than sporting reasons, for the club urgently needed funds to pay its players. As for Ibrahimovic, he explained that his transfer to AC Milan means that the members of the Board will have to guarantee the accounts for another two years.

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2010/11 accounts accepted

Vice president Javier Faus has presented the financial results for the 2010/11 season, which include a record income of 473 million euros and losses of 9.3 (14.8 less than expected). They were accepted unanimously.

The members have unanimously accepted the liquidation of accounts for 2010/11. In the second item on the agenda of the Ordinary General Assembly, the economic vice president Javier Faus presented losses of 9.3 million euros, which was far less than the expected 24.1 million in the budget, due to increased income and fewer expenses.

Faus explained that the accounts have been audited by the Deloitte company “without exceptions or uncertainties.” He associated the losses to transfers, which are classed as operating costs. “Without this, the club will be sustainable from next year” he said.

[Voting on closure of accounts 10/11]
For: 807
Against: 14
Abstentions: 24

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