21 September 2011

Guardiola gives his support to Qatar

At the press conference prior to the away game in Valencia, the manager was positive about the Board’s decision to bring the debate about advertising on the shirt to the Assembly on Saturday, and stressed the values of the Fundació.

The boss expressed his satisfaction with the board’s decision to ask the members representatives to decide on the Qatar sponsorship issue: “it’s very good that we debate this and also a very good decision of the board’s to let the members decide on it. It’s one of the healthy democratic values we have. I can tell you that I lived for two years in Qatar and my family and I received wonderful treatment. Qatar is opening up to the Western world and I know the efforts that the Fundació is putting in to do some really good things. I think that we often don’t understand the Muslim world –nor they us".

He carried on by saying: "Qatar is on a roll right now, with the World Cup going there, and their bid for the Olympics, and that is the result of an extraordinary effort that the country is making to open itself to the world, whilst maintaining its own traditions".

Guardiola said "These are difficult times and the board has the obligation to search for alternatives. Qatar is the most open Muslim country and the closest to the Western democracies, but they need time".

Guardiola concluded by saying: "If the members decide to continue, then we will still have the sponsorship of a foundation which is doing things for research and for culture. If not, then we will move ahead with different resources. Whatever happens, the players will continue to run and fight, which in the end is the most important thing". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola does not lose at Mestalla

As a coach, Josep Guardiola has never lost at the Mestalla but his team has never had it easy against Unai Emery's team. In the 2008/09 season, the club of Guardiola tied at two goals thanks to a goal from Henry in the 85th minute. The following season, the club also added a point after a goalless draw in a hotly contested game. The only victory Guardiola's Barça in Mestalla came in the last visit when a goal by Messi on 77 minutes gave the Barca team three points in the game for the 26 th day of the season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barca feels good Mestalla

Mestalla stadium is a historically conducive to the club. No other team of the League has won more games that the azulgrana, with 30 victories of 76 confrontations.

Valencia is one of the teams in the league stronger in their stadium, where rivals are taking very few points. However, there is one exception: the club. In his 76 league clashes at the Mestalla, the Barca team has added 30 wins, 15 draws and 29 defeats conceded. Is the AL team that has won more times in the area of Valencia .

These data contrast with those of the other two teams have always played in the Primera Liga, Real Madrid and Athletic Club de Bilbao. In their matches in Mestalla, Real Madrid team has won 22 games, conceding 33 defeats and 21 draws has been added, while the "lions" have added 15 wins, 15 draws and 46 defeats have been suffered.

The positive trend of Barcelona at the Mestalla has increased in recent years, especially since Josep Guardiola took over the team. To find the last defeat of Barca team in the field of Valencia we have to go to the February 18, 2007, when the team coached by Quique Sanchez Flores then won 2-1. Since that defeat, the club has added two wins and two draws.

Some of the latest Barca wins the Valencia stand out the importance of the points at stake and for his showmanship. The 0-2 of the 2004/05 season gave virtually the league title the club. The 1-3 victory June 15, 2003 in the penultimate game of the season ranked near the Catalans to play UEFA Cup. The Dream Team also spent nights of glory at the Mestalla and Barca fans will remember that 3-4 in the 1992/93 season as one of the best matches of the team of Johan Cruyff. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Concentrated in Valencia

The squad landed this afternoon in the city of Valencia, where at night will face Valencia. The president Sandro Rosell has led the expedition azulgrana.

Barca is concentrated in Valencia. Took off from El Prat airport at 11 am and about an hour later landed in the Valencian Country, sunny and 26 degrees. About 200 fans have warmly welcomed the 18-man squad.

The expedition barcelonista was headed by the president Sandro Rosell, the vice-president Carles Vilarrubí, directive Jordi Moix and Jordi Mestre, the sport director Andoni Zubizarreta and the football director Raül Sanllehí.

The Valencia and Barcelona directives lunch starting at 14.30 hours at the restaurant Casa Navarro. The team, meanwhile, has moved directly from the airport to the hotel The Westin Valencia, where hundreds of supporters gathered.

It is concentrated up to an hour before the match. The Valencia-Barcelona start at 22 hours (TV3, La Sexta and R @ dio Barça). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection Under-16] Convocation for trainings in the Ciudad del Fútbol

It consults the list of players summoned by the national selectors to carry out several sessions of trainings in the federative facilities of Las Rozas (Madrid), of the 26 at September 28 2011. (via RFEF)

To proposal of the National Team, the Real Federación Española de Fútbol has summoned for the Tournament from the reference to the following players:

UD ALMERIA SAD: Antonio Marín Molina, Joaquín Fernández Moreno.
CLUB ATLÉTICO DE MADRID SAD: Santiago Canedo Vilariño, Alejandro Diez Salomón, Enrique Fajarnes Costa, Roberto Nuñez Mañas.
FC BARCELONA: Xabier Quintilla Guasch, Carlos Blanco Moreno, Adama Traore Diarra, Juan Antonio Entrena Galvez.
RC CELTA DE VIGO SAD: Yelko Pino Caride.
RC DEPORTIVO DE LA CORUÑA SAD: Julio Delgado Domínguez.
REAL MADRID CF: Juan José Manresa, Carlos Parra Arauzo, Aleix Febas Pérez, José Ángel Pozo La Rosa.
RCD MALLORCA SAD: Damia Sabater Tous.
REAL OVIEDO SAD: Borja Sánchez Laborde.
SEVILLA FC SAD: Enrique Chavero Manjon, Francisco Sánchez Rodríguez.
R. SPORTING DE GIJÓN SAD: Omar Oliveros Álvarez.
VALENCIA CF SAD: Juan Carlos Lázaro Cervera.
VILLARREAL CF SAD: Aitor Embela Gil, Javier García Guillen.

Messi begins the hunt of Kubala

With 189 goals, it is at 5 of the 194 of mythical Laszi.

Five goals separate Leo Messi second-best performer in the history of FC Barcelona. The Argentine striker sum 189 and rapidly approaching the 194 that marked the mythical Laszi Kubala between 1950 and 1961. Further away, but already in the spotlight of the '10 'Barca is the Cesar Leon, who managed 235 between 1942 and 1955. It is 46 goals away. Given the competitive greed and impressive figures Messi to improve season after season, would not be unreasonable to see in number 1 of the 'Top' FC Barcelona striker ever in this course.

If it were another player, would not make much sense to remember today is five goals from Kubala. But there are no impossibilities Messi and when inspired, habitual, is capable of anything. Osasuna face, without going any further, had three goals and two balls crashed into the posts.

Messi, who at 24 has time and quality to spray all the records that put him within reach, does not think or César Kubala. Its concentration keeps on adding a victory in the stadium that already last season was instrumental in getting the winning goal after an assist from Adriano. In Mestalla, also will face with the striker with whom he shares the top spot in the scoring charts, Soldado (five goals). (via MD)

Mestalla: Of the defense without markers of Cruyff at the 5-3-1-1 of Pep

Mestalla has been scenario of surprising rear.
In 1993 Barça went out with Nadal that marked, of closing; the passing Liga, with Busi.

Pep Guardiola is reinvented in every game. Depending on the opponent's strategy and staffing available. Although Barca identified with the classic 4-3-3, changes have been happening in all lines, especially on defense, the most affected by setbacks in the form of injuries and illnesses. The three Pep ranked on the first day at Villarreal, with the sole defender Abidal born, they were not new: already tested at the Calderon last season and especially at the Mestalla, scene of tonight's match with an eleven revolutionary, Busquets and Pique Abidal centre-back between the two lanes and Alves and Adriano.

Mestalla has historically been the scene of epic games and defenses amazing, unprecedented and risky by Rijkaard. The most remembered, even by the spectacular final result (3-4), which is ranked Johan Cruyff on March 20, 1993, in the twenty-seventh day of the season. The Dutch, with the lower bound of Ferrer, Juan Carlos, Pablo Alfaro and Miquel Soler, not fielded a single marker born. And the only defense that ranked home, Koeman, much of the game played in front of the rear by Guardiola to assist in the creation. Nadal, who opened the scoring at minute 2 after a brilliant combination with Bakero, stood thereupon closing right flanked at one end, Goiko, and left for a midfielder, Eusebio. To Cruyff, who was also a priority for the exit of the ball, he was walking and matched Nadal with Penev and Goiko, Koeman, Pep and Eusebio, with the four means of attack that set his compatriot Guus Hiddink, Alvaro Arroyo, Fernando and Leonardo. Goiko and Eusebio did not move from the band, but Nadal, Koeman and Guardiola exchanged positions according to a marker who went mad. Penev, Fernando and Alvaro signed Valencia CF and the aforementioned goals Nadal, Txiki, Laudrup and Bakero, two minutes from time, the Blaugrana. Barca played off four behind after Alexanko entered by Bakero after the 3-4.

The position of 'Busi' was not the only surprise of the last league. Mascherano, Xavi and Iniesta, this loosely formed the midfield, Messi and Villa exercised hitch left the band to play what he likes, '9 '. (via MD)

The 'mercato' never stops for Barça

Now they link to Cavani (Napoli), Cahill (Bolton) and Oscar (Inter Porto Alegre) like possible future reinforcements for Barça.

A Barca template on quality in all lines, but as sporting director reiterates Andoni Zubizarreta "we are always attentive to the market" with a view to the needs Pep Guardiola may have for your wardrobe or make it even better you already have.

While currently there is no specific objective, the fact that Barca network of scouts work tirelessly and around the world helps to be jumping reinforcements hypothetical names, always without the responsibility of the club and the dissemination interested third parties.

In recent days, Thiago Silva, center of Milan, has flirted openly with the idea of ​​being able to call at the Camp Nou, while parallel asguraba the English press that Barcelona is after Gary Cahill, Bolton Centre-back. England International, is 25 and can play both sides of the rear axle.

And the Italian media yesterday to put in orbit Edinson Cavani Barca. 24 and defending champion of the Copa America with Uruguay striker came to the last Gamper to Naples. Against Barca did not quite deliver the best image, but his hat trick at Milan on Sunday (3-1) has catapulted to the headlines and become the object of desire alleged Blaugrana.

Neymar, Damiao and Oscar

From Brazil added another name to the list. Neymar continue playing from Santos, and Leandro Damiao, a man '9 'militant turn Internacional de Porto Alegre. It could also be follow-up to Oscar Barcelona. Two years younger than his teammate Leandro Damiao, Oscar is an versatile offensive also is gaining attention in the ranks of the 'Seleção', characterized by a destabilizing football.

The trickle of names but the club will not end is distinguished by its extreme discretion in recent times. The 'mercato', however, never stops. (via MD)

The 'FIFA virus' attacks Barça in their premiere in the Cup

The Federation is looking for a solution since the first preliminary round that should dispute the team blaugrana it coincides with the Club World Cup.

Barca have already received a proposal from the Spanish Federation to contest the first leg of the 1 / 16 finals of the Copa del Rey. The original date was fixed on December 14, coinciding with the presence Blaugrana in Japan for the Club World Cup, and the FSF has urged the club to overtake the shock to the November 16, according to Catalunya Radio.

The issue of November 16 is that it coincides with a week marked by FIFA for international matches to be played. In the European case is played the playoff for the championship in Poland and Ukraine, while in South American qualifiers were played for the 2014 World Cup.

Spain already qualified for Euro, but the Federation is scheduled to play two friendly matches in November, first at Wembley against England and 15 November in Costa Rica. Therefore, international boat should play with the red `¿across the Atlantic a day before the game butler. This would prevent his presence. Messi and Mascherano would be available either because they have to play against Colombia, while the Spanish sub ¿21 are measured in Switzerland on Monday 15 November.

Confirmed the match on 16 November butler, Guardiola would have the added difficulty that can align only four players with information about the subsidiary. (via SPORT)

New proposal for renewal for Abidal

The sport management of the club works to avoid that the defense continues its career far from Camp Nou.

The Barca sports management continues to work on viable formula to solve the protracted renovation of Eric Abidal. The first formal proposal, based on a fixed season with a second option, and was rejected both in economic terms and in time commitment. Still, both sides agreed to continue deepening the theme in search of alternatives capable of the agreement.

Ona Fm reported, the club would have already taken a new formula in an attempt to approximate positions. Barca does not work with the idea of ​​increasing their economic proposal, although they would agree to increase the duration of the contract and compensate for this through the plot chrematistic. The current offer two-year contract stipulate insured and the third season include the performance of the French contingent.

Abidal has instructed his agent to deal with the renewal process easy. Just a few days, at a press conference, the player justified the failure to sign because of his recent illness. The Frenchman found that the evolution of his health definitely influence your final decision. Once again, Abidal reiterated that his will is not other than to renew and continue his football career at Barcelona.

The player refused to have a firm offer from PSG, but from France insists that the club millionaire sports project in the capital includes the incorporation of a charismatic player Abidal. The sporting director, Leonardo, would be willing to ensure the years and the millions that currently the club has not yet reflected in its renewal. The case should be resolved before year end. (via SPORT)

Championship exam

The combined blaugrana confronts the first great test in the League before one of the hardest rivals traditionally.

Mestalla ground is usually hostile to the club and further raise the level of demand to champion the last three leagues. Barcelona fans are measured to have you signed a leader full of victories in the first three games With the aim of adding the first championship victory after stumbling in Anoeta and confirm the excellent feelings shown on Saturday with eight goals against Osasuna.

The party has a notable qualifier value since a victory would lead Barca back to the table waiting for the morning meeting that dispute against Zaragoza Betis and, incidentally, also follow a point ahead of Real Madrid, regardless of result of whites against Racing. A victory in the stronghold che would have immediate practical effects, but also symbolic. The remaining competitors would again like Guardiola set imposes its law and can repeat the same story of recent years. The coup was complete authority with another win on Saturday against another major championship as Atletico Madrid. These six points would make it clear that the club is again the strongest candidate to win the tournament regularly.

Valencia is a litmus test to which everyone is aware, in the same way that the team was last season in a similar situation. Passed the seventh game of the season when Pep Guardiola received a Valencia leads the standings with three points. The game was uphill with a target of Pablo Hernandez shock at the very beginning. Barca had not spent the tie in the previous game also at home to Mallorca (1-1) and needed to win. The reaction came after the break. Two of the captains, Andres Iniesta and Carles Puyol were the authors of the targets that allowed to turn the score to win 2-1. Since then, the team sang, the doubts disappeared and took a run the club to the league title.

The team had to suffer, but he left with good feelings for having defeated a very competitive Valencia. Unai Emery has become very difficult encounters with Pep Guardiola, although it never has failed to overcome Santpedor in the six meetings between the two. Both coaches came to the bench for Barcelona and Valencia in the same season and have brought fresh air to Spanish football with very attractive proposals. The balance is four wins and two draws Guardiola, all in Mestalla.

The visit to the Valencia stadium is one of the most imposing respect for Barcelona, ​​but the statistics also show that FC Barcelona is the set that has won more times in the stadium che. In total, the club has won 30 of 76 matches in Mestalla, with 15 draws and 29 defeats. This is followed by Real Madrid, with 22 victories, the Athletic (18) and Athletic (11).

Barcelona fans will try to continue their winning streak in Valencia and not fall into the irregularity that would leak points, throughout the championship can weigh too much. Although Barca and Madrid have given this starting point, the amplitude of the two templates suggests that the battle between the two teams will be very intense and Guardiola wants to stay in front a new day.

Mourinho's start as clear favorites in their visit to Santander and the club will know when you start the game the result of his main rival. Whether to continue or to increase the head difference in the classification, the Blaugrana assume the crash as a challenge, who want to address three points in Valencia are always an added plus. (via SPORT)

[Former B player] Nolito dreams of a Champions League final between Benfica and Barcelona

The former player of FC Barcelona, ​​Manuel Agudo "Nolito" said that he would like a final between FC Barcelona and his new club, the Portuguese Benfica in the Champions League.

Manuel Agudo "Nolito" former player of Barça B and now plays for Benfica, raised the possibility of facing Barcelona in the Champions League this year what 'Nolito' replied: "I leave for the final," in a Speaking to 'A Bola'.

He also spoke about the role that will have his team in Champions: "We have a great team, we played a few days ago some of the best in the world, Manchester United, which Chelsea won 3-1, we tied and could have won" . (via SPORT)

Olympique Marseille wants Maxwell

Olympique Marseille has had a bad start to the season. Didier Deschamps's team is bottom team in France and reinforcements for ...

Eric Abidal and Adriano start a priori advantage in the struggle to occupy the left full-back of FC Barcelona. Maxwell is the third option and this suggests that during the season can be one of the players with fewer opportunities.

Perhaps for this reason that other teams think that is one of the few players that could allow Pep Guardiola to be pierced. And one of the teams and think is the Olympique de Marseille. The French not only the bottom club, but his defense has been in the first six matches a real sieve, with 10 goals conceded. And, as has France, the left full-back is a weaker position following the departure of Taiwo and Heinze. Morel arrivals Traoré have solved nothing and now Deschamps wants a left back guarantee.

Maxwell is her first choice to reinforce that team place, but French leaders are aware that their employment will not be easy. And few players are willing to put the best team in the world ... (via SPORT)

Manchester City will invest over 100 million to copy the Barça youth system model

The group of Manchester, aided by the sheik's inexhaustible checkbook Mansour, it has begun a Pharaonic project in which highlight the construction of a small estadio,15 fields of training, athletics tracks and of basketball.

The Manchester City on Monday released its mega-project to revive football in the state quarry 'skyblue' performance and get closer to the club in their work with lower grades. In fact, club officials do not hesitate to assert that "the club is a great role model."

The Manchester club has given a reasonable time of about six weeks for the fans and locals from running for or against approving the last major project of Sheikh Mansour, where economic plan to invest an amount close to 120 million to build what will be its new Academy, known as the 'Manchester City Football Academy' in East Manchester.

The construction of new facilities will include, no more and no less than 33 acres and will accommodate them in a stadium with capacity for 7000 spectators, 15 training camps, several athletic fields, basketball and even volleyball courts.

The complex will accommodate up to 80 players but every day it is predicted that can train up to 400, a figure truly spectacular.

The most important media of England echo this construction, considered the biggest investment of Sheikh Mansour from his landing in the City in 2008 and makes clear references to the desire to copy the model of Barcelona's youth system, which in recent years has produced stars like Guardiola, Puyol, Xavi, Piqué, Iniesta, Cesc and Messi.

The directors 'citizen' Brian Marwood not hesitate to say that "this will be the largest investment ever made by this club" and could not avoid making multiple references to club. "They are the benchmark in developing young talent," he said, adding that talk of the quarry Barca is doing "of DNA, philosophy and culture" that influences their game ..

Marwood also analyzed the triumph of the Junior A Barca in Manchester in the Champions U-19 and showed his enthusiasm for the quarry 'citizen' approaches the level of the squad. "Our team U-19 played against them last week. You could close your eyes and see a small or a small Xavi Iniesta and that is something we want to achieve here. The coaching staff is to develop a philosophy and a continuity in the form playing in all categories up to the first team. In the last final of Champions Barca had eight homegrown players, an amazing statistic, "he said.

The project to build the new City Academy to be approved later this year and the estimated construction period is estimated at about three or four years. (via SPORT)

Guardiola predicts a great game in Valencia

Pep Guardiola is convinced that the game against Valencia will be “a great match”, but warned of the problems Emery’s team could pose, especially given the great moment of form they are enjoying.

The boss praised the Valencia team and made it clear that it would not be an easy task to take the three points from Mestalla on Wednesday: “they are the league leaders right now and they are looking really strong. We are going to a tough ground and their fans will be right behind them. They also have a great coach who has shown he is capable of taking a team that has lost players like Villa, Silva and Mata and making them into a very competitive outfit, as they are showing at the start of this campaign”.


Asked about his tactics for the match, Guardiola explained: “the most important thing isn’t whether we play with three or four at the back, it’s rather about finding a balance that allows us to play our attacking game and keep possession and our position on the pitch. Against Osasuna we played Alves up front and it worked okay, but we are more used to playing with a four man defence. Playing with three at the back in Mestalla might be a bit risky No system is infallible –we’ll make our decision tomorrow”.

The League three games in

The boss also gave his take on the league after the first three games: “ we didn’t need Madrid to lose at Llevant to realise that everything is going to be tough and each year it’s harder. Nobody is giving anything away in this league. The next two games aren’t about us laying down a marker : they will be two important games , but they won’t be decisive”.

One game at a time

The chance of starting a run of wins isn’t what Guardiola is concerned about either: “winning runs, records and things like that don’t take you anywhere –winning games comes from hard work and taking each game as it comes. Wining always helps of course, but this is a long distance race. However, I can assure you that we will go out tomorrow feeling very strong”.

Spanish Cup headaches

Guardiola also reacted to the RFEF decision to schedule Barça’s first Cup game on November 16th – a day after an international match day – as a result of Barça playing in the World Club Cup on the originally planned date: “it’s a problem and someone will have to sort it out. I can only field 4 B team players and I’ll probably only have three or four available from the first team squad. If the rest are with their national squads, I don’t know what we will do”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The 18 available players picked

Josep Guardiola has picked the 18 players he has for the trip to Mestalla on Wednesday, for what will be the fourth match of Barça’s league season.

The first team trained behind closed doors at 18.00 on Tuesday for the last time before the trip south to face league leaders Valencia on Wednesday night. All 18 of the currently fit players will be making the journey.

The only missing names are those of Alexis and Iniesta, who are still on recovery programmes, and Piqué, who is now training normally with the rest of the squad, but has not been given medical clearance yet.

On Wednesday, the team will assemble at the Camp Nou at 10.15, from where they will be transferred to El Prat Airport for a flight to Valencia at 11.00. It lands at 11.55, whereupon the squad will rest at a hotel until a coach comes to collect them for a transfer to Mestalla.

Once the game is over, the Barça players will be catching a return flight at 1.15 and will touch down in Barcelona at 2.00 in the morning. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The squad
The players confirmed for the trip are as follows: Valdés, Pinto, Alves, Fàbregas, Puyol, Xavi, Villa, Messi, Thiago, Mascherano, Keita, Sergio, Pedro, Maxwell, Afellay, Adriano, Abidal and Fontàs.

Soldado and Messi, top scorers clash at Mestalla

After three games, two players are already top of the goalscoring charts with five goals. Soldado and Messi will be on the same pitch at Mestalla on Wednesday night.

The Liga champions face the current leaders in what promises to be a cracking encounter on Wednesday night, and the game also brings together the most effective strikers of the campaign so far: Soldado and Messi.

Soldado and Messi have been getting the lion’s share of the goals for Valencia and Barça this season. The Argentinian has been the author of 5 of the 15 goals his side has scored so far, and has also supplied assists for three of the others.

The Valencia forward has scored 5 of his team’s 6 goals this season, including an opening day hat-trick in the 4-3 defeat of Racing Santander. He has scored in every game so far, getting the only goals in 1-0 wins over Atletico Madrid and Gijón. Four of those goals have been the result of Soldado’s opportunistic eye in the area, while the other was an absolute scorcher against Atletico. However, Valencia is anything but a one-man show, for his job is generally to finish off the exquisite creative playmaking of players like Piatti, Pablo, Canales and Jonas. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Sporting Gijón-Barcelona, on Sunday October 2 (20 hours)

Barça will play in El Molinón on Sunday 20 hours, two hours before the visit of Real Madrid to Cornellà.

The LFP has released the schedules of the seventh round of La Liga and the seventh and eighth in the League Two Sporting-Barcelona for Sunday October 2 two hours before the visit of Real Madrid to Cornellà. (via MD)

Saturday, October 1

18:00 Osasuna-Mallorca

18:00 Villarreal-Zaragoza

18:00 Racing-Rayo Vallecano

20:00 Valencia-Granada

22:00 Málaga-Getafe

Sunday, October 2

12:00 Real Sociedad-Athletic Club

16:00 Betis-Levante

18:00 Atlético de Madrid-Sevilla

20:00 Sporting-Barcelona

22:00 Espanyol-Real Madrid

Friday, September 30

21:00 Villarreal ‘B’-Nàstic

Saturday, October 1

16:00 Deportivo-Guadalajara

18:00 Barcelona ‘B’-Sabadell

18:00 Hércules-Alcorcón

18:00 Cartagena-Alcoyano

18:00 Huesca-Córdoba

18:00 Las Palmas-Murcia (1)

18:00 Recreativo-Almería

Sunday, October 2

12:00 Valladolid-Elche

20:00 Numancia-Celta

Monday, October 3

21:00 Xerez-Girona (1)

[WEEK 8]
Saturday, October 8

18:00 Alcorcón-Barcelona 'B'

18:00 Girona-Huesca

18:00 Murcia-Xerez

18:00 Celta-Las Palmas

20:00 Elche-Numancia

22:00 Alcoy-Deportivo

Sunday, October 9

12:00 Guadalajara-Hércules

8:00 Nàstic-Cartagena

20:00 Almería-Valladolid

22:00 Córdoba-Villarreal 'B'

Monday, October 10

21:00 Sabadell-Recreativo

Emery: "To win Barcelona is a challenge"

Unai Emery, Valencia coach, said on the eve of the match against Barcelona at the Mestalla, his team is trained and confident to win the Catalan, while recognizing that it must "make a perfect match".

"The first thing is to think and believe, and the second is power and we can. The match face with that mentality but are very good. We can, we believe, and tomorrow is our chance," he said the coach, who acknowledged that this match is a challenge for all.

"Every game is a challenge, but it is true that Barcelona is the team we need to win since I'm here. Mestalla have been close twice but we are not there. It is a challenge which is Barcelona beat, so it is, and which would, which is reaffirmed in the first place with the permission of Betis, "he said.

Valencia coach did not hesitate to praise his rival by pointing out that "Messi is the best in the world and Barcelona are the best team in the world. Guardiola admires for what he has done, has only one defect and not Valencia "he said with a laugh.

For Emery, the victory against Real Madrid Levante "showed the way" to win the two big league, but noted that "they have more ways to win, but we must tackle."

"Defensively we have to make it perfect, but offensively as well. In the minds need not have even one negative line on anyone. We must make a very complete game and we can do," he said.

However, the Basque coach said a win for Valencia would not necessarily be a surprise, although he acknowledged that if the leaves Barcelona determined to win a game and has the day "you can only choose how you want to die."

"Virtues have them all. Guardiola has led his team to excellence. If we begin to find fault find some, though few. We must make a very complete game, causing out its shortcomings and our players have individual duels the ability to overcome "he said.

After the good matches that held in Valencia at the Mestalla last match against Barcelona, ​​Emery said that was not enough because the victory was not achieved.

"The road we have to make it smoother than in previous games because staying with good feelings we have drawn two and lost one against them. We are looking to implement these improvements, keeping all the good we did," he said Emery, who called "anecdotal "the leadership of his team. (via SPORT)

Rosell: "That I know Neymar it has not signed for Madrid"

Sandro Rosell made a brief review of the present time azulgrana in an interview granted to the program Arus City 8TV in which referred to the soap opera Neymar, to the next assembly and its activity like president azulgrana.

Rosell, who maintains an excellent network of contacts in Brazil, said Neymar still no sign for rivals: "To my knowledge still has not signed for Real Madrid." However, the air left in the interest of Barcelona by the Santos player who would only say that "as with any player, the club is aware of what happens with the big players" but that will only go after him "where technicians are in agreement."

Barca president defined the Brazilian as a "mixture of the last great players of Brazil" for what has become the "player in fashion".

However, Sandro Rosell who did declare their utter weakness was for Leo Messi who considered the best player in the world. "Of all the great players who have gone through the club, I would say he is the best player of our hstoria. It will break all records can even do that we must build a new Camp Nou. For a lot of money being offered by him, but will help us solve all our problems, never sell it, "he said.

Even in a more personal level, Laporta joked about the debate between Messi and CR7. "He's a normalísima, a stunning companion, humble ... Even physically I prefer Messi Cristiano Ronaldo. I do not like men, but for my daughter prefer Messi" he said.

Questioned by the purchase of Cesc, Rosell admitted that today, after the result immediately offered, perhaps now "would have paid more for Cesc."

VOTE YES TO QATAR, 'THE CAMP NOU SMOKELESS' and the degree of animation

Sandro Rosell also confirmed it will offer its positive vote to the three projects to be submitted to a vote in the assembly of delegates.

"We want the debate to be opened and a decision of the members as owners of the club. Qatar Foundation is a necessity at this time but without them we die. Many congratulated us on this agreement. I hope the club think about the social and know that the club has the capacity to make their investments and assets they need players, "he said.

Regarding the draft 'Grada Jove "made it clear they will not tolerate violent behavior and that the proposal aims to" that point to claim the young and lacks the Nou Camp. "

Finally, said he hoped the delegates come to the Assembly considering the best for the club and "not so directed by some." "The club is all we have to think the best for all and not for someone," he said.


Reviewing his career at the club, FC Barcelona president admitted that his worst moment was when the club was under surveillance by private detectives in the scandal with the Board presided over by Joan Laporta.

"We watched all day and my family. A person who works with us realized that there was a person in front of my house in a car for days. Know that your life you are monitoring for the hurt you .. . not wish it on anybody, "he said.

Regarding his controversial relationship with Cruyff merely remarked that his views sports interest you while leaving them their political views overlook. "Is it normal for people who want to intervene and participate in the decisions of Barça", took over. (via SPORT)