20 September 2011

Villa back at Mestalla on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Barça travel to Valencia for the second time since David Villa has been in the team. The Asturian was a hero at Valencia, where he played for five magnificent years.

Last season, David Villa appeared at Mestalla for the first time since joining FC Barcelona, wearing the same number 7 shirt he had worn at his former club. Barça won 1-0 with a goal from Messi, but Villa also played an important role in the triumph and played all 90 minutes.

Villa scored 108 league goals for Valencia, an average of 22 a season. In that time, he helped the team to Copa del Rey victory in the 2007/08 season, and his goals were one of the main reasons why his team played in three editions of the Champions League.

Villa made an even bigger name for himself on the international scene. He helped Spain to the Euro 2008 title in Austria and Switzerland, where he was the tournament’s top scorer. He has since gone on to become the highest goalscorer in the history of the Spanish national team, and was also the joint top scorer at the South Africa World Cup in 2010, where Spain won the title for the first time ever. Villa had already signed for FC Barcelona at the time, although he had yet to make his debut for the Catalan giants.

Going into his second season for FCB, Villa has 20 goals in his account for the club, 18 last season and two so far this term, both in the 8-0 drubbing of Osasuna. He also scored official goals against Real Madrid in the Supercup and Milan in the Champions League. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola thinks of Cavani

Napoli forward has attracted Pep Guardiola has already set his eyes on him.

Cavani is one of the fashion front for European football and that does not go unnoticed by Pep Guardiola. Napoli's Uruguayan striker is one of the figures of 'Calcio' wearing the shirt of Napoli and his eye for goal seems to have seduced the Barca coach who would set his sights on the powerful striker, according to the portal 'Itasportpress'.

Cavani, which rang in the summer as a possible reinforcement for the 'great' in Europe, is one of the jewels in the crown of Naples who thinks miss one of its flagships. His 1.88 my ability auctions are one of the strengths that convince Guardiola to have you in mind for the future. Yet it is only a concern for a player to be followed very closely this season. (via SPORT)

Xavi-Navarro: Couple MVP

Xavi was the best in last Eurocopa of football and has just emulated Navarro.

Xavi Hernandez traveled to Paris in May 2010 with other partners to Barca basketball cheering and celebrating the achievement of the second Euroleague club. On Sunday night, the most successful football Barca back to enjoy watching on TV as his friend Juan Carlos Navarro revalidated the European crown of Lithuania and was proclaimed MVP for the first time. Surely, Xavi recalled the time he was recognized in 2008 as the best player of Euro after beating Germany in the final.

Xavi and Navarro, Catalans born in 1980, continue to exhibit an insatiable hunger for titles to his 31 years and are not willing to rest on its laurels. At full maturity of their careers, the curriculum of both saved some parallels. The Terrassa and August exceeded the 17 titles Guillermo Amor and the 'Bomba' may come this season at 22 (not counting the Catalan League) to achieve Epi in Palau. Navarro has 17, is one of the seven leagues of the legendary '15 'Barca but he is the only one who has won two Euroleague with FC Barcelona. In the Final Four in 2010 was also the MVP, Xavi in ​​the Champions League final in Rome, the second of three that won.

Also with the team lead parallel lives. In 1999, Xavi won the FIFA U-20 and junior Navarro, the player hung before (2000) Olympic silver guard (2008), and both play well at Euro glory, wept to succeed in the Full World (Xavi Navarro in 2006 and in 2010). Individuals within and outside the stadium, embodies yet another success of the Barcelona youth academy. (via MD)

David, en la villa de Soldado

El 'Guaje' returns to Mestalla, where the player 'che', top scorer with Messi, already has four goals.

David Villa will return to Valencia tomorrow. Not the first time. Last March, in the second round of the League 2010-2011, 'Guaje' and he started at the Mestalla. Barca then accumulated 17 goals, while Roberto Soldado, who struggled with Aduriz for the throne that the Spaniard was left vacant, only accounted for six. This 2011-2012 season, the script is diametrically opposite. In three days has scored five goals, shared between Racing (3), Atletico (1) and Sporting (1), but more remarkable is that it has provided the nine points that led to Valencia until the lead. 'Hat trick against the Cantabrians and athletic victory against sportinguistas minimum. Four of them at home. Rami is the other 'che' has been door. Villa, however, was a substitute against Villarreal and Real, and participated in the festival with a double against Osasuna. Each of them has set a goal to his rival: Villa, with Zaragoza player and soldier, with Getafe. (via MD)

Pablo Hernández: "In Mestalla, doesn't signed a tie"

Interview with Pablo Hernandez does not give input but spares no praise: "Pedro is my mirror and Villa have a goal between the eyes".

Villa and Silva left and has left Mata, but Valencia has not stayed talent orphan. Pablo Hernández wins hierarchy in Mestalla and he threatens Barça. He already knows what is to mark Valdés (two goals) and it doesn't sign the tie.

How are you approaching the game?

It will be difficult for Barca, against any opponent, usually higher, but we have shown in the last three seasons that we can stand up at the Mestalla. Two draws and a narrow defeat to talk about things we were not easy.

Is it better or worse as soon play in the 3 rd day, against Barca?

Barca Barca is always but you get the princicipio, in theory are not as stones, can be a small advantage, sometimes these things can be acknowledged. While watching them against Osasuna ...

For a forward, is an advantage playing against defenses composed of non-pure power as before the return of Puyol?

Maybe. The way to defend varies in small details regarding defenses formed with pure power, but in any case those who have played there are fully trained. In addition, perhaps lost in something but earn much out of the ball.

As a forward, what seemed Pato's move to Barcelona?

A play so potent in the first minute ... I took the stand and forward defense. Although Pique and Puyol would have been marked.

Allegri (Milan) said before he signed Barca measured a tie ...

I do not sign a tie and less at the Mestalla. If it was in the Nou Camp would be nothing but our minds at home is not to compromise. We are able to beat them, why not?

Do you have a soft spot for any player of Barça?

There are a few but in my case, Pedro is a mirror. I feel identified with him because I came from below and from the quarry. Besides, players like Xavi and Iniesta are related to any Spanish player. I was fortunate to share a dressing room with them in the selection and I'm proud of it.

Iniesta is low ...

It is a key player for the club because you may play up or in the media. Andrew is a significant drop.

Another well known player is David Villa ...

Yes, I met him two years in Valencia. We talk from time to time. It is an excellent companion. Connecting inside and outside the field. I am very happy with how things are going.

Villa play a different role in the club: it plays in its natural ...

It has had to adapt. In Valencia played in the club tip and is more in the band. It's a quality player with a huge play hurt where it has the goal between the eyes. Although far from know manage to reach goal. He also knows the game take advantage of Messi and Pedro.

How can digest a Valencia player a year are sold to Villa and Silva and Mata following? Can keep the same goals?

It was a bit weird because Villa and Silva were our references, the team's stars. At the time caused quite pessimistic but we said Valencia's good. The team has managed to take a step forward even after Mata also gone. The club has made an effort to bring new people and equipment, based on hard work, try not to notice the low.

Soldier for example is in vein ..

Strikers live off the highs and has started very well. Hopefully remain so many games.

Barca You are not given anything wrong. Guardiola has often cited as one of the dangers of Valencia ...

It is a compliment. It is always a special game and it is true that I have marked in the Nou Camp and in Mestalla. I hope I leave on Wednesday, another good game and, above all, the whole team.

Emery is now in its fourth year. Is it as thorough as they say?

It is a hard worker. Took three-plus years with him and likes to analyze everything and leave no stone unturned. Parties is seen 20 times and shows us both the rival video as ours.

Did you have an idol as a child?

I always noticed Laudrup was my idol and made chance after was my coach at Getafe.

And what was it?

Very good. I am very grateful. It was the first that gave me confidence in the First Division. (via MD)

[Youth] Victories of prestige in the last preseason tournaments

The last weekend with majority of tournaments and friendly parties in the categories inferior azulgrana it concluded with magnificent results for the base azulgrana.

Torneo Fútbol Base del Solsonès
Quique Álvarez's boys had overcome Solsona (1-2), Tottenham (2-1) and Damm (1-0), but in the final one they fell before the Atlético Madrid in the penalties shift after tiing (0-0) at the regulation time.

Torneo sub-14 Ciutad de Torrent
The team of Fran Artiga was shown very superior in the final one to Valencia and this way a great tournament culminated.

Torneo Internacional ACD Canillas
Andrés Carrasco's boys excellent tournament in the one considered 'mini-champions' infantile. The Infantil A azulgrana came undone, among other, of the Dynamo Moscow (6-0) and the Porto (1-0). In the final one, those of Fran Sánchez golearon to the Atlético de Madrid.

Torneo Ciudad de Miranda (CUARTO CLASIFICADO)
Denis Silva's boys could not confirm the tournament when losing the semifinals (0-1) before Real Madrid. Before they had come undone of the Atlético Madrid (1-2), Athletic Club (3-0) and they had tied (0-0) before Osasuna.

Torneo triangular L'Escala
L’ ESCALA (Alevín A) 0 FCB 17
Up to 27 goals in two games only achieved the team azulgrana.

Torneo FC Artés
Marc Serra's boys arrived fair of forces in the final one after playing in one day six parties before losing the final one against Espanyol.

Torneo triangular L'Escala
LA ESCALA (Benjamín A) 1 FCB 9
14 goals in only two games Benjamin D boys got in L'Escala.

Torneo triangular Les Franqueses
FCB 6 Mataró 0
Les Franqueses 0 FCB 5 (CAMPEONES)
Rafa Rodríguez's boys didn't suffer to overcome Mataró and Them Franqueses. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The club calls one by one to the 4.530 partners compromisers

El Palau de Congressos de Barcelona will host next Saturday's meeting the commissioners culés.

On Thursday of last week, a small group of twenty members commissioners, went to the offices of Barcelona FC to hold a briefing prior to the General Assembly to be held this Saturday at el Palau de Congressos de Barcelona.

They were invited by the Catalan club and received by the directors Silvio Elias, Jordi Cardoner and Jordi Moix, who will forward the themes of social, economic and property to be exhibited at the meeting of members delegates.

This initiative is included in the strategy of the club to encourage maximum participation in a day where the partner has in his hand Barca approval or not of all the topics listed in the agenda.

To have a more or less reliable assistance to be at the meeting, employees of the FC Barcelona have been phoned, one by one, the 4530 commissioners partners this year are entitled to participate. They were asked directly if would come, they sent a letter and put at his disposal two telephone numbers and e-mail account with any questions. Of these, only twenty signed up voluntarily to the briefing last Thursday. Had there been more quorum, they would have extended those days.

Collecting the data for that telephone survey, FC Barcelona is estimated that this year the number of delegates will not reach the thousand, down from last year's participation, the largest in the history of FC Barcelona with 1070 electors partners.

The unique circumstances that existed at the last meeting (first Rosell, due diligence, corporate liability action ...), not given this season, where the themes are very different.

Even so, the desire of the social responsibility of FC Barcelona, ​​Jordi Cardoner, is that after the amendment of the statutes of the club, is contemplated reserve elector figure, one who can replace that in the first instance, resigns its right for any reason.

To get a clear view of the potential partners that electors can go to an assembly, it should be noted that only 36% of the members of FC Barcelona live in the capital, about 65,000. The rest of the metropolitan area, province, rest of Catalonia, Spanish State and abroad and many of these cases is normal, despite having been elected commissioners, can not go.

Finally, this year's FC Barcelona itself will use its statutory right to invite 25 members of the assembly. One of them is Manuel Mora, the head of platform partners of Barca in a wheelchair.

The meeting will open Saturday with a speech Sandro Rosell institution which will detail the state it is the club. Later Antoni Rossich intervene in his capacity as CEO, and managers Jordi Mones, Jordi Cardoner and Javier Faus to defend the proposals for a Nou Camp without smoke, the degree of animation and the sponsorship of Qatar Foundation, respectively.

Until the 2012-2013 season there will be no reform of laws

A commission of scholars (professors of law and lawyers in different areas), spent several months working on reform of the statutes of FC Barcelona. Jordi Cardona has scheduled a meeting with them in the middle of next October to see at what stage they are. The wording of these new statutes or amendments, are of great importance to the club, which will become the new 'constitution' of FC Barcelona. The club wants, and it has established that the modification of each section, however small, is made with the unanimous approval of all members of the commission, ten in total. An arduous and extensive than likely will not end this season. FC Barcelona is expected that the Special Meeting to approve the new constitution takes place in the early 2012-2013. (via SPORT)

Leo Messi's special celebration for their friend Soufian

Leo Messi as his word. On Friday, Soufian asked to hold its next goal legs touching. Just a day after Argentina, against Osasuna, he dedicated one of his three goals.

The story comes from earlier this year, in late January, when the end of a training session Soufian met Leo, a ten year old boy suffering from the syndrome of Laurin-Sandrow. This is a rare disease that can cause malformations of the extremities.

The lad, born in Vic and settled down in Manlleu, he could know to their idol and he could even give some ball touches. For the Argentine was quite an impact to see such devotion in a child who since childhood has had to fight so hard to lead a normal life as possible to overcome endless adversity.

That day, Leo gave him the ball with which they had played and the coaches allowed that Soufian and their relatives could follow the session of training of the first team. "Now I can say I'm his friend," then said to the cameras 'Barça TV'.

On Friday, Leo and Soufian reunited again, this time thanks to the initiative of ' Esports 3 '. Leo promised him that if marked against Osasuna will dedicate the goal and the guy asked what celebration would. When you beat a goal, Messi often raise their arms and look to the sky, and Soufian reminded that this is what I usually do forever. So he proposed to touch the legs to give a special touch.

Well. On Saturday, against Osasuna, the club completed its most spectacular game so far this season and Messi was almost perfect with a hat trick, two shots at the posts and two goal assists.

So at the first hurdle, Leo already had more than enough opportunities to meet the commitment it had acquired Soufian, who was already one of its most loyal fans and every time it feels more friendly Argentina star Barca . (via SPORT)

Neymar denies the signing for R.Madrid and he affirms that it will continue in Brazil until Olympic Games.

Brazilian striker Neymar denied having closed his move to Real Madrid and reiterated that it will remain on the Santos while "happy", at least until the London 2012 Olympic Games . "I will not go out and have not agreed anything with anyone. What has been decided between my father and the Santos is not going out in the next window (transfer window in January) and I'm staying in the centenary Santos, "Ronaldinho said at a news conference broadcast on local media.

Neymar guaranteed until the Olympics were going to stay in São Paulo and the team said after the championship does not know what will happen to their future. "Missing a long time by then, there are many games to play and a lot to think about. But if you depend on me, I will continue at Santos," he said. Neymar had an impact on the decision about your career is yours, not your broker or other interested persons, and reiterated that the main factor that will keep in mind is your happiness. 19 year old striker said he was "honored" by the interest of "two big clubs who provide comments" and reaffirmed their interest in playing in Europe in the future.

This Saturday the newspaper "O Estado de São Paulo" reported that Neymar passed a medical before his move to Real Madrid, to become effective in August 2012 after the Olympics. The Sao Paulo newspaper says the Real Madrid agreed to pay 60 million euros for the Brazilian player, who would join the Spanish club in August next year. (via MD)

Reyes: "To fight with Barcelona and Real Madrid is almost impossible"

José Antonio Reyes, Atletico Madrid winger, said in an interview published in the official website of FIFA, to fight against Barcelona and Real Madrid "today is almost impossible" and said rojiblanco League, "as the others, starts from third place ".

"Barcelona and Real Madrid are two very powerful clubs, they register the one who want, and to fight nowadays against them is almost impossible. It is necessary to recognize that the League is between two and then the other ones are. The League of Atleti, as that of the other teams, begins starting from the third square. And for that reason I believe that the team has to fight at least for the positions of League of Champions", he declared.

That is the objective of the group from Madrid in this course, in which they have come out of the club players like Argentinean Sergio 'Kun' Agüero or Uruguayan Diego Forlán. They were "very important footballers for Atleti, but in all the teams there are players that leave and then others that are same or more important", come he remembered.

"In our case, Kun and Forlán they have given many happiness to the liking and it is only to wish them the best thing and it is already. Now it is necessary to think of those that are here", Reyes it continued in declarations to 'Fifa.com', where it stood out that the sensations of the team rojiblanco are "good" in these first encounters of the season.

At personal level, Reyes is one of the most important footballers in the eleven of the Atlético one during the last two years.

"When a technician offers you trust everything it changes. That is the most important thing that can feel in the field. Then, everything comes out well. And I have to recognize that the trainer that more trust gave me was Quique Sánchez Flores and now I sit down the same thing with Gregorio Manzano", he said.

I am "in my best moment and well in all the aspects, physical and psychologically", the Andalusian end continued that still dreams with returning to the Spanish selection: "If Del Bosque thinks that he has to call me, perfect. If not, I will continue working with my team so that some day it returns that call."

"Evidently, I would love me to make an appointment. Any Spanish player what wants is to defend the colors of their country. And at this time than I am well and that the selection has a great group", Reyes continued that doesn't think about to leave the Atlético: "Here I am happy and to pleasure, so for what reason go to play to another side." (via SPORT)

Canales: "Barça is the team with less errors"

Sergio Canales has indicated that the Barcelona team's next opponent in the league is probably the set that has fewer errors but "look for them".

The player has refused Cantabrian highlight the weaknesses of Barcelona, ​​preferring to await the conclusion of the match to "details".

"We are pleased with the work we do. We have three games in which no goals have gotten us. Do not be afraid to win, you have to play knowing that you can win," stated Canales.

"We've shown. It is a difficult game, but try to go out and win as always. You have to think only in Barcelona and have a winning mentality," he said.

For the player on loan from Real Madrid, the group led by Pep Guardiola is "an unbelievable level," and therefore "it is very difficult to beat them."

Valencia was lifted up to the liderato from the League to the end of the last day after the victory before Sporting, the defeat of Real Madrid and the two goals of Athletic Bilbao before Betis.

"We hope and want to be up there all year, but it is very complicated because there are two teams that are very strong," he added.

Moreover, the victory over Real Madrid Levante, Valencia for the player states that "any team can beat anyone."

"It's early to make a positive or negative reading. Just started the league, we took three games. I focus on my team and we are going very well, and the others will worry about their own", he said. (via SPORT)

[Former players] Nolito leads to Benfica to the coliderato in Portugal

The former azulgrana signed a double to the scholar who gave three important points to your team and became the star of the week in the 'Planet Barça' next to the scorers also Mikel Arteta and Maxi Lopez.

The former Barcelona Manuel Agudo Duran 'Nolito' this week became the real star of "Planet Barça ', by leading to his current club, Benfica Portuguese, ZON coliderato Sagres League.

Nolito second and scored the fourth goal in the Lisbon team win 4-1 to Academica and caught on a great performance by moving the left that helped Benfica scored three decisive points to hunt Porto in the classification, after the bursting of the 'dragons' to the Feirense, a week before they both see the faces in the league.

Nolito's contribution was crucial for Benfica, as was also the former Barcelona's Saviola, who gave the assistance of the first goal that opened the can, the Brazilian Bruno Cesar.

Arteta and Maxi Lopez goal with different flavor

In England also saw another former Barca door. Is the case of Mikel Arteta, brand new Arsenal signing to fill the place of Cesc, who found the net in defeat 'gunner' in the home of Blackburn Rovers of Rubén Rochina. Arteta was a starter and went on to overtake his team with the 1-2 set, but his team eventually succumbed, 4-3, and again seems to bury his title contender status. Rochina, meanwhile, played 60 minutes with the locals.

The calcium was Maxi Lopez, who stood out among the former Barcelona. The 'chicken' Catania gave to his first win of the season by scoring the winning goal (1-0) from the penalty spot against Cesena. It seems that the 'marriage' between Montella and Maxi begins with the right foot.

Reina and Bojan goal and bench disappointments

But it was not all joy for the former Barcelona on this day. Some of them were certainly players to suffer uncomfortable situations. This applies, for example, Pepe Reina and Bojan Krkic.

Reinan suffered under the sticks at White Hart Lane the painful rout that gave him his Liverpool Tottenham, in which the 'reds' sonrojante fit a 4-0 and which was not involved by the .'spurs' the also former azulgrana Iago Falqué, when staying outside of the convocation.

With respect to Bojan, the 'noi Linyola' had to settle with watching from the sidelines the entire match that pitted the Roma to Inter Milan. It was a litmus test for Luis Enrique but, however, the coach declined to bet on the Spaniard's former Barcelona talent, no doubt a wake-up call for the young striker put the batteries. (via SPORT)