19 September 2011

[Former B player] Xavi Torres: "It is easier to win Madrid that to Barça"

Xavi Torres was one of the main characters of the victory of the Weighing one before Real Madrid. The midfielder compared the game of the targets with that of Barça and she spoke of her incident with Pepe...

Torres noted the difficulty of earning a rival like Madrid, but recalled that in the league, nothing is impossible: "It's very difficult to beat Barcelona and Madrid, but both have clicked this season and that motivates the rest equipment, "he said in a statement to Ona FM.

The former Barcelona player admitted the fact of playing with one more after the expulsion of Khedira was "positive" for his team. And had no trouble answering a question: what is easier to win rival, the Catalans or los blancos. His answer was clear: "Barça is more dangerous and more complicated than Madrid. Barça almost always has the ball." He also said that from his former club have received messages of congratulations.

Torres also spoke about the controversial action that gave him a push Pepe initiatives without the ball in play. And Real Madrid defender explained not apologized: "I apologized, even in the locker room. I expected. We all know how Pepe. It is one of the best center in the world but he does things he should not do" .

In this sense, the player was disappointed by the statements of Luso and also with his coach, Jose Mourinho, who came to accuse the Levantine play hard and lead to his players: "Anyone who saw the game knows that there more kicks at the wrong by them. I am not surprised neither Mourinho nor Pepe. The important thing is we got the three points and the rest is better not to talk. We are very happy. " (via SPORT)

Thiago : league’s not a two horse race

The Barça midfielder reckons that the idea that the Spanish League is just between the big two is false: “all teams do their best and try to win”. Thiago also expressed his satisfaction at the way his role in the team is developing.

There’s plenty of debate as to whether the Spanish League has become a two horse race between Barça and Real Madrid, but Guardiola’s team have dropped points in Anoeta and Madrid lost in the Ciutat de València on Sunday and Thiago reckons : “it’s a big lie that this is a league of two teams – the others come along and do their very best and try to win”.

Reflecting on the games against Real Sociedad and AC Milan, Thiago concluded: “we are used to getting good results and it’s strange to get two draws on the run – but really that is normal in football”.

Thiago has enjoyed an increasingly important role in the team –especially when the team play 3-4-3 (or as he reckons a 3-5-2 formation) and he claims: “I haven’t found it hard to adapt myself to a more defensive role. I train to ensure I get a place in the team, play minutes and help my teammates. I’m just happy to do what the boss asks me to. The advantage of the formation we are using is that we get more players in the middle and keep more possession”.

Thiago also reckons that the competition for a place in midfield in the team is a good thing: “we are all different players and if we can click together that will help us make a great team. Cesc has really come into the team well and he is a great player. His ability to leave his marker is something not many have and he is really good in front of goal”.

Finally, Thiago insisted that the most important thing for him right now is: “I want to enjoy football, come along happy to the training sessions and have a good time there”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mel:"If Mourinho and Guardiola don't want the League, we will compete it"

The Betis coach, new leader of the League next to Valencia, joked with the current classification of his team and he sent an ironic message to Barça and Madrid...

"They say that this League is thing of two, but he also has things that nobody wait. If Mourinho says that they will fight for the permanency, and Guardiola that won't win title, I suppose that they will leave the League for other, we will compete" it, Pepe Mel manifested after winning Athletic.

Movie: www.sport.es

Piqué work with the group

Barça has prepared a visit to the Mestalla on Wednesday with the defense at the same rate as their peers. With it has exercised the 18 available and 4 of the subsidiary.

After a day of rest available to the Sunday following the 8-0 thrashing at Osasuna, the team has trained on Monday morning at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. He has started to prepare the always complicated field visit will face Valencia on Wednesday (22 hours). And he has made ​​a significant development: Gerard Piqué has worked with the group at full capacity.

The centreback azulgrana suffered on August 23 a hamstring in his left leg calf in training after the return Spain Super Cup. Since then, Pique has been training alone until Saturday, when the group made ​​a small part of the session prior to the match against Osasuna. 19 first team and four subsidiary Thus, in field number 2 of Sant Joan Despi have jumped 19 first team players (the 18 available and Pique), plus four of the subsidiary Muniesa, Cuenca, Armando and Riverola. The injured Andres Iniesta and Alexis Sanchez have done restoration work on the sidelines. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça asked for Paco Alcácer

Valencia striker has been sought by Europe's elite clubs.

Valencia CF has been quick to implement shielding youth's blindage Paco Alcácer interest after the young forward has aroused among the 'big' in Europe.

According to the newspaper Valencia 'Superdeporte' , Arsenal, FC Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Liverpoll had moved to Valencia to their scouts to monitor the evolution of the young striker. His buyout clause of nine million euros was desirable for the big clubs could entice Alcácer.

That is why Manuel Llorente has been to work for his current salary subiéndole shield you in a long-term contract with a termination clause more prohibitive.

From Valencia say that negotiations are well advanced and that there is "good will" by both parties to close the deal. (via SPORT)

Guardiola will dare with the 3-4-3 in Mestalla?

Pep used a similar drawing the last season and it won 0-1 with goal of Messi.

See the liking that Pep Guardiola has caught him to use a system 3-4-3, just as made before Villarreal and before Osasuna, the incognito one is now to know if it will be able to make something similar in Mestalla. Not the first time. In fact, last season used such an approach for the win in the field of Valencia with a solitary goal, a work by Messi.

It was last March 2 and the Blaugrana coach decided to bring a defense of three formed by Piqué, Abidal and Sergio Busquets, leaving the band open for Alves, right, and Adriano left. The other two midfield men were Mascherano and Xavi, while in point form with Villa, Messi and Iniesta. The truth is that this drawing was not as bold as last Saturday, because the object of it was to avoid the local cons, from 3-4-3 to 5-3-2 in attack on defense, with Alves and Adriano added to the rear and Iniesta embedded in the center of the field. Will have to see what happens on Wednesday. (via MD)

A Soldier (Soldado) from all the artillery

Valencia forward shares Pichichi with Leo Messi, with five goals and has scored in every game.

After the 8-0 at Osasuna, FC Barcelona is presented super-duper one week where you will have to confirm the dramatic reaction against the Navarrese expressed to two teams of greater importance such as the Valencia and Atletico Madrid. The set of Pep Guardiola will go to Mestalla this coming Wednesday, and will receive the visit of Atletico next Saturday. It is in the immediate displacement Valencian lands where Pep Guardiola's men have the opportunity to increase their already ample credit. Always difficult to win in this scenario would serve to give another blow on the table. Although it must overcome a Valencia seems to be on a roll. Unai Emery's added 9 points of 9 possible after beating Racing de Santander (4-3), Atletico Madrid (1-0) and Sporting de Gijón (0-1) in the first three days garters. Wins have been a major player: Roberto Soldado. The forward has scored in three games he has played for a total of five goals, with whom he equates with Leo Messi on the scorers table First Division. Against Racing achieved a hat trick, while the lone goal against Atletico and Sporting were theirs.

Soldado is taking hold as the heir to David Villa at the Mestalla. Last season, the tip and had 18 points for the che. In fact, since last April 2 in Madrid, where he scored four, has managed to score in 10 of the 12 games he has played his team, all in which Valencia has scored at least one goal. Sum 17 of the last 28 goals his team has done.

Barca is now presented as the great challenge for the player. Soldado will be the pulse of all the artillery against Barca, a team that has scored a whopping 15 goals in the last 3 league games. Great ingredients for a showdown between two of the prime theorists for the title of the season. The defeat of Real Madrid Levante field yesterday but did not give even more body to mourn.

Falcao, another threat

But the week did not end there. Just three days later, FC Barcelona will host Atletico Madrid always irregular, yesterday clearly imposed Racing Santander 4-0. That meeting marked the confirmation that the striker, the Colombian Falcao, has awakened and also becomes a threat to Barca. The striker got a hat trick against the Cantabrians and will go to Camp Nou with morality in the clouds. (via MD)

Barça watches over Cahill

Gary Cahill, Bolton Wanderers defender, is one of the options that manage the club to strengthen the defense.

From England say the FC Barcelona might have under control Bolton Wanderers defender Gary Cahill. The casualties suffered on defense than all Pep Guardiola could have reactivated the technical secretariat for emergency solutions to cover the backs of the rear in the not too distant future.

At 25, Cahill is one of the defenses with more projection of the Premier League for which he has been interested in Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City and Arsenal. Indeed, the Gunners were those who were closest to his recruitment this past summer.

The player, who will be free next summer, is a coveted piece could go in the winter market because, otherwise, the Bolton Wanderers escapes look like free one of their best players as contract ends in June not be charged anything for a possible move. (via SPORT)

Giner: "The good of Guardiola is that the show always prevails"

Fernando Giner has not stopped since he retired as footballer: trainer, concejal de Deportes de Alboraya, commentator in television, footballer 'indoor' and now, consultant from Valencia, the club where it played between 1982 and 1995, a stage that allowed him/her to be international and to coincide in the selection, among other many, with Pep Guardiola. "One of their merits is that the show" always prevails, explained yesterday the Valencian exfootballer in Catalunya Ràdio, "because what happens, happens win or lose, he always makes the same thing, it maintains its bet for an offensive football".

Giner, who confessed that he is pleased by the success of Pep, was also strong at the time of opting for Guardiola to Jose Mourinho before and "Messi before Cristiano Ronaldo if he could choose who to sign." He also acknowledged that "nowadays, it is logical to recognize that the club is the best team in the world" and therefore, Valencia "can compete at a party, but not in a whole league."

One of the merits of Unai Emery's team know how to move the parties to the limit, "marker set, both against and in favor, because it knows how to handle the tension of these moments and never gives a party for lost."

While Emery has never beaten Guardiola, Giner noted that Valencia "has made very good games" against Barcelona in recent seasons, "even at the Camp Nou, although it is true that we have not been able to overcome."

Benitez, shiny gold badge

Rafa Benitez is still without a team, but on the eve of the match that Valencia will play against Barca, the club will deliver che logo and shiny gold. The Valencia president Manuel Llorente, will be responsible to give recognition to the last coach who was able to win a league with the Mestalla club in the 2003-04 season. (via SPORT)

Ronaldo also golea from the offices

The exfootballer exploits the rights of image of Neymar.

Sources close to the negotiations say they can not understand the change of criteria without regard to Neymar two main factors: the millions of Florentino Perez and full-scale pressure from Ronaldo. The Brazilian former player of Barça and Madrid, trying to lift his little empire in the world of marketing to a customer base of luxury as Neymar himself.

Whether in public or private, which was great striker has insisted that Neymar should call at the Bernabeu in their first European adventure. Meetings between Florentino Perez and Ronaldo have occurred regularly and more than one is convinced that the new government is already rubbing their hands thinking in the exploitation of his client's image in the capital of Spain.

In any case, wear a work that seems to have paid off. Another goal in all rule that it will be consummated in some months, when Neymar probably gets dressed of blanco. (via SPORT)

Piqué works with the mind in the Atletico

He has options of entering in the list, although he/she won't take a risk with him.

Gerard Pique is still recovering from the break in the soleus of the left leg, and although he joined the group in the pre-match base training Osasuna, is completely ruled out coming into the squad who must travel to Valencia.

Its slow but steady recovery progresses and the priority is to return one hundred percent without any risk. In fact, the player has options to return to Atletico list, next weekend, but will not risk and prudence prevail. What we do is completely ruled out is to return as a starter against the mattress and the only chance we have to participate is in the final minutes, to feel again what is the competition.

The center is about to turn out for a month, since getting hurt in a training on 23 August and, at the time, was diagnosed three weeks of recovery. (via SPORT)

Maxwell: "I give thanks to all who have helped me"

Maxwell added nearly two months without playing because of an abdominal injury which forced him to miss much of the preseason.

The preseason Maxwell has not been placid. In fact, it was very complicated because of an injury that has kept the player out of play for nearly two months. The Brazilian full-back was again a happy Saturday afternoon at the Camp Nou, when he sat down player for a few minutes, which allowed Pep Guaridola be on the pitch.

During the summer there was speculation even his possible departure, although neither player nor concrete finishers ever talked about the possibility of leaving. Yesterday I only had words of praise for each and every one of the people who helped keep it that Barça player: "I am very happy for the opportunity and the game and I thank everyone who helped me." Maxwell had not played since last July 27 in the final of the Audi Cup in Munich. Since then suffered an abdominal injury that has kept him on the sidelines and Osasuna, he returned to be a footballer. He could return in a better encuentor since thrashed Barca delight in a spectacular match of the template that directs Pep Guardiola. "It was a very complete match, a spectacle for the people," said the Brazilian player, who, on the specific injury, said, "I'm fine, I will go gradually taking minutes and be ready for when needed" .

To recover troops in defense is a great news for a team that he doesn't go had more than enough of them, in spite of the fact that playing with three can seem him. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] The reaction of Barça B goes by the Mini Estadi

The blaugrana has inserted five goals in two encounters at home, a figure for which they needed eight games the last season.

Barça B has started the season poorly. Not so much for the game as the result, but ultimately it is the latter factor which rules the classification. The office and experience are arguments that explain many things, but the numbers seldom deceive and bleeding at the Mini Stadium should be cut quickly if you want to react quickly.

In four games totaling three losses, some statistics reverse of last season, which numbered in the same conference, three wins and one loss. But where is of particular concern to the onset of Eusebio Sacristan is at the Mini Stadium. Two games, two losses and, even worse, the team has conceded five goals, a figure that rivals for the Blaugrana took up to eight visits to Barcelona to get there. Villarreal B (2) and Deportivo (3) have done what they did Xerez (1), Tenerife (1), Huesca (1), Villarreal B (1) and Recre (1). Elche and Valladolid were left unchecked.

In fact, the Barcelona B lost their second game at the Mini Stadium in Week No. 19, Jan. 8, before the Girona (0-2). That is why urgent than two consecutive tests before the Barca team the next two weeks. Sabadell Recreativo Huelva and mark the trend of Eusebio, who blames the lack of skill of the bad results. What the numbers also show is that the team has not lost offensive potential progress despite the absence of Jeannie and Jonathan Soriano injury. After four days, Barça B Luis Enrique had managed 7 goals, exactly the same as those of Eusebius added. As if this were not enough coincidence, Soriano had scored three goals last season, while Rafinha carries this year. Fontàs, Saul, Benja and Nolito numbered one, Cuenca, Rodri, Kiko Femenía and Deulofeu also scored a goal. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Festival de los juveniles in Reus and in the Ciudad Deportiva

Juvenil A it has been imposed in Reus (1-3) with goals of Àlex Moreno and Cristian Herrera (2). Juvenil B has goleado to Sant Andreu (7-0) with goals of Sandro (3), Babunski (2), Laughed and Ebwelle.

Without much time to digest the hard-fought victory in the field of Manchester City (1-2), the Juvenil A has been imposed in the area of Reus after opening goal of the premises.

Conceded the Juvenil A a 25-minute goal from defender Martell on a fielder's strategy confusing. Barça had the merit to open the scoring but despite this goal conceded, at no time has been broken. In fact the end Alex Moreno, a minute later, the game has been balanced with a good individual move. The other extreme, Girona Cristian Herrera, has signed the other two goals from Juvenil A 38 and 54 minutes. The Juvenil A Barca has missed many opportunities to further expand the win.

Sant Andreu has remained strong on defense during the first half hour. The defensive approach andresenses has been diluted with the goal by Sandro in 32 minutes. This target has been broken canary schemes set visitor has gone into the break with a 2-0 thanks to a goal Babunski timely. Good game García Pimienta's team has gone to a second term more spectacular Juvenil A. Riera, head, in the 46th minute set the 3-0. Sandro has become two more goals (minutes 53 and 62). The goal of the game has gone over with a shot Babunski unstoppable squad finished in the visitors goal. The seventh goal Ebwelle has signed seven minutes left. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[The juvenil initial onces of both]
JUVENIL A FCB: Tienda, Carlos Julio, Brian, Bako, Ayala, Samper, Cristian, Calvet, Dongou, Jordi, Alex. También han jugado Edu, Patri, Grimaldo and Ernesto.

JUVENIL B FCB: Ballesté, Godswill, Costa, Riera, Quinti, Otero, Simón, Babunski, Ebwelle, Sandro y Joel. También han jugado Alex, Iu, Romano and Munir.

Ribeiro says that he prefers to see Neymar in Real Madrid

The agent said, after the player passed a medical with 'whites' in Sao Paulo, who prefers to see his club represented in the madrid. He also adds queno they will recapture the negotiations until next summer.

Wagner Ribeiro said today, Sunday, after spending Neymar medical with Real Madrid in Sao Paulo , who prefers to see your club represented at the Madrid and did not resume negotiations until next July.

"I do not hide my preference for Real Madrid . The president is a worthy man, the club does not need to live and has a dream as an amateur it is to have Neymar . I feel that the president of Barcelona . But we will not talk until July "said the agent, was quoted by Brazilian electronic media.

Before the Games, and then ...

Brazilian striker Neymar has submitted this weekend in a hospital recognition Sao Paulo under the supervision of the head of the medical services of Real Madrid , Carlos Díez , and could join the Spanish club's staff after the London Olympics next year, said Thursday the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo .

According to this version, citing an unidentified source, the young star, who plays for Santos, he underwent several tests at the hospital Sao Luiz on Friday night to Saturday.

Neymar, who was accompanied by his father, Neymar da Silva Santos , and his agent, Wagner Ribeiro , underwent ergometric examination, radiographs and joint tests.

Tomorrow, Monday, the firm

According to the digital edition of the newspaper, the contract between the Brazilian star, also struggled for the FC Barcelona , Madrid and the club will be signed tomorrow.

However, Ribeiro denied that a deal has closed, adding that talks with the team from Madrid will resume in July 2012.

The news comes after this week the president of Santos , Luis Alvaro Ribeiro , reiterated that Neymar remain at the club, despite the insistence of Barcelona and Real Madrid to take him to the Spanish league.

" Neymar not leave, not wanting to leave, and Santos not sell because they want to sell, "said club director of the port in which Sao Paulo won Pele .

Despite denying the deal, the club's president admitted that he had maintained contacts with both the presidents of Barcelona , Sandro Rossell , and the Real Madrid , Florentino Perez . (via MD)

Rubén:"To Barça To Barça they would have to put a hándicap like in the golf"

The Osasuna centre-back level exhibited the most spectacular for the club with his team claiming that "over the words" and noting that "in my life seen anyone play like that".

Osasuna player Rubén González said Sunday it is "hard" embedded digest yesterday's rout Camp Nou (8-0), which equals the worst result of Navarrese team in the First Division, although it has highlighted the level of Barcelona, which he said he would have to play "as in golf handicap."

"Tonight has been very long and very hard. I personally have rested poorly. Today is a new day, Tuesday we have a party to redeem and it continues," he said after training in Tajonar.

He commented that it is difficult to explain all the feelings that have embedded after the win yesterday and that "over the words", but has stressed the merits of Barcelona: "In my life seen anyone play like that," he assured.

"The exaggerated self-criticism is not positive measures for the group. We have done things wrong, but when you meet a team like the Nou Camp yesterday jumped ... It's unbelievable," he added.

When asked what can be learned yesterday, said: "Today we have eight things to learn. Faced with this rival, one thing ... my mother. They play with a handicap as they do in golf.'d Have to put them handicap" , said about Pep Guardiola.

"You feel helpless. This easy to create spaces with a superior reach and finish plays. It was all," said the Barcelona game.

When asked if another approach would have been better to play at the Nou Camp, said: "In hindsight I am also a bullfighter. Only the facts are worth and what it is today."

"The important thing is the party on Tuesday, a totally different game. We have made 3 points, obviously feeling very bitter, but three points. We are not going to take over," he opined.

On the fans 'pinko', said: "All it tells you about. Apologize, but can not apologize for things like that are things that happen."

"We'll give everything, but it will not sour the future of Osasuna and will shake the foundations of the city or the team," he asserted Reuben, who added: "It will not affect. We have three days of League . I know it's a difficult day, but these things football, you have to accept them and pull forward. "

Rubén, signed this summer, yesterday played its first official match with Osasuna, after not having been called to the first two games of the championship and has admitted he was the first surprise.

"Obviously it was not in any of the pools. I hope I have ever played. I, but I think it was the only one, and my wife and my parents," he said.

Osasuna defender refused to play yesterday at the Camp Nou was a "brown". "We are for this. I do not like watching the games from home or from the bench. Has this happened, but it may be something else. I'm happy to play," he added. (via SPORT)

In Brazil they come more to Neymar near Madrid

Although the transfer market closed almost a month now the saga continues Neymar new chapters every day. Especially in Brazil, where news about the future of Santos striker never cease.

If this Saturday the newspaper 'Estado' said Saturday that the club would be made public on Monday its agreement with the player, today everything has changed. According to this newspaper, would have submitted Neymar the early hours of last Friday to a medical examination by the Real Madrid.

The newspaper says Carlos Diez, chief of the white club's medical services, would have moved to Sau Paulo to discuss football. The event, as recorded 'Estado', have taken place in Sao Luiz Hospital and the player would have gone with his father and his agent, Wagner Ribeiro.

In addition, the Brazilian newspaper that the Real Madrid forward could announce this agreement with Neymar Monday, closing that has certainly been one of the longest and grotesque soap opera of the summer. And is that the Santos striker rumors began to emerge about their future and a possible move to Madrid or Barcelona, ​​there have been no rhyme or reason. Only hope. (via SPORT)

Villa looking for an even better season

Barça’s number seven, who scored twice in the team’s 8-0 win over Osasuna, reckons that this season could be even better for him than last year, always as long as he can keep clear of injuries.

David Villa spoke on the Barça TV programme “El Marcador” after Saturday night’s game and expressed his satisfaction with both his own and the team’s performance as a whole and reckons: “if I can avoid injuries, this season could be even better than last year for me”.

Villa has now scored in each of the last two games –against Milan and Osasuna – and admits that “you always need goals” for your confidence, because: “when you’re scoring you work in a different way. Goals are really important for your confidence and an 8-0 win is an enormous boost”. Villa is aware that his scoring is just a part of the whole collective effort though: “now I have to keep on working to score more goals that will help the team achieve more victories”.

Villa reckons that Barça:”put in a real big game” against Osasuna and that “the three important points will send us home happy and improve our self esteem if we need to ahead of the complicated game at Mestalla on Wednesday”.

Villa also spoke about Cesc’s progress at the Club and the great understanding he has already built with Messi: “although he has been away for a long time, he’s from here and he’s got the Club and the Masia in his blood and in his legs! Everybody knows that gives him an extra something – he was a great player at Arsenal and with all the great players around him here, we knew what he could bring and he’s showing that”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Abidal and Alves reach 100 mark in the league

Both Éric Abidal and Dani Alves both made their 100th league appearance for the Club against Osasuna on Saturday night. The Frencman has taken four seasons to reach his century, whilst Alves has taken three.

The 100th performance of the two has come a little later than expected – both finished last season on 98 appearances, but Alves missed the Villarreal game and Abidal the match in Anoeta, so it was this Saturday at the Camp Nou that they both made it 100 games.

The two have been given very different roles by Guardiola, with Alves the more attacking figure - he was actually used as an out and out winger against Osasuna and has so far scored ten league goals in his time at the Club, whilst Abidal is a defensive bulwark –switching between full back and central defender - and although he has scored in the Cup he’s yet to get off the mark in the league.

Gerard Piqué will probably be the next Barça defender to reach a hundred league games –he’s currently on 88 – whilst his centre back partner Carles Puyol has played more than any other defender in the league – 348 times in all. (via FCBarcelona.cat)