18 September 2011

[Player Ratings; Liga BBVA; week04] FC Barcelona - CA Osasuna (8-0)

Global rating 8.5


The order of the disorder in Barça

The turn of Puyol to the axis of the defense and of Sergio Busquets to the pivote allowed the one it spreads tactical.

As usual and barrage of attacking football and goals he has always had Pep Guardiola this season joins a wealth tactic that makes it even more dangerous and unpredictable, if possible. The previous match against Osasuna was marked by a 'foreign' technical press conference in which, among other things, he defended the 'fierce' and 'destructive' criticism of the press to experiment (not so new) Busquets to place as central to Milan. "It's not useless," he said hinting that someone had put that description. The supposed tension in the environment today would have caused a buzz to know what would be the approach of Pep. And once again, known alignment and before seeing the pieces on the lawn, so much surprised that once again gave the public address system and not dorsal positions.

Puyol's return to the starting lineup allowed him to return the order to the team's defensive axis, but located only three defenders, with Mascherano and Abidal. The important thing is that defensive midfielder returned to Busquets, from which constantly helped close the defense of three when needed. On this well-established structure behind, Guardiola was able to put into practice what they so often you will see this season: the disorder within order. Xavi, inside left, Cesc on the head of the diamond, Dani Alves far right ... The exchange of positions was constant when Barca had the ball, which was most of the time. Among Xavi and Busquets Thiago between Cesc and Messi, Alves increases and Abidal. Barca yesterday a 3-4-3, but also a 3-5-2 or 3-3-4 and 2-3-5 up as of old.

This wealth of variants was even more evident with the changes. Adriano came to replace Abidal and placed on the leftside. He made it Maxwell for Puyol and the rear moved: Adriano passed to the right, Mascherano to the center and the recently entered to the left. Lastly, juice Afellay for Xavi and he put on in the skillful interior, passing Thiago to the left. It was an exhibition of resources that makes the ship even more fearsome. (via MD)

Neymar has the last word

The 'Mohican' kept in suspense throughout the football world. In the next few hours there is speculation he will announce his future: Barcelona, ​​Madrid ...

Neymar, and no one but the Brazilian forward, decide what its future will sport the short term. This is the premise that end up determining the pulse Barca and Real Madrid held to gain the services of the young star. Finally, despite the efforts of President of the Santos, not the auction has organized and promoted Luis Alvaro de Oliveira, which will mark the destiny of the young player of 19 years.

Neymar intended father, and the player himself what his controversial not representative Wagner Ribeiro is you always get a consensus position with Santos, the club where it is formed, which has launched to stardom, and the which there is complete harmony and identification. Now the player will not accept the determination of his current club, obviously, will move to the final for strictly chrematistic. The fact that a clause in his contract stating that will take 10% of the value of negotiation to find common invites understanding between all parties.

This scenario is quite favorable to the interests promoted by the club. First, because Sandro Rosell and the different actors working for the Catalans club in this negotiation were able in recent months to change his mind to football. And why in the first shots of contact, the only firm proposal was endorsed by the arriving Madrid president Florentino Perez. Given a choice, Neymar dress opts for Barca in the Nou Camp. And this aspect, today, the whole world surrounding the player is very clear, including Real Madrid.

Barca bid for a quick resolution of the entire negotiating process. From the outset, and has the approval of the player and has written an agreement with Santos following the recent visit of the executive of the sports area, Raul Sanllehí, Brazil. Just need the signature of President Luis Alvaro de Oliveira, in the end, has been postponed by the appearance of a new stage in an attempt to counter Madrid desperately to regain lost ground.
Neymar father did not sit idly during the entire negotiating process and has blocked the renewal offered Santos. This is a proposal that increased their earnings while the buyout passed 45 to 55 million euros. The footballer extended its contractual relationship one more season, the 2014 and 2015. The striker wants to hear the official position of the Brazilian club before announcing his position permanently, which could happen tomorrow, hours after the dispute of one of the great classics: Corinthians-Santos.

In parallel, the player's agent, Wagner Ribeiro, who articulates it offers that arrive from the Santiago Bernabeu, try to torpedo anything that smacks of Barça. The controversial agent is very hurt because the Catalans club has negotiated directly with Neymar father, the player himself and the president of Santos. Ribeiro has an excellent relationship with the white dome since the signing of Robinho. At the time, now a Milan player was declared in default in the Santos to force his departure to the capital of Spain. A panorama taken by Neymar not think long shot. Do not apply any pressure measurement.

As much as I was able to coerce the family Neymar, Ribeiro has already garnered several resounding failures in their attempts to transfer the player to the European market in 2010, to Chelsea for 36 million euros. Throughout this summer, 45 million euros to Real Madrid. On both occasions, who had the last word was the Mohican hair front. The same will happen in the coming hours. Neymar adopt, quite possibly, the most important decision in your career, and will do with all the consequences and demonstrating that it has experienced a remarkable process of maturing over recent months.

Barca offers everything you want

Barca are acting in negotiations with Neymar very right hand and a relaxed attitude so unflinchingly accepted that the player remains in the Santos until January 2013. This decision is one that has made the Brazilian club side has put Barca. With Real Madrid, however, the urgency of his move has resulted in an absolute pressure.

Real Madrid sent an emissary to Brazil to try to close the signing

Real Madrid had made up his mind that he was tied to Neymar, but the last movement of the boat to travel to Brazil including Sanllehí Raül (Catalans football manager) have to change the tide. Therefore, the entity has white again to work. As reported 'Ball Point', the head of the legal services of Real Madrid, Javier López Farré, has moved to remind the Brazilian lands Santos president Luis Álvaro Ribeiro, and environment of the player himself have signed pre-contract and reiterate the Madrid club who can not turn back. (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta: "I don't understand the doubts"

The technical secretary praised Pep Guardiola and assured that things "that the other ones are not able to see" go.

The extraordinary first half of the team led the praise of Andoni Zubizarreta, who does not share the atmosphere of doubt that had settled in the surroundings of Barcelona after the last two draws against Real Sociedad and Milan.

"I do not understand that there is doubt with the team. In football you can get to this sort of thing, as happened for example with that Iniesta goal against Chelsea at Stanford Bridge in the last minute, "said Barcelona's technical secretary.

Zubi was full of praise to Pep Guardiola praised his ability to innovate. "The players are very versatile and the system allows many solutions. We also have a very intelligent coach who sees things that others are not able to see, "continued

"I'm above all that the team did not give up after 2-0 and went looking for more goals. In addition, the return of Puyol, which has kept the defensive line always ahead with Mascherano, Thiago work ... many things, "said a delighted Zubizarreta. (via SPORT)

Cesc: "We knew that more points could not be given"

Barca will face the clash against Valencia with high spirits after completing a solemn partidazo.

The squad blaugrana faced Osasuna's visit with extra motivation after two recent setbacks against Real Sociedad and Milan.

One of the highlights was again Cesc Fabregas. The youth feel like fish in water last night in the team and signed his fourth goal of the season (third in the league). "From the beginning we started very plugged. We knew we could not assign more points. Leo has scored the first goal and soon thereafter we found more comfortable. The whole team has done a great match, "said the former Arsenal.

"We know where we are and we know the pressure. This team has made history in the past three seasons and now it seems that with two draws everything was running out. In England these things are not so dramatic. For my part, I needed to take an important step and look forward to enjoying this club, "said Fabregas.

For his part, praised the reaction Javier Mascherano the team after Tuesday. "A draw AC Milan in the last minute was a wake-up call and today we played harder. This team still hungry and eager to continue doing so as well. We have not made a game so different from Tuesday. Against Milan we had many chances but his goal in the end I ended up tarnishing it. What has been different is the strength, " "Masche" said.

Meanwhile, Sergio Busquets was very pleased and recalled that at the beginning of last season and spent something like that. "I do not think we were doing things wrong. In the last two games had failed and this time the result has become so abundant, with many goals. This is football and when you do not win it comes to these things. Last year we also took the start of the season and it was said that there was a change in cycle or not we were hungry, "complained "Busi".

Mendilibar: "We have caught angry about the mini-crisis"

The coach of Osasuna recognized that his players "jodidos" were, it highlighted the superiority of Barça and he regretted to have been faced to the azulgrana after "the blissful minicrisis".

Osasuna coach Jose Luis Mendilibar, lamented that his team has gotten a bad rap of "happy minicrisis" of Barcelona, ​​who after two draws a convincing 8-0 has endorsed his team at the Camp Nou.

"Today did not want to leave no doubt for the last time we brought eight. It is what it is. These teams tense, playing one hundred percent, do not make the same eight, but five to Villareal, as happened," said the coach after the defeat fitted for his team.

Mendilibar emphasized the superiority of a Barcelona that "if you go further back or hold you will win, I do not know if four, five, six or eight. We've caught the happy minicrisis angry."

This result is already the most lopsided win in the history of clashes between both sets, a blot on his record that does not worry Mendilibar.

"No game to enter or not in history. I do not think that at all. We play to make things right and when you rest and five more in the next think that in this game," he said.

And, in his opinion, "we have no time to mourn. The players are screwed, but you have to think about the next day."

Because, as recalled trying to downplay the result, his team "is just as annoyed that Sporting Gijon, who lost 1-0 against Valencia. We will play the 'average' particularly the League final to Barcelona "he quipped. (via SPORT)

Bartomeu: "This team deserves credit"

Visibly pleased with the win against Osasuna FC Barcelona, ​​the vice president points to the team, "win, draw or lose, he deserves credit." In this sense, points out that the players of the group led by Josep Guardiola "have shown that always work very hard," and insists that "deserve the confidence you have done well and are doing well."

Noting that the show that has occurred Saturday at the Camp Nou "has been impressive" and "have entered the goals that would not do it against Milan." Bartholomew, prudent, recalled that "this is a game in league." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola, happy because "people have passed well"

Barcelona coach is happy because the effort of his players against Osasuna has contributed to the public who attended the Camp Nou "it has gone well."

After passing team by a convincing 8-0 Mendilibar, Josep Guardiola highlights, above all, welcomes the fact that the members and fans who attended Saturday at the stadium have enjoyed the game the club. "We played well, we have worked, and helped people to what has become a good time. This is like going to movies, theater, or a dinner ... at the end of this stops being a show. "

Santpedor The approach has praised rival Barca tonight, Osasuna, and that of his coach: "Osasuna are a team I know well, and I admire their coach. There are few teams in the middle of the table with the courage to come for you. I like the coaches of this type, and learn a lot from them. "Barca tactics on the pitch, Guardiola has explained that" what we wanted is out differently as we had done before looking for more safety in controlling the game. " He added: "We wanted a lot of people inside to try to generate game."

On the possibility that if the rest, the comfort that gives a 5-0 on the scoreboard, has asked his team loose, Barça coach stated unequivocally that "the best way to respect the opposite is taking the work seriously."

The other hand, Guardiola praised the performance of Cesc Fabregas, and its contribution to the game of the group: "Cesc is a player who followed him for years.

It has a very high level. Within the order we have, the anarchy is going very well. It moves wherever it pleases.'s very strong physically, has a vision, go for goal goes well, is goal , work ... " In this line, said that the challenges of '4 'Barca are "adapted to a static position, he will because he will" and "exceeds Xavi on the course."

When asked if, before starting the party was angry, Guardiola has responded without leaving room for doubt: "They want to be angry, but have not yet achieved. I do not give reasons for these players. I am a privileged person who is here to bring these players fantastic performance. When we play evil will come here and tell you. We must assume that not always win as a natural sport. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Maxwell, happy for his return

After a difficult season in which an injury has kept him off the team every day, Maxwell was able to play against Osasuna in their first official match minutes during 2011/12.

Since the end of the Audi Cup, played July 27 in Munich, Maxwell did not dress short for a match with FC Barcelona. After a month and a half recovering from an abdominal injury Barca side has come to the field on 54 minutes to play the first match of the season. Maxwell has proved happy to return. "I'm happy for the opportunity and the game," said the Brazilian who has not wanted to forget those who have been with him at the moment: "I want to thank everyone who helped me.

Physically Maxwell believes that the match against Osasuna has helped him to go picking up the pace. "I feel good.

Slowly taking minutes and I'll be ready when needed," he said.

Neither has forgotten to analyze the match tonight at the Nou Camp saying that "it has been a complete game. A show for the people. "

Below we reproduce the rest of statements:

Sergio Busquets
"What we had to do was to win again. The result is over reaching and overwhelming way."

"Last year we were also questioned and said there was a cyclical change. But we're used to. "

Cesc Fabregas
"This is the club. We know where we are and the pressure transmitted. This team has made ​​history in the last three years and seem to sink with two draws."

"I needed to note pressure of football, win or lose, and I'm enjoying it and hope to do more. "

Javier Mascherano
"Overall we did a very good game but it was not so different as to play the match on Tuesday. The difference has been the strength. "

"On Tuesday we had many occasions that we could not realize."

"We have shown that this team is alive and still has a lot to prove. We are hungry to get anything."

Dani Alves
"We are a team that Always play to win. Today we have come a serious party and we got a great result. "

"The most important is that we do not change our way of playing and doing things. This is what has made ​​us a great team." (via FCBarcelona.cat)
An exquisite performance saw Barça put eight past Osasuna-five in the first half- at the Camp Nou tonight, with strikes from Messi (3), Villa (2), Cesc, Xavi and an own goal from Roversio.

Following their last two drawn games against Real Sociedad and AC Milan, Barça were again back to their imperious selves against Osasuna at the Camp Nou tonight. A fantastic first half which saw them playing at great pace, holding onto the ball and seemingly creating chances at will as they scored five goals to set up the win. They didn’t let up after the break either, scoring three more and leaving the scoreline to say it all : 8-0.

Guardiola surprised Osasuna with a 3-4-3 formation, using Mascherano, Puyol (making a welcome return to the starting 11) and Abidal at the back behind a midfield diamond of Busquets, Xavi, Thiago and Cesc, with Villa, Messi and Alves (playing as a right winger) as the front three and it couldn’t have started better, as after just 4 minutes, Busquets found Alves out on the right with an inch perfect pass and the Brazilian crossed for Messi at the far post to open the scoring.

Barça just looked unstoppable and within the first quarter of an hour Cesc had doubled their lead with a lovely left footed volley after being put in by Messi.

Seemingly having learnt the lesson from recent games, the Barça players were playing a fast paced possession football with their opponents’ goal always their target and they enjoyed an astonishing 80% of possession in the first half. Cesc nearly made it three on 25 minutes, only for the Basque team’s keeper Fernandez to this time get the better of him and soon after Messi headed against the woodwork. There was little the keeper could do as Villa rounded him just past the half hour to get his first of the night though and the team showed their hunger for goals was still there with two in two minutes, as Roversio put through his own net after Villa’s shot had been blocked and then Cesc brilliantly set up Messi for a relatively simple tap in.

It was clear from the start of the second half that more was to come and Messi hit the bar with a lovely chip, something Xavi managed to better with a lob over the keeper soon after to make it six. Guardiola now brought of Xavi, Puyol and Abidal, which momentarily at least seemed to give Osasuna a glimpse of at least getting close to Valdes.

However, Barça were soon back to scoring, with Cesc setting up Villa for his second on 75 minutes and soon after Messi claiming his hat trick with a trade mark individual effort to round off a pitiless display of attacking prowess that was just unstoppable, as the champions, led by the world’s best player, made it 13 goals in the team’s two Camp Nou league games so far this campaign. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Barcelona: Valdés; Mascherano, Puyol (Maxwell, min.55), Abidal (Adriano, min.46); Alves, Xavi (Afellay, min.61), Thiago, Sergio Busquets, Cesc; Villa and Messi.

Osasuna: Andrés Fernández; Marc Bertrán, Roversio, Rubén, Raitala (Cejudo, min.46); Damià, Lolo, Puñal (Timor, min.77), Lamah; Raúl García (Ibra, min.63); and Nino.

Goals: 1-0, min.5: Messi. 2-0, min.13: Cesc. 3-0, min.34: Villa. 4-0, min.39: Raúl García (pp). 5-0, min.41: Messi. 6-0, min.57: Xavi. 7-0, min.76: Villa. 8-0, min.79: Messi.

Referee: César Muñiz Fernández, Alonso committee. He showed yellow card to Villa (min.36), Lamah (min.43), Raúl García (min.48), Ibra (min.74) and Damian (min.86).

Incidents: game for the fourth round of the League, played at the Camp Nou of FC Barcelona, ​​before 70,549 fans, according to data released by the club.