17 September 2011

The 18 available they prepare the match in Camp Nou

The 18 first team players available have been trained this afternoon at the Stadium to prepare for the match against Osasuna. Pique has made a small part of the group and has also exercised Muniesa, even without high.

Everything is ready for the Barça-Osasuna tonight (20 hours, Gol T, Canal + League and R @ dio Barça). The reigning champions have trained this afternoon at the scene of encounter, the Camp Nou. They jumped into the grass the 18 available, and Gerard Pique, who has made ​​a small part of the group.

This session was also Barça B defender Marc Muniesa, has not yet discharged. We must remember that in addition to Pique, coach Pep Guardiola will be without the injured Alexis Sanchez and Andres Iniesta.

After training The team had lunch at the Camp Nou and has free time until before the game against Osasuna. Barça is again quoted in the stadium at 18.30. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Eusebio: "It should serve us as lesson"

We have played football well, but it has failed us roguery and occupation. The details have cost us the three points and it should serve us as lesson ", he assured.

After the 2-1 defeat by Hercules, the coach of Barcelona B, Eusebio Sacristan said: "The details we are doomed to lose a game that I think we could have won. But not only better know play very good football, details are also important and today it has failed us. "

Fpr Eusebio, the key to the game was, among other factors, "the cunning and craft of Hercules, which is in a delicate situation, and we have not known take advantage of our superiority, and failed to failure to read the game when we made ​​the 0-1 ". He added "We have more trade. I hope the lesson tonight we take into account in the next matches." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Henry and Márquez, among players who earn the most in MLS

British David Beckham, French Henry Thierry, Mexican Rafael Márquez and Irish Henry Robbie Keane is the four players that better wages have inside the Professional League of Soccer of United States (MLS).

The information was provided on Friday by the union itself of MLS players and so far none of the four has made their team the Los Angeles Galaxy and New York Red Bulls were able to get a league title.

Beckham, Galaxy is the best paid of all players and in his last five-year contract this season receives $ 6.5 million without the Galaxy may have won a league title since he has been with the franchise Angeles. This new season have already secured passage to the stage with the best record in MLS, and hope that with the strengthening of Keane can achieve the great goal of being champions. Henry and Márquez, who are partners with the Red Bulls following are the highest-paid players in MLS to receive an annual salary of 5.6 and $ 4.6 million, respectively. The Red Bulls could not win the league title last season, which was when the franchise came to New York and both players so far this season are off the list of those who can get the pass to the finals .

Keane came to the Galaxy last month from Tottenham, England, in exchange for a base salary of three million dollars, with final bonuses claim 3.5 million. While the Colombian striker Juan Pablo Angel, who began the season with the Galaxy, and then was traded to Chivas USA with the arrival of Keane, is the second most wins Latin American player in MLS with a salary of $ 1.25 million. (via SPORT)

Alves and Abidal, one defender 100

Only 107 footballers in the history of the club have been able to reach the three digits in the tournament of the regularity.

The figure on the side usually occupies second place in most teams. The bulbs are fixed at the front, midfielders and even the doormen or power, but rarely illuminate defenders occupying the band. Not so in the club, where the figure is as important as any other.

Current Barca not be understood without the presence of two men today, coincidiencias of life, reaching one hundred league matches: Dani Alves and Eric Abidal. In addition, both began the year with 98 games and both have lost one of the first two rounds played. The Brazilian did it for sanction against Villarreal and France because he was on the bench against Real Sociedad. The two may have the opportunity to claim his land and its importance in the team holding an event to which only reached a little over a hundred players (107) in the history of the club.

Both Dani Alves and Eric Abidal to amounts having been important in the success of the team the past three seasons, since Pep Guardiola is heading the group. In fact, Brazil did the same season that coach Guardiola and since then, share each and every one of the titles has been the coach. Among them, the three leagues, which has lost very few minutes. Alves is always play them and show their numbers. In the 99 meetings have played a total of 8404 minutes, so that only 235 lost all those games. His offensive side has also enabled to collaborate with important goals for the team and assists. The Brazilian has scored ten goals in the League in his three seasons and is in the tournament scoring regularly where his outstanding contribution, since in all competitions sum twelve goals, so that only two have come in the league. But Alves offensive contribution is not limited to goals, but above all, the assists. In his three years a total of 33 passes that have ended in a goal of his companions, an average of 11 per season.

Abidal's role is different, since the balance of the equipment required to keep the clothes when his partner up the band. In his 8169 minutes played in 99 games has scored goals, but has worked tirelessly to ensure that they did their peers. French acanzará this figure in its fifth season, because yesterday was the last year of Frank Rijkaard. He struggled to adapt to football Blaugrana, but Pep Guardiola has managed to make the most of the Gaul, who passed through its worst last season, when he was diagnosed with cancer. Reaching the hundred games is a victory for Abidal, which goes beyond the numbers or performance. Being ancient is another title for both. (via SPORT)

Neymar decide on Monday between Barcelona and Madrid

In Brazil it is rumored that the crack will decide shortly between Barcelona and Madrid. It has the two offers. The boat will be waiting. Madrid urges him ...

The future could be closed Neymar next week. Then would the Brazilian international would take a decision thereon: FC Barcelona or Real Madrid, although at the Catalan club is the best positioned. It announced with great fanfare by which club has been decided. Give the necessary orders for that, internally, everything was tied up and stop speculation about his fate.

Sources close to the player who leaked the Player is coming soon and wants to take it without further delay, tired of being the center of all comments, both positive and negative. And the rumor has spread like wildfire. In Sao Paulo and throughout Brazil only talks about the possible impending outcome of the great idol.

FC Barcelona has been working hard in recent weeks to tie up the player and, on paper, would be in a position of advantage over your enemy sport.

Firstly because it would leave the player until January 2013 in Santos, pay for the operation around 60 million euros and would have committed to playing a friendly in Sao Paulo to celebrate the centenary of the Brazilian entity. It is even rumored that the player's contract is already written. And all square with the recent displacement of Raul Sanllehí Brazil.

This movement caused the Madrid into a rage and fight back by raising the amounts for the white player visit during the winter. And this is the juncture of the crack: wait at home to Barca until January 2013 (possibly summer 2012, after the London Olympics, where Brazil, with Neymar figure, search for Olympic gold unpublished) or be adventurous in the coming months with the emergency call at a club must win to end the hegemony of FC Barcelona.

For Neymar environment and the player himself is important for the future to be defined as before and is done by mutual agreement with Santos. And there the club has advantage to have better relationship with the parties involved in the operation.

It has even been known to representatives of the multinational Nike have come into play for the player runs out calling in the ranks Barca. The firm, which equips the FC Barcelona and Brazil, it would save a headache if your destination is a sponsored team and not another that has a contract with the competition. And in this area, for the record that the President of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, the Catalan also has more advantage than the Madrid ...

In any case, the solution no longer looms over time. Quite the contrary. And not an issue in December were in the Club World Cup final for Santos and FC Barcelona in Japan. This would take place in December 2011 and the transfer was made effective in January 2013, so the player does not suspect anything would have to stay another year in the Santos box.

The pulse Barca and Madrid have been kept by the player is coming to an end. The Catalan team is quiet. He has done the right thing. Has followed the regulations, especially in the face and without holding any ace in the hole. It is, therefore, that whatever the decision of the player, Barca will comply because, ultimately will be his decision. The Catalan club has tried to offer what he understands what is best for him, but from there, especially in the economic, Madrid will be worth the weight of the book (and the euro). The crack, of course, has the final word. (via SPORT)

The rotations return to scene before another very intense tract

The depth of the bench should be key to winning the second game in the league this season.

The match against Osasuna as a great opportunity for the players show more unusual to be key to sign another successful season. The crash comes after intense game against Milan and just before face two league games with two opponents who must fight for places in the table nobles such as the Valencia (Wednesday at the Mestalla), and Atletico Madrid (next Saturday at the Camp Nou). Thus, Pep Guardiola could choose again this afternoon by the rotations for Barca pillars are fresh to face the coming commitments.

Input, injuries Alexis Sanchez and Andres Iniesta will condition greatly alignment. In attack, Guardiola has few alternatives. Peter may be the component of the Trident usual to fall from eleven and dragging a slight discomfort in the knee Wednesday's game. In this case, Afellay could get his chance once reappeared against Milan after overcoming the hamstring injury he suffered in the preseason. The other two components, David Villa and Leo Messi, seem fixed. The Spaniard was reunited with the goal in the Champions League and stayed on the bench in Anoeta.

In addition, the 'Guaje' was the author of the goal that entrains the victory against Osasuna last season in a difficult moment, right after losing the final of Copa del Rey. Beside him is Messi, whose hunger subsides and will want to redial after not doing so at the turn of your competition with Argentina. The aftermath of the long trip to Asia weighed in San Sebastian, which he left in the second half, and last Wednesday and was seen with his usual spark, but saw no door. Two games without scoring too many for a player who already has six goals in official competition this season, three in Spain Super Cup, two League and one European Supercup.

In midfield, the absence of Iniesta Thiago can be covered by building on its core of imbalance in one on one. A factor that Andrés habitually contributes and that the Hispanic-Brazilian one can compensate in the area of three rooms with his individual quality. The presence of Thiago also allow Xavi Hernandez and Cesc Fabregas in mind to rest next meetings. Next to them is likely to be the defensive midfielder Busquets and confidence recovers its natural position.

On defense, Adriano Alves and point to the side to open the field more. In the center, Carles Puyol could start his first game as a starter, accompanied by Javier Mascherano, who would provide a clear departure from the ball. In this case, Abidal that ended up on Wednesday 'headdress', would rest. (via SPORT)

[Youth; Next Gen Series] Manchester City 1- 2 FCB Juvenil A

Oscar García's team won by 1-2 to Manchester City in the second game of the NextGen Series. Two goals from Miguel Angel serve to reinforce Barca the lead in Group 1.

Two of two. The performance of FC Barcelona Juvenil A can not be bright at the start of the Next Gen Series, popularly known as the "Champions" under-19. After winning by 1-3 in the field of Celtic in the opening match on Thursday has also imposed its law in the Ewen Fields to the youth of Manchester City by 1-2 .

The game was tied for first time. As was the case against Celtic in the first match of the competition, Guardiola's men have struggled to impose their game play to the more physical style of the English. However, Oscar Garcia's team has gotten ahead on the scoreboard thanks to a goal by Miguel Angel on 28 minutes . It seemed that with the 0-1 would lead to the break but the star of "City", Harry Bunn marked 1-1.

Barca's youth has been able to impose his game more clearly in the second half. Manchester City accused the waste carried out during the first part and it has only created danger has more than enough goal of Banuz in the final tract of the party.

In minute 53, Miguel Angel again with a powerful shot from outside the area, has established the 1 -2 for the Oscar García who have managed to play well for scoring. In the closing minutes, the British have sought to draw faithful to his style, with side centers into the Barca defense area has been able to neutralize.

The next game of the NextGen Series will be next September 29 at the Mini Stadium Olympique Marseille. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Manchester City: Johansen, Coulson, Meppen-Walters, Clowes, Rekik, Plummer, Roman Angel, Huws, Bunn, Suarez, Henshall.

FC Barcelona: Banuz, Campabadal (Bakoyock), Grimaldo, Ayala, Bagnack, Patric, Cornejo, Samper, Dongou, Babunski (Quintillà), Miguel Angel (C. Herrera).

Goals: 0-1, Miguel Angel, min. 28; 1-1, Bunn, min. 44 i1-2, Miguel Angel, min. 53

Yellow Card: Quintillá.

The platform 'Consultation Qatar' asked the commissioners to vote blank

The makers of the platform is expected to vote blank on the day of the Assembly of delegates.

Despite this social movement, with the support of 5,500 signatures, according to EFE have assured leaders of the group, and that the club has been meeting the delegates vote after nearly a year after entry into force the agreement, 'Qatar Foundation' will remain a sponsor.

This was confirmed a few days ago the vice president of economics at Barcelona, ​​Javier Faus, who in a meeting with journalists took for granted that sponsorship will continue in force even if the commissioners vote against the foundation Catari.

A few months ago that Barcelona agreed a sponsorship deal with the government of Tasting for T, in addition to advertising support and friendly matches, amounting to 150 million euros until 2016.

The organization, headed by Sandro Rosell, considered that permission should not be partners because this event has already occurred in 2003 when the commissioners gave the green light then the club to seek a firm that paid money, but ultimately chose Barca by Unicef.

After appearing the membership group that calls for a referendum to be the social mass which gives the nod to an endorsement of the social dimension of Cathars, the club amended its position and agreed to put a point on the agenda of the meeting of delegates of the September 24 attendees voted this agreement, but ultimately, according to Faus, non-binding.

The promoters of the 'Consultation Qatar' have said to EFE that have had a disappointment with the Catalan club, they have not been able to boot from the board Rosell be the whole social mass which the adequacy or otherwise vote count sponsored by the country Catari.

It launched a petition that has reached the 5,500 members, a campaign that will continue tomorrow on the eve of the Barcelona-Osasuna game.

Those responsible for the 'Consultation Qatar' believe it will be impossible to achieve minimum signatures to include a popular proposal in the agenda of the assembly to the voting members, and therefore request the commissioners to vote blank.

"A blank vote means that the elector wants a referendum. This is a reading that we do," he reasoned EFE one responsible for this platform, which has reported that "Qatar Consultation 'has scheduled a news conference at the College Journalists of Catalonia on Monday at 17:00 hours to explain the position of this group.

Barcelona have ruled that an accounting of "Consultation Qatar' to take the stand to explain to the delegates of the group's position. However, it does allow an elector from the audience has time to argue the position. (via SPORT)

[BarçaB; Liga Aderante;week05] Hércule 2 - 1 FC Barcelona B

Barça B has again lost a game that merits occasions and should have won. Eusebio The errors have again been rendered useless isolated goal from Gerard Deulofeu.

The Hercules has been able to trace with 10 Deulofeu Gerard's goal in a game where, again, the club B has paid dearly for inefficiency in the two areas.

The subsidiary has taken control of the ball from the first moment. The Hercules has not generated any chance of scoring up to 42 minutes.

The first shot of the game has gone by Gerard Deulofeu, at 6 minutes of the meeting. Six minutes later, Rafinha warned in an action set pieces. The Hercules is defended with order but not to the area azulgrana.

A lack and hands of Diego Rivas in the range of one minute only have killed Hercules midfielder sent off in the 27th minute of the first period.

Barça B has increased its Rodri and Rafinha domain and have been close to scoring. Interestingly, a man down, the backlash from Alicante and have improved in the final minutes of the meeting have to look at two actions Miño strategy.

The start of the second part of B has been explosive. Gerard Deulofeu has warned in the first minute of the restart with a deflected shot on 50 minutes but that of the 1-0 Riudarenes has signed with a good left foot.

The subsidiary has not enjoyed the goal because only two minutes later topped Michel the network a good center Calvo.

Despite the tie, the Hercules has seen Barca B was generating a lot of occasions. Lack Gomez has been close to scoring after 10 minutes and five after kicking the bottom Jonathan has a fault. Falcon goalkeeper Hercules has been decisive merit stops, one clear of Rafinha.

The best time has been too Rodri in a shot crossed the former Sevilla striker on 66 minutes. When it seemed the closest goal Barca B, the Hercules has made ​​a strategic action where Samuel headed in an offense that locals have served very quickly.

With the score against Barca rule has become even more intense but the team has lost pause in football and has been driven by precipitation. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Hércules: Falcón, Juanra, Mora, Samuel, Peña, Rivas, Abel, Calvo (Felipe min.67), Míchel, Callejón (Escasa min. 45) and Sardinero (Díaz min 83).

FC Barcelona B: Miño, Montoya, Bartra, Gómez, Planas, Dos Santos, Sergi Roberto (Riverola min. 83), Rafinha, Kiko (Cuenca min. 57), Rodri and Gerard (Tello min. 72)

Referee: Burgos Bengoetxea (Vasco). Shown the yellow card to Peña, the Hercules, and Minho, Deulofeu, Rafinha, Montoya and Rodri of Barcelona B. He drove for two bookings Diego Rivas (25 and 26 ') of Hercules. It also laid the goalkeepers coach of Hercules, De la Fuente.

Incident: Party for the Week 5 Second Division match at the Rico Perez Stadium in Alicante at approximately 9281 spectators.