16 September 2011

Guardiola: “I’m not promising titles. I’m promising we’ll play like we did against Milan”

The Barça manager has defended his team’s methods against Real Sociedad and AC Milan despite the results. “I only expect my players to behave like they have done these last few days”, he said.

The style is not negotiable. Josep Guardiola has said that neither the setbacks against Real Sociedad and AC Milan, nor a possible bad result against Osasuna on Saturday, are any reason to doubt the Barça style. “If we don’t play well, we can’t win. And sometimes you play well and still don’t win” he said. “I promise we’ll play like we did against Real Sociedad and AC Milan. Against the Italians, we shot 23 times, had 70% of the possession and played to win. I just hope my players behave like they have done these last few days.”

That’s all Guardiola is promising. Nothing else. “I haven’t got the strength to promise titles. I’m not promising we’ll win anything this year. Things are won step by step, with a lot of effort and a lot of work. Right now we are only candidates like the other 19 teams are” he added.

But Guardiola is also aware that he will get some criticism after drawing two games in a week. “At the moment we don’t think anyone can beat Usain Bolt, but somebody will one day. And maybe somebody will win 13 titles out of 15 and beat our 12 out of 15, and then demands will be made of them like they are of us. After winning so much, standards are raised and also the demands”.

But what really matters is Saturday’s game with Osasuna. “Mendilíbar, both at Valladolid and now with Osasuna, is not a manager who speculates. He changes very little whoever the opposition are. He creates pressure, he’s aggressive, and his teams have always caused us problems. Mendilíbar is a manager who gets his personality across and I suppose something similar will happen on Saturday” he said.

Guardiola also used the press conference to justify his decision to play Sergio Busquets at centre back. “In the 5-0 win against Villarreal, Busquets was a great centre back, and now they’re saying he’s useless. I didn’t tell him to chase down Pato, but to divide the ball well. We need him, just like we need Valdés”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Felip Puig: "In the recent matches of Barça situations have been given that attempt against the security"

The Minister d'Interior de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Felip Puig, warned of the existence of security flaws in the Camp Nou.

"Yes, we have detected that in the last parties of Barça they have registered situations that attempt against the security", Puig again manifested in declarations to the program radiofónico 'The món to RAC-1.' (via SPORT)

Cesc: "I never said a bad word of Arsenal"

Cesc Fàbregas denies tajantemente that the reason of his sign for FC Barcelona was due to the lack of aspirations of getting holding with the Arsenal.

Barca midfielder denied his statements about the British magazine 'Sport Magazine', which supposedly said that "not winning titles was very frustrating for me," among others.

"I never said a bad word from Arsenal. This is further evidence that many people put in the newspapers what they want, and that's not professional", defended '4 'grabs at your account of' Twitter '

"I want to succeed as any Arsenal fan. That's not why I left there, that never entered my head. I am who I am thanks to Arsenal. And nobody can change," he said.

"I have not given any interviews from the press conference of my presentation. And there I told the truth and what I came from the heart. Big words about this great team, because that is what it deserves: successful titles," he said.

"People can hate me for I left there, or remember that I gave everything for the club. But never say anything against Arsenal," he said. (via SPORT)

Preparing for Osasuna

The 18 fit first team players and three from Barça B trained on Friday morning at the Ciutat Esportiva. It was the second to last session before meeting Osasuna on Saturday at the Camp Nou.

After a day off, the FC Barcelona squad met again today to start getting ready for the match with Osasuna. Josep Guardiola had 21 players under his orders, the 18 available from the first team plus Espinosa, Lobato and Muniesa of the B team, They started on pitch 1 at the Ciutat Esportiva and ended on pitch 2. Alexis, Piqué and Iniesta, who are all injured, continued with their recovery programmes.

The first team will train again on Saturday morning, which will be the last time they meet before playing the side managed by Mendilíbar, who like Barça have four points from their first two outings after drawing at the Calderón (0-0) and beating Sporting (2-1). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barcelona and Tottenham are tracking Leandro Damiao

Internacional de Porto Alegre refers to its termination clause of 50 million euros. "Sure there will be a club to pay that amount," said vice president.

The Brazilian team Internacional de Porto Alegre seems determined to make the most of his young star Damiao Leandro , according to today 'insidefutbol.com'.

There are many teams that follow in the footsteps of Brazilian striker, who's friendly Argentina-Brazil in the first leg of the 'Superclasico of the Americas ", held yesterday, scored a spectacular bicycle dribbling into the area .

However, it seems that FC Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur are most interested in acquiring his services. The Spurs have already made ​​a failed attempt to seize Damiao this summer and there are rumors about a possible move to the Nou Camp Brazilian. In addition, it might also confirmed the interest of two Serie A clubs like Juventus and Fiorentina .

The striker, 22, is impressing in Europe and his own club are finding it increasingly clear that should receive a significant amount of money to let go of the player. The Brazilian's buyout clause is 50 million euros.

This was confirmed by Luis Anapa , vice president of Internacional de Porto Alegre. "Damiao is proving worth the amount stated in the clause. And as I'm sure is playing a club that will pay that amount." (via AS)

Pep will bet to recover the order

The turn of Puyol to the axis of the rear would allow him to give bigger balance to the starting eleven.

The wide range of options that Pep Guardiola has this season, coupled with the large number of parties that lie ahead in the near future, turning back to the starting lineup next FC Barcelona unknown. In addition, the failure of the couple-Busquets Mascherano in the middle of the rear on Tuesday against Milan and the resurgence multiplied variants Carles Puyol in the face of clash against Osasuna. Because of the bad experience with the Italians, it is likely that Rijkaard decides not to make experiments and restore the natural order within the defense. If Puyol is in perfect condition, has all the numbers to be a starter and lead back with Abidal, Mascherano or Fontàs, the three that aim to be his partner.

Maxwell, another option

If the captain does not hold, Abidal would happen to the center along with Mascherano and Adriano occupy the left side, without losing sight of Maxwell. The only thing that seems fixed on that line of four is Dani Alves. Depending on the names by which the end decided Guardiola would change the defensive midfielder, who is no longer for Keita, but for better or Mascherano Busquets.

Xavi and Cesc, probable

In other places things seem clearer, but there are unknowns. Xavi, Cesc, Thiago and Keita are vying for two seats tomorrow, most likely for the first two. Fabregas has been a substitute in recent games and Iniesta's injury has opened the possibility of even more to start. If Mascherano is the pivot, Xavi play is most likely to not change at once the entire midfield. If you do Busquets, then could come by Thiago de Terrassa. What seems clear is that the larger of the Alcantara play one of three league meetings that the club played in only eight days (Osasuna, Valencia and Atletico Madrid).

Pedro rest

Upstairs is where Pep Guardiola is less likely because of the injury and the Alexis de Iniesta, which is always an alternative to the far left. Anoeta's draw has increased the importance of the game against Osasuna and that makes us think that Messi will play for sure. Villa also, alternate in two league games, it seems fixed for that reason. Who has more numbers to rest would be Peter. So have your chance Ibrahim Afellay. (via MD)

The hour of Afellay

The injuries of Alexis and Iniesta provoke that the protagonism of Ibi increases.

Recent injuries to Alexis Sanchez and Andres Iniesta cause Ibrahim Afellay, recently recovered from a muscular disease that has already played against Milan a few minutes, will become an important alternative to the starting lineup in the next encounters that he has to dispute FC Barcelona.

The calendar is crowded and even international break next, which will occur in October, Barca will be playing two games per week, making rotations in a must to keep the players fresh.

Up, Pep Guardiola has been left without two big options. One, natural, Alexis Sanchez, who after being injured in Anoeta will be eight weeks off the pitch. The second, more forced, as it is not the end of the usual position of Andres Iniesta, who will be absent for a month. Afellay is presented as the number one choice every time that Pep decides to rest one of the three theoretical owners: Pedro, Messi and Villa. (via MD)

Mendilibar: "Pep has made us a putada to all the coaches"

José Luis Mendilíbar ironically with the pressure that the great football of Barça adds to the rest of coahes of Primera.

He is a phenomenon, but has made us a putada(bi**h), because now it seems that everybody can play as well as Barça, and it is not by no means this way." On the other side of the phone, José Luis Mendilibar, coach of Osasuna, Barca's next opponents, pull irony to summarize the impact of Pep Guardiola in the world of the first coaches. They both joined a good relationship, especially since Guardiola lavished praise on the coach when he coached the Basque Valladolid. In December 2009, agreed on a training clinic in Lanzarote, where he clinched a close friendship.

"We did not know before, but it's true that we feel comfortable talking about football. Thank you for your words, it's a good guy and always speaks well of the peers, but we do what we can and then at the moment of truth, the club has always won. "
To Mendilibar, what differentiates Guardiola of most coaches is his obsession for more detailed information about the details of the rival.

"I work a lot. Others may prefer to think more about our team focus on what we have to do to win, but he studies hard to rival, among other things because he knows that every opponent will try to make life difficult, will give everything to embarrass Barça. It's a smart guy and very smart. "

Beyond the style has created a school Barca ¿"even at lower levels, it now seems that if you give a long pass is a sacrilege, but football is everything: it is also defend, play along or make a loud entrance at certain times , not everyone can play like Barca ", Mendilibar believes that the model is not as easy to move. The best example is the coaches who come out of the locker room featuring Barca (Juan Carlos Unzúe at Numancia and Eusebio Sacristan in Celtic) who have not had much luck away from the club. "They have found other players, other customs have to move as is the method to another club Barca is not easy and often things are not right."

It is also clear that the success of Pep has been instrumental for increased emphasis on Spanish coaches, in the house. "It may also help the crisis, but now it seems that yes, it looks more to the people here. People like Guardiola has opened borders for now the Spanish coach also works abroad. All teams want to play like Barcelona or the Spanish. "

Willing to give the morning bell, the Basque coach knows that parties like the Nou Camp "are different because the club is the only team dominates you always" more to come from two draws in a row. "It's just that we're very spoiled," he says, "and sometimes gives the impression that all parties have to win easily. In San Sebastian itself which had a blackout, but against Milan, a man team, of course, dominated and will only fit specific goals in circumstances. "

Mendilibar is of those who point to the theory of bipolar League: "The Barça tie Anoeta accident is a typical big team, but I am convinced that the club will finish with 90 points or more and that will bring 20 points third advantage " . (via SPORT)

[Former player] Eto'o asks his new advisors peace sign with Barça

The player wants to bury the judicial litigation that still faces it to the club.

Samuel Eto'o and Barca are close to signing the peace pipe. After a turbulent departure and a long and tedious judicial process forward and negotiate how to bury club once and for all disputes that both parties keep following the footballer's transfer to Inter. The will of the player reaches the point of being predisposed to abandon the judicial battle by the three million who claims in respect of percentage of their march to the Italian club.

In recent months, the environment Eto'o has undergone major changes. After finalize his commitment to his former adviser, Josep Maria Mesalles, the figure of Alejandro Echevarria has won integers. The current management approach to Sandro Rosell has been evident and have been redirected delicate situations such as the agreement between the Fundació FC Barcelona and Samuel Eto'o.

On April 29, 2010 was made ​​public a resolution of the Court of Barcelona rejecting the complaint of the player in which he claimed 15% of the 20 million the club received from Inter. Days later, rose the relevant action before the Superior Tribune of Justice of Catalonia.

Echevarría and the new economic adviser Eto'o already working with the club to settle the legal issue and normalize relations. (via SPORT)

Iniesta has already begun behind the bill

Although yesterday was a day of rest, several footballers continued with their specific plans.

Andres Iniesta has already digested the strong shock when the injury on Tuesday against Milan, and yesterday was one of the players who went to the Ciutat Esportiva to start the recovery. The footballer has been in the hands of physiotherapists to start the first phase of treatment designed to heal the damaged area well and follow all the steps to be ready within four weeks.

The manchego was not the only player who moved to facilities in Barcelona, ​​despite being a rest day. The other injured, Gerard Pique and Alexis Sanchez, also showed up in order to recover their muscle problems also.

Another player who came to make treatment was Pedro Rodriguez. The canary carries a slight bump on the knee of the match against Milan, which advised its absence in training on Wednesday and yesterday went to Sant Joan Despi to be in perfect condition in the match against Osasuna tomorrow.

Carles Puyol, who is still improving day by day his physical condition after leaving the injury, and Eric Abidal were other players who took the time to move to Barcelona campus. (via SPORT)

Adebayor: "Mourinho told us that Barça is not eleven Robocops"

The rivals from Barcelona analyze for the magazine 'Four Four Two' the weak points of the 'Pep Team'.

Off to Barcelona. Curbing the team most devastating on record. For many fans is mission impossible for technicians an extraordinary challenge, often a puzzle with more questions than answers.

This month the magazine 'our Four Two 'is it presented as Barcelona beat through the opinion of players and coaches who have crossed the path of 'Pep Team'. Adebayor, for example, recalls the message of `Mou what about the importance of confidence to face Barcelona. "Mourinho told us that Barcelona is not eleven Robocops that are people and they make errors when they lose the ball." Others like Paul Scholes often reminded that luck plays an important role. "The goal I scored in 2008? Hit the wrong ball with the outside of the foot and entered. "

Quique Sanchez Flores to the most important thing is to reduce space. Avoid interior corridors. "You have to try that the game is played in a confined space to prevent them from doing what they do best, which is played between the lines. You have to fill this area with players and a lot of help. " Rubin Kazan coach Kurban Berdyev, says the team's weakest link is in the team's defensive retreat. Especially in the area of ​​three quarters. "I studied the Barcelona game and I realized that Xavi and Iniesta almost never occupy the defensive area. This leaves a space to prepare the shot. "

Esteban Vigo, extécnico of Hercules, believed to be key to maintaining a high level of "concentration" to avoid receiving a goal in the opening minutes. "It is fundamental lines together and not conceding a goal in the first 20 minutes. Then you can find some advantage to the back of his defense. " Robin Van Persie, who savored a win against Barcelona last term in the Emirates, considered essential public support. "We did not win the game alone. It was the fault of the fans as well. We feel as if you play with twelve. " Others believe that it is a matter of faith: "To win at Barca need to pray," said the former Barcelona Fernando Navarro. (via SPORT)

Piqué 'jumps' on the holiday and advances in his injury

The Barca centre-back did not rest on your day off. Pressed in their recovery and claims to have good vibrations.

FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique is close to returning to the pitch. Although the club's medical staff has decided to extend its recovery process with the intention not to force his return to Barcelona takes place in the best physical condition possible, the `3 Is Blaugrana is progressing well.

So much so that not hesitated to publish in their profiles on Twitter that the vibrations of the player are increasingly positive. "Great workout with a good feeling! Can not wait to play again! It is already less"!, it pointed. And the centre-back barcelonista that had the free day as the rest of his partners, pressed in its day of rest so that the break fibrilar in the twin of its left leg stops to cause his nuisances. However, more than likely that your return is produced against Atletico Madrid and Valencia before next Wednesday, as originally announced.

Puyol With the return of the center of the rear defensive around doing Repeal Pique, after five months without this pair of Catalans share minutes on the pitch, the wish is that all the players to resume their positions on the lawn, mostly for Pique and Puyol to bring their experience back on defense accompanied by Abidal and Alves, forming a line hit and hard to beat for the rival. (via SPORT)

Neymar, the 'crack' that falls in love Brazil

With the same easiness that haggles to the rivals, he has entered in the world of the flashes and of the heart.

Dimension strictly exceeds the limits Neymar sports. At 19 years has become a sociological phenomenon that receives the same treatment as a 'pop star' or a movie star. Idol of the masses is an intergenerational, interclass that has captivated every 190 million of his countrymen.

It is admired for his football, which embodies the classic precepts of the Brazilian school (technical, magic show), but also the image and values ​​it conveys. The Brazilian feel reflected in the self-confidence, naturalness, his point of vanity and youth committed sins that conveys beardless face. Neymar symbolizes joy and the contradictions that make Brazil a unique country.

Kaka unseated Since mid 2010, is the player, and by extension the athlete more beloved in Brazil, as evidenced by the study conducted by the company 'Sport + Mark'.

Everything is going very fast in the race Neymar. In two years he became dwarfed by his then coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo, when he said he was thin as a "butterfly fillet" to be a celebrity, receiving the same treatment media that Ronaldo was in his day, or any actor or actress of the famous Brazilian soap operas. Everyone wants to take pictures at his side, from the president Dilma Rousseff singers Ivete Salgado consecrated as the incombustible Xuxa and the world of jet-set '.

And just as naturally as dribbling opponents, has entered the world of flashes and heart like the most normal thing in the world. 'Play' to be famous. He looks like a fish in water, casual, posing in the events, and uninhibited enhance its image with its famous mohawk hair, which often conceals stylish caps and hats that it would take Alves, and abuse of earrings and jewelry.

In June, the Brazilian news media had hired Ricardo Almeida, one of the biggest names in Brazilian high fashion, to be his 'personal stylist'. Her hair, which began to take 15 years, is trademarked, and has created furor. In Sao Paulo, the economic capital of Latin America, is now common to see young men in suit and tie walking proud with his crest on the main thoroughfares of the city.

As much as everything seems spontaneous, Santos has been concerned with trying to prepare, as far as possible to his ward for the life of the star. In this way, the club placed a speech therapist to improve his diction, and also recommended that began with private English classes.

Neymar fascination for luxury cars and the latest fashion trends, but still hiding behind a young star home, clinging to his. The intimate Neymar has a life guided by his father-regulated, which controls all personal expenses, attends every Thursday cults Batista Peniel Church, to whom he gives a tithe annually over about 18,000 per year, and goes to the modest Barber where he patented his hairstyle. It is a tremendous Neymar received the paternal anger to impregnate a middle class girl, aged 17, who maintained a stable relationship. And after weeping for concern turned to joy with the birth of their first child, Davi Lucca (August 24).

Outside Brazil, it has been associated, perhaps wrongly, his hairstyle and his cocky attitude pending. In fact, sports Neymar dyeing comb, or changing its image in 'Twitter' where you have more of 2,250,000 fans and often comments on the new soap opera fashion. Those who work with him, speaks wonders. The costumes of santos admire his leadership and the fact that always give the face. Coach Muricy Ramalho, never tires of highlighting his humility, his love of football, its simplicity and its ability to insulate themselves from all the pressure that surrounds it. (via SPORT)

All the keys of the signing of Neymar

Barca and Real Madrid are fighting to 9,000 km away by a player who everyone is convinced will soon be at the level of Messi.

Barcelona and Real Madrid have opened a new front: the interest Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior. As if there were enough of the five titles that have played this 2011 with the accusations, with the Cold War in the offices, with Mourinho and acrimony that distills ¿Blaugrana and whites have found another reason to engage in a face or face, which takes place in Brazil, 9,000 km away.

The Brazilian is more than a 'menino ¿prodigy. Those who saw it as a new Robinho with a goal fell short. As much as two to depart from the same club and physically resemble the Mohicans' Does it point really high. It's a thoroughbred. His countrymen may mark him as a world number one candidate to relieve Leo Messi. A crack is potentially able to continue the path and the saga of Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho Gaucho.

His talent, his precocity, his successes have you won virtually alone Santander Libertadores Cup with 19 years, how well attest. The unanimity aroused in the country do futebol `Is amazing.

A year ago, when Florentino Perez joined Mourinho, had no idea who he was Neymar. His only obsession was to find an antidote to stop the club was he blinded in Luso coach, signed him, gave all the power and, of course, failed. With Barca revalidating the League and crowned king of Europe again at Wembley, the white leader back to square one. I had to give a blow effect. It was then that Ronaldo is alerted to the existence of Santos striker. He spoke beautifully.

Both are sold as the only one able to outshine Leo, omitting that, despite its potential, you still have one or two points of cooking so that we can challenge the world title to Argentina. So do not hesitate to take his famous checkbook to pay her 45 million buyout clause. La Joya `¿, as in Brazil last name, was a new Galaxy for their collection.

The Blaugrana technical secretary knew well the potential and the evolution of Santos. Without any urgency, the club is focused on finding the two pieces that the team needed: a gladiator by band broke and someone able to oxygenate Iniesta and Xavi. So Alexis was signed and Cesc. Neymar was seen as a very interesting one of a kind but always thinking about the medium term.

In Madrid, it was announced with fanfare the arrival of the player, but pride of Florentino Perez did not work this time, nor when he tried to torpedo almost simultaneously with the signing of Cesc. With the band of star, Neymar preferred to stay at home until December to contest the Club World Cup, a trophy overvalued by the South Americans. The young striker is motivated to repeat the feat of the generation of Pele, where he won Libertadores and the Intercontinental the same course. In the white slip had much to do Sandro Rosell.

The mother used the influence of the player's agent, Wagner Ribeiro, and Ronaldo, who manages the player's image rights, to close the circle around the young star. Barcelona was direct, without any intermediary. Sandro took a courtesy visit at the Copa America alone to meet face to face, first with Neymar father, and then with the player himself. Blaugrana leader Ribeiro passed over, aware that he was an ally and a mole Madrid. In view of the goal that nailed the top corner, the assessor entered into a rage, vowing never Neymar Blaugrana shirt dress. His tantrum was expressed with constant declarations of love and swear Neymar white club through the press.

Sandro Rosell speaks the language of 'boleiros' as is known footballers in Brazil ¿. The experience of his time at Nike in the South American country is critical. The meeting in Argentina helped to send a message that resonated with the Neymar: do not sign anything this summer and wait for Barca. The fact that the president of Santos, Luis Alvaro de Oliveira, an ally of the president of the CBF, Ricardo Teixeira, who is close to Sandro, created a climate quite favorable, paving the negotiation.

Neymar Madrid was a priority for the summer market, but do not set all their onslaughts. The most I got was a pre Florentino signed by Wagner Ribeiro, the commitment to land at Barajas Neymar next January. In fact, the document is worthless, because if it is breached, the Madrid can not make it public because the Santos FC denounce him to FIFA for violating the regulations. The boat is very aware of this situation, for this reason had no objection to speed up negotiations.

Gobbled Barca to Madrid in Spain Super Cup after another historical embarrassment Mourinho. And Madrid, in desperation, made a new attempt to incorporate Neymar immediately. The white club had halted the return of Adebayor for his vacancy on the front would be occupied by the Brazilian. The footballer, the misfortunes of others white, once again ninguneo Madrid.

Closed summer market, and knowing that Florentine had fired a shot into the air, the club went for all. Sandro stepped up contacts with President Santos. Barcelona had two aces up its sleeve: the preference of the player at anchor in the Nou Camp and go for a medium-term signing in January 2013.

The first week of September, Raul Sanllehí, accompanied by a legal adviser, was in Sao Paulo. On Friday 2, the transfer contract was agreed. The transaction was about EUR 60 million, including commissions and the presence of Barca in a friendly match held in Brazil in 2012, to mark the Centenary of the `Peixe ¿.

Just send the missing document signed by Luis Alvaro de Oliveira to Barcelona, ​​but someone leaked the agreement, intended to paralyze the operation. In Brazil, Wagner Ribeiro point was who leaked the operation `O Estado de Sao Paulo ¿. Real, who had lost all combatants in the matter, attempted to block the transfer. And, in part, he succeeded. Ribeiro made a counteroffer that exceeded the Blaugrana, in amounts and payment system: the advance Madrid in 2012, 7.5 million euros and liquidate the transaction in January 2013. Florentino pants down again, accepting even have to wait a year and a half to get the player.

In view of what happened, the Santos changed tactics to open an auction. Barcelona wants the Brazilian club respects the agreement reached. And, meanwhile, the mother is willing to push the time it takes to not have to see how he puts Barca another goal. In its strategy, the club tries to convince Neymar São Paulo to sign a new contract and increase the buyout clause of 45 to 55 million euros, but the player's parent is not the work.

Neymar father has publicly asked Santos to define the future of the player. That is, to say whether or not to accept the agreement reached with the club. For the environment of the front is vital to have the approval of Santos. A clause in his contract Neymar charge indicates that 10% of the value of an international transaction, provided it is done by mutual agreement with the club.

Barca have the preference of the player and a deal struck with the Brazilian entity. Now, Madrid is the one who tries to answer, more expensive an operation that he said he had made and seeing how it slips through your hands. (via SPORT)

Gerard Piqué: "Someday I would like to be President of Barça”

The centre-back has revealed his dream during the recording of the video game promotional spot FIFA 2012.
He will be the main character of the cover in Spain next to Xabi Alonso/
He also confessed that "days before important games game against the team against which I have to play".

Gerard Piqué , the cover star of the game FIFA 2012 in Spain with Xabi Alonso, has said, during the recording of promotional spot "player if not sure it would be something related to the Overall total world" because "when your passion is football you always want to be tied to this world, just as technical secretary. I said I would one day be president of Barcelona but we'll see, there is still far away. "

Pique stressed that to be the best Barcelona player, is that "has millions of fans around the world, you feel very loved and very supported by these fans who want the best for us and wherever we go we always identified."

He acknowledged that "FIFA game to get me a little monkey football when there is no competition, especially in summer and in the concentrations. Play with Andres (Iniesta), Xavi, Leo (Messi) ... always got along consoles concentrations and assemble the tournament and had a great time. "

Piqué has admitted that "days before important games game against the team against which to test I have to play a little and see the feelings are."

Laughing has explained that "the principle is rarely play with a 'me' virtual, especially the first year when you are starting to play i start to appear in FIFA but when you take a few years you get used and even just driving you better."

Lastly, he revealed the key to building a great club, "Try to do things well, have good players and feel the colors despite having great talent. Also, having a hobby that is faithful to the team." (via MD)

Delgado Ferreiro referee the Barca-Atletico Madrid

The public has RFEF arbitration appointments the sixth day of La Liga.

Carlos Delgado Ferreiro, Basque Committee, has been appointed to lead the Barcelona-Atletico Madrid, the match highlights from the sixth round of First Division. For its part, the school of the College Andaluz, Romero stops, will be the one in charge of directing the derbi from Madrid that will face in Santiago Bernabéu to Real Madrid with the Ray Vallecano. (via SPORT)

[Referees appointed for Week 6]
Sporting-Racing PÉREZ MONTERO
Barcelona-Atlético de Madrid DELGADO FERREIRO
Sevilla-Valencia MUÑIZ FERNÁNDEZ
Mallorca-Real Sociedad AYZA GÁMEZ
Levante-Espanyol PÉREZ LASA
Real Madrid-Rayo Vallecano PARADAS ROMERO

Ranbir Kapoor, Barça fan

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor has declared himself a Barça fan and has visited members of the first team.

Ranbir Kapoor is one of the biggest Bollywood stars of our time, and his latest movie, ‘RockStar’, hits the theatres later this month. Aged 28, he is the latest of three generations of stars of the silver screen in his family. His father Rishi Kapoor is also an actor, producer and director, as was his grandfather, Raj Kapoor.

Ranbir has no fewer than 2,415,860 Facebook fans, and is also a huge admirer of FC Barcelona. He is in the city at the moment, and asked to visit the club and get the chance to meet the first team players.

He was at the Ciutat Esportiva today, where he was photographed with players and coaches, including Leo Messi and Josep Guardiola.

“I have always been a Barça fan because of the way the play football, the players … It is like a religion, they play well and are also well organised. Also because of their solidarity. They play the best football I have ever seen anywhere in the world. I have been a Barça since the early nineties”, Kapoor said to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat

The actor explained that this love of Barça was despite the huge distance between Barcelona and India. “It is the best way to discover football. The first time I saw them play, I liked them a lot and became a fan. I watch lots and lots of Barça matches.”

The actor also spoke about the popularity of the club in his country. “Barça is huge. In India the Liga matches come on very late and people pay more attention to the Premiership, but Barça still has a lot of fans. Messi is the best player in the world and people know about Xavi, Puyol, Piqué…, because they are all such good footballers. Football is a growing phenomenon in India and Barça is also growing every day. It’s the best club in the world”.

Hugely popular
Kapoor’s latest movie is called ‘Rockstar’. Although he is only 28, he has already appeared in other movies, such as ‘Karma’ (2004), ‘Índia, 1964’ (2004), ‘Saaawariya’ (2007), ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’ (2008), ‘Ajab Prem IG Ghazab Kahani’ (2009), ‘Wake Up Sid’ (2009), ‘Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year’ (2009), ‘Raajneeti’ (2010), ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ (2010), and ‘Chillar Party’ (2011). (via FCBarcelolna.cat)

Fans show support for Andrés Iniesta on Facebook

Many fans have used Facebook to send their messages of support to the midfielder, who is out for at least four weeks with a hamstring injury.

Since Iniesta was injured in the Champions League game with Milan on Wednesday evening, FC Barcelona fans have been expressing their feelings on the club’s Facebook page ( www.facebook.com/fcbarcelona ). In less than 20 hours, 5,000 people had left messages of support for the Barça star, and wished him a rapid recovery from his hamstring injury, and more than 12,000 have clicked on ‘like’.

The expected recovery period for such an injury is about four weeks. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça could paralyze the project of tier of animation in Camp Nou

FC Barcelona won't throw ahead for reasons of security the project of the 'grada jove', in which seeks to integrate to different groups of animation in Camp Nou, if the initiative doesn't receive "the approval and the absolute" guarantee on the part of Mossos d'Esquadra. it is taken one year and pick working jointly in this matter. It will be taken for their voting to the assembly of compromisers but, still and being approved by the partners, it exists the possibility that it is not carried out", it has assured to EFE a spokesman of the club barcelonista.

'Ona FM' has reported that the Barca directors has received a negative report by the Catalan regional police force is "very likely" to cancel the project after the official team meeting scheduled for next Tuesday. The incidents caused in Monaco by a radical group of fans during the last Super Cup in which exhibited flares in the stands, alerted the Autonomous Police. In addition, the UEFA opened a file to Barcelona.

According to information from the same station in the list of 900 possible components of the entertainment group, "there is a ten percent with serious criminal records," including members of the 'Casual' that have been in prison, and another hundred fans, "no history, but difficult to control and potentially dangerous."

The same station notes that before next Tuesday will be a meeting between the head of the Catalan police, Manel Prat, and social vice president of Barcelona , Jordi Cardoner , in which the Catalan police will present the recommendation to stop the project.

Approval to create a degree of animation in the Nou Camp is included in the agenda of the Assembly of members electors, to be held on 24 different areas septiembre.Desde not seen welcomed the initiative, after episodes featuring violent fan groups in the past, groups that were completely eradicated from the Camp Nou by the former directors of Joan Laporta. (via MD)