15 September 2011

[Barça B] Eusebio: "We want the points to continue growing as a team"

Barça B has completed this morning the previous last training to the party against Hercules that will be disputed in the Stadium Pérez Rich tomorrow at the 21.00 hours. Eusebio Sacristan has 18 players.

Barca's subsidiary has made ​​the last session before taking the bus to Alicante, where he is scheduled to arrive this afternoon. Among other exercises, the coach of La Seca is dedicated exclusively to prepare the tactical side. On the other hand, has also been time to remove the pressure off and enjoy a shootout competition, in which Rubén Miño has demonstrated his skill at the time of maximum penalties stop.

Fair after concluding this training, technicians and players have put heading for Alicante, where the fifth day of the Second Division will be disputed before a Hercules that fell last Saturday in its stadium for 0-1 before the Recreativo Huelva. On this result, Eusebio Sacristan said "every game is different": "We know the difficulties that can be found against an opponent who will want to get out of the way the other day. However, we also come to lose, we get the points to continue growing as a team and we are in this process.

"It is one of the strongest opponents of the category. It will be a tough game itself Second Division, but will be matched, like the rest. I think we can add two three points and we're going to Alicante with this illusion, "said coach over the rival branch itself. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Piqué works with the Atlético one in the horizon

On his return should occur early in that game.

Gerard Piqué yesterday continued to work alone and within the premises of the City Esportiva, a symptom that is not yet in the final stages of recovery. The central Barca three weeks ago suffered a hamstring injury in the left calf that kept him from disputing the European Super Cup, the game works with Atletico Madrid's skyline. Osasuna Al obviously did not come because they work with the group before this Saturday. Valencia for next Wednesday 21 also will be a little 'soft', but Saturday's 24 against Atletico Madrid and it is expected to take minutes. The coaching Barca do not want to take chances with Pique and therefore is not forcing his return.

His return is big news for Pep Guardiola, who can thus put at stake the core duo has given better performance: Piqué-Puyol. (via MD)

Rosell and Florentino could coincide today in Barcelona

They are invited at the III Encuentro Foro Puente Aéreo.

Sandro Rosell and Florentino Perez are invited to attend today in Barcelona the III Encuentro Foro Puente Aéreo, a platform formed by entrepreneurs Catalan and Madrid with the aim of increasing relations between the two cities. Javier Godo, Conde de Godo, will host a dinner that will be attended by Mariano Rajoy, president of the Partido Popular.

The presidents of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid may coincide with other personalities such as Rodrigo Rato, president of Bankia, Antonio Vazquez, president of Iberia; Borja Prado, president of Endesa, Antoni Brufau, president of Repsol, Salvador Alemany, president of Abertis, Enrique Lacalle, President of the Barcelona Meeting Point, Jose Manuel Lara, president of Planet, Josep Oliu, president of Banc Sabadell, Joan Rosell, president of the CEOE, Josep Sánchez Llibre, CiU deputy spokesman at the Congress of Deputies, Angel Simón, president of Agbar, and Manuel Torreblanca, Barceleuro president, among others. (via MD)

Court victory of Toni Freixa

Echevarría demanded the spokesman of the Board for a problem of billing in its professional office.

The district court number 3 in Barcelona has rejected the demand that Alejandro Echevarria had brought against Toni Freixa, secretary and spokesman of the current Board of FC Barcelona, ​​in a ruling that was reported Wednesday to the two parties.

The above statement credited considered inappropriate and not the claim of 26,000 euros that the exdirectivo during the first stage of Joan Laporta's presidency, called for Toni Freixa.

Furthermore, as is usual in these cases, the court convicted Alejandro Echevarría himself to pay all the costs of the long judicial process, so this episode will end up costing money over to the plaintiff.

The purpose of the trial was the claim of a series of amounts derived from the turnover of professional office Echevarría, Toni Freixa which formed part until he split in late 2004. After learning that the sentence has been totally negative, the exdirectivo FC Barcelona will have to assess now face legal arguments to the filing of any appeal to the relevant higher authorities. (via SPORT)

[Youth] The cantera against the cantera in Manchester

FC Barcelona Juvenil A faces today (20.00 am) to Manchester City at Ewen Fields facilities in the second game of the Champions of the category, called Next Gen Series.

The group of Òscar Garcia began the competition with a victory in Celtic Park and today it will look for the second against City that opens in the competition.

The Blaugrana will have to compete against a club, whose director of youth football, Patrick Vieira, has invested heavily and will present their best players to hit book contract.

The difference is enormous budget and, for example, the salary of Denis, signed from Celtic for a million euros and receives about 350,000 annually, is the same as all the staff Blaugrana. Grimaldo and Samper yesterday joined the team straight from Madrid. (via SPORT)

The squad made front common with a meal in Sant Cugat

Because unity is strength, decided to join the first team to spend time 'in family'.

Nothing better than a few hours together after practice to discuss what happened in the last few games where the team has worn a tie for being disappointed that he had won two games.

It was under this presmisa, the staff decided to undertake a fellowship meal after the briefing yesterday. The purpose of this was to stand together in the face of upcoming engagements, rather than complicated and seek a reaction. That is why, building on the afternoon of celebration and a day of rest to enjoy today, the Catalans decided to meet to eat and spend some hours together in a relaxed atmosphere.

The place chosen was a particular house located in Sant Cugat, near the grounds of hosting one of the golf courses in the area, with the intention of joining the face of adversity, pull together ahead and ignore the criticism they are receiving. This house has already been visited by the team in a 'calçotada' that took place in February this year and delighted the players. From that meal, the staff had not gone to gather in this place, precisely because the team's sporting success gave rise to meetings no 'emergency'.

On this occasion, was again one of the cooks serving the culinary needs of the players in the Ciutat Esportiva facilities responsible for preparing the banquets that tasted first team members and technical staff who attended the full exception Coach Pep Guardiola, as happened in February and was signing Santpedor the renewal and could not attend the event. This time, the 'Mister' missed the game for a reason very different. And Guardiola chose to respect the collective spirit of the team to make pineapple among them, a solution that Barcelona's considered very healthy for the good atmosphere and the relationship between the partners to remain so positive.

In the first meal of the season, nearly 40 members that form the template and the 'staff' self-criticism made technical mistakes in the last two games, the intention is to find a short term solution and try to correct as soon as possible no unpleasant surprises to come back to take its toll on the following team meetings. This equipment is great for the spirit that possesses and this virtue must be fed. (via SPORT)

No more lesions than other years

The six suffering episodes up to now are on-line with the historical recent average, without there is a common cause that explains to them.

Iniesta The hamstring is the third of the biceps femoris (hamstring) suffered by the staff of Barcelona and the sixth group muscle injury. A figure similar to last year: In a competitive period as there were five. Number that is on-line with the statistic of the last six years.

Suffered episodes have affected Afellay, Alexis, Piqué, Adriano and Iniesta. In the case of Chile has suffered two injuries, but of different origin: a small elongation of the left anterior rectum caused by a slip in the heat (August 17, five days off) and a serious break of 8 inches on the biceps femoris during a sprint (September 10, eight weeks off). Injuries have affected three distinct muscles: the twin (Piqué), the rectus femoris (Alexis) and biceps femoris (Adriano, Alexis and Iniesta). Of the six episodes two have been mild (Adriano and the first of Alexis), three moderate (Afellay, Pique and Iniesta) and one major (disruption of Alexis). The statistical distribution coincides with the UEFA Medical Committee parameterized between 2003 and 2007.

Why hamstring?

The study showed that a workforce between 10 and 14 suffer from muscle injuries per year. However, the average is higher at the club, as evidenced by recent data from six courses. In the 2005-06 accumulated muscle injury 22, 16 in the next, 26 in 2007-08, 19 in the first year of Pep, 24 in 2009-10 and 18 last term, which gives a true average of 21 injuries per season. The explanation that the club suffered more than the European average is simple: more matches dispute that most respondents teams and the risk of injury in a duel is between 4 and 6 times more frequent than during training. Is the average of 21 episodes per year muscle that must be taken into account in the case of FC Barcelona.

The hamstring injuries are most common in football players and account for 30% of all episodes muscle in a template. Is also called `injury sprinter what used to happen in a sprint, a change of pace or a shot due to the application of a tensile strength greater than the strength of the fabric when in active contraction. In this injury itself is empirical evidence of some scientific certainty and the rule of "so many inches, so many weeks off."

Is there a common cause?

In the six injuries so far there is no common thread to establish a common cause. Pique suffered discomfort in the soleus from the first session in July. In fact, did not even make intensive workloads as their peers. Afellay, as Iniesta, suffered the classic hamstring tear during a sprint. Adriano had only a slight elongation due, by all indications, fatigue. And the two lesions were completely opposite Alexis and unrelated.

Medical research has bounded the possible causes of a hamstring injury, but the proximate causes or considered likely, never scientific certainties. In the cases before us could quote most of the standard reasons, among which would accommodate two that have been produced without any doubt a difficult preparation period (American tour, little training, very hot) and a competitive intensity motivated by the dispute of the two Super Cups with little preparation. But these two reasons may have influenced any of the six lesions not mean they are the real cause of them, nor can set any common bond of union.

In the three full seasons over the top of the fourth Pep directs the team, coaches, doctors and therapists have applied the same methods of training and exercises to prevent and identical load. The team also has done every summer touring season heat and suffered similar hardships. Last season, the majority of muscle problems occurred in the adductor muscle (six breakages and contracture) in both hamstring occupied a secondary place (four breaks, but two of them military).

How do you heal?

In his "Practical Guide to muscle injury ', the club has protocolized epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of muscle injuries. However, medical services tend to be opaque in the information about the actual diagnosis of the lesions. Thus, in the case of Iniesta point have been limited to suffering a torn hamstring, not to mention that specific part or to what degree, although the extent is between 3.5 and 4 inches. Chances are that it is a grade II injury and the proximal muscle, both moderate, which will apply the so-called Protocol 1, which consists of five progressive stages. In the case of Alexis, we know the injury affects the common tendon of the hamstring complex injury that occurs in the biceps femoris and semitendinosus close relationship with. In medical jargon is called 'high rack ¿, symbolizing the way it unzips pants. Its length has been measured at 8 centimeters and has implemented the Protocol 2, which consists of seven distinct phases and applies to events considered serious.

The basic principle of treatment they will receive both players is that the muscle injury to be cured with early mobilization and functionality, especially after the third day, it raises the injured tissue vascularity increases the regeneration of muscle fibers, improves reparative final phase, avoiding fibrous scars, and recover better viscoelastic and contractile characteristics of muscle.

How do you recover?

During the first three days of breaking the treatment they receive is called RICE, an acronym for `English Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation ¿, ie, Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation. The rest is intended to prevent further retraction of the tear and reduce the hematoma. Cryotherapy with ice also reduces the hematoma, reduces inflammation and speeds up the repair. The compression has a very potent anti-inflammatory effect. These two instruments, ice and compression, combined repeating intervals of 15 to 20 minutes every 3-4 hours. The Protocol also advised Barcelona electrotherapy and massage sessions drainage rate in these early days.

The first, third and fifth days, the lesion is analyzed by ultrasound, which may be repeated in the case of Alexis, at 14, 21 and 31 days. The second day do an MRI, which is repeated on day 32 of recovery. From the fourth day after the injury, as we enter the second phase of recovery. The biggest news at the moment is the beginning of isometric exercises, with the threshold of pain Who will dictate the number of sets, time of muscle contraction and different amplitudes. Also, start the active stretching and cardiovascular exercise in the pool.

From the seventh day they are incorporating new guidelines and exercises to complete recovery, both from the standpoint of muscle (isometric work after concentric and eccentric finally), and proprioception, cardiovascular, flexibility and coordinated. The next phases evolve on this type of effort to reach the discharge and then discharged sports. (via SPORT)

Busquets will return to the mediocentro

Guardiola recovers to the enough wickers to forget the experiments and to return to each one in its place.

Sergio Busquets's defensive calvary can have arrived to its end. Puyol's return and the recovery of more effective defense of the battered Barca coach Pep Guardiola will allow mitigating the eternal revolutions of coverage squad. Unless new unforeseen, the coach already has enough troops in the rear to park temporarily recycling midfielders such as Badia. Mascherano is the only exception. First, because Piqué continues recovering from muscular problems but also Argentina continues to surprise with its excellent adaptation to the new demarcation. A Busquets, as evidenced against Milan, the relocation will generate major setbacks.

The consolidation of the classic Barca defense will benefit not only the strength but team defense to the midfield will win back one of its pillars 'forgotten'. In the first six games of the season, Keita was one of the players who has accumulated more minutes. Here's an irrefutable fact: five starters compared to only one meeting in which Busquets served as defensive midfielder.

No one questions that the African midfielder is a solvent type as they come. The mall has shown a dramatic and regular placement has been a constant. Guardiola has been mentioned in more than one occasion with the most complimentary comments about their contribution to the block. Keita scoring high, but Sergio Busquets was missing in midfield. The youth, in their natural position, has demonstrated a wide range of resources that have led him to become one of the best midfielders of the moment. Their progress has been spectacular and along with Xavi, Andres Iniesta and company have set up a midfield brutal.

At the expense of what might happen with Javier Mascherano and the subsequent evolution of nursing, from now onwards the club will be able to recover his image classic: with natural plants and Keita Sergio Busquets and bringing consistency to the wide area. Key elements have taken their toll on most of the six official matches played during the first weeks of competition. (via SPORT)

Cesc used the shin guards of Villa

The former 'gunner' that the encounter began in the bank, it used on Tuesday its partner's shin guards David Villa.

The match between Barcelona and AC Milan at the Camp Nou was full of anecdotes. One of them is on the bench squad. There he could see Cesc Fabregas with a very special shin. Unusual in your case. Former 'gunner', which began meeting in the bank, on Tuesday used a shin of his partner David Villa. They appeared on behalf of the two daughters 'Guaje', Zaida and Olaya, and the initials D & P, referring to David, the name of the forward, and Patricia, his wife. Cesc seemed comfortable with the Spaniard's shin and had a remarkable performance despite the final draw. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] They will visit tomorrow a Rich Pérez with the very lit spirits

Barça B is traveling today to Alicante, where you will find an atmosphere rarefied by the institutional crisis Alicante.

Barça B visits tomorrow one of the stadiums more difficult of the category, like the Rich Pérez, although will make it in an anomalous circumstances for the internal conflict that the entity lives.

The fans are outraged by the actions of the club's owner, Enrique Ortiz, whose management has lost all credibility and has caused even the coach, Juan Carlos Mandiá, has raised the resignation.

Blaugrana players will travel to Alicante today aware that they must play in a rarefied atmosphere. The Herculaneum Cluster Asocición met last night to decide how to show their displeasure to Ortiz.

The intention was to make civilized protests, although since some forums are urged to act more dramatically, putting into question even the match.

This point is discarded as Hercules rocks want to make clear that their outrage is directed only to the owner and want to respect the work of the players of both teams.

The Hercules is in a delicate situation still has debts to players last season and has not tasted the ultimate decision to impose Ortiz Carlos Parodi as CEO when he had created a separate management structure. What's more, the challenge was accepted Alcoyano and Hercules was eliminated from the Cup. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Eto'o is admitted

He recognizes that the money was decisive to leave the Inter and to emigrate to Russia and that he doesn't fear the racist attempts neither the insecurity of Daguestán.

Samuel Eto'o not only migrated to the Russian football for money. The Cameroon forward has acknowledged in an interview published yesterday by the French newspaper "L'Equipe" that his move to Anzhi responds to a "mission" added: an example for African youth. Without hiding Anzhi that if you had offered the same salary that he had not moved Inter Milan, Eto'o is considered a benchmark for millions of people. "African children may believe that if I've got, they can also."

The highest-paid player in history, with 20 million Euros per season, believes he can demonstrate to the African children that anything is possible "and that is enough to have the means to achieve success." And it ensures that most of his compatriots "are proud of my contract," as well as the president of Gabon, who told him to accept the offer of Anzhi "because Africa needs things like that."

Eto'o admitted that the first talks with Suleiman Kerimov, owner of Anzhi took place in June and after the defeat of Inter in the Italian Supercoppa all rushed. "If it is a step backward? This is not the issue. Everything I have achieved is thanks to my teammates and my coaches. I just lacked the Premier League or an experience like this. It was like returning to my beginnings, but with exceptional conditions. "

In addition to having a private jet, translator, driver and a security service, Eto'o has rejected a helicopter that made available to Anzhi to go to practice and prevent traffic chaos in Moscow. "Not what I wanted from the start. I am a team player. You have to be like everyone else if you want to win with them. "

Cameroon does not believe that you will have problems of racism in Russia. "I lived this issue in Spain and if I ever have to live this experience my attitude is the same as in Spain." Nor does he lose sleep over insecurity in Dagestan, but feels that it is not "immune to an attack," and is convinced that the Anzhi soon reach his dream: the Champions League. "I came here to sleep. I told the president that I will restore your confidence in me. In return, he will listen to the anthem of the Champions League in Makhachkala. " And he finishes: "I'm sorry for coming. The facilities are amazing, fantastic people. " (via SPORT)

"Guaje, you, shoots you"

Villa remembered its times in Valencia with a point suddenly franc before Milan. The '7' lived a redemption night.

David Villa held on to both AC Milan with all the enthusiasm in the world. The Spaniard put his arms outstretched, eyes closed, his teeth and slid on his knees on the grass of the Camp Nou with rage. It was a little either, therefore the 'Guaje' knew he was not lacking in the goals of Barcelona, ​​an area in which they work often Xavi, Messi and Alves.

The goal also meant the temporary 2-1 and was especially celebrated for Guardiola, it became clear that it was time for Villa. "Guaje, Guaje! You, shoots, you ", shouted from the bench Pep. Messi had earlier tried their luck on two occasions, one at-bat and Xavi. So the technician, who knows the Spaniard's talent for this kind of hands-on Valencia see him throw the usual faults, had no doubts. The right foot inside the '7 'of Barcelona did the rest, drawing the ball a wonderful parable. David Villa had not scored since the Supercopa of Spain. Then the mother was his victim. It happened at the Bernabeu and was also a goal flag.

Villa received the ball on the left, outside the area and launched a spectacular shot that reminded many of Henry's best for Arsenal. Against Milan also took off a load off after error Anoeta meeting that ended in the second of the Real Sociedad, in the end the equalizer. (via SPORT)

Di María: "Barça continues at the same level"

Argentine midfielder rejected the Catalan side had any downturn, saying "the club is in the same way. The season is starting and those results are punctual".

Real Madrid midfielder, Argentina's Angel Di Maria, who scored the winner against Dinamo Zagreb (0-1), denied that the Barcelona, ​​which has not been able to achieve victory in the last two games, is lower than in previous seasons.

"Barcelona is in the same way. The season is starting and those results are punctual. Things have not gone well but there are many season," said Di Maria in Telemadrid.

South American midfielder said the victory in a "very difficult field." "The win was very important in a very difficult and we could achieve," said the author of the only goal.

"The truth is that the goal was good and the pass from Marcelo, I put a good ball. I'm happy about it," said Angel Di Maria, who hopes that this beginning is the start of a successful outcome.

"May be the year of the tenth," he said after the victory in Zagreb, which he said that "any team poses tough matches and Zagreb but so did we move forward," he said. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Ahmed Musa, a Nigerian promise rejected Barca

The 18 year-old youth forward admits to have been tempted by the club azulgrana although she prefers to continue in Holland.

Ahmed Musa was one of the protagonists of the last World Cup Under-20 Colombia and soon attract the attention of scouts who traveled the South American country to observe firsthand the evolution of young talent.

Nigerian forward 18 years in the ranks of VVV-Venlo, a team of the Eredivisie, but has become a focus for the 'big' European teams.

Musa is a skilled left-winger for which he had asked the Premier League teams like Tottenham and Manchester United.

Musa himself, told the portal 'Tribal Football', said he received offers from several teams bid for his services among which is the FC Barcelona.

"It's true but I still knew not to go first-class club," admitted Musa.

Nigerian forward says he rejected these offers as they do not want to jump to a big club that can not progress by the lack of minutes so it prefers to evolve in the hope of being able to jump final guarantees. (via SPORT)

Guidolin insists that "impossible to retain Alexis"... and trusts in 'Romanian Messi'

Udinese will start on Thursday its way into the Europa League without the benefit of who was the star last season, Alexis Sanchez.The coach of the team friuliano, Francesco Guidolin, insists in that his march to Barça was unavoidable...

"Our club did everything they could to Alexis to stay. But when he gets a team like Barca, there is nothing you can do about it," said Guidolin.

'9 'Barca, currently injured, scored 12 goals in 31 appearances for Udinese last season. His contribution was critical to the Italians qualify for the Champions League, but eventually fell in the previous phase.

Guidolin assumes it but believes he has found the ideal replacement. It is about Gabriel Torje, 21 years old, who arrives from Dinamo Bucharest and who are beginning to call 'the Romanian Messi': "He's a boy awake, understands Italian and is a very interesting player. You can play even as a means offensive, behind the forwards. But it needs to be left in peace to work, "said the coach. (via SPORT)

[Former player] "Ibrahimovic was afraid to go to Camp Nou"

Zlatan Ibrahimovic missed injury Barca-Milan on Tuesday. Swedish striker was thus unable to face his former team at the Camp Nou. Something, however, did not seem to make too much illusion. At least that's what you think an old acquaintance of the fans Barca, Francesco Coco.

"Ibrahimovic was a little afraid to go to Camp Nou," said Coco told the program 'Esport Vespre Catalunya', de Catalunya Radio.

Coconut that played as much in Barça as in Milan in the past, considers to the azulgranas like the best team in the present time, to the height of Milan of final of the 80: "Current Barça is as Milan of Sacchi; it is the strongest club in the world", he manifested. (via SPORT)

Faus: "We’ve reduced the debt, but the situation is delicate"

The Vice President of Finance explained that the Club's finances have improved, with record revenues in the 2010/11 season, and a debt reduction of 15.5%, but warned that the situation remains "delicate".

The economic situation has improved at the Club, but even more must be done. This idea is what the Vice President of Finance, Javier Faus, sought to convey on Wednesday at a press conference which served to analyse the Club’s finances at the end of the 2010/11 season, and to present the 2011/12 budget. "We followed an austere line, we’re committed to growth and we’ve reduced the debt, but we’re still in a delicate situation. The debt is still too high for us to be able to dictate our future. We can’t afford to owe so much money to the bank, and we need to generate more income" he said. For Faus, a net debt of approximately "just over 200 million” would be the ideal situation, rather than the current 364 million.

However, the path being followed is the correct one. In one season, the debt has been reduced by 15.5% (from 430 to 364 million). "It’s not the debt that we want, and we have to reduce it further, to sustainable levels, with regard to the cash flow generated by the Club. We’ll continue to work on it " repeated Faus, who wanted to emphasise the importance of not relying so much on the banks.

As he advanced some time ago, Faus explained that the 2010/11 season closed with a loss of 9.3 million Euros, a figure much lower than the budgeted 24.1 million, a year ago. He also presented the highest income "in the history of Spanish football" according to Faus: 473 million Euros, 58 more than in the 2009/10 season (14% more). "It’s a motive for satisfaction" he said.

Looking to the 2011/12 season, the Club has budgeted for a profit of 20.1 million Euros, revenues of 461.1 million, and costs of 430.2 million. These previsions include lifting the League title, and reaching the quarterfinals of the Champions League. If Barça get further in Europe, these numbers will vary. In any case, Faus explained that if, in the 2010/11 season, they had won the League and reached the quarterfinals of the Champions League, the increase during 2011/12 would be 7%.

In this sense, Faus said that income in the marketing area is increasing, due to the agreement with Qatar Sports Investment, and expenditure "isn’t dropping because the wages without winning titles have gone up". That is, Alexis and Cesc earn more than the players who’ve left the club. The vice president indicated, however, that the Club "will continue trying to reduce overall spending", focusing particularly on wages of the various sections, which have increased by 20% in four years (and those of football only 6%).

To ensure the Club’s economic prosperity in the coming years, Javier Faus explained that the Board is preparing a Special Assembly, with the intention of reformulating some points within the Statutes of the Club. Firstly, to set a limit on the Club’s debt, which at present is too high, according to Faus. Another aim is to prohibit, by statute, the closing of a season with losses. "It’s an obligation that is already imposed on us by UEFA. We want to shield the Club, in case someone might think, in the future, that a season can be closed with losses" Faus said.

The Vice President forewarned, at the same time, that there will be a proposal that the new Statutes include mandatory reserve assets each year. "We believe that the assets of the Club are the future of Barça. Thus, each year it should be compulsory to invest in equity" added the Vice President. (via FCBarcelona.cat)