12 September 2011

Allegri: "We should have I respect Barça but without fear”

Milan coach recognized the potential azulgrana but hoped that his team will have their options to strike and surprise at Camp Nou to the men of Guardiola.

Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri spoke Monday morning before the morning training session in Milan to discuss the match between his team on Tuesday with Barça de Guardiola at the Nou Camp.

The Italian coach said his players were fine after the game against Lazio and they were ready to play a great game of Champions League against Barcelona, ​​"the best team that plays football today." "They have the highest quality, both individually and collectively," he said.

Although considered as a reference to Barcelona, ​​Allegri Milan warned that the "play with courage," recalling that "in football and in sport you can never take anything for granted, and that is demonstrated every day," in allusion to his players could stand up well in Barcelona.

However, the technician 'Rossoneri' made clear that "we have great respect for Barça" but recalled that the party on Tuesday "is not an end, but the first game of a league."

Allegri berated his players for the poor start of game we made last Friday against Lazio, they let the Romans go ahead with a partial 0-2 on the scoreboard. "In Barcelona we can not afford as those initial twenty minutes," he said, while said to be "play without fear" and "make a great game."

Regarding the point of attack, Allegri Ibrahimovic confirmed the ownership of which he defined as "a great champion," while supplying the uncertainty over what will be his partner in attack 'Rossoneri', where the position of second point is disputed , a priori, the Brazilian Pato and the talented-at the same wayward-Italian Cassano. Allegri kept that place in the air but dropped that Pato would be one step ahead as it said it could be "a good game features" for the Brazilian. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Eusebio: "we deserved more, we have demonstrated pride"

Barça B coach acknowledged 'lack of intensity in the first half "but said the reaction of their players who were not lacking in pride and character."

Eusebio Sacristán bittersweet feelings after the defeat (2-3) against Deportivo in a match Barca B electric brushed input comeback but conceded three goals.

Subsidiary coach did not hide that there is still much room for improvement in some aspects of the game, 'well maybe we have not entered the game with the intensity necessary requiring a rival class and entity. They have started better than us and that we've accused ' Specifically coach B found 'lack of pace in disputes, and poor circulation speed of the ball. " These aspects will be improved in terms of 'we can work together most days, yet for various reasons we have done little. "

Although fit three goals in the first half hour of the match, Barça B did not give up. Eusebio appreciates that 'we worked hard and had the second part under control, deserved more for the pride and character that have shown my players. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The English referee Atkinson 'debut' on this Tuesday with Barça against Milan

The British collegian will lead this Tuesday the encounter of Champions in Camp Nou and he will open with Barça and Milan, to those that he has never arbitrated before.

Martin Atkinson English morning star game lead in the first round of the Champions League between FC Barcelona, ​​the defending champion, and Milan, while the Austrian Thomas Einwaller has been appointed to referee the Valencia-Genk.

It is noteworthy that the British School has not managed never before or Barca or Milan, so the game in the Nou Camp it will be an acid test for Atkinson is a benchmark in the Premier League.

The English referee has never been responsible for arbitrating the club, but has agreed on the pitch with some Barça players, as is the case of Leo Messi, who officiated in 2010 at a friendly between Germany and 'albiceleste'. (via SPORT)

[Former B player] Rochina's golazo gives the first point to Blackburn Rovers

Ruben Rochina , former Barça B, he scored the goal that gave the first point to Blackburn Rovers this season. The Valencia youngster was uncovered with a whiplash from the edge meant the first goal of the game. Fulham end tied through a goal from Bobby Zamora. (via MD)

Manchester City could offer more than 40 millions for Busquets in January

From England and Italy, some media say that the Barca midfielder would be the last great fad Roberto Mancini would force the leaders 'Citizens' to undertake the operation in the winter market.

Manchester City could again shake vigorously in the transfer market next winter market and it looks like that after the transfer of Yaya Toure in the summer of 2010, 'Citizens' are willing to perform a similar operation and bet fully by another of the 'untouchables' of Barca's midfield.

In this case it would midfielder Sergio Busquets, which City leaders are willing to pay a staggering 41 million euros, according reveal different sports rumors sites, both in Italy with the portal 'Tutto Mercato' as in England with the portal of rumors and signings 'Caughtoffside'.

Coach 'citizen' Roberto Mancini would have set their sights on midfielder Badia del Valles and would be willing to make the club a great investment for a player who has won everything in the past and whose knows no ceiling projection to date.

With Yaya Toure now accustomed to playing in front of the pivot position, the latest signings to fill this position has generated some questions and arrival 'in extremis' and potential yield of recovered and former 'red devil' Owen Hargreaves is a mystery .

The interest of Italian Busquets coach would be so remarkable that the operation, if carried out, it would try to make the next winter market, which, a priori, quite unlikely for the specific weight of the player in the game and the costumes of the vessel and the significant fact that in all likelihood, Sergio played Champions minute and could not play the final stage of the competition with the City, if the Manchester club exceeds the initial round. (via SPORT)

Messi: "Barça would not be the same thing without Guardiola"

Leo Messi speaks FoxSports incidence of Pep in the team, of Mourinho, his world cracks and the Argentina.

Leo Messi , the Argentine striker Barcelona , has said in statements to the program 'Debate Final' Fox Sports : "This Barcelona would not be the same thing without Guardiola."

The '10 ' makes clear that "I would not trade it for Barcelona," and says "I enjoy being in the club and share with Xavi and Iniesta." Just think that both Barca and madridista Cristiano Ronaldo would be "the best in the world." Messi has spared no praise for David Villa which he says "puts his fancy dress" and on Mourinho says that "I try not to give importance to what he says."

Messi Argentina also talked about making it clear that "it's nice to take the captain's armband, Mascherano was the first to tell me to fuck him. I'm proud to be Argentine." Lionel believes it is good many technical changes in the albiceleste and reiterates that "it is a mistake to compare Barca with Argentina, something the club is the best in the world. In selecting perhaps what happens is I boot from way back But Sabella said the intention was to me to play closer to the area ... one of my faults is that if I have the ball at times I get lost in the game. "

Messi recognizes that one of his bones "is to win things with the team and live with hope winning the World Cup." While waiting to meet acknowledged that some day the dream of playing on Argentine soil before a withdrawal of saying that I never thought about later, but do not see myself as a coach ". (via MD)

Barça-Milan: Puyol's game

The return of captain can not be more timely in Champions League against Milan.
In Anoeta and was on the bench and in forward of Ibra and company will have minutes.

Around the field of Carles Puyol could not be more timely. The ship began to defend his status as champion of the Champions League at the Nou Camp tomorrow and everything suggests that he will with his great captain in the grass to be seen whether as owner or during the match that will see the debut this central season of his more experienced. Puyol, which occurred on June 1 in his left knee, hardly choose to return another night. A big night before the Milan, the club he most admires, Barça apart.

The arrival of Milan to Barcelona also has an added morbidity. After his hectic pace of the Camp Nou, striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be reunited with those who were his colleagues dress in 2009-2010. Surely, the best club now has the 'Rossoneri' is ahead, with Pato, Robinho and Cassano, also Swedish. The culé breathe easier when you see the hair of the master, and at such a cast.

For the first time so far this campaign, Puyol and entered the list of League match this weekend against Real Sociedad. However, on Saturday, Pep Guardiola chose to have him sitting next to him on the bench the whole game.

It seems that this will happen again tomorrow. Barca have been allowed the Real would rise from 0-2 in a bad sequel. The 2-2 final for now, the champion has already two points behind Real Madrid in La Liga. Nothing dramatic, but a warning after all.

Guardiola anticipated, even before traveling to San Sebastian, which was to give opportunity to all players in the incessant battery of parties coming up in three weeks. In the starting lineup on Saturday missed key players, starting with Messi. But tomorrow is big day. Tuesday Morning in the Camp Nou will sound the anthem of the Champions League. Big words. Prepare for a very first eleven swords. In addition, Alexis Sanchez injured lower reduces the chances in the pool. A priori, 14 candidates will be played 11 posts. For fitness, Valdés, Alves, Abidal, Mascherano, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc and Messi will be saved surprise. Puyol, Keita, Adriano, Pedro and Villa would play the two remaining places. Not be excluded that Mascherano in the team match, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta and Cesc, which could mean several things: that the average return Busquets and Iniesta on the left wing. If so, Pedro and Villa would dispute the other side. (via MD)

Puyol played since el clásico of regular after stopped months.

It was in the last league clash at the Bernabeu, a precedent to be considered.

Precedents support the possibility that Carles Puyol can play even as a starter in tomorrow's match against Milan. The captain jumped nursing virtually the lawn in the most demanding crash last season. It was nothing more and nothing less than at the Santiago Bernabeu against Real Madrid in the match in which virtually ruled Barça its third consecutive league title with a draw two.

On April 17, hours after being discharged from hospital after three months of recovery and despite not having played a match since January, Puyol Piqué formed with a regular partner of plants before the great rival merengue. The captain, who was still tender from his injury, he endured an hour of classic and asked cautiously as he felt the change a sore hamstring.

And tomorrow Milan plays. This time it Piqué which continues through injury, but Puyol is ready for what's available at Pep Guardiola European debut. The coach knows how the captain responds. (via SPORT)

[Former players] Milan will have three former azulgrana

Ibrahimovic, Van Bommel and Zambrotta point to regular tomorrow in Camp Nou.

All indications are that Milan will face Barcelona tomorrow with their three former Barcelona, ​​Ibrahimovic, Zambrotta, Van Bommel and in the starting lineup, unless ordered surprise in a 4-3-1-2. Seedorf and Zambrotta reserved League against Lazio (2-2), will be back.

As was learned after yesterday's tactical training, Massimiliano Allegri bet by Abbiati, Abate, Nesta, Thiago Silva, Zambrotta, Ambrosini, Van Bommel, Seedorf, Boateng, Zlatan and Cassano or Duck. The former Real Madrid Cassano has chemistry with Ibra and is to be out, but the coach could opt for the Brazilian. The other major Aquilani would be sacrificed, who shone despite last Friday against Lazio.

Without Gattuso, Mexès and Inzaghi

Van Bommel and Thiago Silva-central followed by the Barça-shaped turn a very solid axle. Instead, Nesta and the goal should be Abbiati batteries after their 'pájaras' in the league.

The Rossoneri, who only have two official games this season against five of Barca will be without the suspended Gattuso and Mexès. The veteran Inzaghi has not been registered in the Champions League and Robinho is undoubtedly drag and discomfort.

Allegri expected maximum Ibrahimovic, who scored in the Super Cup against Inter (2-1) and against Lazio. Seek, therefore, its particular '3 in a row. " Moreover, Milan is a rival historically uncomfortable for the club, which has only won two of the five preceding the stadium and 4 of the total of 11 previous clashes.

Today is expected to fourth ex 'culé', Albertini, now leader

De Oliveira: "If Madrid has a precontrato with Neymar we will denounce it to FIFA"

Signing autographs and takes pictures like a crack. The 'twisted' Santos idolize him and asks him not to miss Neymar the 'menino' prodigy.

Since the arrival of Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro, a year and half ago, Santos have won four titles (Libertadores, Copa do Brasil and two Paulista) and has met with the emergence of Neymar. The leader spoke to SPORT and threw two clear messages: err Neymar who see playing at the Bernabeu and do everything he could to the 'jewel' follow the 'Peixe'.

Barça has entered the scene. Have there been any contacts?

Yes, both the Madrid and Barca, quite justifiably, have an interest in hiring the best player in the world. If I were president of any big club would do the same. What happens is that I want to stay. If you depend on me, I will retire here.

Have you talked to Sandro Rosell?

Yes I have a good relationship with Sandro and I have with the Florentine. They called me. We discussed many issues, including the interest of both by Neyman. They said the same to both: I have no interest in selling. The player is not for sale.

It seems that Santos want to do an auction.

No. They continue there with his money, with their signings. Looking for players in other countries. To leave Santos at peace.

He said that he was more near Barça than of Madrid...

Punctured in the middle of a sentence context. I had already heard once that most of Neymar young Brazilian footballer dreams of one day playing in the Barça. It is no coincidence that the club be champions of Europe. But I also said that Madrid would be a dream for him. They put just the first part and almost created a national war between Spain and Catalonia.

In Madrid it is assumed that the representative, Wagner Ribeiro has signed a preliminary contract.

People talk a lot, and does so without foundation. Every day they invent a story, because it generates more audience. Neymar continues here, shining, runs 90 minutes, makes plays great And people talk. Let them talk.

Neymar is closer to renew or leave the club?

It's closer to stay.

FULL VERSION: www.sport.es

[Former player] Ibrahimovic returns 'l'enfant terrible'

The forward will be reunited with Guardiola at the Camp Nou after his tumultuous passage through the Catalan club. This time, he says, comes without rancor.

do not know if I am afraid when he entered a room, Guardiola was going. " Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be reunited at Camp Nou with the technician understands, thwarted his dream. "This is the end that he wanted the philosopher," was heard saying after signing the settlement in the club offices. Ibra closed his time at Barcelona with much noise and bad temper. A common pattern in his career.

Already in his time at Ajax showed his impulsive character. His victim was Mido, who threw a pair of scissors to the surprise of a wardrobe 'ajacied' shocked. In its selection has ensured feel "strange" in more than one occasion and your relationship with reporters his country is full of tensions. "If I had my way, would be far from you" I laughed in his face.

Also in the Inter tightened his club when, tired of the catcalls, silenced the home crowd. In Barcelona never fit well be a chorus girl in the orchestra over Barca. His start in the team was hopeful, splendid numbers in hand, but hinted at problems of lace. Footballer Pendulum, very prone to disconnect, not mixed well with the energy and intensity that requires football squad. "In Italy the team depend on three or four players that make the difference. The others are to do the dirty work. In Barcelona the 11 are active. Everyone participates, "recently admitted in 'El Pais'.

Pep striker thought of him as did the original plan buoy technician always thought of his Barcelona with nine of these features but what ended up prioritizing Factor 'Messi'. Guardiola was clear that the team had to take more Argentine Leo went on to play "nine liar." The explosion of 'The scoring in this position in. Do sentenced Ibra, who found no place in the team's new look.

Tired of the Pep deference to the Argentine, the coach demanded similar treatment, recalled his star status and pulled a dress later catalogaría "low profile". Sweden was seen to get along with players such as Keita, Piqué, Abidal and Maxwell but lacked chemistry with some of the heavyweights, especially with Leo, which also seemed uncomfortable with Ibra in the field.

His appearances in the starting lineup became increasingly intermittent and eventually became deputy. During that time he never complained publicly, but his agent Mino Raiola raised the tone in more than one occasion against Pep. "Guardiola and Cruyff should go next to a mental hospital. Pep is not as perfect as people want to believe. Having trouble with himself. " Ibra ended up altering Guardiola that in the first meetings with Rosell sent a clear message: I don't want it in the team." Little cared the 22 so many that it marked with the shirt of Barcelona '16 in League in 29 parties.' There was no trace of Ibra who popularized the catchphrase `sono molto happy ¿. Two seasons later the Swede seems ready to move on: "What happened, happened, Pep is a fantastic trainer and we must move forward, not looking back." (via SPORT)

Iniesta and Van Bommel faces after the polemic final of the World cup again

Barca-Milan tomorrow will also serve to recall part of the battle of July 11, 2010.

If a player is better than anyone the values ​​of fair play by Andres Iniesta. Despite being the victim multiple times on the hardness of rivals, usually holding on but one of the biggest games of his life. Mark van Bommel poked him in such a way the World Cup final in South Africa that made him lose his temper. The manchego could no longer be stirred into action and risked a red card minutes before scoring a glorious goal in overtime.

Iniesta and Van Bommel will be back tomorrow to see the faces wearing the shirts of Barcelona and Milan respectively, in an encounter in which the Dutch manchego not expected to return them to act rudely in Johannesburg. Andres lost control and he explained in an interview to 'France Football' that "rarely get angry only when the opponent is out of malice or bad faith. I thought that was impossible, but after what he did ...". Van Bommel

To one of the many entrances of Van Bommel, Iniesta pushed slightly and the Dutch feigned aggression. The referee, Howard Webb, he looked good and did not sanction the Fuentealbilla, who returned all the blows with a goal anthology. Interestingly, both players are now in the official press conferences. (via SPORT)

"It doesn't pass anything... against Milan will be different"

"These things tend to happen sometime during the league, but we are warned," recalled the team Pep Guardiola.

No shouting, no anger, no reproach, no wake-up call, no ... Nothing at campion. Pep Guardiola faced the day after the first setback of the season under an atmosphere of total tranquility and naturalness, as if to somehow move on from what happened last Saturday in Anoeta. "It's okay," were his first words yesterday when he met with his men for a few minutes before the workout. "These things tend to happen in the league, but now we are warned," said the coach, knowing that they have lost two important points, and the League this year will be more expensive than ever in terms of points left behind, but also that the road is very long and it has only just begun.

In fact, this result was partly to him either to stop the onslaught Guardiola of euphoria that raged in the environment Blaugrana after winning two Super Cups and the 'little hand' against Villarreal at the premiere of the season. The Royal Society has demonstrated what the Santpedor preaching from day one that sat on the bench the first team: "If we do not run or work as they come, we will not win."

In any case, Guardiola refused yesterday to get the whip, perhaps because they consider it very unfair abroncar his men to the first hurdle when they have amply demonstrated that they can overcome all odds. Therefore, his speech was positive and optimistic, haranguing his family to a different image against Milan at the premiere of the Champions League at the Camp Nou: "I am convinced that against Milan is all very different."

And is that Barcelona will not only exercise the stands as 12th player but also jump into the field with all the heavy artillery, which set aside part in the match against Real Sociedad. Who more or less I have clear Mascherano, Puyol, Abidal, Messi, Iniesta and Villa on Saturday ¿players started the game on the bench will they be in the starting lineup tomorrow.

There is no doubt that the best of yesterday is that Guardiola's men needed no touch of attention or any ultimatum to realize that they had not done things quite right in Anoeta and had to correct some details of the future.

As anticipated Blaugrana coach a few weeks ago, to the Villarreal game was more or less the preseason, with two titles in the bag, so yes, and from the game against Real Sociedad began the season at least competitive, because from now strung one after the other parties' Two a week With the entrance of Champions. And in Europe there is no turning back ... (via SPORT)

There will be imminent summit between the father of Neymar and Santos

The scenario on the future of the pearl of Santos changed last week after transcend the interest of Barcelona.

For this reason, the father of Neymar publicly asked the president of the "Peixe", Luis Alvaro de Oliveira, a meeting to try to clarify the situation and to avoid, mainly the performance of the player is affected by the maelstrom of news and the pulse Barca and Real Madrid are contract maintenance.

The father of the footballer, who has always had a quiet position, want to hear first hand what the official position of the club. This meeting could be held today at the Vila Belmiro, or along this week, can be used by Santos to present the foundations for a new contract. Apart from improving the emoluments of the player, it would expand its buyout (45 to 55 million euros) and duration (2014 to 2015). Upon termination of the agreement, signed after Neymar arrive in Cordoba, where the early hours of Wednesday to Thursday disputed a friendly against Argentina. (via SPORT)

[Former player] 'Ibracadabra' lives a love affair with the 'Rossoneri'

Milan tifosi are delighted with the performance of Swedish. San Siro has surrendered to the forward.

I'm motivated like never before in my career. I've played in many teams, but this is the best t-shirt, more beautiful. " Ibra's words in his presentation at Milan in Italy was received with skepticism. It is well known tendency to change the Swedish air, with only 29 years, has already played in clubs such as Ajax, Juventus, Inter, Barcelona and Milan.

A year later the Swede living a love affair with the 'Rossoneri', delighted to see win a football player with a past interest. Ibra has not yet demonstrated the level of his time at Inter, but has found a hobby especially grateful, less prone to scrutiny, historically given to their players.

On the steps of San Siro and hangs a banner with the face of Swede and a known message, "Ibracadabra." The striker is at your leisure in Milan. We know beyond dispute. Kicking is allowed at the shoulder to fellow jokingly while stressing the virtues of clothing "The atmosphere is fantastic, there are good vibes and no matter if you're Brazilian, African, Swedish, Czech, Barça was as mature as players here, "he said in ' El País'. Ibra has also found an ally in Allegri, a technician from the first day he gave gallons star. Ibra plays for AC Milan and Swedish responds with goals and assists. "It's as good as Messi, but sometimes you need a beating to stimulate, not to fall asleep. They serve both the carrot and the stick, as it has a strong personality. "

The field has found great partners in Robinho and Cassano for which has special sympathy. The course last started the frame even large businesses in the classic against Inter what gave hope to his people after he starred in the Champions League with goals in the league.

Allegri barely rested, suffered discomfort and fizzled down the stretch. Two controversial deportations they keep playing several games. His performance in the playoff round against Totenham confirmed its poor impact on the European top in recent years. League championship, however, learned to glory for a hobby that relies on the Swede to lead the team this year. (via SPORT)

[Youth] FCB Juvenil 4 - 0 Manlleu

The Juvenil A's needed 53 minutes to break the deadlock, but after this first Quintillà's goal has remained to secure the victory and was undone by the Manlleu 4-0.

After thrashing at Huesca in the first game of the season (0-7), the Juvenil A azulgrana has added three more points with a win (4-0) brewed in a big second half. The Manlleu had won the first round by killing (3-0) and in the first half against the Juvenil A, has justified his good start to the season with a very interesting staging.

Barca dominated, but Osona defended well and generated hazard against. The distant shots of Jordi played in Quintillà and Cristian Herrera speed were the main points of Juvenil A with the passing of the minutes grew and approached.

A great shot by Jordi Quintillà in minute 8 of second period broke the game. The great physicist Manlleu wear and heat have made ​​the visitors could not be kept alive in the match. At the exit of a corner, Patri, timely, made ​​it 2-0 on 62 minutes of the match. And to dispel any visitor option, Cristian has signed the third goal when 20 minutes left for the final after a generous action of Sandro. The 4-0 final has gone by Ernesto, which exceeded the goalkeeper with a good header. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona: Miguel, Carlos Julio, Bako, Ayala, Grimaldo, Patri, Calvet, Quintillà, Cristian, Moreno y Miguel Ángel. También han jugado Sandro, Ernesto, Nando and Brian.

Manlleu: Simón, Freixenet, Marcos, Ángel, Aitor, Nilo, Javi, Pablo, Youssef, Juan y Arnau. También han jugado Gutiérrez, Eric and Albert.

Goals: 1-0, Jordi Quintillà (min 53); 2-0, Patri (min 62); 3-0, Cristian (min 70); 4-0, Ernesto (min 77).

Referee: Sánchez Aparicio.

[BarçaB; Liga Aderante;week04] FC Barcelona B 2 - 3 Deportivo

The Miniestadi have to wait another day to live Barca's first win at home to Eusebio Sacristan. Deportivo On paper was a much more experienced rival. And is that despite playing second division this year, the whole still retains much Coruña players last season were at first. And this is still a good weapon for Galicia.

In the first 45 minutes of play the Catalans have had the ball but Eusebius has cost them to generate chances. Quite the opposite Deportivo Coruna, who has made ​​good use of their arrival. A disallowed goal in the 8 was the first warning before a minute later opened the scoring. Filed good center who headed in Lassad.

The subsidiary has sought to pause the game but the sport very well planted on defense, has used the counter to continue hurting the team FC Barcelona. In 29 has reached the second Depor with the same characters as the first. Guardado has ventured into the area and the bounce has gone to the foot of Lassad has seen door. Guardado then Minho has surprised with a great goal from midfield pushing up the third.

But with 0 to 3 on the scoreboard, Barca's youth have not dropped their arms. It was in 36 when Montoya has come almost to the bottom line, focused and has topped the ball Rodri.

With the arrival of Gerard Deulofeu the start of the second part, Eusebio has got the inspiration that wanted. With the presence of player Riudarenes the tempo has increased and the club B has been the clear dominator. The chances of Bartra, first, and Rodri then the club have shown that B could be traced.

When there were 15 minutes remaining, the team Barcelona has cut the gap with a goal after two good saves Rafinha of Aranzubia. The club has taken moral and fought until the last minute to get at least a draw. Eusebio has risked making the midfielder go instead of Carmona in Bartra. But the losses of time and a last chance Rodri, who could not finish for very little, have come to Barca B. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona B: Miño, Montoya, Bartra (Carmona, 86’), Dos Santos, Rodri, S. Roberto, S.Gómez, Kiko Femenía (Gerard Deulofeu, 46’), Planas, Espinosa (I.Cuenca, 58’) and Rafinha.

Deportivo: Aranzubia, Aythami, Lassad (P.Álvarez, 69’) , Laure, Ayoze (Saúl, 40’), Guardado, Colotto (R.Castro, 75’), J.Vázquez, Valerón, Salomao and Bergantiños.

Goals: 0-1, Lassad (9’), 0-2, Lassad (29’), 0-3, Guardado (32’), 1-3, Rodri (36’), 2-3, Rafinha (78’).

Referee: Munuera Martínez (Valencia committee). Admonished Rodri (m.17), Sergio Gomez (M.60) by Barcelona and Ayoze (m.29) and Colotto (m.70) for Deportivo.

Incidents: meeting for the fourth round of the League Two Second Division match at the Barcelona Miniestadi to 4887 spectators.