10 September 2011

Barça will participate in the acts of La Diada

A wide representation of FC Barcelona will go to the traditional appointment of Diada of Catalunya.

FC Barcelona participates in the institutional acts again that every year to organize Generalitat to celebrate National Diada of Catalunya with a cortege that the president will head Sandro Rosell. The representation azulgrana will be composed by the technicians and the captains of the five professional teams of the club besides having the presence of great part of the Directive Meeting.

The acts will give beginning at 10:00h o'clock when the captains Carles Puyol, Fran Vázquez, Laszlo Nagy, Beto Borregán and Javi Rodríguez deposits the floral shield in Rafael's monument Casanova. Sandro Rosell will accompany them with a field of roses for, later on, to listen the national hymn of Catalunya.

The Grouping Barça Players will also participate in the floral offering with Ramón Alfonseda, and the former players Ferran Olivella and Pere Valentí Mora, to the front.

To finish, at 12:00 o'clock, the vice-president of the Institutional Area, Carles Vilarrubí, will attend the act that the Government of Generalitat and the Parliament organize in the Park of Ciutadella inside the commemorative acts of La Diada. (via SPORT)

Barça, to Anoeta with the great captain

Barca visit Anoeta with all the available template Pique and Puyol least as big news.
Guardiola, who will make rotations thinking about Milan, retrieves Adriano, Maxwell and Afellay.

For once the commitments of the league teams during the break have not passed the 'FIFA virus' at Barca, who has not only lost a player through injury, but has used the league to recover resting four were in nursing: Afellay, Maxwell, Adriano and man of the day, Puyol, who at 33 years in Donostia restart his career after overcoming an injury that haunts him for eight months. The four entered yesterday's announcement of 20 Pep Guardiola and today will be in Anoeta willing to help the team to maintain that its last public appearance against Villarreal in the league (5-0), achieved the closest thing to excellence. Only Piqué, the only one still low, you lose it.

The great captain back at the right time, with Milan visiting Camp Nou on Tuesday in another Champions of vertigo and a lot of head rotations Guardiola. "Puyol is always a guarantee of effectiveness," he said yesterday the coach, but there was no need to explain it in words. Last season he showed his faith in the central dosing to play only four games since Jan. 22 was detected in the vast tendinopathy outside of the left knee. And what games! Three classics of the holder (1-1 in Madrid in the league and 0-2 and 1-1 in the semifinals of the Champions) and the Wembley final against Manchester United (3-1), but coming off the bench at the minute 88 as a prize of La Pobla appreciated, but he knew a bit because it had reserved to risk everything. Returning from London on June 1, underwent arthroscopic surgery to remove a loose body cartilage from the femoral trochlea. And after a summer of double sessions, Puyol back today to be a footballer.

But no one can move the captain will hold given the high performance of Mascherano, Abidal Busquets and even in their area. Nor is it easy to see a starting lineup. Against Villarreal sat on the bench Xavi and Villa, while Alves was in the stands through suspension. Pep opted for a 3-4-3 that day whose continuity is unknown. The logical thing would be a return to a 4-3-3, with Alves on the side. But with Milan just around the corner, today everything is possible, even the substitution of the two signings, Cesc and Alexis.

Puyol also becomes one of the stadiums where they are most admired. He and Barca, whose relationship with la Real has always been excellent, especially at hobbies. But make no mistake. The good cheer is one thing and racing is another. This is confirmed by the numbers: up to 10 of the 15 visits that have taken a Anoeta Barca since it opened in 1993, la Real was able to add one of the game and the field in San Sebastian is the eighth in the least time has been imposed. The last example, the day of the last 34 League, when Real came from behind to win 2-1 in a boat that may be relaxed, even in the setting of the alignment, because Madrid had thrown the towel in the fight for title to lose against Real Zaragoza at the Bernabeu. Today will be the reverse: the club plays at 18 hours and 20 hours Madrid against Getafe. A good time to start pressuring the great rival ... with permission of the Real, also three points behind 1-2 in the French Gijón because Montanier on the bench and a new generation of homegrown talent, as happens in the club, returns to excite. (via MD)

The refuge of Pep Guardiola

The "small little office" that Guardiola spoke just over 20 m2 and has no windows.

Under the dark, just avoided on a light bulb weaker, just that one voluntarily, on a working day locked in a windowless office, away from the hustle and bustle of the Ciutat Esportiva but in the bowels of the Nou Camp inseparable , has found refuge there particular Josep Guardiola, Barcelona coach the best of all time. "It comes down to an instant, the moment gives me more joy. Before each game, one or two days before I go to the basement of the Camp Nou, where I have a small little office and I close with two or three DVD's that I prepare (...) and then the opponent is when it comes acojonante.'m trained to live that moment (...). "We have it. Tomorrow we will win '." He described yet Guardiola discovered his secret lair far during the speech in the Parliament on the occasion of receiving the Medal of Honour.

The firm in question has little more than 20 square meters and was inherited in its present dimensions by Frank Rijkaard. Before I lived in Louis van Gaal, its first tenant, and Serra Ferrer and Carles Rexach, but they had more yards. A remodeling made during the reduced Rijkaard coach's office to create two more and make room for his two assistants.

Guardiola has customized its dominance with a photograph of his sons and a deliberate sobriety, nothing can distract the genius he pondered how to disarm the opponent. Just a computer (with a big screen, though, for viewing the abstracts), two chairs and a sofa for a possible visit, no closures for the duration, a table, a telephone and a blackboard. Nothing more. Although in his speech spoke for an hour or two of meditation himself, who live with him and know his escapades at Camp Nou talk sessions four or five hours until his brain is activated and the appropriate key victory anticipala in his head. The silence is almost sepulchral. It must be so.

It was in its second year, once installed in the Ciutat Esportiva when he discovered the need to escape occasionally from the Madding Crowd (Pep, for their dedication, countless daily dispatches personnel) to study the next game calmly. He did well and repeats every week. He takes refuge "by himself with his football," as a trusted person, in the afternoon, a day or two before the games.

His office of the City Esportiva is more mixed bag. Collect gifts, reports, DVD's and not ordered until the mess is binding. But there's mystique. Yes there is two meters below the Camp Nou. (via MD)

[Barça B] Eusebio retrieves the five international

Barça B can recount against Deportivo with Montoya, Planas, Bartra, Sergi Roberto and Tello. These five players who missed the party of Cartagena have exercised Wednesday by the subsidiary.

Montoya made ​​his debut with the Spanish team but was called by Del Bosque in matches against Chile and Liechtenstein.

The full-back of Viladecans rejoined Barça B's practice Wednesday along with four international under-21 (Bartra, Planas, Sergi Roberto and Tello) who returned to play against Georgia. All of them could not participate in the rout of Barca B in the area of Cartagena (0-4), but now opt to join the call for Eusebio for Barca B-Deportivo This Sunday (20 h).

The only players who are not eligible to Deportivo are Muniesa, Ilie and Soriano. Ilie Sanchez evolves surgically successful intervention practiced three weeks ago, m hile the deadline for the reinstatement of Muniesa and Soriano is two to three weeks.

Sunday 11:
10 h Benjamín B-San Gabriel
12 h Juvenil A-Manlleu

Barca B-Deportivowill be seen delayed on Tuesday 13 at 17 h. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Armando, captain of Barça B unanimously

The center-back is serving her third season at Barca subsidiary, which has earned respect worldwide for its commitment and professionalism.

One of the reasons why Armando decided to follow this season with Barça B were his companions. The center of Motril has a great heritage in the rest of the squad and the proof is that he was elected captain unanimously.

This will be his third season at Barca and subsidiary is not a squad formed in La Masia, but it is a reference for all in terms of behavior and professionalism. Cartagena arrived from the first year of Luis Enrique and since then has earned respect around the world.

Last year, in fact, it was second captain behind Víctor Vázquez. Behind him was Jonathan Soriano, Andreu Fontàs. The vote came after the first league match, against Villarreal B. At that meeting Armando and wore the bracelet, although the decision was the technicians who maintained the hierarchy of last season. Armando is the oldest player in the template. He is Jonathan Soriano, whom the team has chosen vice captain. In addition, Rubén Miño will be the third man in the group of captains, while Marc Bartra and Jonathan dos Santos will be fourth and fifth, respectively. The fact of having a fifth captain is due to As Bartra and Dos Santos were on the feedback of their peers.

Returns to international Eusebio

Coach subsidiary, Eusebio Sacristan, counted from the international Wednesday with Montoya, who did not debut with the absolute-Tello, Bartra, Sergi Roberto and Planas, who participated in the double battle of the sub 21 with Georgia. The five will strengthen the squad for tomorrow's visit of Deportivo. Only three players still unable to return the group to be injured. They are Ilie, Muniesa and Soriano. (via SPORT)

Pep doesn't think, at the moment, in Neymar

Pep Guardiola's first team coach, but leads the sport in the plot decisions. However, that does not mean that it is aware of all movements made in the club. At least that's what they said at a news conference yesterday, explaining that Neymar is now one of his concerns.

"When the market closes, I do not think signings, neither high nor low. That the club continues to work? Of course. What tells me? No, "said Santpedor yesterday on the steps that have been made around the figure of Santos striker, and has led Barca to have controlled his transfer if, when the day, we decided to incorporate it into the template Blaugrana. Pep Guardiola said that the information will come "when it suits, when he plays." The coach is focused to the maximum in the competition, which returns this evening with the League and the schedule leaves no time for other subjects other than prepare each of its commitments to the team in the coming weeks. And it will do with the players that form a template already closed: "With this win or lose. With them will be to the end and I doubt anyone else come in December. We also have the subsidiary if necessary, "argued the coach. Pep says stay away from work that the club is doing around Neymar. At least for now and until your turn to make a decision. (via SPORT)

The duel between Alexis and Bravo paralyze Chile

For two hours, thousands of miles Anoeta, a live country pending the league. Crack star Barca and Sebastian are to blame.

Cornella, more or less midnight on Sunday September 4, two types are greeted warmly before leaving with a "see you on Saturday Anoeta." Nothing more, nothing less than Alexis Sanchez and Claudio Bravo after falling defeat against Mexico in Cornella-El Prat. Since then, total silence between Barca and another crack of the major reference of Chilean football. "Really we have not called this week. Among America's Cup with the selection and concentration almost every 20 days, one is saturated and want to disconnect from the rest, "says the goal of the Royal Society.

Whatever. This afternoon, Chile will stall pending the TV. The match between Real Sociedad and Barcelona face a big star like Bravo before a national idol, Alexis. A face to face unequal from the point of San Sebastián. "For us it is a privilege to compete against Barcelona. We saw what happened the day of Villarreal, but not afraid. It is normal that the best team in the world passes over the rest. "

While Claudio Bravo overcomes his fears, Alexis continues its process of adaptation. Pep pampers and entitlements with alternating doses substitutions. All Chile expects Guardiola opted for his star in Anoeta and reserve against Milan. The goal alerts. "The boat is full of stars and not care who plays. I can only tell people that in the case of Alexis Sanchez will soon see a phenomenon on and off the pitch. " So be it. (via SPORT)

League is back!

The seven clásicos last year has become a continuous League clash between Barcelona and Madrid but missing three months for the match at the Bernabeu.

With a calendar and more twisted than ever trompicado (postponed the first day, break of selections after the second date ...) returns the league. Reactivates the eternal duel in the distance between Barcelona and Madrid, this time with Real Sociedad and filed as rivals Getafe. Missing thirteen days for the clásico December 10 at the Bernabeu, but it seems that the championship is reduced exclusively to the struggle for hegemony between Blaugrana football and meringues.

Josep Guardiola league picks up the thread with the same pattern as always: Touch warning his players for the 'FIFA virus', which have been observed at the level of injury, do not pass bill as an expense. Last season the bill was high, a draw at home to Racing, a 0-2 against Getafe worked-rival tonight and sounded stumble against Hercules in the Camp Nou (0-2).

Certainly the circumstances are different. If at the beginning of the academic year 2010-11 the club could hardly do preseason in 2011-12 Guardiola has been prepared in conditions. The only handicap, lesions were primed especially the defensive line. The sensations transmitted by the team so far were excellent winning two Super Cups and, above all, beating a hipermotivado Madrid.

Barca will play this afternoon to flip the insubstantial 2-1 on their last visit to Anoeta. Then the loss to the Real Sociedad had no consequences beyond alirón postpone the 'Pep Team', as agreed with Madrid's 2-3 against Zaragoza. You are now in a very different scenario. A four-day debut in the Champions League against Milan, the club has to play seven games in 23 days. Shall attend the European front, but should also be aware of the challenge he has launched the Real Madrid at home: Jose Mourinho has set a target score thirty points at stake over the next ten days convinced that Real could strengthen the lead in the standings.

In fact, estimates of the Portuguese coach is not farfetched because in the last league team scored 32 out of 36 possible points (almost 89%) against the rivals of the meetings that will play before el clásico, while Barca won 30 points of 39 (almost 80%) during the same calendar. Some figures estratosféricas on the part of both teams but that, of repeating, in this case they would be enough so that the Real one confronted el clásico of December with two advantage points.

Therefore, the only option for 'Pep Team' is to remain faithful to his style: to overcome the 'FIFA virus', not to undervalue la Real Sociedad and start this afternoon with a win in San Sebastian to Madrid force to contest its first derby of the year, against Getafe, with the pressure that the Blaugrana have done their part. Given the superiority of the Blaugrana and meringues, almost no one bets that the Real or 'Geta' can spring a surprise. The ideal scenario for the 'great' to sleep and stop somewhere along the way ...

One can win first place

Barcelona and Madrid showed that power in the premiere league (thrashings Villarreal Zaragoza 5-0 and 0-6) that when assessing how to define the lead of the classification is no longer simply talk about the points added but how many goals can make. The superiority of the two the rest seems so abysmal that even though the championship has barely started, already assume their triumphs. It is very likely to win two today, but goals can be placed first at one or the other. (via SPORT)

Jorge Valdano doubt Neymar

The former sport director of Madrid highlighted the virtues of Neymar, but also showed his doubts about acclimation to Europe: "He has great talent, it's fast, skillful, imaginative, has a variety of resources, but dazzles with isolated actions and costs provide continuity and it is difficult to adapt to Spanish football, "he said. Instead, all were praise for Messi: "There is nobody like him. Is another step and eat in a separate table. At the age of Neymar had already raised a cup and it was compared to Maradona. At 24 all comparisons fall short. It is the best in a mediocre team like Argentina and the best in a great team like Barca. " (via SPORT)

Montanier: "Who wants to climb a mountain is not afraid of height"

The coach of Real Sociedad, Philippe Montanier dreams of a victory against Barcelona.
Coach Gaul, before training his team in the last session before the match tomorrow, said having a "highly motivated".

The coach of Real Sociedad , Philippe Montanier , dreams of a victory over Barcelona on Saturday and the difficulties that the company involved, said that "anyone who wants to climb a mountain is not afraid of height."

Montanier is a quiet man and nobody seems to alter your pulse, even a visit to Anoeta considered the best team in the world who recently gave one of his best images to thrashing at Villarreal in the first game of the season.

Coach Gaul, before training his team in the last session before the match tomorrow, said having a "highly motivated" and fight for surprise that he is already the best team "in the history of football ".

Montanier has asked his players to make their game and not worry about other issues and the possible debut of Kenyan Macdonald Mariga , has not wanted to say and has said it is a hypothesis.

The coach of La Real , which has held two closed sessions to work on the strategy of this game is not to give clues castled the starting lineup or on the players coming into the call out of respect to a template that has yet to close its preparation this afternoon.

Anoeta , on the other hand, is a full step and assume that in the coming hours will be completed to sell hundreds of tickets left at the box office after removal of the members that have paid in a day helps the club. They expect about 30,000 followers , with large presence of fans Catalans. (via MD)

The Oso Yogui 'traveled' with Barça to San Sebastian

The Barça trip to San Sebastian with the presence of the four recovered (Afellay, Maxwell, Adriano and Puyol) and a special guest.

The fact that the match against Real Sociedad is at 18:00 pm Pep Guardiola made decant a plan different from the usual trip. This time the expedition ship left the day before the party, preferring to rest in the Basque country, particularly in the Astoria hotel in San Sebastian.

The 20-man squad, among them the recovered Puyol, Afellay, Adriano and Maxwell, will thus have time to prepare the second league match of the year and who has not been too much preparation time after the two day international matches This week.

The trip served to the Catalans were honored by the crew. First, the airplane, the pilot was instructed to remember the technical delivery of the Medal of the Parliament d 'Or, prompting applause from supporters who accompanied the team. It was not the only nod to the crew in Barcelona whose players enjoyed a peaceful journey. On the fly, though, slipped a very special guest. "I want to highlight the presence of one of the great Spanish aviation, whom everyone called Oso Yogui." causing the pilot said to the laughter of the whole expedition. (via SPORT)

Ramalho: "Barca's style is best for Neymar"

Santos coach Muricy Ramalho, is clear that the club would be the best destination for Neymar if you leave the Santos after the Club World Cup.

Ramalho is clear that Messi is set to the style in recent years the club has become popular. Speaking to the second edition of 'grandstand' Ona FM, the coach opts for what would be the best destination for his pupil after the World Club "Today, the Barca's style of play is Neymar better. It is a team that plays looser and more technical, however, Real Madrid is more tactical. "

Santos coach has seen the progression of young footballer and he knows that he will at least until the dispute Mundialito Japan. And is clear that Neymar "is poised to be one of the great, you are ready. I think it is a good level, but for a Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo still has a long way, but it is on track."

For Muricy Ramalho, Neymar is "the best Brazilian player today. And I'm sure that in the 2014 World Cup will be the best." In addition, defined as a highly integrated player of his team to the locker room. "Neymar behave as is normal for a young player. He is always explaining jokes, listening to music ... it's a good fellow," he said.

Despite the interest from Barca and Real Madrid, Neymar follow orders Muricy Ramalho until December. From there, the player must decide their future. "It's their problem and those who drive their career, as his agent," the coach Santos. (via SPORT)

[Youth] "My knees prevented me to follow the one on the way to Bojan or Riverola"

The protagonist of this story is one of the many young people saw their future sporting ended prematurely because of an untimely injury.

Alberto Sabaté was cut short her dream of becoming a professional footballer but at least had the good fortune of sharing equipment with some players from Barca's youth system. His story represents an initiative that we launched a few days ago, so tod @ s that have been in the elite sport and you could not stay in it may tell us your experience .

At 21, remembers how not long ago and lived for football:

"I started playing 'The School of Barca' when he was 11. We trained in the fields of land next to the Camp Nou in the grounds of FC Barcelona. The first year I trained twice a week and party on Saturday.

At the end of the first season of the 200 children who played there, chose the top 10 to represent the Futbol Club Barcelona in different tournaments of Benjamin Fry. I was selected as a central midfielder to play for Barca team, where I met several colleagues as Bojan Krkic, Fran Merida (Atletico Madrid), Marti Riverola (Barça B), Ilie Sanchez (Barça B), Marc Martínez (Racing Santander B goalkeeper), Pep Caballé (Cornella player), Alex Bolaños (Irun player) and coaches as Josep Maria Rome until last year was coaching at Barça. At the end of my second year I joined Ferran Martorell by the Foundation, where I had the opportunity to train as a person and player. My parents decided this change, as they preferred and were played in forming a great team. The coach I had was Jacint Magriñà, at that time was only 19 years. Years later he became coach of RCD Espanyol and now handles school football for Dynamo Moscow, which joined last year for 3 seasons. I can say about the coach who was undoubtedly the best of my career and I feel great admiration for him.

Ferran Martorell met in addition to large players such as Marc Fernandez (former player of Sabadell and current player of Cartagena), which scored the rise of Sabadell last season. Last year I played there I became the captain on several occasions. One of them in the final of the Copa Catalunya to play in the field against FC Barcelona Hospitalet and was televised on Channel 33.

I was forced to leave the Foundation Ferran Martorell because of patellar tendinitis in both knees. I've been doing rehabilitation and visiting a massage 3 times a week for several months until I thought I had recovered.

At that time the club called home Esportiu Europe, located in the Gracia district. I started training with them performing at a high level until he reinjured the knee. It was the same injury, patellar tendonitis. Visits to doctors and they told me that until we grow at all, I could not recover from injury.

I tried to keep playing until I had to say enough is enough that he could not continue to endure the pain.

I am currently in the final year of Business Administration in the Institut Químic de Sarriá, which also explores some of the Barca B players like Sergi Roberto, Marc Muniesa and a former teammate, Martí Riverola. "

Milan doesn't pass of the tie

The effective champion of Scudetto rescued a point before Lazio in San Siro (2-2) after going losing 0-2.

Barca's next opponents in the Champions League, AC Milan, was released in the Italian League with a draw. And at home. All the goals have been the first party to a spectacular start of the game. Lazio has put the fear in the body of the followers Rossoneri with only 20 minutes. First Klose and after Djibril Cisse had put the score 0-2 in the San Siro. But Milan has managed to level the match thanks to goals from Ibrahimovic and Cassano headed in a corner. With the tie at 2, came to rest.

In the second part, the team has had more Allegri times to get the comeback but in the end, the defending champion has opened the curtain of the Italian League with one point.

The Czech team has overcome Sigma Olomuc 2-3 in the sixth day of the domestic championship and it has provisionally been located sixth in the League to 5 points of Sparta Praga. Marek Bako twice and Daniel Kolar have set goals from Pavel Vrba trained together. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Anoeta and Atotxa, two difficult venues

Trips to Donosti have never been easy for Barça, whether that is to play at the old Atotxa stadium or the new Anoeta. But it is at Real’s current home where Barcelona have the better record.

Barcelona have never had it easy away to Real Sociedad. In fact, it has traditionally been on journeys to the San Sebastian that they have dropped a large number of points over the years. The pressure created by the passionate home fans and the hard-hitting Basque approach to the game have made trips to the seaside resort a difficult challenge for all teams over the years, and that includes FC Barcelona.

February 24, 1929 was the date of Barça’s first trip to Atotxa, and they lost 3-0, with the home sides goals coming from Kiriki, Bienzobas and Cholín Ignacio. That was the first of 20 defeats at the old stadium, where Barça last played on January 24, 1993, in a game that ended 2-2.

Barça picked up points on 25 trips to Atotxa, in the form of 10 wins and 15 draws, including a famous 5-1 rout of the home side in the 85/86 season, with FCB’s goals scored by Pichi Alonso (2), Alexanco (2) and Schuster.

Atotxa witnessed its last ever game on June 13, 1993, after which the team moved to its new home at Anoeta. Barça appeared there for the first time on January 21, 1994 and lost 2-1. But despite that unfortunate debut at Anoeta, the Catalans have a much better record there than they had at Atotxa. In the 15 games played to date, they have won five times, drawn six and only lost four times.

Of all Barça’s games at Anoeta, the one on October 15, 2000 was particularly memorable. Under Llorenç Serra Ferrer, they won 6-0, with all six goals coming in the first half, scored by Rivaldo (2), Alfonso (2), Luis Enrique and Simão.

The last trip there was not so positive. That was last season, when on April 30, with the league title as good as won, Barça lost 2-1 in their only away defeat of the whole season. However, two weeks, later they were celebrating their third league title in a row at Levante. (via FCBarcelona.cat)