08 September 2011

Abidal speaks sincerely about the future

The Frenchman wants to get back to the same form he showed before his liver tumour operation, and doesn’t want to negotiate a new contract until he has.

Éric Abidal has spoken sincerely about his health since undergoing surgery for a liver tumour late last season. Before that happened, he was one of the key players in the Barça team, and is now fighting to recover the same level of fitness. Abidal said that is the reason why he has yet to settle terms for his future at the club. “I have an offer from the club” he said. “I have spoken to Zubizarreta, but the first thing I told him is that I don’t want to mislead anybody”.

Abidal is still taking tests to make sure there are no recurrences, and his health is his main focus right now. He had said that his desire was to retire at Barça, but now knows that “life can change from one day to the next … I want to get back to my best. I know it will be difficult because we’re not machines”. He will speak to the club only when he is sure about this matter, saying that “out of respect for the club, I have to put my health first”.

Naturally, he wants to get back to his previous self as quickly as possible. Guardiola, and even though Abidal is clearly not 100 per cent, has been named in the squad for all official matches. Along with Valdés, Messi and Mascherano, the Frenchman played the 90 minutes of both Spanish Supercup matches, the European equivalent and the first game in La Liga. “In football, it is the mental aspect that gives you the strength to play in these games”, he said. “I make the effort because I like this job and because of my team mates and the club”.

On Saturday, Abidal could play his 100th league game for Barça, although this is not something to which he attaches any particular importance. He is more concerned about getting the three points at Anoeta after an international break that has limited the amount of training the team has been able to do together. But despite the inconveniences, Abidal insists that “we are ready for this game”.

Abidal also commented on how Pep Guardiola has been awarded the Gold Medal of the Parliament of Catalonia. “He is a great man for Catalonia because of what he has done both on and off the football field. He is the perfect coach, he has won everything and is great at communicating with his players. He is the image of the club, Catalonia, respect and hard work” said the French star. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

23 players at training

20 first team players and three from the youth team trained on Thursday morning on pitch 2 at the Ciutat Esportiva. It was the second to last session before travelling to Anoeta on Saturday.

With the internationals back on Wednesday, Josep Guardiola now has his full squad available apart from the injured Piqué to prepare for the game with Real Sociedad. The first team stars were joined to today by Pol Calvet, Sergi Samper and Miguel Ángel Sainz from the youth team.

There was a special guest at Thursday’s session, David Barrufet. The former handball keeper now works for the club’s Legal Services and was there to see everything that happened on the training field.

The first team has another session later today at 10.00, which will be the last before they travel north to San Sebastian on Friday afternoon. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex-president] Joan Gaspart: "Family, Catalonia and Barcelona"

"Guardiola is an award to a person, not the figure of the Barca coach. Pep receive this award not only for his sporting triumphs, but for what he has done to defend the Barça and Catalonia, to always leave the flag of Catalonia to highest level. This distinction is absolutely deserved to Guardiola person, who is also our coach.

Pep know a child and for him, the club has always been very close, very close. He wanted the club over many other things and I dare say that in life there are three fundamental elements: family, Catalonia and Barcelona.

His goal has always been to fight to improve Catalunya. In his figure, Barcelona and Catalonia merge, because achieving success as coach of Barcelona has also managed to convey what is and is Catalunya.

I am convinced that one reason why the Parliament gives the gold medal today is his attitude in victory or defeat. Pep has always been clear that his country is Catalonia and has always been willing to fight for his country and its people. " (via SPORT)

[Former president] Laporta: "The best image of the best Barça"

"The Barça belongs to the world of dreams and the history of Pep with Barca is one of the most beautiful. It is a unique story: a boy Guardiola, Barcelona's family, arrived at La Masia and play all the football teams base to the first team debut, winning the European Cup with the Dream Team, Captain and reference for new values, debuts as coach of subsidiaries in third, getting the promotion and confidence.

I'm happy to have helped build some of this history when we decided that if Rijkaard was not, his replacement would be Pep. Gather the values ​​to be the best coach in club history, with permission from Cruyff. I said so in his presentation. But Pep who has made a great decision that some understood to be risky. In life you have to be through thick and thin. No Pep or a server and, Cruyff or Txiki, or people like Rafa Yuste and Joan Patsy would doubt that the best football and successes. He deserves the unanimous recognition of Barcelona and football. In all honesty, effort and generosity. It is the best image in most universal Barça and solidary of the history, the standard of values ​​credited inviolable worth receptor Gold Medal of the Parliament. Catalunya is in luck.

There are too many moments and anecdotes with Pep to stay with only one, but I like to remember the day we went to lunch together to propose the position of first team coach for the 2008-09 season. He had spoken what he had backed-technical secretary, Txiki Beguiristain, who shared with Johan Cruyff Guardiola ensured the continuity of a model of success with a serious football, balanced, modern, attractive and attack. Pep as he heard me thinking about something, putting that face Murri. He said nothing until I gave a nearly mythical "Tindra not collons de fer-ho." I told him the decision was made, I had my complete confidence because I was convinced it was the ideal coach to lead the team after the departure of the great Frank Rijkaard, who admired Pep. I found that I was convinced that in its first year would win the league. It ruled in his word. Pep live and work hard and hit as many. " (via SPORT)

So Neymar, inside the field: Less individual of that than it seems and of the pleasure of Guardiola

Reports confirm that known associate, a key factor to come.

Neymar football love the club. And not only generically but also because it is technical and tactical qualities seen easily adaptable to specific game model of the Barca team practice, condition sine qua non 'when considering any signing. On the crack of Santos there is a widespread school of thought that sees him as a striker as good as individualistic. The follow-up has made him the club will not exactly on that line. True Neymar has an innate tendency to solve the plays himself, but at 19 he has already seen enough to see who can also join and exploit the support of their peers, which is essential not to squeal on the current style Barca game.

Like any dribbler, the first thing that happens in the head Neymar defense is to stop sitting on duty. But that's nothing negative. On the contrary. Barca technicians know that in today's soccer player who dares to face has a quality singularly valuable precisely because it is an increasingly scarce resource. For its own evolution, Neymar already making signs that he knows to raise his head to seek support: there's his goal against Flamengo anthology, which went around the world to confirm this dual role individually and collectively.

If you do not have that broad spectrum football, Pep Guardiola had never noticed Neymar. And he did. At Barca coach likes. In the Camp Nou perfectly imagine it acting on any of the two bands, preferably the left. Another thing is that when planning began for this season the coach being offered the chance to negotiate the incorporation of Neyman and then Guardiola would prefer to bet on other players that just need adaptation or European football or to Barca as Alexis Sanchez and Cesc Fabregas.

With knowledge of Guardiola at the club no one has forgotten Neymar. When the club moved card with a resounding performance so as to send to Brazil as much as his director of football, Raul Sanllehí is that Neymar is very present in all the Catalans. As MD has been reporting all week, the club thinks Neymar a bet with a good chance to succeed in the medium term football. The patience that has the player will be key in this story.

At football level, the idols of Neymar are Ronaldo Nazario, Leo Messi and their friend Ganso, of which is inseparable. Good sign. (via MD)

It is this way Neymar outside of the field: An obedient son that is already father to the 19 years

It accepted the paternal order of not to take crest and not to be tattooed until the 18 years.

At 19, already has more history Neymar many players on the day of withdrawal. It all began on February 5, 1992, when he was born into a family where soccer was very present. His father, Neymar, it was a player and he scored. He grew up in the first years of life in a poor neighborhood and punished for drug Mogi das Cruzes, but later the family moved to a more affluent area, near Santos. From his childhood he threw the ball and took his first steps playing football at the Clube de Regatas Tumiaru. At school noted particularly in the course of history and of course in physical education. The girls in her class Neymar was reminded that one of the leaders boycotting their volleyball games starting the network so that there solely to be played soccer.

He came to the discipline of the Santos with 12 years and said while with 14, did some tests at Real Madrid. The year was 2006. Three months were hard for him to heat his countrymen sought Robinho, Baptista, Ronaldo, Cicinho and Roberto Carlos ... But the 'saudade' beat him and returned to Santos to the sea. "Madrid was a cold and no beach. Luckily, elsewhere in Spain itself there is no beach ...", said recently, in another nod to the club. With 13 years first came on TV and slowly gained fame in Santos until in 2009 he debuted with the first team and he got the fame and money.

She now lives with his father, his mother, Rafaela and her sister, Nadine, in a triplex in an exclusive area of ​​Santos (Channel 5). They welcomed Joclecio friend of crack in the lower categories of Santos. Neymar has bodyguards for fear of kidnapping. The mother of Robinho, who spent a month captive, he scored in particular.

His first car was a Volvo XC60, his father's choice. Indeed, his father forbade him to wear tattoos. A few days ago convinced him to tattoo the name of his son, Lucca Davi, born recently. Because Neymar son, aged 19, and a father. Neymar Dad did not like the mohawk hairstyle he wanted to be his son, but at 18 the kid down the street pulled out of the way and took the ridge.

Like many boys his age, Neymar is 'flawed' video games, especially with the FIFA Street, FIFA Soccer and Winning Eleven, all of football. Furthermore, it lavishes on Twitter. His favorite drink is Coca Cola, said no alcohol test, but eats everything, is passionate about rice, feijoada, and steak frites. Another of his hobbies is collecting watches. At a musical level, likes hip-hop Chris Brown and pagode group Sorriso Maroto. (via MD)

Carlos Vela: "Barça is the best in the world"

It only takes a few weeks between us but to see him joking with Griezmann one realizes that Carlos Vela (Cancun-Mexico-March 1, 1989) is adapting to speed the Real Sociedad. On the first day he debuted as a starter in the Molinón and left feeling good. Now he dreams of having a good opening before their fans to the club of his great friend Cesc.

How was the child of Carlos Vela in Cancun?

I lived there until age 14. He had a very normal life, like anyone. I went to school and evenings, in my spare time playing football. I have three brothers are all men and all four got together to play two matches against two.

How is Cancun is aside from the huge resorts?

It is a normal city. We lived in the downtown area. We went to the beach one day but not every day you have time to be on the beach.

He suffered a major hurricane ¿typical this time around?

Just the year I joined Arsenal and I came to Europe was a very strong, the strongest of recent times. My family lived, are difficult times, but fortunately there were no regrets too much damage. We are ready for that kind of thing.

¿I played in a club in Cancun?

Until I got to Guadalajara was not in any professional club. Here in Cancun I went to a football school, but in Guadalajara and I took football more seriously and I ask myself the goal to reach first. At that time, had to leave Cancun if you wanted to be a footballer.

Then comes the FIFA U-17 and changes your life, right?

That's right. I had two years playing in Guadalajara and in the way that World Cup was that changed everything. We were champions, I was top scorer, I revealed to the world three months and no tab Arsenal.

How a Mexican boy adapts to life in London?

He was to leave everything, start from scratch. I left my family, my friends, my country, without having played in the First Division without having experienced many things that I would have liked to live ... But if there was going to London at the moment, perhaps he would never again have the chance and then I decided to leave to try one of the large and the Arsenal and have no regrets. I might have liked that things had gone differently, but I'm very happy with what I have to live with the things I went through.

How are his first months in London?

Complicated. I went with my brother. It was difficult for us to be there alone because we did not know the language, but the people of Arsenal was always very aware, support and care and that made it a little easier. Then I had to leave from there for the issue of work permit and I came to Spain. This greatly facilitated my adaptation for language, and I had came in handy because everything was a bit more like what I knew in Mexico.

First to Salamanca and Osasuna then, What are your memories of those two experiences in Spain?

In Salamanca had a very good season. Then, we played Osasuna fight to the last date. It was a tough year, but the bad times make you learn to appreciate the good things that happen to you and positive moments. I think that this assignment was important to me.

Are you comfortable in Donostia?

Yes now I'm happy. I really liked what I've known I've had a good time and I am very happy. I'm living near the stadium, a little off center to have more peace of mind.

What I knew of Real and what has surprised you?

I knew it was a great club to record levels. He has won league titles, has had important players and we knew that was a major club in Spain. Fran Merida had references from some friends in Spain I was told it was a great club and a great city. At this point I still was surprised because the people here has many levels. We have a great team and I think we can fight for more than permanence.

What position is most comfortable?

For me it is hard to be forward reference because I have the physique tends to have a '9 '. But it is a matter of the team suits me and I to the team. It's about time we understand and know where I can do better. The coach put me where you think you can offer more performance.

Having played at Arsenal, can we say that belongs to the same football culture that promulgates Montanier?

Yes There is not much difference. Obviously each has its particular stamp, but this style is not something you do not know or will be new to me. Just a matter of time I finished well matched. As the games go past weeks and I'll adapt and there will come a time when I pulled out my best.

For now, the start was excellent, right?

Sure. The good start makes people take trust, to believe in us. Now we play two tough matches but we must try. We must not give up anything and have to go out and fight.

Now it's Barcelona: What a team to debut at home ...!

Complicated. Today is the best team in the world. Everyone thinks we're going to lose and it's easy to get out more relaxed, knowing that we do not have much to lose and everything to gain. If we get a good result, the confidence will grow a lot.

In the Emirates, and saw his fellow Arsenal won at Barcelona. How do you play you get it?

It is very difficult to answer that question. Everyone does it and nobody has to know how he wins. When you have a good day is very difficult to beat. But we must try to push them a lot, not having space to think. And then try to exploit the opportunities we have.

You will know his new teammates last season earned him ...

Yes, but this is another league. Are beginning and want to win every game because they know that at least they neglect the Madrid goes. But we will give them battle and try to beat them. (via MD)

Ángel Torres: "In this cycle Barcelona is donkey to Madrid"

El Getafe president Angel Torres, went through ''Al Primer Toque' program 'Onda Cero', which presents and directs Angel Rodriguez.

"Real Madrid has more physical potential this season. It has a very direct football but is technically very good people. Barcelona plays in memory even after five years there are many people who start to get bored. It is true that the cycle is good and is donkey to Madrid, but I think this year with reinforcements when Madrid is working, "said the president of Getafe. (via SPORT)

Barça and the Consultation Qatar brought near postures

The board said the decision to carry advertising for the foundation catarí some members of the platform.

FC Barcelona and Consultation Qatar positions came after more than an hour meeting at the offices of the Catalan club in the afternoon yesterday. The meeting was attended by among others the president Sandro Rosell Jordi Cardoner and managers, responsible for social and Toni Freixa, spokesman for the club. Also present during much of the talks Murtra Evarist former director, who mediated between the platform and the club at the start of the initiative to consult Qatar, which intends to submit to a referendum with the decision of the club members to bring in T-shirt advertising the foundation Catari.

As assured SPORT, Qatar The Consultation policy dialogue with Barca was developed in a mediator and as a result its members are considering whether to seal the initiative today and take for finished collecting signatures for the referendum .

This was stated by Carles Font, a spokesman for the platform yesterday at the offices of FC Barcelona, ​​which also stressed the harmony with Barcelona. "The meeting was very cordial with a very good climate in Barcelona. There have been many ideas together, many positive things. Of course the idea of ​​submitting the agreement with Qatar Foundation to the Assembly is a step forward. Now we have to meet to see what we decisió regarding the continuity or not the collection of signatures. We need to talk and communicate what we will do tomorrow. If we move or close the barracks. "

But it is true that there has been great harmony. " In Barcelona, ​​meanwhile, also stressed the "cordial" meeting and recalled the steps you should take any partner for this kind of thing. "They have to present a number of signatures equal to 5% of the members, that is over 8,500, five days before the holding of the Assembly of delegates," says Freixa. In this regard, Qatar has already Consultation collected nearly 5,300, a number that makes this group as "very viable" submit the signatures necessary the deadline.

In any case, was also Cardoner very conciliatory after the meeting. "It was a super friendly encounter. They explained the reasons for the president and ours, of what has been done and why it was done. Basically we all agree because it would have been ideal had followed our identity without advertising on the shirt. But they had obvious reasons for this decision ". (via SPORT)

Xavi: "Guardiola has revolutionized the world football"

Barca midfielder looks back on his career at the club and claimed the impact of Pep. "There will be a before and after in Barcelona".

Xavi Hernandez eats calmly record after record. A little less than a year surpassed Migueli and became the player with most games in club history with 581. And just over a week passed before Love and it is the player with the most titles in club history with 18. Yesterday he became the Spanish player field with more caps.

I have not seen him able to overcome much you try the 235 goals are goals from Cesar ¿
Ha ha! It is clear that the goals are not my thing. Not in a thousand lives to reach Caesar. I do not know if I get to 60 goals and already fourteen years in the first team. I'll leave for Leo.

Love you talked to lately?
No. Sometimes we agree on the Ciutat Esportiva. For me it was a reference squad. It was almost the first, which opened the doors to others. It is also a wonderful person who always has advice or an encouraging word to give you.

Come, take any blame for the record titles ...
No, no! For me it was an honor to beat Love Migueli and now I have spent many years playing at the highest level. Least one season, the rest I have complied with the injury and I was lucky that all coaches have confidence in me.

Of these 18 titles, is there one in particular that you save with special affection?
All titles are important, but it is true that the Champions are special. Especially the latter two. The Paris did not get time because of an injury, but Rome and London were awesome. The Wembley was simply extraordinary. It is the end all the Catalans will see years and years because there's always something to discover and enjoy. Another end I can say right now that was special was the last Super Spain for how we won and how.

Speaking of harder now, are you surprised by his substitution against Villarreal?
As much as I talk, Guardiola will decide. I have fourteen years in the first team and I never disobeyed a decision of a coach.

When did?
When he gave the order.

Did no track before?

Pep said after the match against Villarreal if they all understand and accept this team go far ...
you have every reason in the world. In the European Super Cup holder did not play Busquets and no one doubts its importance in the team. There will be times for all. Messi can not play every game because no human being who hold this pace.

Come on, nobody has won the title .
Whoever believes that with Pep has lost the battle.

But Fabregas said in an interview to SPORT would understand you or Iniesta complained if alternates .
I disagree. Here one party an advantage or favor. The past does not count. We are all equal and we have to win the day. No exceptions.

Were you surprised by the approach of 3-4-3?
But if we have played with three defenders Guardiola many times!


[Youth] Fran Sánchez, half life in La Masia

This year celebrates its fifteenth season in the quarry, head of the child, and is the oldest technical base of football Blaugrana.

The quarry is big blaugrana thanks to people like Tort, as Cruyff, as Benaiges as Guardiola, but also thanks to coaches like Fran Sanchez. This year we will train the child and fulfill his fifteenth season as coach of football at Barca. No other coach who add so many years.

Being the oldest of the house enables him to fully discuss the progress the club has experienced in recent years: "Since I'm here, playing philosophy has not changed ever. You have to have the ball and dominate the game. Of course, we started with the 3-4-3 and then switched to 4-3-3. In addition, Guardiola has given a big boost because their entire coaching staff has been very active with the football training. " Fran Sanchez enjoys working in such categories as child or juvenile, where learning is directed to "technical issues, use the two legs, dominate the ball with ease."

Further, aspects more tactical and competition. It is for this reason that a positive value during recent years as former players have arrived and Oscar Garcia Sergi Barjuan Junyent to lead cadets and youth: "They have experience in professional football and provide technical elements as I have not lived ". Again and phase, however, is vital for the growth of soccer. By Fran teams players like Sanchez have spent Jordi Alba, Thiago, Bartra and Montoya and that is exactly what suits him best: "The best thing is to see how players who have trained to become a site start in professional football" .

The issue of values ​​is not free nor taken lightly: "We must inculcate a kid, take this shield can confuse more than one show in that proud, but are taught to be the least of all. When you play at the club are closely watched and should be an example to all, on and off the field, "said the coach, who, though, acknowledges that the club must also win:" Whoever says otherwise is lying, although we do not want to win at any cost, but with our style, our way of being. And if we do not strive to stop doing it. " A Sánchez Fran not the bug bites big football: "I am privileged and enjoy, we have the best facilities and the players." (via SPORT)

The project of Barça seduces Neymar

The Brazilian press says Real Madrid's offer amounts to 6 million euros per year, while Barça only reaches 4 million.

Neymar is attracted to the club. Sandro Rosell, as it did in its day with Ronaldinho Gaucho, is convincing the player and his father, there is no better club in the world that Barca for Brazilian ace. The success of Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho Gaucho as certified. All of them, as now Neymar, were known by the public, but it just exploded to become the number in the Camp Nou.

Barca has made him the player's father to see that no other club on the planet, for his philosophy of play is up to the template that directs Guardiola. Neymar is very aware of it. Whenever you are asked by the European champion, their response has been the same: "the best team in the world and playing better."

If the two Spanish league are given slaps to hire, in part because the 19 year old striker has emerged in the Saints, a team mild, good touch, which seeks, above all, goals and offensive play . Neymar in love Brazil because power is an ecosystem that its virtues. The Blaugrana president told the footballer and his environment in the long run, no other club can offer the added value that involves dressing Blaugrana.

Economically, immediately, Madrid's offer is superior. They offer 6 million tab for 4 Barca, but instead, Florentino, as does his galactic wants 50% of his image rights (Barcelona relinquish it.) According to 'O Estado de Sao Paulo', Sandro told the player that Barça approach is different and that" the money will come naturally ", as with Ronaldinho, Messi or more recently, a turnover on advertising even more than Cristiano Ronaldo . An example is Nike stops in Barcelona Neymar if his contract of 800,000 euros per year is multiplied by three.

The way the club has been negotiations Barca has won the preference of Santos FC and the player himself. Real opted to hide, and as always did Florentino threatened to pay the buyout clause. Barcelona, ​​however, has been the face and started negotiations between clubs. Neymar has shown he has enough personality to decide your future. Last year, at age 18, he said no to Chelsea, who came with 36 million euros. This summer and slowed his representative, Wagner Ribeiro, who wanted to sell or yes to Madrid. The Mohicans' you know what the club has to offer, and indicating the Brazilian press, the future is not as white as the emphasis from Madrid. (via SPORT)

Neymar was in London with De Assis

Neymar and his father talked with Ronaldinho and his brother while the Brazilian press speculates the break in relations with his manager, Wagner Ribeiro.

Roberto de Assis, Ronaldinho Gaucho's brother and representative of players, denied in an interview with RAC1, at the request of the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, is acting as a bridge between Barcelona and the club Neymar to bring his move as much as possible .

Assis did not explain what is that on Monday, late at night in London, a city in the Brazilian team played a friendly against Ghana, was seen chatting to Neymar and his father alongside Ronaldinho Gaucho and his brother Roberto. The conversation took place at a time when the Brazilian press speculates on the breakdown in relations between the Santos striker and the player's agent, Wagner Ribeiro.

And on this occasion, the representative of Santos striker for Real Madrid tried, and presumably also for the club he left to accompany his pupil in the Seleção, as he had done so far. This was what caused the rumors about the rift between them multiply. (via SPORT)

Pep has prepared with mime its first institutional speech

Guardiola will be received at 19.00 by the president of Parliament, Núria de Gispert, and the president of the Generalitat, Artur Mas.

Josep Guardiola has been prepared with special care and sense of responsibility, his appearance this evening in the Catalan Parliament to receive the Gold Medal at first, given their total unwillingness to formal events and awards, was a bit reluctant . Then, as was digesting the news, he was happy and grateful to have received such recognition of the Catalan institutions more symbolism and weight in society.

Be the first time that the Barca coach has to make a speech institutional and Pep has drawn particular scrutiny because it causes enormous respect in Parliament speak. So careful and obsessive about details as Guardiola when preparing a game, things have been different from when planning their arraignment this afternoon. Do not hesitate to consult with the personalities of culture contained in his circle of friends.

The protocol provides that Josep Guardiola will be received Ersta at 19.00 pm by the president of Parliament, Núria de Gispert, in his office, where he also is the president of the Generalitat, Artur Mas. Here are directed to the auditorium of the Parliament where Mònica Evarist Terribas Murtra and footnoted figure of Barça. Acontinuación, singer Nina, accompanied on piano by Joan Monné, the poem `interpertará Solstici did Miquel Marti i Pol, the late poet with that Guardiola had a deep friendship and the singer herself has music. That's when you perform the ceremony and a speech Pep ten minutes will be reflected in the daily sessions of the Parliament of Catalunya. Then De Gispert intervene and More. The ceremony will close with the 'Cant dEls Segadors' interpreted by the choir of the Conservatory of Liceu.

The Parliament awarded the medal of honor technical Blaugrana last July 18 in recognition of his career as an elite athlete. It was a resolution adopted unanimously by the Bureau of the camera to the proposal of its president, Núria de Gispert, noting Guardiola their contribution to the projection of a cultured Catalunya, civic and open "and by" the values ​​that has been passed examples, such as sportsmanship, teamwork, effort and personal growth. " (via SPORT)

[Selection] Villa overcame Lineker and comes closer to Henry

David Villa is marking an era when the Spanish team scorers and their records are among the major European football legends level selections. With his brace against Liechtenstein, the Spaniard reached 49 goals, surpassing the 48 that got Gary Lineker for England. The next great striker who is within your reach is Thierry Heny, who scored 51 goals in his career with the French. (via SPORT)

Thiago, full-back of emergency

One of the great virtues of the staff of Barça is the versatility of his players.

Thiago Alcantara had acted during his training in virtually all positions in midfield and attack, but the match against Villarreal and, above all, in his official debut with the team showed it can also cover the right flank of the defense in emergency situations.

With the change of the system shown by Guardiola against Villarreal, with the 3-4-3, Thiago defensive coverages performed on the right, a feature that was emphasized in the match against Liechtenstein in Spain. The Blaugrana replaced Sergio Ramos and stood right winger to be false, leaving a defense of three more marked Busquets, Albiol and Arbeloa. Thiago started from the right, but free to join the midfield.

The player assumed the role change with ease and no problems will not be repeated if Guardiola Del Bosque need to relocate. Thiago said after the game in Las Gaunas that "I prefer to play right back to not being in the field. Always try to play in the position I play out. " The player believes he has trouble adjusting to the full-back because "you just have to occupy an area where you do not play much ball and more raw offensive defensive work."

Del Bosque also overwhelmed him with slogans before taking the field and his only advice was to "go out and enjoy and have fun. Nothing else. " The youth was "very grateful and happy to play with Spain." Thiago and can only play with the Spanish team after his debut, but said "the question was settled long ago. It's what I wanted and am very happy that the papers are also resolved. " Having completed the debut, the player is already thinking about the club and appealed to "get the batteries for the match against Real." (via SPORT)

Villa: "The change between Barça and the selection is Messi"

The Barcelona striker David Villa said the Colombian striker Radamel Falcao "is a sensational player" will win in Spanish football.

"I've seen him play for Porto and when he played the Europa League and is a sensational player. It is also a joy for all the Spanish come to our league and make it stronger.'s A player who is sure to make it here because it has conditions to do so, "he said in an interview broadcast on Colombian radio station Radio Caracol.

The Spanish striker, also spoke to the relationship of his teammate Gerard Piqué with Shakira, which he said 'are happy'.

"In this issue we're not involved much with Pique. Yes we have agreed and are two great guys that everyone can see how happy they are, but I think we should leave alone. I do not think we should charge them, enjoy their life, they are great guys, "he said.

The Spanish striker, who both achieved against Liechtenstein and added 49 goals with la Roja, also stated that the difference of going from playing the Catalan team to the brand selection Lionel Messi.

"The fact that Spain does not have a Messi is a little one, or better, the biggest change may be between a computer and another for the 'play' Leo ', there may come a difference," said' The Guaje '.

Villa admitted that, indeed, not many differences, because a significant portion of their peers 'Barca' is also the national team.

"Very different is the game between Barcelona and selection, because we repeat many players on one computer and another. In fact, this last call we are nine players from Barcelona we were with the team," he said.

"And about how to play the field is similar but the gameplay is a little different if," he said. (via SPORT)

Guardiola welcomes back his International players

Barça have welcomed back the 12 players from International duty. With only the absence of Piqué on the pitch, Guardiola began to prepare for Saturday's league match, away at Real Sociedad.

After a week without a large part of the squad, finally, on Wednesday afternoon, Pep Guardiola had them all back. After their commitments with their national teams, the 13 Barça Internationals returned to training: Messi, Mascherano, Alves, Alexis, Abidal, Thiago, Valdes, Iniesta, Xavi, Cesc, Pedro, Sergio Busquets and Villa.

Players who played for their national sides on Tuesday had a light session, focused on recovery work, while the rest, including the injured players Afellay, Adriano, Puyol, and Maxwell, all worked at one hundred percent to prepare for the game on Saturday against Real Sociedad.

The only player absent on pitch number 2 of the training ground was Gerard Pique, who did some work in the gym to help him recover from his injury.

The six B Team players who trained with the first team on Tuesday, did the same again this afternoon. They were Oriol Rosell, Gustavo, Gerard Deulofeu, Cuenca, Lobato, and Carmona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alves: "Leagues are won and lost at grounds like Saturday’s”

The FC Barcelona Brazilian full-back believes that the title won’t be decided only in the games against their more direct rivals, and highly values the games like the one this weekend against Real Sociedad.

"Although, in general, people think that the Leagues are decided in the games against the major rivals, I’d rather think that the League can be won or lost at grounds such as this Saturday". These are the words of Daniel Alves, who, at a press conference this Wednesday, wished to emphasise the importance of the match against Real Sociedad on Saturday. For Alves, it’s not just the Barça-Madrid matches that will decide who wins the League, and he used the last trip to Real Sociedad as an example, where Barça lost 2-1 towards the end of the season.

Alves also made it quite clear that the team is in great shape for Saturday’s game, and that the international games played over the past week won’t affect the performances of the Barcelona International players. "I think we've all come back in good shape. In my case, I played on Monday, and I’ve had time to rest and come back okay. We have enough days left to focus on the next game".

With regard to the integration of the two new players, Cesc and Alexis, Alves explained that it couldn’t have gone any better. "Cesc’s adaptation is no surprise to us. He already knew how Barça operated. He’d been here a long time. Alexis is from another country and another League, and it did surprise us a bit how well he’s integrated into the team. He’s a star and stars integrate with the group quickly. Alexis is one of those players who has a lot of fun with his teammates He’s very lively and spontaneous. We’re all delighted with them both" said Alves.

Puyol has been training with the other players for some days now. For Alves, this is great news, because "we all know he’s a fantastic character, and he’s vital to the team". Alves believes, however, that the level of the squad is so high "that if Puyol is missing, or Alves, or someone else, in the end it’s hardly noticeable…… the bar is set very high" he said.

About the rumors of a summer move to Anzhi, the Russian team who have signed former Barcelona player, Samuel Eto'o, Alves said this: "The rumors of their interest in me weren’t completely false. But it's not about money, because if it was I wouldn’t be here. I think the Barça project will go on for a long time and I want to be part of it. If I see that this project doesn’t fit into my plans, I’ll probably have to leave, but my dream is to hang up my boots here".

Alves also gave his opinion on his Brazilian teammate, Neymar, linked by some of the media with Barça: "You know what I think about him. I have a weakness for him, I’m his friend, and I’d like to have him by my side, but it’s his future and he’ll decide where to go. I wish him all the luck in the world". (via FCBarcelona.cat)