07 September 2011

[Former B player] Romeu: "I didn't find difficult to leave Barça"

Chelsea midfielder admitted that when the whole 'blue' knocked on his door he thought it "a little" but quickly accepted the offer and found that Guardiola spoke about his future.

Chelsea midfielder Oriol Romeu revealed Wednesday that he was a great effort to abandon the discipline of FC Barcelona, ​​where he played regularly in the subsidiary ranks of FC Barcelona.

In an interview to 'Ona FM', Romeu was made ​​clear that the decision to go to London with little hesitation. "It took me leaving the club. I have really looking forward to this new opportunity. When I proposed what I thought about it a bit but then did not hesitate to accept the offer, "he said.

Midfielder 'blue' also said he did not hold any conversation with Guardiola to know your impressions before the offer from Chelsea. " With Guardiola talked about my future and the club accepted the offer without problems, "he said.

Romeu said he did not think about the future and a possible return, but to seize the day to day British football. "Marcho thinking I have to improve a lot in London and the opportunities you can give me on a day to day" said the former Barcelona.

The new Chelsea player explained how he knew of interest 'blue' and their views. " I was quite surprised that my name was Chelsea but it's done and we must seize the opportunity to the fullest. I am very pleased by the reception given to me and I'm proud of it, "said excited.

The great valedor of the arrival of Romeu to London was coach André Village-boas that, as Oriol revealed, he was already interested in him in his stage in the Porto " I learned that Villas-Boas and was interested in me when I was at Porto, "he said, while he explained what the Portuguese expected of him. " I wanted a boost for the injury of Essien, who could play in that position and I guess he expects me to improve with time and you gain minutes and confidence, "he said.

Romeu also discussed the virtues of English football, which must adapt quickly. "It's different the way you play and train, is a more direct football. Here are more without the ball. It's a different style of football to be used" he said.

Former Barca player also commented on some aspects of the template 'blue' which did not hesitate to highlight the figure of their captain, John Terry the central English. " That impressed me most is Terry. By its nature, its leadership, an uncle very sensible. I was surprised, he's a captain, "said Romeu, which also revealed that Fernando Torres helped his adaptation ensuring that "Torres helped me the first day and gave me good advice."

Also in key club, Romeu confessed with a laugh in the locker room of Chelsea will send a message about his past Barca and quality that holds the template directed by Guardiola. " Sometimes they make a joke about the 'tiki-taka ¿of Barça "he joked.

Finally, had a thought for his former teammates, who are proud of his move to one of the great clubs from Europe. " All the former partners of Barça are very happy for my change and they wish me the best thing, he/she said. (via SPORT)

Barça contacts with Neymar with OK of Guardiola

Pep has given its approval to speed up the steps near the owners pass the Santos star, face a future that can.

It is curious that certain media crusade against Neymar initiated. A Brazilian international because the young cast keeps clear messages that he likes the club. Others, who claim to Barcelona, ​​do not know exactly why. The fact is that Barca controlling Neymar takes time, even before Florentino Perez tried to repeat the Operation Figo ', in which he has left the backfire.

The first question is clear and concise: Do you think someone who knows how the Barca fairly the entity will seek a rapprochement with Neymar without the 'OK' Pep Guardiola? Does anyone think Raül Sanllehí, director of football, traveling to Brazil for free? Does anyone think that the president Sandro Rosell has spent months working on the issue in their constant trips to Brazil behind the coach?

The truth is that in its day, the board informed that Neymar Pep Guardiola was shot. The president Sandro Rosell had first-hand, thanks to a personal friend who is part of the company that controls the young crack. Even that person came several times to Barcelona to raise the issue. Barcelona coach said it, but at that time preferred to Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez first targets vital to improve the template Blaugrana, as it was. But in any case, control pronucnió against a young talent that will be important in world football in the coming years.

It is true that Pep Guardiola and Tito Vilanova initially had their doubts about the image came from Brazil on the whims of a young talent who seemed to possess a special character a tad. But the 'staff' Barca coach could see Alves and Adriano because things were not so, the two Barca testified, after living in selecting which below the ridge leading to the mohawk on his head, there is a brain child of a privileged environment that controls normal good. Moreover, since the parent of a child 19 years and that friendship marca.Su Alves is a very important intangible entity for Barcelona. His 'sms' wishing luck to Dani before the Super Cup against Real Madrid is much more important than many believe.

Barca, as an entity, also sought information on Neymar off the field and the information received that the real foosball confira has nothing to do with who wanted to sell some.

Sandro Rosell has direct access to different 'owners' of the form Neymar, is reported to the minute and is carrying out a maneuver full of patience that is more pleasing to the Santos who relentlessly bullying the 'Galacticos'. Barca wants Neymar for the future, the Madrid now.

Real Madrid has a private document with the player (not valid with FIFA and even punishable by illegal under sporting rules) that is difficult to enforce if the club is serious. With Luis Figo was different because the penalty was for multi manager and friend, Jose Veiga, who first pushed the limit, then Barcelona, ​​for he left for Real Madrid. Now, Wagner Ribeiro, the player's agent at the time, refused to sign and if so the player, which gives much less pressure on the value of a private document.

In short, the club is there, Neymar controls and enforces its assets. Arrives or not depends, among other things, that Pep Guardiola necesite.Pero say that Barca coach wants or if Nole is the Brazilian would crack is deconocer reality, not be informed or simply want to play Barcelona to be president is not. (via MD)

Qatar, stadium without smoke and the tier of animation, in the agenda of the assembly of Barça

Ratification of the agreement with 'Qatar Foundation' approval for the Camp Nou in a smoke-free facility, as well as creating a degree of animation are among the items on the agenda of the Ordinary General Assembly of FC Barcelona 24th of September, announced today the club. These are the three basic axes of the meeting, the commissioners (representatives of the Catalan club) should endorse these three issues, in addition to approving the settlement of the budget last year and the next. After a group of members decided to create a platform called "Query Qatar 'to be discussed at the meeting whether or not to keep advertising Cathari in a Barca shirt, the board has decided to include this paragraph in the order of day, due to the sensitivity that exists in this point.

Another issue to be discussed is the possibility that the Camp Nou stadium will become a smoke-free. Initially in the interior halls and with the option that could extend to the stands in the future. In its day, the board justifies this proposal on the need to raise awareness of the values ​​of health, sport and the protection of minors.

The commissioners will also decide on the creation of a tier of animation. Initially thought the club open to non-member fans, but then corrected himself. From different areas had not been welcomed the initiative, after the episodes featuring groups of violent fans in the past, which was totally eradicated by the board of Joan Laporta. The idea of ​​the current policy is that the young Harrow is located in the lower north goal, is only for members, and has a capacity of 1,400 fans. The management team has ensured that all members of the stands will filter the cooperation and approval of the Catalan police, and there will be "zero tolerance for violence."

The Assembly must approve the settlement of the past fiscal year, which ended with a loss of 9.3 million euros (12.1 million less than budget) and the adoption of the following. Looking to next year, the management team will submit a budget to 461.1 million euros in revenues and expenditures of 430.2 million euros. After deducting interest expenses, the profit forecast is 20.1 million euros. At the annual meeting of the representatives of the partners are expected to attend the former president Joan Laporta, who in early July and announced their participation. Laporta, who as a former president's life elector, interpelaría announced that the team of Sandro Rosell on economic issues, the degree of animation planned relationships with Johan Cruyff and Unicef, among others. (via MD)

Benítez goes to Barça "for above" of Madrid

The coach said during the presentation of his official website that "Barcelona and Real Madrid are favorites to win the Champions League, but perhaps now the club is a step above".

The former coach of Valencia, Liverpool and Inter Milan, among other equipment, presented his personal website at the facilities of the Eurosport channel Paris, for which work as a commentator.

"You have to see how the season and how to reach each final sprint, "he stressed Benitez, for whom Barcelona" has been strengthened especially in attack, Cesc Fabregas and the Chilean Alexis Sanchez ", a player who has acknowledged that he wanted to Inter Milan.

With respect to Real Madrid, also said it has expanded its potential and "has become an even stronger block", coached by Portuguese Jose Mourinho.

On the figure of Mourinho and incidents between Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Super Cup, the Spanish coach has explained that " has created a difficult situation but Real Madrid has a very great and safe history know that the redirect. " (via SPORT)

Reixach substitute Cruyff again

As occurred in the 95-96 season, Catalan could return to replace the Dutch, this time as coach of the Catalan.

At least that's what it says 'EL9' in its edition of Wednesday. Explains this means, the president of the Catalan Football Federation, Andreu Subies not convinced the Dutchman Johan Cruyff as coach.

For now the coach of the legendary Dream Team is on vacation in his country, but in the Catalan Federation would already be thinking about his replacement. Cruyff was a gamble of former President Jordi Casals and the two parties that the combination has played with him on the bench has achieved victories. (via SPORT)

Guardiola - Montanier, first tame face to face

Barça and Real Sociedad managers will come face to face for the first time on Saturday at Real Sociedad. Both managers will be looking to win their second consecutive League game.

At 6 o'clock in the evening, and at a ground where FC Barcelona lost 2-1 last season, Pep Guardiola and Philippe Montanier will come up against each other for the first time as managers of their respective teams.

Born in Vernon (France), the manager of Real Sociedad recently joined the Spanish League, from the French club Valenciennes. The 46 year old manager had previously managed Boulogne, where he stayed for five seasons.

Montanier’s first game in Spain was pretty successful. His team, from San Sebastian, started their campaign with a trip to Sporting, and the visitors took all 3 points back home. Agirretxe was the author of their 2 goals, and they came away 2-1 winners. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Dani Alves already 'negotiated' in London for Neymar

The concentration of the Brazilian.

In Madrid are very angry with the attitude of Neymar, who believed the reason given to white. In an interview with FIFA.com, the Santos striker was poured praise on Messi and Barca, but what angered Mourinho and Florentino Pérez was the message of support sent to Alves in the preview of the Spanish Super Cup final. "Good luck, brother ..." he let out via twitter.

The right side is becoming the best 'business' of the boat, its most influential man. That could tip the balance. They are close friends and advice are always tinted Barca. If Neymar any doubts, it clears the city talking, club, clothing, Pep, success ... The catalog of reasons to convince you is very broad. Marcelo does not maintain a relationship as fluid and not in your group of friends.

Alves Neymar and are like brothers. At the rally in London these days demonstrated again joking all the time, in the privacy of the hotel and in training. Shared a room because it's not Goose but have done it before. They ate breakfast, ate and dined at the same table.

Alves admits having a soft spot for the Brazilian ace. I admire a lot and has never concealed that he would like to have him partner in the club. Moreover, when asked by reporters in Madrid, he admitted he is trying to convince him. "Please accept that the club is a great club and it would be welcome," replied. (via MD)

The report Neymar of Barca

Barca has collected references to crack and their families at home.
The last envoy to go to Brazil FC Barcelona has been Raül Sanllehí, director of football.

The machinery of the technical secretariat of FC Barcelona never stops. The best proof is that although Pep Guardiola has a staff of first class at his command, perhaps the best in club history, and Josep Maria Bartomeu Andoni Zubizarreta are already thinking about the future. And that future has a name: Neymar. A player who, if not twisted, is called to mark an epoch in world football. The Catalan club know and believe that fighting for his move to the limit for a striker by Florentino Perez also sighs.

In the offices of Camp Nou nobles known that Pep Guardiola does not like to move issues of signings in full competition, and unless you transcend, but the club can not stop and so has launched a device for approaching Neymar intended to fully acquaint himself with human side, whenever technically and tactically and reports are excellent.

The last envoy of FC Barcelona is at the crack of the Santos and their environment is Raül Sanllehí, director of football at FC Barcelona. Advanced yesterday as MD, Sanllehí has ​​been for a few days in Brazil, which has contacted the player and his family and the Brazilian club. Apart from advancing to level negotiations Sanllehí has ​​confirmed the good reports exist Neymar personal and family. And these reports indicate that, despite having only 19, is a young man with his head very well 'furnished', a guy who seems to listen with humility and speaks frankly looking at the eyes, a guy who despite carrying an crest is to be formal when it touches and that recent fatherhood seems to have provided an added responsibility. It has also very impressed with the emissaries of the Barca family environment Neymar, who lives with her parents, her sister and a boy of 18 years, Joclecio, who welcomed when they met in canteradel Santos.

In the club do not forget that unfortunate episode Neymar has starred as the brawl that concluded the last final of the Copa Libertadores. Therefore, comprehensive monitoring of your personality is essential before embarking on his signing. The face to face with him and his environment has been very positive and inspired confidence. That which can adapt to a changing room full of humility and established stars such as Barca, is nonnegotiable. A priori would be prepared to go knowing that, despite being a great player, the position should earn it with hard work and humility, knowing above all that the world number one and Barça's Messi.

Sanllehí, right hand Zubizarreta
Raül Sanllehí is the right hand of Andoni Zubizarreta, sporting director of FC Barcelona. Hence, it is a regular in negotiations signings. In recent hiring of Alex and his role Cesc has been very high. She even accompanied to London several times to Vice President Bartomeu. It is also a heavyweight in relations with UEFA and the ECA. The meetings of these bodies is usually accompanied by Sandro Rosell. So in the last general assembly of the ECA was surprised by his absence. I had an excuse: I was in Brazil 'working' for Neymar. (via MD)

[selection] Thiago insinuates that Rafinha will decant for Brazil

The fielder azulgrana revealed that both brothers have different" "thoughts and asked that "the decision is respected that takes" the smaller than Alcántara.

Thiago Alcántara, Barcelona midfielder said after making his debut in a competitive match with the Spanish team to "play with Spain is a unique feeling" and hinted that his brother will choose Rafinha of Brazil.

"I have enjoyed a unique moment to be representing Spain. Pleasure. A unique feeling," said Thiago happy in the mixed zone for his first competitive match minutes after release in a friendly last August at Bari.

"I've always been quiet because I've been clear that he wanted to play with Spain. I have made clear since I started here as a child, my intention was to play with this team," he added.

Thiago admitted that his family thought he should play for Brazil, leaving the impression that his brother Rafinha, also player of the youth ranks at Barcelona, ​​they chose the 'canarinha'.

"It's a very personal decision. Each of us feels one way. We have different thoughts despite being brothers. We must respect the decision you make, it's playing with Spain or Brazil," he said.

"It's a tough decision for the family that is over Brazil wanting to play with, but I made a logical decision since I was 16 years. I wanted to play with Spain," he said.

Vicente Del Bosque placed few minutes away from Thiago their position on the right side, a situation that did not surprise the player. "I put in the position I put effort to comply with what you ask. This selection is the best in the world. Enjoy a few minutes and is a privilege." (via SPORT)

[selection] Villar thinks of Guardiola if Del Bosque doesn't want to continue

The future of Vicente del Bosque is not clear, although the Federation plans to offer two years.

Vicente del Bosque has serious doubts about accepting the renewal offer that Angel Maria Villar, president of the Spanish Federation thinks putting on the table soon, once secured qualification for the next EU-Poland and Ukraine. Salamanca coach believes that when his current contract ends, which runs until next summer, will already have completed a cycle, after a World Cup, with the title included, and a European Championship.

Del Bosque will then four years at the Spanish team and is aware that Villar has doubts. Therefore, the president of the Federation has already drafted a list of possible candidates for the bench in Spain if the veteran coach finally given two years not to accept the offer extra thought to the end of the World Cup 2014 Brazil. What is remarkable is that the list of alternatives to the current figure handle Villar Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola. The Spanish Federation considers that the Blaugrana technical fit the profile. He knows perfectly to a wide range of current international and has earned great international prestige with its successes and, above all, his proposal football. Guardiola also left open at the time the door to the possibility of being selected.

Del Bosque has the last word. It should be noted also that the paths you choose to decline offers from Inter Milan and Chelsea last summer, not wanting to break his contract with the Federation. And that he came to bring to the table a proposal of ten million euros annually. (via SPORT)

[selection] Thiago is already part of 'La Roja' for life

Thiago is already a full member of the absolute thanks to his debut. Montoya was one of the discarded by Del Bosque at the last moment.

No more guesswork. Another Barca name becomes part of the national team after making his debut in a competitive match. And that is none other than Thiago Alcántara. An explosive player, different, able to dazzle their opponents. Following a more than remarkable in the European under-21 of Denmark this summer, and the leap in quality that has given thanks to their maturity and their participation in the FC Barcelona, ​​Vicente del Bosque did not hesitate when published with 'The Red' to shield the player.

Replacing Sergio Ramos came on 55 minutes and their actions did not focus simply on the defensive section. Settled at first in the band, moved around the field regardless. Involved in both the attack and in the defense team, supporting Casillas in the most dangerous action on the part of Liechtenstein. And to top it off, started the move which led to the fourth goal.

Thanks to these minutes on the pitch, closing one debate that has engulfed the league break. Thiago is already a full member of the Spanish and that is something that no one can remove. Barcelona fans are an absolute essential on today and no doubt will do so in the near future.

Barca defender was one of the discarded by Del Bosque before the start of the meeting. Despite not having made his debut with 'La Roja', Montoya has taken a giant step for the first time entering a call for the absolute. And rest assured, certainly not the last.

[BarçaB] Eusebio not plan to do rotations in Barca B goalkeeper

Eusebio Sacristan's arrival marks a significant change in every way compared to Luis Enrique, although both coaches converge in their taste for good football.

Moreover, the strong personality contrasts with phlegm Spaniard has always exhibited the La Seca. One of the first developments will be the management goal. Like last season, the club has three goalkeepers (Rubén Miño, Oier Olazabal and Jordi Masip ). In this sense, Eusebio plan to follow the posts a goalkeeper as he has done since he began his brief coaching career.

The Valladolid replaced Pepe Murcia at Celta (Second Division A) on 2 March 2009 after a day 26. Output continued to rely on the veteran Antonio Notario, but was not convinced by his performances and dismounted the day 32 the benefit of Ismael Falcon, who became the keeper of heaven. Eusebio directed to the combined celtiña during the whole season 2009/10 and it maintained the 'status' of Falcon that played from the beginning 35 of the 42 encounters ligueros.

Now, in view of the two disputed days, everything points to that the elect will be Miño, regular in the Mini against Villarreal B and last Sunday in Cartagena. Nothing to do with what happened last season, when Luis Enrique distributed the minutes with almost mathematical precision. Oier Minho and played 15 games each, while Masip, the oldest of the three, played a total of 12. (via SPORT)

Florentino find another 'case Figo'

President blanco has gone to negotiate behind the Saints as he did with Barca in 2000.

True to form dark, Florentino Perez has once again disobeyed rules of FIFA and re-negotiate with a player under contract in force behind his club, Santos for this very reason make every effort to Neymar not end up signing for Real Madrid.

As in the summer of 2000 with Figo, Real Madrid president had signed a preliminary contract with the player's father and his agent, Wagner Ribeiro, who traveled to Madrid after Brazil lost the friendly against Germany in Stuttgart on 10 August.

However, Santos has not signed any document with Real Madrid and, therefore, considers that the agreement between the club blanco and Ribeiro is worthless because it has negotiated with a player under contract in force. If you publish the preliminary contract, Santos believes that Madrid would be strongly sanctioned by FIFA, that just would not allow it to conduct the transaction. (via SPORT)

[selection] Messi: "I don't leave to the field thinking in that they will stick"

Leo Messi to play hard to downplay that, at times used the Nigerian team to Argentina to the point that "I do not go on court thinking they will sick me, but to play".

Barca forward also stressed that "not only to me they hit me, there were more kicks, but they were not of bad milk"

Messi was pleased by the victory of the albiceleste (3-1), although he added that his team "still has a long way and work" ahead.

The '10' Barca gave two assists and was one of the highlights of the meeting: "It's important to win after the failures we have been suffering.'s Always good to win. It gives you more peace of mind."

Also, removed iron marked failure, something that was on the verge of dramatic action in individual 2-0: "The important thing is that the selection won again and the play ended in a goal," he said. (via SPORT)

Villa: "The group stage of Champions will not be easy"

Barca forward warned of the danger of the group, was proud of the achievement of both Super and denied that the incidents with the Real Madrid injuring the Selection.

FC Barcelona striker David Villa on Tuesday warned of the danger of relaxing at the theoretical superiority of Barca in the group that was framed in the final draw for Champions League groups.

"Talk about an easy group in the Champions League is never good. Any opponent that you touch is complicated and we will forward a rival organization," warned Villa.

'El Guaje' was the illusion that Barca are classified and dismissed anyone who can sneak them into the knockout round. "I hope to pass the club and the other happens I do not care while we spend our first and make a good group stage," he said.

Villa also held the great start to the season that have Guardiola. "We started very well. We were lucky to get the first two titles with very complicated rivals," said the Spaniard, who wanted him to two Super merit they deserve. "It is important for all. For the club's history, track record for staff, eager to start the year and to take moral. You have to very positive conclusions of both titles," he said.

Regarding the controversy over incidents between Barcelona and Madrid and this affects the international coexistence of the national team, Villa ruled it out categorically. "We do not give importance to what people say. In the dressing room but us and we've been together a long time without competing in the national team. The people have in mind images of the 'Classic but is there no players Selection of Real and Barca but "he said.

Villa would be forceful in its message and said "when we will fight with the national team all by one goal," and returned to remark that "all those plays that have been unpleasant are Madrid and Barcelona players." (via SPORT)

Facebook FC Barcelona: 20 million fans

The Club has consolidated its world leadership by becoming the first sports club to hit this figure on the biggest social networking site in the world.

Barça’s worldwide support base is growing, and its fans are not just checking news and looking at photos and videos but also expressing their opinions on the official FC Barcelona page on Facebook . FC Barcelona is the first club to have 20 million followers on the biggest social networking site in the world.
Seeking excellence

Last February, FC Barcelona hit ten million fans following the ‘Busquem el 10’ programme led by first team striker Lionel Messi. This initiative involving the best player in the world stressed the club’s sporting excellence in its quest to promote the Barça brand both on the field and on social networks, where the club is not only the leader on Facebook, but also Twitter and Youtube. In seven months, the Club has doubled its following to 20 million, which is more than the population of such countries as Holland, Chile and Angola.

According to Dídac Lee, the director responsible for New Technologies, “this exponential growth is no coincidence, the Barça sentiment is spreading around the world thanks to a large extent to the enormous admiration it is attracting and the way it encompasses values that are so important in sport: teamwork, humility, effort … People should be proud to be Barça fans and social networks are a reflection of the current situation of the club”.

Leaders with three Twitter accounts

At present, there are 3,250,000 followers on the different Twitter channels; and there are 103,200 subscriptions to Youtube. On Twitter, FC Barcelona has benefited from the strategy of using three languages, Catalan, Spanish and English: @fcbarcelona_cat , @fcbarcelona_es and @fcbarcelona .

Not just football on Facebook

Apart from the 20 million Facebook fans of FC Barcelona, there are also 35,605 fans of Regal Barça on the same social network, and people are also signing up for the recently opened pages on the handball, futsal, roller hockey and FC Barcelona B pages.

In addition to these, there are also 152,142 Facebook fans of Barça TV , whose page offers ample coverage of all of the programmes shown on this TV channel.

Real Sociedad hopes to defeat Barca in Anoeta

Players of all San Sebastian is convinced that next Saturday in the stadium can make the big hit and surprise Barca after signing a great start to the season.

The players rely on beating Real Sociedad Barcelona on Saturday, a victory that, according to goalkeeper Claudio Bravo, passed by the Catalan make him see "how difficult it is to play in Anoeta."

Goalkeeper realistic concentration after returning from his country, said the Blaugrana team that plays with "a degree of quality and speed" than rivals.

But Bravo is not afraid to Barca as he believes that la Real is a good time and invited his companions to be "strong in Anoeta," which was hatched last year continued in First of Espanyol.

Imanol Agirretxe, meanwhile, is also convinced that there are options considered victory against world's best team last season.

The top scorer of la Real and currently second as "top scorer" of the League after Cristiano Ronaldo has recognized the power of the set of Guardiola and has admitted it will be a rival "uncomfortable", requiring a "well put" the strategy.

Agirretxe not rule out, however, as the San Sebastian surprise arrive "at a good time" after beating Sporting in the beginning of the season and Brest in the friendly last weekend. (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-17] Call for training U-17 National Team

A proposal for national teams, the Royal Spanish Football Federation has called for training in the City of Las Rozas Football, 12 to September 14, 2011, the following players:

ARSENAL FC: Héctor Bellerín Moruno
ATHLETIC CLUB: Iker Undabarrena Martínez, Aitor Seguin Cid y Oscar Gil Oses
CLUB ATLÉTICO OSASUNA: Ander Cantero Armendariz
FC BARCELONA: Alejandro Grimaldo García, Sergi Samper Montaña, Sandro Ramírez Castillo y Roger Riera Canadell
RC CELTA DE VIGO SAD: Rubén Blanco Veiga
RCD ESPANYOL DE B. SAD: Rubén Duarte Sánchez y Joel García Salort
REAL MADRID CF: Marcos J. Legaz Paleo, Iván Sáez Jiménez y Francisco J. Rodríguez Gaitán
MÁLAGA CF SAD: Víctor J. Ruiz Ramos y Samuel Castillejo Azuaga
SEVILLA FC SAD: Antonio Jesús Cotan Pérez
R. SPORTING DE GIJON SAD: Álvaro Bustos Sandoval y Alejandro Serrano García
VALENCIA CF SAD: Salvador Ruiz Rodríguez
VILLARREAL CF SAD: Ramón Bueno Gonzalbo

[BarçaB] Mazinho: "Rafa Alcántara is quicker and has more goal than Thiago"

Mazinho Former Brazil international said his two sons, Thiago and Rafa Alcantara, they feel very comfortable with FC Barcelona ...

"Thiago is under contract with the club and is happy here, I do not care any comments that come out," said Mazinho told the program 'grandstand' Ona FM, alluding to rumors of an alleged transfer of his son.

The former midfielder also endorsed the decision of his son to be international with the Spanish team, instead of Brazil: "He is happy here and taking advantage of his opportunity. Importent thing is that if you are in Spain, is good. Has been formed in the lower categories of your choice and Brazil never had the opportunity, hopefully one day win the World Cup, "he said.

Regarding Rafa Alcantara, who plays for Barcelona subsidiary, said, "is looking for your site.'s A lefty who knows what she wants, this season has started very strong and is adaptable to any game situation. It has more depth than Thiago goal is more and faster. "

Mazinho added that Rafa wants to renew with the club: "Contract Expires in June, but we are in talks since last season and there is a good tune. No problems with the club. I'm waiting to call me to discuss his contract. He is happy here and wants to stay. "

With regard to its international, said, "has not yet decided whether to play with Spain or Brazil. Nor has it ever been called the" Seleção ", although he likes more than Thiago". (via SPORT)

Ferguson: "Barça is the team of the moment"

Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United, believes that the club is the best team today, but ruled out naming the best of all time because a classification so it is impossible.

In an interview published in 'Il Corriere dello Sport' , the Scot did not hesitate to qualify the Barça de Guardiola as the best team today and considered to be one of the sets that will remain forever in the annals of history, but not above other legendary AC Milan Sacchi. "Now everyone says that this ship is fantastic. It is definitely the team of the moment and is among the best of all time, but years ago said the same of Milan," said Ferguson.

"Football forgets quickly. That Baresi Milan, Ancelotti, Donadoni and Dutch players won many titles. Also left their mark for the Netherlands in 70, Bayern Munich or Celtic winning the European Cup with a workforce of of players born within 25 miles.'s not worth a classification with the best teams in history but to remind all those who have been special, "he said about it.

Asked about the possible signing of Dutchman Wesley Sneijder in the market last summer, Ferguson acknowledged that there was interest, but dismissed his contract not being the player profile needed for United. "Sneijder is a fantastic player, but not the profile we were looking to replace Scholes. Only Xavi and Iniesta can be compared to Scholes," he said. (via SPORT)

[Selection; Friendly Match] Argentina 3 - 1 Nigeria

The azulgrana forward signed a great encounter before the one combined African in the second commitment of the 'it was Sabella' and of its boots they left the first two goals that encarrilaron the encounter.

The 'new Argentina' directed by Alejandro Sabella returned to add another victory Tuesday, beating by 3 to 1 in Nigeria in Bangladesh.

Leo Messi was among the players that came over the triumph reinforced albiceleste to once again demonstrate that the game must go urgently Argentine attack on their feet.

The new captain albiceleste demonstrated its potential in the first half for framing. Both plays introduce hazards released as a jump ball situation and he alarms the Nigerian defense on several occasions.

His movements caused confusion in many electricity rivals and on 20 minutes the first time when Leo gave the scare had a strong collision with an opponent, hit him with his shoulder hitting the face of 'The Flea'. Leo had to be treated in the band, as bleeding from the lip, and left a nice image, as the 'physiological' placed a bandage on the upper lip by accident remembered a funny mustache. Messi himself was made a joke of the situation and, once recovered, jumped into the grass with little discomfort.

It took very little to show that he was fully recovered since, just three minutes after the painful action, Leo gave a masterful assistance to Higuain, who in his uncheck enabled for the 'Pipita' control and to target African batiera very quality.

It was 1-0 to Argentina but Leo did not want to waste time. Two minutes later Barca went crazy the fans gathered in Bangladesh by signing a memorable play. Messi appeared on the center circle, stole the ball back to Mikel Obi and that started a meteoric rise to the rival goal, which left behind four defenders who were not able to stop it. Desafortunadamante the rival goal his low shot repelled and prevented a goal of legend, but fortunately for the combined Argentine Di Maria was there to push the ball into the back of the net.

From that Nigeria began to squeeze both the goal defended by Sergio Romero with some distant shots but came to rest with a score of 2 to 0.

In the second half sprang a surprise at the very beginning when Obasi took great care of Chelsea midfielder Obi Mikel to close the gap and give excitement to the game.

The goal, against expected, did not serve as wake-up call for Argentina and Nigeria continued to tighten while the selection best plays of Messi were led by rapid counterattacks.

In this situation was the key role played by Barca also Mascherano, which was erected again as a leader in midfield imposing Argentina. Still, the sentence albiceleste desperately needed, and it came on 64 minutes in an unfortunate action of the Nigerian defense. The 'Pipita' Higuain stood before the rival goal after good combination between Messi and Di Maria and his shot was rejected in front of goal by the goalkeeper, but unfortunately for her reject their interests met in the legs of a defender and finished the back of the net.

With the 3-1 the match is consumed with the latest substitutions and certain hardness by the combined Nigerian who would not at any time the score was bulkier than it should. (via SPORT)

[Selection; Euro Qualifying] Spain 6 - 0 Liechtenstein

Spain qualified for Euro 2012 with an exhibition of goals against Liechtenstein (6-0). Negredo (2 goals), Xavi, Sergio Ramos and Villa (2) scored goals from a game that debuted on Barca Thiago Alcántara.

Spain closes with a perfect score recital. Six goals. Same number of wins in each match played. With a group of players that brings so many variants to Vicente Del Bosque could do two 'elevens' guarantees. Liechtenstein thrash with players at the helm who are already legends, Xavi and Iniesta, and the top scorer of a hungry, Negredo, and a tireless, David Villa, who swelled their numbers as top scorer in the history of selection.

Negredo sent to the stands to Fernando Torres. The hero of Vienna is lowered its role in the 'Red'. Feel the pressure of players who stomp behind as Roberto Soldado. And it needs to be plugged. Del Bosque in practice it is far from its best. And Negredo advantage of its opportunities. Five goals in seven appearances with the absolute. With the rage of miss the World Cup glory last minute.

It took him to Spain to open the game but it was a matter of minutes and the opponent's physical exhaustion. Liechtenstein settled midfield with the intention of halting Spanish imagination. Mission impossible. Xavi appeared as the main 'power'.

In the minutes that lacked speed and overflow by band, saw Spain as a goal nullified Negredo unfairly for alleged offside three attempts to David Villa, two distant shots of Xabi Alonso and clear capped goalkeeper Mata Peter Jehle. At times, eight rivals were behind the ball.

Movements Iniesta, Villa and Mata were key between lines. Xavi's vision and world-class support. They connected on 33 minutes. Iniesta's hand shoots on the heels of a rival village. The next action the measured ball from Xavi, Negredo killed him with his chest and his left foot shot from the network. It opened the can.

Spanish concert began. With his opponent chasing shadows. Another pass from Xavi to millimetric Mata. Another intervention Jehle a chance to Villa. And a goal that defines the style. Imagination Iniesta, Villa and taquito left-footed shot quality Negredo, with the outside of his boot which came adjusted to suit.

Xavi picked up her award with a goal which confirmed that the stroke of half rout. A foul on the edge of the area. A touch, overcoming the difficulty of the short distance to overcome the barrier and end up in the network. A perfect shot.

He kept the party in the second half. It dishevel Spain to sign the biggest win in their games against Liechtenstein. Never conceded a goal. To keep Casillas made a good stop on the only arrival Frick. Sergio Ramos was the fourth out of the game, topping an action set pieces. And Villa closed the festival with a double.

The Gaunas remain in history as the stage at which debuted in official party Thiago. Pure magic for life for the 'Red'. And with Fernando Llorente came Rioja dumps. The player of the land remained with the desire to score. Until a clear topped outdoor action. Fruit of the nerves. Spain savor the best years of their existence. Poland and Ukraine wait for the champions. (via SPORT)

[Technical Data]
Spain: Iker Casillas; Sergio Ramos (Thiago, m.55), Busquets, Raúl Albiol, Arbeloa; Xabi Alonso, Xavi (Cesc, m.46), Iniesta; Mata, Villa and Negredo (Llorente, m.62).

Liechtenstein: Jehle; Ritzberger, Martin Stocklasa, Michael Stocklasa, Rechsteiner; Thomas Beck (Hanselmann, m.89), Martin Büchel (Kieber, m.82), Wieser (Hasler, m.72), Mario Frick, Burgmeier and David Hasler.

Goals: 1-0, m.33: Negredo. 2-0, m.37: Negredo. 3-0, m.44: Xavi 4-0, m.52: Sergio Ramos. 5-0, m.60: Villa. 6-0, m.79: Villa.

Referee: Harald Lechner (AUS). Admonished Burgmeier (78) and Hasler (89) by visitors.

Incidents: qualifying match for Euro 2012, played at the stadium The Gaunas, full, in the presence of 16,000 spectators.

Moix explains state of the Club’s assets

The director of the economic and strategic area of FC Barcelona has explained, among other issues, the situation regarding the construction of the new Palau and the possibility of a partial remodelling of the Camp Nou.

Jordi Moix has said that Barça's independence always depends to a large extent on its fixed assets. In this regard, he expressed that all decisions regarding its investments take three main aspects into consideration: “they must have repercussions for sport, and also the members and must also produce financial profits.” His discussion concentrated on four locations: Les Corts, the Ciutat Esportiva, Can Rigal and Viladecans.

Focusing on Les Corts, Moix spoke about what he feels to be the most pressing issue. “We are working on the feasibility of a new Palau” he said. After confirming that the pavilion would be located on the future Espai Barça, the director revealed an expected cost of 75 million euros, adding that “we have to guarantee that this will be sustainable. We have to finance it with external resources.”

Moix also indicated that the completion of the new Palau would be the starting point for many of the elements that will feature in this new Espai Barça, which will be based around the area of the Camp Nou and Palau, and that of the Miniestadi.

After explaining that the club expects to receive the results of its feasibility study in late 2011 or late 2012, Moix said that the club is in contact with the Euroleague, to whom it is committed to providing regular updates regarding the evolution of the project.

On the subject of changes to the Camp Nou, Moix said the club is looking to increase the capacity by some 10,000 seats in the Grandstand zone. “We have to evaluate whether it makes sense to do this or not” he said. “We will decide this depending on demand, the cost of the investment and the market appetencies.”

The basic issue concerning the expansion of the Camp Nou is to “redesign vertical circulations in order to improve the operability of the facility and to create new spaces”. The spaces the club has in mind include “new catering zones and new boxes.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[BarçaB] Eusebio: "I don't put any but to the players"

Barça B coach could be held in Cartagena his first win in the league in a match which highlighted 'the tranquility of the players to make our football'.

Although the first day the club had lost Mini B against Villarreal B, Eusebio identified no symptom of anxiety or nerves Cartagena on its payroll.

The Cartagena had also lost his debut and score needed to meet their fans and so the home team exerted a lot of pressure from the start but the reaction of B fell short of claiming Eusebio. The La Seca as emphasized in the press post-match: 'We've been very quiet to move the ball and carry out our football overcoming the pressure of a rival like we needed to add the first three points. I am very happy with the work of my players do not get anywhere but. "

Eusebio didn't have any problem in coming undone in praises of left full-back Grimaldo, beginner in the Second Divsion A just by 15 years: ' it has demonstrated in their premiere a great mentality, it should continue working to grow even more.' The bet for Grimaldo is not, for Eusebio, an anecdote: 'it is an example of how one works in the quarry, the players to assimilate from small the concepts and automatisms that we want and when they go up their adaptation it is simpler ". (via FCBarcelona.cat)