06 September 2011

[Ex-player] Amor: "This Barça can sweep with everything"

Guillermo Amor was overtaken by Xavi more titles as a player at the club.

The director of football training, Guillermo Amor, do not miss the excellent progress of the first team and ventured esplenderoso future for a set by the youth of pillars as Iniesta and Messi can sweep the coming years.

"They're very young and with a great future so can sweep with everything in collective titles and of all type", he said. Amor, who was overtaken by Xavi as Barca player in history with more titles in his possession, highlighted the enormous pride that assumes that the midfielder has managed to reach a total of 18 titles won with the club, one ahead of him in his time as player.

"I have good feelings because it means that the club continues to add and that is what we all want the Catalans. Also, I exceed Xavi is a double joy: first, because he deserves for the work he has done over the years and second because it is the quarry. For those who have come here only a player of the farmhouse up the first team is already a source of satisfaction that you can not even imagine, and if played over many years as Xavi and winning titles best possible. "

In addition, Amor said that with this group we are 'spoiled' because winning titles is becoming normal so the fans should not lose sight of the value of what is being achieved.

"Years ago it was very difficult to add titles. If you win a title before a season was a success, not now. In recent years we used to have the possibility to win many things every year." Amor argues that this is the result of good work of all for many years and has clear whether he or Xavi could have won so many titles is only "thanks to being a big club like Barca," he said. (via SPORT)

Keita back after playing for Mali and Adriano trains with squad

After a three-day break, the first team returned to training today. Keita is back after playing for his country on Saturday, and Adriano trained normally for the first time since the European Supercup.

There were seven first team players in action on pitch number 2 at the Ciutat Esportiva, namely Pinto, Fontàs, Maxwell, Puyol and Afellay, who also trained last week, and the returning Keita and Adriano.

The international week has again meant Pep Guardiola has worked with limited resources as he prepares for Saturday’s Liga match with Real Sociedad. But he did at least have Keita back, who has completed his duties for Mali.

It was also good to see Adriano training with the group after spending the last few days recovering from an injury to his left femoral biceps. The injured Puyol, Maxwell and Afellay also worked with the squad, but Gerard Piqué stayed in the gym.

Guardiola also used eight Barça B teams in the session, namely Oier, Masip, Gustavo, Carmona, Gerard Deulofeu, Rosell, Cuenca and Lobato, none of whom played for the reserves in last weekend’s game with Cartagena.

The international players are due back in Barcelona on Wednesday and will be taking part in a training session scheduled for 19.00 at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.

Alexis Sánchez and Dani Alves, who have already completed their international duties, will also be returning on Wednesday after the coaching staff decided to let both players enjoy an extra day off. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

De Oliveira: "Neymar is more near Barça than Madrid"

Santos's president confirmed the contacts with Sandro Rosell for Neymar.

The soap opera continues to advance Neymar and the last to step forward to clarify the intentions of the player and the Santos has been the president of Brazilian club, Luis Alvaro de Oliveira.

The leader confirmed that he had contacts with Sandro Rosell but distanced himself from theories that assume a closed operation in 2013.

"It is true that the club has signed a Neymar but we are in contact with Sandro Rosell and I think now is closer to Barcelona from Madrid," De Oliveira told RAC1.

The Brazilian president praised Barca regards it as a "dream" for any player but his express wish is that Neymar Santos remains in order to contest the Club World Cup, precisely, could face FC Barcelona.

"If we can win the World Cup that was Neymar into your head instead of going to stay," he said.

With the mounted mess after the declarations of Santos's president in RAC1, De Oliveira entered in direct in MARCA TV where it was questioned by that declared in the Catalan radio station denying any declaration type that locates the Brazilian in Barça.

"I never said Neymar is more near Barça than Madrid. Never," he said. However, minutes before his speech was totally opposite.

De Oliveira seems determined to put Neymar in the crosshairs of the two Spanish football giants to get the biggest slice possible for the Brazilian. (via SPORT)

Abidal, key piece for millionaire PSG

PSG brand new sporting director, Leonardo, has provided the first slogans of the forthcoming campaign, signing a pair of world-class cracks and repatriate several figures of French football.

After the arrival of patronage Catari, money is no problem and the first names have surfaced. Eric Abidal has emerged as a priority.

The extécnico of Milan in a hurry to resolve some key cases and has already passed the French defense offer of three years with a significant monetary amount involved. Abidal thinks it to him since contract it concludes in 2012.

Of entrance, the player has rejected the first proposal of renovation azulgrana 'a season with a second optional year.' Eric would have insinuated that it would not outline problems to renovate in the case that Barça offered him two fixed years.

Leonardo squeezes Abidal and its environment. In recent days, Alain Roche, head of the technical secretariat of PSG, has traveled to Barcelona to streamline various topics. The Frenchman wants to clarify all doubts before the end of this year. (via SPORT)

[BarçaB] Deulofeu: Barça wants to avoid another case Cesc

Arsenal and Chelsea as Barca claim and is already working on their future professional contract to prevent further leakage 'La Masía'.

FC Barcelona is trying to fight the interest that Chelsea and Arsenal has to snatch the last bead of La Masía, Gerard Deulofeu , according to today 'Talksport' .

The young Deulofeu , whom some compare to Messi , has already had a first-team appearance, which has increased interest around his figure in Europe. In particular, by Chelsea Abramovich and Arsenal Wenger .

The Arsenal manager skimming the market, Steve Rowley , was following the developments of the player last summer during the European Under 19 Championships in which Spain was champion. The Riudarenes (Gerona) was chosen in the Dream Team of the tournament.

At 17 years, Deulofeu can not even sign a professional contract until he reaches the age of next March, but Barcelona is aware of the sets of London.

Arsenal have exploited the situation of young Catalans contract in recent times, as in the case of Cesc Fabregas who joined at age 16 in 2003. But it was not the only one. Drawn to the passage of Gerard Pique , another world champion with Spain, the ranks of the Manchester United first team with whom he had a professional contract.

By contract with the club Deulofeu has two years and has a buyout clause of € 3.5 million. Therefore, the Barcelona and works in terms of future player's contract to be signed as soon as they turn 18 to avoid one new case Fabregas. (via AS)

[Youth & Barça B] Barca Generation: The continuity of the model guarantees the future

Over from the Pep Team is secured with the promise that shine in Barca B and Juvenil A.

The Pep Barca is a long journey. New generations ensure the perpetuity of his style and, almost certainly of sporting success and excellence of Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Valdés, Piqué, Cesc, Pedro and company. The relay is served and this past weekend were the pleasure of bend. Barça B of Eusebio thrashed in Cartagena (0-4) with a boy of 15, Alejandro Grimaldo, who marveled, and Rafinha did honor to a series of illustrious name, the Alcantara. In Huesca, Juvenile A exhibited Oscar Garcia (0-7) all his talent, highlighting the hat trick of Cameroonian Jean Marie Dongou, although the overwhelming merit of his authority was global.

One of the virtues of Pep "look down" to the quarry. Since I took the first team in summer 2008 has not stopped it. A dozen home-grown players have made the leap with him, most with continuity. The latter is Thiago, Early Pearl, a medium that has always liked to play more. At 20 years and is a full international.

But the club does not live by volcanic eruptions, but a planned project to the millimeter. There is a training plan established as a chain of succession. For example, the club will know the evolution of the right lateral to ten years away. Who will pick up the baton from whom. Another thing is that these players know how to assimilate it, be aware that only with hard work and perseverance will be dedicated.

Pep has played thus a vital role in this chain and the economic crisis that requires pulling the quarry. Barca 'up' a half-grown ten-year, while Real Madrid, without going any further, live improvisation and installed on the temporary. With Pep, his presence in the starting line is estimated at between 65% and 70%. The breakdown of players used per season home leaves no doubt: 19 of 33 in 2008-2009, 16 of 27 in 2009-2010 and 21 of 32 in 2010-2011.

Yes, there is a quarry for decades. Barça B, defenders Montoya, Sergi Gómez, Muniesa and Bartra and midfielders Jonathan dos Santos and Sergi Roberto often called the gate of the first team. And the interiors Riverola and Espinosa and wingers Tello and Cuenca, apart from new signing Femenía also like.

As more people come back who does not understand ID cards. Rafinha and Deulofeu, even in youth, were instrumental in the team's triple Oscar Garcia last season and aim to stage a significant role in the subsidiary. Another youth, the first year, Grimaldo has caused a sensation at every opportunity. Last year was a cadet, was introduced three weeks ago with the big in the Copa Catalunya and you play with them without having experienced almost none of the two juveniles. There's more. His co-generation Samper and Donou, who despite debut at junior and shine in A with players two years older. And at the point B Pepper Sandro Garcia, a striker who does not forgive canary, and another advance, Xavi central Limerick, who is a cadet and has already signed a contract until the subsidiary. There is Barça for a while.

[Youth & Barça B] The 'operation blindage' in the quarry of Barça, in March

Barca do not want to give to their promises to the constant gaze of European clubs and the club shield the best pearls in the quarry.

The big European clubs regularly watch the showcase of home-grown the club. Wenger knows the memory catalog and has fish Toral and Bellerín. Another is Chelsea, who convinced Oriol Romeu. Barca took the flight but is not willing to give away their best players.

So after joining Alexis and Cesc, Bartomeu and Zubi shield the pearls of the quarry. The highest priority, Sergi Roberto, who is also chasing Chelsea, extended until 2015. The following sign will Bartra and Tello. And the first one with whom to negotiate is sit with Montoya, which ends next June 30. Barca offers a year, but the player, which is free and was called by Del Bosque will not accept it. Then Cuenca will continue him that also ends in 2012, and perhaps Muniesa that if in June they don't give him dorsal of the first team it is free.

Behind them, the youth will Deulofeu and Rafinha, both with offers mareantessobre the table. With Grimaldo, which has a term of only 3 million expected. (via MD)

Neymar confirms Barca and Madrid offers

The young Brazilian forward Neymar in London confirmed it received proposals for signing of two major Spanish teams Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but reiterated that remain in his current team, the Santos.

"Yes, both (teams) contacted me, but my desire was to remain on the Santos," said Neymar at a press conference after the 1-0 win over Ghana the Brazilian team in a friendly match played in London.

19 year old striker said that the interest of foreign clubs to sign him will not affect its performance on the court, and left open the possibility of moving to Europe in the future.

"It never hurts me. Instead, my self-esteem improves after being searched by two big clubs. If they come back for me, who knows ....", said.

Neymar's contract with Santos, which will expire only in 2015, includes a rescission clause fine of 45 million euros ($ 58.5 million).

According to the Brazilian press, the player received so far Chelsea's proposals, then Real Madrid, which offered to pay the fine and the rescission, Barcelona, ​​that last Wednesday the Santos have offered 52 million euros (66 million dollars) for the passing of Neymar.

On Sunday, the Brazilian newspaper "O Estado de Sao Paulo" came to ensure that the striker would have already signed a contract with the club, which would be presented in January 2013 but said the information Neymar is not true. (via SPORT)

Barca want less downtime

The assembly of ECA parks, at least at the moment, the option of starting a League at European level.

Less downtime and more concentrated in time trying to optimize the relationship between the clubs and teams, one of the requests of the General Assembly of the European Club Association (ECA), which ends today in Geneva with the active participation of Barca in the figure Sandro Rosell and Raül Sanllehí.

The clubs want the international calendar and to rationalize the assignment of players to concentrate, so that FIFA has six dates (all dual character, from Saturday-Wednesday or Friday-Tuesday) concentrated in periods of two years, apart the dispute of the European Championship or World Cup.

The ECA also wants the European Championships qualifying group are reduced or World (Spain, for example, can now certify their qualification for the Euro but still must play two more games, and inconsequential).

The first meetings of ECA yesterday focused on the various working groups (Rosell chairs the group marketing and communication), and now will share before reporting agreements.

On the table it will also be the thorny relationship of ECA with FIFA. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, chairman of ECA, has strongly criticized the management of Joseph Blatter, FIFA president, to the point of accusing him of corruption and ensure you are not prepared to continue to lead the world governing body.

The clubs claim to have more weight in decision-making bodies of international football, but for now rule out the creation of a League in Europe. (via SPORT)

FC Barcelona has consolidated its hegemony in world football

The Pep Barca is at the top of the World Club ranking. His past successes have made their pursuers gain advantage.

FC Barcelona dominated for the fifth consecutive month the World Club ranking, ranking prepared by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS). The Catalans, who in April dethroned Inter Milan, has not left this privileged position. Real Madrid (309 points) and Manchester United (287) are the teams that follow the wake of a Barcelona that is doing very important to have 331 points on the board. That is, 22 and 44 points more than his nearest rival.

The set of Pep Guardiola, thus maintaining its hegemony on the international scene for the fifth month. The fact add up points in the league and reach the final of the Champions League (and win) won him the definitive consolidation. It has also been decisive victory in the Supercopa of Spain and the European Super Cup. Both successes reinforced the position of a team from the 2008-09 season, it is astounding the world with a football as colorful as cash.

Anyway, the best team in August was not the FC Barcelona. It was Atletico Madrid, who has not lost a game in European competition. IFFHS pointed yesterday that "the Madrid team defeated rival of recognized internationally in the Champions League without conceding a goal, and therefore becomes the best club in the world in the month."

In the 'Top 100' there are clubs in 36 countries: 65 teams are in UEFA, CONMEBOL, 25, 6 in the AFC, CAF 2, 2 of CONCACAF and none of the OFC. And the leagues that have more representatives are Brazil (10), English (8) and Spanish (6).

This classification is made according to parameters agreed by the Executive Committee of the IFFHS. For example, in parts of the Champions League or Libertadores Cup, the winning team added 14 points and in case of a tie, 7. Defeat is not scored. The Europa League and the Copa America have different calculations: the victory is worth 12 points and a tie, 6. Similarly, the domestic tournament score in this ranking, although for a few seasons they have lost weight.

For IFFHS "this Club World Ranking is a precise indicator of the level of equipment, free of any subjective influence. Is the result of a thorough study of a classification just for establishing the performance level of each country worldwide." (via SPORT)

Santos confirms contacts with Barça

The club azulgrana would have moved its threads to exercise a strong control on the footballer's future.

Barca knocked the Santos to ask Neymar. Perhaps without realizing it, the Brazilian club finished it himself officially confirmed early Monday in the note issued to deny that the player was sold to Barcelona. The paper that hung on their website stating that "clubs in Spain" had led Santos to the board in recent months. Contacts with the Madrid were public and notorious and it is clear that only the club has sufficient economic power in the Spanish League to try to sign a player of the Mohicans' cache ¿.

Ronaldo, who manages the image of the player contracts had confirmed hours before Neymar has proposed "Barca and Real Madrid." Something that was repeated throughout the summer, the player's agent, Wagner Ribeiro.

In contrast to Florentino, the club has gone from the player's agent and has established direct contacts with the leadership of Peixe `¿: footballer himself and his father. This tactic has facilitated dialogue. Sandro Rosell Neymar was alone with the concentration of the Seleção in the Copa America, which won the ensuing tantrum Ribeiro. And the contacts made by Raul Sanllehí Andoni Zubizarreta and have the approval of the president of Santos, Luis Alvaro de Oliveira.

According to the Brazilian press, in case of an international transfer, the Santos would prefer to sell the player to Barcelona, ​​the line between the two parties, and the fact that Neymar could stay in the centennial year in 2012 marks the 'Peixe'. The player himself, and his father is also the option decantaría Blaugrana, as the style of play and the project Pep Guardiola seduce them more. In this sense, Dani Alves would have done important work in the shadows, when they agreed on the 'Seleção'.

`O Estado de Sao Paulo Do you publish yesterday that negotiations between both clubs is well advanced. A representative of the Guide, which brings together senior corporate executives who advise the Santos, told the newspaper that "the negotiations with Barcelona is well advanced." The economic agreement between the two clubs set to 60 million euros would be closed. Now define the quantities would be missing the player. A negotiation, always according to the Brazilian press, would not present major difficulties, because, first, Neymar will fit perfectly into the wage pyramid of Barcelona and, secondly, would manage 100% of image rights (now shared 50% with the Santos). This last point would allow him to significantly increase their incomes and the young pearl Santos has become the Brazilian athlete billing more advertising contracts. (via SPORT)

[Selection; Euro 2012] To a victory of the Euro '12 that four blaugrana doesn't still have

Piqué, Busquets, Victor Valdes and Pedro want to add the title to their credit they already have Xavi, Villa, Iniesta and Cesc.

The Spanish team now can certify their mathematical classification for Euro 2012 if beating Liechtenstein at the new Las Gaunas. Saturday's draw between Scotland and the Czech Republic made the pass just three points, the team can sign today toward the weak Central all the already defeated 0-4 in Vaduz.

The challenge of playing in the Euro will have a special flavor for the Blaugrana to only lack the title to have in your pocket all the major championships. Piqué, Sergio Busquets joined the team on the road in preparation for the 2010 World Cup and the Confederations Cup. Peter did the same in the finals in South Africa, like Victor Valdes. The four of them are fixed in the calls of salmatino and only injuries, as now happens with Piqué, have prevented them from being in all appointments.

League Champions, Cup, two Super Cups, the Club World Cup and World Cup teams are already in the list of winners of the four players that will try to complete it this summer at the European Championship to be held in Ukraine and Poland.

The previous European Championship in Austria and Switzerland, marked a turning point in the way of the Spanish team. Xavi, Iniesta, Villa and Cesc could enjoy this success and enjoying a great role that trust again next year. (via SPORT)

Barca will meet the representatives of Qatar Consultation

FC Barcelona will on Wednesday representatives of the Qatar Consultation platform that is collecting signatures to convene a referendum on the decision of the board to sign the agreement with the Qatar Foundation to sponsor the first team shirt.

The board included in the agenda of the next meeting of September 24 this issue to inform commissioners and partners that they can ratify the settlement. The board wanted the assembly to collect all the sensibilities of the social mass that can discuss this agreement, for which, moreover, was fully legitimized by the same assembly for years.

Following this decision, consultation Qatar club has requested a meeting to present their position before the assembly takes place. (via SPORT)

Fichaje Thiago

The hispanobrasileño is destined to become one of the key pieces of Barca in the future and seen what you seen ... the most rabid season.

In just two months, Thiago Alcantara has more steps forward than they could have imagined even its staunchest defenders. The hispanobrasileño has matured by leaps and bounds and continues to refine its few flaws at breakneck speed. It is those few players that connect immediately with the crowd and to arouse more enthusiasm among the FC Barcelona, ​​which together with the extraordinary magic of football has come to be a key player in the Barca first team and the Spanish .

In this sense, tonight's clash against Liechtenstein classification should involve more placid of the Spanish team for the next European Championship and the debut in an official match for Thiago, who would live and a new push in his meteoric career. Case skip today's lawn Gaunas the hispanobrasileño become the best 'signing' of the 'Red', as the law provides that a player with dual nationality remain the choice for one or another selection until the dispute the first officer with absolute shock.

Thiago has always been a fixture at youth level with Spain and it was decided long ago by the Spanish to the detriment of Brazil where his father played for Mazinho and took another step forward last August 10 when he played the second half in the friendly lost the 'Roja' to the 'Azzurri' in the San Nicola of Bari (2-1). By contrast, his brother seems to be finished Rafinha decided by the 'verdeamarelha. " Therefore, only lacked the utter debut in an official match to become the best signing for the future of the Spanish Federation as it is being Pep Guardiola after continuous speculation about his move to another club with Real Madrid hovering over their environment, but always found the refusal of one who only thinks Thiago dress Barca triumph.

The youth lived last season straddling Luis Enrique and Pep Guardiola. Thiago played 12 games with the first team league (six starts), one start against Panathinaikos in the Champions League, three Cup from the start and the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain's Sevilla in the stadium for a total of 12 Barca in the second branch A.

Contract and above merits, the largest of Alcántara was assured first team for the current year. However, Thiago characterized by extreme ambition and was not willing to waste the summer. Luis Milla included it in the list for Euro 21, Denmark ¿sub and sat behind the team, leading to a 'Rojita' dazzling won the title in the final by defeating Switzerland 0-2 (made second from nearly midfield).

The next giant leap has been in the preseason. Without more international Pep appealed to him from day one and Thiago has responded to large businesses even point scorer. In fact, he made two goals in the final of the 'Audi Cup' against Bayern at the Allianz Arena and scored in the friendly against United (1-2).

Claim specialist role when the team needs it most, Thiago opened the scoring in the league win against Villarreal (5-0) and provided paths assists Alexis and Messi. But where's your limit? Well, in the light of events in your hands become one of those players who mark time at the club and hence in world football.

Thiago came six years ago and dominates the country house style to perfection and the values ​​that have made the club with great respect in football. As an example, a button Rivers of ink on its alleged incompatibility with Cesc fed too much that even his father and agent, that he saw a clear Mazinho the future of your child if it came 'gunner'.

And what happened? As the cracks are always compatible. The arrival of Cesc has broken new ground in a team that is getting closer to perfection and has discovered more options. With Thiago, Messi, Xavi, Cesc and Iniesta are endless alternatives open and double, triple and quadruple up connections on the lawn and this boat threatens to be even more superior to its rivals, including Real Madrid, who is still pulling hair by repeated 'no' Thiago. (via SPORT)

"Iniesta improves us to all"

The Fuentealbilla is ebullient. In the two Super Cups and was instrumental in the friendly against Chile proved to be an indispensable player.

Andrés Iniesta is one of the main slogans that "the best is always yet to come" and, of course, is meeting this ideal season after season. This summer has been particularly striking for the manchego, who arrived in great shape for the preseason and has corraborado their good feelings with both Barca and with the selection.

Iniesta's career was relaunched after the arrival of Barcelona's Pep Guardiola to the bench. The Santpedor gallons and gave him the confidence Rank Rijkaard never dared to give completely. Andres answered driving the boat to the conquest of titles, but never had the opportunity to perform in the last three years a season as complete as the current one. In his first summer with Pep came with the accumulated fatigue of Euro 2008, the following year had to recover from the hamstring injury he played with the Champions League final in Rome and prevented him from participating in the Confederations Cup and the year seized last August to acquire the necessary physical tone after the World Cup. However, this time in the absence of an international competition, Andres has been able to rest, regain strength and come to spring training as a result shot with a layer.

In the Supercopa of Spain said the team at the Bernabeu and Camp Nou opened the way to victory with a goal. In Monaco, he was elected the best player in the game with dazzling action, while the selection was the architect of the comeback in the friendly against Chile with another goal and an assist luxury Cesc. The Fuentealbilla had enough with 45 minutes to prove to the forest can not do without it. Iniesta is a leader in the selection and sets an example both on and off the field. His teammates abut comfortable with him. "A player who all play better, has a huge class and I have the luck that my friend," asgura Cesc. (via SPORT)

[Selection] 'La Roja' will have a spirit more blaugrana that never

Vicente del Bosque tried yesterday with a midfield based on possession and the rapid movement of the ball printed Barca.

According to what we saw in the briefing yesterday, Vicente del Bosque bet the 'formula Barca' will be more consistent than ever, with five in the starting blaugrana marking the style in the construction zone .

The coach tried to field eleven players in the last trial, which is not cleared all the unknowns. Still, it seems certain that Sergio Busquets delay its position to the axis of the defense to play in place of Javi Martínez, so Andres Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas return to the title accompanying Xavi Hernandez and David Villa, which included the starting line of the friendly against Chile last Friday. For Busquets, the central would not be then about a strange position he has already had to occupy it in different occasions as emergency resource, in Barça especially.

There remains the question of whether David Silva will remain or not in the starting team and the name of the second front that would accompany Villa. Although contained in the first bet was to Álvaro Negredo also speculated with Juan Mata and Fernando Llorente.

If confirmed this news in the team lines up against Liechtenstein, Vicente del Bosque bet on a formula that Josep Guardiola has not yet been applied in Busi joining Barca, Xavi, Andres and Cesc in the same alignment as compared Villarreal started the second one was on the bench and Thiago Alcantara who was in the starting team.

What is clear, in any case, the weight representing the club in the selection, not only by the number of players but also the style of football is growing. A clear example was the last friendly against Chile . After a sluggish first half especially, in the second came a great comeback. It is true that a change in attitude among the players, but so is the performance of the team grew as the game were incorporated Blaugrana players. In any case, if there are no surprises in the team, Spain will have secured possession and playing the ball tonight. (via SPORT)

[Former B player] The 'missing link' of 87 wonderful to the fans of Bruges

Only five games were played in the League and still not adapted to one hundred percent, but the Belgian fans are not used to such quality.

When the cadete made up of players born in 1987 would go out, all eyes pointed to four players: Leo Messi, Cesc, Vazquez and Gerard Pique. Three of them play in the first team. Only lack Victor, who changed the subsidiary this summer by the Bruges.

The front right leg holder of a spectacular marvel to the home crowd for its delicacy in movement and precision in the scrimmage. No one argues there its great quality. But not all praise. The coach, Adrie Koster has changed in more than one occasion and one of them had a small touch that did not go higher. Victor comes from a football where the ball goes faster than the player and that, in principle, it shows. In fact, exblaugrana signed him precisely to move towards a more attractive football. And there has not beaten anyone, as evidenced by the fact that they are followers of Bruges to death with him. So far, after five days of the season, scored a goal, but also has scored another in the Europa League. Victor recognizes that he needs time to adapt, but that he comes from the possible best school: "In Barça they teach you a lot, also to go for the world, and the change is very abrupt because they were there" many years, he recognizes.

Although results have just arrived, the game itself has improved the team and much of the blame lies with him: "We have a very competitive team with many internationals," he explains. In football you need to mark more often, the problem is that the occasions are rare. Quite the opposite in his time as Barca, especially when playing in the cadet: "We were all on, the parties seemed friendly. Cesc now plays almost like they did then, as Gerard and Leo. " He had taken his departure: "Over the years I was sure that one day I must leave." (via SPORT)

[Youth] Grimaldo renewed for three seasons

Barça has closed the continuity of the juvenil A that shone in his debut in Second Division with the branch for some time.

Alone Grimaldo is 15 years old, but played as if he had 30 in Cartagena. The self-confidence shown in his debut in the Second Division was one of the sensations of the rout of Barca B. But the best news of all is that the club is assured of continuity in a while.

At his age, before age 16, English clubs launch their tentacles loaded with tickets to La Masia and the club chose to close the deal quickly. In fact, two of his fellow cadet A, Hector and Jon Bellerín Toral, have left Arsenal this summer, while Pol Garcia went to Juventus. It will not be the same with Alex Grimaldo, who arrived in 2008 at La Masia, where he still lives, and thinks only succeed at Barca. A young footballer closed the deal earlier this year, but may not seal until it reaches 16, the age at which you can sign their first contract. Will do it for three seasons, until June 30, 2014, when he finished his three years as a junior. The process of signing will be from September 20, the date of his birthday. The contract includes clauses that will increase their numbers remain constant while its progression.

While offerings such as the vast majority of the players that amazed Cadete A last year, has not lacked its intention has always been to continue wearing the Barça shirt. His family background has also helped make the decision that Grimaldo have believed right for your progression as a footballer. For the left-back has not been any doubt about it. His will was to continue at the club and it will. (via SPORT)

De Oliveira: "Neymar is closer to Barça"

President Santos, Luis Alvaro de Oliveira, ruled that the signing is closed but if you point to a possible exit.

Speaking to radio station RAC1 , the president of Santos , Luis Alvaro de Oliveira , confirmed contacts with the president of FC Barcelona Sandro Rosell ruled that although an operation would have "closed."

"It is true that Barca have signed a Neymar but we are in contact with Sandro Rosell and I think now is closer to Barcelona than from Madrid , "said De Oliveira , who justified the Catalan club is a "dream" for any player, but expects the player to stay in Santos .

Both teams will face off in the club mundialito to be held in December. (via MD)

Xavi and Zubi are rewarded by UEFA on October 11

Xavier Hernandez and Andoni Zubizarreta , Barca captain and coach, respectively, will be honored by UEFA for having surpassed the number of 100 caps for 'La Roja'. The idea is to exploit the European body's match against Scotland Spain, valid for qualifying for Euro 2012, to be played on the new Rico Pérez de Alicante on 11 October.

Besides the two Barcelona, ​​Iker Casillas and Raul Gonzalez are the two other Spanish players in over 100 games and will also be distinguished by the UEFA. The president of UEFA, Michel Platini, big fan of Xavi, so that we can deliver you love the distinction (a plaque) personally and, therefore, is trying to accommodate the busy schedule of European body leader and former Ballon d'Or three occasions. This award, the same as the one that distinguishes the European best Player that Leo received Messi, is personal ideas of Platini that wants a bigger protagonism of the footballers and former players in the world football.

The unforgettable former goalkeeper for Northern Ireland and Arsenal, Pat Jennings, has been one of the first players to receive the award by UEFA over 100 games. The award was received in Northern Ireland, Serbia. Along the keeper, he has obtained 'in memoriam', the legendary Hungarian midfielder Joszef Bozsik (now deceased) that will integrate the unforgettable Hungarian team was unlucky finalist in the World Cup final in 1954 in Switzerland and was part of 'once' which won at home to England at Wembley 3-6, with subsequent rematch in Budapest and new rout, this time 7-1. It was his son who took over the prize of his father, who died in 1978 at 52 years.

The other nominees and distiguidos players are: Andreas Herzog (in Austria-Turkey), Dario Simic (Croatia-in Israel), Jari Litmanen, Sami Hyypia, Jonatan Johansson and Ari Hjelm (in Finland, the Netherlands). And beside them, Dorinel Munteanu, Gheorghe Hagi, Gheorghe Popescu and Ladislau Boloni (Romania). (via MD)

[Ex-player] Sylvinho: "Barça is the easiest road so that Neymar triumphs in Europe"

Former Brazilian side positively discussed the possible arrival of his compatriot at Barcelona after the latest rumors, analyzed its way through the Catalan club and praised his former teammates and Pep Guardiola.

Former Brazilian fullback Sylvinho appeared Monday before the microphones 'Primer toc' of 'RAC 1' and assessed various issues currently of FC Barcelona.

The former Barça, Celtic, Arsenal and Manchester City, among others, still keeps a great memory of his stint in Barcelona, ​​where he was an example of professionalism and commitment over the five seasons that he played in the ranks of Barça . "The whole trajectory of my career is summarized in the final of the Champions 2009 in Rome," he said.

Sylvinho reviewed his seasons at Barcelona, ​​where he won three league titles, two Champions, one Cup and two Super Cups in Spain and recalled how difficult it was last year with Rijkaard. "Last season was very difficult with Rijkaard and Guardiola then came and changed everything," said the former side, while he explained his feelings in his last year in Barcelona. "In my last season at Barca played well but I noticed that I was harder to recover between matches," he said.

The Brazilian printing is that the current trajectory of Barcelona is spectacular and did not hesitate to praise the good work of his former teammates. "It's outrageous what they are doing the club, titles and all the games they played," he said.

His compliments were extended in particular to his former coach and Leo Messi. "Guardiola is an incredible talent to coach despite his youth. It's like Messi when he was 19 years old and amazed everyone," he said on Pep, while in 'The Flea' said, "has greatly evolved, is a brutality as playing football, the humility that is and how it can decide a game at any moment. "

Despite all the impressions of key Sylvinho in Barca, one of the most anticipated moments was to know your impression of the mutual interest that could have Neymar Barca sports to unite their destinies. "Neymar is a modern high quality player who has goal and is currently the best player in Brazil," he said without hesitation that his stay at the club he would succeed in the old continent. "The easiest way to succeed in Europe Neymar the club," he said bluntly. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Bojan: "I miss all that surrounds Barça"

Linyola forward has admitted that "nostalgia" in much of Barcelona, ​​was full of praise to his former team and explained how they have been his first weeks in Rome where he is "happy" to return to familiar with football.

The Roma forward Bojan Krkic is sincere Monday in an interview with the program 'Tenim un punt' from 'Catalunya Radio' which reviewed the current situation in Italian football and looked back to review some aspects of its passage through the Barça.

Bojan not hesitate to say you have "nostalgia" of Barcelona. "I miss everything that surrounds the club. To my colleagues, my people, all around the Barcelona, ​​Barcelona, ​​my people, "he said, adding that" I miss many things. I love everything I have here, I've always said and will always have this point of nostalgia but I think it's good. "

Linyola striker was full of praise to his former club he considered above all. "There is no club that can compare with the club," he said, recalling that the Catalan club " always opting to win Champions League and everything. "

But most of the sporting quality of Barça, Bojan wanted to emphasize the human quality that holds the Barça squad . "The group of people that are in the Barca dressing room there is not anywhere. A group of amazing people. There are players and players of the house with a huge heart and thanks in large part to them, Barça situation today is that it is "he said.

Bojan also reviewed his first weeks in Rome and admitted it was a blow knocked out early in the run of the European League against Slovan Bratislava. " It was a club for everyone not to exceed the qualifying to play in Europe, but we still have two competitions left to play, "he said.

If somebody demonstrated trust to be taken to Bojan to Italy that it was Luis Enrique, and that of Linyola didn't doubt to enhance the Asturian coach's figure. "Luis Enrique is the figure of a key coach. "Luis Enrique is the key figure of a coach. You are printing a personality to the team and changing the ideas of the Italians are not the same here. There are not accustomed to winning, which is common at the club, "he said, defending" Lucho ", which he predicted a long period in Rome. "He's doing a great paper and it still has a long journey had only just start, "he said.

Bojan also explained what he is bringing the Italian experience in his first weeks in Calcium. " Rome has given me the happiness of becoming acquainted with football, to regain the feeling I had before. The desire to play, and show me a place in the team and have new dreams, "said Linyola.

Although the change of scenery is allowing sports emerge from their slumber after a last year to forget, Bojan is regretted not having come before the club of his life. " I do not regret anything I've done. The years at the club have given me a lot. I take a lot of positives. In the first three years, no doubt, but the last was more difficult, more rare, too, "he said with great confidence.

However, Bojan had no qualms in admitting that it is hard to see the games of his former team on television. " It is difficult to see the Barca game on TV, but last year the situation was more or less similar, although slightly more close (bench or step). At the moment I do not see with sadness because I'm happy but obviously not the same to see a Madrid-Atletico Madrid Barça a "he said.

Bojan's words were not all a show of seriousness maturity but also had time to unleash his most friendly and laid address other issues , such as when he acknowledged that currently there has been too good Italian. "I've been wrong Italian, although I defend the mixed zone. I learned of 'Ibra', io sono molto happy, first thing I said was, "he said with a laugh.

The new tip 'Giallorossi' also explained how he has acclimated to leave for Rome for a walk. "I've been in some restaurants at night. I recommend it, because in the morning many people and there is much traffic and still very hot, "he said, while explaining that" the tourists on the street recognize me, people of Rome gradually increasing. "

Bojan even had time to tell the story that you have given a small poodle that will accompany him in his new Italian stage. "I have said is very affectionate," said Krkic. (via SPORT)

[Selection U-21 Euro Qualifying] Spain 2 - 0 Georgia

Sergio Canales, Valencia midfielder, signed Monday with two goals from Spain's triumph over Georgia in the second qualifying match for Euro under-21, to be held in 2013 in Israel.

Canales, a penalty made it 1-0 after 16 minutes the winning goal after being brought down inside the area by Muniain Tarkhnishvili.

Channels initialed it 2-0 on 78 minutes with a left foot shot from outside the area. 5,000 spectators filled the stadium Angel Carro de Lugo. Spain, with 6 points, leads the qualifying group 5, Switzerland is second with 4.

Spain did not have the facilities nor the wisdom of the first match of the round, but dominated from beginning to end, pulled automatically from Iker Muniain mischief in the first part and the insistence of channels throughout the whole match and managed victory.

The Georgians hindered the game of 'very red' in the plot wide, but could not prevent the first warning of Luis Milla, a backlash was born eleven minutes from the hands of Captain De Gea, continued with the speed of Muniain Channels and was capped by a shot that left it out.

To open the game, the best weapon of the Spanish was the ease, the overflow and the speed of Muniain, who appeared again after 16 minutes, was hampered by Ioselani and Tarkhnishvili in the area and converted the penalty that led to overtake Channels selection. Georgia did not want to take a win like Thursday's in Kutaisi and the goal did not alter their plans, kept up the pressure and held a 1-0 lead at halftime Makaridze interventions that saved a one on one with Rodrigo, a Channels shot from the edge, and an attempt to Vaseline the Real Sociedad midfielder Illarramendi.

Spain did not do endanger their minimum income, but neither was able to increase despite Isco Channels and overcame the 68 minutes the wall rival touch with a play area within the Malaga player in one of his past actions, topped out. Milla refreshed the team and the team ended the uncertainty when channels in the absence of eleven minutes, collected the ball on the edge of the area and left-handed, with the help of an opposing defense, beat Makaridze and sealed the match in which Sergi Roberto debuted with the under-21.

[Technical Data]
Spain: De Gea; Hugo Mallo, Bartra, Iñigo Martínez, Planas; Oriol Romeu (Sergi Roberto; min.86), Illarramendi; Canales, Isco (Juan Carlos; min.76), Muniain; and Rodrigo (Alvaro; min.81).

Georgia: Makaridze; Apakidze, Kakubava, Kverkvelia, Ioseliani; Shekiladze, Okriashvili (Dzalamidze; min.88), Tarkhnishvili, Kverkveskiri, Qazaishvili (Chanturia; min.70); and Mchedlidze (Kobalia; min.84).

Goals: 1-0; min.17, Canales (penalty). 2-0; min.79, Canales.

Referee: Istvan Kovacs(Rumanía). Mostró amarilla a Hugo Mallo (min.42) y a Iñigo Martínez (min.51), por parte de España; y a Mchedlidze (min.57).

Incidents: Second meeting of the Group 5 qualifying for the European under-21 to be held in Israel in 2013, played in the field of Lugo Angel Carro, who completed capacity (5,000 seats).