05 September 2011

[Former player] Bojan will debut this weekend in the Calcio

The Roma forward will debut in the Italian league this weekend with Luis Enrique after confirming the end of the strike in Italian football, which prevented the dispute from the first day.

The Italian Footballers' Association (AIC) and the First Division clubs in Italy have reached agreement on the collective agreement of the players, so the next weekend to start the league championship matches on day two.

As reported by the Italian media, players and clubs have signed a "deal-jumper" which is valid until June 30, 2012.

The renewal of the collective agreement was the requirement that they had put the players to jump to the pitch and the lack of agreement between the parties had taken the call for a strike that prevented the dispute from the first day league on 27 and 28 August. (via SPORT)

[BarçaB] Grimaldo, the youngest player to debut in the second division with the B

The left-back opened with the branch in the Silver Division with 15 years and 349 days, overcoming this way the precocity of Haruna Babangida. It is his fourth season at Barca.

Alejandro Grimaldo on Sunday became the youngest debutant in the history of Barca's subsidiary in the second division A. The defender left-handed, first-year juvenile age was 15 years and 349 days when he participated in the rout of Barca B in Cartagena ( 0-4 ). In this way, beating the record of precocity Haruna Babangida , the November 22, 1998 officially opened the second team FC Barcelona with 16 and 53 days.

Grimaldo signed for the Infantil A of Barça in summer of 2008. In Valencia, his origin club, behaved of a winger, but with its incorporation to the discipline culé retarded his position. After passing through the Cadete B (09/10), the side started the 2010/11 season in the Cadete A, continues in the Juvenil B and culminates in the Juvenil A, actively involved in reaching the Champions League Copa del Rey and those of Óscar Garcia.

In this exercise, Alejandro Grimaldo has tab in the Junior A, despite being his first year in the category. It's the same case Sergi Samper (co-generation).

Grimaldo is a left side with good technique, bold and long-distance. Although not noted for his size, is an insurance defense difficult to overcome because of its strength. Another of his virtues is his mentality. In this sense, the coach of Barça B, Eusebio Sacristan , highlighted the maturity of Grimaldo hours before his promising debut in Cartagena. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Seven games in three week period

As Guardiola explained following the win against Villarreal: “after the internationals come back, then the real season begins”. That season starts with a flurry of games that sees Barça playing seven games in 23 days.

Barça are back in league action at 18.00 this Saturday when they visit Anoeta to take on Real Sociedad and that will be the start of three weeks of intensive action, with seven games in 23 days.

Following their return from Donosti, Guardiola’s men face AC Milan at the Camp Nou in the team’s Champions League opener, whilst the following week they are in Mestalla to face Valencia in the first midweek league fixture of the campaign, with Atletico Madrid visiting the Camp Nou the weekend after.

It’s never an easy task to get the team back after an international break and it’s not made any easier by the fact that Guardiola’s team have to play four of the seven games, 5 league and 2 Champions League , away from home –against Real Sociedad, Valencia, Bate Borisov and Sporting de Gijón. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Week 3: Real Sociedad-FCB (Saturday September 10)
Champions: FCB-Milan (Tuesday September 13)
Week 4: FCB-Osasuna (Sunday September 18)
Week 5: Valencia-FCB (Wednesday September 21)
Week 6: FCB-At.Madrid (Sunday September 25)
Champions: FC Bate-FCB (Wednesday September 28)
Week 7: Sporting Gijón-FCB (Sunday October 2)

Neymar: "I don't know anything about Barça"

The news 'Estado' ("Neymar Barca in 2013") has its origin in a filtration Ribeiro, annoyed look out of the operation. The officer threw the stone and hid her hand. He stayed all day yesterday with the phone off. Neymar and his father put out the fire in London.

Neymar slept Saturday night feeling like the center of the world. Estado newspaper had published the news that he had signed for the club in January 2013. "I know nothing about the ship," never tired of saying, as AS has learned to their peers and the press office of the canarinha hotel in the concentration of Syon Park. The boy, aged 19, was overcome. There was no able to talk with his father and his adviser, they were flying to London.

His father arrived at Craven Cottage before training in Brazil. He sat in the stands. When the press noticed several microphones stood up to him. AS had been talking with your advisor to explain the origin of the Estado news. Wagner Ribeiro who was filtered, upset with a possible negotiation with the club behind his back (as Luis Augusto Monaco, the sole author). "Everything is as it was, nothing has changed, including the relationship Neymar-Ribeiro," said advisor to AS, which downplayed the fact that Wagner Ribeiro had not traveled with them ("There comes to all parties"). At the end of training, the consultant spoke to us: "Wait for the father to be alone and tell Neymar where did the news."

Neymar's father heard of our mouth what happened thoughtful and a little worried. Ribeiro said he would talk to and explained that his son did not want to be immersed in the war between Madrid and Barcelona. (via AS)

Capello: "Somebody will stop Barça in a near future"

"Their style is difficult to put into practice elsewhere, because you'd have to field the same players. Many have been together since they were children. Some are getting older."

Fabio Capello admits in an interview with FIFA.com, the Barcelona game fan, but finds it very difficult to practice with other players than those of Guardiola. He also believes that any team can stop him soon.

From leading the England team has played 38 games and won 25. What about the team's progress?

Improved greatly during the World Cup qualifiers in both cohesion and security in our forces. At the World Cup we were tired. But we never stopped progressing. Had we defeated Germany, would have been able to get very far. I think English football has changed a lot in four years. Today, all teams try to play touch, not just long balls. The latter would be the main difference that has occurred over the past four years.

What lessons have been learned both you and your team the days they spent together in South Africa?

I think the English players need two weeks or ten days of vacation to recover energy. This is part of our preparations for Euro 2012.

As we touch the issue of qualification for Euro 2012, are you satisfied with the results so far?

Yes, although we miss points against Montenegro. The result against Switzerland was great: we were losing 2-0 to finish level at 2-2, and also with the possibility of winning the match. But against Montenegro created four chances, although I must say that their goalkeeper was very good. That's football. Sometimes you play really well, you have four or five times, but you just lost. Montenegro crashed the ball against the crossbar in the last five minutes, with one scoring chance. That's football.

The English and yourself are under great pressure. Would you stop enjoying your work?

There is pressure when we win, no pressure when we lose. But that's our job. You remain the same when you win when you lose, maintain the same lifestyle and learn from your mistakes, because there is always a lesson to absorb. When we win, what worries me is that we decentralized.

The U-17 England just play the final in Mexico 2011, and the U-20 participated in the corresponding Colombia. Would you welcome the combined ranking of the country's youth for these competitions?

I am delighted. When youngsters in the quarry are able to reach the finals of a World Cup, picked an invaluable experience. Upon returning home are much better than before the competition. I think we have great youth teams.

Not many English players who have played abroad. Do you think they would be good to know cultures and different styles of play for the sake of training?

As I said, we have changed the way people play. At meetings we discuss in depth the new approach. The coaches of our youth have learned a lot, say, play Spain, Holland and Barcelona. To improve, we must implement that style. It is a possession football, touch, technically very good. If we keep the level of other countries, we need it.

Do not you think that only in the time it takes to coach England, the level of play in international competition among countries has been very even?

Yes now you can study in detail the other teams and analyze a multitude of games played in the world. Much more is known of the players and their styles. Can you explain your front fenders and exactly who are your rivals. Now we know everything and are very balanced forces. There are no easy games. Look at the teams of Asia, such Japan, Korea and Australia, all of them are really good. And Africa has also improved greatly.

What kind of football we like to watch as a spectator?

Currently, the best football you can see on TV or in a stadium does Barcelona. Style is really hard to implement in another club or another national team, because you would have to align exactly the same men who play at Barca. The team has seven players coming out of the quarry, the football practice together since they were children.

Do you think anyone can stop Barcelona in the near future?

Yes, I would say yes. That is possible because we now have the good fortune to study in detail the rivals. The way to stop the Barcelona know it goes through all its strengths and virtues. Now this is possible because we study and analyze all the videos. Some team will find a way to defeat Barcelona. Besides, when you win ever, ever have to lose something to stay focused on each game to keep the hunger for victory. Also some players are getting older.

What says the Brazilian style? Do you enjoy him?

Brazil is a team that, although he plays together, provided confidence in the magic of their individuality to win games. Bargaining and make up something different with the ball is part of the DNA of the Brazilian players. Brazil is a very good team and very young, very young and has front. Now you must find the right balance on the pitch.

You who knows the Brazilian football and the passion of its people, what the FIFA World Cup thought to live in the country?

Once I was in Brazil to attend the Copa America. I saw the final, a Brazil against Argentina in the Maracana. There I thoroughly love the Brazilian people. When Brazil scored the first goal, the stadium erupted. Everybody went crazy. I ended up soaked with their drinks, but I lived a great experience. (via AS)

Barca still the best team in the world

FC Barcelona continues to lead the classification of the IFFHS as the best team in the world so far.

Atletico Madrid has been the best team in the world in August, according to the classification drawn up by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS).

The highest scores from around the world in the past month, reached Viktoria Plzen (48), Rennes (46), Bayern Munich (40), Botafogo (40) and BATE Borisov (39), but all were defeated in party competition and were discarded for selection as the best club in the world.

Only Stoke City (44 points) and Atletico Madrid (38) were among the ten highest scoring global sets without losing a single match.

Madrid team defeated rival high-class recognized in the Europa League without receiving a goal, and therefore becomes the best club in the world in August.

Barcelona and Real Madrid still lead the table, now ahead of Manchester United, which has surpassed Porto, while Inter up from seventh to fifth. (via SPORT)

1. Barcelona (ESP) 331,0
2. Real Madrid (ESP) 309,0
3. Manchester United (ING) 287,0
4. Porto (POR) 264,5
5. Inter Milán 244,0
6. Schalke 04 (GER) 242,0
7. Villarreal (ESP) 240,0
8. Vélez Sarsfield (ARG) 237,0
9. Manchester City (ING) 236,0
10 Bayern Múnich (GER) 236,0
34. Atlético de Madrid (ESP) 176,0

Cesc: "The trainings of Barça are the most beautiful thing that I have seen in my life"

Cesc Fabregas enjoys as a boy since its azulgrana.

Cesc Fabregas continues to congratulate itself on having landed at last at the club. The midfielder attended El Pais and again demonstrated how lucky he feels after returning to Barca dressing.

"Imagine! I'm just so happy that I sometimes try to hide it. I feel like shame," he acknowledged.

Fabregas was clear that this was the last season was going to happen at Arsenal and again noted the lack of titles and a couple of great reasons to leave the whole 'gunner'.

"I knew last year was yes or yes. We were in four competitions: the League Cup, the Cup, Champions League, Premier, which were seconds ... At the end, we loosen and... anything. What had clearing is that or I left to Barça or it continued in the Arsenal. I never thought of leaving neither for money neither for another motivation that didn't go to return home", he said.

Cesc Arsenal justified his departure as an opportunity for new roads as in its day was very difficult to reach the first team.

"I did not think he would never the first team because at that time was not like now. Look for Andres Iniesta. He was 23 and he started the final in Paris, but until he left he started to play ... I thought, If Andy does not play, where would I be?. He was young, so it would be in the youth, "he reflected.

However, which had no doubt that would astound the Nou Camp was Leo Messi.

"It was better, but that never know. If someone came, he was, that's obvious. It was the most destabilizing. Technically, it has always been the best. Physically, I do not see now and tombs. I used the smallest and, playing against older people, still more noticeable.'s very smart. I caught everything, and sometimes seems not or do not have character, but inside is a winner that processes everything, "he said.

Cesc can not hide have come and kiss the saint after the attainment of the two Super Cups and, therefore, is grateful for how they have recibidio. "It is a world of learning. I have 24 years and was valued as if she were 30," he acknowledged.

Cesc enjoyed as a child on your new computer and therefore does not tire of giving in to his new teammates. "The first thing I learned is that the hardest thing is to play easy. You see Messi, Iniesta, Xavi.'so difficult to play easy!, "he exclaimed.

One who enjoys football every day in the Ciutat Esportiva under the orders of Pep Guardiola. Cesc is living his particular dream.

"It's the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life. Only hear the ball. Tac, tac, tac ... The pressure of four while training ... I never saw so many levels. The daily training is much better than the games, I did not see anything, "he said. (via SPORT)

The assembly asked the members with the ratification of the projects

Statutorily it is not possible to outline consultations

The countdown to the next meeting of delegates of the 24-S has opened a spotlight on news that Barcelona is the first time that the directive included in the agenda for ratification of those projects considered open to debate and of a wider social exposure. Thus, the contract with Qatar Foundation, the Tier d'Animació and A Sense Fum Nou Camp will be a special analysis under the sovereign body of FC Barcelona.

Statutorily, however, can not speak or query the strict literal sense nor in the interpretation, since in all three cases are projects that fall within the directive, ie falling within its functions and its decision-making . In other words, it would be necessary to pass by the assembly is not considered as legally the commissioners have to decide between 'yes' or 'no' to these questions. Technically, what will the directive will seek ratification in all three cases, issues which in turn has already started, but with the recommendation and request the commissioners to give them their full trust and support. Their inclusion will only respond to the board to submit to the plenary of the aspects of club management were already covered in the program for which they were elected or, as in the case of an agreement with Qatar Foundation, in response to urgent the bankruptcy of the treasury which is the club and the financial and economic legacy, much worse than expected. (via MD)

Pedro: "Alexis will be key and I will learn from him"

There are nine players of Barca in the red, what does that mean?

They are doing very well, we're all working very well and that we must continue on this line. I hope you can come many players because we have a great team.

The surprise was Montoya, how did you react when he learned he was called?

We gave congratulations and it is true that his first reaction was surprise. It is a very good player with great journey, a great defense. I am not surprised they have nothing to call here.

Following Spain, what happened in the first half against Chile?

They came out very strong, very strong, got two goals. We had just not to start, catch the ball, to have that possession and it cost a little more.

The second part was fixed between Iniesta, Cesc and you ...

Squeeze above, we get the ball more with Andrew and Cesc moved the ball quickly, creating more chances. The game was tied more and could get a good win.

The sad thing was the final brawl.

We do not like the game ends so. It was a crazy play their part in the Andrew makes an excellent play and eventually assembled a mess coming a little to separating, defending players from there and yes there pushing, grabbing. A shame to end that way.

And what happened against Real Madrid? Do any of you noticed that Mourinho had put his finger in the eye Tito Vilanova?

It was all very fast. It's over, we should not talk about it again. What's done is done, have spoken here between captains, everything is clear and there to give him more laps.

I think they're tired of all asked about the selection environment, right?

Yes, a little. It is true that when we had those games in a row against Madrid there was much tension and excitement, but I think it is normal because each player tries to defend his team one way or another, but when we come here and compete every group, we are in a good environment and there are no such problems.

Last year, the injury was not allowed to continue, what Pedro will see this year?

Try to be every day a little better, keep working and finish to take the final shape to try to perform at the highest level in every game to come.

How does it affect the arrival of Alexis?

It's a great player, always a striker that can come of this size, one of the best in the world is good. I used to learn from him, to compete with all the forwards we have in the team and try to get a job. But we are all one team and he is a key that will give great importance to our game.

And what about Cesc?

He started well, with great desire to prove he is a great player at the club. He is happy, happy as you things are going and for us that is very good.

MORE: www.elmundodeportivo.com

[BarçaB] Grimaldo, the 15 year-old seduction of a full-back

Grimaldo showed maturity, character after the last entrance of Josemi and quality at his premiere in Second Division.

The Sept. 20 turning 16, but Alejandro Grimaldo (Valencia, 1995) is so fast in the field and in life and came forward yesterday to debut a few days with 15 springs in the second division. He had already made history by premiering two weeks ago with the first team to Barca in the Copa Catalunya. Last year it was still a cadet. Now playing with older without having gone through the juvenile.

Such precocity caused be the center of attention in Cartagena. The first thing I appreciated is that Eusebio Sacristan hit with the stark description made him the previous day: "It's a guarantee, a mature player with good qualities and conditions." Indeed, his first few minutes were impeccable. Firm and strong on defense, intuitive anticipation due to its speed and easy touch with his left foot, a effective full-back.

But Eusebius had saved some adjectives carefully. And Grimaldo were won with a sensational last half hour. After suffering a tough entry Josemi, formerly of Liverpool twice his age (31 years) and saw red for his action, Barca back to the turf in pain to show character and genius in the play of 0-3 of Rafinha. He made a break with the left behind two rivals, recalling that the child Valencia was a '10 'talent, or an end, when he came to La Masia in 2008 was able to find the highway to fame as a left-back. (via MD)

[Ex-player & coach] Cruyff: "Mourinho's finger is impotence"

Also on the rivalry between both teams, the 'Skinny' says that "the only bad luck that has the Madrid at this time playing against Barca. If play in any other country or in another time, would be fantastic for them and gain many more things.

Johan Cruyff, in an interview to 'El Periódico de Catalunya', has reviewed present football, paying particular attention to the Barcelona-Real Madrid match that, once again, promises to be spectacular. The former coach 'FC Barcelona' has reviewed the famous finger Mourinho got into the eye of Tito Vilanova, and said that Portuguese is the source of the evils of the white club.

"I've never seen anything like it," says Dutch, "there are millions of children worldwide who have a terrible example and in Madrid are not watching. Maybe Mourinho is very good person in private and very good coach, but that shows the world is something else. If you're a coach as well, that not to cause trouble every day, how you will behave yourself? I mean the reaction of some players. Mourinho's attitude also affects the image their players. "

On the particular action in which Mourinho assaults Vilanova, Cruyff said: "It is an act of arrogance and impotence. Many people say it does on purpose to divert attention and to talk about this and not football. Do not I think, "he says.

Also on the rivalry between both teams, the 'Skinny' says that "the only bad luck that has the Madrid at this time playing against Barca. If play in any other country or in another time, would be fantastic for them and gain many more things, "adding that" for many years was reversed. But never quite this extreme. " (via AS)

Full Version: www.elperiodico.com

They advised Messi not to visit the grave of Mother Teresa from Calcutta

The Argentinian star unleashes so many passions in his visit to India that are extreme measures of protection.

FCBarcelona FC fans can rest easy. And the great star of FC Barcelona, ​​Leo Messi, is well protected in the mini-tour that is taking place along these days from India. So much so that `La Pulga' you decided not to go to the tomb of Mother Teresa of Calcutta in a visit by six members of the albiceleste.

According to the newspaper 'The Indian Express', the Argentinean didn't attend the appointment for reasons of security. Such is the excitement generated by the presence of the world's best player in Calcutta that even he was surprised by the welcome I received. The aforementioned rotation ensures that the player himself was startled to be harassed by a multitude of fans whenever she leaves the hotel, including the local police asking you for autographs and photographs in each of its outputs. That's why, following the directions of security staff, decided not to go along with his companions to the headquarters of the religious order founded by Mother Teresa, Missionaries of Charity.

The passions unleashed by the figure of Messi worldwide reach such dimensions that the security forces in Dhaka, a city that comes along today captain combined with the rest of Argentina, have already made a first general inspection Bangabandhu National Stadium Stadium in which Argentina will meet again tomorrow in a friendly against Nigeria.

Although missing 24 hours to be played the game, the forces of Banghadeshi Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) made early yesterday to a general sweep of the stadium created mainly for the practice of cricket. The Metropolitan Police executed a general inspection of the stadium and even drill tasks to possible bomb threats. Notably, another reason that security is so extreme is because, the day after the friendly, the city hopes the visit of Manmohan Singh, Indian prime minister. For that reason, have also paved the roads of the city with the intention of providing a better picture.

Another security measures for the development of the party proceeds with the utmost calm and normality is that tickets can only be purchased in advance, also will be installed 12 giant screens across the entire city to prevent citizens try to access the stadium without locality. Anyway, and what might happen, a device of some 2,500 police will ensure the safety of both members of the two combined and spectators with what the show is insured, under conditions of security more than acceptable. (via SPORT)

[selection] Brazil can already begin to say goodbye to Thiago

Del Bosque will give you minutes against Liechtenstein. The player has a future and it is possible to be in the Euro.

FC Barcelona midfielder will join the Spanish team tomorrow in a definitive confrontation Logroño officer who played 'La Roja' Combined Liechtenstein before, during qualifying for Euro 2012. All indications are that Del Bosque will give Thiago a few minutes, and if so, the Brazil and can say goodbye forever to the player. Thiago's debut with `La Roja is it occurred last August 10 in Bari, however, being a friendly, was not effective linking the player to the absolute, which will occur tomorrow if the coach gives the opportunity to shield their incorporation into the selection.
If your career is as positive, it is very likely that among the list of the 23 squad for the Euro, as long as Spain get a win tomorrow would lead to the automatic classification of the competition combined.

The set was brought in double session yesterday in the City of Las Rozas Football in Madrid. In the morning, Del Bosque has a gentle session while the afternoon played a training match against the crowd gathered. Players will travel today to Logroño, where already the set of Liechtenstein, who arrived yesterday at 13.30. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Juvenil B suffers (2-1), the A large score (7-0)

The Juvenil B of García Pimienta has been to overcome the Cornellà who has won on a goal by Sandro in 88 minutes. The Juvenil A has thrashed 0-7 at Huesca with three goals fo Dongou.

The two teams have achieved their goal debut with victory and three points but the difficulty of the two fighting has been completely mixed.

The Juvenil B wins to 2 minutes to go

García Pimienta's boys received Cornellà, one of the rivals that less facilities give to the inferior teams of Barça. However, the Juvenil B has started up strong with a goal of Moussima that took advantage of a good center of Ebwelle to the 10 minutes of the encounter.

The visitors have not lost the order and were able to draw in one of the few approaches to the Barca area with a large Adri shot on 33 minutes.

The domain Barca has had his award at 2 minutes left with a great pass from Joel has not missed Sandro Ramirez.

Lesson football of Juvenil A

The Team of Óscar García has had no difficulty to show its full potential in the field of Huesca, a team that has not been at any time Barca control seizures.

Jean Marie Dongou has been a great opener game. The camerunés has marked the first three goals of the encounter the minutes 13, 18 and 25. Babunski just before the rest has signed the 0-4.

The second half, Barça plate has again used to enjoy the sensational Juvenil A squad. Alex Moreno and Cristian Herrera (2) have established the final 0-7. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[BarçaB; Liga Aderante;week03] FC Cartagena 0 - 4 FC Barcelona B

Barça B has achieved the first win of the season after displaying a luxury football in the field of Cartagena.

Eusebio's team has improved a lot compared to debut against Villarreal B and has been made ​​in Cartagena with a landslide victory and prestige. The left-Grimaldo, only 15 years, has debuted at the second with a performance convincing.

The subsidiary has taken control of the ball from the first moment but the first time has been in charge of the premises. Salva, alone, could not overcome Miño the minute 7. Barca goalkeeper saved a goal with a stop singing spectacular.

Just a minute later and the very rapid action against Rodri has sent a great pass to Kiko has overtaken the goalkeeper with a good shot.

The first goal of the 2011-12 season has given confidence to those who have boosted their Eusebio game of touch and full command of the situation. Rodri on 24 minutes could not take good care of Kiko to score on 33 minutes but Rafinha head to the exit of a corner has signed 0-2. The Cartagena has been able to bridge the gap with a shot from Anton has stopped Miño.

Barça B has not diminished their performance in the second half. A large increase in the attack Grimaldo has culminated with a definition Rafinha stellar. The Brazilian-born playmaker has come up with a masterful control oriented and a definition of luxury with the right.

The subsidiary sentenced in this way the game two minutes after the Cartagena stay with a man down for the expulsion of Josemi by Grimaldo lasts entry.

Gaspar was also expelled for the final 20 minutes in a very thorough referee's decision. A few minutes after joining the field Deulofeu Gerard has escaped from the local marking, his shot was diverted goalkeeper and the rebound has taken to mark the fourth Basin. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Cartagena: Reina, Antón, Goni, Sánchez, Gaspar, Josemi, Dimas, Salva (Cleber 66’), Toni (Marc 78’), Lafuente and Maldonado.

FCBarcelona B: Miño, Balliu, Gómez,Armando, Grimaldo, Dos Santos, Riverola, Rafinha (Gerard 76’), Espinosa, Kiko and Rodri (Cuenca 62’)

Goals: 0-1 Kiko min.8, 0-2 Rafinha min.33, 0-3 Rafinha min.67, 0-4 Cuenca min.79.

Referee: Daniel Ocon Arraiz, riojano committee. He showed yellow card to the local Álvaro Antón, Maldonado, Dimas and Goni and visitors Riverola and Rodri. He drove straight red card to the local Josemi and Manolo Gaspar, at minutes 64 and 70.

Incidents: Party for the third day of the second division league which was played at the stadium Cartagonova Cartagena before some 8,000 spectators.

Thiago is related to the Arsenal again

Barca midfielder remains a matter of interest Arsène Wenger, who longs to make his move in the not too distant future, to meet with Arteta and to forget and exits Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.

Spanish-Brazilian midfielder Thiago Alcántara the Barça continues to talk in the rumor mill signings despite a few days ago that the major leagues was the deadline for players to incorporate in the face of this 2011-12 season.

However, as reported this weekend "Cadena Ser", Arsène Wenger would still between the eyes Barca midfielder to try his signing in the near future, either in winter or next market within a year, summer market.

Despite bringing in a midfielder Mikel Arteta contrasted as the painful departure of Samir Nasri and, especially, have left Cesc Fabregas at Arsenal subdued, both sporting and emotionally, and Wenger would look with the arrival of a pulse in both Thiago senses, which also awakens the illusion of the fans 'gunner'.

At the moment, anything makes think that Thiago can abandon the ship azulgrana. He was the undisputed star of Barca in the preseason, took part in the Super Cup against Real Madrid and started with Cesc in the majestic display against Villarreal in the league Barca debut in this league, where he opened the scoring with a great well. If this continues, it will be very raw Wenger to achieve their purpose. (via SPORT)