04 September 2011

Atletico will play 24 at 22.00 h. at Camp Nou

It is the meeting for the sixth day of the league championship.

Although still missing for three days of League dispute, you know that the match between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid will be played next Saturday, 24th September at 22.00. Be the first team's visit to the field Manzano one of the favorites to win the league title. If this coming weekend, the red and whites have a test in Mestalla against Valencia, that day will be September 24 when Falcao, Turan, Diego and company must demonstrate that Atletico Madrid are called to do great things in this league .

Gregorio Manzano will live a special day because the last time you sat on the bench at Camp Nou as coach of Atletico Madrid was in Week 24 of the 2003/04 season. One day, Atletico fell 3-1. The truth is that in recent seasons, the Barcelona stadium has not been given anything good to Atletico. In fact, lead from the 2006/07 season without getting anything positive from the Camp Nou. That Liga, Atletico drew level with Barca. Then, all results have been defeats bulky as the 5-2 two seasons ago or 6-1 of the last three.

Last year, athletes train at the time by Quique Sanchez Flores at the Camp Nou fell 3-0, a defeat that hurt within Atletico, but not much as seeing the two teams were, most argued for a Barca rout Atletico to. That final was 3-0 for Atleti lesser evil that was going through its best of the season.

This season, Barcelona is at the top, as shown in the first round league in which he endorsed a 5-0 at Villarreal. Atletico is true that began with a goalless draw against Osasuna at the Calderon, but at that meeting were neither Diego nor Falcao and Arda Turan was fresh off an injury. If these three players are at the top for that día24 September, the meeting of the Camp Nou could remember those matches between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid were the most spectacular all season for his football and his goals.

Coincide with the Festival of Barcelona
The game will play Atletico Madrid in Barcelona on September 24 will coincide with the Fiestas de la Merced and that very day is the main day of this holiday as it is the Virgin of Mercy, patron saint of Barcelona . So, Atletico Madrid will be a festive atmosphere Nou Camp, typical of the festival in any town in Spain. (via MD)

Lendoiro: "Madrid and Barça would also win an European league"

Deportivo president added that television revenues would increase if there were in Spain, "the game open," no "in any other country in Europe." In this regard, stated that "the right to television news is far beyond where it should go.

Deportivo president Augusto Cesar Lendoiro, said today that if Real Madrid and Barcelona to compete in a European league with the best clubs in the continent's dominate as they have in recent seasons in the Spanish championship, which has become a Scottish League''''on the other teams can not cope.

"Madrid and Barcelona are at a level so extraordinary that if they were a European league, maybe also be a Scottish Premier League because at the continental level. Maybe only one team in England can put them in difficulty," said the leader-white in an interview broadcast on the circuit Galician RNE.

Lendoiro According to the Spanish League has lost "interest, not because the other teams are not good, but because Barcelona and Real Madrid are much higher." A superiority which, according to the president of Deportivo, but would not reduce the revenue sharing broadcast rights for the match with the other Spanish clubs.

"Their earnings are not (only) television. Their budgets bordering the 500 million euros and television over other teams may have 60 or 70 million. While television revenues equaled, Madrid and Barcelona continue to have more budget, "he argued.

Deportivo president added that television revenues would increase if there were in Spain, "the game open," no "in any other country in Europe." In this regard, stated that "the right to television news goes far beyond where it should go and represents many millions of euros".

Lendoiro was also critical of the clubs that have hosted the Insolvency Act and which do not pay what they owe to other teams in the league, but still spending money on signings. "This is a curious and troubling situation. Four or five teams have a lot of money we are bankrupt, you can not charge and they still exist and in some cases making many signings and billionaires," he said.

He added that "there is a struggle between the Sports Act and the Bankruptcy and seems at this point that dominates the sports Bankruptcy." With that outlook and falling to second division team, the coach acknowledged that "going to be tough down the debt" of the club this season, but qualified that Deportivo will try to "maintain the level of cuts on debt" that has been achieved in recent years "with a significant reduction in the annual budget."

Lendoiro has given priority to the sports section has maintained economic and the block was in the First Division team with international players such as Andres Guardado Mexican, Argentine goalkeeper Diego Colotto or Dani Aranzubia.

"The important thing is promotion. The economic situation is complicated or very complicated, but try to carry it out between all and nothing better to do it first," said the leader. (via AS)

[Youth] FC Barcelona will be removed and the Torneo Jordi Pitarque Ceprià

Barça was taken finally I Torneo Jordi Pitarque Ceprià of category alevín celebrated on Saturday in l'Ampolla in honor of the one that was player of Reus.

Barca team got up with a title that gave the family of Pitarque after the game, after beating Espanyol in the final 5 to 4 in a thrilling clash, marked by good play and healthy rivalry between the two Barcelona teams.

The tournament, which ran throughout the day, took all the computers where Jordi Pitarque his career and played behind Barca and Espanyol were classified Gimnastic of Tarragona, Tortosa, Reus, Escuela Deportiva Ebro, Amposta, Pobla de Mafumet the EU Jesus and Mary and, finally, l'Ampolla.

Throughout the day, went through the Estadio Municipal de l'Ampolla about two thousand fans and the final was watched by more than five hundred, among whom were former Barcelona player Guillermo Amor, representing the club. The tournament concluded with a heartfelt round of applause in memory of Jordi Pitarque now, on Day 6 will be a year of his sudden death. (via SPORT)

Barcelona Socios ask to break up with Real Madrid

They collect signatures to put the break on the assembly of 24-S.

While on the pitch the players are determined to heal the wounds that ooze from the classical past their common advantage in the selection and from the boxes you opt for the 'no comment' and institutional indifference between policies, in social water does not appear that the dispute between Barcelona and Madrid have returned to normal.

So much so that a group of partners has made Barcelona a manifesto calling for the club president, Sandro Rosell, breaking institutional relations with Real Madrid after the incidents of the last Spanish Super Cup.

At the end of last season, Barcelona's president said that relations with the arch rival sports were in a state of surveillance and that if any incidents occur again in the Barcelona feel assaulted by Real Madrid, Barca club I would not hesitate to break institutional relations with the president Florentino Perez entity. According to this group of partners, the time has come and so collect signatures of support for his show on the Internet.

Meeting. The promoters of this initiative, Jordi Esteve, Jordi Rovira, both Mataró (born city where the founder of Real Madrid) intended to meet with club president from September 16, when they cease to collect signatures. His intention is that the issue be discussed at the next meeting of delegates on 24 September. Surely, the issue will be out in it in the ample opportunity for questions.

This is not the only popular initiative is being discussed now in the club. Another group of partners takes time to collect signatures to promote a referendum to accept or reject advertising of Qatar Foundation as sponsor of the shirt. (via AS)

Four sessions before visiting the Real Sociedad

The team returned on Tuesday morning to practice even with the low international prices, and will not be until Wednesday afternoon when Pep Guardiola will be without the bulk of the team to prepare the match against la Real.

Although the club started the season almost a month ago an official with the achievement of the titles in the Supercopa of Spain first, and that of Europe , then Pep Guardiola knows that the course team does not start until this week. This was recognized after the first league match , against Villarreal , when he asserted that "the season starts when the players return from international matches for their respective teams." And that will happen on Wednesday when they have played the last international matches.

After three days' rest, Barca back to work on Tuesday at 9.30 am already thinking about the league match on Saturday (18 hours ) Anoeta against Real Sociedad . Will that be safe absences Barca players selected France , Spain and Argentina and that day has parts. The session will be at the Sports City and the first 15 minutes will be open to the media.

On Wednesday Pep Guardiola hopes to already have once all the members of the team the international ones they return to Barcelona. The session will be in the afternoon, starting from the 19 hours, and it will be made in Sant Joan Despí. The train Thursday morning at 10 am.

Barcelona's players will make the final session before the field visit of la Real Sociedad on Friday morning. It will be at 10 am at the Ciudad Deportiva, behind closed doors. Subsequently, Pep Guardiola will be released in a press conference. The team will leave it to San Sebastian Friday night and will in the Basque city on Saturday before facing la Real Sociedad

Without time to rest, the azulgranas will return on same Sunday to the work, at the 10.30 hours. And it is that on Tuesday September 13 the champion from Europe opens in the Champions League before Milan. On Monday, the activity will move to Camp Nou, with the usual preview of the Champions League with training sessions and press conferences. Barca's session in the stadium is at 19 hours and then the squad will be concentrated. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

If the vote to Qatar Foundation is not, we will be smaller

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, gave an interview to 'La Vanguardia' in which he reviewed the situation of the club and spoke about the upcoming meeting of delegates, which will be voted sponsored by Qatar Foundation.

Rosell told La Vanguardia that the risks to the directive would have the 'no' to the sponsorship of Qatar Foundation, criticized by some sectors of Barcelona: "We should rethink the size of this club, but if that is what is the partner, welcome. Barça would be sustainable, but with another dimension. I could not continue to keep all you need: best squad in the world, the world's best coach, club world's biggest sports, football training where they are invested in the world, solidarity with Foundation, and rivals would have more advantages. We would be smaller. We always thought we have and the club that members want and deserve. Today we can say that our main challenges was to maintain athletic excellence and move to the area of ​​management . The first is being fulfilled and the second going in the right direction. We have fallen by 66.9 million euros of debt and we've been losing 9 million the first season, when they were under 21, to budget 20 million profit in this, as long as the partner to ratify the agreements. And if we do things as we do now in the Assembly would not go at this point social excellence. "

The Blaugrana president argued the debate and the relationship with Qatar Foundation as follows: "At a club the size of any decision Barca will always find a group against or at least discussed. From that Qatar, the signing from Cesc even if we sell popcorn or frankfurters at the bar. Qatar is what it is. We know what it is. It is a country within the Middle East, precisely the one that is claiming the support of the western world to open up more. We can help in that path towards a democratic future. And Qatar Foundation is the entity in the world spends more money on stem cell research to cure all diseases in the world, for example. " He noted that today "no one pays more." "It's the world record in sports sponsorship," he said.

Regarding the other issue to discuss the creation of a degree of animation, Rosell said he did not have any commitments with certain radical groups, "What is true is that I tried to bring all groups to say that without violent, we would organize a degree of animation which is what we ask thousands of young people. But we will do as long as the Autonomous approval and give us the assurance we have zero tolerance to violence. "

On the success of the football team, the president of the Catalan said, "I think the success is that the stars have aligned. And since our party has tried to remain aligned. What I mean by this? Pep Guardiola who have agreed on the bench and good partners with Messi, a key player, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Piqué, Valdes, Sergio, Pedro Alves, Keita, Mascherano, Adriano, Abidal, everyone, and this is historical . And our responsibility is that the stars are coming to line up with already, made available to the coach. Another reason for the success in football and the sections is that coaches are of the house are from the Barca Indeed, they know the house well, and players are the club. Those who have commitment from outside, but here also the commitment have something stronger than this, which is feeling. And another thing is that the bestial Barca's wardrobe speaks Catalan, and we have four captains exceptional. " And note again that if he would have a longer lease with Pep. "But I'm happy if he is happy," he said.

Finally, Rosell valued relationships with Real Madrid. "Do not fall into the provocation of Madrid. We are living the best moment of our history and nobody deserves to get distracted from our path. Internally we all agree, the board, the technical direction and costumes. I understand that partners have not agree, but I am convinced that most supports us. " (via SPORT)

In Brazil assure that Neymar will join for Barça in 2013

The case continues Neymar lot of play. The late Brazilian striker located in Barcelona, ​​though, within a year and a half.

According to Brazilian newspaper 'Estado' the player come to Barcelona in January 2013, and the cost of the transaction amount to 60 million euros. Both the player and his father would have given compliance.

The operation would have taken personally the president of Santos, Luis Alvaro, without the consent of Neymar agent, Wagner Ribeiro, who has signed an agreement with Madrid with significant compensation in the event of default.

Thus the player fulfill his desire to continue at Santos during the Club World Cup and the centenary of his lifelong club.

The president of Brazilian club Santos, Luis Alvaro Ribeiro, denied having reached an agreement with Barcelona striker Spanish to transfer to the Catalan Neymar from January 2013.

"That's quite repetitive and monotonous. Not sold, do not want to sell, the player wants to stay and someone invents some other interest that news," the leader told the Globo radio.

"I do not lie and if he could not confirm, I would say that there is a confidentiality clause. But in this case I say all the letters did not sell," said Ribeiro to deny a version published Saturday in the digital editions of newspapers Brazilians 'Jornal da Tarde' and 'O Estado de Sao Paulo'.

In autumn, talk to Maxwell ... And with Raiola!

Barcelona plans to address the possible renewal of Maxwell in the autumn. The Brazilian contract ends in 2012 and during this course must decide whether to continue with their services. In the event that were so, Raiola return to the office of club, where he was unceremoniously thrown upon the subject Ibrahimovic. (via SPORT)

Josep Maria Bartomeu: "Cesc is worth asking Arsenal: 60 million"

The manager emphasizes the effort of working group to address the needs of Pep.

He has not had a vacation because he has spent all summer against two names that now look in a Barca shirt. Now why Bartomeu account for their decisions.

Did you expect such a high Cesc and Alexis?

The technicians were aware of its quality, but showing the level is very high. Cesc Alexis and know that with a template so just like this are required to adapt quickly because we need them. Do their part and make an extra effort. In the case of Cesc adaptation has been instantaneous.

David Dein said that Barca had bought champagne for the price of sparkling wine. What is the real value of Cesc?

It was a very good operation. The price on the open market was not 29 but he only lowered by saying that he wanted to go to Barca. Then the price and not by the market. Its actual price is the asking Arsenal, at least 60 million.

How do the leaks in a negotiation and what role the media?

An ideal negotiation is one that leaves nothing in the newspapers. This, however, is impossible because there are many parties involved. In these circumstances we have to try the news come to your favor. Negotiating is like playing poker. When you buy you have to try, truth or lie, the player has no other offers. We did it by the Alexis position and Cesc who said they only wanted to go to Barca. At the same time, you must make clear to you can go. The fact of announcing in advance that we only would spend 45 million went well because clubs already knew our position. If you sell, the position changes. Then, try to be many offers.

By what parameters are set the template?, Looking bend positions?, Will having regard to the subsidiary?

Some positions are not bent (right side) but we have people from the subsidiary. The template has been designed keeping in mind that all players can act every minute. No reservations, except Pinto. They went around and came others. The process has wardrobe of high quality. Before Pep had a bench with great players but somewhere missing parts to revolutionize the game. Not now.

Is he happy?

He has said publicly. During the season Zubizarreta, Julia, Tito and Pep meet regularly to look for players as needed. During the process make a selection. In front was a list of five midfielders Cesc and defenses was only there were none. Merit to have brought the first forward who asked for the second and third are also very good and the only midfielder wanted.

His credit and the players themselves ...

Each club is different to negotiate, some listed the bag, others use the club as a shuttle ¿. Udinese wanted to sell and had an offer from Chelsea for 50 million and another of City 55, but the Arsenal. The position of the two players has been key, have been complicit.

Does the City asked Leo and offered 70 million more Balotelli?

No. Barça has become a selling club but never to their starters, their key players because what we seek are not economic successes but sports. The policy is not to sell players but winning titles. We want the key man here start here and finish his career. The clubs know they can not knock on the door for Peter, Xavi, Iniesta, Piqué .

Yes that came when negotiating with Alves?

So it does appear, pull the rod to catch something but never come if these players do not negotiate their contracts. Yes we had a pile of team players and who were the first team and not playing much.

As is its performance, Can you offer a better contract for Messi?

No. You have articulated a contract every year as it improves their performance last year. We do not intend to negotiate with him to talk about the renovation but is signed through 2016 ...

What team players are marked for upload?

I'm not going to tell me but just look at those who renew. Sergio has been made to negotiate with Roberto and now Montoya, Taylor and Marc Bartra. Those who renewed their options is because they have arrived. There are lines of succession and sometimes the players are very good but have a front stopper such as Oriol Romeu. It will be a big but here was Sergio Busquets and Mascherano ahead. We must first think about the person and then the player.

Will Pep renovate?

He's very smart and he will say. We give all the tools so that when you talk to renew it very difficult to say no.

Do you think it will be in February?

I do not know. Not suffer from Pep. The directive does the maximum you are comfortable. Sleep peacefully.

Does it interest Neymar?

It's a great player and young. There are European clubs who love you. Barcelona's obligation is to follow which will be good.

¿Rosell has made some progress?

No. It was the Copa America just to talk with international players from Barça.

Awaiting a response from Abidal

Bartomeu says Eric Abidal "has an offer on the table" but has not yet asked for an answer because I slept on. His illness did nothing but prolong the process. The club hopes that when he wants to communicate its decision. (via SPORT)

Bartomeu: "Why cannot play against Milan on Saturday?"

He also explains the decision of the club of putting to the partner's will the continuity of Qatar.

Champions League future closed competition becomes so strong that domestic league snack are some of the issues being debated by the ECA and working Peter Kenyon, Chelsea's former CEO.

What is the position of Barça?

We are pro European competition. We want that more and more games and these can be played on the weekend. Why can not play against Milan on Saturday? We favor the Champions is more important but not cut the wings to the domestic competition. In the future there will be changes because every time you look for more revenue because all teams want to be even stronger.

In their quest to achieve more revenue the club reached an agreement with Qatar Foundation mega. It has now taken the decision to submit Ateva the elector's will partner the decision to continue or not with Qatar Foundation. Why?

We did not need to consult but saw that there are concerns among the partners, we decided to ask for more information someterelo the assembly of delegates to explain why our decision. The board will vote yes. If members vote not to find this money will allow us to maintain excellence. Will not be easy but the club is the members, not ours. They will decide. "

This assembly did not discuss the honorary presidency of Johan Cruyff. This case is pending statutory reform and the assembly is made in this idea. It will be during the term of Rosell. (via SPORT)

Isla: "Alexis will mark 20 goals At least"

The comrades of the 'Wonder Boy' in the selection of Chile augur a bright future as Barcelona.

Alexis Sanchez expects a bright future at the club. This is indicated by the football has pointed out in their opening matches, and so I believe, convinced his fellow Chilean team. These include Mauritius, perhaps the best known player because they shared equipment, Udinese, and remain two of the players of reference in the national team. "I'm sure going to make 20 or 25 goals with the club," said Chilean Alexis perspectives on code-Blaugrana, "if I have to play right back, because he has reached the ultimate team player, the club always wants the ball and a matter of time to start scoring goals. "

Isla also believes that its adaptation to the locker room will be parallel to the soccer explosion. "No doubt. It will be one of the kings of the clubhouse (locker room). It's a merry fellow that will fit perfectly. "

"I'm not a futurist or tarotista," said Sebastian Beausejour, more wary of betting on how many goals will make Alexis, "but has only needed two games to show the football they have inside. Its coupling to Barca's perfect. "

Alexis, meanwhile, enjoys his first weeks as Barcelona with extreme discretion, but some of his colleagues unveiled the sensations transmitted to them. "He was fascinated," said Claudio Bravo, the Chilean goalkeeper of Real Sociedad, "for it is all very new, but has signed for the club to aspire to greater things and in fact has already been champion of both titles. He is amazed. "

"It will be one of the stars of the league, for sure," said Bravo, who exactly will be their next opponents on Saturday in Anoeta, "has come up with a huge desire to succeed and be a very competitive player for the club."

Xavi Hernandez, meanwhile, could barely say goodbye to Alexis because of the brawl, but reminded that the club has a "destabilizing player, very skilled and when falls band becomes much more dangerous."

Not only those who know him best predict a great future for him football. Some rivals, like Javi Martinez, who suffered directly during the first part of Spain, Chile, envision a player "destabilizing, very good at one on one, vertical and with much overflowing." "I had not seen too much television, but it's a great player, is young and also has plenty of room for improvement." (via SPORT)

Carles Puyol, on vacation in Rome

The captain of Barca trip demonstrates that the evolution of his injury is more than positive.

Carles Puyol enjoy four days of rest and relaxation in Rome. After a summer endlessly on the double training sessions to recover from his left knee injury have left him without a vacation, the Captain has decided to take holidays that coach Pep Guardiola has given his players will they come back ¿train on Tuesday with his girlfriend, Malena Costa in the Italian capital.

All a demonstration of the La Pobla is almost recovered from his injury and that otherwise would have continued working out in Barcelona as it has done over the summer months. While some of their partners have enjoyed of until a month and half of vacations in different places of the world, 'Puyi' didn't abandon their sessions of training next to the recuperador azulgrana Juanjo Brau in Barcelona.

Just a few days moved to Ibiza with his girlfriend and physio referred to above for which, even in paradise Ibiza stopped exercising to the maximum speed your recovery. First the good news of the return of first team captain of Barca in a period of about six days, the `5 Does the club has found the perfect retreat before returning to be a key player in Guardiola's team.

"Good night from Rome!" Wrote Friday night, the captain of your Twitter profile with a photograph shown hugging his girlfriend. "After eating at a restaurant with the waiter over the edge of all of Rome, I'll get some sleep ... Moc moc ooohhhh hug, "he said yesterday at noon. (via SPORT)

[Selection] Messi: "With Barça I make goals of all type but with Argentina I look for them and don't arrive"

Argentine forward showed his regret at not reaching the end of the performance albiceleste scorer in the club offered despite many attempts to score "in every way" possible.

Leo Messi on Saturday expressed his pride in being the new captain of the Argentina football, but regretted not being able to score goals for the club "albiceleste" as he does with his club Barcelona.

"I make goals all the way to Barcelona, ​​almost unintentionally, and here I seek in every way and not find them. Most of the time, that's capable, have peace of mind to change, to situations in front of not having the pressure of wanting to make the goal, "Messi said the Argentine sports channel TyC Sports.

But beyond frustration at the goal drought, the forward was proud to be the captain of this new era for Argentina by Alejandro Sabella technician. Opened office in Argentina's 1-0 win on Friday against Venezuela in a friendly played in Calcutta.

"This was the moment I am happy to receive the tape, wanted. The responsibility is the same as we have all the selection. I thought it was time to hold and hope to bring me luck, I'm happy, calm and thankful to the tape, "he said.

Messi also thanked the former captain Javier Mascherano, his teammate in Barcelona, ​​for facilitating the transfer of the tape. "It was the first thing I said was to be captain, grip tape," he said. (via SPORT)

Cristiano: "Messi is the best in the world"

Real Madrid forward admitted the supremacy of the Barca star in a media interview after the appointment UEFA Messi as the 'best player in the UEFA in Europe'.

Real Madrid forward Ronaldo made a surprising statement to the media following the Championship trophy after the group draw for the next Champions League and after the Super Cup which the club won with Porto.

Cristiano addressed various issues, and surprised to see without qualms that Messi is the best footballer in the world. "He has a personality and I have mine. He has his game and I have mine. I play in a big club like him. We are different in all aspects," said 'CR7', before adding of bluntly that "he now is the best."

Portuguese striker Messi also congratulated for obtaining the award that identified him as the 'best player in the UEFA in Europe, "praised his club currently seen as" the best club in the world, "claiming that it" is very jealous " and proved he still has not digested the elimination of Real Madrid in the semifinals of last Champions at the hands of Barca. "Everything that happened last year we know why it happened. We were unfairly eliminated from the Champions League, but you always learn," he said. (via SPORT)