03 September 2011

[BarçaB] Barça will shield Deulofeu before end of year

Gerard Deulofeu (13-3-1994, Riudarenes, Girona) is called to appear very early in the first team. This is a new discovery of Barca's youth system, like all great players, burning at high speed stages. He made his debut last season in second division A with Luis Enrique and Pep claimed him on tour this summer in Miami hours after he won the Under-19 Championship.

In its online form gradually their young, the club will not accelerate its progression, but will respect all the steps, though many will point to as the new Messi. Barca coach himself and said he still has time to make front pages. Another separate issue is your contract.

To Deulofeu has two more seasons and his buyout clause is consistent with all the fixing to the grassroots, around three million euros. According to MD source revealed to solvents, the club aims to shield the end and the contacts will open very soon, before the end of this 2011.

His agent, Gines Carvajal, have been informed of the intentions of the directive. Many European clubs, including Chelsea and Arsenal Wenger takes time following his track. In the Camp Nou are intended to avoid temptation. (via MD)

[BarçaB] 18 players of B heading for Cartagena

Barça B has made Saturday the last training before leaving for Cartagena. The subsidiary has the opportunity to get first win of the season in a match where the Juvenil A Grimaldo has entered the call.

Eighteen players have been called to play on Sunday in Cartagena, starting at 18 h, which is the second game of the season. The novelty of this call is Alex Grimaldo, Cadete A player who was only 15 years could debut in the Silver category. Furthermore, Eusebio also retrieves Rafa Alcantara, now down to injury.

Barca B Coach, Eusebio Sacristan, has ensured that the team is really looking forward to this game. "We are encouraged, we have worked hard this week and we are prepared to get the first win," said Eusebio. In every defeat there to take out a positive message. Eusebio has taken note of the errors in the match against Villarreal B, and ensures that the team has things to improve, but above all will to do so. "There are really many things to improve, I could not tell the whole group during the month of August, and now we have to accelerate time to internalize concepts and defensive tactics," said the coach.

The novelty of this call, no doubt, the young brand Alex Grimaldo. Last year he played in the Cadete A, and has now become part of the staff of Juvenil A. This Sunday could debut first in the Second Division. With only 15 years, Eusebio has trusted him for his professionalism on the pitch. "His behavior in the field indicates that it is a mature player with qualities, good condition, and the times he has participated with us in the preseason has responded to a high level, that is for us a guarantee," said Eusebio.

B Coach also had words for rival, Cartagena. "It's a team that has changed a lot this season, but already settled in this category. In his field, has the respect of your hobby, and comes from losing the first game. Therefore, they will really want to get points, "he said Eusebio.

B's players have gone to Cartagena to contest Sunday's second game of the season to be played starting at 18 h. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[18 players summoned]
Oier Olazábal
Rubén Miño
Ivan Balliu
Armando Lozano
Sergi Gómez
Oriol Rosell
Álex Grimaldo
Gustavo Ledes
Jonathan dos Santos
Martí Riverola
Carlos Carmona
Javier Espinosa
Cristian Lobato
Isaac Cuenca
Kiko Femenía
Rodrigo Ríos
Gerard Deulofeu

Pep was interested in the progression of Rakytskiy

Pep Guardiola is a coach who does not miss an opportunity to know every detail of what interests you. So, used the presence of Shakhtar Donetsk coach Mircea Lucescu for two players interested Ukrainian club: Yaroslav Chygrinskiy Rakytskiy and Dmitri.

The former Blaugrana are interested in the slump that is suffering from injuries that have become depressed so blatant. 'Chigry' did not have no luck during his time in the club and that he scored on his return to face Ukrainian club came out.

About Yaroslav Rakytskiy asked about his progression. Mircea Lucescu Pep Guardiola confirmed that he was ready to jump into a big as the boat, which remained fast, strong, but, above all, had made tremendous progress in the output of the ball and the pass. At 22 years has already become one of the best defenders in Europe.

Guardiola has always loved Yaroslav Rakytskiy not be ruled out that after the Euro 2012 Championship in Ukraine and Poland, the club returned to the load.

This season, get ahead of Shakhtar in the Champions League (last year stood at fourth and was eliminated just before the club) and so I said transferable. The player did not want to leave because they want to ensure their ownership with Ukraine for Euro 2012 playing for Shakhtar. (via MD)

[BarçaB] Defined the numbers of Barça B

Only eight players from Barça B repeated the dorsal wearing last season. The '9 ' Nolito has inherited Rodri while 10 who had Vázquez is now owned by Sergi Roberto.

The movements of high and low for Barça B have also led to considerable variation in the allocation of numbers at the branch. Players who have entered into the first team (Thiago and Fontàs) and those who have left the club this season have left B free numbers that have occupied about not only new but other players who have changed the number who had his shirt in the previous year ..

Seven Players still in the reserves this season has changed his number. Ilie Sanchez had the '14 'and now play with the '4' carrying Thiago. Muniesa, so far with the '24 ', '5' has inherited from Fontàs. Sergi Roberto wear the '10 'Vazquez. Jonathan Dos Santos went from '20 'to '8'. Carmona has inherited the '6 'Romeu, Planas has increased from 17 to 21. Riverola began last season with the number '22 'but after his transfer to Vitesse wear the '20 season. "

Kiko Femenía chose the dorsal 15, a number that Carmona had so far. Rodri, classic centers and forwards, has chosen '9 'left Nolito free to leave Benfica. For Lobato, former L'Hospitalet wear the '17 'til now owned by Planas.

Los dorsales cuando jueguen con el primer equipo Estos son los dorsales de los jugadores del Barça B cuando actuiin con el primer equipo. Any B player that is convened for the first team and is not on this list should include the numbers that follow. That is, the first lead 40 and so on. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

26 Muniesa
27 Gerard
28 J. Dos Santos
29 Marti Riverola
30 S. Roberto
31 Miño
32 Bartra
33 Sergio Gomez
34 Rafinha
35 Montoya
36 Olazabal
37 Tello
38 Kiko
39 I. Cuenca

[All the numbers]
These are the numbers that the players of Eusebio will take throughout the whole season:

1 Olazábal
2 Montoya
3 Bartra
4 Ilie
5 Muniesa
6 Carmona
7 Tello
8 J. Dos Santos
9 Rodri R.
10 S. Roberto
11 J. Soriano
12 O. Rosell
13 Masip
14 S. Gómez
15 Kiko
16 Armando
17 Lobato
18 Gustavo
20 Riverola
21 Planas
22 I. Cuenca
23 Balliu
24 Espinosa
25 Rubén Miño
27 Gerard
30 Rafinha
35 Grimaldo

[Selection] The blaugrana shines in the entire world

Abidal played only one competitive match in Albania. He started the eleven Blanc arranged that France got a victory suffered.

The Blaugrana were international stars of the night selections, especially in Spain and Chile involving the largest number of international club.

In the match played at the AFG Arena St. Gallen to shine Andres Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez. While La Mancha, who played the second half, he authored a goal and provided the criteria and character set of Vicente del Bosque, attending Fàbregas in the tie, the Chilean in the first period showed his speed and ability to overflow from the OMC, which went crazy at the makeshift central pair Javi Martinez-Albiol. Vargas attended the 0-2 and failed to score the third but would adjust his shot so that he was high. Still, while gasoline came to Chile, Alexis was able to show their best weapons. As for Cesc, showed that continues to mark the aforementioned scoring run and the 3-2 tie to penalties.

David Villa was hurt by the weak role of Spain in the first forty-five minutes. No defensive pressure and low combined capacity in the field axis, the Spanish striker had few occasions. The Spaniard tried three times, the best one volley in the final 18 minutes that neutralized Bravo. He supplied the second time Peter, who turned down the left opening the field and looking for one on one.

In the case of Xavi and Busquets, as usual brought his footballing criteria. As was nurturing of Barcelona eleven improved their individual and collective performance. When associated with Iniesta after the break came the rule of Spain.

Also Leo Messi and Javier Mascherano could enjoy a victory by the minimum off Venezuela. Your worst opponent was 40 degrees and 95% relative humidity were in Calcutta. Still Leo, who wore the captain's armband, he could leave class and several details of the winning enabled to Otamendi the exit of a corner. With the albiceleste, `Masche A return to the midfield where he carried out his work wear Habitability and recovery.

Finally, Éric Abidal played ninety minutes of the Albania-France that began with clear French rule, which went ahead 0-2 but in which the suffering of Laurent Blanc finished second time after a very thick. (via SPORT)

The return of Captain

The slump experienced by the La Pobla because of his injury comes to an end, the Barca defense depleted sigh of relief.

Carles Puyol lives this week the happiest days in recent months. And the captain of FC Barcelona began to see light at the end of the tunnel as a major injury to his left knee has not given respite. Such has been the extent of it that participated in only four of the last 37 matches played for the club, something unusual in a key man in both the field and inside the locker room. These four games were an exercise in solidarity. It was not to play but would not leave the team in all three classics thrown in Madrid and the Champions League final.

The '5 'Barca has successfully completed the last three training sessions with the group, reduced in these days because of the exodus of internationals. Even without the medical, La Pobla has participated in rounds and other tactical exercises with the captain smiles again. In training yesterday as he was more than happy, accompanied by Maxwell, Afellay, Pinto, Fontàs and team players, did not stop cheering for the usual round were even more entertaining.

Follow the pace so far, it seems that the captain will come into the squad for the next match against Real Sociedad. The discharge should arrive just before traveling to San Sebastian but it is difficult to think that this shift may own. Guardiola will want to go with the rest of the shipment, and if the match is right, make him play a few minutes. His return as a starter would be next September 13 in the first Champions League match of the season against Milan at the Nou Camp.

Pep Guardiola is the first to crave the return of captain. He said by active and passive, but in these times when FC Barcelona's defense is greatly reduced by the casualties they accumulate, the return of Carles Puyol will become a total energy injection. His companions, who have continued to have the support of their captain, they could be again one of the mainstays of the team on the pitch.

Low Maxwell, now trains with the squad, coupled with Peak and Adriano, who are working out separate plans have been dismantled Barça when forming the starting lineup. So much so that against Villarreal Guardiola fielded a three-man defense which was the only pure defender Abidal. That's why the return of 'Puyi' is one of the most anticipated.

The gray days of La Pobla come to an end. After spending one of the worst bouts of his playing career, his recovery is going at full speed.

On June 1 Dr. Ramon Cugat, under the supervision of the physician Ricard Pruna first team, underwent arthroscopic surgery to remove a loose body in his left knee, following a blow he received in the match against Malaga, husked until it was loose in his knee. Puyol suffered at the end of last season and now, seven months through injury, is to return.

Puyol as nobody has tried to shorten their recovery, even giving up their holidays and daily training session in double recovery by the Juanjo Brau, but luckily for everyone, his return to first team is getting closer.

Farewell to the Selection

Although the player has not confirmed anything about it, the latest rumors also suggest that the captain of the Spanish football team could say goodbye to the Red. After the slump experienced as a result of his serious injury, Puyol would be considering leaving their participation in the national team to focus solely on his career at FC Barcelona. (via SPORT)

Guardiola will receive the Gold Medal of the Parliament

Barca coach will be gifted on 8 September with the Gold Medal of the Catalan parliament "for his career as an athlete and coach".

This was announced on Friday a spokesman of the Government and Secretary General of the Presidency, Francesc Homs, who said that the award of the Gold Medal of the Parliament on 8 September to FC Barcelona coach, Josep Guardiola is motivated "for his career as an athlete and coach, his contribution to the projection of Catalonia, teamwork, effort and personal growth. "

This recognition was absorbed within the acts of the National Day, has been awarded since 2000 to major figures of Catalan society. The economist Ernest Lluch, the UN representative in Afghanistan Francesc Vendrell, Jordi Savall musician, the group Els Setze Jutges or illustrator Roser Capdevila are some people who have already received this honor. (via SPORT)

[Selection] Sabella, delighted with Messi: "It's an inspiration to all"

Argentina's new coach, Alejandro Sabella, considered crucial contribution of Leo Messi in Argentina's victory against Venezuela.

"Messi is always an inspiration to all the team," said the coach on the '10 'Barca, which premiered as captain of the combined albiceleste.

"Not a bad performance considering that the players were together just three days before this meeting," Sabella said, referring to the tight victory.

Sabella said he was "happy" with the win, but preferred to be restrained: "It is too early to make a deep analysis. I have to watch the videos of the game before drawing conclusions," he said. (via SPORT)

[Selection; Friendly Match] Spain 3 - 2 Chile

Barca Midfielders entered the second half and the Spanish national team began to climb the carburetor to get the initial 0-2 managed by the Chileans. Iniesta and Cesc scored for double.

The Spanish national team on Friday added a victory over Chile suffered a 0-2 start after tracing through the invaluable collaboration of Andres Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas, who revolutionized the game in the second half.

The game did not start well for Spain. The defense did not show up in the early stages of the game and Chile took advantage of it with quick action. Within ten minutes of the 0-1 game came with a goal of Isla, who advanced to the South Americans to make a powerful cross-volley from outside the area that slipped through the top right corner of the goal defended by Casillas.

Spain had not found behind the goal and Chile still hurting with spaces. It arrived this way later ten minutes the second so much Chilean, when taking advantage of Vargas a great service in depth of the azulgrana Alexis Sánchez to beat the exit of Casillas and to mark to empty goal.

The one combined national didn't find in any moment their best game and Xavi could not even combine with approach in the center of the field, for blame of the Chilean strong pressure and its rapids counterattacks that impeded the game continuity that yearned the selection of Del Bosque.

After the first time, the technician moved the bench and Salamanca ushered in, among others, Iniesta, Pedro, who changed the face of the team. Ten minutes into the second half Iniesta extended his affair with 'The Red' to sign both a great shot from outside the defined area to tackle a difficult path to the goal Bravo.

In the absence of half an hour to go, Del Bosque opted for a double shift that would ultimately be key. Xavi Cesc replaced one that was somewhat fair strength, and Torres came through Negredo to revolutionize the point of attack. The change of Arenys would ultimately be decisive.

Five minutes after taking the field, Cesc took advantage of a great service in depth Iniesta to beat Bravo with a subtle touch to put the ball glued to a stick. It was the 2-2 returning to open all options to twenty minutes to go.

The entrance to Cazorla gave fluidity to the game even more offensive Selection Contreras and the expulsion of a violent tackle on midfielder Alonso himself opened the way to victory for the 'Red'.

Chile tried to break the continuity of the Spanish game with some input at the wrong time and with various substitutions but the selection to the end and squeezed his prize was controversially, when the party already dying when the match the referee signaled a penalty committed on Arbeloa doubtful .

The gal taking charge of and take responsibility for making the launch was Cesc Fabregas. The Arenys adjusted his shot to the right but Bravo stopped her with distress, so badly for the Chilean goal to rebound landed at the feet of Cesc himself that, this time, did not spare the empty net.

The controversy surrounding the penalty dest about over Arbeloa causing a final brawl which, interestingly, had the major players involved with Barca and Madrid, Iniesta, Arbeloa, Sergio Busquets and Ramos each other. Fortunately, tempers calmed down and reached the final of the encounter with another victory for Spain and good feelings for a Chilean team was able to stand up to world champion for many minutes. (via SPORT)

[Technical Data]
Spain: Casillas (Reina, m.46); Sergio Ramos, Raúl Albiol, Javi Martínez, Arbeloa; Busquets, Xabi Alonso (Iniesta, m.46), Xavi (Cesc, m.64); Silva (cazorla, m.79), Villa (Pedro, m.46) and Negredo (Fernando Torres, m.64).

Chile: Claudio Bravo; Arturo Vidal, Pablo Contreras, Jara; Mauricio Isla (Meneses, m.83), Medel (Estrada, m.88), Carmona, Beausejour (Felipe Gutiérrez, m.79), Jorge Valdivia (orellana, m.86); Alexis Sánchez and Eduardo Vargas (Felipe Seymour, m.58).

Goals: 0-1, m.10: Isla. 0-2, m.20: Vargas. 1-2, m.55: Iniesta. 2-2, m.70: Cesc. 3-2, m.90: Cesc.

Referee: Jerome Laperriere (SUI). He admonished Smith (26) by Spain and Alexis (70) and Vidal (73) from Chile. He drove straight red for a 82-minute Contreras Valdivia and on 90 minutes when he was on the bench.

Incidents: friendly match played at the AFG Arena St. Gallen in the presence of 14,605 ​​spectators.

[Selection; Friendly Match] Argentina 1 - 0 Venezuela

The crack of Barca makes a good match in Calcutta and repeatedly delighted the audience with their actions and gave assistance only goal to Otamendi.

The 'new' Argentina of Alejandro Sabella are in luck after yielding his first win in the next stage of the selection albiceleste by signing a 1 to 0 victory against Venezuela in Calcutta.

Another major releases of Argentina was to see Leo Messi lead from start to their selection, wearing the captain's bracelet on his left arm.

Venezuela, meanwhile, also presented some new features such as the Central Athletic debut of Fernando Amorebieta, in more than one occasion he was strong enough to stop the incursions of 'La Pulga'.

Messi did not hide during the meeting and starred in many offensive operations that were on the point of becoming triangulated goal and very efficient with his colleagues on the point of attack: the Real Madrid Higuain and Di Maria, and by the second time with the 'Kun' Agüero, brand new signing from Manchester City.

Leo also showed their skills to pieces and I almost pass for white and blue when playing with a free kick on the hour mark when the ball grazed the top of the goal defended by Romo.

The goal was reluctant to Otamendi Messi and was responsible for opening the scoring on its head from a corner just launched by the Argentine star. Porto defender ahead of his marker and made a good shot that eventually crushed served to Argentina sumase a win after recent disappointments balsamic. The Copa America is history. (via SPORT)

[Technical Data]
Argentina: Romero; Zabaleta (F. Fernández, m.78), Demichelis, Otamendi, Marcos Rojo; González (Sosa, m.73), Mascherano, Ricardo Álvarez (Pastore, m.61), Messi; Higuaín (Agüero, m.77) and Di María.

Venezuela: Romo; Rosales, Vizcarrondo, Amorebieta (Túñez, m.90), Chichero; Feltscher (Orozco, m. 69), Flores, Rincón, González (Zambrano, m.89); Salomón Rondón and Fedor.

Goals: 1-0, m. 71: Otamendi.

Referee: Dinesh Nair (India). Amonestó Form (m. 63) y Amorebieta (m.87).

Subs: FIFA first friendly match in India, played at the Salt Lake stadium in the city of Calcutta before some 90,000 spectators (the capacity is 126,000).

Abidal will respond on his renewal in December

Eric Abidal has not yet signed the renewal of his contract with FC Barcelona, ​​which ends next June 30. Barca side has been marked until December to give a definitive answer.

As explained by the representative of Abidal, David Venditelli, the program 'grandstand' Ona FM, the defense has not rejected the proposal of the club, but want to consider it carefully and decide on it at the end of the year.

Barca has offered to renew for one season, until June 2013, with the option of a second depending on the matches. Abidal prefer to sign for two years until 2014. The differences between the parties, therefore, would not be economic, but the duration of the contract. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Márquez: "Cesc will still make stronger to Barça"

Rafa Marquez is convinced that FC Barcelona's new signings will help to further improve the set of Pep Guardiola ...

The Mexican defender returns to Barcelona this Sunday to play for his country against Chile in the stadium Cornella-El Prat.

"Barca is a breathtaking moment. It has a barbaric level. I'm happy to remain so," he said in an interview on "The club mitjanit 'of Catalunya Radio

Marquez considered a success by signing Cesc Fabregas from Barça: "Barca have reinforced well. Now is a Catalan but has won out and returning home.'s Going to be even stronger team," predicted .

And in similar terms described the incorporation of Alexis Sanchez, who, incidentally, will face in Mexico, Chile on Sunday: "It's a great player. He has shown on multiple computers. It fits very well in Barça" he said.

Marquez does not hesitate to define this boat as "the best ever." "A long time ago is among the best, and today is the best. He has won many titles, and also has Messi, the world number one."

The Mexican, currently in the U.S. Red Bulls, said he did not feel nostalgic about his time at Camp Nou: "I enjoy the good memories. It is a pleasure being part of this club."

He also expressed his desire that his compatriot Hector Moreno "triumph at Espanyol." (via SPORT)

[BarçaB] Kiko Femenía doesn't trust of Cartagena

The winger Alicante Kiko Femenía said he will try to move their "experience" the Barcelona B, a very young team led by Eusebio Sacristan this Sunday faces his second league match against Cartagena.

The branch opened with a defeat at home to Villarreal B (0-2) and Kiko Femenía, who last year played in the Primera Division with Hercules, has warned of the danger of his next opponent.

"The Cartagena in your field earn a lot with the fans before and we are encouraged to be very careful on the counter and try to play our game," said the player signed this season.

The end of Barça has indicated that it has integrated well into the locker room and hopes to repeat the great season the team that made the Barça B last year at the hands of Luis Enrique.

"Every time I'm better, our partners help us a lot and have a good group. I and the new ones have been fitted well and hope to have a good season," he said.

Another young 'B' is the defender Sergio Gomez, who has warned that the whole team Murcia is a "very complicated" and will have to improve to get a positive result.

"Villarreal's game serves to correct many things. Practically we have not had the team together, between the first team selections, but now it is time to think that things go well," he said.

Both have stressed that the hope of all the team players is to reach the first team, and in fact, already debuted Kiko Femenía playing titles in the Gamper, although he acknowledged that he felt "a little odd" because it had hardly trained with first team members. (via SPORT)