01 September 2011

Marcelo and Dani Alves crossed messages of peace

Lance attributed to Real Madrid in a statement apologizing to his friend "if he had felt uncomfortable." UOL said it was the blaugrana who took the first step.

According to the Brazilian press, Dani Alves and Marcelo would peace messages exchanged via mobile phone to make peace after the Super Cup match.

Lance attributed to the Real Madrid left back Marcelo, a message sent to Dani Alves to apologize for the entry that made him the return of Cesc in the Super Cup final: "I sent a message to Dani apologizing if he had felt uncomfortable and they understand. In the game, tempers heated. He answered me and said everything was fine. "

However, UOL said it was Alves who sent a message to Marcelo to calm things down and make sure everything was correct: "Sometimes we make choices that are wrong and asking forgiveness is human." Marcelo said: "I got nothing because I changed my phone recently. There is no confrontation." (via AS)

[Selection] Busquets denies bad atmosphere between the players of Madrid and Barca

Sergio Busquets denied that the tensions experienced in recent months in the matches between Barcelona and Madrid have marred the atmosphere in the selection. As said, among the players of both teams, "there is good vibes".

Barca midfielder settled the controversy gave the players of Real Madrid: "We all know that when large right and defend your club in order for your direct confrontations interests. Here is part of a team, we want the best for selection and ourselves. It is essential to achieve success a good atmosphere and have a good locker room, "he said.

"There are good vibes. Things have happened, but pass in every game. It magnifies everything. It's normal," he said, downplaying the recent incidents in the Supercopa of Spain.

For Busquets, falls within the "normal that piques" between team-mates when they face in their clubs. "When we played many games it is normal there. Everyone looks at him. From there, we want the best, because in living the good vibes is paramount. So you have to keep what is good for business as usual ' he said.

Busquets also stressed that Friday's friendly between Spain and Chile "is important. To measure yourself to a great team," to which aspects will try to practice on Tuesday, against Liechtenstein in a match that can "leave the sentenced Euro qualifiers. "

About Chile, highlighted the work of his teammate Alexis Sanchez, and its rapid adaptation to the club. "It's been a very good adaptation. It is a very young player and eager to participate, the team that gives us the space variations, with overflow, very fast and goal.'s Still 10 and off the field. I hope he will still better. "

Finally, welcomed the fact that Del Bosque has said nine players from Barcelona, ​​which could be eleven if they were not injured Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique.

We've been coming many Barca players to the selection and Cesc with the arrival of more new quarry are now nine. It means that the club is working very well, we have a style. It is a pleasure to be here. May they be the maximum amount of players. " (via SPORT)

2011/12 Budget: revenues of 461 millions

Toni Freixa has advanced to the Board shall submit to the Assembly an annual budget of 461.1 million euros and profits of 20.9. It has also exposed the club's position outright on zero tolerance to violence.

One of the main points which will tell the Assembly of delegates of September 24 is the approval of the budget for the 2011/12 season. At the first meeting after the month of August, the Board approved an operating budget with revenues of EUR 461.1 million and expenditures of 430.2. Thus, net income and financial expenses, would be a profit of 20.9 million.

Spokesperson Toni Freixa has reported that Vice President Economic Area, Javier Faus, will appear in the coming days to explain the accounts of the Club.

In another area of topics, Freixa has made ​​clear the position of the Board with respect to violence in the stadiums "is reprehensible publicly stated that the presence of flares in the stadium, we stay in the line of tolerance zero violent. We have not taken your foot off the accelerator in this regard, we welcome the policy was adopted at the Board of Mr. Laporta. "

And, on the record of the UEFA Barca by flares in Monaco, added: "Introducing substantiated claims that the security of the grounds of a stadium that is not the FC Barcelona is not the responsibility of FC Barcelona. And besides, the same thing happened there in 2006 and 2009. " "These incidents have no place in the Camp Nou," he said.

Freixa also discussed the problem with the helmets of the riders in the final match against Villarreal. "Apologize to our partners because it was not communicated in advance, for reasons of security and enforcement of the Catalan police, is no longer allowed in the helmet to be considered blunt and difficult to identify people. Starting next game may not be entered with a helmet in the Camp Nou. "

Finally, the manager has announced that will expand the content of the right information with the delegates (10 days) on items on the agenda to-face sessions with members of the Board or an executive, 15, 16, 19, 21 and 22 August, 18-21 hours, with groups of at least 25 members. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Keita latest international to leave

With Keita the latest player to go off on international duty, Barça were left with just five first team squad members in training at the Ciutat Esportiva today.

The mass exodus of international players continues apace at Can Barça with Seydou Keita off to play with Mali, making it 14 players not training with the remnants of the squad on Thursday.

Pitch number 2 saw the bare bones of the squad in training this morning and today they were not joined by the Barça B squad, who were preparing for Sunday’s game against Cartagena – with just Masip, Deulofeu, Femenía and Lobato attending.

With Pep Guardiola attending the Elite Coaches’ Forum in Nyon, Tito Vilanova took the session and worked with Pinto, Fontàs and the injured Puyol, Maxwell and Afellay. Adriano and Muniesa both continued with their recovery programmes, whilst Piqué worked in the gym.

The remnants of the squad will be back in training on Friday at 9.30, with the first quarter of an hour open to the public. This will be the final training of the week, as the players have been given a few days off. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Afellay faces recovery

The Dutch winger has started to train with the rest of the group to complete its overhaul.

In the middle of the day of selection matches, the machine azulgrana does not stop with the remaining working out in Barcelona.

In the morning session participated Fontàs, Maxwell, Puyol and Pinto. Furthermore, Afellay, who was injured during the U.S. tour, has begun to work with the rest of the group.

Meanwhile, the still injured Adriano, Muniesa and Pique have been exercised on the sidelines in the gym to keep evolving their respective ailments. (via SPORT)

Allegri believes that Barça should not imitate him, but beat

"It is fashionable to say that Barcelona can imitate, but it is impossible. In football, as in life, you can not imitate anything," said Italian coach in La Gazzetta dello Sport.

AC Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri, believes that the teams are faced with Barcelona do not have to imitate his way of playing, but must focus on beating on the pitch.

"It is fashionable to say that Barcelona can imitate, but it is impossible. In football, as in life, you can not imitate anything," says the Italian in an interview published today in the sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport '.

Allegri insists that Milan, who face Barcelona in the first qualifying round of the Champions League has to focus on "their own qualities" to try to beat the Catalans in which they think will be a meeting "Lovely fantastic "between two giants of European football.

The Italian coach acknowledges, however, that his players will be difficult because "Barcelona is the best team in the world has talent, speed, technique, a base of players who have been playing together for years and all. It is difficult to play against them and not just because it (the Argentine Leo) Messi. "

Allegri states that, in fact, to win the FC Barcelona team now must play "a great game and not fail in anything," plus "to have adequate physical and mental condition." As for the other big European teams, the Italian coach said that Real Madrid's Portuguese José Mourinho is a "escaloncito" below Barça de Guardiola and after the two Spanish clubs are all the others, with a level of "very balanced. "

On the Italian League, where the Milan sounds like one of the favorites for a new "scudetto" Allegri warns that there are other teams that have been reinforced very well in the transfer market which ended yesterday, including the Luis Enrique Rome, Lazio, Napoli and Juventus. (via AS)

[Former B player] Romeu: "Guardiola didn't have why anything to make for me"

Oriol Romeu feel ready in his new challenge in the Premiership but do not forget to Barca ...

Oriol Romeu begins its new era at Chelsea but do not forget Barca. The midfielder, however, is very excited about his jump to the Premier League and only think of work to put a dent in the plans for Villas Boas.

"In short, I said that my position was discovered in Chelsea and had a chance to play. There, I promised minutes. I am of the idea that I must earn it on the pitch and in training work "he said in an interview published by 'Don Ball."

Oriol Romeu defines new coach as a "coach who likes to take the ball to regain possession long and fast," no doubt something very similar to the proposed football FC Barcelona. Romeu is why it feels comfortable in his new adventure.

Still, it is inevitable for him forget his move from Barcelona: "Imre was hard because I had many years ... but it's also nice to enter a club like Chelsea. It is true that I leave a big club, but went into another also a lot of major trust me. More can not ask. "

Romeu, is grateful to FC Barcelona for how they have conducted the negotiations but said he did not talk with Guardiola before leaving to their intentions with him this season.

"I did not talk with Guardiola and I do not think he had to do anything for me. Sounds good to me what he did at Barcelona. It was very good opportunity for them and have kept the option to repurchase. The club has been very good and led the negotiations properly at all times, "he said.

Romeu is one more piece that follows the prolific producing quarry Barca's assessment of key opportunities since the arrival of Pep given to the youngest to reach the first team.

"Other clubs work the quarry as Barcelona, ​​but is not given the support being given there. In the end, the motivation is more because players see that they are given opportunities in the senior teams and crew trust them. is worth mentioning the good treatment you get and the cross-work philosophy, which helps to not feel different when you get up, "he said.

His departure coincided in time with the arrival of Cesc. Romeu has no doubt that the midfielder as Barca triumph.

"He is a player who is used to Barcelona's football: grew up there and has done a very good player in England. It has what is known as' DNA Barca what I think is going to do great on a team," said .

By the arrival of Cesc and the unfailing quality of Barca midfield, Romeu is aware that put a dent in the Barca first team is very complicated.

"The good quality players always end up becoming a site, but today the competition is great. Would have been much more difficult now to play for Barcelona in Chelsea, by the players there and the features have, "he said. (via SPORT)

[Youth; NextGen Series] Celtic Glasgow 1 - 3 FC Barcelona

Oscar Garcia's guys in the NextGen Series debut with a win. The Catalans have been imposed by 1 goal in 3 to Celtic and I hope Manchester City, Barca's next opponents.

Celtic and Barca have offered a good show for all football fans who have attended to Celtic Park tonight, the debut of the Catalans in the tournament NextGen Series.

Oscar Garcia's boys have gotten two goals in the first forty-five minutes, although the two teams have played a very intense match start. The first to open the can were the Catalans, with a goal of Campabadal in the 16th minute, after a brilliant pass Dongou. With the score 0-1, the premises have increased the pressure, and just seven minutes after both Barca, it's a tie, the work of nine Celtic Tony Watt. Ten minutes before the break, Patri has returned to overtake his team up 1-2 in the scoreboard.

Just two minutes after the restart when Dongou has scored the third goal for Barça a ugada grnaj with a goal and splendid. Although during the second time the club has been stronger and more solvent dominated ball game, the score has not already been moved from the 1-3 final. Juvenil A will play the second game of the tournament on Sept. 15 also against a rival entity as is Manchester City. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Celtic Glasgow: Feely, Fraser, Chalmers, Jones, Toshney, Irvine, George, Herron, Watt (Atajic, min.70), Filip Twardzik, Rhys (Alabi, min. 83)

FC Barcelona: Banuz, Campabadal, Brian, Bagnack, Ayala, Patri, Cornejo, Samper, Dongou (Álex Moreno, min. 90), Pol Calvet (Quintillà, min. 60), Miguel Angel Sainz (Cristian Herrera, min.70)

Goals: 0-1 Campabadal, min. 16, 1-1 Watt, min. 23, 1-2 Patri, min. 36,

Referee: Steven McLean.

Yellow Cards: Patri and Brian.

The crisis underscores the bipolarity of La Liga

Television and collapse of sponsorship and grants open the gap.

Real made six goals against Zaragoza, equipment stored in your trophy room six Cups and one Cup Winners Cup and whose goalkeeper, Roberto, took a bath in glory in this valley of tears. And the club, with a defense pure and Xavi and Villa exit, he put five to Villarreal, the only team that had come between the two in the last seven years. That submarine was runner-up in 2008 and took ten points at the club. Monday looked like a puppet painted yellow. One day was enough to trigger all alarms on a link to the Scottish bipolar disorder.

Madrid and Barcelona have shared the last seven leagues. Since a run of nine chained (1957 to 1965, at the height of Di Stefano) and another eleven (from 1985 to 1995, years of Quinta del Vulture, first, the Dream Team, later). But in the last two seasons, the difference with the third, Valencia, was set at 25 and 21 points respectively. A gap that coincides suspiciously with unprecedented hardest years of the crisis.

Mastering this large minority due to the unequal distribution of television rights, but not only that. It is true that Real and Barca paid 140 million a year for this concept (45% of the pie), that Atlético and Valencia, the upper middle class, does not exceed 42, and the caboose lengthy stays at 13. Nor is beyond dispute that in England 66% of the television money is distributed equally. Manchester United, the best paid, was 68.2 million last year. Blackpool, the underdog, 44. And that Bayern has only exceeds 14 to 'bottom side' Colony.

But this inequality does not fully explain the brutal departure of the superpowers. The crisis has evaporated sponsorships. The big ones and the rest are not. Almost one third of the top teams do not have sponsors on their shirts. They have closed the tap of grants municipalities and autonomous regions, straws in small clubs. And the construction sector collapsed so suddenly and divorced and married football with him.

For there should also look like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​who four years ago had a budget of close to 300 million, will move in 2012 to 520 and 485, respectively. Atletico, in the same period has reduced from 138 to 115. The Valencia, 140 to 115 in five years, and Villarreal, 99 to 78 in three.

Only signings the club has spent 83 million this summer (for Cesc and Alexis, adding fixed and variable) to bolster a team that has to win everything but the Cup Madrid paid 55 for four players, but came from two fabulous investment previous years (nearly 350 million). Meanwhile, Atletico Aguero and Forlan sold, Valencia, Villa, Silva, Marchena and Mata, four world champions in just two years, and Villarreal Cazorla Málaga a revitalized by the money of a sheik. The first day players flooded the team lineups subsidiaries. So meager templates are completed at low cost. The superpowers are stretched, the persecutors retreat.

José María del Nido, Sevilla president, speaks of a League "prostituted, adulterated and corrupted, the biggest crap of the world." Fernando Roig, Villarreal, warns that "either change or kill football." You are not alone. The hashtag on Twitter # ligademierda, which aims to bring together the disaffected, yesterday became trending topic.

Madrid and Barca, meanwhile, devour it all. Three of their matches leading the ranking of most watched games of the year and are the only over 10 million viewers. It 'runs' the draw schedule to fall when it suits his duels (December 11 and April 22 this year) and not a strike affects them. Their confrontations are so crucial that the mother was champion two years ago not having played against his archrival. The cost of your templates, including amortization, over 160 million for 60 of his pursuers.

There are also those who present arguments to argue that sport is a cyclical phenomenon and passenger. Never were two players in la liga as decisive as Messi and Cristiano, which came to a head 53 goals last term. Never three players from the same quarry monopolized the podium of the Golden Ball (Messi, Iniesta and Xavi). When you go back to equality. Or not. (via AS)

Wenger: "Barca have signed the best midfielder in the world"

Arsène Wenger is proud of the success of Cesc from Barca welcomes your words and you are sure you will make history in the Camp Nou.

"Barca have signed midfielder in the world better." With that resounding phrase, Arsène Wenger described the farewell Fàbregas of Arsenal. Alsatian coach was "very grateful" for the words that had Cesc in his presentation as Barcelona player in which Wenger said was little more than a second father. Arsène here smiled: "And he to me is like a child, whether it is a simile. Cesc knows that would never do anything to harm you, but my mission was and is to defend against Arsenal."

Wenger was not surprised by the excellent performance offered by Cesc in the two European Super Cups and Spain and the Gamper: "Aside from its tremendous quality, Cesc Barcelona has DNA and something must have learned at Arsenal. It is a great player that I honestly believe, will make history in the Nou Camp as he did at Highbury and the Emirates. The boat leaves out. Pep Guardiola has signed well known that a real crack at a man who looks that it is difficult can improve the current level of Barça. "

Wenger admitted that "no, I did not see the Barca game against Villarreal, but their performance does not surprise me. What played a 3-4-3? I think it is circumstantial, they enjoy with their usual 4-3-3, but I laugh the tactical issue, it is important that when they have the ball, if not remove, kill you slowly or suddenly. "

He laughs when he says the words of David Dein to MD on the club, referring to Cesc, he had bought at the price of French champagne sparkling wine: "David knows what he speaks, both in terms of Cesc as Arsenal as the value of Fabregas. but Cesc is the best French champagne, the most expensive. "

Wenger is not overly concerned about the drubbing received at Old Trafford, "is a bad day too many negative things came together, but that's it. We must move on. But we have other major problems in the Gunners as the template redo after the marches of Cesc and Nasri and the many injured back we have. " Arsène Wenger says goodbye to his fine irony: "See how I'm not as bad as some thought in Barcelona. Salúdeme Cesc".

Pep Guardiola arrived at the hotel La Reserve Geneva while Arsène Wenger was about to leave the headquarters of UEFA. They greeted each other from afar. Then in the meeting of the technical elite, in Nyon, greeted warmly and were able to talk at length, as with Sir Alex Ferguson (coach Alsatian and Scotland signed the peace), as well as in Villas-Boas Andrés who has a great relationship

Guardiola was the main attraction
Pep Guardiola was undoubtedly the main attraction of the XIII UEFA Elite Coaches' Forum, convened by the UEFA. Everyone without exception congratulated coach Guardiola for the show giving his team for innovations that implements tactics and personal philosophy of play.

The meeting only missed Inter coach (Giampiero Gasperini), while that of Milan, Massimiliano Allegri, and Shakhtar Mircea Lucescu, arrived late.

The coaches made it clear that UEFA would like to hear more than your opinions, which count more with them to make decisions that directly affect the normal development of football.

The issue calendar, as well as possible changes and innovations in the Champions League, the largest of which would participate the winner of the Europa League, if not classified directly. Then all the coaches had dinner together with the presence of Michel Platini. (via MD)

Cesc Fàbregas: "What Pep tells me goes to mass”

Cesc admires Pep recognizes that "not only because he is my coach now if not when viewed from outside, is a born motivator".

Already in the club, has already played and won two titles how you live this?

Very well, very happy, but also with many more desire to keep improving, keep learning, to be in a great team with great players and great technicians. I'm enjoying it and wanting to have even more prominence.

This year has finally fulfilled the dream of returning to Barcelona, ​​has there been a moment he thought he was not going to fulfill that desire?

The truth is that, because it was very clear. Also with the coach we had already spoken and almost knew it. Some wanted more than others and why has it taken so long, mostly because the price tag.

What Wenger said in farewell?

This I prefer to stay with us, were very special moments. The last day I was thrilled when I had to fire him. It was a difficult and emotional. You leave a very important challenge to face an even more difficult.

Is it true that Wenger and Arsenal will bother some comments from players of Barça?

Maybe, though he never told me personally. I have no idea, it can be anything can be. History has been so long ...

Has it changed much since the club was?

It has always been a club that people have respected a lot, but now we are in the most important moment in the history of the club. At least since I was born, as an amateur had never lived in times like these Can Barça. All this is thanks to the work and the desire of all equipment and technicians continue to make this bigger.

There were people who doubted the need for signing, do you mind that?

I do not feel bad. Clearly understand it, FC Barcelona is very fond heart and I, as an amateur, if not a footballer, you may think the same. I can not blame anything on anyone. I know the reasons why I left and that does not detract. The other depends on me to win over people through hard work and good games.

How will suffer more as a fan or player?

Much as an amateur. From television, from the stands can not do anything, you have to expect others to do so displeased. Since the field can contribute, change something. For me it's very nice what is happening, but I have a great desire to go forward.

He said he could not play with Xavi, Thiago and Iniesta, what would you say to all those who said it?

This will also depend a lot on us, how we work together, how we understand together, the míster, of their ideas. The other day we played together virtually all that well and we started the league did a very good game, complete. All the talk was in summer, because I took mine, Thiago did a great European and a great preseason and had no competition, you had to talk about things, create controversy, but the players we stay out of it.

Did you expect to play false '9 '?

I'm not asking for much, I just to be on this team and I'm happy. It has been an important step and now I have to earn it in the field, in training, learning, ignoring, motivated and always with good face and keen to learn. For me, I will say Mass Pep. That's all I want.

Pep What did the first day?

I do not like to talk about private conversations. I admire him a lot now because it's not only my coach, I admired when I saw everything from the outside. There had to be in the locker room to know it's a motivator born. Make the most of their players. I was surprised. I have noticed a major change compared to Arsenal.

How do you see the boat from outside and from within?

Barca from the outside looks like something great, a real pass. So now I'm inside, as if all that was happening outside unreal. Only the lucky few can live and now I'm one of them. Best of all, when you're in is the most normal world with normal people the world over. It's a family atmosphere and you're at home. That's brutal, it catches your attention.

It has adapted very quickly ...

I think I still have things to assimilate. It is very important to know the 80 percent of the costumes, it helps you much to integrate. Everything is more affordable because I have shared with almost all of costumes ever.

And in football?

Yes, it seems easy, but what is done in the field, in fact, is very difficult: the pressure off the ball, not lose the ball, always look forward and take control of the game ... There are many things that people do not see because it seems so easy, but again, is very complicated.

What will Cesc to Barca?

I do not know As long as you can bring something and do a tad better this team, to me that it will be a great victory.

What about the connection with Messi?

Not played together for a long time, but I've seen him play many times that I understand his every move, how they move.

How did you find the change lived off the Premier for La Liga?

It is true that England lives on the long ball, football is more physical. Here, however, more touching, holding, walls. I saw the other day against Villarreal. (via MD)

[Selection] The atmosphere in the selection was more more relaxed than expected

The culés and the madridistas summoned for Del Bosque they live together their first hours after Supercopa in a state of apparent normality.

The mood among those selected by Vicente Del Bosque is not as tight as expected. The morbidity was served at the meeting between the players of Barca and Real Madrid after defeating Spanish Super Cup, but the encounter between the concentrates was most relaxed.

It's obvious that players will have to deal with outstanding issues between them but the alleged encounter that was to take place between Casillas, Xavi and Puyol was performed. Moreover, Casillas Tuesday night hung a picture on his Facebook profile in which he appeared with his girlfriend, Sara Carbonero, friends and iron, does brother Manolo Fernando Hierro While you were enjoying dinner on the night before concentration in the Ciudad Deportiva de Las Rozas in the restaurant 'Holly did Boadilla del Monte.

For his part, met with Villa Xavi, Llorente and Queen, the same night and also in Madrid to celebrate the anniversary of the Liverpool goalkeeper.

After denying that Casillas had convened a dinner with Barca, Sergio Ramos said yesterday that "there is no bad feeling, there is good atmosphere and tension that we live is normal because everyone defends their interests. We have the World Championships and the front and would be a shame to waste this opportunity by nonsense that remain in the field. "

Yesterday, some players like Xabi Alonso de Terrassa and took the opportunity to meet with Adidas advertising commitments.

In training one evening the coach tried to title eleven points for the friendly against Chile on Friday in Switzerland and formed Casillas, Ramos, Javi Martinez, Albiol, Arbeloa, Busquets, Xabi Alonso, Silva, Xavi, Villa, Negredo. The list has the news Montoya, Botia and Dominguez. (via SPORT)

Cesc is seeking housing in Barcelona near Camp Nou

Cesc Fabregas has dismissed Arenys installed, since it would have to go every day
more than 80 miles to train.

The signing of Cesc Fabregas has meant the return of the player which for many years was home in football terms. However, the player has chosen to temporarily stay in a hotel, instead of settling in with her mother in Arenys. The reason is that he prefers to concentrate one hundred percent in their work and avoid more than 80 miles of road would have to travel each day to reach the Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi Esportiva and go home.

"Arenys too far, I do not want to take the car and do 40 miles each way and 40 back because if I ever encounter a complication of traffic I can have a fright and get nervous because I'm late to training," reasoned the player. Catalan assessed the pros and cons of taking up residence in Arenys, where his family and his childhood friends and thought it would be much more practical to go to the Maresme visit to greet his people, who live permanently in the town and away from the Ciutat Esportiva. "When I finish work or before a party that want to do is relax, not be aware of the car," insisted Cesc.

Since his arrival in Barcelona, ​​on 14 August, the player has been installed at the Hotel Juan Carlos I, a site that has not only allowed to be quiet but to live just minutes from the Camp Nou and the Ciutat Esportiva. However, it has also led to bizarre situations so as to coincide with the concentrations of Real Madrid and Villarreal. However, Fabregas said that in neither case was found with any opposing player.

Your stay at the Juan Carlos I is provisional. The player has to work in the work to find a home you definitely installed. Wait not take long to find what you want and be able to move, since they live in their own home would be much more comfortable. The priority for the Arenys is that your home is next to Camp Nou, so comfort is even greater. (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Frank de Boer: "This team confirms a fundamental idea: who attacks, it wins"

Ajax coach, Frank de Boer, following closely matches his former team and maintains regular contact with Guardiola.

Are you surprised you're getting results as a coach Pep Guardiola's Barça?
-No, it's no surprise. When we played together and looked it would be a good coach.

What do you think is your best contribution to the football today?
-Very importantly, an idea that is often overlooked: that the team that wants to win, playing offensive, attacking. It's basic football. Therefore this system is so good for the sport.

His last idea has been used only three defenders.
-Yes, I saw on television the match against Villarreal, with only three men behind. I love this model because it forces you to dominate the midfield, and that the club, this year, makes perfect. Against Villarreal played almost five players in midfield, because Messi down much to receive, and that's a hit for any rival.

Speaking of Messi, how about their game, their numbers?
-He has said almost everything. It's like a player from another world.

The best guarantee for a new assault on the Champions League.
-It will be difficult. Many years ago a team does not repeat title. But if I have to bet on a favorite, I stay with the club. It has many real chance of regaining the European Cup. I also do not forget Real Madrid, which is improving. And the rest, there is still hope. (via SPORT)

Pep Guardiola, the top attraction in the UEFA

The Santpedor has been congratulated by all and 3-4-3 against Villarreal has been discussed at the meeting that have kept the coaches.

Pep Guardiola has been undoubtedly the main attraction of the XIII UEFA Elite Coaches' Forum convened by the UEFA . Everyone without exception congratulated coach Guardiola for the show giving his team for innovations that implements tactics and personal philosophy of play.

The meeting only missed coach Inter ( Giampiero Gasperini ), while that of Milan , Massimiliano Allegri , and the Shakhtar , Mircea Lucescu , arrived late.

The coaches have made ​​clear they would like the UEFA hear more opinions, which count more with them to make decisions that directly affect the normal development of football.

The topic calendar, as well as the changes of coachs during the same season and the possible innovations in Champions League, the main one of which would be that the winner from Europe participated League, if it is not classified directly, they were the topics tried throughout the afternoon.

Then all the coaches had dinner together with the presence of Michel Platini being photographed next to Pep Guardiola on one side and Sir Alex Ferguson to another. The veteran Scot did not stay to dinner and returned to Manchester, not participating Thursday in the other meetings.

The forum was attended elite coachs finally: Pep Guardiola ( FC Barcelona ), Sir Alex Ferguson ( Manchester United FC ), André Villas-Boas ( Chelsea FC ), Arsène Wenger ( Arsenal FC ), Roy Hodgson ( West Bromwich Albion FC ) , Remi Garde ( Olympique Lyonnais ), Didier Deschamps ( Olympique Marseille ), Massimiliano Allegri ( AC Milan ), Ralf Rangnick ( FC Schalke 04 ), Thomas Schaaf ( Werder Bremen ), Frank de Boer ( AFC Ajax ), Jorge Jesus ( SL Benfica ), Felix Magath ( VfL Wolfsburg ), Vitor Pereira ( FC Porto ), Mircea Lucescu ( FC Shakhtar Donetsk ), Unai Emery ( Valencia CF ), Thorsten Fink ( FC Basel 1893 ) and Rudi Garcia ( LOSC Lille Métropole ).

This Thursday will continue meeting at the headquarters of UEFA and at noon will present the conclusions. (via MD)

Pep Guardiola and Frank de Boer coincide in the summit of coachs of UEFA

The coach of FC Barcelona , Pep Guardiola , has now come to the summit of coachs of elite of UEFA in Geneva and there has coincided with a former colleague during his time as a Barça player: Frank de Boer

The Dutchman, now coach of Ajax , and Guardiola shared locker room during four years at the Barca (1998/99 - 2001/02) when Louis Van Gaal was at the helm.

Frank de Boer has been recognized in more than one occasion to have followed the career of Pep carefully and when offered the challenge of managing a team is asked "if I could do the same to him but the Ajax". (via MD)

Barça closes the transfer market with a net expense of 34,75 millions

The Catalan club have made a total investment of 58.5 million to which we must subtract the 23.75 million that income from the sale of players.

FC Barcelona will close the summer transfer window period of the 2011-12 season with a net investment of 34.75 million euros , a total investment of 58.5 million to which we must subtract the 23.75 million who will enter the sale of several players.

This summer, the club has strengthened their squad with four players. Two of them, defender Andreu Fontàs and midfielder Thiago Alcántara, at no cost, for up to the first team from the subsidiary.

As for transfers, by Chilean Alexis Sanchez of Udinese pay 26 million euros, which could reach 37.5 million if they meet the objectives of the incentives.

The return of Cesc Fabregas will have a significantly higher cost and the club will pay Arsenal 29 million euros, to which we must add 5 that puts the player directly out of pocket and 5 more by incentives.

To reinforce the Barcelona B, the Catalan club have signed winger of Hercules Kiko Femenia by 2 million, plus 1.5 in incentives, and Sevilla striker Rodrigo Rios 'Rodri' by 1.5 million euros. The rest of reinforcements from the reserves have been free or have gone directly to the youth.

In terms of sales, the most important has been the striker Bojan Krkic to Roma, which has paid 12 million euros to secure the services of the player.

However, it is a disguised sale of transfer, since Barcelona is obliged to recover within two years in exchange for 13 million euros. Also, the Italian club could block this repurchase the Catalan paying 40 million.

The other two sales were the first team striker Jeffren Suárez and defender Martín Cáceres, for defender Gabi Milito has gone to the Independiente as a free agent. Jeffren has left Sporting Portugal by 3.75 million and another 0.2 in incentives (and 20 percent of the profits generated by a possible move). In addition, Barca retains an option to purchase 8 million at the end of the first season and 12 at the end of the second. Caceres is finally in Seville, which Barca entity paid 3 million euros, which would be 4.5 if they meet the varying incentives.

The last 5 millions in sales have reported them the transfer of filial's midfielder Oriol Romeu to Chelsea. However, Barcelona will recover 10 million at the end of the first season and 15 million at the end of the second. (via MD)

Cesc Fabregas: "This team is called to be the best ever"

The new FC Barcelona midfielder admitted that Barça "has the potential to win many more titles over the next few years" and had no hesitation in saying that today "is the best team in the world".

Cesc Fabregas Barca brand new signing for the new season admitted in an interview with the portal 'Dohastadiumplusqatar.com', that "Barça is the best team in the world right now. I would say this team is destined to be the best of history.

In addition, the Arenys added, "have won 12 titles in a very short period of time and has the potential to win many more years to come."

And it seems that Cesc is very clear. "I want to win many titles with the club. One of the reasons why I came. I dream of winning the Champions League and with this club."

On their possible substitution at the beginning of this season, admitted Cesc understand simply because of the two players ahead are world class. "I know I will not play many games start. Respect and acknowledge the status of Xavi and Iniesta in the club. They are my friends and I admire both," he said.

"I accept that where the parties will be on the bench, but this is the price of playing for the best team in the world," referred Fabregas.

Also questioned the philosophy club, Fabregas said that he knows from his days as Barca in the past. "I know the system Barça-for years I was here, so it should not be difficult to adjust. But I hope people have patience and do not think I can be the biggest player in a month."

Leaving Arsenal was not easy for him. Because of its close relationship with Arsene Wenger and all that gave Arsenal but Fabregas admitted he needed new challenges. "I needed a change in my life. We were not making any title and that was frustrating for me. I wanted to get a club that was capable of winning major titles every year."

It considers that this year Arsenal will have an easy season. "I do not see Arsenal finishing ahead of teams like Manchester United, Manchester City or Chelsea," he admitted.

Failure to see the English team as a championship team influenced his desire to leave the Catalan side. "My decision to leave the club based on the fact that it was very hard to see Arsenal win the Champions League or the Champions League in the near future."

Despite being the biggest obstacle in negotiating the FC Barcelona, ​​Cesc will always feel indebted to his coach at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger. "I owe a lot to Wenger.

In addition he emphasized the great interest showed the Frenchman when he was still a child. "I still remember when he came to see me play during his holidays when he was 16 years," he admitted.

On his new coach at FC Barcelona, ​​Cesc Fabregas was blunt. "Guardiola is a fantastic trainer."

Also, he praised the great work done by the Santpedor to build this template. "He took a great team and has become the world's best and that is not easy."

And how could it be otherwise, Cesc also had words of praise for the '10 'FC Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi. "It's an unbelievable player and certainly the best in the world."

Finally, the Arenys concluded by admitting that there is no comparison between Messi and any other player now. "Messi does not need to compare him with anyone because it is a brilliant player." (via SPORT)

Alexis Sánchez will be regular with Chile before Spain

Chilean forward will play home to many of his teammates at FC Barcelona.

Alexis Sánchez and Fabián Orellana will be the forward from Chile in the friendly one that the one combined of the South American country it will play with Spain next Friday, in the Swiss city of Saint Gallen.

This follows the practice that served the Chilean workforce at that location Helvetica, under the command of coach Claudio Borghi, who remain, he said, the offensive style that characterizes Chile, regardless of the front is the current world champion.

"We will not change anything. I do not think it's time to do so. The players are not willing to change his game. Except me," said "Bichi" Borghi special envoys of Chilean media that accompany selection.

"I do not think the result against Spain is too important to us, we must see the level we played," said the Argentine, who also said that Alexis Sanchez, who played on Monday with Barcelona and scored a goal in the rout of 5-0 win over Villarreal, "went well, able to play.

This was corroborated in training, where Alexis was in the lead duo with Fabian Orellana, who played with the Granada and now it will at Celta de Vigo.

[Former player] Ibrahimovic: "Guardiola is a fantastic coach"

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is no exception and also adds to the praise for the Barca, which he defines as "the best team in the world" ...

Milan striker he spoke of his experiences in the Catalan club, the club he left last year after holding serious differences with his coach, Pep Guardiola. The Swedish iron removed his reunion with the Barca coach in the group stage of Champions next.

"There will be no problem with it. What happened, happened. Guardiola is a fantastic coach, the problems between us were different," said 'Ibra' in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Think of today. Guardiola is doing well at Barcelona, ​​and me too. We must move forward and not look back," he said.

"The best team in the world"

Ibrahimovic is "positive" the fact that measured the Catalans in the Champions League: "Barca is the best team in the world. I already knew when I got there, and when I left. We are strong and we are still growing. We made good signings and I hope they can adapt well in the group, "he said.

About your physical condition and the ankle injury he suffered in mid-August, Ibrahimovic said he is "much better" and has already trained a normal pace, but still feel discomfort. (via SPORT)