29 August 2011

Defensive different options against Villarreal

Mascherano, Abidal, Fontàs, Sergio, Bartra and Dos Santos will be disputed the four places of the rearguard.

The casualties of the injured Puyol, Piqué, Adriano and Maxwell and the suspended Alves Guardiola will force the defense to rebuild squad. The axis of the rear offers a wider range of alternatives. The low Pique and Puyol can be covered up to five men: Mascherano, Abidal, Font, and the young Sergio Busqutes Marc Bartra have options to form the central couple.

Against Real Madrid in the Bernabeu, Guardiola fielded together Mascherano and Abidal, while the pairing of Fontes and Busquets played against Inter de Porto Alegre, Bayern Munich and Manchester United. Abidal is the only natural-born left back to cover the absence of the injured Adriano, and Maxwell remains low. An alternative would be to Fontan, who already occupied this demarcation against Espanyol in the final derby match at the Nou Camp.

For the right side, Guardiola has options Jonathan dos Santos and Marc Bartra. The Mexican has occupied this demarcation in most games he has played with the first team this season, offering a good performance but good considering his natural position is in midfield. A Marc Bartra nor makes strange position. Guardiola can use both in the core of the defense and the band where you can show off their polished technique and remarkable speed.

Two sentenced in Villarreal
Dani Alves is not the only player who will miss tonight's game through suspension. In the ranks of the Villarreal goalkeeper Mario César and GAPAR side must also meet one-game suspension for the card you saw in the last league match of the 2010/11. These two losses are added to the injured Angel, who continues to recover from a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Previous session in Camp Nou

Barca has trained on Monday at noon behind closed doors at the stadium to finalize details before the visit of Villarreal. Have exercised the same players in Sunday's session.

The team has tested this afternoon the stage where he debuted in the League against Villarreal at night (21 hours, Golta, Canal + League and R @ dio Barça). They worked the same players that the previous day. Therefore, players have repeated the subsidiary Cuenca, Bartra, Sergi Roberto dos Santos and Jonathan . The injured Afellay, Pique and Adriano have continued their work of recovery.

After training behind closed doors, the newly superchampion Europe has eaten at the Camp Nou. Then your free one hour and a half before the game when the players return to be cited in the stadium. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Jeffren chute marked and injured

The former player of FC Barcelona scored a free-kick and the same action was injured and had to leave the pitch.

Sporting Lisbon found today in his own field and to a surprising Maritime, the first defeat of the season (2-3), despite a goal from Spanish suffered Jeffrén Suarez left the game with an injury after both.

The Maritime hungry for goals after the first two days unused marker, got his first win of the season in a thrilling Portuguese second part that disturbs the eleven Domingos Paciencia.

Two goals from Brazilian Rafael Miranda and Guinea Leocífcio Patrício in less than five minutes did panic when Sporting's stadium, which had gone into the break with a goal lead set by the Russian Marat Izmailov.

After the many almost chained by sea, Patience took the field to the Spanish Diego Capel, who left with few outstanding plays by Valeri Bojinov and entered Sai Jeffrén Yannick.

Twenty minutes in Spanish from Venezuela marked by a shot that could not hold to an injury on the play and complained loudly out of the field.

A little over a quarter of an hour after the game, Sporting tied with ten players and, despite trying to defend a lowly 2-2 at home, Senegal's Baba gave the Marine the winning goal on 90 minutes.

In other games of the day, took the Beira Mar instability-Victoria Guimaraes coach Manuel Machado with the recently-resigned to palm the second win of the week (3-0) at home after the 4-0 Atletico Madrid League in Europe.

Was less spectacular in the field of Feirense, who tied zero to the Pacos de Ferreira in a duel with two ejections, one for each team, and when the Brazilian player Diogo Cunha (Feirense) was the closest to the goal was in several plays.

The Olhanense won an easy victory against Rio Ave with a 1-0 win that made him climb to third in the table, tied with Vitoria Setubal and Sporting Braga, who play tomorrow.

Benfica will play again this Monday against the National Madeira, where it could reach the lead with a win, that Porto postponed its game against Leiria at September 6, to rest after the final of the European Super Cup. (via SPORT)

Pasillo and fiesta for the supercampeones

The staff of Barça will offer to the tier the title of Supercup that makes alone some days it was achieved in front of Porto.

It almost sounds routine, but the Camp Nou will enjoy another opportunity to pay tribute to the second title made in recent days. And it reached the European Super Cup in Monaco have not yet received the deserved heat the enclosure tier squad. Minutes before the debut in the league, the staff plans to display the trophy and will most likely address the obligatory victory lap around the field in a gesture of complicity to share with viewers this coveted trophy against Porto.

The party could be completed even if the Villarreal take action on the matter. The staff directed by Juan Carlos Garrido can add to the relaxed atmosphere and onto the field seconds before to formalize the traditional corridor to the supercampeones of FC Barcelona.

In any case, the minutes before the league debut of the season will be marked by a team deserved recognition of his legend continues to grow. The Super Cup is the latest milestone achieved this evening will be welcomed to the fans.

Celebration and joy before the opening of the 2011-12 League Champions against an opponent. (via SPORT)

Valdes-Zubizarreta: Chocalán porterazo

Valdés will catch today to Zubizarreta like the goalkeepr as most games played with Barça.

The new generation of legends in the Barca goal is served. Andoni Zubizarreta , currently responsible for the direction of club sports, today delivered the baton to Victor Valdes , one of the best goalkeepers in the world and he still has to write many Personal items in his chronicle. Tonight, the technician will observe from the balcony to his successor in the leadership of the Barca goals ranking with more games. Villarreal will draw to 410 and next to la Real, also in the league, will be 411 Valdes. With 29 years and 9 seasons, the goal of Gavà undertake alone the way to the museum of myths.

To Zubi touched her gloves when the Dream Team played football heaven in the early 90's. Victor Valdes is, into the twenty-first century, Mittens the best team of all time. Two goalkeepers holders hits in stages, with different style and technical features, but with the sobriety and the talent of the elect. Two guys who profess to be a mutual admiration. As a tribute, Victor wore a green kit in the Champions League final of 2011 against Manchester United. It was the favorite color of Andoni and the wink was not lost on anyone. Signed, the coach keeps his home shirt. The gesture filled with pride and gratitude. Although his references are Cañizares and Kahn, Valdés considers Zubi a reference visible in a club the size of the club. Both went through that period in the Nou Camp looks sternly at his goalkeepers. And they both passed with flying colors.

Valdes has gained in history. Sum 17 titles, six more than Zubi and one of the 18 Xavi, you are still a lot to gain. At the moment already exceeds Links to Vitoria, 5 4.

Does not, however, at 6 another good friend, Antoni Ramallets, but everything will come. The Sant Joan de Mediona also won the achievement of Zamora (1952, 56, 57, 59 and 60). Valdes now has four (2005, 09, 10 and 11) and takes up the challenge of sharing Ramallets feat that has championed for over 50 years.

Victor and Zubi flowers are exchanged. "It has always been a reference for me in my career. It is an honor to get to their numbers in the Barça," said Valdes MD, revealing that "we often talk about is not giving me advice but his experience is very valuable." To Zubi, "Victor has learned to climb at the Camp Nou. Is one of the best in the world the best you can have the boat." Goal scored in modern, "with a huge merit." They are geniuses. (via MD)

David Dein: "Barça has bought a French champagne to a sparkling wine price"

David Dein, the man that helped to take to Cesc to the Arsenal, is very proud now of his beginning in Barça.

If someone is happy, apart from family and friends, two Super Cups, the high performance and goals from Cesc Fabregas, David Dein is. The former 'boss' of Arsenal in his prime, fundamental man Arenys the arrival of the club of Gunners, is quite clear: "Barca, with Cesc, has purchased the finest French champagne wine price frothy.'s a real crack, "said MD.

David Dein say is talk about Arsenal's glorious seasons. It was he who brought Arsene Wenger in 1996 after convincing the other leaders Gunners. As vice president responsible for the sport joined the first crack in recent history, Dennis Bergkamp, ​​who played for Inter. Then did the same with Vieira, Petit, Overmars, Henry, Suker, Pires, Campbell, Gilberto, Gael Clichy, Kolo Toure, Cesc, Reyes and Van Persie. If anyone has been important in the arrival and departure of Arsenal's Cesc was David Dein, but preferred to stay in the shade, not out in the photos. "It was a matter of time Cesc Barca back to the team of his life, leaving Arsenal have done well to go because it is a great player and better person," he says. For him, "we signed a great player in the making that grew as a person and player in our club. It is a personal pride to see how things were then.

Do not want to reveal great secrets, but it does not but acknowledge that, yes, "I spoke to Arsene Wenger when he was your holidays here with me" in the quetiene yacht in Monaco (the now famous 'Take It Easier' (Take it easy).

Dein does not want to understand who has intervened as the father of Darren Dein, the manager of Cesc Fabregas. "Cesc has surrendered to stop in time who has been with the Gunners, Wenger himself knew that it was perhaps the last time I went by train from Barcelona to Fabregas, who had to climb up or just missed it. Against handicho what many know Cesc, Arsene has helped a lot so he could fulfill his dream of returning to Barcelona. have been other problems, other people who made it difficult to exit, Wenger is not a serious man of word. " Dein also maintains an excellent relationship with the family Fàbregas Soler.

Dein, who loves football, believes that "the club has signed a big boost, raised in the farmhouse, who knows the club, but has grown as a player in a competition difficult, especially for a midfielder, as the Premier League. It is easy to become the leader of Arsenal for a player as young as Cesc. It shows his character and ambition. " David Dein is convinced that "Cesc is going to be a major player in the club, I'm convinced. Fàbregas will win the job, every day in practice, game by game in the field. We stress on quality and to achieve and Pep knows Guadiola ". (via MD)

[BarçaB] Barça B under minimum for the game of Cartagena

After falling into the premiere league, Eusebio box stays in preparation for the next day in the fields of Cartagena on Sunday.

Barça B debuted in the premiere league defeat and must improve to be competitive in the category. Eusebio has work ahead, but must do a minimum. And the technician was unable Valladolid yet have all the staff and, in fact, this week I stay without several of their staff.

The Catalans played in the field of Granada on Sunday at 18 hours. Martin Montoya will miss being called by Vicente del Bosque to the absolute. In addition, Bartra, Planas, Sergi Roberto Tello and play a double qualifier clash with the 2013 European Under-21. On the other hand, Muniesa, Ilie and Soriano are injured. In addition, Saul, pointing to Getafe, and Dalmau, pointing to the subsidiaries of Villarreal, Valencia and Atletico will leave the club with the market close of summer. The good news is that Rafinha has been discharged from hospital and will also be with the team Oier Basin and Isaac, who were the first team in Monaco.

In these circumstances, it is logical that Eusebius does not give closed the template, as said before playing against Villarreal B. The possibility of achieving the transfer of the Uruguayan central Genoa, Diego Polenta, still alive. For now, the technician must comply with the post. (via SPORT)

Barça, to add the first 3 points

The goleada of Real Madrid in Romareda forces to the blaugrana to begin with good foot the start liguero before the visit of Villarreal.

The last to fall was Adriano in the Super Cup final. All the evils of Barca in the beginning of the season came on the defensive line. Dani Alves knew he could not play since the end of last season, was initiated Puyol, Piqué was injured in training and Maxwell followed with abdominal overload.

Pep Guardiola will have turned their heads to find solutions in defense. And the possibilities are many, but less and less. What seems like a hundred percent sure is that Mascherano and Abidal, two of the only ones available will be in the starting lineup against Villarreal. Once located the Argentine and French on the field, playing fetch two companions. Blaugrana coach has said on more than one occasion that if players are missing, dip into the subsidiary and, if necessary, until the juvenile. Today is a good opportunity to do so. To cover the absence of Dani Alves could give you the opportunity to Marc Bartra on the right side. The Sant Jaume dels Domenys was, along with Isaac Basin, one of the discarded in the final of the European Super Cup in Monaco. Yesterday, however, returned to train with the first team and their inclusion in the team is a real option. So is Jonathan dos Santos, who in the preseason acute in several games at right back, although not a natural position. Pep Guardiola knew I could not count on Dani Alves and wanted to try alternatives at that position. Another option would be to put Sergio Busquets along with Mascherano in the rear axle. Neither the technician is out of surprise and put a line of three defenders, a new game that would explain the refusal to incorporate a new defense in the summer market is not yet closed.

In contrast, the positions in midfield and up front, Pep Guardiola, if desired, not required to make any changes. Both Sergio Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Messi and Villa are available, so you could go home without major problems against Villarreal. The point is that after yesterday's rout of Real Madrid, Barca need to start a good start in the league for not giving leeway to whites. Cesc has also shown that as the holder may present at any time and the alignment of Alexis mean its premiere at the Camp Nou. (via SPORT)

To for the fourth League

Barça of Pep has transformed into a machine of winning holding and breaking records. Now you between the eyes match the Suspenders of Dream Team.

Tonight Pep Guardiola's Barcelona opens the curtain in the league does the competition par excellence, which marks the course of a season how often a challenge between the eyes: the four consecutive league match that got the 'Dream Team did Johan Cruyff at the beginning of the nineties. For now, the Pep already has three championships in the pocket, breaking all records also have or might have, as the highest scoring 99 points or more wins away from home, 14 in fact is only harmless yet the greatest number of goals scored in a league that did Toshack's Real Madrid in the 1989-90 season with 107 goals, as the Pep Barcelona remained in the 2008-09 campaign with only two goals to beat that figure.

It is clear that Barcelona is presented for the fourth consecutive year as the team to beat. Today only glimpsed on the horizon a team that can do a bit of shade to this machine to football. We are talking about Real Madrid, a club that has spent more than 500 million euros for the sole purpose of ousting the podium at Barcelona, ​​but results so far unsuccessful, both level of play and results and images.

There is no doubt that Barcelona look at his most difficult season, because it has to play more games than anyone, has more international than anyone what you are supposed to wear because they play more commitments with their national teams have also what a template considerably smaller than most because it does not meet the 25 tokens states.

This championship has so many attractions that will certainly become the metronome of the season. For starters, a new duel to the death against Real Madrid, which will begin on December 10 at the Bernabeu and ends on April 22 at the Camp Nou, but in between waiting Valencia, Villarreal, Sevilla and Madrid Atlétrico, among others .

Clearly, the battle between Barcelona and Real Madrid will mark the league, because in recent years, the superiority of both teams in this league has been so overwhelming that have made the national competition in a duel between the two giants of Spanish football with the other teams competing as extras and the odd guest of stone.

Guardiola, who has passed on the bench with his mentor and idol Johan Cruyff in the number of titles could Cabar the season, the genie igualanda Dutch conquered the number of leagues. The record in the history of the club Barca still `Dream Team With those achieved four titles consecutively from 1990-91 to the 1993-94 season.
Slightly less than twenty years later, another dream team, the Pep Guardiola, has in its hands to reach and even surpass that figure. For now, this team is about to exceed 300 league goals and totaling 298 in three courses. (via SPORT)

Garrido also has doubts on defense

The absences forced Angel Lopez and Mario Gaspar unknowns in the coverage generated Levantine.

They rested last night in Barcelona. After overcoming the hurdle of the preliminary stage of the Champions, the team faces their league debut tremendously relieved and just thinking about how to solve some defensive mismatches. The absences forced Angel Lopez and Mario Gaspar left a major gap on the right side. A vacuum may also affect the rest of the containment line.

After seeing in recent days, the main novelty of Villarreal may lie in the relocation of the Colombian Zapata emergency right back. However, Garrido has handled the last few hours little surprise that need to know if carried out on the lawn of the Camp Nou. And the coach goes mulling over a possible exchange of positions between Marchena and Bruno. From the outset, everything suggests that it would be the logical central Marchena while Bruno would work wear in the center of the field. Well, the body does not rule out waterboarding delay Bruno and leverage the experience and strength of Marchena to push a little higher.

For the rest of the block are presumed major contingencies. The veteran goal Caesar has traveled through suspension. (via SPORT)

Alexis will pass his first test before Rossi

The characters in a soap opera of the summer will face in the league debut of Camp Nou.

Barça-Villarreal is always full of attractions, among other details, because they happen to be the best football teams deployed on a playing field. But the clash tonight, will also provide special morbid grief. Nothing more, nothing less than a face-off between two players who have grabbed plenty of covers during the summer market: Alexis Sanchez and Giuseppe Rossi fought for several weeks as the reinforcement of Guardiola's line of attack.

The Chilean ended up winning the game. Some think it was the family Pozzo-Udinese-owners who took the pulse Roig-president of Villarreal, but the truth is that Alexis Sanchez did fulfill his dream and now wears Barca while Rossi enjoys another season under the Garrido orders having stated by active and passive land his great passion was in the Barça squad. Later, he lamented that the club had not increased its economic proposal -15 million over 12 variables fixed.

Pep Guardiola had blessed both players, but was the outcome of the negotiations who chose the screen. Roig was intransigent to the offer of Barcelona and Rossi was unable to break the iron will of the manager. A very different from Alexis. Pozzo's family managed to increase its offer Bartomeu -26,000,000 more variables, and 11.5 of the Chilean did the rest. From day one, the striker warned not to raise another operation that was not the signing for the club. A force and pressure that have led to the Camp Nou.

Alexis and Rossi face off tonight. The Italian will start and will have the opportunity to break his bad run with Guardiola. In six matches was still unable to score a goal. Opposite, the Chilean striker is not clear whether the initial strengthening exercise or continue its process of adaptation and enjoy half an hour on the final leg of the match. To date, Alexis has passed with flying today live appearances but his first big test. The league debut, possible ownership and accept the odious comparisons with Rossi deserve special monitoring. (via SPORT)

Offers of Barça for the Costa Rican youth John Jairo Ruiz

The player participated in the World Under 20 that just ended in Colombia.
A few weeks ago took his Arsenal team-mate selection, Joel Campbell.

Youth Costa Rican striker John Jairo Ruiz is intended for Barcelona , which has submitted a formal bid for the player, confirmed today, Sunday, his representative and the authorities of Deportivo Saprissa , football club owner.

Agent Ruiz , Spanish Ricardo Cabanas , told local sports media that the offer was made ​​and is now in the hands of Saprissa final decision: "It's a good deal that is already on the table Saprissa, they are now the task of determining whether it was appropriate for the parties. "

The young striker, who participated in the World Under 20 in Colombia , could debut today at the First Division, Costa Rica, where Saprissa will face Orion .

For his part, President Saprissa, Juan Carlos Rojas acknowledged that the offer is on the table and said calmly that they are have decided that will not yield to Ruiz to any other team before January next year, " John Jairo Saprissa wants to play and we also want them here, so we are exploring options with him. We want no matter what team the transfer is made ​​after January, because we know how much he can bring to the team and our main objective is championship, "he said.

Neither Rojas nor Cabañas wanted to detail the amount of the bid, and the team simply call it "good", but said that is less than five million dollars that paid for a few weeks ago by Joel Campbell Arsenal , another young striker.

Rojas said that other bids for the player, but did not specify which clubs. However, the local press says it is the Rubin Kazan and Palermo . (via MD)

Keita sounds again

Following the serious injury to AC Milan midfielder Flamini, Keita resumes for the Rossoneri, but it shall refuse exit Pep, Pedro Leon, Schweinsteiger (Bayern), Montolivo (Fiore) and De Rossi (Roma) are the other candidates. (via MD)

According Allegri, "Ibra sometimes needs a beating"

Milan coach says it is "to encourage you, because if you fall asleep".

"Sometimes, Ibrahimovic needs a beating," said Massimiliano Allegri, Milan coach in an interview with La Repubblica for the supplement of the daily Italian league, which makes clear that "it is to encourage you, because if you fall asleep."

Again according Allegri, first opponent of Barca in the Champions 2011-12 with the 'Rossoneri', "the coach (football) does a bit of a psychologist, is crucial. With Ibrahimovic, for example, serve both the carrot (mimes ) as the pole, as has a strong personality. "

It is this trait Zlatan prevented with Barça take root, now described as a great leader AC Milan, the Swede was broken communication with Guardiola. Ibra left after one season, precisely measured after the club 'Rossoneri' in the Gamper-2010, and returned to Italy called "philosopher" Pep, sarcastically. What to give a 'whipping' Ibra to shake up your day perhaps also be passed through the head coach Guardiola.

The already extensive experience includes several episodes of Zlatan temperamental, but Allegri trust this proven winner that takes 8 consecutive league titles with Ajax (1), Juventus (2), Inter (3), Barcelona (1) and own Milan (1).

Allegri, meanwhile, added in La Repubblica that Gattuso is "not necessary" to do as Gennaro psychological tightrope "is already grumpy," as implied by his nickname 'Ringhio'.

In another, the Milan will know tomorrow when there will be a decisive meeting, how is the schedule of Serie A after the strike this weekend. (via MD)

Garrido: "Barça is the best team in the world"

Villarreal coach ensures that the club tomorrow in the rival league debut, is the "best team in the World" but that the intention of the team is winning the game Castellon.

"Barça is the best team in the world. He has won everything and almost insulting ease rivals a great level, but we arrived with great enthusiasm and with the intention of winning," he said.

"Our goal is to do our best football and a game like that is all that counts. Defend well, run hard, do everything perfect. We have been hearing in recent years many secret formulas to win at Barca and I see no one has found the chemistry. We humbly but with great enthusiasm, "he added.

In addition to qualify as the best team in the world, Garrido Barcelona is "a reference to his style, his way of playing football, its players, which are the best generation of players in history."

"I think we should congratulate them because all of us who enjoy watching football like play. We admire a lot but try to win on the field and give our best to do it," he said.

Valencia coach does not consider important for the development of the game the fact that Barcelona were playing the Super Cup last Friday.

"When you play against a team so great is not so important where they come from, if they played or not, or against whom. I know we played against a great team and Villarreal also aspires to be, because for us it is important to play good football" , commented.

Also, Garrido said that Villarreal wants to be "a team that appeals to people, to the fans respect and admire, and this is a party to show that we are competitive and we are prepared to face the best."

About how to plant the party, Juan Carlos Garrido Villarreal meant that "a bold approach, courageous and I think people who work in football we are obliged to go for that kind of game, an attractive game to watch but at the same time also looking results. "

Another appeal of the match for Villarreal coach is concerned the first league meeting, as it believes that "competition start is always special."

"We know that it is adding, to be days and go from scoring points is what is giving you the ranking. So the first day rate is important but is also special for the opponent, we know that is a great team," she added.

He expressed satisfaction at being able to have the Italian Giuseppe Rossi, who has finally left the club, but is "happy" to have "Cani, Bruno, Borja Valero, Marcos Senna, Wakaso and Joan Oriol".

"I'm glad to have the players I have. Of course you can always improve, ask for more, but in the end is a question of adapting to the players you have and get the most performance and in this sense we have players who are aspiring to compete the best in the world, "he said.

"With this we hope to be aspiring to Barcelona. It is clinging to maximize the chances that one has to win, whatever they are, and get the most performance," he said. (via SPORT)

Mascherano: "I will thank of for life that Messi recommended me"

Mascherano is indebted with Messi who was one of the major supporters for his arrival at Camp Nou.

Javier Mascherano is living a dream since he came to Camp Nou from Liverpool. The Argentine midfielder is proud to belong to a team "that never tires of winning and win" in that Mascherano is happy to continue adding titles to his credit.

"This whole long competes competes well. I had never been on a team like that. In other finals teams earn whatever, but here they earn respect for the club's history. Sometimes one is not aware of everything that is generated, but I try to enjoy every day and support my teammates, "said 'the little chief' in an interview with ESPN.

Mascherano also praised Guardiola's role when everyone praises the performance of Argentina is offering as central. "The coach gave me confidence in the position I put it on and try to do better. If the coach gives you confidence is everything easier," he said.

However, strategic Mascherano who eternally grateful for everything that is being able to live dress Barca will be his teammate and friend, Leo Messi.

"I'm going to thank me for life that has been recommended to come to Barcelona," admitted Mascherano.

Just, Messi will be his successor as captain in charge of the albiceleste. Something that does not bother Mascherano and not resent her relationship with 'La Pulga(The Flea)'.

"We all know what's Messi for football. It is the best representative we have in the world. The coach is responsible to say things that were discussed at the meeting, but everything is perfect. My relationship with Leo is spectacular," he said.

As for his new role with Argentina, Mascherano returned to service and benefit offered to the group.

"Sabella know where to reach me and if I have to add from the outside will. Right now it is very difficult to know what to say. It's better called the silence and work hard," he said. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "Starting off winning gives you confidence, it’s important"

Guardiola is focusing on the League debut against Villarreal, "a good all round team". The Barça Manager explained that Puyol and Maxwell are about ready to reappear, but he’s not tempted to bring them back too early.

The next objective of the insatiable Pep Guardiola is clear: "Starting off winning gives you confidence, it’s important". Pep, recent Champion of the Spanish Super Cup and European Super Cup, is now concentrated on the League debut on Monday against Villarreal: "The first game is always a bit special. Furthermore, we know that Villareal have always caused us problems. They are a Champions League side". Guardiola stressed that, following their efforts in Monaco, the team need the fans to "give them a hand".

In the press conference prior to the match, Guardiola said he was worried more about "tiredness than relaxation" of his players. "The players know that they’re up against a team that can give us lots of problems" he added. On top of that Guardiola said "The League forces you to make a real mental effort and lots of work to do it all over again". Once again he predicts that Barcça’s great rival, Real Madrid, "will drop very few points….we know their potential, so it’s important that we win".

Against Villarreal, Guardiola will be missing up to five defenders. With regard to this, he said: "We have three full-backs missing, but there are alternatives, like changing players positions. I have great faith in the team that will play tomorrow". He also referred to the recovery of Carlos Puyol, who trained the last two sessions with the group. "The sensations are all good. He’s very close, but we can’t rush things after all that he’s gone through". In the same vein he said about Maxwell that: "He’s close to getting the all clear, but we’ll wait until after the international break".

Focusing on Monday’s opponents, Villarreal, Guardiola believes that "being in the Champions League will give them peace of mind and confidence for the whole season. Since Pellegrini’s days they’ve played with a similar style, they have two great players up front, lots of experience, and a very reliable goalkeeper ... they’re a good all round team". Finally, with regard to Barça’s possible interest in striker Giuseppe Rossi, he admitted that: "Every team in the world would be interested in Rossi, including FC Barcelona. I think he’d fit perfectly into our style of play, because he’s a superlative player, but we needed a wide player more". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Four B team players in Sunday training

Dos Santos, Bartra, Sergi Roberto and Cuenca took part in the first team squad training session on Sunday evening at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.

The session was held at 19.00 on Sunday, ahead of Monday’s game against Villarreal at the Camp Nou. B team youngsters Jonathan Dos Santos, Marc Bartra, Sergi Roberto and Isaac Cuenca were called in to strengthen the squad, with Carles Puyol and Maxwell working with the whole group and Gerard Piqué, Adriano Correia and Ibrahim Afellay working on recovering from their injuries.

Up until this season, B team players were unavailable for the first team squad if they had featured with the reserves in a game less than 48 hours before kick-off, but that rule has now been abolished, allowing Guardiola to take any B team players he may need. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The fans prefer to align Montoya rather than as central Sergio Busquets against Villarreal

Despite having played 90 minutes with the reserves would not have problems with your participation and to have spent more than 24 hours.

FC Barcelona has problems in defense. At low by injury to Adriano , Piqué , Puyol and Maxwell and punishment of Alves , the team must overcome by appealing to the subsidiary. Faced with the dilemma of Guardiola who align against Villarreal in the first game of league , Internet users in MD have left feedback in our survey .

The result is quite logical and it seems that this line will move Pep : Mascherano , Abidal and Fontàs are the three players with the most votes in that order. It is the fourth member of the rear where there are more differences of opinion, but serious Montoya , the side of Barça B who wins vote to Sergio Busquets has not played as central convinced converted too.

The problem with Montoya is that Eusebius made ​​him play 90 minutes in the defeat of the subsidiary against Villarreal B . Despite this there would be problems in their participation and to be spent over 24 hours, yet the question will your physical condition. (via MD)