28 August 2011

The mops of Pinto

So looks like the 'look' of José Manuel Pinto once discarded braids. The goalkeeper of FC Barcelona has posted this photo on twitter account of his production with the image of his hair and an expression 'heavy' with the hand. (via MD)

[BarçaB] Eusebio: "We need to improve"

Saturday's defeat against Villarreal B 0-2, in the first game of the league ahead of no concern to Eusebius, who despite being disappointed is optimistic for the rest of the season.

Eusebio Sacristan has not been happy with the image offered his men. "We have been complicated game in the first time, I think we have lacked strength and tranquility," he reflects. Despite the dominance of the Villarreal game and enter the second half with two goals against Barca team enjoyed more chances and created more danger to the goal defended George. "The second time the team has improved, the game was more even. With two goals, the team has not faltered and to have completed some time we could have gone around the result," said coach Valladolid.

The defeat has not been enough to head down to Eusebius, who is very happy with the project "is a hard and matched category, but I'm very excited," he explains. Barça B coach is confident his staff and think they have enough equipment to move this league, "At the moment we are a solid team with good balance and improve a lot, because we have conditions to create problems for opponents," Eusebius says that this Saturday one could not count on Dos Santos, Cuenca, Oier and Bartra, convened the first team to dispute the European Super Cup. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Messi, Argentina's new captain

The Argentine star will take the captaincy at the premiere of Sabella as coach of the albiceleste, next Friday against Venezuela in Calcutta.

The rumors that speculated in recent weeks about a possible transfer of the captain of the Argentina team, finally, have just confirmed.

And the Argentine coach, Alejandro Sabella, has decided to pass on the captaincy of the albiceleste. Until yesterday I was in the hands of Barca midfielder Javier Mascherano. But from this Sunday will be the hands of possibly the best player in the world, also Barca, Lionel Messi.

Before boarding his way to Calcutta to debut Friday in the office next Friday against Venezuela, Sabella said to have "decided" who take the bracelet.

Sabella admitted with complications but without naming it, that the chosen scored a goal last Friday, referring to both the '10 'FC Barcelona against Porto in the European Super Cup. "Maybe, I have bad memory, but I think so," he said.

The crack-Rosario, 24, will take the bracelets after 61 games and 19 goals for the albiceleste, though, and was captain of the Argentina team in the match against Greece in the World Cup in South Africa.

A change would be a breath of fresh air for the albiceleste. Mascherano will be a moral leader in the field by their character, without needing a bracelet. Messi takes over from the 'little chief'. And as usual lately, everything is at home. (via SPORT)

[BarçaB] Guardiola and some players in the Mini to see the Barça B

Without time that to lose, recently landed of Monaco, the page bigger than the sport area of Barça wrapped up Barça B in their league debut.

The commitment of Barca's youth system goes far beyond simple product of the discourse of the best results ever. Details such as occurred yesterday in the Mini attest that the Barca youth football is a mainstay in the sports project present and future. A few hours after landing, the flight of the ship from Monaco, the staff of the sports area moved in groups to witness the debut of the subsidiary directly against Villarreal B.

It is not uncommon to see Guardiola in the box the Mini, but his visit yesterday was special. Clothing would personally coach the team in technical debut Eusebio Sacristan. And Pep was not alone in a box of authentic luxury. In addition to sharing analysis and conversation with Andoni Zubizarreta and Narcís Julià, could also converse with a long nónima of players who were celebrating hours before achieving the European title.

The likes of Xavi Hernández and Sergio Busquets did not miss his appointment at the Mini. But they were not alone. Jonathan dos Santos and Marc Bartra, located halfway between the subsidiary and the first team, joined the list of injured Barça B attended live to the subsidiary's loss to Villarreal.

In this case, the least is the result. The important thing is to see how every season, Guardiola and his staff remain loyal viewers of the meetings that the club disputed B. FC Barcelona wins the quarry role. (via SPORT)

Mourinho won't coincide with Guardiola in UEFA

In the last edition, the Portuguese forced a final hug to try to clean up its battered image.

A year ago, Mourinho arrogant and walked proudly across from the offices of the UEFA headquarters in Nyon. He was the star of the traditional Elite Coaches Forum that the federal estate held every year to discuss different strategies and evaluate policy changes. Pep was one more and merely going through the greatest of discretion. Not even attended the media present there.

This year everything has changed. Guardiola, as always, will cater to the wishes of UEFA and will be a luxury of the participants in the quote from the best coaches in time to be held on August 31 and September 1. Barca coach will have the opportunity to talk with other coaches from the likes of Villas Boas, Lucescu, Schaaf, and Frank de Boer Allegri, Emery, among others.

But this year there will be a notable absence. José Mourinho, suspended for three matches by UEFA has decided not passing his prime and not considered appropriate to accompany their colleagues in the event of UEFA. The Luso falls from the Forum. Guardiola breathe easy and you can avoid situations like those of a year ago when Mou Paripe forced the embracing of the press expected. (via SPORT)

Barça wants to be champion of all

The challenge is served on a silver platter for the club after winning the first two titles. Make a 'full' six in a season.

This is never sufficiently satisfied Barcelona. Their greed is so huge that no one can venture where the limit is or when its momentum slow in the conqueror. Beat records, both group and individual, with little muss, at least apparently, becoming virtually the football scene in an oligarchy Blaugrana. Not even rebelliousness Mourinho's finger and the millions of Florentino have been able to overthrow the supremacy on track for achieving the first five years of life.

And in just three years short and twelve-fifteen possible titles since Guardiola sits on the bench alone have escaped two Cups and a League of Champions, also exhibiting a superior football that has served for the world surrenders to his feet.

Feats like winning six titles in a calendar year, specifically in 2009, or win two Champions three years have served to elevate the pinnacle of soccer team Pep, now, as they say in the vernacular of the circus, you presented in partnership with a 'harder still'. After winning in just one week two titles-Spain Super Cup against Real Madrid and Europe against Porto. The ideal opportunity arises to make another 'full', but this time would not be in a calendar year but in a full season.

The challenge is a priori complicated, but never unapproachable for a handful of men who have already amply demonstrated what can be done with a ball in the middle.

In any case, it seems that three of the four competitions still will have to play for Real Madrid as 'villain'. Alone in the World Club Championship to be played in December, will be another obstacle: the Santos Neymar and Ganso.

But if we look back and look at the history of the games he has played against Madrid Pep Mou is not to be very pessimistic because in seven games, two of League Two Champions, two Super Cup and one Copa del Rey has won three, drawn one and lost so many one. A balance clearly superior for the Blaugrana, who likes it despite the hordes in white, more stunned at the harsh reality. (via SPORT)

Barça is left without defense before Villarreal!

Barca debut in the league with a defensive line of circumstances after adding up to five low.

Pep Guardiola will be released tomorrow in the league with an authentic gibberish in defense because you can not have five players on that line because of injuries and penalties. In principle some names already known in advance as is the case of Captain Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique central, which are still recovering from injuries and paths that are not expected to return to the pitch until mid-September and also Maxwell, who has just participated in the preseason because of an abdominal sobregarca. But this list already worrying has joined late on another Brazilian, Adriano Correa, who dropped the final of the European Super Cup with a hamstring stretch in your left leg down to make it safe for tomorrow's match against Villarreal. And to make matters worse, another Brazilian again, Dani Alves, also may be in the team to jump at the Camp Nou for the last day of last season against Malaga at La Rosaleda, saw a fifth yellow card after a stomp Elisha, which is cycled and the resulting one-match ban, which will meet in the first league game this season, because this time there have been long-awaited amnesty granted sometimes the Spanish Football Federation to all those indicated by a penalty ahead of next season.

So, Guardiola will be without starting right side, nor with the two fixed stations, and two of the three left-handed side are there in the template.

Faced with this predicament, Pep has only in the wardrobe of the staff to the team players, Martin Montoya and Jonathan Dos Santos, to occupy the right wing, along with Javier Mascherano and Andreu Fontàs squad to fill the shaft French defense and Eric Abidal at left back. The only alternative that could draw would leave the bench and put Fontàs Sergio Busquets and central, occupying in this case again the African Seidou Keita defensive midfielder position.

It is a curious circumstance that Montoya played yesterday with the reserves against Villarreal B and tomorrow could do the same but this time with the great and Villarreal. In less than 48 hours would face the same club, but this time jump from second to first.

No doubt this is an exceptional situation, especially in the case of Dani Alves, as no one remembered who had seen the fifth yellow against Malaga last season. In fact, Guardiola consulted yesterday with Carlos Naval Officer, who confirmed the inability of the international side to play against Villarreal. Undoubtedly a major setback for the team, especially if you add the rest low on defense. (via SPORT)

Camuñas: "We have our options of winning in Barcelona"

"Sometimes the Barcelona if it has failed in these early days of the season".

Javier Camuñas midfielder Villarreal , said today that his team has "a chance to win the Barcelona "in the party that will face them on Monday at the Camp Nou . Although the player has also recognized the difficulty of winning at Barcelona in its field, has insisted that the Villarreal travels with his "possibilities, and although we know it's hard, we can."

Asked if he is positive that your opponent has played this Friday and that Villarreal can take the wear in this competition, Camuñas noted that "no matter who played on Friday, equipment and templates are used to playing many games and level so I do not think it is so important that they have played. "

And again and questioned if it is better or worse, face this day game this season. The player argued that "In the first games I do not know whether to play against Barcelona or not. What we do know is that sometimes the Barcelona if it fails in those first league matches. And we intended that again, "he said. In addition, the options that may be able to achieve this victory, Camuñas commented that "to beat Barcelona, ​​we must do things very well, you should be very involved from the start, to leave everything perfect and get lucky."

While recognizing that this is the "best team" believes that Villarreal Camuñas can "complicate things" Barcelona. "With that idea and intention of the party and we believe our options," said the midfielder. Already in the personal side, the player, this season the team arrived from Osasuna, is happy with their arrival and adjustment to their team.

"I'm happy for the opportunity given me to play in the previous Champions League. Also, have passed the qualifying gives me great confidence. I came to this team with the intention of playing and be able to make things and I hope so, "he noted. "I came to myself a hole in the side and I work, but my alignment is still very good by helping me a lot of my teammates," he concluded. (via MD)

Puyol began to do some work with the group

In the session on Saturday, the captain Carles Puyol has made some exercises at the same rate as the rest of the class for the first time since undergoing surgery in June. The headlines in Monaco have been carried out remedial work.

The day after proclaiming superchampion Europe, the club has landed at noon at the El Prat airport and in the afternoon and has returned to training at the Ciudad Deportiva. No time to lose on Monday League debut at home to Villarreal.

The team has begun preparing the next game with excellent news, as Carles Puyol has started to do some work with the group. The captain is not exercised at the same rate as the rest since he underwent surgery on his left knee on 1 June.

On the other hand, the players who started against Porto in Monaco have been up work. The team returned to training this Sunday at seven in the evening. At the end of the session, coach Pep Guardiola will appear at press conference (live on Barça TV), (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alves, lowers for sanction

It is necessary to remember that Dani Alves will get lost the next day of League for sanction. The Brazilian right-back completed cycle of admonishments when seeing a yellow card in Málaga, in the last party of the last championship. The sanction was applicable to the following party of League and, after the suspension of the first day, it will be carried out in the premiere against Villarreal. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Adriano out for league opener

Test carried out on Barça’s Brazilian full back Adriano have confirmed the muscle strain he picked up on Friday night in Monaco and Club doctors have ruled him out of Monday’s league opener against Villarreal.

Adriano was taken off as a precaution in the 62nd minute of the win over Porto and the tests carried out this evening confirmed the initial diagnosis. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Zubi puts success down to hard work, humility and respect‬

Club Sporting Director Andoni Zubizarreta stressed the importance of hard work , respect and humility as key to the team’s latest success and their fantastic title winning run.‪

Before flying back to Barcelona, Zubizarreta spoke to the media at Nice Airport and made it clear that there would be no resting on laurels after the team’s win on Friday night: “we always work with the aim of improving and we know that titles are won through hard work, humility and respect for our opponents”. Zubi also stressed the key role of: “the character of the players, the technical staff and the manager and their ability to continue setting themselves objectives”.

Zubizarreta made it clear that : “we are lucky to have a great squad and back room staff. Pep and his team are unique”, whilst not forgetting the team’s great ability to set themselves objectives and look to the future.

Leo Messi has now scored for the team in every competition he’s taken part in and Zubi made it clear that his opener against Porto was a clear example of the values the team try and live up to: “that goal came from a very important value the team hold-that the whole team defend and pressure so that the ball gets to the feet of the guys who can make it count”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Liga Aderante;2-Div.;week02] FC Barcelona B 0 - 2 Villarreal B

The subsidiary has been unable to Eusebio Sacristan good start League Second Division. Although the occasions and the dominance of the party, especially in the second half, Barca B could not overcome the defense of Castellón, very strong and seamless. With the score 0-2, Cristian Tello missed a penalty that could put the party of Eusebio.

The start of the Barca game B was not expected. Villarreal B coaching former international goalkeeper Jose Francisco Molina has taken control of the match and this has offset the Catalan side, which created only game in isolated actions by Carlos Carmona and Kiko Femenía. The 'yellow', in Castellani Porcar creating danger and Luke, have been higher and have enjoyed the better chances during the first half. By local, Rodri only has enjoyed good times, but many have seen as the referee pointed out to him offside. And in the 35 ', the first goal for Villarreal B. Airam after receiving a great cross from the right, has topped just before Miño. With the 0-1 has come to rest.

Despite the goal in 48 'Lucas Porcar, which has meant the final 0-2, the subsidiary has dominated the entire second half. Hand in hand with Sergi Roberto Tello, who has replaced Lobato and female, Barca have improved and have gained much in depth. The times have arrived, but has failed to zero in the definition. However, Eusebio have continued to persist and have tried all possible ways.

In 73' Cristian Tello party has been subject to a penalty that could change the sign of the party. Taylor wanted to throw himself and his shot, very strong, has gone out after hitting the crossbar. When more than deserved the subsidiary company, sometimes, play and ambition, fortune accompanied him. Minutes after the penalty, and with the departure of Gerard Deulofeu, the club has won in depth and Montoya, coming from the side, has in their boots another great opportunity from close range that goalkeeper Jorge, very successful, has been diverted. In 91 'Flat, had again a great opportunity to reduce differences, but the club kept the Barca reach a goal they have earned. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Barcelona B: Miño; Montoya, Sergi Gómez, Armando, Planas; Riverola, Sergi Roberto, Carmona (Espinosa, m.84); Kiko Femenía (Deulofeu, m.74), Rodri y Lobato (Tello, m.52).

Villarreal B: Jorge; Mano, Kiko, Dervite, Jaume Costa; Llorente, Gullón; Kike López (Iriome, m.67), Castellani (Tiago Dutra, m.70), Lucas Porcar (Chiki, m.80) y Airam.

Goals: 0-1, m.36: Airam; 0-2, m.49: Lucas Porcar.

Referee: Jaime Latre (comité Aragones). Amonestó Armando (min.6), Castellani (min.11), Carmona (min.35), Hand (min.67), Jaume Costa (min.71), Planas (min.75) y Llorente (min.84 ).

Incidents: Game for the first round of the League Two match at the Mini Stadium before 3,500 spectators.