27 August 2011

Supercampeones of Europe, at home

Barça has landed at El Prat airport on Saturday to 13.45 hours from Nice. Afternoon will be trained at the Ciudad Deportiva.

Supercampeones of Europe is already here. After the victory against Porto, the club became night in Monaco on Saturday at noon and returned to Barcelona. At 13.45 hours the team landing at El Prat airport with the new trophy, the fifteenth of the history of the Catalan club on the continent. Then coach has led to the Camp Nou where he was greeted by a large group of followers who applauded and encouraged the newly superchampion. Training in the afternoon Once home, the staff has off until seven o'clock, when train behind closed doors at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. It should be remembered that the club will debut in the League on Monday, from 21 hours in the Camp Nou. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: “Luis Enrique needs time”

Roma’s exit in the qualifying round of the Europa Cup has put the spotlight on their manager Luis Enrique, but Guardiola, who knows the ex-B team coach’s qualities well, insisted: “he’s more than a fantastic coach. You have to show patience. Obviously you always want results in football. If you give him time he will achieve that because he is stubborn, very competitive and has very clear ideas. These things can’t be built in just four days”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The international press is full of praise for the 'Pep Team'

Not what we say. The major international sports media saw the same game and not only believe that the club is the best team in the world but it leads the best coach in the world that set another record last night getting his 12 th title with Barça.

The most important headers of the international press agreed that the FC Barcelona, ​​now is the best team in the world without any doubt. And in the European Super Cup against Porto he demonstrated again and it seems that the team is more accustomed to playing such games.

En Italy, the 'Gazzetta dello Sport' Título: "Brand Messi, Cesc sentencia". El que el Barça Hilights rotary Italian "abrumó" en su encuentro at Oporto, que Ahab desquiciado Senale y que Iniesta Messi y el que se convirtió lideraron 12 º en el título de la Guardiola was.

In the same vein lies 'Corriere dello Sport' who called with a resounding: "Messi and Cesc, what a pair!". It also indicates that the Barca team "does not seem to get tired of lifting trophies."

The British press also highlights the hegemony of ships in Europe, becoming the continent's most successful club with 15 titles. The Daily Mail says the "Fabregas gets his second title with the club" and highlights the second goal of the former player of Arsenal. It also notes that the midfielder has already Arenys the same titles in two weeks with the club that he got for eight years at Arsenal.

Despite a goal by Messi, the 'Daily Mirror' also highlights the role of Cesc in the final titration with a chronic "brand Fabregas Barca triumph."

For its part, the 'BBC' highlights the golden age which is immersed in FC Barcelona and the 12 titles won by Guardiola. In addition, its website entitled: "Cesc does not fail to triumph in the Super Barca"

In Argentina, the prestigious journal 'Olé' digital edition opens with a clear "World Scorer" alluding to the extraordinary advantage of Messi and his first goal in this competition and wonder if someday there will be a global award for a striker like him.

"Another title Barça Messi the best brand" and the Diaro chronicle entitled 'Clarín' , which also highlights the great contribution and leadership of Andres Iniesta during the meeting.

In France, the daily L'Equipe also marveled at the Barca game which he defines as "The chorus of the ship" for its resemblance to the game of memory that is always repeated and developed to perfection Pep Guardiola , yesterday against Porto.

In the same line positions the magazine 'France Football' who sentence with a resounding: "Barca do not share" and noting that this team is poised to repeat the glorious year 2009, which culminated in the achievement of six titles.

In Portugal, how could it be otherwise, a disparity of opinions. The daily 'Record' the Spanish team praised the headline "Many ships for little Porto" and summed up the match in the three most crucial moments of Colombian midfielder Porto "offers Guarín goal, suffering is needed to penalty and ejected."

For its part, the newspaper 'O Jogo' gave a lime and sand with a cover that synthesized the praises Messi, who scored the first goal and gave the following Cesc Fabregas, among challenges that did not sound the whistle " The referee forgive. Messi. "

Finally, the paper 'A Bola 'was the most forceful front-page headline "Cheats casino" to refer to the alleged arbitration Guarín also reported and the actual coach of Porto, Vitor Pereira. (via SPORT)

Messi, main character of the covers

The Argentine star was one of the best of the match thanks to the technical finesse of his spectacular goal and gave assistance to kill off the match Cesc and get the Super Cup against Porto.

Sports dailies agree that the club is the best team in the world today, even from the Madrid press.

Marca called "Tsubasa" and emphasizes the role played in the victory Lionel Messi scored the first goal and giving assistance luxury for Cesc in the second sentence the European Super Cup.

For his part, 'AS' opens its online edition with "A Barcelona Tsubasa" highlighting the superiority of Barcelona against a team who finished with nine players mad.

In addition, 'Mundo Deportivo' states that "boot Messi points the way" referring to yesterday showed exquisite soccer Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta on the lawn of Louis II of Monaco.

Finally, ' Superdeporte ' opts for "Kings of Europe", adding that Barça and has become the team with more European titles on the continent.

The mainstream press also echoed the European title again flying into the windows of the FC Barcelona. Of course, highlighting the enormous value that had Messi Barca triumph. 'El Mundo' entitled "Always Messi" noting that the Argentine star never fails in such matches.

Meanwhile, El Pais edition opens with "The only vice Messi is football," reiterating the elegance of the brilliant first goal and assisted by the second.

Furthermore, 'El Periódico' says "Barca triumphs in Europe" and highlights the enormous advantage of midfielder Andres Iniesta, named player of the match.

Finally, 'La Vanguardia' titled "Tsubasa Europe" and notes that Barça has become the continent's most successful club with 15 titles, ahead of Milan and Real Madrid. (via SPORT)

Messi and Cesc, like in the old times

The Argentinean and the Catalan golearon like in their time of cadetes, as if eight years of separation they had not lapsed.

In summer 2003, with cadets, Cesc and Messi were separated. Wenger's Arsenal had interfered in a friendship that emerged three years ago when the Catalan and Argentina, both with 13 years (1987), just be connected in the field. Yesterday, in Monaco, had the brilliant idea of ​​transporting the Barca fans at earlier times. As if these eight long years spent midfielder in the Premier parentheses were negligible. Leo admitted, petroleum jelly to the center of the area, Cesc raid, control oriented with the chest and bang. Yes, fortunately, nothing has changed. A boat has been reunited time. His warm embrace sealed the reunion.

In Incredible Hulk ', without bothering Porto, there is only one. Today and in the history of football. It is Messi. A guy like that accumulates superadjetivos many individual and collective titles. No wonder his last name ends include the dictionary of the Royal Academy as a summary of outstanding, exceptional, unique or outstanding. His dribble the goalkeeper, a cut of library is added to its unmatched portfolio of unique goals.

Someone should whisper in his ear that had not yet marked in the European Super Cup. "Subject to settle? Are you kidding?" Should answer the good Leo. And of course out of the hat is another prodigal. The more cornered and was disfigured Barca, Messi did not disappoint the 39 journalists who pointed out the best in Europe by signing the 184 so only 12 to catch another myth Barcelona, ​​Kubala. Peter smiled. His record of having scored in six different competitions in one season has an expiration date. A Messi are the challenges, what should be the player who has scored in more finals? Well, well. No matter friendly or official. Four goals in two Super Cups and a double in the Gamper. Six in four games at the rate of 53 a year ago.

Leo enjoys the ball. Marking and attending. With him on the field, Cesc has collected as many titles as during his time in England. In 303 games for Arsenal managed 57 goals. In three with the club, has two. Yesterday I had only to nine minutes. He confessed that he had to learn the movements, which ran like a chicken looking for the ball. To learn tactics will four issues. It was time to return to Camp Nou, playing with his friend Messi, enjoy football in its purest form. Maintain a permanent smile. Resigned to a million euros for a million satisfactions. (via MD)

Barca in Canaletas party to celebrate the European Super Cup

Jose Mourinho, the favorite target of many songs to Real Madrid.

Barca Hundreds of fans have gathered in the mythical source of gutters to celebrate for the second time this season a successful new set of Pep Guardiola .

With the final whistle in Monaco, the Catalans took to the streets to enjoy the Super Cup quarter of the Catalan club. Those present have agreed that once again "won the game" and that the Porto has made other teams' play kicking. "

The names of Leo Messi and Pep Guardiola has been the most chanted during the celebration, where the Catalans have also agreed to the eternal rival and particularly Jose Mourinho , the favorite target of many songs to Real Madrid. (via MD)

Mou avoids Pep

Definitely, Jose Mourinho will not attend the summit of technical EITE celebrating the upcoming UEFA in Nyon on 31 August and 1 September. In contrast, Pep Guardiola has said it does days and will esrtella ondiscutible the event, having joined the title number 12 with the European Super Cup and be the current coach of the team winning the Champions League, but above all, direct an incredible group of cracks play a football dream.

UEFA has tried to convince Mou to attend, but in the end, it was considered that it was not so bad not to attend because his presence would have drifted far from the sense of the meeting. The incidents involving Mourinho in the last Super Spain have been around the world and have damaged its image.

So there will be morbidity in Nyon to cross for the first time after the brawl, Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola. (via MD)

[BarçaB] Last session before the premiere

Barça B has made the final training session before opening in the League this Saturday at the Miniestadi against Villarreal. Twenty players have exercised the command of Eusebio, including Montoya, who has attracted much attention.

Except Jonathan dos Santos, Isaac Cuenca, Marc Bartra and Oier Olazabal, who have been summoned to the first team to play the Super Cup, Eusebio has had all its available cash. A total of 20 players have practiced Friday morning at the Ciutat Esportiva in the last session before the game Saturday. Martin Montoya has been congratulated by his teammates after being summoned by the Spanish absolute.

Montoya has dominated much of the attention at the morning session. The partners have received with applause. And, as said Eusebio, a player so young has been organized by the Spanish national team is a big step in his career. "That coach has called him something that says a lot in its favor.'s Someone with a lot of projection that is making things very well and has a very promising future. We are all very happy and hope to debut and to convene more often "said Eusebio.

Eusebio also had words of praise for Jonathan dos Santos, Isaac Cuenca, Marc Bartra and Oier Olazabal, the four team players who have been called the first team to contest the Super Cup on Friday night in Monaco against Porto. "We are excited to bring the first team players, and pleased to see that Pep Guardiola has them, because we work for that, because the first team the advantage. Tomorrow we will not have them, but be prepared to do well "he said. Eusebius also be without Muniesa, Illia and Soriano, who are still recovering from his injuries.

The players have carried out an intensive training session based on the traditional round, specific work for goalkeepers Miño Masip and physical exercises and tactical sets. "We are very pleased that at last Saturday's League start. We have been preparing all this time and we look forward and do it well," he said Eusebio. This Saturday at four in the afternoon, and against Villarreal the Miniestadi will host the official start of Barca B 2011/2012. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[BarçaB] Eusebio opens in a duel of subsidiaries

Barça B starts the season at the Mini Stadium because of the strike and a week late. The start of Eusebio Sacristán as coach of subsidiary rough start something, though, for Valladolid, every cloud has a silver lining.

"It has been good because we had just recover the Under-20 World Cup players and we have prepared and work better," the coach said yesterday. Eusebio believes that the season will depend on the objective "of us, how we do things every week" . The first call will not be complete, as well as the injured Jonathan Soriano, Muniesa and Ilie, were the first team in Monaco Jonathan dos Santos, Marc Bartra, Isaac Cuenca y Oier Olazábal. Blaugrana expect good start one year key to the team of Eusebio. (via SPORT)

The radios are the other front open of the League

Broadcasters are not willing to pay the fee, which this year forced the League to broadcast games of First and Second Division.

The season has started whooping for the League of Professional Football. At the plant of the AFE, joins the discomfort of all national and state radio stations, public and private, before the new rules of the league that forces the entire checkout station you want to broadcast first and second games.

What initially started as a rumor and a threat, it's over the past consummated on July 12 the General Assembly of the League clubs when they announced they had reached an agreement "for the radio rights, assigned to the company Mediapro, marketed by the LFP. " Thus, based on criteria such as audience or geographic coverage, have started an auction on the transfer of rights that can range from $ 3,000 What if a local radio station covering a second team figures as how far 3 million euros for radios statewide, while the Catalan radios covering information Barca and Espanyol should pay about 120,000 euros per year.

The radios have a common front, refusing to pay. That's why the professionals who came to cover the first match of the day between Elche Girona and had access to the stadium and voiceover booths under the prohibition not to inform and relay the match.

Those responsible for the radio claim that the amounts requested are disproportionate and consider denying entry is violating a basic right as to inform. The head of sports in Catalonia and Cadena SER Ona FM, Edu Polo, argues that "the right to information includes the right to tell parties, we do not want to sell about image rights, but the right to inform, and are not willing to go there. "

Until now, the radios are walking together to the first league match. On August 16 is the deadline for submitting a financial bid. No radio has bid for the rights, so all plan to go to the stadiums on the first day, accompanied by a notary and, if unable to exercise the right to information, taking minutes. This is what happened yesterday in the Montilivi Girona. The six professionals who came together with a notary decided to leave the stadium once they were inside the premises without being able to report what happened in the game.

Until now, those clubs were credited to all means to go to parties, but this season the radio should go to the League, but Sevilla, who seems willing to bypass the agreement.

"What we ask is unfair and unwise, because the media made it official a few weeks ago and annual budgets are set to maximum," said the head of sports COM Radio, Eduard Cabré. With the base price would be entitled to the radio booth, access to the mixed zone and press room, but extras should pay for access to the VIP area or individual interviews. The sports director of RAC-1, Raul Llimós, warns that "remains to be seen whether arising by law are entitled to ban, we do not use images, just explain what happens on the pitch" and regrets that the League is showing a negotiating attitude, "have asked for an amount that nobody is willing to pay."

The deputy sports Catalunya Radio, Oscar Fernandez, notes that "are amounts of television, radio can not monetize that money and not leave us retansmitirlo for TV." Today, managers are confident that the conflict is solved without entering into a legal dispute. League's position is also firm. Take refuge in the Law 7 / 2010 of March 31, General of Communication Studies, a text that protects a right to information to all citizens who now refuse to offer.

"I do not care that the radios do not give football"

Mediapro president Jaume Roures says about the only thing it seeks the LFP and his company is "the radios shamelessly pay or protest." Speaking to Punto Radio, points out that the radios Roures take profit of 100 million euros so that "if they are entering a circus riding clubs, to provide something to that circus." "I do not care that the radios do not give football something that has power to do without radio or television and do not spend anything," adds President Mediapro, adding that "radios have paid to FIFA and UEFA and here have paid nothing. " "I am willing to sit down and negotiate with the radios and reach an agreement but not to give me a rally for freedom of information is upheld in the Constitution and this is a fallacy and a lie rotting," he concluded Roures. (via SPORT)

[BarçaB] 'La Roja' may exaggerate the renewal Montoya

Barca coach is convinced that the right fullback has a chance to play next summer's European Championship with the selection.

Martin Montoya is experiencing very intense days. Last season he played everything he could play with the team of Luis Enrique and was instrumental in the great campaign of subsidiary Second, the best ever second team Blaugrana. In summer, won the Under-21 European Championship in Denmark. The last call for the absolute, in addition, we will take another major step in his career.

Worryingly for Barca is that the player, although it has advanced its renewal for the club, has not signed his new contract. In fact, the club is feared that a hypothetical debut with 'The Red' to increase its cache and therefore the figures put on the table when concrete renovation. For now, the player stays out, and all you think, is to progress as a player in both the club and in the selection. In fact, both are linked.

Vicente del Bosque called to Eusebio to talk about Montoya, something that the technical vallisoletano recognized yesterday: He asked "me for him, although didn't comment me the topic of the convocation. The truth is that it was a surprise, but also a good sign for us because it demonstrates the high level that exists in the team. " Eusebio believes that Martin is likely to go to the Absolute Championship next summer: "Clearly if you have called is because Del Bosque think these players for the future. If you have continuing opportunities. This season is very important to him and should be aimed at that challenge. " The Viladecans is also in the thoughts of Pep Guardiola, although the position is well covered with Dani Alves. (via SPORT)

Pep Guardiola surpassed the mark of Johan Cruyff

Pep won last night its 12º title and he left the record that achieved el Flaco (11).

So far Johan Cruyff was a benchmark for the Barcelona have accumulated 11 titles in eight seasons he led the team (1988 and 1996). But now Pep Guardiola has already passed ... Santpedor coach is 12. And in four seasons and failing to define four competitions ... The ultimate. A record layer. Pep has won 3 league titles, three Super Cups Spain, 2 Champions, 2 European Super Cups, 1 Cup and World Club 1. In total, 12 titles of 15 possible (down in the Champions Cup 2009-2010 and in the Copa del Rey 2010-2011). And his team still in the race ... (via SPORT)

[Rating; Supercopa de Europa 2011] FC Barcelona - FC Porto (2-0)


MVP Iniesta: “it looks easy, but it isn’t”

UEFA chose Andrés Iniesta as the Super Cup’s MVP and after the game the Barça midfielder stressed: “with all the success we’ve had over the last few seasons, it may all look easy –but it really isn’t”.

He may not have scored, or even given as assist for a goal, but Andres Iniesta won the Man of the Match award in the European Super Cup final after a majestic performance. After the game he stressed the importance of this latest title for the Club: “we have to give it the value it deserves because of what it takes to win it. It’s a game between the European Champions and the Europa League winners. With all the success we’ve had over the last few seasons, it may all look easy –but it really isn’t. We were up against a great team –Porto won virtually everything with ease last season”.

Below are some of the post match comments from other Barça players:


“Messi is superior to anybody he comes up against”

“I’ve been at the Club for just over a year and I’ve picked up five titles! Now I have to keep on working to keep that run happening”.


“We are lucky to have Messi –he opened up the game for us and gave us a breathing space”

“I don’t know if I’ll end up playing at centre half - I’ll play where I have to”.

“I never imagined that I’d win four trophies in my first year at the Club and I want to thank everyone here for that”.


“I’m very happy to have won this title against a great opponent”.

“12 titles out of 15 is a brutal stat. We are very happy with the start we’ve made, winning both Spanish and European Super Cups”.

“We hope we are in for another great season”


“The fans are really behind us and that helps us to find strength where we wouldn’t otherwise have it. This Barça is a great family”.

“We knew it would be a tough game. Porto won virtually everything, but we have a maturity as a team that lets us keep our cool when things don’t go so well”.

“I’d just ask the fans to show the same support for us when things aren’t going so well –that’s bound to happen”

“We have to follow Guardiola. He knows the Club and the players. He’s been here as a player and a manager”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Adriano, replaced as a precaution

Adriano has suffered a hamstring stretch in the left leg and has been replaced by caution on 62 minutes. Sergio Busquets has come into place. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Xavi, the collector of titles

Terrassa midfielder adds his 18 th title and thus overcoming Guillermo Amor, who had won 17.

"Overcoming Guillermo Amor, a pioneer of La Masia is an honor," said Xavi Hernandez after the game that has made ​​Barcelona the team with the most international titles, fifteen, and Xavi in the player who has won titles with Barça , 18.

And the Catalan player, apart from being the burning man has played games with the Barca shirt Esel also has added more titles. With the European Super Cup, his second, increasing his record staff, which consists of: 6 leagues, Spain 5 Super Cups, 3 Champions Leagues, 2 Supercopas Europe, 1 Copa del Rey and 1 Club World Cup.

Undoubtedly, the '6 'Barca did not want to stop and want more "we do not lose your appetite, do not get tired of winning," said categorically the Terrassa. The next target? The Club World Cup in December. But first, a good start to the league and Champions League is what you want the collection of titles. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rosell: “We’ve got two titles in the bag”

Club President Sandro Rosell was happy with the team’s winning of the European Super Cup and after praising the fans who made the trip to the match, he stressed the difficulty of maintaining the team’s great title winning success.

Sr Rosell was practically the first person to congratulate the team on their win as he greeted them in the stands, but he explained: “it might look easy to keep on winning titles and keeping the players motivated, but it isn’t. Tonight the team and the manager gave a great impression of commitment and values. We have two titles in the bag already”.

After praising the Club’s fans who were at the ground - “our fans are well behaved and have a lot of common sense” – the President admitted the pitch for tonight’s game: “was not in the best of condition and that affected us because of our style of play, but that’s part of the game and you just have to accept it”.

Sandro Rosell also stressed how well Cesc Fabregas, who got tonight’s second goal, has fitted in at the Club: “he just arrived and settled straight in. Before the team collected the Cup tonight he said to me ‘it’s lucky I came before the 31st, or I would have missed all this’. His signing was a good move from our technical staff and the directors involved in his transfer”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Kings of Europe

Barça’s win in Monaco on Friday night means that they have taken a record 15 European titles-one more than AC Milan – with 4 Champions League, 3 Fairs Cup, 4 Cup Winners Cup and 4 Super Cup triumphs to their name.

AC Milan are now just behind Barça, with 7 Champions Leagues, 2 Cup Winners Cups and 5 Super Cups, whilst Madrid (12), Liverpool (11) and Ajax(9) trail them. The last 4 seasons have seen the Club charge up the table of continental trophy winners , with Pep Guardiola guiding them to 2 Champions League and 2 Super Cup victories.

Indeed, with the victory over Porto, Pep Guardiola has overtaken Johan Cruyff as the Club’s most successful manager. The Dutchman won 11 titles in 8 seasons, whilst during the Club’s finest era, Pep has now taken 12 out of the 15 on offer between 2008 and 2011.

Guardiola has been involved in all four Super Cup wins –as a player in 1992 and 1997 and as a manager in 2009 and 2011 and this latest win sees his team draw to within one title of AC Milan as the team who have won the competition the most times - five. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: “this is a unique generation of players”

The boss expressed his pride in the team after their latest European win, claiming: “they are a unique generation of players, with a hunger to win that means they always respond to the difficulties a final presents”.

After seeing his team pick up their 12th trophy since he took over, Guardiola was quick to stress that it was the players who deserved the praise: “they are a unique generation who will go down in the history of our club and of football in general. Their desire and hunger to win means they are always able to respond to the difficulties of a final. I never cease to be surprised by their attitude which always pushes us one step further ahead. Many of them are also good friends and have been for quite a while and that’s not an easy thing to achieve”.

Guardiola even admitted that he had wondered if his players would be able to maintain their desire to keep winning after the glut of success they have enjoyed, but: “they never let me down. We are very happy with this trophy, because we knew it was going to be difficult. They have a competitive spirit like nobody else. We’ve been through this situation before and we are able to believe we can do it again. It’s another title for the Club –our 12th out of 15 –which is amazing- and I am happy for the institution, we are taking more European titles and the image of the Club is once again excellent. This Club has brought together a generation of players capable of these things and these stats”.

After the fantastic start to the season, with both domestic and European Super Cups taken, Guardiola knows that now it’s time to turn his attention to the league –a competition which he reckons will reveal the true extent of his team’s possibilities: “we’ve won two titles and we are very happy with that, now the league will show us if we continue to be as competitive as we have been in recent years. This team have to show again what we have shown over the last few seasons. We have made a good start and now we have to get down to the day to day work”.

As well as praising the team’s overall effort, Guardiola had special praise for his two goal scorers, Messi and Cesc: “ Messi is decisive in all senses –his ability to make decisions and resolve situations gives the group greater confidence”, whilst lauding Cesc’s control in the second goal and insisting: “we will be doing what we can to help him put in a good season”.

Finally, Guardiola commented: “there’s always room for improvement”, insisting that he always “has to be on the alert – that’s an obligation of the manager. It takes a long time to build a team and just a moment for it to fall apart”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Supercopa de Europa 2011] FC Barcelona 2 - 0 FC Porto

FC Barcelona lifted the European Super Cup for the fourth time in their history with a 2-0 win over Porto. Goals in each half from Messi and Cesc proved enough for Guardiola’s team to take their 12th title under his stewardship.

Barça and Porto lived up to expectations with a quality game in Monaco tonight, with the European Champions taking their second title of the season as they repeated their 2009 success to take the European Super Cup.

The game saw Leo Messi score his first goal in the European Super Cup, which means he’s now scored in every competition, as well as summer signing Cesc Fabregas get his debut goal for the team in just his second appearance.

It’s been a great start to the season so far, with two the first two titles on offer both won as the team set out on what could be another legendary campaign.

Both teams started well, as Barça worked hard to escape the pressure in midfield from the Porto players, which brought about some uncharacteristic loss of possession, as they found it hard to bring the ball out under control. A Hulk free kick and another effort from Moutinho gave Valdes some early work, whilst at the other end, Pedro missed a great chance as he tried to chip the keeper, only for his attempt to go just over.

Barça gradually began to impose their passing style on the game though, with Xavi directing play and Iniesta and Messi both looking lively and after a good move down the left involving Villa and Adriano, Xavi fired in a rising shot that Helton just tipped over. A minute later, Barça were ahead when a misplaced back pass set up Messi, who shimmied past the keeper to slot home and send Barça in one up at the break .

The rhythm of the game dropped in the second half and Barça found it easier to combine and lift the Portuguese pressure, though it was Porto who had the best chances early on after the break, with Guarin firing in a fierce shot that Valdes did well to stop. For Barça, Villa saw a chance saved by Helton as both keepers showed their class.

Guardiola made two changes on the hour mark, bringing in Alexis for Villa on the left, whilst in the centre of defence Busquets replaced Abidal, who moved out left instead of the limping Adriano. The team took a while to get used to the shift at the back and Porto nearly took advantage to draw level before order was restored and Barça again took control with a number of dangerous counter attacks.

In one of the breaks, Messi brought about a second yellow for Rolando and his sending off proved a body blow for Porto, with Cesc, who’d just come on, almost immediately getting the second after a sublime assist from Messi. Guarin then left his team with nine men after a bad foul and Barça played out the final minutes before claiming yet another title. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona: Valdés; Alves, Mascherano, Abidal, Adriano (min.63); Sergio Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta; Pedro (Cesc, min.80), Villa (Alexis, min.61) y Messi.

Porto: Helton; Sapunara, Rolando, Otamendi, Fucile; Souza (Fernando, min.77), Guarín, Moutinho; Hulk, Cristian Rodríguez (Varela, min.69) y Kleber (Belluschi, min.77).

Goals: 1-0: Messi, min.39. 2-0: Cesc, min.88.

Referee: Björn Nijhuis (NED). He showed yellow card to Cristian Rodriguez (min.30), Iniesta (min.51) and Guarino (min.82) and drove for two bookings Rolando (min.86 min.65 and) and direct red Guarín (min. 90).

Incidents: Final Super Cup played at the Louis II stadium in the Principality of Monaco to about 18,000 spectators, most of them fans from both teams.