23 August 2011

Three workouts before the Supercup

The FC Barcelona first team to complete three training sessions before Friday's crucial European match in Monaco.

Once the party Gamper and the win against Napoli ( 5-0 ), FC Barcelona faces the rest of the week with one goal between the eyes: the Super Cup which takes place this Friday in Monaco, against Porto. To make an appointment, Guardiola has 72 hours, in which complete three workouts.

The first of these sessions will be held on Tuesday afternoon, beginning at 19 hours in Ciudad Deportiva. At the same time and at the same venue will be training on Wednesday, the last to be held in Barcelona on Thursday before the trip to Monaco. Right there at the Stade Louis II, FC Barcelona will complete the last of three training sessions before the match with Porto. Will be Thursday afternoon from 20.15. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Competition opens file to 'Mou' and to Tito Vilanova

The Competition Committee of the RFEF has decided to punish Mourinho (for serious) and Tito Vilanova (for minor infringement) by the Super incidents, according to the Cope.

Mourinho put his finger in the eye of Villanova, who responded by pushing the brawl in the middle of Portuguese coach of Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Nou Camp in the closing stages of the Super Cup final.

The Competition Committee of the Spanish Federation has decided to open file "purely circumstantial" Mourinho and Vilanova, after examining the images on the technical behavior of Real Madrid and Barcelona. The procedure for processing the files and passed to an instructor, Rafael Alonso Martínez. Real Madrid and Barcelona are entitled to the formulation of claims.

The proceedings Mourinho is because if it is deemed to have committed an offense under Article 98 of the Disciplinary Code, which relates to assault causing injury to another without the game being stopped or such distance from where it develops it impossible to intervene in an affair of the former, which could be punished by suspension from four to twelve games. On the second point of the same states that "be penalized by suspension from six to fifteen games when injury arising as determined by the lower offense, provided that does not constitute a more serious. It also refers to Article 100 could be understood, called "conduct contrary to good order sport," by which "shall incur suspension from four to ten games or a fine of 602 to 3006 euros those whose conduct is contrary to good order qualifies as a sport when serious."

Vilanova For the single judge referred to Articles 111 and / or 122. The latter is called "conduct contrary to good order sport," and in the same states that "shall incur a suspension of up to four matches and fined 602 euros to those whose conduct is contrary to good order qualifies as a sport when mild.

In addition, the Competition Committee sanctioned with a match suspension to Barcelona and Real Madrid David Villa Marcelo and Mesut Özil. Brazilian Marcelo was sent off with straight red after a hard tackle at Barcelona Cesc Fabregas, which caused the brawl in the band at the Nou Camp. Ozil Villa and were subsequently expelled by the referee David Fernandez Borbalán Andalusian in the tumult. The German pushed Barcelona Real Madrid, who later, nervous, had to be separated by colleagues not to attack his opponent.

In both cases it has been applied Article 116: "Insults, threats and provocation, insult, stalk, threaten or provoke another, provided does not constitute a more serious, is punishable by suspension of one to three games or time up month. " The three sanctions must be met when the players are listed as an option to replay the Super Cup of Spain. (via SPORT)

Messi, Alexis and Villa, to visit the Naples hotel

The three Barcelona players went through the hotel where the Italian was to greet old friends.

The players of FC Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi, David Villa and Alexis Sanchez decided to visit the Naples Players at the hotel who were in Barcelona.

Remember that the '10 'Barca have a great friend in the Italian bank as the Argentinean Ezequiel Lavezzi.

In addition, Alexis Sanchez, after passing through the Calcium also left great friendships there. One example is the current player and former teammate of Naples at Udinese, Gokhan Inler. (via SPORT)

Clemente to 'Mou': "Speaks well of the rival; if not, don't say anything"

The Spanish exseleccionador Mourinho advises that "respect for all opponents," and reiterated that the club is in front "in the prime of his life".

In his column in the newspaper Marca, the Spanish exseleccionador, Javier Clemente, was critical of the grotesque and dislikes situations that provoked the Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, in the second leg of the Supercopa of Spain to the club.

Clemente, by way of advice, please send a blank message to the coach. "If you talk about the opponent, do it well, otherwise say nothing. In the field, more respectful to the referees and opponents, whatever they do."

In addition, Barakaldo coach, admits that his problem is that front has the best boat ever. "You have your team with you, that's more than enough. Forget the rest. Soon you take a thousand battles off the field. You might not realize you've caught a boat at the time of your life."

If even one of the most controversial coaches in the history of this country is able to advise habits to Mourinho, there must be ... (via SPORT)

Cesc: "Iker Casillas is a good person"

Cesc happy for his goal, said of Casillas' are things that are said hot ".

Cesc Fabregas, who debuted as the top scorer in the first team, he avoided giving undue weight to the words of Iker Casillas after the Supercopa of Spain when he was accused of having thrown the lack of Marcellus. "These are comments that say hot. I consider him a good person. It was a moment of those that do not want to lose and accept it," said the footballer Arenys, "very happy and proud" to mark his first goal. In this regard, he recalled that "for four months did not play to start."

Cesc said he was "really enjoying the team and could not have started better." In reference to his position on the field, said he is "much to adapt," and spoke of his game at Arsenal, "There was total freedom and here are a lot of discipline, so I have to get into the habit of defensive concentration ".

However, Fàbregas was cautious when making forecasts for the future: "If we start thinking that everything would win the first mistake. From my home in England, was humility and dedication and if you lose it, lose a great ingredient ".

On the other hand, Kiko Femenía debutants yesterday with the club, admitted his nervousness at the beginning of the match but thanks for the help from his teammates. The former Hercules expressed his fascination with what it means to play in a field like the club and its intention to repeat: "It was awesome, I never would have imagined. I hope not the last game at Camp Nou. " The end was also very pleased to have come ashore in the Catalan club, and that "the train Barca only happens once," and expressed his expressed desire to maximize its work with the reserves: "Now we must improve and we'll see what happens. "

Seydou Keita, chosen MVP and praised Guardiola spoke about his position as defensive midfielder: "If I have to work for others does not matter if we win games". (via MD)

Bartomeu on Mourinho: "Real Madrid has a very serious problem and must solve it"

Josep Maria Bartomeu has ensured that Real Madrid "has a very serious problem" with Jose Mourinho and that "should solve it."

Speaking to the program 'Efectivament' of TV3, the vice president of FC Barcelona on aggression believes the Portuguese coach the second of Pep Guardiola , Tito Vilanova , "the images teach exactly what happened." Keeping the same speech the president Sandro Rosell has reiterated the need to act with "seny" to avoid greater evils.

Bartomeu himself has acknowledged that after the Barca-Real Madrid, Barca policy met with Andoni Zubizarreta and 'staff' technical taking to decide whether a decision of aggression but who bet on "leave it in the field had happened within the playing field ", leaving in the hands of the relevant committees the decision to act ex officio.

"Cesc asked us for 60, Alexis 50"

The man who led the negotiations of the Barcelona tie for Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez explained that in the week after the Champions won at Wembley has already started contacts with Arsenal and Udinese, because "they were the priority targets technical direction. "

Bartomeu has revealed that the first call the club 'gunner' "asked 60 million" by the Arenys while the Chilean Italians "claimed 50". "It was quite long but we have them here," he concluded. (via MD)

Costinha: "Barça is always a complicated rival"

The Portuguese exinternacional was confident options Porto to win the European Super Cup but stressed that "the club is always difficult".

"Barcelona are a great team but not unbeatable," he said in an interview with sports daily luso "O Jogo", José Costinha, one of the pillars of Porto won the UEFA Cup and Champions League in the 2002-2003 and 2003-3004 seasons, with Jose Mourinho as coach.

The "dragons" earned by these securities the right to participate for two consecutive years in the final of the European Super Cup, but both were defeated, first against Milan (0-1) and later against Valencia (1 -2).

"The third can be overcome," ventured Costinha, a former player also Atletico Madrid, who recalled that in comparison with the two finals losses, Port now has the great advantage of keeping the same block last year.

"The Porto (against Valencia) came much changed on the team that had been European champions, with many entrances and exits of players. It was an atypical season, whereas now the template is virtually the same as last season," said.


The "dragons" retain the same starting lineup as last year except for the Colombian striker Radamel Falcao, top scorer in the European League with 17 goals, a new record in the competition, and yesterday was introduced by his new club Atletico Madrid, who paid him 40 million euros.


Regarding last season is also the absence of novelty André Villas-Boas, whose success at the helm has led to direct now Chelsea, leaving his deputy, Vitor Pereira, at the helm.

"Barcelona is always tricky, but I played four years at Porto and I know the mentality that the players will come out. They know it's an important meeting and they will play as if they had a rival in front of anyone, they will not looking for the name of Barcelona, ​​"he said Costinha. (via SPORT)

Keita was rewarded for his discipline, order and criteria

The African player, who played in midfield, always avoided the risk, gave fluidity to the wide area and scored.

Seydou Keita was elected the best player of the match and received the trophy proving a huge gold star, symbol of Damm, sponsor of the Joan Gamper Trophy. African midfielder played pivotal, as it has done throughout the preseason and again gave a lesson in tactics. Orderly and disciplined, always giving the ball out, without hassle, the `15 Do Barca shone fluency in the area that gave wide field. Always played with discretion, looking for the partner best placed passes and avoiding risks. And before there was a team with experienced players who gave not just anything ...

Rounded when they played exactly 62 minutes with a header which meant 2-0, one KO while leaving Naples. It was his second this season. The first one I had written on August 6 at Cowboys Stadium against Club America (0-2) and was also the second account Barcelona.
Keita, now in its fourth season in the club, has scored 6 goals per course always and so far, scoring in dueling is revving up friendly.

The last night was just reward for a player that is characterized by a computer, thinking of the group before him. A player like that, today, is invaluable.

Two amateurs with burqa, Keita fans

Among the 78,002 people who gathered yesterday at the Camp Nou were not lost two Barca fans and especially of Seydou Keita. The two followers, dressed in 'burka', feel sympathy for Mali, which together with Abidal and Afellay are meeting this month with the precepts of Ramadan. (via SPORT)

Mourinho, indignant with Casillas

According to the Madrid press says these days, Jose Mourinho would not have sit well call the captain Iker Casillas merengue and Pique Xavi made the day after the brawl at the Camp Nou.

The Luso saw the conciliatory gesture as a way to sing the 'mea culpa', an attitude that is light years ahead of what he wants the coach.

As explained the newspaper 'As' in yesterday's edition, the call of Casillas has been interpreted for 'Mou' as an expression of weakness and, in the bottom, like a way of admitting that the paper of 'bad of the movie' it is entirely for the players and technical body of Real Madrid, while Mourinho continues determined to point out toward Barcelona like only responsible for the facts. Rage of the coach, notes from the 'cave', also includes the president Florentino Perez.

Apparently, the coach has asked the leader to appoint an official spokesman, to reinforce the incomprehensible and surreal conspiracy theories that always draws the Portuguese. (via SPORT)

De Laurentiis: "I am not culé, but Barça moves me"

The Italian president appreciates the participation of his club in Gamper and it eulogizes Guardiola.

Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis, appeared in one of the rooms of the Hotel Arts in sunglasses, jacket and shoes. After greeting them one at present, the leader of Naples wanted to extol the virtues of FC Barcelona. "I'm not but I love watching Barça play Barca excites me and I do not dispute his ability. I saw the leg of the Super Cup and the third goal was a work of art, almost orgasmic, "he said.

The 'Azzurri' in his day and suffered attacks Mourinho. That's why De Laurentiis discusses Portuguese and praised Guardiola. "It's fun to see Mourinho nervous Pep Do I love has great finesse, is impenetrable, invulnerable. Mou unburdened herself to the coach because for once he was overcome, "he said.

The president was truly delighted to participate in a meeting that they have an extra significance. "It's a very prestigious and an honor to play in the Nou Camp to live football to another level." And is that Naples will contest the Champions League competition has not played for 20 years since the team returned to Serie A in 2007/08. "We are honored to play at the highest international competition and be among the largest in Europe. It is really remarkable considering where we were a few years ago, "argued the president of Naples.

With the hope to participate again in the Champions League, the Italian take the game against Barca as "a test to see the state of our signings it is a great test and stimulating play with the strongest. We want to thank you for inviting us to come, "contributed. (via SPORT)

Messi, big favorite unique prize UEFA

The European organism does without this year of the delivery of a reward for position in the field and it is overturned in the distinction to the best player.

The gala will be used to circumvent UEFA Champions League groups also elevate 2012 Xavi Hernandez, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo as the best player in Europe over last season, an award that replaces the MVP of the season UEFA delivered each year and this edition has Messi as great favorite was the top scorer in last season's Champions League (12 goals in 13 games, four more than Samuel Eto'o and Mario Gomez Or) returned to win the title and also capped his spectacular performance with a great goal in the final.

A vote by 53 sportswriters defined list of the best players in the continent: in the absence of clarifying the podium between Messi, Xavi and Cristiano, the club has two other players in the top ten. Andres Iniesta is the fourth best player of the year and Piqué, the eighth, sharing position with his former teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Both have won four votes.

UEFA ignores this year a prize for each line of play: no distinction for best goalkeeper, defense, midfield or forward, a series of awards that used to be monopolized by the team that won the Champions League, and the year occurred past, when the Inter monopolized the prizes. Julius Caesar was named best goalkeeper, Maicon Douglas, best defense, best midfielder Wesley Sneijder and Diego Milito, best striker. The Argentine also won the award for most valuable player of the competition.

In 2009, the club won the Champions League, but some of his players were awarded their performance: the award for best goalkeeper Valdes was not to, but for Van der Sar. The best defense was Terry, but Xavi was named best midfielder and Messi, the best striker. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Isaac Cuenca, of having excluded to be one of the revelations

The Reus has earned its U.S. presence. He had to travel a hard road to convince Guardiola.

Barca started the American tour without signing, but the attraction of seeing the evolution of the young branch. One that has surprised most pleasant was Isaac Cuenca. The striker has had to tan more than anyone before to convince Pep Guardiola to take this into account for the 'U.S. tour and why, for now, is responding.

Basin experienced a bitter experience last summer when he was the only outfield player Guardiola was the Asian tour. The Reus and goalkeeper Jordi Masip, which is also this time with the first team, were discarded, while the other components of the Barcelona B left for Asia. Isaac did not give up, but spent all of August on edge. Luis Enrique considered it desirable to be fogueara assignment after completing his time as a youth. Barca wanted to control closely and he intended military for a year in a Catalan team Second Division B. Badalona and Sabadell were interested in him, but the decision was delayed too. Finally, the set Harlequins, with the endorsement of Lluís Carreras and style of play good ball, took the cat to water ... but it was not until August 31.

Cuenca missed the first league match against the Lleida having no proper documentation yet, but on the second day left before the break to replace Eneko at Camp Centennial Badalona and dribbles left the audience open-mouthed .

Thereafter it became a key piece band playing both and occasionally half a point in the rise of Sabadell. An injury will not show in the final, although the club had already decided to repechage. Around the United States, Eusebio counting on him to give fresh air to the subsidiary. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Saúl Berjón will leave the branch and...could not be the only

The staff of Barça B has too many players and the club is already working to try to lighten it as much as possible.

Barça B has a list of players over the face of it this season and in the coming days could lead to new 'slim' staff.

The first to leave the subsidiary could be Saul Berjón, signed last summer at UD Las Palmas for 250,000 euros plus some variables that have not been fulfilled. The Spaniard came as a striker, but only gave Luis Enrique on the right opportunity and started in 10 games, and scored three goals.

Saul believes that will not enjoy too many chances. Benja Nolito and have left the team, but there are several high in offensive positions: Rodri, Kiko Femenía, Isaac and Gerard Deulofeu Basin. Moreover, after the first year of acclimatization, expect a great performance Cristian Tello. Therefore, Saul would be unbundled Barca soon.

In a very similar situation is the central Armando, who sees nothing clear future and would pose accept any offers that deck. On defense, the subsidiary has lost Fontàs Andreu (and the first team), but the youth have risen both Oriol Gomez Sergi Rosell, who along with Marc Muniesa very complicated you have minutes. Among the possible destinations, Armando seems interested AEK Athens directed by Manolo Jimenez, former Sevilla.

And after languishing interest in the Zaragoza, Jonathan dos Santos could be very close to RCD Espanyol. The group led by Mauricio Pochettino dream to bring the two brothers Dos Santos, and with regard to the Catalans, the agreement could be around one million euros plus another variable amount, but the club want to include an option to buy . The player does not lose the illusion that Guardiola finishes counting on it, but it would be a bad thing.

Anyway, the branch now has 24 players, which should be added to the various youth by providing opportunities that will Eusebio, it would be advisable to specify multiple outputs. (via SPORT)

[Rating; Trofeo Joan Gamper 2011] FC Barcelona - SSC Napoli (5-0)


Keirrison pass medical examination with Cruzeiro

Keirrison, the Brazilian player who belongs to FC Barcelona, ​​has passed the review with Cruzeiro.

Keirrison already in Belo Horizonte and has passed the medical examination with Cruzeiro, where the team will play on loan until the end of this year. The player could be presented this Tuesday.

The player looks forward to a good level given in the Brazilian league, which already played on loan at Santos last season and is able to relaunch his career after playing on loan at Benfica and Fiorentina Euriopa.

The player does not get transferred directly from the ship, but Santos has extended the assignment that won last year and has given the Cruzeiro and the Brazilian market is closed. (via SPORT)

Afellay stays at Barca

Barcelona technical secretary, Andoni Zubizarreta, has ruled out the possibility of transferring the Dutch midfielder Ibrahim Afellay, who had sounded in recent days to Juventus.

Zubizarreta explained in the rest of the Joan Gamper Trophy, which Afellay "stays" in the club, and has not been "any interest of any team," the Dutch international.

Afellay, currently recovering from injury, joined Barcelona in the January of last season from PSV Eindhoven, and although it has come to earn a place as a starter, which was itself significant minutes last season.

On the other hand, Zubizarreta has confirmed that this is still looking for a way out of Belarus Alexander Hleb. (via SPORT)

The youngest, charmed

Apart from seeing cracks to play first team, one of the great attractions of this Gamper was able to enjoy the young people of B. Sergi Roberto and Kiko have recognized his enthusiasm for taking part in the victory against Napoli.

"It's a pass play in the Nou Camp," Sergi Roberto recognized after finishing the game. "It's amazing to play alongside these players," Kiko added Femenía. B The two players have featured Monday in the Joan Gamper Trophy. The first, which had debuted with the first team, thanked the confidence that gives Guardiola. "I arrived on Tuesday the World Cup and I'm playing. I can not complain," he said.

Kiko: "Guardiola is very good to me"

Kiko Femenía, one of the debutantes of the night, with Cesc Fabregas has appeared on the same line: "At first I was a little nervous, but then the fellow helped me a lot. The mission of all team players to improve. This year my goal is to do my best in the subsidiary." And Guardiola what do you think? "Guardiola has welcomed me and gave me congratulations. It has been very good to me, "he acknowledged.

Fontàs: "It was a perfect Gamper, I am very happy,"

One no longer a member of Barça B, but it was last season, Andreu Fontàs, has also shown happiness after this 5-0 at Naples: "It was a perfect Gamper, I am very happy." On the performance of less experienced colleagues in the first team, praised the defense. "The players coming from subsidiary know the game there is. The greatest merit is that we have, "he explained.

Moreover, Seydou Keita, voted man of the match, explained that this season should be more vigilant, because "now everyone wants to win at Barcelona." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cesc: "Still a lot to learn"

Arenys player, head to Naples, has scored his first goal for the club and has recognized very proud of this target.

Cesc has played his second game, the first as a starter against Napoli in the Joan Gamper Trophy. Barca already know what it is to make a goal with the first team. And although this is his first goal after he signed for the club last week, the Catalan still remembers his last target Barca "I did my last goal for Barcelona with the cadet," said Fabregas.

Cesc has played this evening surrounded by friends. This has been recognized in exclusive statements to the "Marker" Barça TV, where he said he was "more united in the locker room in which I have ever been." In addition to praising the figure of Messi, ensuring that he has never seen any player like him, Arenys recognizes that "unity is strength and it is clear that within the fields shows."

Under Cesc, "this year come many challenges and the first begins on Friday." Thus, the expected Barca "keep improving and enjoying the team" and that the test Gamper has served for the European Super Cup. For now, Cesc has said he still has "much to learn." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: "El Gamper, focusing on the European Super Cup"

Barcelona coach points out that the dispute over the Joan Gamper Trophy on Monday has served the staff to continue preparation for the end of Friday's European Super Cup in Monaco against Porto.

Josep Guardiola delighted with the 5-0 victory against Napoli which has resulted in the 35 th for the Joan Gamper Trophy Club, points out that this party has served the staff to "prepare the final of the European Super Cup on Friday." He added: "The team has endured very well and all players have done a very good game. Everything is focused in that direction, and we knew today's game was a good way to prepare."

Always prudent, Santpedor , despite acknowledging that the tone of the team is "a little better," adding that "we keep preparing, because we still have, and we are not the ideal situation." And he insists: "We can not confuse the fact that we have won it. At this time you can never be a perfect way. Gradually we hope to finish train well to reach the final of the European Super Cup in the best conditions as possible. "

And Guardiola is very clear that there is always room for improvement ". There are always details. Football is never a closed process, because the possibility of stepping forward is always present. Winning cost much more to do it again. It is clear that we must go a step further. "

Cesc Fabregas has premiered Monday at the Camp Nou Barca striker. In this sense, Guardiola has stressed his "strong sense of arrival." "Their individual characteristics define it. Always look forward. A player who wants to reach the area and has the features you should let him do. I'm happy for him, and the fact that a player who just came so fast to integrate. Let's a while, "he commented.

On the move Keita's goal, the second night, the Barcelona coach noted that "this is not training, is the prize that has this club to have these great players. " Also on the Malian Guardiola has referred to the fact that it has been voted player of the match: "The experts have chosen better than ever. I'm very happy for him."

After confirming that Alexis "will be available" for the final European Super Cup on Friday, Guardiola has referred to welcome the fans Tito Vilanova has under the team's "Tito prefers to be in the background, all the accolades come to the coach. The we've been here we know that this house is great. We can never repay what the Club has given us. We think that the club makes us good at all. It makes us excited to be here and work as best as possible for people to enjoy. We effort and thanks to the club. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Trofeo Joan Gamper 2011 FC Barcelona 5 - 0 SSC Napoli

Barça has won the Joan Gamper Trophy thanks to an emphatic win over Napoli. The home side performed brilliantly, and showed how extensive the squad is. Cesc, Keita, Pedro and Messi (2) scored the goals.

The players’ strike that led to the cancellation of the first day of Liga action turned the Gamper into an excellent opportunity for Barça to continue the preseason. And they seized the moment. Guardiola gave chances to almost everybody, including six from the reserves, who produced a tremendous all-round display. Napoli, third in Serie A last season, were played off the park, and only showed the occasional spark in attack but were considerably weaker in a defence that Cesc and Keita perforated in the first half, followed by Pedro and Messi (2) in an exquisite second half in which they also hit the woodwork four times. There was no doubt who deserved to win the 46th edition: Barça.

The Spanish Supercup winners went out with a very different starting eleven to the one against Madrid five days ago. Piqué, Iniesta and Villa were the only ‘survivors’ . Montoya and Kiko Femenía both settled in brilliantly on the right as they started their first games for the first team, as did Cesc Fàbregas, playing just behind the strikers. Despite the new faces, Barça’s style was as apparent as ever. They dominated possession and went out to attack from the outset. All that is needed is a little time to get them back into their flowing passing game and perhaps to generate more goalscoring chances.

But it was Napoli who had the first chance of the game, with a spectacular overhead kick from Cavani that was disallowed for a previous offence in the 9th minute. In the 18th minute, a delightful team move, with Cesc coming through from behind, ended up with the new signing hitting the crossbar. He got another chance shortly after and this time did find the net, although much of the credit goes to Adriano for his exceptional run down the left.

Napoli gave some signs of their attacking fame, with Pinto called upon to save from Lavezzi. But Barça were as effective as they have been in recent games and Keita immediately responded with the second goal, one that was strikingly similar to the goal that secured last season’s league title in Levante. The Malian would later be handed the man of the match award.

De Sanctis produced a terrific save to deny Villa just before the break, once again following a great run by Adriano. The Asturian had another chance seconds later, but this time centre back Aronica prevented it from going to 3-0.

There were several chances at half time (on came Dos Santos, Bartra, Sergi Roberto, Cuenca and Pedro) and Pedro twice and Cuenca once hit the post. The loudest cheer of the night was for Leo Messi, who came on in the 55th minute. The best player in the world immediately responded with a free kick that hit the crossbar, but Pedro was there to convert the rebound. That was in the 61st minute, and shortly after the Canary Islander returned the favour by providing the assist that led to the fourth. In just twenty minute of the second half, Barça had hit the woodwork four times and scored twice. The Camp Nou celebrated with a Mexican wave. This was imply outstanding football they were witnessing.

With the result in no doubt, Barça spent the rest of the game practicing their possession game. Napoli barely touched the ball and there was still time for Messi to make it 5-0, which is how things stayed until the end. The Barça squad had responded in incredible form ahead of Friday’s game in Monaco.

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona: Pinto; Montoya (Dos Santos, min.46), Fontás (Abidal, min.64), Piqué (Bartra, min.46), Adriano, Keita (Sergio Busquets, min.64), Thiago (Xavi, min.59), Iniesta (Sergi Roberto, min.46), Kiko Femenía (Cuenca, min.46), Cesc (Messi, min.57) y Villa (Pedro, min.46).

Nápoles: De Sanctis (Rosati, min.83); Campagnaro (Grava, min.82), Cannavaro, Britos (Arónica, min.40); Maggio (Victor Ruíz, min.78), Dzemali, Inler (Donadel, min.59, Dossena (Lucarelli, min.78); Lavezzi (Zuñiga, min.59), Hamsik (Santana, min.68); Cavani (Mascara, min.68).

Goals: 1-0: Fàbregas, min.26. 2-0: Keita, min.31. 3-0: Pedro, min.62. 4-0: Messi, min.66. 5-0: Messi, min.77.

Referee: Álvarez Izquierdo (ESP). He showed yellow card to Lavezzi (min.36).

Incidents: Party for the 46th edition of the Joan Gamper Trophy match at the Camp Nou before 78,002 spectators.

Camp Nou enjoys Champions League presentation

Barça has been presented to the fans at the Camp Nou before the Gamper match against Napoli. The ceremony included a tribute to the four Champions leagues won by the club.

The Camp Nou got another chance to chant the names of its heroes prior to the 46th Joan Gamper Trophy match. The players were presented in a simple but enjoyable ceremony that included welcome speeches from Pep Guardiola and Carles Puyol.

“First of all I want to thank Jeffren, Bojan and Milito, who have helped us so much over the years. It is hard to win, whatever the competition. And winning again is even harder. We have worked hard all this time, and that’s what we are the proudest about”, said the manager. He gave his word of honour that the players will make every effort this season and asked the fans to stay behind his team.

Puyol welcomed the new signings and then said “the season has started well. We already have one title but we want more and with your help we’ll get them. With your support we shall continue to make history”. Before the speeches, the players came onto the pitch in the midst of a huge ovation. First the coaches and then the players, in the following order: Alexis, Cesc, Puyol, Fontàs, Piqué, Afellay, Abidal, Valdés, Keita, Adriano, Alves, Maxwell, Iniesta, Sergio, Xavi, Thiago, Villa, Pinto, Mascherano, Pedro and finally Messi, who got the biggest roar of the night.

The night at the Camp Nou started with plenty of emotion, especially when the four Champions League titles were remembered. Four balloons slowly inflated in the centre of the field with carrying the words Wembley 1992, Paris 2006, Rome 2009 and Wembley 2011. The background music included ‘Barcelona’ by Montserrat Caballé and Freddie Mercury and the opera ‘Nessum Dorma’, to add to the thrill. The show before the presentation included a performance of Lluís Llach’s ‘País petit by Manu Guix.

Rosell: “Now is the time to congratulate our players and enjoy the titles”

The FC Barcelona president looked back on the 2010/11 season at the 32nd Supporters Clubs Congress and spoke positively about all of the sporting activities at the club.

Sandro Rosell started his speech by saying that “The Board qualifies the work as excellent”. He spent several minutes heaping praise on both the football team and the other four professional sections, and also the amateur and youth squads, who have been reinforced by the presence of the new Masia, which is to be called the Oriol Tort Training Centre.

There was also good new in a financial sense. “Despite the investments in the Masia, we have made improvements and recovered assets. We have provisionally put a stop to the requalification of the Miniestadi. We don’t want to sell it and do want it to remain part of our fixed assets.” Rosell admitted that some “extreme austerity measures” have been implemented because of the need to “look after our money, just like our parents and grandparents taught us, especially when it’s not your own money”.

Rosell was also pleased to say that “we have recovered good relations with all institutions. It wasn’t easy, but we think we have managed to put an end to the excessive amount of politics associated to the club.” The president thinks it is important to maintain such good relations in order to deal with the forthcoming changes, which include a new Palau Blaugrana, an improved Camp Nou and new machines in the Ice Rink.

Spanish Supercup aftermath
Rosell wants to put the controversy of the Supercup behind him. On the lodging of a formal complaint against José Mourinho, he said “we decided not to make one after speaking to the Sports Director for Professional Football, Andoni Zubizarreta, the coach Josep Guardiola and his assistant, Tito Vilanova. We agreed that was the best thing to do. This week we have an important European Supercup match and we don’t want people talking about anything else”.

The president spoke shortly before the appearance of Cesc and Alexis in the Palau de Congressos, and mentioned Vilanova, the main victim of Wednesday’s ugly scenes. “He asked us not to take the matter any further”, he said. “Public opinion has already made itself clear. It is clear that what this man did was wrong and that has been said. Not only that, but the authorities are on holiday right now and complaints are made about actions that might have happened or not. In this case, it is clear what happened, and the Federation will take action if it wants to”.

The president ended by speaking about an incident in Madrid, when stones were thrown at the Barça bus on arrival at the Santiago Bernabéu. “That shows that the situation is not good. It is not good in terms of society, or of relations in the sports world. We have to stay sober, reduce the animosity, and make things calmer, or otherwise we’ll end up killing each other in the street. It is not us that has the problem, it’s them”, he said. “Our hearts want one thing, but our sobriety has demanded something else. Now is the time to congratulate our players, enjoy the titles and forget this matter”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cesc and Alexis delight supporters clubs

The appearance of the two new additions to the football squad was one of the highlights of the Supporters Clubs congress. “We hope to win lots more title and that you’ll be able to continue enjoying yourselves” said Cesc.

The supporters clubs were able to greet Cesc Fàbregas and Alexis Sánchez in person as they appeared in the Palau de Congressos along with the Liga and Champions League trophies won last season, with the Barça anthem playing in the background.

President Sandro Rosell presented them as “two new members of our family,” before saying that “the Chilean ambassador said that his country now supports Barça thanks to Alexis. We have signed both a great footballer and a great person”. On Cesc, he said “he has returned to his family. He is one of us, he grew up here. He left, but has returned with a lot of desire.” He also spoke about the financial efforts that went into securing the two players.

Cesc Fàbregas said “I am also speaking in Alexis’ name. It is a pleasure for us to be here and to form part of this great club. We thank the people that made this possible”. As the supporters clubs applauded, the midfielder said “we started very well with the win against Madrid in the Supercup and we hope there will be many more titles and that you continue to enjoy yourselves”.

Cesc’s words went down a storm with the supporters clubs, who welcomed the players with a huge ovation. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Puyol: "If we go all to a we will continue making history"

Barca coach Pep Guardiola has promised in the presentation of Barcelona before their fans that their team will work and will work best to try to keep winning titles in a season in which he requested the support of the Camp Nou and audience.

On the feast of Joan Gamper Trophy, facing Barca and Naples, Guardiola has stated that "very difficult to win, and win even more," but indicated that it is for the fans to get these titles. In this sense, the coach has guaranteed "job"-the magic formula that has been touted since joining the bench, and has agreed in his brief speech of the three low this season, Jeffren, Bojan and Milito.

Meanwhile, the captain Carles Puyol has pointed out that a good start this season, after winning the Supercopa of Spain to Real Madrid, but has asked for more. "The season has started very well, we have a title, but we want more. With your help we can get, if we are all to continue making history," said the captain.

In a presentation without much fanfare, Nou Camp the public has given up mainly to new entrants, the Chilean Alexis Sanchez and former Arsenal player Cesc Fabregas, and especially the Argentine Leo Messi, who has been the last parade.

The stand also chanted the name of Tito Vilanova, involuntary protagonist of the last week for his altercation with the Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, he stuck a finger in the eye during the Super Cup final in Spain. (via SPORT)

Dr. Cugat: "Puyol return in three weeks"

The doctor Ramón Cugat hopes Puyol can reappear in three weeks.

Dr. Ramon Cugat, the doctor who operated on Carles Puyol, has spoken in the string 'COPE' on the evolution of his injury and has a possible comeback date the captain of FC Barcelona.

"Puyol is playing in a few weeks and will form quickly," said Ramon Cugat. He added that the player of La Pobla "is here to stay, may be one, two or three seasons."

Cugat ventured to give a date for a possible reappearance of Carles Puyol and said "come back in three weeks in mid-September."

Dr. Cugat also spoke about the arrival of Cesc Fabregas: "Cesc needed to come to Barcelona to work better and be controlled." "Cesc has had no serious injuries, but the work did not help at Arsenal," he added. (via SPORT)