22 August 2011

Alexis works with the group

On Monday morning, the FC Barcelona first team trained for the last time before the Joan Gamper Trophy (20.30, TV3, GolT and R@dio Barça). Alexis Sánchez joined the group for some of the session.

The Chilean spent the rest of the time working in isolation, after pulling a muscle in his left leg during the warm-up before the game with Real Madrid on Wednesday. Maxwell also trained with the rest of the team after joining part of Saturday’s session.

The session took place on pitch number 2 at the Ciutat Esportiva, and also featured six members of Barça B, namely Sergi Roberto, Dos Santos, Cuenca, Montoya, Bartra and Kiko Femenía. For Bartra and Femenía it was the first time they had ever trained with the first team.

Napoli will also train once more before tonight’s match. That will be on pitch 7 at the Ciutat Esportiva, from 10.30. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex player] Schuster: "While the hunger continues in Barça, it will be very difficult for Madrid"

The ex-coach, former player of Real Madrid and Barca looked at the confrontation happened in the second leg of the Supercup between the two clubs.

The former player Barca, Bernard Schuster, admitted after a charity match that "while hunger continues at Barcelona, ​​will be very difficult for Madrid."

In addition, the clashes of the second leg of the Supercopa said that "we have forgotten as quickly as possible," since "this always happens when one of the two teams have a good time such as Barca and another is going up, "admitted Schuster.

That was also coach of Real Madrid said on the entry of Marcellus, "it was the accumulated frustration of having played a very good game and not being able to win." (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Six Barça B for the Gamper

All players who exercised on Monday at the Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi Esportiva-including six-team players Barca are the call for tonight's game against Naples for the Joan Gamper Trophy.

The six players from Barça B participating in voluntary training on Monday with the first team (Jonathan Dos Santos, Martin Montoya, Isaac Cuenca, Sergi Roberto, Marc Bartra and Kiko Femenía) have been summoned for the match against Napoli for the Joan Gamper Trophy to be held this evening (20.30 hours) in the Camp Nou.

The squad does not have excessive developments in the presence of Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez-even rule out their participation this evening, ostensibly the only casualties are those of the three players still in the recovery period, ie, Carles Puyol Maxwell and Ibrahim Afellay.


FC Barcelona returned to work Monday morning with another voluntary training on the grass of the field 2 of the Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi Esportiva after a day of rest gave Barca coach Pep Guardiola on Sunday.

The voluntary meeting attended by all the available players from the first team, with the partial presence of Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez, recovered from his discomfort. However, it is expected that dispute not even a minute tonight to Naples in the Joan Gamper Trophy with the goal of reaching 100% for the European Super Cup on Friday.

For its part, the first captain Carles Puyol, defender Maxwell and Dutch midfielder Ibrahim Afellay, continued their recovery work outside the group.

In addition, they completed the session with the first team six Barca team players (Jonathan Dos Santos, Martin Montoya, Isaac Cuenca, Sergi Roberto, Marc Bartra and Kiko Femenía). The last two were released in a training session with the first team.

The players of FC Barcelona-all who have trained on Monday, are quoted at 18.30 at the Camp Nou. That is, two hours before the start of the match against Napoli Italian.

Cesc, of the tier to the grass

Fabregas was one of many Catalans in mid-August each year expecting to enjoy the new Barca.

The Joan Gamper trophy has traditionally had a special flavor to the Catalans. Before the schedule was compressed with tours and tournaments of all kinds, Barça looked forward to his return to the Nou Camp in mid-August for the first time to see the new club. One of these fans was Cesc Fabregas, who enjoyed the Gamper small in the stadium today for the first time, you can do it from the field.

Cesc sat with his family in the third tier of the Nou Camp and enjoyed the trophy, but could not do it many times since it was soon agreed with practices and games of summer should be played in Barca's youth ranks. Anyway, during those hot nights drew some of his greatest illusions the face of his idols, and especially with Pep Guardiola as the protagonist.

The Santpedor, for example, inherited the '4 'in the back that Ronald Koeman had left in the 1995-96 season and looked at the issue in which the club took the trophy endorsing a' little hand 'at San Lorenzo ( 5-1). A Gamper remembered by juggling Prosinecki in recent coletozos the 'Dream Team' of Johan Cruyff.

Pep always wore from then on a bib that is identified by Fabregas have been his idol and play style it represents. Cesc did not lose the little detail of how distributed the ball Guardiola, ordered the game and sent to their peers. Items abundantly imitated Arsenal taking the captain's armband and becoming one of the best midfielders in the world. Under this premise, his career could have no other destiny than the Camp Nou.

The Joan Gamper was also special for the 1997-98 season Guardiola. Jose Mari Baker had given the bracelet to the mid-Pep previous season and played for the first time the trophy presentation with the Catalan flag in the arm in an edition with format change. He started the final stage of a single match with a victory for Barca in the penalty shoot-outs Sampdoria (2-2). Louis van Gaal, another technician who opted for the quarry, was the coach.

Guardiola was the captain from 1997 to 2001. Therefore, Cesc saw his reference to exert great team leader between 10 and 14. The age at which they formed their notions football and he knew I wanted to play as their current coach. After three years of intense struggle, Fàbregas has succeeded in uniting his way with the Pep and has inherited the dorsal '4 'which had long dreamed of.

After the intense debut Wednesday at the Super Cup final against Real Madrid, now you can enjoy better the love of the hobby. Cesc is the big claim Gamper this season. Alexis Sanchez's injury delayed the debut of Chile to the fans, so Fabregas is the player an that all the Catalans want to see ... with permission, of course, Leo Messi.

Cesc is the new piece of a puzzle that seems doomed again to fit perfectly with the nuances that he and Thiago added to the core. In the case of Arenys in Super and were a few touches of what will be his contribution. In addition to her innate touch, give more depth to the team with his arrival to the area. Gamper would be an excellent occasion to celebrate his first goal in his return to Barcelona entity.

Guardiola will give you ten more minutes than last Wednesday against Madrid and Fabregas can assimilate much better automation equipment, although pretty and has acquired his training at Barça and shares with the Spanish team.
Midfield the Gamper faces with the same enthusiasm as a child came to the mediation grandstand full of life and a great party. As always will be accompanied by his family and a stadium on Wednesday began to discover a new idol.

Since the presentation, with its serene and magical minutes speech played against Real Madrid, Barcelona and consider Fabregas as one of the players called to be a reference in the new season. The FC Barcelona Botiga each day to affix new shirts with his name on the back face of the many sales that are repeated every day. Many Catalans will come today at Camp Nou with the '4 'on the back. The Cesc and that once Guardiola Koeman gave a mythical character. (via SPORT)

Lucarelli, the Communist

Resigned to half a million euros to play in Livorno and has always boasted of their class origin.

It was predestined. Cristiano Lucarelli (4-10-1975), the striker who drains his career in Naples and now will play against Barca, has not left even one of the ways with which the neighborhood grew up in Livorno Shanghai, one of the most notorious of the city where he was born on Italian communism.

The son of a longshoreman in the port of Livorno, Lucarelli has always boasted of his fidelity to a few colors, the red Communist flag and amaranth his lifelong club, Livorno. It seemed that his erratic career took him in other ways (Perugia, Cosenza, Padova, Atalanta, Valencia, Lazio), but being player of Torino, saw the door open.

Livorno had just climbed to second and did not hesitate. Resigned million euros it offered the Torino and was charging half, their city, to contribute 29 goals a historic return to First, 55 years later, under the command of Walter Mazzarri, his current coach in Naples. Their lawyer, Carlo Pallavicino, wrote its biography then, titled 'Tenetevi il miliardo', something like that eats 'you are you with the a thousand millions.'

By then he had shown his admiration for Che Guevara (he taught an undershirt with his image during a match with the sub-21 do not sit well with the Italian Federation and met Che's daughter, Aleida Guevara). Usually support strikes by workers, promised to cede part of their income to create jobs and still carries the dorsal '99', the founding year of the Autonomous Brigades Livornese.

Rosell: "Or we lower the crispación or we will finish killing down the street"

These were the harsh words of the Congrés Laporta World Barca Penyes referring to the clashes around the Supercopa of Spain.

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, admitted in the World Penyes Congrés Barca held Monday at the Palau de Congressos do not denounce Mourinho as "common sense should be placed there to lower the tension or we end up killing in the street, "referring to the clashes that occurred in the second leg of the Supercopa of Spain at Real Madrid.

Rosell wanted to explain in his speech, the reason it was decided not to report to the Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho. "There was a consensus among the technical staff and Zubizarreta for not reporting the action of Mourinho. We do not make you a victim," he said.

He added that "Tito Vilanova was the first that asked us not to Mourinho denunciásemos. Now we must be focused on Monaco. The public has already tried and said it". "The pictures say it all and bodies must decide whether to act or not," he added.

On winning the Super Cup, Laporta said that "coming from the beach and win the title to a team that was much more prepared."

Rosell also highlighted the added value of its Board of Directors, in communication, since coming to the club. "We are not a board to talk too much and causes. We are different," he admitted.

Finally, Laporta concluded his speech with a resounding: "The problem you have them, not us." (via SPORT)

[Former player] Chygrynskiy lives a calvary

He went from being definitely against Barcelona in March not to play more.

Remember the playoff quarterfinals of the Champions League against Shakhtar last? By then, Dmytro Chygrynskiy injured had fallen just days before the double crossing in front of the club, namely March 20, fell on him and gave him Oleksiy Babyr a severe contusion on his ankle.

From the club `mining ¿, discussed in principle could play in the Nou Camp on April 6. However, he could not face his former team, or the leg or the back y. .. is KO.

It has been almost five months since then and the Ukrainian Central is going through an ordeal, as her brother told Vikhtor SPORT: "Psychologically it is quite touching. It is very hard. His head tells him she wants to play, but every time I tried the discomfort is still there. "
After finishing last season, underwent surgery in Munich Chygrynskiy and initially the results were very satisfactory, but when the player started the recovery in land Germanic, problems began to emerge.

"It's crazy to return to play, but it has lasted too long. In addition, doctors have reiterated that we must go very cautiously because it is a very delicate and if injury precipitates could go back again, "said the older brother of footballer.

In this regard, recent evidence has been submitted which allow cautious optimism and is expected to Chygrynskiy back to work with the team in late August with the aim of returning to the alignments of Mircea Lucescu mid-September. In short, there was speculation he could play the return against Barca in the Donbass Arena on April 12 and more than four months later, the player remains in dry dock. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Deulofeu, the attraction of the present

Pep could be strengthened by team players and Gerard is one of the names marked in rojo.

Barça B is quoted this morning at 8.30 in the Ciutat Esportiva for lunch and then train orders Eusebio. Some of his players could, however, go directly to the first team training, scheduled for 9 am.

One of them could be Gerard Deulofeu, could become the surprise of the Joan Gamper trophy tonight. Although there have been League for the strike, the proximity of the European Super Pep Guardiola forces not to take unnecessary risks and dip into the subsidiary would be one of the alternatives.

Besides Jonathan Dos Santos and Montoya, other partners like own Deulofeu could unite, Bartra, Sergi Roberto, Tello, Sergi Gómez or Kiko Femenía. However, not until this morning when the filial footballers have news on possible inclusion in the Joan Gamper. It would be a nice way to start a Monday. (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta on the aggression of Mourinho: I had never seen it in my career"

The sporting director of FC Barcelona, ​​Andoni Zubizarreta , he assured the program told TV3's Hat Trick, everyone has seen pictures of Jose Mourinho by putting your finger in the eye Tito Vilanova, in the return of the Super Cup, and they "speak for themselves" and that he "little more I can say," while he assured that "it is an exceptional remedy that had never seen in my career"

The sporting director of FC Barcelona has distanced himself when asked if the Real Madrid should apologize or if the RFEF must act automatically. "Madrid has to analyze and respond but if not, move on. Who must decide whether legislation is important enough to make a decision but is not our problem," said the former goal.

Zubizarreta has also revealed how it was agreed not to denounce Mourinho : "Sandro Rosell later called me and talked with Pep and then Titus. We believed that the sport has its own behavior, as they say the president, we have lost the capacity to enjoy. For So on Thursday we should celebrate the Super Cup. " As for how he would have acted if Guardiola would have done the same Mou, Zubi said "would have spoken with him."

In this regard, he insisted that "the end took the tremendous value to both parties, so we need to return football to soccer." Of course, noted that "one must be accustomed to winning and losing," recalling the last Cup final: "We were there to clap and Florentino remained Wednesday in the box but certainly not amused. There are many faces in the same story. "

Andoni Zubizarreta has also stressed that "Cesc has not come alone to win the league and the Champions" after assessing their "desire and attitude" to sign, confirmed that the second option was Alexis Rossi said: "The club has Dos Santos up and down the B "had time" to Abidal person "to study the proposed renovation and referred to Bojan:" We still expect future at the club ". (via MD)

Donato: "Marcelo did not think Cesc could have left without work"

Brazilian Donato, exinternacional with Spain, talked about the entrance from Marcelo to Cesc.

"Marcelo did not think he could have broken his leg and leave Cesc out of work," Donato said in an interview exfutbolista in 'lainformacion.com.' Player of the Brazilian criticized the action and asked the players think about that: "All are an example to children and have to think about that. "" I have warmed many times in the games but I have never resorted to violence or have tried to hurt anybody, "he added.

"Mourinho is a great person and always treated me with kindness and respect and is not the image that gives" Donato said the coach of Real Madrid. He added a few more words about the behavior of the players on the pitch: "If you believe in God, if you crossed himself before leaving the field, then we must act accordingly. Things are substantiated by facts not words, "said

Donato is one of the players who played a game Sunday amistosso benefit the Foundation Atletico Madrid to alleviate famine in Africa. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Juvenil B of Barça, champion in Ukraine

The juvenil B of FC Barcelona that García Pepper trains, champion of the tournament organized Under-17 has been proclaimed with reason of the 75 years of the foundation of Shakhtar.

Juvenil B of FC Barcelona was proclaimed champion of the International Tournament held in Donetsk Under-17 in commemoration of models 75 years the home team, by winning the final Shakhtar Donetsk, the team from where he Chygrynski for 4 -1.

The trajectory of the team has been spectacular because it has faced some of the strongest teams of the European scene. In the first phase, Pepper Garcia won by a 4-1 to a whole Inter Milan a 3-2 to a team in Romania and a 2-1 FA Tolyatti, a team of Russian academia. The semifinals were FC Barcelona, ​​Ajax and Inter Milan Shakhtar. The home team defeated the Italian, while Barcelona got rid of Ajax by a single goal from Carlos Blanco.

In the end, there was color. Barca was far superior to his rival and was defeated 4-1 with four goals scored by Sandro. Remember that is not the first time the young Barcelona is the protagonist. Last June, the Spanish Under-16 already scored two goals to three to Kazakhstan and Tadjikistan, confirming one of the scorers of grassroots football squad. Sandro, in fact, was the top scorer with seven goals in five matches, while Jose goalkeeper, was named best goalkeeper of the tournament.

Pepper Garcia has led Ukraine to his Juvenil B, and few Cadete A players, like himself Carlos Blanco, author of the decisive goal in the semifinal, Quinti and Rodri. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Deco: "Messi is like Ronaldo, Romario and Ronaldinho together"

The exazulgrana amazed by the level exhibited by Leo Messi and Barca considered a "near-perfect".

Deco will not lose detail from the distance of everything that happens at FC Barcelona with having fun from Brazil and, most especially, thanks to Leo Messi. "Barcelona are a great team. First, they played at a level far above the others, then it is Messi," he said in an interview in revista 'Don Balón'.

For Deco, Barça "has brushed perfection" and believes that despite the level shown are still here to stay. "Nobody can say how long it will last a team, but I would say this is still going to give Barcelona a few years. I think in the next two or three seasons will continue playing at that level," he said. Nevertheless, he added that the natural tendency is that great teams are gone even want that to happen "as late as possible."

For those who also had words of praise without end was for his former teammate and friend, Leo Messi. The exazulgrana feels a genuine devotion to Messi who considered one of the greats. "Without being a player area or a striker and is one of the greatest strikers in the history of the club. Provides goals from Romario and Ronaldo and, in turn, is spectacular as Ronaldinho. It has everything in one: play as '10 'and ensures the records of a scorer. It is on course to be the best ever for its efficiency and its technical quality, "he said.

Deco said that possibly in Argentina lies the happiness of future options for the club. Messi's smile for Deco represents a 50% success Barca Barca but the potential would allow Leo to keep winning without the cost of being a team less spectacular.

Who also suffers the pranks of the little Argentine star's Real Madrid for Deco also dissected the key difference with the current Barca but warns of the best white for the next campaign. "We may not count as a midfielder Xavi, who articulates the play midfield to the attack. However, this year's Madrid will be better," he said. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Marco Fossati, would a booster for Barca B?

Marco Fossati is a midfielder and plays for Milan Primavera and could be a booster to the core field of Eusebius of Barça B.

Marco Fossati, who is active now in Milan Primavera, could be one of the reinforcements for the centre-half of Barca B of Eusebio. The player is a midfielder who can play several positions in midfield and has played with the lower echelons of the Italian.

The environment of the player is looking for an outlet for the midfield because although that has ever played with the first team, Allegri has not convinced and believe that the club B can foguearse in a competition of truth, in which Liga Adelante military Barça B, which would welcome the arrival of the player.

According to Sky Italia has the player could join Barca in recent days on the market and leave AC Milan and the entity to gain a foothold in Barca B Eusebio. (via SPORT)

A historic congress

The 32nd Supporters Clubs Congress started today as part of the World Meeting. The first day was an intense session for both the Club and its Supporters Clubs.

Vice president Jordi Cardoner i Casaus opened the Congress on Sunday morning, with more than 750 supporters clubs in attendance, along with representatives of the Club and members of the Commission.

Cardoner called this 32nd Congress historic because it was the first time both the club and its supporters had sat down to lay the foundations for the Penyes Segle XXI project. “For the first time, binding documents are being articulated and created by the Club in association with its Supporters Clubs. More than an institutional day, this is a day for historic work regarding the model for the supporters movement” said the vice president of the social area.

Cardoner said the main aim of the whole process is to further promote the Barça brand, saying that “we need to position the movement where it belongs ".

The thematic blocks that the members of the supporters movement will be presenting are to do with the census, tickets for away games, identity and activities.

Before these proposals, the clubs were told in detail about the organisational structure and model of the social area and the supporters clubs department by executive Pere Jansà and were also informed of the conclusions of the Adoria auditors form into the supporters movement.

Apart from Cardoner, other dignitaries that are attending the Congress include chief director of the Social Commission, Pau Vilanova, the director for international supporters clubs, Josep Maria Barnils, the secretary of the Congress, Jordi Calsamiglia, and the spokesman for the Advistory Council, Antoni Guil.

Institutional Congress on Monday

On Monday, the Congress will take a more institutional focus, and will be attended by the Barça president, Sandro Rosell. The Congress will be broadcast live from 10.00 to 14.00 on Barça TV. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Napoli is exercised in Ciudad Deportiva

The rival FC Barcelona Joan Gamper Trophy on Monday, Naples, has exercised this Sunday afternoon at the Ciudad Deportiva.

Walter Mazzarri and his players have carried out the final training session before Monday's Gamper in field number 7 of the Ciudad Deportiva. It was a gentle session that has generated interest from fans of Naples, who have not wanted to miss the opportunity to see Cavani, Lavezzi and Hamsik, among others.

Before, the technical Naples has acknowledged at a news conference that the Italian institution is a "satisfaction" and "proud" to have been invited by the FC Barcelona to participate in the 46th edition of the Trofeo Joan Gamper. Mazzarri has moved to align the best team possible, though not expressed concern about the score. Remember that begins Napoli Serie A next season, getting home to Genoa.

Mazzarri has heaped praise on the club, which is favorite in both the Champions League as the League . The coach acknowledged that he would like to set Guardiola found in Europe, but the best for their interests would not be faced with the club, "the best team in the world," he said. (via FCBarcelona.cat)