21 August 2011

Afellay could end up in Juventus

According to the Italian press, the midfielder signed for Barca could finish the organization of Turin since it is speculated that no minutes available this season at Barca.

According to the site 'Sportmediaset', FC Barcelona midfielder Ibrahim Afellay, would be very close to head to calcium, in particular, with Juventus of Turin.

The Italian media said that after arriving last winter market to FC Barcelona for an amount close to three million euros, the Dutch midfielder has yet to find its place in Barcelona and with the addition of Alexis Sanchez would be reduced more choices of available minutes in the group coached by Pep Guardiola.

This could be as 'Sportmediaset', the main reason that Juventus would be prepared to provide 8 million euros for the Dutch midfielder for FC Barcelona.

Undoubtedly, the versatility of Afellay is more like the Italian bank, since it can play both the left and the right of the attack and, in the absence of minutes at the club, its output would not be anything crazy.


Their coach, Marcelona García Toral, was commissioned to disprove the assumption of a sharp interest set by the Dutch midfielder Sevilla FC.

Apparently, the entity would be waiting Nervión response to a possible sale-purchase of a player who went to FC Barcelona and is none other than Mexican forward Giovanni dos Santos. (via SPORT)

[Former B coach] In Italy they speak of divorce among Luis Enrique and Totti

After his substitution in the Champions League game against Slovan, his jersey on Saturday said "enough".

The not owned by Francesco Totti in the defeat (1-0) of Rome in the stronghold of Slovan Bratislava in the first leg of the Champions League preview has caused the first crisis with Luis Enrique on the bench. The Italian press is already talking about 'Totti case' after the former coach of Barça B, he turned to the captain in the second half, claimed to have no regret his decision. Totti, Roma living legend, it was brought to the group yesterday. As reported by the club, suffered a "blow to his left ankle" but most attention was the tee shirt that was presented at Trigoria to work in the gym. His chest was written the words "enough." (via MD)

[Totti fed up with Luis Enrique]
The Roma captain was presented in training with a t-shirt controversy, criticizing the criteria Luis Enrique in the first leg Champions League qualifier.

According to Sky Sports Italia, foward and Roma captain Francesco Totti, would have been presented in training with a controversial T-shirt that you could read an eloquent enough!.

This message would respond to the attitude of the new Roma coach, Luis Enrique, who decided to do without it and replace it in the first leg Champions League qualifier against Slovan Brastilava Slovak.

No doubt a clear and explicit expression of the banner of Rome to the treatment is having the Roma coach with him. Let's wait to see how this saga just Roman. (via SPORT)

Lavezzi: "I measure myself against Barcelona in the Champions"

"It's a matter of prestige for the Naples club a big challenge, perhaps the largest in the world. It means we've grown."

The Argentine forward Napoli Ezequiel Lavezzi , who tomorrow will face his team Barcelona in the Joan Gamper Trophy , said he would be measured with the Catalan side in the Champions League , in which both compete next season.

In an interview published today by the Italian sports daily "Corriere dello Sport" , the player said that tomorrow will be a special game but stressed it would be "pretty" face the Pep Guardiola "a challenge that were worth three points" .

"Anyway - Lavezzi-added is a matter of prestige for the Naples club a big challenge, perhaps the largest in the world. It means we've grown."

He also referred to his team-mate and Barcelona forward Lionel Messi , who joins him, he said, a "sincere friendship" .

Lavezzi explained that Messi would like to visit Naples , but ruled they get to play together in the Italian team.

"I think he wants to close his career where it began: in Barcelona . Also I do not imagine him in another team, "he said.

Asked about Messi and Maradona Lavezzi said: "They are different. Surely Leo is the one who comes closest to Maradona . The football is different now, it's hard to buy. Maradona did great things with computers that were lower than today's Barcelona day. Diego was unique and always will be, Messi is another player. There are two phenomena of different eras. "

On the other hand, the Italian Championship that will open next week, the forward considered among the favorites to win the scudetto''this year''are the Milan and Inter, and "probably" too Naples.

But he added: "The surprise may be Latium, Juventus has been greatly strengthened and Rome fight until the end." (via AS)

The wardrobe of Barça values the excuse of Iker

Puyol and Xavi want peace between the international.
Barça's players are aware of the need to mend fences for the sake of sport in general and the selection.

The wardrobe of Barça positively valued Iker Casillas calls to captains Carles Puyol and Xavi Hernandez made in order to apologize for having accused of jumping Cesc Fabregas after the entry of Marcellus. The goalkeeper of Real Madrid and Barça players are aware of the need to iron out not only for the sake of sport in general, but also the benefit of a Spanish team full of internationals from both teams. That kept the good relationship has been eroded is a secret, even confirmed by Vicente del Bosque, always optimistic with the idea that everything is back to normal.

The Spanish team will focus on the City Sports Federation in Las Rozas (Madrid) within ten days to prepare for matches against Chile (Friday September 2nd) and Liechtenstein (Saturday 6). The first friendly will be played in St. Gallen (Switzerland), while the second qualifier for the 2012 European will be held in Logroño. Spain, champions of Europe and the world, enjoys his life, now clouded by quarrels that have arisen in the six classics in this contested and 2011 in which there is still the seventh, December 10, corresponding to the first round of the League.

Within the Barça squad struck by the words of Casillas, who was very hot to the locker room at the Camp Nou, leading the frightened Real Madrid, who did not stay to see the delivery of the Spanish Supercup in a most unsporting gesture . Goalkeeper in Móstoles also discussed with Xavi, a friend for over ten years, by different sets of the game.

A necessary step

Naturally, the talks were not disclosed, nor the content of the messages that are exchanged, but the club hoped to take a step Iker bound by the gravity of his claims which also has distanced himself from his coach, Mourinho who never apologizes. (via MD)

[Former player] Nolito equals the record of Eusebio

The former player has scored five goals in his first five games with Benfica officials and even the legendary Portuguese striker's record.

Don't surely know it for Manuel Agudo Durán, but yes for Nolito. This boy of 24, ex-forward FC Barcelona, ​​now in the ranks of the Portuguese Benfica match just a record, until last Saturday was in the hands of retired Portuguese striker Eusebio da Silva Ferreira.

Better known as the 'La Pantera Negra (Black Panther)', the legendary Portuguese striker won 50 years ago, scoring five goals in five official matches with the Portuguese team in a row.

A Nolito have enough first five official matches with the Portuguese side elastic to match that legendary brand. If you manage to score a goal against Twente clash at the turn of the Champions League qualifier, enter fully into the history of the Portuguese club.

Nolito started his career at Benfica stomping and seems to have no intention of stopping. Only one objective: to claim the treasure of quality boots at a European giant. (via SPORT)

Barça confronts Monaco GP like a Formula 1

Barca working to get more shot at the Super Cup.
Despite the heat, the double session yesterday filed voluntary throughout the campus.

Barca showed yesterday he is very determined to put everything in their power to delay and shooting star in another great season. After the conquest of Spain Super Cup against Real Madrid, the next official title is six days ahead, the European Super Cup against Porto. It will, as usual, in Monaco, where they held one of the most emblematic Grand Prix Formula 1. Days will be very timely as the template set a much needed overhaul, with the dispute Gamper morning at the Camp Nou against a Naples arrives today in a tournament that has acquired a new and useful dimension. The strike has delayed the start of the League has not stopped the team's desire to work. In order not to violate the law, the club scheduled two training sessions yesterday in the Ciutat Esportiva volunteers. And came across the campus, although Barcelona yesterday experienced one of the hottest days of summer, with temperatures soaring.

The rigor of the sun did not dampen the enthusiasm of the players, as confirmed by the images of the morning session, with Leo Messi and Cesc Fabregas as a couple working in their old days in Guardiola cadete.Josep had all players available, including Maxwell Scherrer, who starts to leave behind their abdominal overload. Martin Montoya also trained and Jonathan dos Santos. Meanwhile, Carles Puyol, and Ibrahim Afellay Alexis Sanchez worked outside the group to recover from their injuries. The tip of Chile, an elongation in the left rectus femoris, come to Friday's final, though not at Gamper.

Winning the Super Cup of Spain has given extra fuel that feeds this boat title to another. Guardiola half suggested that this triumph will soprendió because Madrid had a lot more preparation. And now there about the twelfth trophy.

Gamper tomorrow will serve to give another twist to elafinamiento parts of his car. Have started the league in Malaga, have been normal to see a lot of team players. Not now. Napoli will be a good match for the cracks to go to more. Guardiola resting place today and tomorrow morning, again voluntarily meeting, hours before the Gamper. The Monaco GP is there. It is with the World Club, the second of three titles that the club can achieve until the end of the year. If it succeeds, will face the challenge in 2012 of the '6 in 1 'morally loaded. (via MD)

They want to clean the image of Mourinho

The club is forced to make a move after checking the bad image that conveys the fault of the Portuguese.

The strike has stopped the sport, but in the offices of Real Madrid are working overtime to try to reconstruct the havoc caused by the unseemly behavior of their coach. Those responsible for communication policy of Real Madrid were the task accumulates to try to stop the bleeding that affects the image of the centennial and respected former club.

Seeing that the most similar and have been able to justify the outrages committed by Mourinho in the back of the Super Cup and the football world almost entirely loaded hard by the attitude of the Portuguese, Real Madrid has been the need start a campaign to clean the image deterioradísima Mourinho, who could not save or manipulations committed by certain media about what happened at the Camp Nou.

One of the most related to the president Florentino Perez, the newspaper 'Marca', explained that the coach is sorry for his behavior at the Camp Nou. The newspaper notes that after a day of reflection is understood that Mourinho has happened and never to repeat similar incidents. The Portuguese would have recognized his inner circle that should never attack Tito Vilanova and also erred badly when the press conference after the second Guardiola downplayed. It is, in short, present a human `technical Setúbal ¿of supposedly embarrassed by his behavior.

But regret aside, Mourinho will continue to enjoy carte blanche for the club of Concha Espina simply no guts to correct him. He has absolute power and now question the Portuguese would be to admit the mistake of having given the highest rank. In addition, Florentino Perez handles some surveys indicate that members are to death with Real Madrid coach, scored with 9.8 out of 10 in the latest survey. Of course this high valuation has contributed greatly the deployment of many media that have long been praising Mourinho was treated with a little less than divine and going on tiptoe on the unfortunate events that has made.

This situation in which Portuguese is 'untouchable do not vary as only an unlikely sporting catastrophe could alter the status quo achieved by the coach, who knows he's the fuckin' love you far more power than the very Florentino. The president is beginning to look with concern that if they do not sporting success can roll a good candle. (via SPORT)

Close positions and tomorrow will decide whether the strike continues

AFE and LFP maintained a new three-hour meeting, which will resume Monday morning in order to be played the second day.

Representatives of la Asociación de Fútbolistas Españoles (AFE) and la Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP) again yesterday to close positions cited in an attempt to call off the strike planned also for the second game of the season next weekend. Both parties continue without finding agreement, although the positions are approached by addressing technical issues related to the wage guarantee fund for the players receive their salaries, but their clubs take refuge in bankruptcy.

According to the LFP, the agency would expose the players' union the limit that can be reached, which would be 240,000 euros for each player in Premier League and 120,000 euros for second in the event of default. This was one of the technical issues will be addressed at a meeting tomorrow will be decisive for whether the next round is played.

Although optimism has grown, the agreement still does not show and do not rule coming into play from the Government, through the Sports Council (CSD). The presence of an external figure to serve as a mediator and thus smooth out the differences that have led to the strike.

It should be remembered that the club must play the second day on Monday August 29 at the Camp Nou against Villarral (21:00).

The Cup can be affected

Altering dates be postponed if the first two game of the season can also affect the Copa del Rey as new dates would be required to dispute the championship. Anyway, the Cup is a competition organized by the Spanish Federation, who would have the final word. The first round, even without the top teams, is played on August 31. (via SPORT)

Tito Vilanova also wins to Mourinho like second

The Portuguese got nine titles with Robson and Van Gaal, two less than those that Vilanova has achieved with Guardiola.

Criticize a coach when you have also served as second not undiplomatic, not to mention impolite or even cynical cockney. When Jose Mourinho tried to make fun of Tito Vilanova, not just putting a finger in the eye, but then showing fake ignorance about you, the Portuguese showed all his selfishness and no excess of companionship to a professional colleague.

But if you do not know well who he is, 'Should know Mou, surely that Tito `Did we very clearly ahead in terms of number of titles won, shared most interestingly from the same bench Barca who apparently hates so much.

Mourinho, next to Bobby Robson, former, and Louis van Gaal, then scored a total of nine league trophies Are four (two with Porto), two Cups, one Cup Winners Cup, one Spanish and one European Supercup against ¿ the eleven de Vilanova, making it the most successful assistant coach in the world since joined their destiny to Barca coach football, Pep Guardiola. Three league titles, two Champions, three Super Cups, one Cup, Club World and one European Supercup mute any Mou `still searching Do not know their reasons why. (via SPORT)

[Youth] More than 400 children on stage

Julio Alberto Moreno, the director since the first edition of Penyes Torneig of yesterday was euphoric. "View on stage more than 400 children in the competition is fantastic. They have broken all records for participation, there is generally a good level of football and also has prevailed sportsmanship in every game. You can not ask for more "

The first day of Torneig fulfilled all expectations. He played 24 games in juvenil category and 18 in youngest children. And while some teams are out-PB and PB Alzira Malena, for example, much of the encounters were equal and emotion. We must highlight the participation of three Penyes Zone Mon: Caracas Azulgrana - in two categories, Jordan and Fanatiek Association. This morning we completed the qualifying and the semifinals will be played later, consolations and finals. At 19 hours will be held the awards ceremony.

Large audience in the Ciutat Esportiva, which never ceased to encourage their own. The club was represented by the directors of the Comissió of Penyes Manel Costa and Dani Casanovas.

It should be emphasized, how could it be otherwise, the excellent organization that holds the tournament, thanks to the efficient work of the Department of Penyes, this time with Jordi Mora responsible. Beside a large group of collaborators who cared for all the details of what happened in the four fields of play. (via SPORT)

They offer 15 millions annually to Alves to play in Russia

Russian football with Barcelona winger tempts dizzying figures, although it is the work going.

The Brazilian FC Barcelona, ​​Dani Alves, is in the crosshairs of FC Anzhi, a team that disputed the Russian Premier League. Table of Makhachkala, the Republic of Dagestan would be willing to pay between 35 and 40 million euros for the winger. It would also be willing to pay a tab that would be around 15 million euros.

The president of the entity, the billionaire Suleiman Kerimov, who ranks 118th in the ranking of richest people in the world with a turnover of 7.8 trillion dollars, according to Forbes magazine, aims to promote a team that already has notable figures. In the ranks of FC Anzhi is the exmadridista Roberto Carlos, the current captain of the team and Russia's Yuri Zhirkov, formerly of Chelsea. Also waiting for handover would realize another dream: that of Samuel Eto Or, former FC Barcelona currently at Inter Milan.

Despite the dizzying figures being considered by Dani Alves, sources close to the player have said they will hardly be tempted. The Brazilian, 27, extended his contract with FC Barcelona last March after saving important differences with the Catalan. Signed until June 2015 and reached clause 90 to 150 million euros, but will decrease 25 million over each of the seasons.

The player is at his best and very happy at Barcelona, ​​where he feels valued and is one of the key pieces of equipment. Reason that leads him not to think solely about money at this point in his career.

Alves, now in its fourth season at FC Barcelona, ​​is the work of a change of scenery at this time, no matter how tempting the offer is that it reaches the Russian football.

Not confirm the pass for Eto'o
The Anzhi still confirm the signing of Samuel Eto'o. "I can not confirm anything. Any comments you make the club could impair the operation, "a spokesman told Reuters the club. According to Italian press Cameroon are the price of 28 million euros and provides Anzhi 25. Apparently only lack the OK Moratti, Inter's president, who is on vacation. (via SPORT)

Naples arrives today with Lavezzi and Victor Ruiz

Leo's friend and the defense, former culé and former parakeet, they highlight with Cavani in the Italian club that will train in Ciutat Esportiva.

Rival Barcelona in the Gamper Monday, the Naples will arrive tomorrow to Barcelona where his coach Walter Mazzarri will offer a press conference at 17.00 at the Ciutat Esportiva, followed by training in the Field 7.

The SSC Napoli , which debuts in the 28-A League against Genoa and dreams also be measured to Barca in the Champions League group stage, stand out striker Ezequiel Lavezzi , a friend of Messi and his companion in the albiceleste and defender Catalan Victor Ruiz , who passed through the youth azulgrana but was discarded when he was 12.

Lavezzi , which penetrates well with Leo and off the field was probed by Barcelona in June, Naples itself, and as 'Il Corrierre dello Sport', also asked the central and lateral left-hander Victor Ruiz, for whom The stadium will step especially after having done Espaanyol career. Cavani, meanwhile, will be presented as a champion of the Copa America with Uruguay.

It is expected that the president Aurelio de Laurentiis travel with the team. In July called "moron" to Messi , saying "I should say 'no' America's Cup" in statements recorded in Italy, then denied it in RAC 1. (via MD)

Guardiola gives a day of rest to his staff

FC Barcelona will not train until Monday morning.

The staff of Barcelona enjoy a day of rest and not train until Monday morning, after today will be exercised in two morning and afternoon session already thinking about the Super Cup, which will measure the Oporto next Friday August 26 in Monaco. Tomorrow will be the Naples, his rival in the Joan Gamper Trophy, which is exercised at the Ciudad Deportiva de Sant Joan Despi, in the afternoon. Previously, the coach of the Italian Walter Mazzarri, will address the media. Barça, therefore, exercise the same game Monday at 9.00 pm in the Sports City, a closed session to be voluntary , to strike called by la Asociación de Fútbolistas Españoles (AFE), set for the first two days of the season. (via SPORT)

Bielsa: "I would have liked to be in the debut of Alexis Sanchez in the Bernabeu"

Many coincide when affirming that much of what is Alexis Sánchez owes it to Marcelo Bielsa.

Marcelo Bielsa has the difficult challenge this season to succeed in the Athletic. And as he prepares for this, the technician does not forget to Chile where he won nothing and Alexis Sanchez CHANGE LANGUAGE agree that is what it is, in large part, by Bielsa.

"I miss Chile and I am deeply grateful to the Chileans. I love them," said in remarks to the Chilean newspaper "El Mercurio". I felt sorry for not being able to go very thoroughly the Copa America, because those days and worked thoroughly with Athletic, but now feels happy to see Alexis Sanchez in Barcelona. "I do not know the joy they gave me to see Alexis at the Bernabeu. I regret not having been there, but great was the joy of seeing that level."

Meanwhile, Bielsa's assistant in the Athletic, Luis Bonini, adds that "Alexis has a lot of generosity and talent, but has yet to finish better plays." (via SPORT)

Ignasi Miquel, another 'culé' Premiering on orders Wenger

The young center Ignasi Miquel Arsenal, 18, debuted in the Premier League in the game the "gunner" played at the Emirates Stadium against Liverpool.

In 16 minutes of the meeting, Miquel entered the pitch to replace Kscielny defense, which fell injured and had to leave the field very beginning of the game. The centre-back, born in Barcelona, ​​Arsenal reached the age of 16 after passing through the youth ranks of FC Barcelona.

The recent European champion with the Spanish Under-19 debut in competition with the team manager Arsene Wenger last season when he played two games of the FA Cup. The new pearl of Arsenal FC Barcelona moved to the small Cornell, and when Barca tried to recover, Wenger had already noticed him. "When you kicked out of Barcelona, ​​you sink a little bit because you think a team like that you said no vouchers. I think you're not going to be able to continue in football. I kept because I liked it. In the end I was lucky, reward , you name it, "said Miquel Efe at the end of last season.

Although last year the Spanish cen
tral not convinced that this season could make the final leap to the first team, Arsenal has been shown in the second league game featuring the Catalan for his defense. (via SPORT)

Napoli: The sensation of the Calcio

Barça's rival in the Joan Gamper Trophy finished third in Serie A last season and will play in the group stage of the Champions League. With only one preseason defeat, the Italians will make their League debut next weekend, at home to Genoa.

The 2010/2011 season was a historic one for Napoli. They finished the League in third place and 20 years later they are back in the European showpiece competition. Five years ago they won promotion to Serie A and last year they were one of the sensations of the Calcio. This year they’ll play the group stage of the Champions League. Walter Mazarri, one of the great architects of the Napoli success, is working to maintain the competitiveness of a squad that has had an almost unblemished preseason, and are visiting the Camp Nou on Monday to play in the Joan Gamper Trophy.

They are the stars of the Napoli attack. Both are internationals and played in the recent Copa America. Edinson Cavani, from Uruguay, has become one of the players most loved by the Italian fans. 33 goals in 47 games speak for themselves. He was one of the top scorers last season in Serie A and will start the new season with a lot of self-esteem after winning the Copa America with his country. For his part, Argentina's Ezequiel Lavezzi is an ambidextrous striker, and very competitive. He scored 9 goals last season and complements Cavani really well.

He came to Napoli last January from Espanyol. He’s a young left-sided central defender with a great future. He’s only 22, and together with Thiago, Montoya, Miño, Jeffren, and Bojan, amongst others, won the European Under-21 Championships this summer. Last season he played 7 games with Mazarri’s team. Another player known to Spanish football fans is the Italian goalkeeper Morgan De Sanctis, who played for Sevilla in the 2007/08 season.

Napoli have played six preseason games. They’ve won four, drawn one, against the Uruguayan team Peñarol, and lost one, against Sevilla. Their last friendly was played just seven days ago against Mallorca in Son Moix, and they won 1-0 with a goal from the Colombian, Zuñiga. The Slovakian, Marek Hamsik, with 3 goals, and veteran Lucarelli, with 4, are their top scorers in the summer friendlies. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

LeBron James, at the first team training session

The Miami Heat forward, NBA MVP in 2009 and 2010, was present at the training session that Pep Guardiola’s players carried out this Saturday evening at the Joan Gamper training ground.

The second session of the day, voluntary just like the morning one, which started at 19.00, behind closed doors, had a star guest, LeBron James. 'King James', who is in Barcelona as part of a tour with the clothing brand he wears, trained in the new sports pavilion, and the end of his training excercises coincided with the final part of the Barça first team session.
Once the Barça training session ended, LeBron James didn’t want to miss the opportunity of greeting all the players, and coaching staff, at the Ciutat Esportiva. Then, together, they had a group photo taken, and LeBron asked to be photographed with Lionel Messi and Josep Guardiola.
Thus, the first team players, at another voluntary training session, took the opportunity to continue preparing for the Joan Gamper Estrella Damm Trophy on Monday against Napoli, and the European Super Cup in Monaco on Friday against Porto.
As in the morning session, all the first team players available took part, plus B team players Martin Montoya and Jonathan Dos Santos.. This time, however, the injured players Afellay, Puyol, Alexis, and Maxwell did some specific excercises to carry on with their respective recovery processes. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The ‘Barça Party’ gets underway

The party for Barça members and Supporters Clubs has kicked off this morning and will go on until August 22nd.

Adults and children are welcome. The Barça Party is now a reality and the forecourt of the Camp Nou is already awash with members, and supporters’ club members, who have come to take part in the planned activities.

There are activities for the younger kids, like table football or 7-a-side football, as well as for older children who can participate in the various workshops organized by the Club, as well as playing the more traditional table games. All participants will receive some sort of present, like Barça scarves for example.

One of the areas that the fans have focused on most is the one where the 16 cups won last season are displayed. Adults and kids are having their photographs taken with the trophies won in the 2010/11 season. In addition, the Club has also included the Spanish Super Cup, won last week against Real Madrid.

The other activity that has attracted most public has been the book of wishes, which Barça has made available so that attendees can write in it with their hopes for the current season. One of the most popular messages has been: "See you in Munich" referring to the city where the next Champions League Final will be played. The other major attraction has been the hot-air balloon, which allows fans to get a great view of the Camp Nou from the air.

Due to such high temperatures being recorded in Barcelona today, the Club has provided each attendee with a ticket to be able to cool off and stay hydrated in the current heat wave. In addition, there are refreshments for members and supporters clubs.

This evening several Barcelona Directors will be present. At the head of these will be the Club's Vice President and head of the Social Area, Jordi Cardoner i Casaus, who will also attend the dinner that will kick off the XXXIV World Meeting of Supporters Clubs and the 32nd Supporters Club Congress. (via FCBarcelona.cat)