20 August 2011

Liga and AFE continue to negotiate to call off strike

La Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP) and la Asociación de Futbolistas Españoles (AFE) are reunited in search of an agreement desconvoque players' strike that has prevented the start of the season this weekend.

Both sides continued talks at the headquarters of the AFE for nearly three hours in the third meeting since the players' union announced on August 11 strike for the first two league matches.

The boards of both institutions have been led by José Luis Astiazaran, president of the League, and Luis Rubiales, president of the AFE, but neither side wanted to reveal the status of negotiations. "It was a very intense working meeting," said Astiazaran.
"We are still working," said Luis Gil, manager of the AFE.

AFE League and will meet again on Monday August 22 at 12:00 at the headquarters of the League with the aim of reaching an agreement to INCI national league championship next weekend.

The main disagreements between the two institutions lies in the current collective agreement, which, according to the AFE, does not provide sufficient guarantees of payment to players.

The players' union calls for the development of a new agreement in which prime the Sports Act over the Insolvency Act, the corporate law currently eligible clubs and allowing not address the accumulated debt and pay freezes payroll of the players. (via SPORT)

Barça accuses TVE of making of Vilanova the aggressor

The Catalan club, in a letter, believes that the public entity acts in "bad faith" and described as "outrageous and disgusting" treatment she received information around the Supercopa.

The Spanish Television accuses Barcelona handling by the treatment given to the second leg of the Supercopa of Spain. L The club believes that the chain had "bad faith to submit to the victim and aggressor, unheard and outrageous . not yet out of our shock and dismay. "

Therefore, the club presents an open letter , his "strongest protest and indignation ... when not yet or three months ago that TVE was forced to apologize for partisan comments in the semifinals of the Champions League, which damaged Barca's interests and contradict the most basic principles of an entity that has to be with the utmost objectivity to serve the interests of all. "

The note adds: "It has once again hurt the feelings and sensibilities of members and supporters Barcelona to handle, we understand, to deliberate the unfortunate fact that starred Mr. Mourinho to our coach, with the aggravation and bad faith submit to the victim and aggressor, unheard and outrageous. not yet out of our shock and dismay. "

Insists that the club was "kidnapped the unusual image of Mr. Mourinho attacking the eyesight of Mr. Vilanova . It's something that deserves our rejection, while unanimous in all the international media have echoed the events with impartiality and wanted in this public television. "

"Therefore, we hope this is the last time that we are forced to denounce the lack of rigor and professionalism. I ask on behalf of our members the utmost respect for the general audience, which expects the fairness of a public broadcaster objective, impartial and truthful, "he concludes. (via AS)

Maxwell trains for part of the session with the main group

The Barça players, in a voluntary session, trained this morning, in preparation for the European Super Cup to be held next Friday in Monaco, against Porto.

Josep Guardiola had all his players available for training on Saturday. Although the training was voluntary, the players didn’t want to miss the session that served to begin the preparation for the European Super Cup.

The best news was the return of Maxwell Scherrer to the group, although he was only able to complete part of the session with his teammates. The Brazilian has been suffering from an abdominal strain for the last few weeks.

The session took place at the Joan Gamper training ground, and included Barça B players Martin Montoya and Jonathan Dos Santos, who also took part in the official UEFA photo session on Friday.

This Saturday morning, on pitch no. 1 and pitch no. 2 of the training ground, Carles Puyol, Alexis Sanchez, and Ibrahim Afellay, also did some work away from the main group, whilst recovering from their respective injuries. This Saturday, at 19.00, there will be a second voluntary training session. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Xavi and Casillas have been to speak Saturday

On Friday, Iker Casillas stepped forward to apologize after his latest gaffe. After the grueling entrance Marcelo Cesc which involved the expulsion of the Brazilian side, Casillas made some statements which have earned him much criticism.

"They have thrown to the ground, as usual," he said after the match the white janitor, in a reaction incompressible view the harshness of the 'mown' Marcelo. Seeing that he was wrong, Puyol and Xavi called with the intention of apologizing for those phrases and, incidentally, to try to calm down after the sorry spectacle that gave Jose Mourinho and several white players.

The coexistence in the international selection from the Spanish of Barcelona and Madrid began to fracture seriously and Casillas as Spanish captain want to avoid at all costs and more in a year's Championship. Therefore, first called Xavi yesterday but could not speak with him.

In principle, Terrassa said he had refused to take her phone, but what happened is that Casillas called a mobile number is no longer operating Xavi. Then Iker called Carles Puyol and apologized.

Upon learning that he was wanted by Real Madrid goalkeeper (TV3 reported calls Iker), Xavi and contacted him to talk on Saturday deployed more calmly. Therefore, today we will continue the dialogue between the two leaders of the Spanish with the painful incident Mourinho with Villanova and the last brawl between both teams as a backdrop. (via MD)

'Poker' deluxe to prolong the successes of the 'Pep Team'

One defender, two midfielders and one attacker who arrive with the goal of making still more powerful a team that is making history.

FC Barcelona has reached such excellence that is hard to find players who raise the level of an extraordinary team. Moreover, this should be added the desire to have Guardiola a small staff without filling players' ¿. In this sense, each with its characteristics, the four embodiments of Barcelona are the perfect complement to the world's best team extended its supremacy, both Spanish and European and universal.

Without the goal, which will continue to have Victor Valdes and Jose Manuel Pinto, Pep Guardiola has been reinforced all lines with Andreu Fontàs for the defense, Alexis Sanchez for the attack and Cesc Fabregas and Thiago Alcántara to midfield.
Of the four, undoubtedly the most anticipated was the Arenys. The club took a couple of years working tirelessly to return the squad to become a reality.

The negotiations began on the president Joan Laporta, who was very close to reaching a definitive agreement with Arsenal before leaving the office. Sandro Rosell took over, but did not succeed last summer and it was not until this August to Fabregas to become new player Blaugrana.

Cesc provide quality in midfield and further enhance the game play and ball possession, two of the aspects that underlie the current club. Moreover, its versatility will be a replacement class for players like Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Sergio Busquets, as the former Arsenal can play all positions in midfield.

Meanwhile, Thiago is the nerve and vision, two key aspects to risk the long end with the team's possession. He still has much to learn, but their ability to work is superb and is called to make great afternoon of football in the Nou Camp after passing through all the youth teams since his arrival at Can Barça.

Cesc addition, another great signing Barca's Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean Giuseppe Rossi italoestadounidense defeated in the race for the club and provide a huge overflow capacity, primarily by the right wing. The tocopillano has excelled at Udinese and the national team, has extensive experience although it has only 22 years and form a lethal partnership with Leo Messi by its terms as an assistant.

Finally, Andreu Fontàs faces the challenge of earning a place on a template that has been declining Gaby Milito in the rear axle. The squad has already acquired the subsidiary maturity to be a useful piece for Guardiola. Can also act as a pivot, Fontàs enjoy opportunities and, if profitable, its role in the team will more and more.

Messi's rap

The passion for the Argentine star leads to unsuspected limits. On this occasion, one of his many followers Catalans devotes a rap by reviewing all his football life with FC Barcelona.

FC Barcelona's Argentine striker Lionel Messi, not to receive praise for a single day by his followers.

This time, a very curious as a young Catalan faithful follower of FC Barcelona, ​​he took to compose a rap '10 'Barca by reviewing his best moments as Barca.

Undoubtedly, more endless displays of affection that is possibly the best player in the world.

The last show they saw the last Wednesday at the Camp Nou in the return of the Super Cup, where the Argentinean scored two spectacular goals and an assist for the master became FC Barcelona champion. Again. Messi again. (via SPORT)

The 'friend' Flórez Plaza not punish Mourinho

The Portuguese can rest easy. The single judge of the RFEF is not keen to act in office, let alone when it comes to a Madrid.

Jose Mourinho can rest easy ... if your conscience allows. His attempt to stomp Cesc when the player was on the ground after the entry Marcelo brutal assault or Tito Vilanova deserve an exemplary punishment, but it is unlikely that Alfredo Florez Plaza, a single judge of the RFEF Committee Chairman Competition since 2003, consider even the possibility of punishing him.

Since beginning his second spell at the Federation appointed by Angel Maria Villar, counsel reiterated that he favored act automatically if there is no arbitration or an allegation of the victims. And in his last eight years in office has proven so. Especially if you are a Real Madrid forward.
Mourinho knows that Flórez has carte blanche. In January 2010, Cristiano Ronaldo elbowed to the side of Malaga Mtiliga he broke his nose. The Luso not receive any punishment. In the last final of the Copa del Rey, no action was taken against Pepe, who spent three sections of hose to the Barca fans after both Cristiano Ronaldo gave the title to Real Madrid.

Those alone two cases are the last of an extensive list and that they have their culminating point in January of 2005, when the then madridista Luis Figo made an escalofriante entered to the central youth from Zaragoza Caesar Jiménez that put an end to the player's blanquillo career. Caesar Jiménez several times it spent for the quirófano and two years after the Portuguese's brutal plantillazo he had to hang the boots.

Far from punishing an exemplary Figo, Florez came to his defense. President of the Competition Committee confirmed that it had analyzed the case and allowed us to consider that the entry was "not exceptional", which probably never would have been punishment for the Portuguese although Zaragoza had asked.

Given these precedents, it is unlikely that Mourinho will be punished. It is unlikely even that Florez will study the case. Real Madrid coach is aware of this situation that exists in the league and so rampant. Mourinho says and does whatever he pleases knowing that with the complicity of the committees. And so it also allows the cynicism demonstrated when questioned by his aggression to Vilanova. A complacency that has led him to raise his pulse with the club as if they were battles. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Ilie Sanchez went under the knife for the third time

The young player is going through a difficult time having been very important in the reserves last season.

Ilie Sanchez decided to wait to undergo surgery on holiday not to miss a week with Barca B. Finished the competition, the midfielder was handed the Blaugrana medical services to solve a problem in the heel of his left foot that was supposed to play with pain.

It was June 6 when he opened for filing the bone would not let him get comfortable on the pitch. In principle, it should be fifteen days to recover and start the season under the command of Eusebio Sacristan. In fact, he began training on July 11 with the rest of his teammates. Three days later, however, the heel is inflamed and that afternoon, he returned to undergo surgery to try to solve the problem. That operation for over a month, but when it seemed that the heel was back in perfect condition, the swelling returned. The player has entered the Vall d'Hebron on Wednesday and this time, no time for his return.

Two and a half months after the first operation are the two first were made in the Hospital de Barcelona Are the canteranoaún not know when to play again, though, the most important thing right now is back.

Ilie Sanchez became one of the most used players last season by Luis Enrique in the subsidiary operating in 24 games, including 18 starts. But it was, especially in the final stretch of the season, when he had more presence, playing the last eleven days as a starter. After the departure of Oriol Romeu Chelsea and the only possible Jonathan dos Santos, Ilie should become a major part of the subsidiary. While you will be when he returns. Contract Expires season. (via SPORT)

Sevilla could request the surrender of Afellay, to which already wanted last year the

If arriving request can be a good choice for the player, but Guardiola will have the last word.

As some rumors suggest, the possibility that Ibrahim Afellay may go on loan at Sevilla, but only a possibility. Last winter, FC Barcelona beat Sevilla at the time of taking the services of the Dutch. The player's agent acknowledged the interest of the Club Del Nido, but Afellay docked in Barcelona in December last year on payment of three million euros and a contract that expires in 2015.

The club has not received any firm proposal by the Seville, but with the arrival of Alexis, the injury that pulls the player from the American tour and the good relationship that exists between the clubs, all point to which they may be transferred, but we must have the last word Guardiola if it the request.

The good understanding between the two clubs has been demonstrated in various transactions that have led to lengthy negotiations problems and in the case of Cáceres, Adriano or the latest, Rodri, the latest addition to the subsidiary. (via SPORT)

Rosell, indignated by the manipulation of TVE

The public body showed his partisanship and tried to wash the image of Jose Mourinho. How unprofessional!

FC Barcelona yesterday issued a statement in which he vigorously condemned the manipulation of TVE, which obviated the assault on Tito Vilanova Jose Mourinho and only issued this response. The note, signed by Sandro Rosell, reiterated that it rains it pours.

The club expressed "its strongest protest and indignation at the treatment of TVE on the Super Cup final, which has nothing to do with what happened. And when not yet or three months ago that TVE was forced to apologize for partisan comments in the semifinals of the Champions League, which damaged the interests of Barca and contradict the most basic principles of an entity that has to be with the maximum objectivity serving the interests of all. "

"It has become hurt the feelings and sensibilities of members and supporters Barca do we understand when handling intentionally did the unfortunate fact that starred Mr. Mourinho to our coach, with the aggravation and bad faith of presenting the attacked as an aggressor, unheard and outrageous. Not yet out of our shock and dismay, "continues the note.

The statement evokes bygone days when Spanish TV report that "hijacked the unusual image of Mr. Mourinho attacking the eyesight of Mr. Vilanova. It's something that deserves our rejection, while unanimously all the international media have echoed the events with impartiality and in this we would like public television. "

"Therefore, we hope this is the last time that we are forced to denounce the lack of rigor and professionalism. I ask on behalf of our members the utmost respect for the general audience, which expects fairness of the public broadcaster with an objective, impartial and truthful, "ends the conclusive note issued yesterday by FC Barcelona. (via SPORT)

The day also remembered the 'second' Mourinho

Almost 15 years ago, when Mourinho was the second of Bobby Robson at Barcelona, ​​who was ninguneo Portuguese as he did with Tito Vilanova Wednesday.

She ran a November 24, 1996 when Barca visited San Mames Robson to be measured by the charismatic Luis Fernandez Athltetic.

At that time, Jose Mourinho was the coach of Barca, Bobby Robson's assistant. During the match, the Frenchman they had with the Portuguese, who came off the bench to remonstrate with something.

Curis, in the post match press conference, Luis Fernandez said he only talked to the coach, which the latter did not know. More or less the same as said the other day on the second Barca coach Tito Vilanova.

Coincidentally, the player after the game was to ask for explanations Athletic coach Pep Guardiola was a young man, who shouted: "Do not laugh at the opposition." (via SPORT)

TVE omitted the aggression from Mourinho to Tito Vilanova

The channel 24 hours of Spanish Television's aggression failed to coach Jose Mourinho once the Barca game.

Instead issued only a replica of Tito Vilanova Portuguese, which took place after the initial assault Mourinho, blaming the Barca obvious what happened. (via SPORT)

Video: www.sport.es

Valdano: "That happened doesn't give honor to Real Madrid neither Mourinho"

Jorge Valdano openly criticized what happened in the Super Cup between Real Madrid and Barca.

Jorge Valdano, former general manager of Real Madrid, did not hesitate to point to the Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho after the incidents in the final stretch of the second leg of the Super Cup against Barcelona saying that "just does not give honor and Real Madrid or Mourinho. "

"I am convinced that nobody is proud of what has happened," said Valdano told Radio DNA of Chile, referring to the action of the Portuguese coach, who poked a finger in the eye of club coach at Barca Tito Vilanova.

"The coach has come to a club with 109 years of history and of course represents a club with a very strong culture. What happens now is that the tension between Barcelona and Real Madrid is so great that everyone exceeded the pressure they feel, "he said. (via SPORT)

3-1: Porto it overcomes without problems to Gil Vicente

Two goals from Brazilian international Givanildo Vieira de Sousa, "Hulk" and the other side of the Romanian Christian Sapunaru today gave the victory and leadership of the League at Porto Lusa on the newly promoted Gil Vicente (3-1) in advance of party the second day.

No Colombian striker Radamel Falcao, transferred to Atletico Madrid, took center stage Hulk reigning offensive Luso, who made a match against a rival gray brave.

Porto, which is measured on Friday 26 to Barcelona in the final of the Super Lusa, was surprised by both Joao's early Vilela, scored a penalty in the third minute.

Seven minutes later, the ubiquitous Hulk was the subject of penalty-kick the referee's own appreciated Vilela, and made no mistake from the spot. In 15, a corner kick by Brazilian winger launched what Sapunaru headed to the networks.

Gil Vicente, who had managed a creditable draw in the first round against the giants Benfica, caught on another good game, but did not specify in their approaches goal.

Hulk repeated in 50 to run with a strong shot a foul on the edge of the team area of ​​Barcelos. (via MD)

Aleksander Hleb, pending his future as he recovers from his injury

Aleksander Hleb is still awaiting its future as he recovers from the injury that dragged on in a game against Birmingham City was injured by Eidur Gudjohnsen . The Belarus midfielder is making his recovery in the German city of Munich.

Hleb's Agent, Uli Ferber , has said in statements to 'Al Primer Toc' of Rac1 that "we do not hear Barca." "We believe that 4 or 5 weeks you can resume training, but we can not negotiate with any club to be injured," has recognized representative.

"Aleksander plan on staying in Barcelona, ​​but he knows he will not be easy," said one Ferber was confident that the future of Belarusian player begins to clarify "later this month." (via MD)

Photo shoot with great atmosphere

The entire FC Barcelona first team squad took part, on Friday afternoon on pitch number 1 at the Ciutat Esportiva, in the official UEFA photo shoot.

In the official UEFA photographs for this season, the 21 players of the first team squad, plus B team players Montoya, Dos Santos and Muniesa, will all appear. All of them, together with Josep Guardiola, Tito Vilanova, and Juan Carlos Unzué, featured in the photo shoot that took place on Friday afternoon.

Everybody, wearing this season’s first team strip, had their photo taken, alongside the 3 major trophies they won last season (Spanish Super Cup, League and Champions League). Throughout the whole session there was a very relaxed and happy atmosphere. This was the the first time that the squad had met up again since beating Real Madrid on Wednesday.

After the photos, the players took part in a light training session on the same pitch. FC Barcelona will return to training on Saturday in a double, voluntary, session scheduled for 09.00 and 19.00. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Casillas tried to contact without success with Xavi to apologize

Iker Casillas tried to apologize on Thursday with Xavi Hernandez bronco after Barça-Madrid that Barca was the first title of the 2011-12 season. As explained by TV3, the doorman called Terrassa white to make things right but not the midfielder picked up the phone. Finally, Iker could only contact with Carles Puyol .

The enormous tension and controversy surrounding the Classic since the arrival of Jose Mourinho on the bench of the Bernabeu last summer, has been ahead of the friendship between Xavi and Casillas since won the World Under-20 in 1999 with the Spanish in Nigeria.

During the second leg of the Supercopa of Spain could see the captains of Barca and Real Madrid in a heated discussion during the brawl that led to both teams after the entry intolerable Marcelo to Cesc .

Casillas , who has seen his reputation for wisdom has been lost in less than a year, said after the game that the final quarrel originated because of the crash "had been thrown to the ground as usual" . Meanwhile, Xavi Hernándezdescribed as "lamentable image of Real Madrid" . (via MD)

Generation of 87

Cesc, Piqué, Messi, Pedro and Alexis were all born in 1987. The first three of these current Barça players formed part of one of the best junior teams the club has ever had.

The generation of 1987 are destined to write one of the most brilliant pages in FCB history. All these players came to this earth 24 years ago, and are all playing together under Josep Guardiola.

Cesc Fàbregas’ arrivals marks the return of the magical trio that played for the under 14, or ‘cadet’ team in 2001. Cesc, Piqué and Messi were already showing signs of the footballing greats they would become, but never dreamed that things would work out quite so amazingly for them.

Barça’s third goal against Real Madrid was the fruit of the games played of old on the pitches next to the Miniestadi. Cesc provided the ball to Messi, who played a pone-two with Adriano, whose pass was inch perfect and was finished off sweetly by the Argentinian.

It was like a glorious return to the past, which Cesc remembered in an exclusive interview with Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat: “That team played some really good championships and we were very united. It was one of the best years of my life. I don’t think any of us imagined that we’d play for the first team one day”.

Cesc, Piqué and Messi made history with that cadet team, but the other players born in 1987 were elsewhere at the time, Pedro Rodríguez and Alexis Sánchez. Pedro missed out the chance to play as a youngster with Cesc, Piqué and Messi, but since his arrival has turned out to be one of the most surprising stars in the squad.

Alexis Sánchez’s Barça debut at the Santiago Bernabéu showed that he has all the qualities to be a big success at the Camp Nou, and now forms part of a generation that is making history. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Astiazarán: "I don't want to speak of a league of 37 days"

The president of the LFP, Jose Luis Astiazaran, said he does not want "to talk of a league of 37 days" on the intention of the SFA not to look dated to the first day of the season and, therefore, never be disputed.

The rope is stretched between the LFP and the AFE. After four hours at the headquarters of the League, members of the SLA with its president, Luis Rubiales, head and board chair of the League Astiazarán have recognized that continue to make progress on proposals to resolve the conflict but positions are still far from reaching a point of understanding.

"We had a meeting where we shared criteria," said Astiazaran.

In addition, the leader of the Liga LFP also explained that "in no case apply disciplinary action against players," but about the possibility that clubs do not deduct the disputed days added to his players that "have to apply what they is provided in case of strike. "

"The league absolutely respects the right of workers to strike in football," he added.

Astiazarán also confirmed two new meeting tomorrow, Monday 20 and 22, both at 10:15. "We are working to see if next Sunday you can play," has ruled. (via SPORT)