19 August 2011

No agreement between LFP and AFE

After almost four hours meeting, the Professional Football League (LFP) and the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) are still to agree to call off the strike players.

Luis Rubiales, president of the AFE, and Jose Luis Astiazaran, president of the League, defended the positions of each institution at the second meeting after the last day AFE August 11 announced the call for a strike to the first two days .

After the meeting, Astiazarán and Luis Gil, manager of the AFE, announced that the two sides still do not agree though that there are firm proposals advanced to resolve the conflict. The main disagreements lie in the current collective agreement, which according to the AFE does not provide sufficient guarantees of payment to players.

The aim of this second meeting between both parties was to bring positions after failing to reach an agreement on Wednesday 17. Negotiations will continue on Saturday morning and conclude on Monday 22 with a third meeting. (via SPORT)

[Former President] Joan Laporta: "Now plays Rosell to defend Barça"

The former president of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, prefers not to give their opinion on the incidents on Wednesday in the second leg of the Supercup held at the Camp Nou and ended with a brawl and the now infamous attack on Mourinho Tito Vilanova.

More than a year that Joan Laporta was no longer the president of FC Barcelona but the Catalans are still many who want to know your opinion when there is controversy as that which occurred on Wednesday at the Camp Nou with, again, Real Madrid by Mourinho.

"In the last hours I have received many thank you messages, to read my opinion after the fact protagonitzados yesterday by the coach of Real Madrid," Laporta explained on its website Facebook .

"But I think it's up to the current president of Barca defending the Club, its people and its values," continued the former leader FC Barcelona.

He ends his brief letter stating that defended the ship "as I could during my time as president." Which, according to Laporta, "the cave españolista I forgave him, for which fact I have defended well to the entity." (via SPORT)

Even New York Times explains "why some don't like Madrid"

Many will say we are doing beating a dead horse, but no doubt that what happened on Wednesday at the end of Barça-Madrid is intolerable.

On Thursday, almost the entire global sports media and general condemned in its pages the image that had been all white. Even famous Real Madrid were very critical of the performance of Jose Mourinho.

So much so that Mourinho tsunami reached the prestigious U.S. newspaper New York Times' which echoes what happened in the Camp Nou. In an article from the blog of the average U.S. Soccer, make a summary of the metamorphosis undergone by the white team since the arrival of Mourinho on the bench.

The journalist asks whether or not the Madrid uses violence "out of jealousy and envy" and said that in the last seven games against Barca have only won one and have seen at least one player sent off in five. (via SPORT)

Cesc: "I haven’t come to retire Xavi"

The new Barça midfielder stresses that Xavi still has lots of years left, and that he can see himself "playing and winning with Xavi……my best years are starting now", and Guardiola "will get the best out of me".

Cesc arrived at the Barça TV studios with a smile from ear to ear. Following the most drawn out transfer in World football, he looked relieved, but mainly very happy. It’s how the new Barça number 4 feels, and hopes it’ll carry on for many years. In a long conversation, Cesc explained his feelings as a new Barça player.

How does it feel? Like a release?
"The last months I’ve been under a lot of pressure. Mentally it’s really tiring, but it finally happened and I’m very happy to be back at Barça".

Did you ever imagine that coming back home would be so complicated? That the process would be so long?
"It is partly my fault for having left. Not in my wildest dreams had I imagined that one day I would play for the Barça first team. Not as a child, nor playing with Arsenal had I thought I’d live a day like Monday".

In your presentation, you said that Wenger was like a Father to you. You do understand that many Barça fans don’t have much time for the French manager?
"I think the image of Wenger here is a bit mistaken. If I’m here today it‘s, at a high percentage, thanks to him. He makes the decisions, and told me I could come. It's he who took the lead in the negotiations. Thanks to Wenger I am now a Barça player”.

It’s been a long time, but why did you leave Barça in 2003?
"I saw that I didn’t have any chance of getting into the first team and Xavi was very young at that time. Also there was Andres and some of the youth players who were far ahead of me, and I saw that I was well behind them. I thought it was funny that an English team like Arsenal were asking about me, and I was amazed that the first team manager, Arsene Wenger, cut his holidays short to come and see me. I was 16 and playing for Barça juniors. The offer they made me was brutal".

We know that Barça is your lifetime club, but why have you decided to come back now?
"The easiest thing would have been to stay at Arsenal. I’m the captain, playing every game. We are always in the Champions League, always fighting for titles. For all that, and the tough competition here, perhaps now might be the worst time to return to Barça. It’s going to be really tough to make the starting 11, but I needed a new challenge in my life. I thought I’d stagnated a bit, and needed a change of scenery. I needed a special motivation to bring the best out of myself".

Your involvement has been admirable and Barça have made a great effort to sign you. But above all, it was Guardiola who wanted you. What does that mean to you?
"It's the key. I know I can learn a lot from Pep and my teammates. I know they’ll bring the best out of me. On top of that there are many tactical and technical aspects that will make me better in this team".

10 years ago you thought there was no one who could think as fast as Pep on the field. Do you still think the same, or that Cesc has bettered that?
"Not at all!. There are also two before me who think very fast, like Xavi and Andrés, and they’ve demonstrated that fact. They are 2 stars on and off the field. Pep has always been a reference for me, but now they are both the benchmark".

Many years ago Pep dedicated a shirt to you which read "you’ll be the Barça number '4'. How did the story go?
"My parents separated when I was 13 or 14. I went to play in a tournament in Valladolid or Italy, I don’t remember very well. I was a bit depressed about the separation. I was having a bad time, and my manager, Rodolf Borrell, a fantastic person, came and told me that he’d heard that he was going to give me this shirt. It's a great coincidence, an anecdote. My father has kept the shirt. I’ll treasure it forever".

You were part of a great generation, that of 87. You’ll be back playing with Messi and Pique. When you were young, did you speak about one day becoming first team players?
"We played some very good championships with that team and we were very together. They were the best years of my life. But talking about it, no we didn’t. I don’t think that any of the three of us ever imagined that one day we’d play together in the first team".

What remains of that Cesc who left at 16? Or is the Cesc of today a product of Wenger?
"I think that Cesc has changed very little. I have improved in some ways, but I’ve always been willing to work hard, and that's what’s helped me to improve every day. I am always keen to learn. It's a mistake to think you know it all or you are better than others".

How do you think it will be, working every day with your great friends Puyol and Pique?
"Special. It’s what I really wanted. They are great friends and I have other great friends in this dressing room. But it’s also true that I lived with them via the national team in European Championships and World Cups. For me it will be a brutal experience, and they’ll certainly help to get the best out of me".

Have the "oh oh!! and moooc moc" on Twitter finished?
"Certainly not. Now we’ll do it more often (laughs)".

You’ve known Gerard since childhood, but Carles Puyol less time, and he’s become an important person to you.
"For me Carles is an amazing person. Last year in the World Cup I was having a really bad time, and he was in my room every day encouraging me. And finally, I came on in the World Cup Final, it all ended well and he said to me 'do you see that you have to have more confidence in yourself?’. He’s a captain on and off the field, due to his personality and his humility. I’ve met very few people like him in football".

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.cat

Mourinho attacked Cesc while on the ground

Another. In the middle of the debate on whether or not to censor violent behavior harassed by Jose Mourinho, on and off the court, new images added arguments for someone - RFEF , Real Madrid , or both, censured the Portuguese coach once. (via MD)

[Did he try to step Mourinho to Cesc?]
The video in question circulating through the network and viewed in slow motion, can be interpreted in many ways. Judge for yourselves ...

want to show a video circulating on the networks and fans have sent us from around the world.

Making a quick viewing of the final brawl, the detail is almost imperceptible, but if you go in slow motion, Mourinho looks like his foot near the head of Cesc when the remains lying on the ground after the brutal entry Marcelo. Do you assaulted? Are you trying to do? Is taking a long stride?

You can take a look and comment what you think of the end of this article. You can also express your views in our channels on Facebook and Twitter .

Within hours, we will collect your item that majority opinion based on your comments.

The video's background music is heard the piece of Madrid anthem which celebrates sportsmanship and dominion, attributes that seem to have lost the Chamartin in recent times. (via SPORT)

Barça waits a sanction to Mou

FC Barcelona is convinced that the disciplinary bodies, surely one's Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation , will serve ex officio in the outrageous and provocative assault on Jose Mourinho to the second of Pep Guardiola , Tito Vilanova , during the final Super Cup .

The images of the treacherous action of the Portuguese, who sought to exploit the confusion to cause Vilanova , have not only traveled the world but they have caused, even in areas of Real Madrid, a reaction of condemnation and revulsion. Are such that only one eloccuencia possible, by the federal authorities, an intervention that responds to the social climate of fear and discomfort of most football fans, not only for Barça.

Nobody would understand today throughout the Spanish football unsportsmanlike attitude that Mourinho goes unpunished to shame and ridicule of the Competition Committee and the RFEF . They were witnesses to the Nou Camp is not only the president Angel Maria Villar , but the Secretary of State for Sport, Alberto Soler .

At a summit on the night of Wednesday and continued by telephone yesterday, Barca strata, from the policy to the coaching staff agreed that the seriousness of the facts spoke for itself and it was not necessary nor appropriate direct claim Barcelona . Analyzed the spiral of the actions of Mourinho and his players were spontaneous agreement in pointing to the Portuguese as the sole and direct responsibility for the deterioration of international relations and the dynamics of other players as unsportsmanlike Pepe , Kedhira , Marcelo or German Özil also uncontrolled frentre to Barca .

The Catalan club itself has estimated that the Madrid media pressure, which points to Mourinho as head of the Tanganyika and the shocking end of the Super Cup , will lead the sports authorities to take once in the matter.

As players of Barca , who by the mouth of Xavi , Piqué and Alves , until exonerated Casillas and company, saying they were victims of the evil influence of Mou , the board also fired Barca Madrid to the footballing recognizing that Madrid had played better in the Nou Camp , but had been Mourinho the only culprit spoil the ending and the image of Real Madrid , something that seems agreed, with a small mouth that yes, the directors of the board 'merengue' but no Florentino , now his only supporter in the vicinity of white power.

Thus, the club will wait to see the reaction of the Competition Committee to an event that transcends, by evil and falsehood with Mou then denied his blatant attack on Vilanova's own sphere of sport, it is part of the public conduct a character like him, influencing public opinion. (via MD)

The day that Pep defended to the 'second' Mourinho

In San Mames and after a scuffle with Luis Fernandez.

On Wednesday, Jose Mourinho had a cockney attitude with Tito Vilanova , the second of Pep Guardiola . First he poked in the eye, coming to Villanova in the back with the stealth of a fox. Then he turned and tried to disappear from the scene of the 'crime' dissembling. And finally, as cold and the press, taunted Tito calling ' Pito 'and ensuring that you do not know.

A Mourinho who, curiously, Pep Guardiola defended when, as the Portuguese second Robson, received attacks Luis Fernandez in an Athletic-Barça League 96-97. Luis had already sought the tickle Mou in advance. "Care in San Mames the bench are very close. That this may Mourinho is sitting for what might happen, "he warned. As expected, the Portuguese will not be stopped, and Fernandez went to the bench for him to rebuke and intimidate visitors.

So Guardiola went to get the coach of Athletic forty and sang: "Do not laugh the other hand, mister. What he's doing does not make a true professional." After the match, the reaction of Mou was: "Luis has made ​​this match a war dog. I'm only talking about men, not unruly kids." He, on Wednesday, behaved much worse than a bad sleeper. (via MD)

The dream debut of Cesc at Barca

After training in the morning, Fabregas enjoyed his family the day after winning his first title with the team Barca.

Cesc Fabregas realized his "dream" in the first-team debut in Barcelona. "Playing in Barcelona and win a title in the first game than anything imagined, I am completely happy, "said MD. Yesterday shared that joy with his grandparents and mother. He ate with his 'avis' Alex and Isabel in Arenys de Munt . Then he went home to his mother, Nuria, Arenys de Mar, where he enjoyed a well deserved nap.

His grandfather joked with him: "You've already won in the Barca half titles in the Arsenal , "he said. But Fabregas said that the Arsenal had spent many years are very important in his career.

In the morning before his father spoke with Francesc who watched the game in New York (in Nevada Smith, surrounded by Whites) and called him excited. They discussed the return of Cesc to the hotel late because he had to stay to make treatment in the Nou Camp after the Super Cup .

Fabregas trained yesterday but was still swollen knee, but "only hurts when I kick the ball, and the swelling will go down." Cesc confessed that "I learned almost nothing about the brawl because I was still in the soil after last entry Marcelo . " The crack of Maresme "enjoyed" going to play with his friends and colleagues: "With Leo I understand memory we played a lot together, as with Pique .'re all telling us to play with them is a pleasure and an honor. "

Cesc revealed that Pep told him to leave to "enjoy", after giving appropriate directions. And Fabregas made ​​it to the fullest. (via MD)

Messi, the best in all the times

Leo Messi is still running qualifiers and César (14) is the only Barca that exceeds their 13 goals in the classics.

Although I am sure many colleagues have been able to hallucinate so close to the mischief of Leo Messi on the ball, no doorman who regret having been a contemporary of the Argentinian star. Within three days, Iker Casillas has conceded three more goals from the boots of the '10 'Barca, thus further raising their own in classic filmmaker.

You are 13 targets in 15 official matches played against Real Madrid . In the history of the greatest duels in Spanish football rivalry occupies the sixth place ranking filmmakers to just five goals leader Alfredo di Stefano . In Barcelona , only Cesar Rodriguez surpasses while 'Wigs' scored his 14 points in 26 games. At 24, just a matter of time Messi reach the 'Saeta Rubia', who has never spared no praise for his compatriot despite Barca dressing.

Increasingly there are less qualified for the best player in the Barca of all time. It was incorporated into preseason workouts until ten days ago but did not need that was one hundred percent to annihilate once masal Real Madrid : the first leg, switch to Villa in the great goal of the tie and a bit minutes, in return; two more goals and an assist to sensational Iniesta define big.

Messi arrived at the Super Cup with five goals in the tournament behind Raul (7), Stoichkov (6) and Begiristain (6) and conocho, Yaese the top scorer of the historic competition. On Sunday and also erected in the player in the history of Barcelona has scored in more end (7) breaking up the tables with Hristo . Who thought his record of 53 goals for Barcelona in a season was second to none, maybe not bet against Leo under its crushing boot of course.

With 183 goals in 271 games with the first team, 99 of them in the Nou Camp , is only 11, Ladislao Kubala (194). To catch César (235), 52 more missing. Sabella thanks to Leo 's new coach Argentine Alejandro Sabella , was pleased because "we should be grateful and enjoy that the shirt was argentinaynoeligió the Spanish." He also recalled that "we should leave him alone because the team is not Barcelona . " (via MD)

Record Supercopa for TVE

The second leg of the Super Cup last night faced Barca and Madrid was followed by 8,067,000 viewers and has become the most watched event in the history of this competition in La 1 TVE.

In a statement released Thursday, TVE reported that the Barcelona-Madrid reached an audience share of 54.5 percent and was seen at some point by 13,200,000 viewers. The "golden minute" was recorded at 23.40, time when people were 9,125,000 outstanding game. Barcelona and Real Madrid, remember TVE, had clashed in the Super Cup in 1993 and 1997. The meeting of 1993, the most watched to date, was followed in return for 7,107,000 people. (via SPORT)

Messi starts up willing to be even better

The liking of Barça would sign what Valdés told to Leo after winning Supercopa: "Leo, I love you a heap!"

Leo Messi continues to rise. It has not reached the top of that seems inexplicable. This exceeds game by game and season to season. A unique case, a member of that rare breed of players chosen to elevate the status of art sports action. Hence it has been considered the best player in 2009 and 2010. And leading the way back to number one in 2011 ... A player who is in another dimension.

The Argentine has started very strongly, as last season, scoring three goals in the Supercopa of Spain and lifting the title, 16 as Blaugrana. Furthermore, he has scored 13 goals for Real Madrid at the Nou Camp 6 and 7 at the Santiago Bernabeu. It's the worst nightmare for the white team, unable to stop much you insist players like Pepe and Marcelo.

Messi, who scored 53 goals last season, is already 3 in the present and aims to beat his best time this season. The best start to make the best feelings a swollen, as always, expected to continue making a difference in the field. The Flea 'did not disappoint his involvement knows no rest or respite. As Pep Guardiola said at the time, "is a competitive animal." And faith to prove it. With the club already has scored 183 goals in 271 games (an average of 0.67 goals per match) and those many that have entered in 124 games. And when the door has been the Argentine team won on 109 occasions, drawn in 13 and only lost 2 (Atletico Madrid and Betis). It is pure gold.

His great performance in the Super Cup, especially in the second leg, with an assist and two goals, earned him again showered with praise. Cesc, for example, commented that "what is that he's the best in the decisive moments. Not the best header, but scored so many goals. Not the best shooting from afar, but also scores from outside the area. And it can do so in the end ... That's what makes it a special player. " Valdés, for his part, said that after the conquest of Spain Supercup "I told him I love him a lot because sometimes it takes some trouble ... It is unique. And always will be. "

Similarly, Pique maintained that "everything we expected Leo. You do not need preseason. Life has given us because we were so righteous forces. The extension had been made very long. " Even his former teammate Deco, who watched the game on television, said he "has it all in one: provides goals from Romario and Ronaldo, and in turn, is spectacular as Ronaldinho." (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Rodri, the 'Guaje' Andalusian

The more secure you will strike the player's nothing wrong Andalusian adoption, as it will travel to Sevilla to complete the move.

Barça B has one of the most promising strikers in Spanish football. Born June 6, 1990, Rodri lives for the goal and proof of this is that the mirrors are Samuel Eto'o and, above all, David Villa, which coincide in more than a workout and he admires for several years.

The striker was born in Soria, but grew up in the neighborhood of La Motilla (Two Sisters), which also ended the mythical central Diego resident and where he took his first steps until the Sevilla recruited him to his quarry. Rodri lived two very successful campaigns in the Youth and was instrumental in winning the Cup in the 2007-08 season (2-0 to Barca in the final) and 2008-09 (Athletic 3-2 in a match Rodri which forced overtime and signed the winning goal). And with only 18 trained several times with Sevilla Atlético, then Second A.

In the 2009-10 season came to subsidiary and Manolo Jimenez debuted in first on February 28 2010 against Athletic (Renato supplied in 86 '). And in his second appearance became an idol for Sevilla when even he expected. In the last round, Sevilla Almeria dying when Rodri entered the 83 'and 93' signed the 2-3, which meant qualification for the Champions on a previous computer that was active the Blaugrana Adriano.

However, last season only played nine games with the first team (including a European League against Porto) and scored a goal in the Cup against Real Union. He has also twice Under-21 international and therefore already knew Marc Bartra, Kiko Femenía and Carles Planas. In fact, on March 24 made a KO in both the Spanish against France 3-2.

Several clubs were interested Rodri, but he parked it knew all about the club. It is, above all, a '9 ', may alternate with the playmaker position or falling band. The player dreams of the first team, but wants to go slowly and not take away eye while a Villa with shared physical appearance and romance with the goal, as evidenced by the 19 points they scored last season in the subsidiary Seville (II B). Now, is called to share the lead with Jonathan Soriano. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Polenta, new target of Barca B

Uruguayan central defender who plays for Genoa would be close to sealing his move to Barca subsidiary.

Diego Polenta, Italian Genoa young defense is just one step from signing for Barça B, reports the website 'Calciomercato'.

According to the information of the medium, the transfer of the Uruguayan central would be around 5.5 million euros and, thus, became the fourth signing of Barcelona B next season after Cristian Lobato, Kiko Femenía and Rodri (plus the return of temporary workers Riverola and Cuenca).

Polenta, 19, was the captain of his team at the recent World Under 20 and one of the features highlighted the good work in the air and the anticipation on the court. (via SPORT)

Barça won't denounce Mourinho

Barça won't toss more firewood to the fire and has announced that it won't denounce the aggression from Mourinho to Tito Vilanova.

After the tense standoff between Barça and Madrid lived down the stretch last season, the recent incidents in the Supercopa of Spain have created a rapid reaction force in the Catalan club, who wants the cloudy atmosphere too and that would prejudice the team.

Along this line Pep Guardiola said in a press conference after the crash, also emphasizing that failure to stop the spiral of tension, "something will happen someday." For this reason the club has made it clear that aggression denounce José Mourinho to Tito Vilanova after the game and let the bodies are competent to act in motion, since the television pictures and leave clear enough what happened. (via SPORT)

This is the trio held 'moc moc'

Cesc Fabregas, Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol photographed with Super Barca in the locker room after the victory against Real Madrid.

Finally came the most desired snapshot in recent months by the majority of Catalans fans. The trio 'moc moc' composed of Cesc Fabregas, Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol was photographed with Super Barca in the locker room after the victory against Real Madrid.

Right in the center of the image along with two of the protagonists of the match saw the first captain of FC Barcelona, ​​Carles Puyol who, while not disputing any of the two parties under this title, would not miss the celebration and joined his teammates in the locker room. (via SPORT)

Mourinho, an expert in forgetting names

The on Wednesday was not the first time that Mourinho forgot a name. The sneer at Tito Vilanova, who ninguneo calling him "Pito", denying knowing who he was, has a background in the stage of the Portuguese in the Calcium.

The events date back to September 2008, when they trained Mourinho to Inter Milan. After a match against Catania, in which the 'Nerazzurri' easily won-the Portuguese coach openly acknowledged that his team could have won "four or five to one," something that bothered the Sicilian club's president, Pietro Lo Monaco who did not hesitate to charge against him.

"Someone who says things like this show that has no respect for opponents and the country that receives them. A Mourinho would have to leave your teeth," said Lo Monaco.

It was after these words when asked about what happened, Mourinho refused to enter the game the leader of Catania and directly chose none. "Lo Monaco? I know the 'Monaco' of Tibet (a monk monaco in Italian), the principality of Monaco, the Monaco Grand Prix and Bayern Monaco (Munich is well translated in Italian). I do not know anybody else" said the technician, as stated in the video accompanying the news.

VIDEO: www.sport.es

That was the brawl between Villa and Özil

David Villa and Mesut Özil had their particular pique during brawl.

In the first minutes of the video program 'Ball Point' Intereconomia, that follow you can see the rifirafe that took David Villa and Mesut Ozil in the middle of the brawl that was formed after the demolition Malicious Marcelo Cesc Fabregas.

It is clearly seen but there is a small exchange hands between two players and then see Ozil complaining of a possible slap on the face of the Spaniard. (via SPORT)

Sabella: "We must acknowledge that Messi in the Argentina team play"

Argentine football coach said "we should be grateful every day that Lionel Messi has chosen to play in the Argentina team," and said that "we must leave him alone."

"If you do here as there (in Spain) is because the Argentina and Barcelona are different," said the technician to come to Buenos Aires after meeting in Europe with several players who would be convened soon, including Rosario .

Thursday Messi captures the main spaces of the press in Argentina after his brilliant performance on Wednesday with Barcelona in the Spanish Cup Winners' Cup final, which beat Real Madrid 3-2 with his two goals.

"The selection is not Barcelona, ​​we must start with that. And Messi is the best player in the world and the most destabilizing, we have left alone and enjoy being put on the Argentina shirt and thank you did not choose the Spanish shirt. All day we have to thank that is ours, "said Sabella.

He added that "can not do the same in the selection in Barcelona because it changes the context." (via SPORT)

[Former player] Ronaldinho returns to the 'canarinha'

The Brazil coach Mano Menezes has called Ronaldinho for the friendly with Ghana.

World champion and twice World Footballer Ronaldinho, did not see the past nine months the shirt of the Brazilian team was summoned today for the friendly on 5 September when Brazil will face Ghana in London.

The player, 31, who is highlighting this year's club Flamengo and is the second highest scorer of the current Brazilian Championship, was the great novelty in the squad for Brazil friendly next released today by the Brazil coach Mano Menezes.

The former club Paris St Germain French, Spanish Barcelona and Milan, Italy did not act with the Brazilian team since November 17, 2010, when Brazil lost 1-0 in a friendly with Argentina.

The last time the attacker played a competitive match for Brazil was in April 2009, in a commitment to the World Cup qualifiers in which Brazil beat Peru 3-0.

"He came back for all that is going through. It is a world champion and I think that after his return to Brazilian football is past time to show that he recovered and is fine," Menezes said in justifying his decision to convene a attacker will be 34 years Brazil will host the World Cup in 2014.

"Ronaldinho has become one of the best players in the Brazilian Championship, played with great regularity this season and has become the leader of Flamengo. May be one of the references as the leader we need in the selection. I hope can do (selected) what they are doing at Flamengo, "he said.

The inclusion of Ronaldinho in the squad for the friendly between Brazil and Ghana virtually preclude the use Flamengo their best player in the classic to the Corinthians, Mano Menezes old team in a match that will define the leader of the Brazilian Championship .

Despite the call for a veteran forward, Menezes maintained its stake in the new revelations of Brazilian football for the team preparing for the World 2014 and reconvened juveniles, and Paulo Henrique Neymar Goose, champions of the Copa Libertadores with Santos and midfielder Lucas (Sao Paulo) and striker Alexandre Pato (Milan / ITA).

Other developments in the squad for the Brazilian team were the first appearance of the lateral and the Danilo Santos return of Hulk, Porto striker Portuguese, and Luiz Gustavo, the Bayern Munich midfielder German.

The friendly against Ghana will be decisive for Menezes because the coach is now being challenged by their poor performance in front of the Brazilian team.

After the elimination of Brazil's Copa America in Argentina last month, the selection lost last week's friendly against Germany.

Of the thirteen parties as Brazil coach Menezes has accumulated six wins, four draws and three defeats. The coach, however, has not achieved any success against other teams in the world champions, having been defeated in friendly with France, Argentina and Germany. (via SPORT)

The squad for the match against Ghana is as follows:
- Porteros: Julio César (Inter de Milán/ITA), Fabio (Cruzeiro) y Jefferson (Botafogo).
- Laterales: Daniel Alves (Barcelona/ESP), Danilo (Santos), Marcelo (Real Madrid/ESP) y Adriano (Barcelona/ESP).
- Zagueros: Lucio (Inter de Milán/ITA), Thiago Silva (Milán/ITA), David Luiz (Chelsea/ING) y Dedé (Vasco da Gama).
- Volantes: Lucas Leiva (Liverpool/ING), Ralf (Corinthians), Luiz Gustavo (Bayern de Múnich/ALE) y Elías (Atlético de Madrid/ESP).
- Centrocampistas: Paulo Henrique Ganso (Santos), Lucas (Sao Paulo) y Fernandinho (Shakhtar/UCR).
- Delanteros: Alexandre Pato (Milán/ITA), Robinho (Milán/ITA), Neymar (Santos), Hulk (Porto/POR), Ronaldinho Gaúcho (Flamengo) y Leandro Damiao (Internacional).