18 August 2011

Alves: "This Supercopa was vital"

Dani Alves told the ‘El Marcador’ show on Barça TV that it was vital for both teams to win the first title of the season. “Great expectations had been created” he said.

Dani Alves went on to say that “it looked like Madrid would win this title because they had a great preseason” and FC Barcelona were not in such good physical condition. “Perhaps we were less ready than they were, but we’ve got a lot of quality here”, explaining can almost automatically produce good football. They have learned their lesson well, and were still able to produce moments of sublime brilliance despite so few training sessions together.

Alves was one of Barça’s best players against Madrid. He didn’t join many attacking moves but instead concentrated on stopping Cristiano Ronaldo runs to the extent that the Portuguese star showed signs of desperation. “They normally attack a lot down my wing so against Madrid I usually play more defensively, because their counter attacks are so quick”, he told Barça TV.

On the controversy at the end of the match, Alves said “you always have to be super-calm in a game like that, because there’s intensity in your heart and you can make mistakes”. The Brazilian said they have learned a lot from Josep Guardiola in that respect. His point was that “if you have a negative model, you do negative things. If you have a positive model, like Guardiola, who says positive things, who says you have to onto the pitch to compete and play football, it’s much better”.

Alves also said that teams at this level have to know how to win and lose. “The best example is the final of the Champions League, against a team of gentlemen like Manchester United. Millions of people are watching and you have to stay calm.” He agrees with Guardiola that it is time to do something, because there is an increasing risk of something even more serious happening. “They could end up doing damage to a fellow professional” he said.

Cesc Fàbregas made his debut last night and was involved in the winning goal. “Cesc is the Barça type of player, who knows this place well and how it all works. He has only been here three days and has already picked up all the moves. He’ll contribute a lot to the team”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mesut Özil: "David Villa insulted my religion"

Madrid player Mesut Özil has explained his attitude in the incidents that took place in the final minutes of Barcelona-Real Madrid yesterday. German soccer player was ejected, like Villa, after they were ensarzaran Marcelo after the entry of a Cesc Fabregas.

According to the Real Madrid player of Turkish descent and who practice the Islamic faith, says the esturiano insulted his religion: "I started because I was defending my religion, because David Villa has insulted Islam," said German statements published by 'questionhalal.com'. (via AS)

Morientes: "I'm disgusted they are not left to pick up the Cup"

The former Real Madrid player said he felt "embarrassed" by the words of Casillas Cesc accusing of 'piscinero'.

Many of the actions of Real Madrid in the match yesterday and in recent years are beginning to tire club several white fans who do not find anywhere the 'Lordship' which boasts Florentino .

One of those famous Real Madrid yesterday pests echo on the team was Fernando Morientes , who said the match for "La COPE" and confessed to feeling "shame Madrid" after hearing the statements of Iker Casillas accusing Cesc of 'piscinero' .

In addition, former white player, said he was "disgusted They are not left to pick up the Cup , "because, once the meeting, the Madrid players retreated to the locker room, pushed by his coach and did not stay on the lawn for the ceremony of the trophy. (via MD)

Cesc trains until in the holiday

Cesc Fabregas has returned to Barcelona with the same enthusiasm of a kid coming up from the subsidiary to the first team, the proof, which he did on Thursday ...

After winning the Super Cup, Pep Guardiola rested players. However, Cesc Fabregas, who practically has just arrived and on Wednesday participated in the great victory, decided to train on their own for taking the physical tone to go faster.

The Arenys, who knows he is not yet one hundred percent, is very focused on completing its overhaul. (via SPORT)

The Spanish press praises "Supermessi" and charge against Mourinho

Almost all the front pages of Spanish newspapers have been featuring the colossal encounter that took place Wednesday at the Camp Nou, in which the club won its first title of season.

In SPORT opened the diary with a picture of euphoria on Messi and Fabregas celebrates the second goal that gave Argentina the title for Guardiola. SuperMessi, supercampeones! Is our starter. Below we offer Imagna of the most serious incident of the match featuring Mourinho.

El Diario AS published a photo on the cover of the first go of Messi in which Christian, knees, go with Casillas as the ball enters the goal. The Madrid daily very surprised with the headline figure, which speaks for itself: Why? For Messi. AS also highlights the performance of Mourinho and his slap in the eye Tito Vilanova.

For its part, also elevates MARK Messi, arguing that Madrid was "huge and powerful." In this paper did not appear anywhere on the cover of bad fury of white coach and simply say there was a final brawl, yes "after a treacherous entrance Marcelo Cesc."

Mundo Deportivo also choose "SuperMessi" as a front page headline and offers the catch in that is making her act Mourinho disrespectful.

As for the mainstream press, the newspaper 'El Mundo' said: "Messi buries the Madrid Super Cup to remember," in line titled 'El Periódico' and 'La Vanguardia'.

"Life as usual" is the front page headline chosen by the public, which includes a photo of euphoria of the Barcelona players.

In short, all the papers show that the club won its first title against the best football version of Madrid. However, can not ignore the regrettable incidents in the final minutes. (via SPORT)

Vilarrubí: "Mourinho is a blight to the world of football"

Barca vice-president strongly condemned the events of Wednesday night and charged the negative character of the night.

Barça's directive is characterized precisely by lavishing words or judgmental about someone. However, the unfortunate events that occurred Wednesday night in the closing stages of Barcelona-Madrid, were so severe that one of the most authoritative voices of the dome Blaugrana had to leave the passage to condemn certain behaviors.

Carles Vilarrubí, Vice President of FC Barcelona, ​​saw up close incidents that starred and led Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, sticking your finger in the eye Tito Vilanova, a move away from common sense, more akin to a schoolyard.

"Expanding Piqué statements , I must say that Mourinho is a scourge for Spanish football, "said Vilarrubí, in a phrase repeated three times during an interview granted to the program rediofónica 'El Mon a Rac-1'. For the manager, the events that occurred moments before the end of the game can not go unpunished and "is having someone do something so this does not happen again."

The Vice President explained why the players of Real Madrid not remain on the lawn when the club received the trophy. "I'll give you a scoop. From our location in the field is perfectly all and I saw Mourinho ordered his players to go to the locker room as soon as the referee blew the final whistle."

Vilarrubí hinted that since the club no action will be taken to see how he reacts Madrid. "I am convinced that Madrid as an institution can not support their coach in a few cases like yesterday, so we'll see what happens in the coming hours." (via SPORT)

The bomb of Espanyol: The brothers Dos Santos

Joan Collet and Ramón Plans met last Tuesday with the father of the two players.

Espanyol are very close to realize what would be his big break in the transfer market.

The club has very advanced at this time, the negotiations to bring the brothers Dos Santos to his sporting project. Giovani and Jonathan have many choices to sign, although negotiations are complicated.

Jonathan's case would be almost closed, while Giovani would be icing on the cake for which you are fighting for wearing the shirt-white finish. Offers are released, talk and negotiate, just missing the affirmative although everything is channeled. It would be the market raring Espanyol, who have moved well and hopes to collect the fruits.

The operation takes days gestation, but the final push came last Tuesday when they began to see clearly that the future was far from Cornellà Osvaldo. Nevertheless, the incorporation of these two players could be realized with or without Osvaldo on the computer.

In fact they are trying to close them as soon as possible to avoid competition between the bidding and end up more expensive product. Collet and plans on Tuesday met with the father of footballers, Zizinho Francisco, to study the contract and everything indicates that the signings are feasible, but Giovanni is more complicated.

Espanyol was launched first by Jonathan dos Santos after the club confirmed that he would give out after the signing of Cesc. Has a contract with Barca, but may leave an amount of about one million euros. The player had an offer from Zaragoza but prefer to play Espanyol and all parties would agree comfortable.

Barca want an option to buy and that is what you are studying right now. Midfielder is seeking to complete the sports campus. Quality has to move the ball and very good placement on the field. Pochettino gave the OK in the Copa Catalunya. Signed for four years.

While the arrival of Jonathan trading raised the possibility of signing Giovani, very coveted player in the market after her sensational mid-season in Racing.

The player belongs to Tottenham and wants to return to Spain. In fact, a few days ago rejected a proposal by Udinese, who paid eight million euros. Giovani priority back to Barcelona and if it is to play on the same team as his brother.

Espanyol studying two options to bring. If you sell Osvaldo is likely to opt for joining a price close to five million euros, although not ruling out the option of an assignment option.

And the club Espanyol is clear that this is an honest player in projection and which could have a second sale in the coming years. They are in it and the answer might be between tomorrow and because the player is in a hurry to define its future. Look good.

The two players have a Spanish passport, so it does not occupy extra square. Would complete in a row a team that would be very much strengthened. The father of the players is looking lovingly supply-white, in the case of Jontahan is the best it has on the table.

Espanyol had other options, although the area is clear that sport can not miss the opportunity. In fact, the board has given the green light pending contracts that the players give the OK. It is a crushing blow, quality and a future for Espanyol this summer has been able to find market opportunities. We'll see how it ends.

They continue looking at the surrender of a forward:

The additions of Giovani and Jonathan may not be the last. And the club is considering the transfer market to find a striker striker who complete the template in the case of Osvaldo go. There are three or four options under consideration and all depend on the price of operations and find a player who enters the profile of what they seek.

Espanyol footballers with great mobility observed above, that have good uncheck and especially auction. Osvaldo profile players, but the priority is to be contrasted in their leagues.

The preference is to play football in Europe and accumulate a number of important games. If you close the signings of Dos Santos, sepodría wait until late August to finalize any of these options. There would be no such urgency, and even it is possible to play on edge Giovani as he did on occasion in a high performance racing.

Bartomeu and Zubizarreta confirm that Gamper

Vice President Sports and Sports Director of Professional Football on Monday say they will host the Joan Gamper Trophy as planned. "We work with the idea that Monday will Gamper," said Zubizarreta.

The day strike called for this weekend by the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) will not jeopardize the Joan Gamper Trophy to be held on Monday, against Napoli (20.30 hours). "We want to play the Gamper. It's our party and every year our members and fans expect it. It is a holiday and also have Trobada of Rocks on Saturday and Sunday. We will make every effort to be played on Monday," says Josep Maria Bartomeu, sports vice president.

Along the same lines expressed Andoni Zubizarreta, the Sports Director of Professional Football. "We work with the idea to be played. It is a festival of football, Barca and having a party inside. We want Gamper" sentence. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Villa: "We are happy for a new title"

Last Sunday was one of the protagonists of the encounter and the leg became more desapercebido but the Spaniard believes that the club thinks "prepare a season and not a game".

Asturian striker David Villa, said: "We thought of preparing a season and not a party, we went behind in the preparation, but we are happy with a new title." The Spaniard said the lack of sportsmanship in the last minute, "you had a very tough missing Cesc and all bundled on the bench."

Meanwhile, Iker Casillas, was rolling in the tunnel, mounted in anger. He had already shown that he refused to see reality, "it is business as usual", said just prior to congratulate the champion with the small mouth.
Meanwhile, Barca's sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta, he wanted to congratulate the players for their commitment and meet with the head knowledge gaps in preparation. "The head has passed the physical." (via SPORT)

Bartomeu: “An important title to start the season”

The vice president for the sports area was very pleased with the first title of the season and the tenth Supercup in club history. “The first title after a game of maximum rivalry is a very important one to start the season”, said Josep Maria Bartomeu.

He was also delighted with Cesc’s first game in a Barça shirt: “Truth is, he showed what a good player he is and what qualities he has”. After saying that the club will try to play the Gamper match anyway, despite the AFE strike, Bartomeu said he was sorry with the way the game ended: “It is a shame these things happened. The pictures speak for themselves.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola equals Cruyff with eleven titles

With the Supercopa of Spain won the Real Madrid coach Guardiola gets his eleventh title in four years and tied with the Dutch and the technician's most successful club history.

"I have not won, I'm part of this club," said Pep Guardiola told a news conference after winning his eleventh title as first team coach. Although Guardiola has stressed the spirit colectiu of his belt, coach Guardiola has matched Johan Cruyff as coach with the most titles in the history of the club. Pep Guardiola in four seasons and add 2 Champions League 3 League, 1 European Super Cup, 1 Club World Cup, and 3 Spanish Super Cup won titles against Athletic Bilbao, Sevilla and Real Madrid. Guardiola, in fact, has won 11 of 14 possible title. For its part, Cruyff in eight years as coach of FC Barcelona won 4 Leagues, 1 European Cup Winners Cup 1, 1 European Super Cup, 1 Copa del Rey and 3 Spanish Super Cup.

In addition to its eleven titles coaching, we must add the titles as a player: 1 European Cup, 1 European Cup Winners Cup, 2 European Super Cups, 6 League, 2 Cups, 4 Spanish Super Cups. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Rating; Supercopa de España Leg2] FC Barcelona - Real Madrid (3-2)


Casillas: "An entry will be drawn and, as usual"

Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas was upset after the second leg of the Supercopa of Spain which pitted his team against FC Barcelona at Camp Nou and ended with Barca victory by three goals to two, meaning ultimately the achieving the title for Guardiola's men.

Casillas said the end of the match scuffle between players from both teams was "because in a game so many interests and it is clear that there may be conflict." White set goalkeeper added that everything that happened in the final minutes of the crash was because supposed "to be made an entry and will have thrown down as ever."

The Real Madrid captain declined further assessments of the match and ended saying that "what is said is said for a long time. On occasion, it just would have been a draw." (via AS)

Xavi: “We believe in footballing justice and justice was done today”

The midfielder felt his side thoroughly deserved to win against Madrid tonight. Despite the troubles at the end, Xavi was thrilled to win another trophy.

avi Hernàndez has now won seventeen titles for FC Barcelona, and was proud of tonight’s performance. He knows the team is still lacking a bit of fitness, but “we showed we know how to play. In the end we got the luck to win this Supercup … we are happy because despite everything, we beat Madrid”.

On the rumpus at the end of the match, Xavi said “Madrid’s image was shameful. The pictures speak for themselves … We believe in footballing justice and justice was done today”.

Piqué: “We took our chances”

Gerard Piqué said after the match that “this is an important title. We knew it would be hard because they are better prepared. They were stronger than us but we took our chances to win the Supercup … it was an intense match that wasn’t decided until the last minute”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Piqué: "Mourinho is destroying the Spanish football"

Gerard Piqué exploded in the mixed zone and pointed to Mourinho as the real culprit of the tension that has come in the last clásico.

Gerard Piqué bit his tongue once the meeting, and although be very happy with the first title won by the Catalans, shot with a bullet which he considers to blame for the unfortunate incidents at the end of the meeting: José Mourinho.

"I do not talk about the brawl, it's a shame, is not the first time and are always the same. Someone has to take action asunto.Mourinho is destroying the Spanish football. Talk a lot about the Catalans, but the problem is have in Madrid, "he said.

He added: "I think it's going too far and the limit and must stop. We can not always finish well in the end this will end very badly." (via SPORT)

Cesc Fabregas marks his debut with a trophy

The Barça number 4, along with Alexis Sanchez, won his first title with Barça when he’s only been with the team for 3 days.

esc Fabregas couldn’t have had a better debut. He came onto the pitch in the 82nd minute, just after Benzema had equalised the score at 2-2. But his coming on revolutionised the fans, and the team. A short while later, in precisely the 88th minute, Messi scored the winning goal. The goal that won the Super Cup.

For Cesc it was more than a goal. The goal that won a new title for Barça, and a trophy that is Fabregas’s first with Barça. Coming to Barça and molding into the team. 3 days with Barça and a trophy already. And in nine days, a European Super Cup on the horizon, which could be his second title.

Fabregas was also the object of a nasty foul by Marcelo, who received a straight red card. In his first match Cesc tasted the glory of the title and what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a bad foul, which luckily, had no consequences. When in the 98th minute the referee whistled the end of the match, Cesc exploded with joy and embraced his teammates to celebrate his third title on a personal level.

The Barça number 4 hopes it’s the first of many. Barça hope that Cesc will be an important asset in the pursuit of new titles. As for Guardiola, he’s already essential. "In 10 minutes we saw enough to know how Cesc is," the first team manager said, and he also stressed that Fabregas “gets inside like almost no other player".

Alexis, despite not playing in the second leg, played all ninety minutes in the first leg, and also contributed to the Barça triumph. The new Barça number 9 also won his first title since he joined the club in July. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alexis injury during the warm up

The player has an elongation of the left gracilis. The evolution of the injury will mark the ultimate outcome is in principle a week.

During heating Alexis Sanchez has slipped, as explained Guardiola during the press conference after the match against Madrid. "There was a risk of injury and we did not want to risk," confirmed the coach. The Chilean has undergone various medical tests confirmed that the player "has an elongation in the left gracilis. The evolution of the injury will mark the ultimate outcome is in principle a week." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mourinho: "What has happened they have not brought my players"

The Portuguese coach has stated that the players of Real Madrid have not caused the incidents after the match.
After attacking the second Guardiola, has mocked his name saying that "I do not know 'Pito' Vilanova".

Minutes after the FC Barcelona has been declared Supercampeón in Spain, coach of the losing team, the Real Madrid has surprised everyone present to speak out in a press conference rather than cede the honor to Aitor Karanka as usual .

The coach of Real Madrid has proved ironic and the vast majority of responses have suggested that the party had seen the Portuguese has been a very different has viewing the world, which explains the surprising statement that "what happened was because someone has caused and I do not think they were the players of Real Madrid" .

Another response star press conference will be talking about that has been given Mourinho when asked about his assault on Tito Vilanova : " I do not know Pito Vilanova (yes Pito is not a typo) or as call this ... I have no comment, which comment on the referee or television images themselves. "

Then the Portuguese, who has said repeatedly during the conference that he spoke of his rival, has complained that "from the first minute of the second half, there has been a ball boy, some teams do when they are small in difficulties. "

Mourinho has been asked again and again by the unfortunate incident at the end of the party to which replied that "he should tell who is who did it sad" (referring to his people had nothing to do), we we came here to play. "

Luso coach has not wanted to recognize the victory of the Catalan side just saying "I do not assess whether the Barca winner is right, I talk about my team and we have two big games. "

To finish has turned to shake the fleas in the assessment of the recent history of the classical past, ignoring the difference in the game displayed by each team and focusing on results: "There is a great balance in the outcome of the last 6 games". (via MD)

Guardiola, proud of players “eternal, legendary, unrepeatable and honest”

After working hard to win the club’s tenth Spanish Supercup, Guardiola bestowed nothing but praise on his amazing players.

Like he did after the win at the Bernabéu, the Barcelona manager congratulated his players on their huge effort in beating Real Madrid to win the Spanish Supercup at the Camp Nou. “They made an enormous effort. They showed what they are like: eternal, legendary, unrepeatable and honest, people who like to train and `play football... Honestly, looking at how they responded, it is a privilege and an honour to be their manager”, he said.

Guardiola went on to say that “I want to congratulate them for the mentality they have shown, their character, for playing the way they did, because it is never easy to play against a team like Real Madrid in sush intense games.” After pointing out how important the result in the away leg was (2-2), he said that “they still need to get some kilometres under their legs, continuity. I sincerely didn’t think we’d be able to win. It is a nice surprise to win this title.”

On the incidents at the end of the match, Guardiola said “we came to a situation at the end that we have taken badly … The pictures speak for themselves. They think we are always diving, and we think the opposite. I have model players, both on the pitch and in press conferences. We shall just carry on playing football and we shall be as quiet as we can. We are a team that wants to play football as well as possible.”

On Wednesday, Guardiola equalled the eleven titles won by Johan Cruyff. He doesn’t think that statistic matters, for “I didn’t win them alone, and what Johan did for this club cannot be matched however many titles we win in the future. What we have to do is maintain this competitiveness”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cesc: "I am very happy and happy for the premiere and for the title"

The new FC Barcelona midfielder had the dream debut by participating in the winning goal and getting his first title with Barça.

"I am very happy with my debut and the title we've got." These were the first words of the newly signing of FC Barcelona, ​​Cesc Fabregas, after the match which gave the set a new Super Cup squad.

In addition, Barca stressed the value of his teammates and hopes to continue learning every day. "They are real phenomena. I have much to learn from them," he said.

On his debut, Fàbregas was blunt. "I did not expect. He had nearly four months without playing. I was very nervous but I'm very happy for his debut," he said.

Questioned about what happened at the end of the meeting, Arenys was telling. "There is a very strong rivalry and each has their way of playing football. That can not be discussed. We must respect it," he said Fabregas. (via SPORT)

The strike still on

The AFE maintains the strike for the first two days of the season after not reached agreement at the meeting this Wednesday.

The president of the Professional Football League, Jose Luis Astiazaran announced that the players' strike called by the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) for the first two days of the season remains the absence of any agreement the parties reached at the meeting was held Wednesday. "We have not reached any agreement," said Astiazaran after the meeting, held Wednesday in Madrid. "The SFA has strained long rope. The differences are important, but we must move forward," he added.

Both sides agreed to hold another meeting next Friday to try to approximate positions. However, it is almost certainly the first day, which was disputed this weekend, be suspended permanently. That day is scheduled Villarreal B-Hercules second division and seems unlikely to have time to call off the strike. (via SPORT)

Aggression of Mourinho to Tito Vilanova

In injury time of the Barcelona-Madrid for the return of the Super Cup, a hard tackle from Marcelo to Cesc Fabregas sparked a brawl near the dugout between players and Barca set target.

Amid the commotion, the coach of Real Madrid , Jose Mourinho came from behind Tito Vilanova and poked in the eye, to the disbelief of second coach Barca. (via MD)[

Youtube video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck0zKU9TNr0

Vilarrubí: "Gamper will be played yes or yes"

FC Barcelona says that next Monday will host the Joan Gamper Trophy against Napoli despite the strike called by the AFE.

The vice-president in charge of the institutional area, Carles Vilarrubí, announced this Wednesday that the Trophy Joan Gamper will be disputed yes or yes."

Vilarrubí also said "it is the most important holiday of the season for our partners and therefore allow the Catalans come to the stadium to enjoy his team."

This statement ends the turbulent episode related to the strike of the AFE that was intended to prevent the dispute by Joan Gamper Trophy match days when the strike had been called. (via SPORT)

[Supercopa de España Leg 2] FC Barcelona 3 - 2 Real Madrid

Barca won the first game of the season, beating Real Madrid 3-2 thanks to outstanding performance, once again, Leo Messi, who excelled in the first part of a great game by both teams but became on a battlefield in the second half.

Despite being early in the season, so that means in physical states and the rhythm of each other,-the club has been at all times a point behind Madrid, the game displayed at the Camp Nou in the first half left many details of quality from both teams, a great show. Perhaps the best of the six classics this year. Too bad the second part, the mother takes care of not to repeat again and encourage you to live the tense atmosphere of the finals last season.

Real chewed up, but is much Messi Messi

Mourinho was brave and put aside the racanería shown last season to go all out from the beginning. He placed a very high pressure line, making the ball out of the ship and preventing Xavi, Iniesta and Messi could play comfortable. No ball, the club is less club. And the result worked at first. Once at the very beginning and fear in the body of the club.

The tactic, risky, had a major drawback: in the club was over the line and managed to dodge the legs of the white players, were used, again with great strength, the danger came to the goal of Casillas. And so came the first goal. Messi picked up a ball near midfield and a pass broken his masterful defensive line enabling Iniesta, culminating in the work of art with a subtle touch on the goalkeeper.

Madrid responded, unwilling to give up, and did so with a goal similar to that achieved in the second leg. Poorly defended corner kick that ended with a shot that deflected off Ronaldo and slipped into the goal Valdes.

1-1 and everything was the same in the field. The pressure was effective white with inaccuracies of the Catalans, with far behind the defense, and thanks to that good times came two white, one Christian and one Ozil, which disrupted a fantastic Valdés. Indeed, it was worth the goalkeeper, Abidal and Mascherano to the club holding up out back and thrashed.

After that bump, the club breath a little. Madrid overcame the pressure field in three quarters and finally could see Xavi Iniesta combine and move the ball from side to side. Messi had the goal against Casillas in 36 'but it was not until the last minute of the first half when would be ahead the whole FC Barcelona.

Corner favorable to Barca heels of Pique Messi inside the area, showing how good he is, beats Casillas with a soft touch to score above the second. Yet another demonstration that Leo Messi is the best player in the world. Absolutely.

Aggressive second half and tie Benzema

All good game and the intensity of the first half turned into nothing more aggressive fatigue and back rest. Madrid, from the hand (and arm) Pepe especially, again using the hardness too easily and passes and goals will be replaced by inputs and players on the floor.

Just a shot in the 65th minute Iniesta and Sergio Ramos shot frank head broke the tone of the game standing in the second half, in which he accused the club especially the poor physical state with which it has reached the Super Cup.

The coaches made changes, including the debut of Cesc came, and amid the chaos, it was Madrid's draw. Again a poorly defended corner kick for the club allowed to finish off Benzema pleasure from within the small area.

2-2 and the match was coming to the inevitable extension. But the worst is when are the best and there was Messi to solve the game and take the first title of year at Barça. Pass Cesc Messi, Argentina opens with Hadrian and the center of this makes it to top Leo in the back of the net.

It was the ruling party in sports, because then came an unfortunate brawl caused by a grueling final entry Marcelo on Cesc. Lamentable show that also put an end to the expulsions of Villa and Ozil and the aggression from Mourinho to Tito Vilanova putting him/her the finger in the eye. (via SPORT)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona Valdés; Alves, Piqué, Mascherano, Abidal, Sergio Busquets (Keita, min.85), Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro (Cesc, min.82), Villa (Adriano, min.73) y Messi.

Real Madrid Casillas; Ramos, Pepe, Carvalho, Coentrao, Xabi Alonso, Khedira (Marcelo, min.45), Di Maria (Higuaín, min.63), Özil (Kaka, min.78), Cristiano Ronaldo y Benzema.

Goals: 1-0: Iniesta, m.15. 1-1: Cristiano Ronaldo, min.20. 2-1: Messi, min.45. 2-2: Benzema, min.81. 3-2: Messi, min.88.

Referee: Fernández Borbalán. Khedira yellow, Xavi, Mascherano, Cristiano, Pepe, Ramos, Coentrao. Red Marcelo, Ozil and Villa.

[Former player] Rivaldo advises to Neymar that leaves to Barça

The Brazilian star who played five seasons with the club advised the Santos young striker to leave the combined azulgrana before to Madrid.

The former player of FC Barcelona, ​​Vitor Borba Ferreira Gomez 'Rivaldo', believes that the Neymar football career is better than calling in the Brazilian finished the club rather than Real Madrid.

"In Madrid, the pressure is too great. In Barca have more patience with you, give you more peace of mind to perform," said the Brazilian player who played for Barça between 1997 and 2002.

[Former President] Joan Laporta: "The victories of Barça take place with women, pure and champagne"

The former FC Barcelona spoke in an interview to 'Jotdown' and spoke at length about his situation and his time at FC Barcelona.

Joan Laporta was asked about your latest photos appeared on a boat while on holiday in an interview Jotdown and replied: "I do not care what people think, I know what I think. I know that every time I think of Barca wins, 2 to 6 I have to celebrate. "

"And I can not think of a better way to do that in good company: women, cigars and champagne," he added.

Joan Laporta also said about his change during these ten years later that he became president of FC Barcelona: "Of course I recognize! Practically have not changed anything as it was ten years ago. The moments that I may have changed over were when we had threats of violence. This really caused some change in my life. "

On these threats Laporta also spoke in the interview: "I've lived with this fear for many years and maybe I'm used to. I will not change my habits." He added that gives you the feeling "that this policy has agreements with the Boix Nois hidden and those who preach transparency should practice more."

"Pep has achieved excellence, of course, has exceeded all expectations, but it's all a process. And above all, those are the players more credit. We had the best players," Laporta said in the interview.

On the current board of Barcelona, ​​Laporta also reviewed and noted a bad thing and a good one: "It costs me nothing to say. Look, the good news is we have not touched virtually nothing about the sport project. And we have been able to do because we let them the best ship in history. The team has won Champions League and this is very important and very difficult to achieve. Very difficult. The bad? The ingratitude. The lack of transparency in its actions. " (via SPORT)

Kempes: "Real Madrid sometimes plays with the spirit of injuring”

The famous Argentine striker criticized the attitude of the madridistas in the first game of the Supercopa.

Mario Kempes has closely followed the Supercopa of Spain since the classic comments from his position as sports analyst on ESPN. The Argentine, however, does not mince words to offer their perspective on the meeting and, more specifically, the proposal offered by all of Mourinho especially in the first leg at the Bernabeu.

"When Real Madrid could have settled the match allowed the club to react and since then many changes began to hit from the front to give many kicks and completely lost control," he said.

He added: "The Madrid play com know, without kicking, not wanting to be Barca ahead with moves that are irrelevant or hard with the intention of injuring times."

Kempes also had time to give up the game of Messi and his ability to decide games but still is far from his best form as shown in the Santiago Bernabeu.

"They are players that although it can not play and coach, always there. He was not 40 percent. But that kind of jugaedores with how smart they are and the kind you have, you can settle a match in a couple minutes. You always expect something from him, "he said.