17 August 2011

[Barça B] The return of the full World Cup group

Barça B internationals who played the World Under-20 have returned to work Wednesday. Thus, Eusebius and training can make the whole group, with the exception of Soriano, Ilie and Muniesa, who are still injured.

Sergio Roberto, Marc Bartra, Christian Tello, Carles Planas and Kiko Femenía have joined this morning training with Barça B . They have done after being knocked out on penalties to Brazil in the World U-20 Colombia.

This was the first session in which Eusebio Sacristan has been available for almost all their troops, after having to throughout the preseason, many casualties due to the European Under-21 Under-19 European Championship and the World Under-20 as well as players who trained with the first team. This first contact has consisted of several rounds and partidillo to get shooting.

The only absent in this first training have been Jonathan Soriano, Muniesa and Ilie , who are still recovering from injuries, and Montoya and Jonathan Dos Santos who continue working out with the first team. None of them has come to the first group shot of the season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Last session before receiving the Madrid

The group led by Josep Guardiola has made Wednesday at the Camp Nou last preparatory meeting before receiving this evening at 23h, Real Madrid in the second leg of the Spanish Supercup.

As usual on game days at the stadium, the team has exercised this Wednesday morning, specifically the 11.30hy in a session that was closed for the last time before the decisive match against Mourinho template . Barca have had a very strong training in high temperatures.

In the same way as in training on Tuesday afternoon, have been trained on the new Camp Nou turf all the first team players available. They have also re-engage the youth players Jonathan Dos Santos and Martin Montoya.

After the training, staff lunch at the Camp Nou and then have free time until the time of concentration in the stadium scheduled for 9:15 p.m. finally. The match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, who will the winner of the Super Cup of Spain, will start at 23h. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cesc: "I will train and to get ready for tonight"

Barca coach Pep Guardiola reported yesterday that Arenys enter the call itself, so his debut with the Barca shirt almost certainly occurs.

Cesc Fabregas has said through twitter the ride that has been awakened in the hours before the second leg of the Supercopa of Spain tonight to face Barcelona and Real Madrid at the Camp Nou (23:00).

The trust exfutbolista Arsenal fans before the FC Barcelona debut in the match that will decide the first trophy of the season, as is clear from his commentary on twitter: "Good morning. I'm going to train and prepare for tonight. that you spend a good day. Moc moc " , said Fabregas.

Barca coach Pep Guardiola reported yesterday that the Arenys de Mar itself enter into the call , making his debut for Barça shirt almost certainly occurs. (via AS)

Barcelona and Madrid play the Super Cup, first game of the season

Barca have the opportunity today to raise their first title and to show the mothers how to win without violence.

Although we are only August 17, the Barcelona-Madrid tonight (23.00 h./TVE1 and TV3) is a super game. And not just because both teams play and a title, the Supercopa of Spain , but also for all that this meeting involves emotional and psychological level. And is that if Barca wins again at Real Madrid after the whites have taken chest for his performance in the 2-2 first-leg, the globe of Mourinho and his media chorus will deflate.

That is the goal of Pep Guardiola and his men, overcome with good play football bludgeon everyone into submission is adamant that the Madrid since the arrival of Mou . In the first leg, Pepe , Kedhira , Alonso, Marcelo and company again made ​​the rounds, even so, managed to overcome a Barcelona who played for entry without Puyol , Piqué , Busquets , Xavi and Pedro . Today, as with any of them in the team, and perhaps with Cesc on the list, will go for your first drink. (via MD)

Arsenal already thinks of resign to Cesc

It ensures a preferential option to buy back if the club sells and 50% of the profits generated by this hypothetical sale to club FC Barcelona.

Arsenal has not done more than sell Cesc Fabregas to Barca and is already thinking back. At least that is what is clear from the information released yesterday by the British newspaper ' Daily Mirror 'and according to which the club' gunner 'has started negotiating with the Barca a couple of clauses considered favorable to their interests. One gives Arsenal a preferential option to purchase in the event that the FC Barcelona decide to sell sometime in Fabregas . In this way ensures the London club win back his former captain and if it equals the best bid received by the Barca in the case that decided to market the midfielder Arenys .

The other clause in the contract of transfer of Cesc at Barca revealed by the 'Daily Mirror' yesterday would allow the Arsenal economic return of a hypothetical sale to a third of the Catalan team. But to be given this circumstance, the FC Barcelona should sell Fabregas for more than 34 million euros will be paid by Arsenal . And the difference between the 34 "kilos" and to enter the Catalan club, the club 'gunner' would take half. To give a practical example that is easily understood, if Barca to sell Cesc 40 million, the difference between what was paid to Arsenal would be 6 million (40 minus 34 would enter it pays). Of those six million, according to the above clause, the club would get 50 percent, or three million euros.

The FC Barcelona , who did not report the existence of these two clauses during the presentation of Cesc , yes yesterday confirmed its existence and attributed to a tactic to compensate in some way to Arsenal , as the English club has sold his captain a price lower than offered by other clubs like Madrid or Chelsea .

To for Eden Hazard (Lille)

On the other hand, Arsenal is set at the skilful playmaker Belgian Lille to strengthen the team following the departure of Fabregas to Barcelona. (via MD)

The day Ramos stained the football

The same one who attacked Messi at the Nou Camp is now dedicated to defame Alves.

It was very surprised in the world of football Sergio Ramos accuse Dani Alves to tarnish the sport by the action of Pepe in the Bernabeu . It amaze, first, because the aggressor in this move was the Real Madrid and Barca, and second, because at the time to spot the football Sergio Ramos is a champion. The Andalusian was ejected in the Nou Camp on 29 November, the day 5-0, for an assault on Messi , with time practically fulfilled.

Ramos went to the Argentine, from behind, ignoring the ball and entering it extremely hard to live up to the knee. An action is not too different from those performed usually with the connivance of the Spanish referees. Chased Messi , but fortunately not injured. Then, not content with having tried to send Leo to the operating room, beat Puyol in the neck before his colleagues managed to take. This guy is trying to give lessons as a result of the new wild Pepe. (via MD)

Van Gaal's dream is feasible

Guardiola output can align a team of youth players with quality and hierarchy.

Louis van Gaal said it out loud when he was coach of Barcelona . I dreamed of winning a Champions League with a full-grown in the starting lineup. It got his wish, but years later, Pep Guardiola , one of the players in the house that the Dutch took their orders at least have the option 'mathematics' to get it. With the return of Cesc Fabregas and the rise of Thiago and Fontàs , which compensates for the farewell of Bojan and Jeffren , the Barça squad has eleven players trained at La Masia with hierarchy and quality to be owners.

Recycling to Puyol lateral to Busquets of central and Iniesta end (three international boundaries that have already taken three on several occasions), Guardiola could field a team of Victor Valdés , Puyol , Piqué , Busquets , Fontàs , Xavi , Cesc , Thiago , Pedro , Messi and Iniesta . This would be a team with eight world champions, the MVP of last European U21 ( Thiago ) and the current Golden Ball and undisputed number 1 in the world ( Messi ). Of those not yet Fontàs only weight on the international scene, but the rest is worldwide prestige.

Guardiola fielded seven homegrown and output in the two ends of Champions won against Manchester United . In Rome 2009 opted for Valdes , Puyol , Piqué , Busquets , Xavi , Iniesta and Messi , ushering after Pedro for Iniesta . And Wembley 2011, elected La Masia in the eleven were Valdés , Piqué , Busquets , Xavi , Iniesta , Pedro and Messi , also an eighth participant in the final minutes: Puyol .

A Pep is proud to see a template with homemade eleven players, but he respects both those who have reached out to score a dream that never confess such as Van Gaal . He knows that having eleven-grown on the template is vital to maintain the essence of Barcelona , a common thread through the years from a way of working, but never align them if they had quality. And know that for success is to combine the quarry with ten players as important as Alves , Mascherano , Abidal , Villa , Keita , Alexis , Pinto , Maxwell , Afellay and Adriano.

A carpet for the return of the dressing rooms

Barca opened the grass can start stepping Piqué, Xavi, Pedro and Sergio.

Pep Guardiola left the bench Sunday in the Santiago Bernabeu to four starters from last season, just all those little annoyances crawled: Piqué, Xavi, Busquets and Pedro. After yesterday's exercise normally, could regain their place in the starting lineup tonight in the second leg of the Spanish Supercup against Madrid .

His presence seems essential for a team in the first leg was not the first time in the 'era Guardiola 'control of the game with a very balanced possession of the ball to the set of Jose Mourinho . The inclusion in a central and eleven two Mascherano and Abidal , a more defensive court builder, and a pivot as Keita , tactical and disciplined, but less fine pass to other students, resulting in greater difficulty to get the ball played from behind. With Piqué, Busquets and Xavi out, the problem should be solved.

For the midfielder Badia Guardiola did not want to secure their ownership due to the concussion he suffered in his side's friendly in Italy and Spain for the past week. Indeed, it was the only one of the four mentioned above which did not play a minute in the Bernabeu , as Xavi, Piqué and Pedro left during the second half. But it takes two days working with the group and can not believe they will lose another clásico, a pulse that moves like a fish in water. The only problem with Pedro is the groin injury last season, although is almost forgotten, agrees to take precautions in the beginning of the official competition.

In Madrid four players completed 90 minutes with just six days of testing: Messi, Alves, Mascherano and Alexis. The latter two may be substitutes for Guardiola wants to regain the freshness.

It is expected that Cesc Fabregas will start playing, but aligual Alexis substitution if confirmed, could have the opportunity to participate in the meeting according to the development of shock and its outcome. It would debut at the Camp Nou of only two signings of Barcelona 2011-12.

So, keeping in mind that only the coaching staff knows the real physical state of his players this late in the month of August, a possible first team could be formed by Valdés, Alves, Piqué, Abidal, Adriano, Xavi, Busquets , Iniesta, Pedro, Messi and Villa.

To recover lost touch also the Barca retrieve a vital factor: the lawn. After the work of a few weeks ago, the staff opened the new carpet yesterday, surpassing the first test with flying colors, as confirmed by himself Guardiola at the press conference following the afternoon workout. "The grass is fine, it lacks a bit of time, but he is great," said Barca coach to the media.

The last session this morning (11.30 hours)
As usual on game days at the Camp Nou, Barca back to work this morning at 11.30 hours in a closed session last. This is the clásico tactical training, where strategy plays are reviewed and small changes to the system for the team to be fresh for the night.

Alexis' first contact with the stage
Unlike Cesc Fabregas, who on Monday was presented at the Nou Camp, Alexis could not live in the Stadium his first day as Barça player because then the grass was being renovated. The Chilean, whose first photo shoot took place in the Ciutat Esportiva, could finally have the first contact with the pitch.

Jonathan dos Santos and repeated Montoya
The session was attended by midfielder Jonathan dos Santos and the right side Montoya, both of which remain subsidiary to Guardiola's orders if required by your participation. Although the way they stayed in the stands at the Bernabeu, are cited again due to injury dePuyol, Maxwell and Afellay. (via MD)

Adriano: "This is football, not wrestling"

This Sunday at the Bernabeu as a left and head of 'dry' a Di María , Adriano yesterday that probably summed up the feelings of the Barca dressing room about the hardness used by the Madrid also in the first derby of the season 2011 - 12, also counting as in the previous four games, with bull arbitration. "This is football, not wrestling," said ' Adri 'speaking to Mundo Deportivo .

Again according to Adriano Correia , "maybe later schools should pay more attention, because, again, this is still football. On Sunday, Madrid acted with enormous strength, "and denounced by his peers in the mixed zone of Chamartin , " and I fear that this is the keynote of the season. When facing us seem to fare life, and this is only a game. "

Adriano , who at 2-2 in the Spanish Supercup shone round defensive duties and contributing to the rise ball, insisted that "the party of Bernabeu Madrid was difficult because a lot of pressure and played very hard. " Under his view, men of Jose Mourinho "wanted to take advantage of the delay in the preparation of some of our best players. However, we are here to overcome all adversities."

"We saw that we are not at our best, but still managed a draw," said the versatile defense, who said "we are in a good position to start this course as just the latest one: winning a title," which would the number 11 'was Guardiola . " "Our goal is to win it all, but in Madrid it was clear that the season will be complicated. Now playing in this Barca is an honor because it means being part of a football machine, "he added.

As early as Cesc , Adriano said "is a special reinforcement. With him we will, no doubt, but still strong." (via MD)

Dani Alves answers to Sergio Fields through Twitter

The player of Barcelona , Dani Alves , replied via Twitter to Real Madrid Sergio Ramos after the Andalusian accuse him of doing theater after entry Pepe in the first leg of the Super Cup at the Bernabeu.

At the end of the meeting criticized Sergio Ramos in the tunnel, the assumption Barca theater ensuring "business as usual Alves and gives you courage that such actions tarnish football"

"Never forget: if the critics are positive to accept them! If we accept them are destructive pq'm sure they are jealous of you!" Alves wrote on Twitter.

[Sergio Ramos: "Give courage Alves stocks like stained football"]

"There has been no malice on the part of Pepe".

One of the highlights of the derby between Real and Barca crash was staged two old. Pepe and Dani Alves . In the second half, Madrid took the Brazilian ahead of Barca in a very similar action to that of the previous campaign and was not sanctioned by Teixeira Vitienes.

At that moment while the Barcelona players calling card for the Portuguese, Sergio Ramos headed Alves, still on the ground, and reciminó behavior considering that the action was not bad.

At the end of the party and be asked in the tunnel for that action and if he thought there was drama on the side FC Barcelona, ​​the Andalusian said that "business as usual Alves and gives you courage that such actions tarnish football"

Sergio Ramos did not hesitate to defend his teammate saying that "there was no ill intent by Pepe or anything like that is formed that has formed or see Alves rolling when virtually had nothing"

Meanwhile Dani Alves chose not to discuss this action: "I came to appreciate that because in the end I always go wrong". (via MD)

The referees gorge of the campaign madridista

The Technical Committee considers unwarranted criticism Referees Teixeira by the leg and the referee believes that, if wrong, was in favor of Madrid.

Referees Technical Committee finds it unacceptable that the Spanish football season officially has begun a new campaign of harassment arbitration by the Real Madrid and environment reporting.

The work of Fernando Cantabria Teixieira collegiate Vitienes the first leg of the Supercopa reawakened old conspiracy theories in the white club, who returned his speech at the refereeing errors without realizing that the referee was wrong also against Barca .

At the top of the collegiate Spanish football there is a certain feeling of fullness and to what they consider a new campaign to destabilize Real Madrid and condition the referees from the opening bars of the official season.

In fact, the Committee believes that Teixieira was not too well at the Bernabeu because he made too many mistakes that ended up hurting the boat and therefore complain about the college from a Madrid perspective is unfounded and is absolutely unfair.

Two names stand out in the analysis Match Officials: Pepe and Khedira. submitted to the Barcelona players to constant harassment from the first minute to the permissiveness of the college, which only showed yellow card to German midfielder. (via SPORT)

Dawn with title

Barça debuts tonight at home, with the gala team ready to win the first title of the new season.

FC Barcelona opens tonight at the Camp Nou, with the first title of the season on the horizon. The team will wait a full stadium, as the big occasions, will try to meet with the pressure the opponent's point of fitness is still missing from the Catalan team.

A night atypical. The fact of the premiere season at home to arch-rivals and with a title at stake, will be joined by circumstance to play the game early in the morning. The point is that the UEFA forbidden to play at the same time that the Champions League games, so tonight everything rolling the ball from the 23 h.

Although the team has yet to shoot, the best news for Barça fans will see a gala eleven on the pitch. In recent days, Pep Guardiola has been recovered Sergio Busquets what side suffered a concussion since he played in the friendly with Spain Bari So as Gerard Pique and Xavi Hernandez, who though already played a few minutes at the Bernabeu ( 2-2) will be ready to go home.
Another who also come in the call will be the newcomer Mr. Cesc Fabregas. Arenys The dreams of the day of its debut at the Nou Camp and there is no question that this night would be an idyllic setting for both him, as for the fans. The midfielder has two days working with a group that knows very well and go depending on how the party could even have a minute. Cesc, who left Barca as the champion of Spain, could become superchampion on the second day of its new stage. In eight years in London has won only two titles, in his third day as a Barça can do. Life has changed.

Will also be the first match at the Nou Camp since the club were crowned champions of Europe and Leo Messi will be the engine of the Barca attack. The star of Argentina, who face the Madrid feel particularly inspired, Sunday marked the sixth goal in the Super Cup, matching the mark so far had Hristo Stoichkov. 'The Flea' will partner with Alexis Sanchez, who will also debut at the Camp Nou.
'll have to see how it responds the grass replanted. This time there will be mosaic in the stadium, but the players and the coach are confident that the atmosphere will be deafening, "I do not remember there has never been in a half inning game against Madrid, but everyone has to go through box This time, we hope to support us, "Guardiola said yesterday in an appeal to the fans during the press conference.
euphoria vs prudence

The coach faces the second leg with all the wisdom of the world, but to escape the victimization. A position contrary to that show from Madrid, where they seem to be convinced that all will go above merengue club. "If we repeat the game the other day, we'll bring the cup," said Aitor Karanka yesterday. Mourinho went into hiding before a game against Barca and he let his assistant who attend the press. Perhaps he fears a repeat of history: his seven previous visits have always resulted in loss or tie, but never a victory. His pupil, Cristiano Ronaldo suffered a similar fate and has not won any of their previous four visits. To Mou `is it a special day, since first return to Camp Nou after the 'little hand' of last year in the semifinals round of the Champions stayed in the hotel being expelled. Karanka your boss AVISIAN introduce changes to the team about the way without moving details, but there was a novelty in his press conference. And for the first time, did not speak of the arbitrators or accused Barca of having the favor of the officials, I argue very surreal appeal.

The cup will travel to Barcelona in play today, along with a delegation of the Spanish Federation, headed by its president Angel Maria Villar, who presented the trophy at dawn. After the 2-2 first leg, Barca has an advantage and can add its tenth Super Cup, Real Madrid by eight, but the Catalans have never been able to beat the whites in this competition. Today could be the first.

The Team Pep `Do you aspire to his eleventh title in his fourth season. Accustomed to live with success, a victory would not be held with great pomp, knowing that in nine days they expected the European Super Cup. In contrast, the Madrid not used to the titles in recent years, consider an alternative scenario to Cybele, taken these days by the World Youth Day and the arrival of the Pope. (via SPORT)

Keirrison leaves on loan to Cruzeiro

Sources say the Brazilian team presentation will take place tomorrow ram.

The outputs of Barca this season will be resolved shortly with the new assignment Keirrison, this time at Cruzeiro. A spokesman for the Brazilian club said that its incorporation is completed by 95 percent. Only a few steps remain to be settled with Santos, the last club he played on loan for the announcement is official.

Keirrison has yet signed his contract three years for the club, but the club has managed to find a new destination and avoid having to keep a player who is not in Pep Guardiola's plans. The sports management decided that the striker will train with Barça B waiting to be any concrete offer. The player did so during the week was under the command of Eusebio Sacristan. Despite being an awkward position, the striker was taken on professionally and was impressed with the costumes of the subsidiary. He had a good deal with young players and was surprised by his humility.

On the pitch, the Brazilian showed that style is not used the club and the game of position, but showed a remarkable ability spiker. The player no longer went to training this week after returning to Brazil to close a move to Cruzeiro. (via SPORT)

Barca won 51 "kilos" to play the Champions

The Azulgranas perceived 9 million to win the final but Manchester United won more money on global.

UEFA made public the perceived gains that the clubs that participated last year in the Champions League. One of the data is surprising is that despite losing the final against FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United was the club which received proceeds from the competition by having a better contract for television rights.

Thus, Barcelona got about 51 million euros for the 53 that won the club Alex Ferguson. Uefa made the different divisions at the time of distributing the income, so just to play the group stage, each team receives more than 3,300,000 euros 3,900,000 for the six stage games. From there, each team charged a separate fee based on the results, negotiated television rights for each club and each of the subsequent phases overcome. The winner receives 9 million in the final, while the runner takes 5,600,000. (via SPORT)

Cesc slept with its enemy

Madrid was scheduled to fly on game day, but it did yesterday and chose the hotel's star signing Barca.

Barca will have a 'infiltrated' first line in the concentration of Real Madrid. Cesc Fabregas has stayed during his first days at the club in a hotel near the Diagonal, best to be near the Camp Nou and the Ciutat Esportiva, but has also been chosen by the white set face to ensure the weapons Tonight's game will be decided in the first game of the season.

Cesc is staying in a comfortable 'suite', which serves nearly flat, and where he lived like David Villa last season on his arrival in Barcelona. It is the emergency solution that has chosen the player until you find home in the city. To meet the tight schedule these days and enjoy more rest between workouts, the player was considered more suitable to stay in Barcelona instead of moving to Arenys.

What certainly was not expecting Fabregas pass the hours before the game that could mean his debut for the Blaugrana shirt in the same hotel as the enemy. They will be in different plants and is difficult to match. Cesc should go in the morning at the Camp Nou to complete a regular game day session, lunch on the premises and then rest until Barca have to return back to the stadium to prepare for the crash. Meanwhile, Real Madrid will be enclosed in the hotel all day, could only take a tour of the facility itself, and can hardly match.

Jose Mourinho was scheduled to travel on game day to Barcelona, ​​but yesterday changed his plans and decided that the team traveling through the night after the afternoon session. The Whites headed straight to the rooms to sleep no more make an appearance in the Catalan capital.

The hotel not only are Cesc Fabregas and the issue of Real Madrid, but also hosted representatives from the Spanish Football Federation, the organizer of the Supercopa of Spain, as well as football agents. It is the nerve center of the second classic of the season. (via SPORT)

"To Neymar does not care to sign for Madrid or Barca"

The crack of Santos maintains a certain indifference to their fate, as he said his teammate Marcos Vinicius Gomez de Lima, football knowledge by 'Dimba'

Neymar, the star of the Santos claimed by the big European clubs, want to 'cross the pond', but maintains a certain indifference to their fate, as he pointed his teammate Marcos Vinicius Gomez de Lima, known footballing by Dimba. "It gives the same sign for Real Madrid or Barcelona," said Dimba, located in the Valencian disputing with the Santos under-20 tournament in L'Alcudia. "You want to be in Brazil this year, but this is the last year to play for Santos."

His compatriot Rivaldo, veteran midfielder that is still active in the Sao Paulo at 39, he advises Neymar play in Europe as soon as possible. Rivaldo said: "I think it should stay in Brazil, but as soon as possible to get out and experience so that people outside respected. For now I know, but not enough players to Barcelona or Real Madrid.

If you can Neymar, Raul Albiol could leave Real Madrid. Mancini, Manchester City, knows that the defense will have few options this season and tests its incorporation. Knower of interest 'citizen', the Real Madrid Albiol try to include the operation that could lead to Adebayor back to Santiago Bernabeu.

Players will premiere the new Camp Nou turf

The activity has become the first team on Tuesday renewed the Camp Nou turf. And is that the template has been exercised for the first time this season at the Stadium in the penultimate session before the match against Madrid.

The group led by Josep Guardiola has made ​​this Tuesday evening a new training session, which has been behind closed doors before facing, on Wednesday starting at 23h, the decisive leg of the Supercopa of Spain to the Real Madrid. This is the first training of staff at the Camp Nou Barcelona this season 2011-12, and at the same time, the first on a lawn over the summer has been completely renovated.

Session on Monday, has been involved all the first team players available. On this occasion, Josep Guardiola has decided to extend the group with the presence of the youth players and Dos Santos Montoya, who already traveled to Madrid in the first leg at the Bernabeu.

With Cesc to step on the pitch at the Camp Nou for the second time after his presentation on Monday as a player and Barca should also be noted that Sergio Busquets has trained normally with the rest of the group. On the other hand, has been the head coach of Alexis at the stadium since joining the team discipline.

As usual on game days at the stadium, the group led by Josep Guardiola will work out Wednesday morning in what will be the last workout before the game against Mourinho's team. Will be at the Nou Camp, behind closed doors, from 11.30. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

In Italy that the arrival of Cesc could provoke the exit from Mascherano to the Inter

Some media believe that the Alpine country the arrival of Cesc Fabregas to Barca exit involve the Argentine midfielder heading to Inter, which will invest in the operation much of the money raised by the transfer of Samuel Eto'o to Russian Anzhi.

The flamboyant arrival of Cesc Fabregas to Barca could lead to the departure of Javier Mascherano heading to Inter Milan, according to some publications said Tuesday in Italy.

Alpine country's national media as 'RAI Sport' claim that the arrival of midfielder Arenys by an important economic investment that the club could lead box with a Mascherano did also seek to ensure more minutes of play in a competitive league like the Italian.

'RAI Sport' also recalls that Mascherano decided a few minutes at the start of last season and would not want to meet again in that situation, while recalling that the Inter and was very interested in the 'little chief' when he was active in the Liverpool, before Barca made their services.

But undoubtedly one of the main arguments that uses the aforementioned information media to speculate on Mascherano's arrival at Inter is the renewed economic capacity of the Milan club will have about 30 million euros in cash for the impending sale Samuel Eto'o to Anzhi Russian.

Mascherano is about a year old as Barca and so far the coaching staff at Barcelona and his colleagues have heaped praise on the virtues Argentine midfielder sports, leadership on the pitch and his human qualities. It seems complicated his departure to Italy Calcio but since they insist on it. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "We'll have to play a great game to take the title"

Pep Guardiola doesn’t doubt his players and hopes that they’ll play better than they did in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup in Madrid. The manager hopes that the fans at the Camp Nou will help them win the title.

FC Barcelona manager, Pep Guardiola, was very clear during the press conference prior to the return leg of the Spanish Super Cup against Real Madrid. "They were better than us, but in three days we’ve improved a bit" said Guardiola. Pep felt that "our mentality helped us get a good result". In this regard, as he already said last Sunday after the game, Guardiola is pleased with how his men behaved "under the circumstances". The Barca manager’s thinking is very clear, that "we must play a great game to take the title".

He knows that playing against Real Madrid is not easy but among the keys to winning the game and taking the title, Guardiola believes that "we have to move the ball faster than in the first leg".

What is not clear is whether the starting lineup will be the same as we saw in Madrid. "We'll see how they are and whether we’ll start the same players or make changes. We’re managing the minutes and the players physical shape", but he warned that "I believe in the mentality and competitive spirit of this team to try to win the game".

Guardiola knows that the fans can play a key role in the match against Madrid and thanked them in advance for the efforts made to buy tickets and be at the game. "When the legs begin to fail, the fans will help us" said the manager. He added that "I can’t remember a stadium against Madrid with not so many fans. Ticket sales are going well and we thank the people who support us".

One of the topics in the conference was the arrival of Cesc and his possible participation on Wednesday. Guardiola has not ruled him out but is cautious. He took the opportunity to thank the Board for the signings for this season.

As for Alexis, Guardiola, who emphasized his humility, and not to expect anything in return, said that in Madrid "Alexis ran like six players. It's the best he’s given us so far and we hope he brings lot to the team". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Deny Leo's supposed wedding Messi

From the family of Leo Messi denies the story that appeared in Argentina on the possible marriage of Leo Messi.

Twitter revolution following the announcement on your twitter account by the Argentine journalist Marcelo Araujo. "She married Leo Messi. His wife is the longtime girlfriend Antonella Rocuzzo. If I'm wrong I close my page. My informant is 10. They married in Ibiza."

Within minutes, these tweets are spread around the world and even in writing SPORT Argentine journalists received calls asking for more information. Therefore, we contacted a family member of the Argentine player, who quickly got absolutely denied the possibility.

Since this summer when the couple appeared in photos wearing what appeared to Ibiza were engagement rings, began running the rumors, which have now been challenged by the family of Leo Messi. (via SPORT)

A home-grown eleven

This season, the first team will have eleven players that came up through the club’s youth system. Fifty per cent of the team is from la Masia.

The power of the Barça youth system is more evident than ever. Guardiola often fields around six or seven local players in a game, whether at El Molinón or in the Champions League final. The doors to the first team are wide open to players fostered at the club itself, as Thiago and Fontàs well know, who have both just become fully fledged first team members.

This year there are an unprecedented 11 players from La Masia out of a total of 21. These aren’t reserves used as a complement, these are first team players in every sense of the word.

It is years since the team has had so many of its own players to choose from, and although some players would have to play in unfamiliar positions, Guardiola could theoretically play them all at once: Valdés in goal; Puyol and Fontàs as full backs; Busquets and Piqué at centre back; Xavi, Thiago and Cesc in midfield and Pedro, Messi and Iniesta up front. Cesc completes an eleven that would fill any Barça fan with pride.

Under the Dutchman in the 2003/04 season, there were eight local players in the first team: Valdés, Puyol, Xavi, Gerard, Gabri, Luis García and Motta. But they weren’t all regular starters. In 2008, there were nine: Valdés, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Giovanni, Messi, Oleguer, Bojan and Jorquera. Under Guardiola, the number has done nothing but increase. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

La Masia products in recent years

Season 2010/11: Valdés, Piqué, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Bojan, Messi, Jeffren, Busquets and Pedro.
Season 2009/10: Valdés, Piqué, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Bojan, Busquets and Pedro.
Season 2008/09: Valdés, Piqué, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Bojan, Busquets and Jorquera.
Season 2007/08: Valdés, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Giovanni, Messi, Oleguer, Bojan and Jorquera.
Season 2006/07: Valdés, Motta, Puyol, Xavi, Messi, Oleguer, Iniesta and Jorquera.
Season 2005/06: Valdés, Motta, Puyol, Xavi, Gabri, Oleguer, Iniesta and Jorquera.
Season 2004/05: Valdés, Motta, Puyol, Xavi, Gerard, Oleguer, Iniesta and Jorquera.
Season 2003/04: Valdés, Puyol, Xavi, Gerard, Gabri, Luis Garcia, Motta and Jorquera.

Cesc unbeaten against Real Madrid

Cesc could play his third match against Real Madrid on Wednesday is picked by Pep Guardiola. With Arsenal, he played them in the Champions League of 2005/06.

Madrid fans do not have fond memories of their last encounter with Cesc Fàbregas. The Catalan last faced them as an Arsenal player in the round of sixteen of the Champions League of 2005/06, when Wenger’s side got the better of López Caro’s, and the young 18 year old was outstanding.

On February 21, 2006, Cesc played his first ever professional match on Spanish soil at the Santiago Bernabéu, and what a cracking debut it was! Arsenal won 1-0, with Cesc and Henry performing brilliantly.

It was the Frenchman who scored the only goal of the game in which Cesc’s assists coupled with Henry’s penetrating runs struck fear into the hearts of the Bernabéu faithful.

Cesc was so good that when he was substituted in the 89th minute by Song, the Madrid fans applauded him off the field.

Three weeks later, on March 8, 2006, Cesc was back in the Arsenal side at Highbury, where he was once again on top form in a game saw the Londoners through to the quarter finals. Showing remarkable maturity, he played a more attacking role and of his many chances, one hit the post.

The game ended 0-0, but confirmed Cesc Fàbregas’ status as one of the most promising midfielders in Europe. (via FCBarcelona.cat)