15 August 2011

[Barça B] Rodri Moves to Barcelona for a medical examination

Sevilla FC striker, Rodri, is already in Barcelona this afternoon to pass the medical examination. FC Barcelona is interested in Sevilla to be part of the attack of his youth team. As a first step toward a possible agreement between the clubs, Rodri be subject to relevant medical evidence in such operations. (via www.sevillafc.es)

Cesc Fàbregas: "It’s the toughest challenge of my life"

The new Barça number 4 said in his presentation that the club "has made my dream possible" and stressed that he’s fully prepared to "take on whatever role I’m given”.

There was maximum excitement in the Sala Paris. The return of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona is not just any homecoming. Eight years after leaving for London, Cesc has come home to fulfill a dream.
Before starting to talk and answer the relevant questions, Cesc stared open-mouthed at the images being projected. A video showing images of Fabregas in the youth teams. "Watching these images it‘s like I’d never left," he said.

The effort made by Barça to sign him hasn’t gone unnoticed by Fabregas, who wanted to give his thanks to everybody concerned. "I want to thank all the people involved, from President Sandro Rosell, to Josep Guardiola, who has been very important to me" Cesc recognised. He also wanted to thank Thiago Alcantara who has given up the number 4 shirt, in a gesture which, according to Cesc, "honours him".
He also stressed that "it’s not easy to have confidence again in someone who left the club at youth level", referring to him going to England when he was 16.

"I'm ready to take on whatever role I’m given. I’ve chosen the harder path, but the most rewarding for me" said a Cesc Fabregas with very clear ideas. He also explained that coming to Barça, and weighing up the other options, "is the toughest challenge of my life". His initial goal, however, is "to improve a little what is already the best team in the world".

The new Barça number 4 made it very clear that he’ll give "up to my last drop of sweat for Barça" and that never, even being far away, "have I stopped loving Barça".

" Barça have made my dream come true and I just hope that no one ever regrets it" said Fabregas adding that, today, "a great weight off my mind" has been lifted, signing for Barca. He also added: "You can tell by my face how happy I am”, even though he’s aware that some people will “demand twice as much from me".

"Wegner has a negative image here, but it’s not true, I can assure you," said Cesc. For Fabregas the French manager "is really special and a second father to me, because he’s given me everything in the world of football". He also said that if today he’s a Barça first team player "it’s also thanks to Wenger". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bartomeu appreciates Cesc the effort that has made to come to Barça

The vice-president of the sport area values the attitude and the effort a lot that Cesc Fàbregas has made to finish summing up its transfer to FC Barcelona. "It is a signing we all expected some time and we finally have here," he says.

During the official presentation of Cesc Fabregas as a new player of FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu, who accompanied the player with the Sports Director of Professional Football, Andoni Zubizarreta, explained the specific numbers of the handover of the hitherto footballer Arsenal. So, has indicated that the transfer of Cesc has closed at 29 million euros will be paid half now, and the rest in September. The contract is for five years and the buyout clause of 200 million euros.

There is also an agreement with Arsenal in the hypothetical case that Barca won two Champions Leagues and one involving and '4 'Barcelona, English club would charge an extra 5 million euros, two from each league and one more for the Champions League.

In this, and after making a general thanks to "everyone in the Club has done an effort to accomplish this signing, "has focused very special thanks to the player's attitude. This is because as explained by the vice president of sports for the first five seasons Cesc give up a million euros per year, charged Arsenal. "Cesc is especially thank the efforts made ​​by him to come here," he said. In the same line, after noting that the economic limitation of FC Barcelona has been "the most important brake" in negotiations with Arsenal, Bartomeu stressed that "the final push the player has done."

"Coming to terms with He has been very easy. I really wanted to come, but logically the Arsenal did not want a great player as he left. The negotiations began after the Champions League. The 29 million is the figure we have had from the outset . But it is clear that the momentum that has given us has been very important player for this to become reality, "he added. The relationship with Arsenal, normalized Finally, Bartomeu has confirmed that although signing was a much more complicated than expected at first, by this negotiation FC Barcelona has managed to "normalizing the relationship with Arsenal."

Meanwhile, the Sports Director of Professional Football, Andoni Zubizarreta, has recognized the difficulty of explaining things about the new Barcelona player and "being a known player in this house, with a history and a known and proven track record." However, they explained that what is sought with the University is "competitiveness, versatility, this capacity has to compete and find success." "Cesc belongs to the percentage of market players who believe they give us something different," he added, just before making reference to competition that the player will be in the midfield.

Moreover, Zubizarreta has confirmed that now not considered the possibility of adding another player to complete the staff of FC Barcelona, ​​although it has also pointed out that "the market never closes for a team like Barca." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Wenger: "We will survive without Cesc if we are united"

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger said today that it was his decision to let go to Barcelona Cesc Fabregas, but the London club will survive the Spanish midfielder's absence if it holds together.

"We lost a world class player and we're sorry" but the Arsenal "have been many good players and the club has moved on," Wenger said Friday at a news conference before the game tomorrow, Tuesday, Champions between Arsenal and Udinese.

As expected, the departure of Cesc Fabregas, who today signed five seasons at Barcelona, ​​and the gap left in the team where he played for the past eight years and was captain focused the interest of journalists. Wenger said that Fabregas was the desire to leave the club for which he signed when he was 16 when he decided the balance in favor of his move from Arsenal, but said "life goes on."

"We want to show that we have the desire and strength required to cope with the situation," said coach Gallo, who recalled that fought "to keep, but we must respect the wishes of the player."

"Cesc is mad because he was playing in the club of his hometown, where he was educated. It is very difficult to resist that," said he has mentored over the past eight years at Arsenal. Arsene Wenger also alluded to the unit to maintain the spirit of a club with 125 years ago following the departure of its main star and captain since 2008 and whose future now appears devoid of big names.

Apart from Fabregas, sold 40 million euros to Barcelona, ​​is expected next Samri Nasri French march, which could be signed for Manchester City. But Arsene Wenger insisted that Nasri wants to follow in the club and said "your situation is not linked to that of Cesc."

"We're a little short of players," admitted the Frenchman, but felt that the solution is not just spending money. "It's not be afraid to spend money, they have to be better than what we already have," he said. The Arsenal, which has since 1996 at the London club, was also "committed to this club" and said that, as always going to "do their best" self. (via AS)

Number 4 shirt for Fabregas!

After eight years not wearing the Barça shirt, Pep Guardiola’s new midfield player was able to do so again on Monday 15th of August, in the Camp Nou, which was open to the public so that the fans could welcome him home.

There was great expectation to see Cesc Fabregas once again wearing the colors of FC Barcelona, an example of this being the large number of supporters who turned up at midday on Monday at the Camp Nou to see Cesc wearing the new Barça shirt, with the number 4 and the name of Fabregas on the back.

With the clock showing 13.30 and with strict English punctuality, Cesc went onto the Camp Nou pitch from the player's tunnel to the sound of the Barça anthem. He had only done that before wearing the Arsenal shirt, when he came to play against Barça, but from now on, instead of doing so as a visitor, he’ll de doing it as a home player. The fans, who from 12.00 had begun to fill the seats of the stadium, received him with resounding applause.

From the first moment Cesc's face showed his great joy at coming home. Under the watchful eye of his family, in the front rows of the grandstand, the new signing from Barcelona greeted the fans, did the usual few tricks with a football, and proudly wore the Barça shirt. A kiss for the club logo, and his hand on his heart as thanks for the support he’s received, gave way to a few words to the fans from Cesc.

Cesc wanted to thank the Barça fans present at the Camp Nou. "I’ve waited many days, many months, and many years for this moment. For me it’s a very special day. I’ve come home after eight years away" said Fabregas. He also wanted to point out that "many of you were disappointed when I left, but I’m back to take up the most difficult challenge of my life". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Zubizarreta: "With Cesc seek competitiveness"

Barca sporting director discussed the arrival of Cesc Fabregas and found to have provided "a different profile" that will give "greater variety to the game" of the template directed by Pep Guardiola.

Barca sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta was happy at the press conference of presentation of Cesc Fabregas having completed a complicated operation that ended with the midfielder of Arenys in Barcelona.

Zubizarreta explained the objectives of Barcelona with the introduction of Cesc. "With his arrival we competitive," he said, adding that "we seek to achieve the success."

Barca sporting director Cesc considered that brings "a different profile to what we already have" and offers "more variety in our game." "We provide something we thought we needed," he added.

Zubizarreta also recalled midfielder Arenys "knows the template almost better than us," said Fabregas and also has a great knowledge of "the culture and the Barca game." (via SPORT)

Cesc: "I am faced with the challenge of my life and I am prepared for everything"

The new Barca midfielder showed his ambition to make more competitive the team and remarked that in his time at Arsenal "I never stopped wanting to Barça".

The new Barca player Cesc Fabregas on Monday gave his first official press conference as a new player squad.

Cesc started recognizing that it is not easy to trust someone who went and thanked the president Sandro Rosell and Pep Guardiola. "I appreciate your effort and trust you have placed," said Cesc, extending his thanks to Andoni Zubizarreta, Josep Maria Bartomeu and Raul Sanllehí.

Arenys midfielder was grateful for his new club. "I give a good performance at the club and that no repentance," he said, acknowledging that they have been "few difficult months." "I waited, waited and waited and looked like it never ends. I've taken a load off," he said.

Cesc showed their confidence in giving the best of their game in Barcelona. "I'm mentally prepared for everything. I have chosen the hard way but I can bring more pleasure. I like challenges difficult, almost impossible. I have no fear and I can not wait to leave here and go to train and with my colleagues "he said in an ambitious way.

The former Arsenal player also reviewed its relationship with the coach set 'gunner' and defended it from criticism. "Wenger is very special and will be for me like a second father. I gave everything in football and I can never thank him for all he has given me. I think we have a bad image of him that he does not deserve. If today I am this is largely thanks to him. " said. "I have a special relationship with Wenger and he wanted to march nor 29, nor 40 or 80 million. He always made that clear but common sense prevailed. He has always been very grateful and I knew my intentions clear long. For me, it has behaved great and never forget what he has done for me, "Wenger added on.

Cesc, as he had done on the lawn of the Camp Nou minutes ago, addressed the issue of people who may be upset by his departure from the club years ago and suspicious of its incorporation. "I know that many people hurt by my leaving but I'm here to give everything and not disappoint anyone. I grew up in this club and I have never ceased to follow him and love him," he said.

FC Barcelona's new signing acknowledged that the last days were complicated after suddenly canceled his trip to Barcelona when everything was closed. "There have been three or four intense days. I tried to stay out. I was at home waiting for the call to confirm that he could catch the plane. Have been busy days but have been worthwhile," said Cesc.

Cesc analyzed its evolution as a player in recent years and the fact that this year finally had confirmed their arrival. "I have more experience and I'm much calmer," he said, declaring that "he knew that this year could be the last to catch this train."

The arrival of Arenys defined as a very ambitious challenge. "I have the hardest challenge of my life and I'm ready for anything," he said, while he promised hard work and dedication. "If a thing has Guardiola is that it is fair and gives players the minute they deserve," he said.

Cesc also had words of thanks to his new teammate Thiago Alcántara for passing his dream back. "I appreciate the fact let me Thiago's number 4. Is a gesture of honor crack it. The club knew it was special to me and show it off I'm very excited," said a Cesc who extended his thanks to the fans in mind this Monday at the Camp Nou: "I never thought I could come so many people. thank a lot this support and gives me great confidence for training. I'll never forget."

The new arrival looked Barca player to the club in the context of his step for London. "At Arsenal I was 16. At 18 I played a Champions League final. At 21 he was already captain. It was passed by the expectations that had been generated, but I come here with very humbling," he said humbly, adding that "I know perfectly with my teammates and I know I can enjoy and contribute and make this team more competitive."

Cesc was declared fully available for coach Pep Guardiola from the first session. "Physically I'm fine and I'm ready for everything," considered a Cesc not hesitate to say that "I will fight to the fullest." "I can offer a great desire, much sacrifice and work one hundred percent to earn a place. I came for that and I will not stop until I get it," Fabregas added a yearning for quickly earning the trust of Guardiola. "I expect Pep to earn the trust of either the Copa Catalunya or in the final of Champions," a Cesc did not hesitate to point out its long-term goal: "My goal is to succeed at Barca."

Barcelona's new signing praised Barca another great addition, Chile's Alexis Sanchez: "Alexis brings a lot of competition in this group and certainly going to succeed. I have no doubt."

Cesc also assessed the potential rivals and competition will be this year. "Competition in Madrid will be brutal, as in recent years. Great respect because they have a great team and can hurt any team in Europe," added a Cesc was forced to talk about the supposed interest shown by all White to take over its services in recent years. "I think it's worth talking about Real Madrid. It is a great club and have always treated me great, with great respect and that will always be grateful," he said.

Cesc also made clear that when it renewed for Arsenal years ago, something that has always been reproached, he did because there was no contact with the club. "I renewed for four years before the tournament. To me no one had ever given signs of life by the club. I never thought I could come back here and decided to renew. At that time there was nothing, but probably would not have done but I do not regret anything because I did what I had at that time, "he said strongly.

Barca midfielder also had some words of analysis for the last stage in the Arsenal. "In London he had the handicap of the routine, to see that they could not guarantee the finals, semifinals, final sprints that garantizábamos not anything, but I wish the best for the future," said Fabregas, who sighed that the future 'gunner' is the most positive. "Today I am not at Arsenal but will always be there and throw on. The club is always bigger than any player," he said, acknowledging that their parting was difficult. "Farewell to my colleagues was a tough day, very sad, but life goes on and faces a great challenge," he said.

Arsenal's history. Now it's key to think Cesc Barca and did not hesitate to consider that will improve your play by the great template club. "In the club have always been great players. It is clear that Messi is the greatest but there are many more," he said, adding that "playing with great players makes you better and not relax to earn a spot on the team." (via SPORT)

Cesc: "I have waited a lot of this moment"

The new Barça player jumped punctual to the grass of Camp Nou and it delighted to the thousands of present fans giving some ball touches, being kissed the shield of the T-shirt and dedicating some words of affection.

Cesc Fabregas looks like Barca and after its official launch on the lawn of the Camp Nou.

Thousands of fans gathered in the stadium went wild Barca in the presence of his new idol, especially when the midfielder Arenys began to touch the ball as close to the band and the goals to greet those present.

What's more, Cesc was a nice gesture by repeatedly kissing shield and a few words to the public.

"I've waited long for this moment arrived. It is a very special day, you know. I know many of you I left disappointed but I'm here to take a challenge, the biggest of my life. After eight years out, I hope leave with great memories, "an ambitious Cesc promised reward for his new hobby. (via SPORT)

Cesc Fabregas signs until 2016

Cesc has finally joined FC Barcelona, after signing a contract for the next five seasons. His buyout clause will be 200 millions of euros. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cesc successfully passed the second medical examination at the Camp Nou

The Catalan midfielder again demonstrate their physical conditions in a new revision at the club and Medical Center and is close to signing his new contract with Barca and Barca pose with the elastic.

Cesc Fabregas returned to make clear his fitness in the second medical review conducted in the morning on Monday.

The Catalan midfielder made a number of muscle testing and effort at the Medical Center of FC Barcelona, ​​located on the grounds of Camp Nou, when many fans waiting impatiently to see the launch of his new idol.

The physical state of the new Barça is more than optimal. This was confirmed Ricard Pruna, first team doctor, who said that "all tests have been satisfactory." The tests were multiple and that Cesc underwent a blood test and urine as well as different stress tests. "You have exceeded radiographs, MRI and ultrasound," said Pruna was quoted by the club's website.

The relevant health checks are a prelude to the rubric of the new contract signed by the player and his official presentation to the fans and the media.

Cesc pass the first medical examination at the Hospital de Barcelona

Arenys midfielder easily passed the first of the reviews that take place on Monday, prior to initial signing the new contract which will become a new Barcelona player.

The last steps to certify the return of Cesc Fabregas to Barca run their course in the morning on Monday.

Arenys midfielder completed the processing of the first medical examination at the Hospital de Barcelona where he went around 8 o'clock in the morning.

An hour and a half after the player left the medical center and went to the Nou Camp, where more tests will be done within the protocol provided prior to signing as a new player of FC Barcelona. (via SPORT)

Cesc Fabregas now passes the medical examination

At the moment the Arenys player is undergoing medical checks. At 24:30 is expected to be signed contract and an hour later presentation at the Camp Nou to the fans.

This being the first day of Cesc Fabregas at Barcelona before signing for FC Bacelona. 10.55 am: Cesc comes to the Medical Center FC Barcelona at Camp Nou for further medical examination. 8 hours: The player arrives on time to the Hospital Barcelona to spend the first tests of the medical review . (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The day of the turn of Cesc Fàbregas to Barça

8:00 - Cesc Fàbregas is already in the Hospital of Barcelona where it has begun the medical previous tests to the signature of its contract with Barça. The player will go to the one later on Mèdic of FC it Centers Barcelona to continue with the tests.

At 12.30 o'clock it will sign their contract with Sandro Rosell, President of Barça, and they will be made the habitual picture with the shield bottom azulgrana.

At 13.30 o'clock it is foreseen that it jumps to Camp Nou that will open their doors to all the fans that want to be the first ones in seeing Cesc dressed again of Barça with the '4' of their idol, Pep Guardiola.

At 14 o'clock he/she will make the press wheel and in the afternoon, at 19 o'clock, it will train for the first time under the orders of Pep Guardiola. The training will be to closed door. (via MD)

Villa takes out the 'bazooka' and Leo, the fury

The Spaniard scored a goal with a great shot from outside the area and the Argentine, despite throwing up on 15 minutes, was again decisive.
The damn question.

While Leo Messi feel that anger and that motivation in it are increasingly common and who face Real Madrid , especially in the Santiago Bernabeu , the FC Barcelona will have a lot of cattle when he faces the set target. Yesterday, the Argentine striker was true to his appointment with the almost eternal goal against Iker Casillas and beat the keeper returned to Real Madrid last night, despite being awake again suffered another nightmare with Messi as a protagonist. Because again, with the insistence of the Malaysian drop, Leo returned to beat Casillas and Madrid with a goal in house brand that dodging the Tarascan Xabi Alonso, Pepe and Kedhira, fell back to just before the goalkeeper Madrid and whisk again for as low as it almost always faces. Because, that's certain, Messi has food Casillas morality, which breaks down every time you crack Barca face to face.

Leo scored his goal, the momentary 1-2 at half-time. Half an hour earlier, in an unusual episode in football, Messi was involuntary protagonist vomit on the lawn. Apparently, the front felt a little unwell and could only be relieved by expelling part of what he had eaten a snack. Few spectators appreciated the unwillingness of Leo Messi, but the images broadcast by TVE left no room for doubt.

In any case, this episode was a mere anecdote and what will endure in history really was his goal, making eleven in all fourteen games that has been measured at Madrid. Messi takes a five visits to the Bernabeu in a row scoring (seven goals) and that it equals Hristo Stoichkov as top scorer in the history of FC Barcelona in Spain Super Cup . As a Bulgarian, Leo sum ​​and six 'targets' in this competition. Just beyond them in general terms the former Real Madrid player Raul , who scored seven wearing the white shirt. A record '10 'Barca can be sprayed, without going further, on Wednesday when, again, be in front of the Real Madrid Iker Casillas in the back of the Supercopa.

But before Leo Messi rolled out its fury to hit back at Mourinho's team, David Villa had taken a 'bazooka' made ​​in Tuilla to pop the white goal net. The front of both the Spaniard was as spectacular as unexpected and psychologically. For Villa, this action of yours is so characteristic, found the area coming from outside to inside on the left flank of the attack and at the edge of the front and Sergio Ramos, took a powerful shot and placed it, making a curve almost perfect shell became a hit for Iker Casillas.

The ball grazed lightly in a boot Ramos, but that does not even an iota of merit to the technique Villa excellent action, shot full of power and placement meant 1-1.

With this much, the Spanish international is reunited with the goal against Madrid. All a pleasure for him because in four consecutive games between Barca and Real who lived in the months of April and May, Villa could not score a goal against the white team, which itself had beaten twice in the 5-0 League Camp Nou. (via MD)

Alexis debuts and dances Marcelo

The Chilean played the whole game and imposed his nerve in the duel with the Brazilian.

Pep Guardiola did not think twice to make debut at Alexis Sanchez at the Bernabeu. Although only had six workouts with his new teammates, did not feel it was their first meeting as Barca and took the set of the Copa America. In fact, the other four (Alves, Mascherano, Adriano and Messi) who attended the tournament were yesterday owners.

Alexis gave a foretaste of the virtues that led him to the attention of the boat: overflow, vertical and defensive work. Located on the right flank of the attack, he starred in his first match action in the opening minutes to work with Dani Alves in coverage and steal the ball from Cristiano Ronaldo . That aggressiveness and intensity in all areas of the field also resulted in work with his offensive chutzpah. Alexis came out victorious in his duel with Marcelo, who took the colors twice thanks to two separate races in a span of land. Also, connect with Messi and helped open the field. Following the entry of Pedro for Villa, acted on the left. (via MD)

The hunt continues

Teixeira Vitienes allowed the violent game of the targets, forgiving the red one to Khedira and Pepe.

Still hear the echoes of the complaints Mourinho about referees, the UEFA and all that smacks of Barcelona last season. Yesterday, those cries praises pasron be a referee Fernando Teixeira Vitienes which became the best weapon of Real Madrid Mourinho. The Cantabrian whistled his first classic and proved he is not ready to head duels of this magnitude. Well, from the white point of view is more than ready, in fact, yesterday assured that more than one ever thought to ask to officiate at the Bernabeu .

Many will say that is a topic resort to the referee when a game does not go as expected. But what he did yesterday Fernando Teixeira Vitienes was a scandal. It allowed the hard game, violent of those of Mourinho that repeated the classics' of Champions scenes again. Pepe made an entrance to very similar Alves to of previous campaign which so much polemic brought. On that occasion, he saw the yellow and was ejected. Yesterday, poor and not yellow or anything. But the thing just sat there. Not at all, Marcelo, one of the protagonists of last season, gave a stomp on Messi and made ​​an entry without the ball to Alexis card were punished either . Incredible but true, Teixeira Vitienes is completely destendió of these actions, but it showed a yellow Alexis by the hand and another to Alves for complaining. Yes, because it is dangerous, giving the ball with his hand in the midfield or ask for tickets to harsh justice.

Anyway, things of a referee who spared expulsion Khedira . The German was no card for Abidal kick and grab one another by a soon to Iniesta. Had there been justice, Khedira would have gone to the locker room in 31 minutes.

What I could not help Teixeira Vitienes is on track to leave the club this Cup. Yet the game dirty white, football Barca eventually win the game, but yes, they had to listen from the stands that of 'Hands up, this is a robbery'. They were fans of FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid were. (via MD)

The players of Barça and Real Madrid believe that everything is possible

Despite the favorable results reaped by the Catalans, the feeling is that everything mixed zone will be decided on Wednesday at the Camp Nou. The madridistas waited more.

Alexis Sanchez who made ​​his debut for FC Barcelona and played 90 minutes confessed to "left everything on the court" and recognizes that the result is "good" but "we have to define there," he said.

In turn, the player of Real Madrid , Xabi Alonso also expected to also "win" the title as "feelings are positive," "despite the draw." The Spanish midfielder knows that "the result has not been the best" but hopes to get a better result at the Nou Camp .

The director of institutional relations of Real Madrid , Emilio Butragueño , said that the blanco team was "superior" to FC Barcelona in the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain (2-2) and deserved to win "more than one goal. " (via MD)

The harmless kick of Khedira to Abidal

Khedira's kick ahead of Abidal was another example of unnecessary hard game and the impunity of the Real Madrid player. The photo looks like Khedira passes the ball over the players and not even look. Background is Vitiennes Teixeira has a perfect viewing angle. The referee warned him not, perhaps because the German did not hunt at all French. If he had, probably would have ended Abidal in the hospital. (via MD)

Alexis surprises in its premiere and Villa entrains the reaction culé

The duo 'wonder' how the lead, along with Messi, a couple unstoppable Dazzles Madrid.

Never in his wildest dreams imagined Alexis Sanchez debut for Barça in a game as important and transcendent as yesterday. The Chilean discovered yesterday to play against Real Madrid have added value. In addition to the title game, the prestige and honor to start the season against the clear team to beat throughout the course is vital.

Guardiola asked for a striker to strengthen the team and could not get no better than the `Boy Wonder what for form, along with Messi and Villa, one of the strongest front of the entire league. Barça's gamble could not have gone better. Active throughout the match, was one of the best in Barcelona. He attacked, defended, rebounded and stole balls ... He did everything a player can do on a pitch, although he resisitió goal. From the minute he saw the eagerness to help the team and even fought air balls, perfectly integrated into the template.

When things were worse in the Santiago Bernabeu for FC Barcelona, ​​who was playing below their potential, came David Villa, the team lit up the tie and entrainment of the team. It was the 35th minute and Barca had not even once kicking door. Messi was then handed it to `Guaje ¿, which is dangerously close to the left of the goal of Casillas blocked by Ramos.

Nothing mattered the Spaniard the enormous pressure exerted by the locals. He knew that his chance would turn the game. And he did. When everyone thought that Villa would miss a golden opportunity for the team to get closer to the goal target after a very good attendance Messi, Barca `7 Is, smarter than anyone, was removed from the right boot crossed a shot that put the ball in the back of the net of Madrid goalkeeper. A superb goal, worthy of a great striker, which is summarized in a very simple: a shot on goal, a goal.

Thanks to their performances, Guardiola's men approach the game changed.

He managed to stretch the field, open spaces and bring the ball into the area of ​​Madrid. He scored the last goal of last season's Champions League final against Manchester United. And last but not least is able to score the first goal this season against rivals. At astuariano always been very good at the Bernabeu and mark Casillas with yesterday and are eight that have marked the captain merengue.

Thiago played his first classic
The '11 'Barca participated for the first time in his career in a match against Real Madrid and left feeling very positive, taking into account their age and which imposes a stadium debut as strong as in the Santiago Bernabeu. Despite the pressure that Mourinho's men in midfield, which prevented the free movement of Thiago, the Blaugrana squad game distributed as best as possible, along with Iniesta and Keita. Actively participated and, although not as bright as some of the preseason games left, as always demonstrated its unquestionable quality on the pitch. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Ronaldinho follows leader in Brazil

The exazulgrana continues to lead successfully maintained a leadership Flamengo tied with Corinthians in spite of that this week both teams had to settle for a draw.

Corinthians and Flamengo on Sunday drew their respective matches in the sixteenth day of the Brazilian Championship and shared the lead, although several of his closest pursuers.

The team drew 2-2 with Sao Paulo Ceará, Flamengo finished with the same result on their visit to Figueirense and third in the league, Sao Paulo, also matched to two goals on Saturday.

Corinthians, which follows the first by having one more victory, gave up two points playing at home and after having taken the lead on the scoreboard throughout the game.
Paulinho scored first for the leader on 24 minutes after pulling a wall Danilo Osvaldo and five minutes later a defensive error tied the Corinthians.

The joy was short-lived to Fortaleza, because on the next play Alex made the second with a strong shot Corinthians.

In the second part, matched by Ceará Rudnei, who took a rebound after a corner, to leave the leader in the tie with 34 points, while Ceará is in the middle, with 19 integers.

The puncture was attenuated Corinthians Flamengo since wasted two-goal lead and ended in a draw in Florianopolis, with Figueirense, also finishing with 34 points.

Deivid scored both goals for Team Rio, head on both occasions, the first in a center of Leo Moura, and just after the break, in a very tight corner kick from Ronaldinho, who very nearly scored a goal medal.

Figueirense pulled one back a minute later on a shot from Somalia, newly signed player of Duque de Caxias second division, and tied in a corner kick header by Edson Silva.

The Basque ties da Gama took the top three winning 1-0 at Palmeiras, with a goal from Bernardo final ten minutes from the highest to that allowed the fourth box, with 30 points, four head.

Coritiba won 3-0 at Atletico Mineiro, with goals from Bill, Rafinha and Leonardo, the last two penalty, a result that lifted the city of Curitiba to 21 points, a comfortable position in the middle of the table, while the formation of Belo Horizonte flirts with the decline with 15 points.

On Saturday, the Saints, champions of the Libertadores Cup, lost 2-0 in its visit to Atletico Goianiense, despite having the Brazilian international and Paulo Henrique Neymar Goose and sank in the table.
The team led by Neymar now has four losses and one draw in their last six games and is closer to the downturn in the fight for the title.

The current champions, Fluminense, succumbed 2-1 in their visit to Gremio in Porto Alegre, and stalled in ninth place with 21 points. (via SPORT)

Pepe relived his worst cockney tricks

Of course if the operations had not been enough, the Real Madrid defender back at it again.

Pepe is doing the fly. The Brazilian Portuguese passport defense again became one of the protagonists of classic and not just for their exquisite football. The former Porto came out with a lesson well learned and became a destabilizing element for his unsportsmanlike behavior, again, within the field.

Pepe was again an example of what football should not be a noble sport. He looked to the stubbornness melee with players remembering their excesses Blaugrana in the series of four consecutive games almost played Barca and Madrid last season. The center of the white starred in the most violent actions and slumming for the night as she entered the wrong Alves in the opening minutes of the second half, taking the law into their own hands regarding the lance which he starred with Brazilian fullback in the game Champions League last season and that cost him his expulsion. Yesterday's action between Alves Pepe and Xabi Alonso served to be directed to the Barca defense to say, "You're a cheater."

Peter and Keita, the final leg of the match, also know first hand as Pepe spent. Both were tickets Madrid crazy defender, apropos of nothing. (via SPORT)

The bus of the directors, stoned in Bernabéu

The general director of the club and a member of the soccer commission were taken a good fright..

The bus that transported the directors of FC Barcelona at the Bernabeu was stoned on arrival at the Madrid campus. As a result, Antoni Rosich, Barca club general manager, and Joseph Contreras, committee member of soccer, impacted by a stone. Both were unharmed.

The events took place on arrival at the stadium, next to the clubhouse target, one hour before kickoff. A group of Real Madrid fans swirled around the bus and one threw a stone of considerable size that broke one of the moons of the vehicle.

Specifically, the rear door giving access to the bus. The stone struck between the side and back of Contreras and rebounded into the body of Rosich, who sat beside her. They occupied the seats left in front of the door to the coach, as access to it.

Stoning the logical caused a stir and excitement among the Barça, led by its president, Sandro Rosell. "It was like a small explosion," said a representative of the club.

The scare did not stop the Barcelona fans enter the stadium managers normally. Contreras had no impairment Rosich to follow the match as if nothing had happened. (via SPORT)

The best and worst of the Real Madrid-Barça

Despite being a preseason game, the left leg of the Supercopa moments worthy of the best classics.


Surely the goal by Villa. Without detracting from the both of Messi, the Spaniard came up with an impossible shot that slipped as a shell in the top left corner of Iker Casillas. Villa faced his defense, he guided the ball from the peak area, hit a shot with a parable meant prefect 1-1. A goal.


The hardness that was used once again for Real Madrid. Summer does not appease Mou fairs that again and again did not hesitate to stop the Barcelona players with an aggressiveness bordering on foul play. Even Khedira came to put the iron on the face of Abidal. A pity. (via SPORT)

[Rating; Supercopa de España Leg1] Real Madrid - FC Barcelona (2-2)

Valdés 8, Alves 7, Mascherano 7, Abidal 6, Adriano 7, Keita 7, Thiago 5, Iniesta 7, Alexis 8, Messi 8, Villa 8, Xavi 7, Piqué 7, Pedro 7. (via SPORT)

[Selection; Under-20 World Cup Quaterfinal] Brazil 2(4) - 2(2) Spain

The luck of the penaltis gives the back to Rojita. After a marathon match, Spain tied the score in overtime, but penalties were more successful and Brazil will face Mexico in the semifinals.

Only penalties deprive Spain of getting into World Cup semifinals after a quarterfinal clash in which he played one on one to Brazil. Lopetegui team was true to his style and began driving the ball in midfield and connecting their sharpest pictures. The first test went Gabriel Rodrigo and Isco, but the goalkeeper anticipated what would later, he was willing to be one of the major players in the game. Oriol Romeu also found with a shot from distance and once again ran into him Rodrigo after a sensational pass from Isco.

Brazil trusted everything to recover a ball and to leave quickly to the counterattack. He did not succeed until almost the end of the first part, but when he did it was lethal. A shot of the crossbar after Henrique stampede output was used by William to mark, though, taking advantage of its advanced position. The goal should not have been better served to decentralize and to those Lopetegui, who were there at the end as at any other time. Fernando, in fact, she almost score a second goal would have been difficult to digest.

However, the selection was not dead. Hardly. He showed a decided second-half start and accompanied by so much needed, deserved a draw. Rodrigo took a train to a center of Hugo Mallo and put the tables. That calmed the red, which began to play. The party was in a fist. Koke met Gabriel, immeasurable, the best Spanish. Brazil also took them into the boots of the Negev and Oscar. And this tension led to the extension. The nerves increased. The adrenaline rose. With fatigue came mistakes also. In one marked Dudu, but again almost immediately equalized Álvaro Vázquez. The battle only the uneven penalties. (via AS)

[Technical Data]
Brazil: Gabriel, Danilo, Bruno Uvini, Juan Jesús, Fernando, Casemiro, William (Negueba), Philippe Coutinho (Dudu), Oscar (Allan), Gabriel Silva, Henrique.

Spain: F. Pacheco, Mallo, Bartra, Amat, Planas, Romeu, Koke, Canales (Pacheco), Isco, Tello (Sergi Roberto), Rodrigo (Álvaro Vázquez).

Referee: Walter Lopez (GUA), Hermenerito Leal (GUA), Gerson Lopez (GUA), Mark Geiser (USA).

Goals: 1-0, William, min. 35; 1-1, Rodrigo, min. 57; 2-1, Dudu, min. 100; 2-2 Vázquez, min. 102.

Cards: William, min. 62; Isco, min. 88; Álvaro Vázquez, min. 104; Henrique, min. 118;

Incidents: Estadio Hernán Ramírez Villegas de Pereira, 29,318 spectators. Intermittent rain. Attended the meeting the Ambassador of Spain in Colombia, Nicholas Martin.

Alexis Sánchez: “I’m very happy with my debut”

Alexis Sánchez played his first game for the first team on Sunday night in the Spanish Supercup against Real Madrid. The Chilean was delighted with his debut.

Alexis played all 90 minutes at the Santiago Bernabéu, but claims he can do better in future matches.

He also revealed the advice he received from his new coach. “Guardiola told me to play the way I know to help the team”, he said.

The following are some of the comments made by other players.


“It wasn’t a bad result. We knew how difficult this would be to prepare for”
“It isn’t easy, but I think our attitude was right, we got a good result”


“The team generally had a good game”
“Villa was great last season, he scored important and decisive goals, he’s here because he’s one of the very best strikers”
“At last Fàbregas is coming and we’re delighted, as we’ve said so many times. I hope it isn’t long before he’s helping us”


“There’s a lot of merit in that game, we were coming into this game with players that haven’t had a preseason. We played a great game and are coming away from here with a great result”
“Alexis had a great game”
“I want to welcome Cesc, we are very happy because he wanted to come here so much”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rosell calls for packed Camp Nou on Wednesday

The president of FC Barcelona has asked the supporters to come on Wednesday to the Camp Nou to get behind the team in the second leg of the Spanish Supercup final against Real Madrid.

After the 2-2 draw at the Santiago Bernabéu, Barça are in a great position to claim their third consecutive Spanish Supercup. Sandro Rosell said after the match that “I want to call on all Barça fans to come and support the team because they deserve it … our supporters can do what we can’t get from training”.

After the first clásico of the 2011/12 season, Rosell said “we made a good impression. I’m very pleased with what I saw … But you could tell that Madrid had had more days to prepare.”

He also congratulated Pep Guardiola, who has maintained his unbeaten managerial record at the Bernabéu.

The other big story of the day is that an agreement in principle has been reached with Arsenal for the transfer of Cesc Fàbregas. “Cesc is one of us and I’m happy that he’s coming back home”, said Rosell. “His arrival makes the group stronger.” On the negotiations, he said “we have paid what we wanted to pay. No more no less”.

The coach transporting the FC Barcelona directors was hit by a stone on arrival at the Santiago Bernabéu. Rosell said “it was a massive shock … but there are lunatics in all corners. Thank God nothing happened and it was a mere anecdote.”(via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola highlights titanic effort at the Bernabéu

The manager was happy with his players’ performance in the Spanish Supercup first leg, calling it a titanic effort in which their heads made up for their tiredness to clinch a 2-2 draw.

He said he always knew that a game with Real Madrid was going to be tough, and also admitted that his team struggled to get into its rhythm. He added that he had been thoroughly impressed by Mourinho’s team and praised his players for what he described as a ‘titanic effort’.

Guardiola felt the 2-2 draw was a good result, especially considering the fact that Madrid “clearly had more chances than we did. We got a good result because of the amazing generosity of our players.” He also made a plea to the fans ahead of the return leg at the Camp Nou: “I hope we get the support of our people, and that they help us when our legs can’t.”

Speaking about the opposition, he said “Madrid were very impressive. They are always a very hard team to play. We worked very hard and that’s the result we got. There was a lot of danger in this match, and but we managed to stay compact.” Asked why Barça had so much less possession than they usually do, he said it was because of “the good work that Madrid did on the pitch, they made it very hard for us to play the ball from the back”.

Alexis Sánchez played all 90 minutes in his first official outing for FC Barcelona, and Guardiola said the Chilean “made a very good impression … He did an outstanding job on both wings. He helped a lot and I’m very satisfied. It would have been harder without him.”

The manager also said that Villa “scored an amazing goal” and that Víctor Valdés “never makes mistakes, he’s a quality player, a safeguard for us”. Turning to the two centre backs, he said “Abidal already played in that position for a long time, and Mascherano is getting more used to it. We needed people with legs at the back”.

Now that an agreement in principle has been announced for the transfer of Cesc Fàbregas, and asked whether he might play next Wednesday, Guardiola only said that “we’re presenting him on Monday and then we’ll have to see how he is”. Asked how the Catalan might fit into the Barcelona scheme of things, he said “we are one more with him in the team in a year when we’ve got the Clubs World Cup and a lot of games. We need more players and we need good players.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alves: "Personality misses some referee to whistle in Bernabéu"

Barca fullback Dani Alves, who was unhappy with the arbitration proceedings, considers that the result achieved by the club is very good.

"We had a little shooting, but we have given the party's face. We have the advantage of being able to decide at home," said Dani Alves after the conclusion of the crash.

Asked about his new squabble with Real Madrid Pepe, Alves stopped and criticized the school's decision not to warn Teixeira Vitienes to central Madrid's Portuguese. "I'm no friend of Pepe. We are rivals and lacks any personality referee whistle at the Bernabeu," he said. (via SPORT)

Alexis: "We have to define in Barcelona to take us the Copa"

Happy for his debut and the result achieved, the Chilean Alexis Sanchez confident of winning the second leg for his first title with Barça.

"It's a good result but we have to define in Barcelona to take the Cup," said Alexis TVE after the match, while noting he hopes to "play well and win" on Wednesday Pep Guardiola if given another opportunity. "We must do as he always does the club, go out and win," he added later to TV3.

Chilean striker played ninety minutes against Real Madrid and performed at a high level in his debut with the club, despite having very few workouts with the team. Happy for his debut, Alexis Sanchez wanted to dedicate the game to the fans of his country: "I dedicate it to my family and all the people of Chile," he said. (via SPORT)

[Supercopa de España Leg 1] Real Madrid 2 - 2 FC Barcelona

Barça and Real Madrid have drawn 2-1 in the first leg of the Spanish Supercup. The visitors responded to Ozil’s opener with goals from Villa and Messi. After the break, Xabi Alonso converted Madrid’s equaliser.
The Spanish Supercup will be decided at the Camp Nou. Everything is still to play for after an intense first leg at the Santiago Bernabéu ended all square.

Barça didn’t get off to the best of starts. A very physical Madrid came out strong and enjoyed the first few chances, but Valdés was on splendid form in the FCB goal. But after just 12 minutes, Ozil put Madrid one up after a deft strike following a Benzema cross from the right. However, following the goal, Barça started playing the way we know and love, and gained control of most of the possession.

A far more comfortable looking FCB side was putting together some delightful combination moves and tied the game with ten minutes of the first half remaining. David Villa produced an absolute stunner, bending the ball from outside the area into the top right hand corner, totally out of reach of Madrid stopper Iker Casillas. The equaliser boosted Barça even further and just before the break Leo Messi made it 2-1, after rounding Pepe brilliantly and then beating Casillas.

Thiago really came into his own in the second half, assuming the central playmaker role and bringing out the best in Barça. Not for the first time, Madrid were totally confounded by the Catalans’ passing game, but it was the all-whites who scored the only goal of the half. In the 53rd minute, Xabi Alonso received an assist from Pepe and his low, hard shot was too much for Valdés, who was unsighted by the many players around him.

Xavi, Piqué and Pedro came on for Thiago, Adriano and Villa, adding new freshness, and the last half hour was a demonstration of how Barcelona know how to dictate a game. Nevertheless, it was Madrid who had the best chances, but failed to convert any of them.

Next Wednesday August 17, Barça and Real Madrid will face each other again at the Camp Nou, where the Spanish Supercup title will be decided. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Real Madrid: Iker Casillas; Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Carvalho, Marcelo; Xabi Alonso, Khedira (Callejón, m.57), Di María (Coentrao, m.53); Özil, Cristiano Ronaldo y Benzema (Higuaín, m.81).

FC Barcelona: Valdés; Dani Álves, Mascherano, Abidal, Adriano (Piqué, m.61); Keita, Thiago (Villa, m.57), Iniesta; Alexis, Villa (Pedro, m.72) y Messi.

Goals: 1-0, m.13: Özil- 1-1, m.35: Villa. 1-2, m.45: Messi. 2-2, m.54: Xabi Alonso.

Referee: Teixeira Vitienes (Committee Cantabria). Admonished Khedira (32), Xabi Alonso (78) and Marcelo (90) by Real Madrid, Alexis (53) and Alves (90) by Barcelona.

Incidents: first leg of the Super Cup final in Spain, played at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, filled in the presence of 79,800 spectators. Observed a minute's silence for Idoia Santamaria, daughter of a director of Real Madrid.

Cesc Fàbregas: Guaranteed versatility

After eight seasons away from Catalonia,Fabregas is coming back to FC Barcelona as one of the best midfielders in the world. His career stats support this.

He moved to London in the summer of 2003, at only 16 years of age. Now, at 24, he’s coming home. He played 303 games with Arsenal, where he managed a total of 57 goals and 100 assists. These fantastic stats from the World star have not gone unnoticed by Barça, who have done everything possible to get Cesc back.

Fabregas has one of the best records in goal assists in the Premier League over the past five years, with a total of 71 goal passes. His personal record for assists was established in the 2007/08 season, when he reached 19. No one has made more goals for his teammates than Fabregas, and with Barcelona he’ll try to repeat these numbers. This last 2010/2011 season, despite playing only 25 games, he managed to make up to 14 goals for his teammates.

Cesc’s versatility hasn’t gone unnoticed by Josep Guardiola. Fabregas can play in every midfield position. He can play as defensive centre mid, left or right midfield pivot, or even just behind the striker. At Arsenal he’s shown that he can perform extremely well in all these positions, and that could be seen in the 2009/2010 season, when he scored 15 goals and had 15 assists. His vision of the game and getting into the box are never in question.

Despite his youth, Cesc Fabregas became captain of Arsenal, for whom he played a total of 303 games. Of these, 212 were in the Premier League, where he made his debut at the age of 17. In addition, he became the youngest player in Arsenal’s history to score his first goal, when he scored against Wolves on December 2nd, 2003. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Official] Intial agreement for Cesc Fàbregas

Arsenal FC and FC Barcelona have reached the beginnings of an agreement for the transfer of Cesc Fàbregas with the documents to be signed and the medical to take place on Monday. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Sporting Director Andoni Zubizarreta on Cesc: "We can say that Cesc is coming here"

Tomorrow at 13.30hrs Cesc will have a photo session at Camp Nou. The stadium will open at 12hrs. (via @FCBarcelona on twitter)

[Arsenal agree terms with Barca for Fabregas]
Arsenal announces today that they have reached an agreement in principle with Barcelona for Cesc Fabregas to move to Spain.