14 August 2011

[Youth] The "best alevín of Spain" may leave Atletico

Luis Hernáiz is the only player in Spain for 11 years has a contract with Nike.

Luis Hernáiz "is the best current national juvenil," reads one of the previous reports that the youth football team ran. Atletico could lose if you do not keep the agreement reached with Routledge in February this year to pay for gasoline to go training. Sports management from the current refer such an agreement they know there being nothing in writing and believe it could be an unfairness to other players in its class to live in Toledo and Talavera. Luis lives in Arcas (Cuenca) and his father, Paul, has three seasons and bringing to Madrid to train four times a week, which is two hours one way and as many back. In total 500 kilometers. All this without any help from the club so far. The problem is that the crisis has also beaten the parent company of Louis and no longer has the financial resources to afford these trips to the capital. To all this, the boy joins up the Child, which is training a day ... and in Majadahonda is a bit farther from home. So far training in Orcasitas.

Back in February this year when Jose Maria Amorrortu, former director of the quarry, he learned of the problems I was starting to get the family of Luis to take him to training, offered financial assistance. But rejected by the commitment they have taken this season with Atletico. Of course, came to verbal agreement that next year when the club signed their contract would pay the parent gas. Following the dismissal of Amorrortu this verbal agreement has come to nothing, even though parents have lowered their pretensions Luis, for not asking 2,000 euros it would cost to bring your child to the Hill, but 1,200, and they think they can cope with another 800 remaining. However, Atletico is now offering as much as 600 and with the money the boy could not come to practice, because both Luis suchas family did not raise the possibility of residence as the child alone is 11 and it is best keep close to his family.

Last season, Luis was the captain of alevín and led his team to the league title, in addition to winning tournaments Burriana, Mic, Carballo, Canillas o Gaunas. In fact it was named best player in the tournament Canillas and Carballo, besides being second best player in the ancient tournament of Brunete. Its quality has led to large firms fight over him, beat Nike to Adidas in this fight by signing his first contract with a boy of 11 years in Spain.

It is on the agenda of several strong teams. Real Madrid and Barcelona are leading the way, although the white club can not sign a nonaggression pact between the two quarries at this time, while the Catalans at the moment have made no approach. If definitely not end Atletico to help the player who could come to train, one of the possible outcomes could be the Leganés, which reunited with his coach in the last two years, Santi Expósito. (via MD)

[Former player] Bojan assault on the outskirts of Mestalla

Linyola forward was mobbed by supporters Valencian surrounding it and insulted the conclusion of the Trofeo Naranja to the point that took refuge in a minibus from the Italian press.

The Roma forward Bojan Krkic lived a difficult situation when he was attacked last Friday at the exit of Mestalla after the meeting that pitted his new club in Valencia, the Trofeo Naranja, serving the club 'che' to appear before their fans.

Reveals the 'Corriere dello Sport, the exazulgrana was gravely insulted the output of the Valencian stadium by some fans, who surrounded him and threatened.

The situation boiled over completely to Bojan who took refuge in a minibus from the Italian press who came to guard against the aggressive fans who were unleashing their anger with the young striker.

According to the Italian newspaper, Bojan, once the time of the siege, said that the aggression of the home fans was due to their regional origin. "The take me because I am a Catalan" he said. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Draw and brutal entrance of Jeffren in in his league debut

The debut was not exazulgrana dreamed of Sporting Lisbon. The Lisbon's draw at home against modest Spanish-Olhanense and Venezuela could be deported after committing a violent action against an opponent.

effren Suarez had a bitter debut in the Portuguese league with Sporting Lisbon in the match played this Saturday at the humble Olhanense, where both teams tied at a goal.

The exazulgrana was one of the best players of his team in the 55 minutes he was on the pitch, but ended up frustrated as the rest of the squad Lisbon unable to get the three points at home.

Despite the negative tie, Jeffren was cause for celebration, not ejected after a violent end action that delivered a hard tackle an opponent. (via SPORT)

Mourinho: "The Supercopa is less important tournament of the season"

Although a less aggressive than last year, Coach White showed that awaits us another season of war.

It seemed that this season we would see another Jose Mourinho. In his first press conference prior to the first official game of the season, however, the coach of Real Madrid made it clear that we expect another year of war and dialectical and psychological wear. Although a less aggressive than the end of last season, the Portuguese regained his speech more defiant all. Of course, avoided talking about the club and was cured in health for a possible defeat by Blaugrana, discrediting the Super Cup.

The Mourinho always appeared when asked if he had learned from the tactical errors made in their last match against Barca. "The only thing I've learned is that you can not tell the truth," was the response of Luso, dimly remembering the sanction imposed by UEFA their charges after being knocked out by Barcelona in the semifinals of the Champions League. And still had to reload arrests before the European governing body: "In the Champions will not talk while you are punished, but for me it was a victory for UEFA, with a legal system that can not be called democratic, I have reduced the penalty game. And if you have not fallen more is because there had been a strange situation. " Mou `we conclude with a statement:" Sanctions will not change my nature, I was not going to shut up. "

In between all these challenges, Mourinho had time to discuss his first game for Barcelona. And as always was the band, disqualifying the importance of the tournament in case: "The Super Cup is the most important tournament of the summer and less of the season, so we have not prepared for the Super Cup, but for the season. In these two games we played we did not work this month, we have worked for a season where we have more important goals. "

For the coach of Real Madrid this double confrontation is not going to mark the passing of the season. Will not even serve as a reference on the pulse between the two teams: "It is a tournament isolated and has nothing to do with what happens next. With the Inter lost the Italian Super Cup and then we triplet with League, Cup and Champions League. "

Mourinho avoided talking about the boat: "I can not come and I have to talk about another team other than mine." And appreciate the role of the fans, linking with the need to specify a final booster to the front: "People preferred to come and stay in the pool sipping a cold water. We're all together and when we're together I can say without fear that I do not want any player, although the market remains open. " (via SPORT)

Madrid-Barça: Goes very seriously

Barca start the official season in style: a visit to Madrid in the first leg of the Supercopa.
Messi, with only 6 days of work, will lead a team less fresh than its rival, but safe and ambitious.

They were the 54,000 fans who saw the training of Madrid at the Bernabeu, but the 150 fans who waited Barca in Barajas to the 20.45 hours so passionately encouraged to coaches and players all became aware at that moment that the preseason has been over, this is already very seriously. Barca team visit tonight (22 hours) in the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain Real Madrid, who has prepared the trophy almost obsessively, on the contrary Barca facing it with ambition and confidence in his personality, though knowing that you can physically get to the first derby of the 2011-12 season a step below its biggest rivals. Guardiola has acknowledged mental prioritized to rest their players, so we gave them a longer vacation and human. But even this difference, no one like Messi, hungry for permanent titles to lead the team lead despite only six days of workouts.

Although the hours before is not experienced anything like the hostility that surrounded Poker Clásico in April, the club knows that the Bernabeu is a boiler and bite Mourinho's team as always, the limits of the rules, even more hunger for revenge after his KO in the last Champions League semi-final and still hurt because it hurts for life, for the 5-0 league. Against this emotional stakes, the club wants to respond with intelligence, which enabled him to emerge victorious in previous battles Chamartín. Moreover, with the return at the Nou Camp (Wednesday, 23.00 hours).

Piqué Xavier and recovered, the question is Sergio Busquets for the bruise on the side that suffered in the Italy-Spain, but surely the Badia try to be available is as usual with his character. And the question is to know the role that Thiago will, after his phenomenal season, and the Chilean Alexis in his debut as Barca. In principle, points to the bench. In Madrid, Sahin injured back Sergio Ramos and novelty and might be ex espanyola Alley, in shape.

Sandro Rosell traveled with the team. Accompanied by Ramón managers Pont, Jordi Mestre, Jordi Mones and CEO, Antonio Rossich, today will be in a box at a stadium that will nail you. The president, who spoke with Guardiola path of the aircraft, also plays and has not wanted to leave his team.

And to press Teixeira Vitienes
The referee Teixeira Vitienes, College Cantabria, referee the first clásicos of the season. Barca has led in 19 league games, which has won 11, drawn 5 and has been defeated in 3. Real Madrid has whistled 20 times with 13 wins, 3 draws and 4 defeats. The Madrid newspaper, which starts at the line last season, has already reminded these days that Teixeira was the referee Osasuna-Barcelona in the last league and "allowed" to begin later. (via MD)

Guardiola and five players, talismen in the four visits to Santiago Bernabéu

Since Pep Guardiola Barcelona came to the bench, the team has played cuatro clásicos at the Bernabeu, three and one Champions League.

On four occasions, the coach has lined up in the starting Valdes, Alves, Piqué, Xavi and Messi, and together they have three wins and one draw. Without a doubt, the oldest of all is that of Terrassa. Up in your boots 14 in Madrid with a clásico balance of five wins, four draws and five defeats. With two assists from the midfield, the club won two years ago.

Thanks to the keeper Barca, Real Madrid only was able to foist all three goals against FC Barcelona and has twice managed to keep a clean sheet. Gerard Piqué premiered at the Bernabeu with a real great goal in his first season as the sixth culé Did you check both the 2 to 6 How and Messi has become nothing more and nothing less than three goals in the stadium blanco.

Cesc arrives today in Barcelona

The club claims that its arrival in Catalonia is discrete on a day that will be especially marked for the match against Real Madrid.

Cesc Fabregas will continue until it is made official his move to Barcelona with the most prudent behavior and respect for Arsenal in recent weeks. The player will land today in Barcelona with the intention of not making much noise, at the request of the Catalans club, and wait for its official openly to show their happiness for having fulfilled the dream of returning to Camp Nou.

The final stages will be solved tomorrow at the offices of the club. On Friday, the e-mail waiting for Arsenal to final approval of the transaction, but all the loose ends are tied and the documentation is in order once you pass the weekend. The deal is closed and is complete. Cesc is now a Barça player for the next five seasons after the first hour stay Friday to finalize the transaction.

The delay of the agreement was attributed primarily to a anger from Arsenal for the euphoria in the locker room the club and expressed online by Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol. However, in the Emirates or even paid attention to this detail once it had reached an agreement between clubs. A story was exaggerated because of the absence of an official statement from both entities.

Barca silence was due to the desire Pep Guardiola that no media uproar broke out during the day yesterday when the team should have put the five senses in the Super Cup final against Real Madrid.

A presentation of Arenys multitudinous could distract his new teammates and it was better to leave the official announcement after the game signing for the Bernabeu. Arsenal agreed and so had time to communicate before a signing, Costa Rican Joel Campbell, and also to prepare more calmly the premiere in the Premiership against Newcastle.

The difficulties were overcome during the week and there was no hurry to announce the deal. Tomorrow will be finished reviewing the contracts with confidence and are expected to contact the transfer on the websites of both entities.

Barca and Arsenal have finally come to an entente cordial, how could it be otherwise r, since only wanted to play Cesc at Barca and the total amount of 40 million euros was more than enough.

As they move through the hours are getting to know details of the transfer. TV3 reported yesterday that the club will pay 29 of the 34 million fixed operation in two installments during 2011.

Thus, 14.5 million will be transferred this month and others 14.5 shall be paid in October. Arsenal has not the facilities, for example, offered with Udinese's Alexis Sanchez, will allow the club blaugrana start paying the signing in 2012. The English need the money immediately to meet new recruits and they are not accustomed to receive over-split transfers.

Arsenal were very reluctant to accept the six million euros in variables, which should add to 34, but had no choice. Wenger pressured the chief executive, Ivan Gazidis, so not to delay the sale and the Gunners' did you have to accept the sale under conditions that were not the most advantageous to their interests.

The French coach supported the player in the final stages of negotiation and this factor has been determined to not have to wait until August 31 to sign for Barca Fabregas, as could have happened as elverano passed. The player is grateful and in his presentation as blaugrana no shortage of praise for Wenger's words and of course Arsenal.

Cesc is clear articulate speech that morning. For now, the player is now scheduled to arrive late in the afternoon, just in time to see the Super Cup final on television and thus avoid a too noisy arrival. (via SPORT)

Alexis wants debut today and Guardiola does not rule

The former Udinese 'defeated' Giuseppe Rossi in the race for the club and now may begin to show and the sheer quality that holds.

There is a game that every fan dreams of Barcelona player or play and win every season, that is the clash against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu for the curiosity always brings added a win.

Well, Alexis Sanchez could experience firsthand that experience in his first official appearance with the Barca shirt. The end Chile has had little time to train Pep Guardiola's orders, but his physical condition is pretty good and the very technical such a possibility not ruled yesterday in his press conference after the briefing.

"We'll see who has more minutes or can stand better, but Alexis is an older and ready to play. We'll see if you start or play alone for a while, we should expect, "admitted Guardiola, one of the leading proponents, but most of the signing of Alexis. Meanwhile, the player is as crazy as soon debut with his new team and hopes to do tonight ... would be unforgettable.

Alexis first trained with fellow double session on Monday and repeated on Tuesday before flying to France where he played in Montpellier on Wednesday in a friendly for his country to the 'bleus ¿. Then he trained on Thursday afternoon, Friday morning and again yesterday morning session.

The South American is not only one of the expeditions that could live its premiere tonight at the Santiago Bernabeu, and also found in the same situation Fontàs Andreu, Thiago Alcantara and Jonathan dos Santos. In fact, none of the three has ever faced the white set.

The most strange is Thiago, who became a fixture for Guardiola in the final of the season, but did not participate in any of the four classics. Meanwhile, the other two have appeared more sporadically. (via SPORT)

Wenger: "Cesc is now what I care less"

Arsène Wenger was not too much yesterday for comment. The debut of Arsenal in the Premier League at Newcastle was not as expected and the Gunners, Cesc Fabregas and Nasri without the two men will leave the club, could not get the equalizer in a game that was expelled Gervinho, the signing star of the season.

No wonder that when asked yesterday the Frenchman on Cesc, this merely comment that "now is the least I care." Arsene and gives up to exblaugrana and costs about him when it comes to a player who has not, although it has not been made official his move to Barca.

Hence, once the match, Arsene Wenger insisted: "We are on both sides, no man's land. For now, they are Arsenal players. It will keep you informed. " A speech that repeats the pending transfers of officers to her.

Just yesterday, coinciding with the party in Newcastle, said the French coach has already announced to friends his intention to leave the London club when this season ends. (via SPORT)

[Barça B; Preseason Match] Girona 1 - 0 FC Barcelona B

Barça B stumbles in Montilivi (1-0). The Eusebio boys lost against Girona minimal and failed to win the tournament Costa Brava. This party, the subsidiary will also filmed the first match of the league season against Huesca.

The B team could not win victory in the final preseason game. The team players have seen the Girona was a good goal to win the tournament Costa Brava, where the players were the current champions, a goal late in the first time, all throughout the game, gave the victory in Girona, although both teams have had enough chances to extend the lead.

The Girona has been pushing the very first minutes of the game. In fact, the first time the clash was the local Masip but very attentive, he caught the ball smoothly. From the fourth time, the B team dominated the ball, although Girona at any time no longer generate threat. Both teams were able to start the can during the first 45 minutes: Riverola much as Deulofeu, Alcantara or Carmona tried to open the scoring but his shot well have left out the three sticks, good defense prevented the players from Girona s advance. The Girona has also set several options, one clear, that Ion Velez could not take advantage. Velez, therefore, is forgiven once, but two, and a few moments at the end of the first half, sent the ball to the back of the squad.

After the break, both teams have continued to generate chances to take the victory. The B team continued looking for the rival goal, while the Girona, a goal already in his favor, was reluctant to watch the game turned. The changes by both teams, who wanted to give minutes to all players, and several chances at both goals, scored a second half that ended with the final 1-0 on the scoreboard.

After the confrontation, Eusebio Sacristan said: "There has been an evolution with respect to the other parties, as we assimilate more and better concepts." However, added that "lack intensity, especially in disputes. Must compete with force and intensity. The Girona has done and we must reach this point. We are young but we have to get used to compete at this level, "concluded Barça B.

Then reproduce the feeling of three players B match played today: Jean Marie Dongou : "It's a good team and played well, we do not detract. They deserved to win and congratulations for the victory. " Riverola Martin: "It was a game similar to the Catalonia Cup, but today Girona found with a goal early, and this game has quite a view. We have not been able to take our chances we had and in the end we lost. "

Oriol Rosell: "It was a hard game because the city there has been keen. We have been focused throughout the match. We have a goal, but we have been trying and we had our chances. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Girona: Santamaria, Jose (David Garcia, min.57), Richy, Rigo, Moha (Luso, min.45) , Tébar, Dorca, Juanlu, Jandro (Dani Nieto, min.62), Sáizar (Garmendia, min. 70), Ion Vélez (Benja, min. 45).

Barça B: Masip, Balliu (Dalmau, min.70), Sergi Gómez, Armando (Rosell, min.45), Grimaldo, Gustavo, Carmona (Espinosa, min.73), Riverola, Cuenca (Saúl, min.45), Deulofeu (Dongou, min. 82), Rafa Alcántara.

Goal: 1-0 Ion Vélez, min.40.

Referee: Miranda Torres.

Guardiola gives the 11 to Thiago and keeps the 4 for Cesc

FC Barcelona has announced the dorsal to the parties of the Supercopa of Spain. Nobody will 4. Keep it to Cesc.

You know the back of the shirts of FC Barcelona for the Super Cup matches in Spain. These ridges also are likely to be the same for the League.

Regarding the last season we have three new features. Thiago and Font, and move into the first team, take 11 and 24 respectively. And Alexis Sanchez, the first signing of the season, as previously announced, has the number 9. Both the B has called Pep Guardiola will have the 28 (Jonathan dos Santos) and 35 (Montoya).

Thus, as assumed, the number 4 still remains free. And no doubt soon have a rightful owner: Cesc Fabregas. (via SPORT)

Alexis and the Chilean selection will play September 4 in the field of Espanyol

The National Association of Professional Football (ANFP) reported that maintained very advanced negotiations for the Chilean national team play a friendly on September 2 against Spain's world champion.

As reported by El Mercurio, the Royal Spanish Football Federation agreed to give its response on Monday. The meeting was disputed in Spain and, according to the Chilean federation president, Sergio Jadue the possibility of playing the world champions is quite feasible since the team Vicente del Bosque will Liechtenstein four days later in the game qualifying for Euro 2012.

The ANFP confirmed for Sunday September 4 a friendly in Spain against Mexico in Barcelona, ​​Espanyol's stadium, Cornella-El Prat.

The head coach of the Chilean Claudio Borghi said that if confirmed the friendly with Spain, convened to 25 players for the tour of Europe and the group split for both parties. (via SPORT)

The team is already in Madrid

The issue of FC Barcelona has landed at 20.30 at the airport Barajas. Guardiola has taken the entire workforce to Madrid, where this Sunday will host the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain.

The team, which has left the Nou Camp to 18.30, has come to Madrid at 20.30. The expedition was led by Barca president Sandro Rosell and managers Ramon Pont, Jordi Mestre Jordi Mones. They have traveled the director general and the director Antonio Rossich Professional Football Sports Andoni Zubizarreta.

Remember that Josep Guardiola has made ​​travel to the entire staff, plus three players from the B (Dos Santos, Montoya and Muniesa). In total, have moved to Madrid 23 players, including injured players. The team will overnight at the hotel Eurostars. As anecdote, it is necessary to say that this displacement has been the first of Alexis Sánchez with the first team of Barça.

The return to Barcelona is planned for the night after the game, around 01.25 hours in the morning. The second leg of the Supercopa, the Camp Nou will be played on Wednesday at 23.00. (via FCBarcelona.cat)