13 August 2011

[Barça B] Last test for Barca B

arca B play tonight (21:30) the last preseason game against Girona. It will be the second time that many players see the faces, as during the Copa Catalunya many team players to strengthen the first team.

Framed in the traditional Costa Brava Tournament celebrates its 35th edition, Girona and Barcelona B Montilivi play tonight in the last friendly before the start the league. For this game, Eusebio has all its troops, except for Montoya, Dos Santos and Muniesa, convened for the first team, and Illia, through injury.

Precedents attest to Eusebius, in the last two matches against Girona, has emerged victorious. The last, the Copa Catalunya, opted for the Catalans who won the game for 1 to 2 with goals from Marti Riverola Lobato. Despite the absence of the players contesting the FIFA Under-20 in Colombia, the image of B was positive. We must remember, however, that the Barça B team reinforced the Tarragona.

If we go back to the same Costa Brava Tournament last season, the victory was also for the Catalans, who closed the preseason with a win by 1 to 2 with goals from Benjamin and Rochina.

Tonight, Eusebio have a total of 19 troops, as Montoya, Dos Santos and Muniesa be in Madrid with the first team. The game will be played this Saturday at Montilivi 21:30 hours. It will be the last hurdle before starting the league in field of Huesca on Saturday August 20 at 6 pm. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça won't sign a centreback and Puyol is near returning

Pep Guardiola is clear that despite the defensive line will not strengthen the team with the arrival of a new player, while he explained the enhanced fitness of captain Barca.

After the signings of Alex and Cesc-a-lack of official confirmation, the big question was whether the club would sign a player to reinforce some other parcels of the team. However, Guardiola was very clear. "No one else will," said the Barca coach, making it clear that relies on defenses that have that in any case, as expressed in more than one occasion, rely on team players to make up for any absence.

Precisely one of the missing in recent months, Carles Puyol, is closer explained Guardiola back to the media. "We knew it was an injury that, if risky, could fall. Now working on the field and within a short time back," said the coach, who did not hesitate to acknowledge that the team "needs to Puyol." (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "It's a final: no excuses"

Despite having the whole squad around for only the past two days, Josep Guardiola doesn’t want any excuses ahead of the Spanish Super Cup which starts this Sunday at the Bernabeu. "This is a final and whoever wins will be the best team" he said.

For the Barça manager, playing the Spanish Super Cup is always good news. "We are fortunate to be playing it. It means we won something last season. We’ve been in it for the last 3 years" he said. After his words of praise for the competition, Guardiola is aware that the circumstances around the timing of the Super Cup, and the team they are playing, are not altogether favorable. "We’ve only been two days all together and Madrid has had a flawless preseason. From what I've seen, they’re just like they were last year".

After only two training sessions with the entire squad, together with the fact that lots of the players haven’t played in the preseason with the team, like Alexis, Mascherano, Messi and Alves, there is a big question mark about who’ll start in Madrid. "Messi and Mascherano have come back looking in good shape. They are the ones who have had the shortest holidays, only three weeks. When you have less time off you need less time to get into shape" he said about the Argentinian players. With regard to the others, Guardiola prefers to wait until Sunday. However, he warned that not all players are ready to play 90 minutes.

Guardiola wanted to make it clear that there will be no excuses. "We’re playing a final and there can’t be any possible excuses. If I’d wanted them to be fitter then I’d have called them back earlier. The rest was important" he stressed. However, he warned that a 3-1 defeat like last season’s first leg of the Super Cup against Sevilla, would be practically definitive against Real Madrid. "The tie will be practically decided on Sunday. Whenever we’ve come back with a good result from the Bernabeu it’s because we’ve been ambitious" he added.

The fact that they’re playing Madrid early on also has its positive side. According to Guardiola it will "help us to get into a competitive frame of mind for the near future", because the European Super Cup, and the start of the League, come immediately after the double battle against Madrid.

How are Real Madrid going to play? "It's very difficult to figure out how they’re going to play. They sat back in the first half of the first leg of the semifinals, and in the second half they pressurised us high up the pitch. They have a lot in their locker. We have to be cautious. Beating them is really tough" he stressed.

Looking beyond the Super Cup, Guardiola has discarded signing a central defender and indicated that Carles Puyol’s recovery is on the right track. "I'm not a doctor, but I think that in a short time he’ll be back with us. He’s training without pain" he said.

With regard to Cesc he reminded everybody that "he’s not here yet….according to the information I have, everything is very advanced but not quite finalised. He’s still an Arsenal player. If he comes or not, Barça will still have a good midfield" he concluded. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola calls for whole squad to Supercopa

Josep Guardiola has called up all his players, including those with injuries, to travel to Madrid and show their togetherness in readiness for the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup.

The first official game of the season against Real Madrid will see the presence of the whole squad, although some are still recovering from injury. Martin Montoya, Jonathan Dos Santos, and the injured Marc Muniesa, from Barça B, have also been included. In total Guardiola is taking 23 players to Madrid.

As with every vital and important game, Guardiola has decided to take all available players, to demonstrate the togetherness of the group. The Barça expedition will leave the Camp Nou at 18.00 and will arrive in Madrid around 20.00.

The last training session of the week, which also included Montoya, Dos Santos, Isaac Cuenca, and Oriol Rosell, from Barça B, as well as youth team player Jean-Marie Dongou, concentrated on preparation for the game tomorrow. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The 23 travelers
Valdés, Pinto, Messi, Thiago, Piqué, Puyol, Alves, Xavi, Villa, Iniesta, Alexis, Mascherano, Keita, Sergio, Pedro, Adriano, Abidal, Maxwell, Afellay, Abidal, Montoya, Dos Santos, y Muniesa.

[Former B player] Nolito scored again at the premiere of Benfica in the league

The exazulgrana Nolito scored the first goal for Benfica in the league Zon Sagres, but could not prevent the release of the 'Eagles' in the domestic championship ended in a draw for two to the modest Gil Vicente.

With the number 9 on his back and placed inside left, former Barca back to feeling good throughout the match, as it did in the preseason, which has already received rave reviews from peers and the press Lusa.

It was the 7th minute when a perfect Nolito took a pass from Amorim between the lines to stand alone against the goalkeeper and adjust your shot to the stick side.

Gil Vicente seemed to wake up then, but a good combination Aimar, who wears the armband, Franco Jara and Saviola both ended with the latter to put the 0-2 on the scoreboard.

The game loomed plates for Lisbon, but not Gil Vicente lost face encounter and 37 managed to reduce the gap through their striker, Hugo Vieira, taking advantage of a cross from the right that failed to clear Artur Amorim to beat a strong shot.

In the second half, with the carrying handle Witsel Belgian team-came to replace-Aimar, Benfica seemed to control the game and had several chances including a shot that grazed the Franco Jara stick.

However, a shoe in 74 minutes from beyond the edge of the Brazilian Laionel took a 180 degree turn to the meeting and took the steps of delirium club Barcelos (North of Portugal). (via SPORT)

Cesc returns home

Barça waits a last mail of the Arsenal to announce an agreement that will be official between today and on Monday.
Fabregas and Wenger said goodbye to his teammates and was stopped by his agent when he went to the airport.

Barca still awaiting a final email from Arsenal to announce the end, and in their official and without any nuance or tagline, the signing of Cesc Fabregas. In fact, in the offices of the Catalan club were confident it yesterday, but finally the reinforcement longest in club history and probably in the history of football wants to have an epilogue to the height of such a long negotiation. Between now and Monday may reach the vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu the famous 'mail' from London, sent by Ivan Gazidis, executive director 'gunner'.

As has been reporting MD, Barca and Arsenal agree on everything: the Catalan club pay a total of 34 million euros in fixed amounts and six variables.

Admission will be an important figure and the rest in five annual installments. So the club had the intimate conviction that Arsenal would already yesterday 'yes' with papers.

The same feeling was Cesc himself, who also fired yesterday as their peers and his coach, Arsène Wenger. So sure was the captain still 'gunner' that 'The End' is putting the midfielder yesterday Arenys was already on the way to airport to fly to Barcelona when he got the call from his agent, Darren Dein. The agent, caution, suggested to Cesc to stay a few hours in London for a formal question. The official agreement was not between clubs and not appropriate steps forward. And that Cesc, anxious, guessed even the idea of ​​accompanying the Madrid face Barcelona in the Cup.

The more evidence that everyone expected the announcement to yesterday gave it that will be companions of Cesc at the Camp Nou from next week. Social networks allow communication so fast that sometimes some people can get ahead of the news. And so it happened yesterday. Through twitter Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol and Cesc welcomed. Also Victor Valdes told a news conference, took for granted on arrival.

The clubs, however, maintained a scrupulous official silence, a waiting for the mail and send the other one giving up some more. Arsenal, itching, turned off the computer and decided to take a day plus the official OK. Certainly not like anything in the headquarters 'gunner' in the Barca team itself trigger a premature euphoria but they still had not said anything.

The tantrum 'gunner' be no more than an anecdote in the history of signing Cesc: sign with the club for five years. (via MD)

Barca travel to Madrid to win

The staff travels the day before, as if the Champions League, and is aware of the coup that would take the title.

Despite admitting that the team goes short preparation, Pep Guardiola is clear about the value of scoring the first assault of a very intense season and seek a win at the Bernabeu to hold the title of the Supercopa. Winning would give new authority coup, but the circumstances are less favorable to impose the Madrid since Guardiola's first team coach. The template is traveling today, a day before, as if it were a Champions League match.

Barcelona coach does not know what is lost in the field of Real Madrid as a coach. Beat 2-6 in their first visit in the League 2008-09, and since then has two more wins, both by 0-2 (Champions League 2009-10 and 2010-11), and a tie to a goal that taste of victory was in the last league. But never before has the team had come to the Bernabeu as poor for preparation, especially compared to the white set, which started a week earlier.

José Mourinho, obsessed with the club has planned a season geared exclusively to win the Cup. Barça's body, however, designed the summer with two priorities: the maximum rest of the staff after three years with tournament selection (Euro, World Cup and Confederations) and considering that the next three summers will be repeated scheme, and the preparation of the campaign as a whole, not just a tournament.

However, no one escapes the Catalan club to re-impose, under present conditions, the Madrid home would have a major impact on the white club. Barca wants to win, but can afford to lose this title. Real, however, has no margin for error.

Recent sessions have increased the conviction of Barca dressing room. The group has worked well and Guardiola has been prepared. Both esasí yesterday afternoon that suspended the scheduled training session in the Ciutat Esportiva. In the morning, with the first team were trained and Dos Santos Montoya, while Afellay, Puyol, Sergio Maxwell and worked on their own. Xavi Pique and exercised with the group.

Sergio Busquets and Pique have the OK
Both Sergio Busquets and Pique, who finished 'touched' the Spanish team's friendly against Italy, will have the pleasure to play doctor at the Bernabeu. In fact, Pique and participated yesterday in part of the training session with the group, while Busquets was exercised on their own. Today we finished clearing the last doubts, but both documents will be Guardiola's orders to play tomorrow at the Bernabeu. (via MD)

Arsenal upset with the tweets of Pique and Puyol

The tweets of Pique and Puyol upset the English.
Gerard and the captain took for granted that came his friend and the euphoria unleashed.
Valdés and environment of the crack and joined the Gunners, pride, delayed yes.

Arsenal have demonstrated many times, for good and evil, which is a club with pride. Sometimes it has very thin skin. Like when he recently criticized Arsene Wenger Xavi Hernandez had "disrespected" the team 'gunner' for saying he had seen his friend Cesc Fabregas "suffering." And to top it off the manager 'gunner' did not hesitate to accuse the Barca midfielder that was not the first time I did that of "disrespecting" the Arsenal, without further clarification, or where, when or why. Wenger, who this summer has just carried Bellerín Jon Toral and Hector in his umpteenth Barca collected in the quarry, has spent recent months talking about the establishment of a rule of 'fair play' in transfers and market signings. Curiously, those who dare to talk about codes of conduct between the time in the quarries and insistence of others with impunity and then get upset because, in professional football, a club is interested in one of his players, which was over before his .

However, yesterday the Arsenal felt entitled to 'do suffer' a bit more to the ship by the Operation Cesc '. The reason for the 'rebound' of the English club went from the euphoria of the locker room at the Camp Nou and the crack of the environment itself. The paradox is that while the clubs bunkerizan your information, the growing interest felt by the players on social networks like twitter innocently missed the logical time of the signing of Cesc for Barca. As the two clubs agree on everything, maintained a silence about the official announcement of the transfer, some players Barca threw in the morning to cyberspace Cesc welcome to the Camp Nou. Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique, driven by the joy of a story that was imminent, even ahead of it. He also assumed the signing Victor Valdes in a press conference in the Ciutat Esportiva. Arsenal, pride, took the 'yes'. (via MD)

Rosell and Florentino will face at the Ritz

Antoni Rossich and four executives will accompany the President while not expected to offer a press conference leaders.

Two months after Sandro Rosell threatened to sever ties with Real Madrid if repeated situations like last season, meet again tomorrow Laporta faces and Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, the pre-lunch policy the first leg of the Spanis Supercup.

The white club has chosen this occasion the Goya Restaurant, located in the central and luxurious Ritz hotel as the scene of the encounter, the first since last May, when both policies are met in Barcelona's 'The Mirror' before round of the Champions League semifinals.

The expedition Barca will on this occasion with the presence of Laporta, the club's general director, Antoni Rossich and four directors, Jordi Moix (Heritage), Jordi Mones (Medical Area), Jordi Mestre (football training) and Ramon Pont ( Foundation). As part of the white club, is confirmed the presence of the president, but not the rest of his companions.

On the other hand, is not scheduled to have lunch before the official photo that presidents press conference prior offer. Still, the morbidity is served, since the president should show whether there is harmony between them showed during his first presidential lunch or, on the contrary, the accusations and foul play Real Madrid in the last weeks of last season will cooled the relationship. (via SPORT)

A Clásico eleven

Guardiola will have a security team at the Bernabeu but short of shooting. Barca and just think of the Supercopa.

Pep Guardiola relieved. Busquets and Pique Bernabeu and will arrive at Barcelona will present a gala eleven, very competitive for a meeting takes off guard at Barça. With less shooting than necessary, but with its best assets, except for point-to Puyol. "We are behind in preparation, but which do not reach the legs have to reach the head," Guardiola told a few days ago. The discomfort of Pique and Busquets to Italy soured the technician, especially for its importance in the team's defensive gear, but eventually both will be available to Pep. Thus it is expected that the technician few experiments at the Bernabeu. In defense Piqué Abidal and ensure balance in central defense, with the presence of a central ball with good output and a superb spell. On the sides Alves and Adriano offer much travel arrival and although not arrive in better shape. Another option is that Mascherano plays in central defense alongside Piqué as happened last year. In this context Abidal occupy the left side and fall of eleven Adriano.

In the midfield are not expected news. Pep knows the importance of dominating the midfield in order to have options Bernabeu. Xavi, Busquets Iniesta could be chosen. All three are a guarantee for the most demanding games and game associations and ensure a balance in the media. The big hurt could be Thiago Alcántara. The hispanobrasileño has been one of the most outstanding in the preseason, with four goals Barca, but has no experience in such encounters.

Pep also has the option to not take risks with Xavi-discomfort in the calf, and then Keita win many integers. The Malian has played all preseason games and Guardiola said last term importance in the passing game against a team like Madrid.

Top Villa, Messi and Pedro have many numbers to be in the game. The Argentine takes a few days training with the group but his physical condition has impressed everyone. "No notice has been on holiday," warns Mascherano. Leo has come more fiber than usual thanks to the work of Juanjo Brau. If the team enters Keita, Iniesta would have a more advanced position with Villa and Leo. Peter would be sacrificed in this case. Any guarantees will be a team. An eleven clásico. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] the next one in arriving to Barça could be the battering ram sevillista Rodri

Rodri, Sevilla striker, is close to becoming the new Barcelona player and the media even claimed that Seville would be in Barcelona last Monday.

Barca and Sevilla have already reached an agreement for an amount close to a million and a half euros between fixed and variable. Therefore, one would fail to close the fringe of the repurchase clause.

The striker, 21, signed 19 goals last season at Sevilla Atlético (II B) and arrive in conditions similar to those of Kiko Femenía with tab Barça B and the ability to make inroads into the Barca first team. (via SPORT)

Cesc says goodbye between joy and nostalgia

Cesc Fabregas and Wenger yesterday announced their former teammate of his departure from the club Arsenal. Eight years after leaving the 'City' and go home.

Eight years go far. Eight years is the time Cesc has been in London, where he arrived as a stranger and leave as a player recognized and mixed feelings. With the joy of fulfilling his dream of returning home. With the hope to qualify for all titles. But the nostalgia of leaving many friends and the team that has been growing.

Lived in the flesh yesterday goodbye, not by resabido stopped being emotional. Cesc was not invited to today's league match against Newcastle (16.30 pm) and told that until yesterday were his companions had been done. After months, weeks, hours of rumors about his departure from Arsenal, confirming the end of its cycle the Arsenal. It was not any of the outputs and thus lived in the Sports City Arsenal. So Fàbregas became known in England and so will look next to the dorsal `4 Do Barca did you get the understanding of everyone. Wenger also that very reluctantly loses his favorite player. "His vision is comparable to that of Michel Platini. It's starting, but has potential to be better, "he said in 2007. Four years later, Cesc is dismissed as captain of Arsenal, but with the frustration of not having tasted success he imagined.

His departure also had a great impact on the English press, which for days was made out by the player. Reactions were generally in the same direction: "The player's position is understandable, the performance of Barcelona was not the most correct." ¿"How can you blame the player want to go to a club like Barcelona?" Said Tom Adams (Eurosport). "The unfortunate thing was like Barcelona has refused to make a decent offer that has forced Cesc put money in your pocket." The steady trickle of players from Barcelona statements on the matter has also been criticized by British media in recent months.

The fans' GUNN was discussed yesterday between frustration and anger after learning his way. Some accused him on Twitter that Arsenal had not won a title with him as captain. Others recalled with nostalgia his performances. And Cesc, meanwhile, is about to pack up in the neighborhood of Hampstead. Barcelona has long been waiting for you. (via SPORT)

Another challenge for Barça of Pep

Specialist beat records, this boat can add another mark to his impeccable service record.

The 2011-2012 season begins with a new challenge for Pep Guardiola FC Barcelona: Spain's Super Cup win at Real Madrid. To date, neither Johan Cruyff (three times) and Louis van Gaal (a) could win this competition to the white team. The fourth project technician in charge of Barca Santpedor curtain rises, officially, with great force and with a new mark to beat.

The first time both teams faced off in this tournament, which started in the year 1982-1983, the campaign was in 1988-1989. Barca played like champions and Copa del Rey Madrid, La Liga. Whites were imposed in the first leg (2-0) and, in return, despite winning the club (2-1), could not lift the tie.

The first match was played on September 21, 1988, and almost 23 years later, still in the club Zubizarreta (sports director), Julio Alberto (director of international schools), Eusebio (coach of the subsidiary) and Unzué (goalkeeping coach first team). In the second game the club signed the first goal against Real Madrid in the Super Cup (both from Baker) and the Nou Camp saw for the first time, Schuster for the club was whistled Does the German and booed every time he touched the ball.

The second confrontation was swift. Two years later, Barcelona and Madrid to see their faces again. The first game was played at the Camp Nou (0-1) and made history by the stomp of the referee Urízar Azpitarte Stoichkov. The fuse was lit when Chendo Bulgarian striker knocked the front of the Barcelona bench. Cruyff jumped like a spring to protest the strength of the action and saw two yellow cards and then the red in less than a minute ... Same fate Stoichkov, who also showed him the way to the shower. But before leaving the judge dealt a stomp Vizcaya was seen in all TVs. In the second part marked Michel and in the return match, Real Madrid won 4-1 despite qualifying match momentarily Goikoetxea. In that crash, held on December 12, 1990, is the great goal of Aragon from the midfield.

The third assault, two years later, was also white. It was the first that Barca played like champions and Cup champion Madrid and the Madrid won 3-1 in the first leg. Stoichkov's goal, 0-1, gave an option to box Cruyff, but in the Camp Nou, December 16, 1993, the club did not exceed 1-1. Koeman was ejected in the 88th minute due to accumulation of yellow cards and gave Madrid the victory lap, a fact that infuriated the president Núñez and Barça fans.

"Around the stadium was laughing at Barça members ... Fortunately, in the stands because not many people could be very serious. " Mendoza, president of Madrid, which held the title with white radicals shouting "not the Polish boat," said that "winning was a wonderful challenge."

The last precedent dating from the 1997-1998 course, as with Louis van Gaal in front of the club. Table Catalan Cup champion, won the first leg 2-1 but lost 4-1 in the round. Raúl, with three goals in qualifying, was the 'executioner does a ship that was captained by Pep. (via SPORT)

Cesc, four years surrounding the sport covers

Cesc and Barca have enjoyed a long history of impossible love with a happy ending for all Catalans.

The news that all culé long awaited has finally become reality. Cesc Fabregas and Barcelona player is in the absence of official confirmation. The signing of midfielder Arenys has undoubtedly become the longest signing in the history of Barcelona. And is that the Catalan club had spent four years looking for ways to get the `prodigal Go back home.

The Barça fan for four years had breakfast watching Cesc on the cover of the sports press. SPORT spoke for the first time the possible return of Fabregas in November 2007. "I see no flaws, is one of the best talent in the world," Catalan said about the then Rijkaard Frank Rijkaard. The player had only 20 years, but clubs from all over Europe raffled it. But as the Cesc was commissioned to confirm later on his head and his heart was always one option, return to the club that was formed.

Throughout history the role of the three parties has always been closely defined. Clearly, Arsene Wenger has become its own merits, in the bad guy. On the one hand, it is logical that the Alsatian have tried to retain the highest level player of his team, but on the other, the Frenchman has betrayed the trust of Cesc in more than one occasion. Without going any further last summer before the World Cup when they pledged not to hinder its progress, a pact that the technician broke shamelessly.

Txiki Begiristain was commissioned to conduct negotiations with Arsenal during the tenure of Joan Laporta. But the former technical secretary met with a great handicap: Arsenal's refusal to sit down and negotiate the departure of their captain. The input of the board of Sandro Rosell in June 2010, marked a shift in strategy, in which secrecy prevailed by the Catalans, convinced that any leaks could jeopardize the signing. Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu continued negotiations, but encountered the same attitude on the part of Arsenal.

On August 7, 2010, published the cover SPORT most feared by all the Catalans, "Cesc is not coming. The player is reported that at Arsenal and Barca, who have rejected two offers. " With the season about to begin, the player was going through a real ordeal and needed to settle the issue and focus on the sporting aspect. In the stillness of the `GUNN, Fabregas was forced to postpone his dream. Meanwhile, FC Barcelona also announced that two bids had been submitted to Arsenal, the British agency had rejected.
Last June, Barcelona began the final offensive by the player Arenys, who in turn was determined to stand and force output.

After a first approach, the positions of the two clubs seemed far away. In fact they were separated by 10 million euros The boat offered 30 and 40 Are Arsenal wanted. At this point, the behavior of Fabregas was decisive. The player was willing to give up his signing bonus and reduce their file so that Barcelona could allocate that money to increase supply.
The player had several encounters with Wenger, which made ​​clear its intention not to play more with the Arsenal. And again, the input of another person gave a decisive impetus to the negotiations. Pep Guardiola returned from vacation, he spoke with Cesc and reassured him, insisting that he would fight to the end.

Finally, after several summits in recent days between the representatives of the two clubs, the agreement was possible. SPORT July 31 unveiled the full details of the operation. It's been a long process, even dying in the end, waiting for a `white smoke took more than what the account. But in the end, like in the movies, the end will be the happiest possible for Barca, Cesc and all the fans who expected culé with open arms.

Madrid tried to elevate the price and to torpedo the signing
Florentino Perez has always drunk winds by Cesc Fabregas is no secret. President White has tried to sign the player Arenys three times and has always received the same response from the Catalan. But when the president realized that his millions would never be enough to hire the youth squad Barca, changed its strategy. From that moment, Florentino decided to meddle in the transfer counteroffer. Last December, the Madrid leaked to the media that he had made an offer of 40 million to Arsenal for Cesc. Given the failure in his attempt, the club returned to the White earlier this summer, with a mortar of 50 million. Once again, the will of the player was above the millions of Perez. (via SPORT)

Waiting for the e-mail

The tweets of Pique and Puyol Cesc celebrating the arrival of angry Arsenal, who sent the final email.

The most anticipated signing for Barcelona is finally a reality. Arsenal said yesterday morning to Cesc Fabregas who had accepted the offer from Barcelona, ​​so Pep Guardiola has already completed its workforce with its incorporation and Alexis Sanchez. Yes, the Arsenal refused to give the official signing because of the euphoria in the locker room of the City Esportiva expressed through Twitter by Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol, plus comments from Victor Valdes in the newsroom celebrating the news.

The Blaugrana were waiting offices throughout the afternoon an email giving final approval to the operation that failed and may even be delayed until Monday. Formalism, however, does not prevent the signing to ensure that is closed. Barca sources claimed that the incorporation was in a "99 percent", but Arsenal made them pay the club complained about the demonstrations of the new co-Cesc. A tantrum of the Gunners no longer makes sense at this stage of the operation.

Transmitted logic Cesc happiness to his friends in Barcelona after learning that Arsenal had agreed to the sale. Even the player went to the airport to fly to Barcelona when the club received a call asking him to continue in London at the request of Guardiola. The Santpedor wanted to avoid the media noise landing a massive and a presentation to a packed Nou Camp hours before facing the final leg of the UEFA Super Cup against Real Madrid. Coach wants players to have the five senses in the party and no one can distract the euphoria caused by the incorporation of crack Arenys.

Therefore, Fabregas turned and fled to his home in London. The trip will take place tomorrow and finally their arrival is scheduled at the last minute, so it might even coincide with the start of the match against Real Madrid, scheduled at 22.00 h. at the Santiago Bernabeu. Thus, the impact of their presence in Barcelona will be less and discreetly, as desired by Guardiola. The presentation was therefore adjourned until Monday. If not arise any setbacks, the player will pass medical review early in the morning and coming-out will take place at noon.

Due to the large impact it has had the signing, the club could open the gates of Camp Nou Barça for all to enjoy the early hours of Fabregas Barca shirt again. After the press conference and the first relevant statements, the player is put on short to complete the photo session at the Camp Nou. To match the presentation with a holiday atmosphere promises to be tremendous, even greater than that breathed when Ibrahimovic and Henry stepped for the first time the stadium's turf.

Cesc will see his dream fulfilled on Monday and you can also see the facilities of the City Esportiva afternoon. This is when you look Guardiola faces after having talked with him only by phone and organize work to follow in the coming days. The midfielder has only been one week training with the group, but for a month and a half has exercised alone. Its shape is not optimal, but with a specific plan will soon be available to play. Wants to be useful very soon and that members still wary of the price of his signing forget the 40 million euros in the amount of the transaction.

Of course, to all the steps to activate the first steps is to get the e-mail Arsenal only became official yesterday the signing of Costa Rican Joel Campbell. (via SPORT)

Thiago: "Barça will get Supercopa"

The Newcomer of the summer, said in a statement, his dream to "play against Madrid, the top rival".
Shown optimistic for the first clásico.

The jewel of the summer, midfielder Thiago Alcántara , has spoken about el clásico on Sunday and was convinced that the club will make a good showing at the Santiago Bernabeu.

"Whenever there is a Barcelona-Madrid, you start to win, you're psyched because it is a very important game. It's the world clásico. We played against one of the world's toughest rivals," said the Spanish-Brazilian, while ensuring: "It is the illusion that to play against Real Madrid, playing against the arch rival, so you never lose the desire"

In this sense, the Blaugrana has expressed optimism about the first leg of the Supercup and 180 minutes total will be announced the first winners of the season. "I think Barca will win and will win the title," Case smiling.

Concerning the talisman that is Jose Mourinho , in his second season on the performance of their teams, the Italian-born states that "statistics are to be broken" and that the team fears nothing, because their confidence FC Barcelona in the seal where the successes speak for themselves. (via MD)

Arsenal angry and delayed the official announcement of the signing of Cesc

The official announcement of the signing of Cesc Fabregas by FC Barcelona can still fairly slow. From England, speaks of a major annoyance at Arsenal.

Cesc Fabregas will play for Barcelona. No turning back, for sure. But you may not know as soon as it looked. Within the Arsenal think that from the club, and especially by some of his players, has been excessive and premature optimism, even euphoria. And that has set them wrong.

When this morning, about 11, Victor Valdes went to speak at a press conference, smiling and did not hesitate to assert that the signing of Cesc "was a matter of hours." In fact, at that time knew the deal was closed. As Puyol and Pique knew even before Twitter and gave him welcome to his companion. So many want to have their own colleagues have Cesc at his side, who could not withstand the temptation to reveal the big "secret."

But not only his colleagues waited for news. Also, journalists and fans. Therefore, spread like wildfire. And that, the Internet, means that within minutes they knew all over the world. And, of course, came to the offices of Arsenal. And I do not like it. Anger was tremendous both by Arsène Wenger as the Gunners managers. Were furious. And they became a purpose: we will suffer at Barcelona, ​​we'll play around with them ...

From Barcelona, ​​the only comment that was made was that if it was closed but he could not announce anything until you receive an email confirming the transfer of Arsenal. And that email is now the key. Arsenal is in no hurry to send him. They know they can no longer count as Cesc and can work to find a substitute. In Barcelona, ​​however, it does no hurry. They wanted to pass medical examination on Sunday, Monday and present to start working with their peers. And to do all that you need the famous e-mail.

And those are. The Barcelona office has two people awaiting the arrival of e-mail. When it happens, will the official announcement and presentation will be announced. The big question is, at present, even when you wait for the Arsenal ... (via SPORT)

Piqué and Shakira enjoyed a real American rodeo

The centreback of Barcelona witnessed with his girlfriend a real show 'Made in America'.

Barca defender Gerard Pique enjoyed during your vacation an American rodeo with his girlfriend, Colombian singer Shakira.

In one of his many trips summer the couple moved to Wyoming, according to the magazine 'In Touch', where they witness a real rodeo at a resort in Jackson Hole.

Both wore clothes like Shakira Piqué consistent with the spectacle witnessed the Barca defense and did not hesitate to wear the traditional hat 'cowboy'. (via SPORT)

The City council of Arenys also welcomes to Cesc

When neither Arsenal or Barca had yet given official transfer of Cesc Fabregas, Arenys de Mar, hometown and his family lives, and welcome.

Benvingut home, Cesc! (Welcome home, Cesc!) This is the top story on the cover of the City Council website Arenys de Mar, Catalan population birthplace Cesc Fabregas. The site notes that Cesc is already the second player at the club that location because the defense of Barça B, Sergi Gómez, is also there.

In the news, Cesc congratulates the City "have been able to formalize his move after a long saga that lasted for three years." The site also mentions the tribute they did to the player in August 2010 during which he put his shirt Arenys, the club where he took his first steps as a player. (via SPORT)

Messi and Barca, "most media in the world"

FC Barcelona and the Argentinean player of the club azulgrana Lionel Messi is the "media" in the world for the third consecutive season, according to a study from the University of Navarra.

Messi reached 23.7 points in media value, placing it ahead of Real Madrid's Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, with 18.2 points, according to the latest group of Economy, Sport and Intangibles at the University of Navarra, has this academic center reported today.

FC Barcelona is also the media thanks to league titles and Champions League, according to this study that the media value calculated taking into account the number of print media appearances throughout the season in over 120 countries.

In the ranking of the top ten media players in the world are, in addition to Messi, co-costume Xavi, Iniesta and Villa.

Also, Pedro, Dani Alves and Pique are among the twenty most media, which represents a change from earlier times when only Messi and Xavi were among the top twenty, these sources added.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid has Cristiano Ronaldo, Casillas, Benzema and among the media Özil while the classification includes nine players from the Spanish, which is explained by the "positive effects of the World Cup."

Among the clubs, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are the top despite that the white team has managed to close the gap, the Catalans get the first place among the media.

The Manchester United, Premier League champion and finalist in the Champions League is the third position.

Among the coaches, the Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho is the media (52.7 points), after increasing advantage over second placed Alex Ferguson remains (39.1), while the Barca coach Pep Guardiola holds the third position 30.7 points worldwide.

ESI analysis also reveals University of Navarra, the press reaction to the 'controversial coach's press conference Luso was negative, which was associated with the image of the Real Madrid brand to negative values ". Moreover, the report notes that the concentration of the classic series in three different competitions brought together media attention during that month.

The study, "45% of football news of the ten teams in the world media referred to the Barcelona-Madrid, while the rest of the season the proportion is 33%, "said Francesc Pujol, author of the report with Quique Gallemí.

Thus, for four matches Real Madrid generated 20 , 6% of its overall media coverage of the season, while the impact for FC Barcelona was just under 18%, because later "benefited" from the impact of the final of the Champions League. (via SPORT)