11 August 2011

The octopus Iker predicts a victory of Barça

The octopus Iker, who lives in an aquarium in Benalmadena (Malaga) and in the past months, "predicted" the outcome of matches between Barcelona and Real Madrid, it was decided by the Catalan team won the Supercopa de España to be held in the coming days.

Iker has opted for the cylinder which was placed the shield of Barca after entering the organization of Sea Life Aquarium in two tanks two cylinders with the shields of both teams with their favorite food, a sardine.

The cephalopod and hit the tie of the last league match between Real Madrid and Barca, and the winner of the Copa del Rey, but erred in its forecasts for the Champions League.

In the case of not successful, this would be his last forecast, since the two faults that exceed the octopus was Paul during the World Cup in Germany, as reported by spokesmen for the water park of Malaga. (via SPORT)

Pedro Rodríguez has started his official web

Pedro Rodríguez has just opened his official website.


As manager, Guardiola has never been beaten at the Bernabeu

Historically, the Bernabeu is the toughest ground for Barça to visit, but since Pep Guardiola took over the team, they have chalked up three wins and a draw and remain unbeaten on their trips to Real Madrid’s stadium.

The 2011-12 season kicks off this Sunday with what is typically the toughest of trips – to the Bernabeu for the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup. However, for Pep Guardiola’s teams, playing Real Madrid in their own back yard has become synonymous with success over the last few seasons.

Guardiola’s first visit to the Bernabeu in charge resulted in the spectacular 2-6 win which sealed the 2008-09 league title. Higuain put Madrid ahead, but Henry and Puyol soon turned the score around before Messi got a brace, Henry his second and Piqué the sixth for a historic and unforgettable win.

The following season saw Barça in Madrid with a similar situation in the table and although they didn’t produce the spectacular beating of the previous campaign, goals from Messi and Pedro were enough to give them a 0-2 win and confirm another La Liga title.

Last season, Guardiola took his team to the Bernabeu with a comfortable 8 point cushion at the top of the table and the 1-1 draw, with yet another goal from Messi, was enough to maintain the points and goal difference between the two as they made it three league titles on the trot.

Last season, Barça made another visit to the Bernabeu of course, when they beat Madrid 0-2 in the first leg of the Champions League semi final. Two great goals from Messi in the second half were always going to be too much for Madrid to try and pull back in the return leg and set Barça en route for the Wembley final. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

José Enrique, to Liverpool

The leftside fullback, for whom Barça was interested, he has traveled to Liverpool to pass a medical and sign for English club. Newcastle will pocket £ 6 million.

José Enrique, one of the side that was interested by the Barca in case there was a departure from Maxwell, has traveled to Liverpool this Thursday to pass a medical with the 'reds'. The player, 25, Anfield Road would proviniente Newcastle for 6 million pounds.

Jose Enrique long been interested in the Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish and will join his former teammate 'magpies' Andy Carroll, who joined the club 'red' in January. (via MD)

The keys for signing Cesc for Barca

The player will take the '4 'and Thiago take the '11'.
The Arenys could travel to Madrid on Sunday to stick together.
The 6 'kilos' of variables would be paid if you win 2 and 1 Champions League.
Mata already has an agreement with Arsenal and points to the Emirates.

The arrival of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona is imminent. MD gives you the keys to the arrival of the player and its immediate aftermath.

1.Thiago gives the '4 'and get the '11'

Fabregas will wear the dorsal Pep, as in the Arsenal . that the club retained the dorsal '4 'Cesc was an open secret that Rafa Marquez vacated last summer to play in New York. Pep Guardiola would inherit Arenys than the number that has looked the last few seasons at Arsenal and it also has a special symbolism for Cesc as the Barca coach, who made ​​history at the club with the '4 'on the back when has been his idol. Thiago Alcantara has taken that number in six games of the season but the Spanish international brand, recognizing the highest ranking Cesc, posed no obstacle to his new partner to play with the '4 'in Barca. Thus, Thiago, who also served with that back in Barca B, has already chosen the '11 'left in limbo and will premiere the Super Cup. Fontàs have the '24 '.

2. I could go to Madrid to stick together

Guardiola will take it if it lands before Sunday . Should Cesc Fabregas before landing in Barcelona on Sunday, it is almost impossible to play at the Bernabeu against Real Madrid. However, Pep Guardiola seriously meditate Arenys include the footballer in the expedition that will start at 11.30 hours from the Barcelona airport along with the rest of the squad. While Rijkaard is aware of the good relationship that Cesc has with his team-mates and Leo Messi, who played in the Cadet Barca want to integrate as quickly as possible in group dynamics. The trip to Madrid in a match of maximum tension against the rival would be a great opportunity to travel and Fabregas share lunch with the team and live with intensity that can become the first title of the season.

3. Champions League 2 + 1 = 6 'kilos'

The above variables were 1 and 2 Champions League. The six million euros in variables listed in the operation to a maximum of 40 'kilos' which could end up pocketing the Arsenal have been the main point of contention in the negotiations. Shuffled between the formulas for the club eventually moved to London club that those six million would be paid in pairs in case Fàbregas won two European Cups and one League during the five-year contract is expected to sign. The Gunners are not compromised with the proposal and that the club managed to change the variables to two league titles and one Champions. Therefore, if the Catalans repeat the double last season, Arsenal already embolsaría four million at the end of the campaign. The other two up to six total would depend on another league, easier to win a Champions priori.

4. Kill points to Emirates

The Valencia and Arsenal already have an agreement . Juan Manuel Mata's the one for weeks to replace Cesc at Arsenal. Although the London club had given up the Catalan campaign has chosen not to sign anyone in his place for the slack with the club in the negotiations. In parallel, the Gunners on track bases of the transfer of Valencia playmaker, which could have a role similar to Cesc with freedom of movement behind the tips of the Arsenal. The current captain Che welcomed the leap to the Premier and significantly improve their earnings. However, the delay in the agreement between Arsenal and Barca can play Mata prevent the buildup to the Champions League against Udinese as they were not registered when the deadline closed on Monday. (via MD)

Xavi and Thiago yes they are compatible

ep has already lined up together in friendly tour and both complement and enhance the team.
Like never made Pep Xavi, Thiago is not a replacement but an original.

During this short but intense preseason, Thiago has been extremely well exploited the opportunity that has come in the form provided and euphoric in the U-21 to occupy a place sacred, to Xavi , who instead preferred to start saving efforts and avoid Achilles tendon pain he so bitter last summer.

Thiago seems to possess, besides an immense talent, the gift itself of the elect, that of being at the right time and in the right place, but also know exactly what to do to show their class and excel. Not a month has been slow to outshine Cesc and take over the reins until the absolute debut, also filling the void left by Xavi because of a sore soleus. Sucarrera, meteoric, itself reminiscent of Xavi when he should be released in the first team with Guardiola -then as now a myth Xavi - injured and the future of Van Gaal hanging by a thread.

Unlike the convenience and advantage with the greatest of Alcantara has erupted today in the football elitedel also making noise with splendid goals and actions, he has escaped the terrible pressure, choking, suffered at the time by Xavi , who scored the Valladolid almost against the will of a Barcelona that I could not see any future for that team under the inflexible and intolerant Van Gaal .

Xavi gave the future the second League of Louis and the first of six he already has. "I have suffered more than any comparisons, so it should not if any," said Xavi , who has proposed to protect the lace Thiago and if necessary that of Cesc , so no one else should suffer what he suffered outside the locker room not inside, while Guardiola and he played together at Barça.

Sensing the remake of a terrible movie with media effects, Pep has also formed their bit with both on the same computer, As soon as it Xavi has been added to the preseason.

Being very similar players, as well as clever and cunning are few, both have already learned to add up when you have shared alignment. They did it against Chivas few minutes and then to the American middle part, which complemented and helped without a single pass friction or failed. If you have to attribute to Thiago another similarity is precisely that, just as Xavi his age could play with the nerve and vision and adaptability of a veteran, Thiago also exhibits early maturity when it comes to fit and pay with Xavi next, who can presumably get to replace their characteristics.

Not so, as well as Xavi never made ​​Pep -would have been a mistake to Thiago will dominate that same wonderful feeling of being an original and not a replacement. He said Xavi in an interview with MD in Dallas : "After Puyol and Xavi and others will also better, more evolved. This is a fact of life. " And Thiago aims to learn not to Xavi but Xavi .

In fact, during these moments shared, the role of higher learning has been precisely and masterly, moving in favor of Thiago in seconds can absorb the meaning and direction of the game, always separated, each occupying the space more useful to the team . You do not see them much in action fatal to assume that if the senior has the most control and a gold pass, the student will still need to work hard to achieve excellence in Xavi , but it certainly goes over a pass, sometimes too much power and one arrival and shot make him an invaluable player.

Casualidadque not follow top scorer of the season with 4 goals, all spectacular, a marked '9 'and two with right hands that have knocked out, among others, goalkeeper Bayern. (via MD)

Guardiola and Cruyff, the best coaches in the history of Barca

Cruyff and Guardiola are level on ten titles on the bench for Barca.
Beat Real Madrid in the Super Pep become most successful coach in club.

On December 16, 1990, one month and two days before she was 20 years, Johan Cruyff fielded a young man named Pep Guardiola . Nobody could imagine then that this kid made ​​in La Masia eventually erecting a legend of the club with 16 titles in eleven seasons as a player. Six years after leaving for Rome , he returned to the club to coach Barcelona B and achieve promotion from Division Three and and the summer of 2008 took over from Frank Rijkaard in the dugout the Nou Camp .

Since then, no one now imagines Barça without the teaching of Pep in the locker room. Ten titles and thirteen possible change in the modus operandi of the organization have become the model for his colleagues. With the second Champions League in three seasons, Guardiola reached at Wembley the honors as coach of FC Barcelona who was his mentor and who is asking for advice every so often.

Pep and Johan are the most successful coaches in the history of the first team of FC Barcelona but bad things should take this course to that of Santpedor does not exceed the Dutch in the rankings. If you already had plenty of incentive to the Supercopa of Spain that Barca will begin play on Sunday at the Santiago Bernabeu , Guardiola will receive an added bonus if you beat the game again with Jose Mourinho . Pep amount directly to the highest ranks of the technical table Barcelona with more trophies and you still have the rest of the season to increase their income in five competitions ( European Super Cup against Porto , World Club , League , Cup and Champions ) also expect to Barca .

Cruyff , who debuted in the Cup Winners Cup in Bern-1989 , still above its most outstanding student in the number of leagues conquered. The Dream Team four consecutive, all with Pep on the template, but Barca has also proposed one of the few records not in its possession. In the European Cup, Guardiola has already won more (2) as coach that Johan.

Throughout history, only English Jack Greenwell and Slovak Daucik Fernando , both eight, come to tens of Johan and Pep . In two stages (1917-24 and 1931-33), the first won two Cups and six Catalan Championships , while the second between 1950 and 1954 celebrated two leagues , one Copa America , three Cups and two Cup Eva Duarte , the father of Super present. The Argentine Helenio Herrera was five (two leagues , two Cups and one Fairs Cup ) between 1958 and 1960, while the Dutchman Frank Rijkaard , with two leagues , a Champions League and two Spanish Super Cups between 2003 and 2008, complete the sextet of more technical winners of the 112 years of the club. (via MD)

Poves: "Football is rotten, everything is money and takes away the illusion"

At the concentrations read Marx and Hitler · "The fate of this part of the world is the misfortune of others".

15-M The movement has come into the world of football has led to the resignation of a Sporting player. Defender Javi Poves, 24, decided to end his career: "The more you know football, the more you realize that everything is money, that is rotten, and takes away the illusion."

Before leaving the team, had asked Poves not paid the salaries via bank transfers to avoid the speculation of these entities and also rejected a company car that gave the players of Sporting.

However, the defense, which will review the career history is not identified with the movement started in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid: "It is a movement created on purpose by the media to channel the unrest there and that that spark does not become dangerous and unmanageable system. It is a facelift for the capitalist system, but not a radical change. "

Poves is defined as "anti. The problem is that either you're on the right or the left. I'm not anything. I'm anti-everything that," the former player claims that the concentrations read Karl Marx and Hitler and that was in favor "go to banks and burn them, cut off heads. The fate of this part of the world is the misfortune of others," he says. (via Marca)

With the suitcases to point

Last Thursday I met the 'capos' of Arsenal, on Friday were with Bartholomew and Sanllehí .. and it's all a matter of hours.

"Fingers crossed," was yesterday the expression in which both agreed Cesc Fabregas, through its direct environment, as responsible for FC Barcelona. Yes, because both the player and Barca lead the institution two days waiting for those responsible for the Arsenal, the 'board' in English, definitely answer to the last offer made by the club to formalize the transfer.

Will today when Ivan Gazidis, general manager of Arsenal, chairman Peter Hill-Wood (an honorary position more executive) and Stan Kroenke, the majority owner of the club together to give the nod to the operation, knowing as you know, through the reports of Arsène Wenger, Cesc Fabregas who has taken the decision not to play anymore with the team the Gunners.

Neither wants need to be present in London's two representatives Barca are carrying the weight of the negotiations, the vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu sports and football director Raul Sanllehí. Just one phone call and written confirmation by fax to no agreement. And that call, the fax, are waiting as rain in May at the offices of Aristides Maillol.

Cesc, who is having a very active involvement in this process, both personally and through his agent, Darren Dein (son of former managing director of Arsenal, David Dein, to turn a close friend of Wenger) has called actively and passively let him go. It was exactly five days ago when Arsenal said to him personally, as special envoys to London, Barcelona, ​​Bartomeu and Sanllehí (who traveled from the United States where the club was on tour), during the course of this week would give a definitive answer.
The offer of FC Barcelona, ​​as in his day and SPORT reported yesterday echoed in various forums, it's 34 million fixed (26 puts Barca provides Cesc and 5). To this amount would add 6 million of the famous variable depending on the player who won titles with the club for five seasons, in a first contract would be in the Camp Nou. The variables, as well as this newspaper said, would only win the league and the Champions League.

Arsenal are very reluctant to accept these 'bonus' and have tried until the last moment that the final figure was 40 million euros. It seems as have passed the negotiations, which finally is willing to accept this payment method. Would be seen to what time would be paid. The signing of Alexis, for example, is divided into three installments.

In this story who has done more force was Cesc, who has given a large sample of FC Barcelona. His desire to be part of this generation of players is so large that it is starring in an unprecedented case in the world of professional football. Cesc has rejected four offers billions, some of which doubled the salaries offered by the club, where you will earn less than you get now at Arsenal.

Manchester City, Chelsea, AC Milan and Real Madrid Arsenal gave more than willing to please the club, as a matter of economic and budgetary criteria. A policy that respects Cesc, but he would have liked the club to get closer to what you asked for Arsenal. Today, surely, will end the saga. Tomorrow max. (via SPORT)

The personal support of Pep, key so that Cesc doesn't despair

The coach has called several times to encourage the player at the worst times and reiterated their confidence.

From his office at the Ciutat Esportiva, Pep Guardiola has had a major role in helping to solve the 'case Cesc'. Since negotiations began between Arsenal and Barça, Blaugrana coach has followed with special attention to the development of the case and has played a decisive role: Guardiola has maintained contact with the player at all times to reassure him, prove to be an important part in game plan and ask that despite the difficulties in the negotiations and the position of the Arsenal, do not despair.

In recent weeks, Guardiola and Cesc have spoken at least three times. The terms of the conversation have been similar: the coach promised the club would do everything possible to close his move sooner and explained what is expected of him when I can join a final equipment.

The case refers to what happened to David Villa, and with Alexis Sanchez. The negotiations with Valencia and Udinese, respectively, also widened greatly, with the attendant concern of the players involved. Guardiola intervened to calm them down, tell them your personal confidence in their input and promise that although the talks between the clubs would have a hard time, all would be fine. He succeeded in both cases. He also asked that as far as possible, parked other offers to enjoy the club.

Guardiola believes that Cesc will be a key player in your project, not only for his football contribution, but also because their arrival will strengthen a wardrobe that is already an example of unity. Is a special player in the clubhouse wanted blaugrana: as happened with David Villa, the heavyweights of the staff will welcome you with open arms. When the case is resolved, the effort will be worth Cesc. (via SPORT)

Rosicky: "If Cesc leaves, Wenger will have to sign a substitute"

The Czech stressed the importance of finding a player of guarantees for the return of Arenys to Barca.

Arsenal's workforce already has the idea of ​​leaving Cesc Fabregas is a matter of hours. Tomas Rosicky told yesterday of the importance of Cesc at Arsenal and stressed the importance of finding a player of guarantees in the event that the Arenys return to Barcelona. "I do not want Cesc or any other Arsenal player to leave. In any case if this happens Wenger will finally find a replacement market. " The midfielder joined Arshavin's words, yesterday lamented the departure of key players of the team and the negative impact it can make to the whole 'gunner'. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Dos Santos, of discarded to basic stone of future

The Mexican, who weeks ago was on the verge of signing for Zaragoza of Aguirre, has taken hold in the reserves after receiving the confidence of Guardiola.

Jonathan Dos Santos will never forget the summer of 2011. In recent weeks, the squad has gone through a rollercoaster of emotions. Of being expelled from the Mexican concentration under 20, went on to become the fourth player used by Pep Guardiola in the preseason. Be closer to Zaragoza to remain in the club, has now become a cornerstone in the plans of Eusebio. The midfielder has recovered his confidence and, most importantly, has learned a great lesson not to repeat the same mistakes.

So far this preseason, Jonathan has played 7 games, a total of 528 minutes in 18 days, adding the two matches of the Copa Catalunya Tarragona. "I am very pleased that Pep has told me on the tour so I'm happy how it went and see what Guardiola trust me," said Barca after playing in Tarragona. Guardiola happy with Dos Santos, he publicly praised but warned that "young people should have patience to find their place in the first team," and that is how he takes the Mexican, "it is very difficult to reach because there are great players, but try to take advantage of the confidence in both the first team in the B ".

Weeks ago, the future of the player seemed to be linked to Zaragoza Javier Aguirre. However, progress Oriol Romeu Chelsea ended the Mexican holding in the subsidiary, "for now I do not want to ignore any offers, I only speak in code Blaugrana though life can happen," noted a player for whom this summer has meant a before and after in his life.

He played as a winger the tour
Used to play throughout his career in midfield, Dos Santos has discovered an aspect of their capacities that even he did not. And in four games with the first team, Guardiola did play at right back, "had I played in that position and when Pep told me I did not believe my natural position is inside or defensive midfielder, but the team I adapt to whatever it takes. " (via SPORT)

Thiago & Cesc: The talent always has place in the slate

Four coaches analyze the compatibility of both: the captain of Arsenal is the best complement for the Spanish-Brazilian.

The extraordinary preseason Thiago Alcántara has generated a debate between Barcelona very futbolero, which however also involved the economic aspect: having to Thiago, should the club to invest almost 40 million euros in Cesc Fabregas? A visit to four coaches of various philosophies and very different paths helps to strengthen the idea that both players will place on the board Guardiola. When talent is not difficult to square the puzzle. Versatile and skilled with the ball, technicians (Radomir Antic, Juan Manuel Lillo, Miguel Angel Lotina and `Boquerón ¿Esteban Vigo) and Cesc Thiago believe are not only perfectly compatible (" the good players always are ") but are necessary, almost indispensable, for the club to maintain its level of play and competitiveness.

Antic: "They Profile Barça"
"Barça is a team of experts to exchange positions and neither Cesc nor Thiago will have trouble taking that model. The two can play at the OMC or inside "). Reflection is Radomir Antic, exentrenador the club. "It is difficult to establish a priori what the position of each. This is Barca and it becomes difficult to put on a board where everyone plays because there is a constant mobility. Barca faced a long season and probably need both Thiago as Cesc. You can do many theories, but in the end, the board will be flexible with the talent. "

Both, after all, "respond faithfully to the profile Barca because they always want the ball. Barca will have more options to get from second line. And one very important detail: both have to take that ability to their peers to tighten up, press and make the club not start playing defense or midfield, but three quarters of the field when the opponent tries to take the ball. That's the best of Barcelona. "

Lillo: "A policy of insurance"
One who has contributed decisively to build the footballing ideology Pep Guardiola is Juan Manuel Lillo, a good friend of the Catalan coach. The Basque offensive game lover, believes that having Thiago and signing Cesc is to "assure the Barca game position for several seasons. They are the future. I do not know if the club will continue to win titles or not, but with Thiago, and if ends up Cesc, I have clearly going to continue to shine in the game of position. It's like having an insurance policy to play good football. Two out of this. "
The price of Cesc, however, the great subject of debate. "But bring Cesc is the cheapest investment you can make the club," he reasons Lillo, "can play` 4 Is in `8` Or 10 What can be a substitute for Busquets in some games. Interprets when to fold and join the attack position as very few players. Sometimes we forget who came to England as a kid and has become captain of Arsenal. "

Thiago, meanwhile, is destined to "grow with their peers, not in spite of his teammates. When I read that Thiago and Cesc are incompatible I'm surprised because I do not see anywhere that inconsistency. Here it is known or not known to play, and the rest is invented debates. The more goals from Thiago I see, I feel the need to come Cesc, just to keep seeing more goals from Thiago. "

Lotina: "They are the future"
Miguel Angel Lotina has also repeatedly expressed his admiration for the Barca game and points in the same line. Thiago's talent is the best complement for Cesc, a player required. "They can play as inside, ahead of the midfield. Also, if the ship had just clocking with Cesc, that gives you many options to Guardiola, and forward Andres Iniesta for Villa to make at times. And Xavi also need oxygen at certain times of the season. "

"I think the club needs them both, Thiago and Cesc, to remain a candidate for everything. Now, the club can not afford to be second, and Madrid are making a big squad, so the demand will be high. Thiago and Cesc are the future of the club. Both have at Barça. If I were the president of the club, no doubt would have to sign Cesc. " Esteban "mental strength" Boqueron ¿`Esteban Vigo, the last coach capable of winning at the Nou Camp, is also convinced that both have its place in the Pep schemes. "They are versatile players, able to play several positions, and that makes them more valuable. Good players are distinguished by having the mental strength to pay even the theoretical positions that are not so comfortable, "he says.

"I think Cesc would be a great signing for Barca. In recent seasons, seen from outside, as if the club had played with fire by having a template so short, but have pulled from quarry. But the club will have several fronts and could have a phenomenal player like him. " (via SPORT)

Today, day Cesc

Arsenal can today the final green light to the transfer of their captain to Barcelona.
The signing will be increased to 34 million over six variables and the player signed for five years.

Finally. Cesc Fabregas could be announced today or tomorrow as a new player of FC Barcelona , ending a saga of almost two years. Barcelona sports vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu , who has been at the forefront of harsh negotiations with Arsenal , has received signals from the London club that could soon respond positively to the last offer made ​​by Barca .

The Gunners will receive 34 million fixed, which could rise to 40 to six in some variables included the Barca has changed at the last minute. In the fixed amount, the entity gives Barca 29 plus the five that were covered in each of the years contract Cesc but the player who has resigned to facilitate its anticipated return to the club he left at age 16 in 2003 towards England . Finally, the Arsenal has not agreed to be computed as part of the transfer of six million in the Barca valued cadets Jon Toral and Hector Bellerín , this summer went to the club's Emirates .

Cesc , you must sign in the office of Sandro Rosell to June 30, 2016, is about to see fulfilled the promise he made ​​Arsène Wenger at the tail end of last season. His father sent him that sport would return to Barcelona if an offer came to the Arsenal consider good. The nearly 34 +6 million do not approach the 45 demanded by the Gunners but in London are aware that the situation had no going back.

Wenger has already given the green light to move to chairman Peter Hill-Wood but the general manager Ivan Gazidis resists in order to get even more cut. The last word will have the American businessman Stan Kroenke , the majority shareholder of Arsenal , to be defined today or tomorrow at the latest. Pending the outcome and take a swift and speedy flight to Barcelona , Cesc continues to train with Wenger to improve their fitness. On Wednesday afternoon, he continued to receive calls from family and friends before the imminent signing.

Bartomeu and football director Raul Sanllehí , who traveled last Friday in London, have been in constant contact with him, and Andoni Zubizarreta and Pep Guardiola . The Barça has always reassures them that he would make an effort like that Cesc has reduced his salary. (via MD)

[Former player] Milito heart

Gaby went to put on the Rojo and received a standing ovation. In football, although it was paying in the 0-1 had acceptable performance.

The last Juves cofnerencia presented in this Wednesday and got the shirt. Not for photos, but to play. Milito turned to the Rojo after eight years and was received in style, as idol is. Before the game, people chanted his name and he responded with a greeting. Then, when football, Captain Gaby was something missing pace of play, regardless of who played the Copa America with the selection.

Central important experience and meaning, suffered in the 0-1 speed and feints of the rival who, on the right, put the center. Gaby accompanied him but then failed to close the center. He was also cautioned. The same, of course, is an important player for Mohamed, who returned to Independiente, as he said, to be a champion: the space covered well, it handles well rounded in the cave and an acceptable match. Said to be champion again and can again become the August 24, in Porto Alegre. (via Olé)

[Youth] Sergi Gómez, Rosell and Quintillà, renovated

TThe three centrebacks of the inferior categories spent yesterday for Ciutat Esportiva to lengthen their contracts.

The offices of the Ciutat Esportiva lived yesterday a day of unusual activity. Central Sergi Gómez, Oriol Rosell both of 19 years and Xavier Quintillà (15), three of the pearls of the quarry, yesterday they went by the sport director's office, Andoni Zubizarreta, and of the coordinator of the area of professional soccer, Narcís Julià, to renovate their contracts.

Sergi Gómez cases are similar and Oriol Rosell. The two youth players will leave this year to focus solely on the subsidiary. For days the deal was closed word, but yesterday when their contracts renewed until 2013. Both players have had this year for Pep Guardiola in the preseason. The case of Sergio Gomez, born in Arenys as Cesc Fabregas, deserves special mention for the sacrifice he has shown in recent weeks. Just finished the European sub 19 in Denmark, the squad joined the U.S. tour, where he played two matches and one day after returning traveled Tarragona summoned to play two more games in two days.

Meanwhile, Quintillàk, who last year played in the cadet will pass this season, Juvenil B of Garcia Pimienta. The center, just 15, has signed until June 2015, rejecting a substantial offer from Arsenal. (via SPORT)

[Selection; Under-20 World Cup; Round of 16 match] Spain 0(7) - 0(6) Korea Republic

Spain suffers but is already in the quarterfinals. The team paid a harsh toll but beat on penalties (7-6) to a leathery Korea and will face the winner of Brazil-Saudi Arabia in the quarterfinals.

Unlike what happened in the World all of 2002, this time fate smiled on Spain in the sort of penalties to Korea. The U-20 will be in the quarterfinals of the tournament. Russian roulette that will benefit and joy in Colombia will take time to írsele the body. It had to be dying after a stint in which Lyung-Jung Kim missed the decisive score after the march 7-6. A lovely end to a very uncomfortable night. Spain did not find rhythm game in no time. It took getting the fluidity with which to overcome the sticky web of Koreans who were disciplined and orderly as expected. It was necessary to overflow much faster game, but it cost the Red. It took even channels outside the compass of the team, as Koke, unable to connect with extreme or dangerous striker Rodrigo. Asians were stretched on occasion, like a good shot of Kim Young-Uk that repelled well Fernando Pacheco. There was fear, too, to an excess of generosity in the proposal was countered by an own goal to leave the team on the brink of a precipice.

Only midway through the first part was optimistic news for the Spanish side. First Rodrigo, fighting and throwing a ball crossed over and then Pacheco and Tello, with distant shots, the tree shook a little Korean firm and robust to the candor of those Lopetegui. The tension gnawed inside the Spanish players and the minutes passed like seconds, reinforcing the thesis defense of Korea and would ask when making the reaction of Spain, if it existed.

There was also no excessive variations matured shock. Koreans liked to draw and only electricity Tello, very sporadic, though, to portend optimism. He was a dogfight that could be decisive, but had a hard time deciding. There was also no luck with a masterful shot that grazed the post Koke. And with that anguish to see a Spain without ideas led to the extension. The film did not change with these. Moreover, South Korea Sticking point of the match was Lee Yong-Jae when he missed a clear hand in hand with Pacheco. Fortunately, his shot went through the roof.

Something similar happened to Sevilla Luna, near the end, deciding to shoot on goal instead of passing the ball back after a nice addition. Then it was a race attack. The clearest chance came at about the time almost accomplished. The first one was again Tello, who could not drive home a rebound of No Dong-Geo, and the next Alvaro, whose kick hit the cross. That would have avoided a penalty shoot-out that seemed written in Spain, this time it rolled over the soggy Koreans. (via AS)

[Technical Data]
Spain: Fernando Pacheco; Hugo Mallo, Bartra, Amat, Luna; Oriol Romeu; Tello, Koke, Canales (Álvaro Vázquez, min.58), Dani Pacheco (Isco, min.51); y Rodrigo (Recio, min.89). Coach: Julen Lopetegui.

Korea Republic: No Dong-Geon; Kim Jin Su, Jang Hyun Soo, Min Sang Gi, Lee Kie Je; Choi Sung Guen (Nam Seung Woo, min.96), Kin Young Uk; Moon Sang Yun (Jung Seung Yong, min.76), Baek Sung Dong, Yun Il Lok (Kim Kiung Yung, min.59); y Lee Yong Jae. Coach: Lee Kwang Jong.

Penalty shootout: Tello, 1-0, Jung, 1-1, Recio, 2-1; Nam, 2-2, Koke, a senior, Lee, stopped Pacheco, Alvaro, 3-2, Kim Young, 3-3; Isco, 4-3; Jang, 4-4. Baetra, 5-4; Min, 5-5. Amat, 6-5, Baek, 6-6; Oriol, 7-6; Kim Kyung high.

Referee: Mark Geiger (USA). He showed yellow card to the Spanish Oriol, and Koreans Choi, Baek.

Incidents: A total of 23,360 spectators at the Stade Palogrande, Manizales, based in Spain so far this tournament and now has hosted its last match of this World Cup Under-20. Party round.

[Selection] Alexis and Abidal tied and Alves fell before Germany

France and Chile were drawn with a good performance from Alexis Sanchez and Brazil lost 3-2 to the Germans.

The departure of striker Alexis Sanchez in the second half re-launched in Chile in a friendly against a France that had dominated the first half driven by Karim Benzema and ended up giving a tie to a goal.

Barcelona's new signing was not a starter in the team of Claudio Borghi, who was dominated in the first 45 minutes and gave a little achieved by Rémy. But their presence in the field, Alexis turned the match and Chile regained control and ended up tying the game thanks to both of Cordova.

Eric Abidal played 90 minutes against Chile and was the captain of the 'bleus' in the combined draw against Chile.

Germany 3 - Brazil 2

Brazil lost to Germany (3-2) in a match that Dani Alves started and played 90 minutes. The group dominated the match although Teutonic lack of Lahm on the Brazilian side of the vessel was liable to a penalty that turned Robinho (min.72). And in the 90th minute scored the second Neymar for Brazil that put the 3-2 final.

By the German group had marked Schweinsteiger, also a penalty (min. 60), Götze (min. 67) and Schürrle (min. 80). (via SPORT)

The Russian international Arshavin says he never play for Real Madrid

Arshavin acknowledges that it would sign the set of Mourinho "not for all the money in the world".
"I am a long time fan of Barcelona" recalls striker confirming that remain at Arsenal.

The Russian international Andrei Arshavin , Arsenal playmaker London, said there was a club that never play, "not for all the money in the world" Real Madrid. This was stated by the player in an interview published Wednesday in front of the Russian newspaper "Sport Express" . "My friends are surprised," said Arshavin to the amazement of the journalist, adding: "For me, (Real Madrid) is total taboo because I am a long time fan of Barcelona."

Arshavin denied that the Russian club Anzhi made ​​him a lucrative offer to return to Russia and denied the existence of any such contacts with the leaders of military equipment in which the exmadridista Roberto Carlos . "These are things that are invented on the Internet. More once I said that this season will play with the colors of Arsenal , "said the footballer. (via MD)

In England they already give for fact the signing of Cesc

British digital media with great fanfare announced that the Arsenal "lost battle" to retain Cesc and eventually accepting the latest offer Barca.

The signing of Cesc Fabregas for the club is closer than ever to becoming reality, according to the latest news coming from England.

Some digital media as 'The Guardian' say the Arsenal and has "lost the battle for Cesc" and notes that the club has given vent to his enthusiasm for recruiting the midfielder Arenys up his latest offering, which would be accepted by the leaders Arsenal.

Figures of the operation would fall within a fixed cost of 35 million euros and an additional variable 5 to 10 million. (via SPORT)

[Selection; Friendly Match] Italy 2 - 1 Spain

italy won 2-1 to Spain in a friendly played in Bari attractive and that was resolved with a lucky goal Acquilani seven minutes from time.

Both Spanish and Italian are still out in the preseason and it was noted undisguisedly. Although the meeting liked it because both teams wanted to play football, each in his estilo.La first part was for Italy, but Spain came alive and went into halftime with a 1-1 draw.

And second, when Spain was better, Italy drop the scoring with a shot Aquilani encountered in hopelessly misled Javi Martinez and Victor Valdes, goalkeeper visitante.Italia was better in the first half, Spain went into halftime holding a tie did not deserve.

The difference was the intensity applied the local selection, which magnified what to "steal and run." Iker Casillas, as usual, was imperial to become the best Spanish player.

Vicente del Bosque, Spain coach, proposed a team full of news and serving those who arrived in better shape to the appointment. Spanish teams are in preseason and the technician left momento.Con hierarchies for all, the Spanish defense suffered a lot, especially when pulling out of the game.

Italy took just four minutes to notify a Criscito shot from outside the area that repelled the bottom right of Casillas.El first goal came 11 minutes when the Spanish defenders accused Montolivo incoordination and took advantage to being left alone in front of Casillas. The Italian scored with a nice touch elevado.Las continued bad news for Spain because 15 minutes was left without Fernando Torres, who suffered an accidental blow to the head. Fernando Llorente came, which really helped his team.

The local goal was almost a good news for Spain. First, because Italy, true to its classic appearance, retreated. And second, because the visitors learned that there was a better match partido.España started in midfield, covered in the work of David Silva and Andres Iniesta. Although this did not stop after 32 minutes Italy had another great chance when Giuseppe Rossi stood in front of goalkeeper Casillas and covered as a gato.Sin But the world champion team still had the luck and 38 minutes Chiellini committed a criminal absurdity on Xabi Alonso Llorente transformed.


The break came with a new opportunity in Italy, with a header from Cassano who left near the bar. Spain held the tablas.En the second came the usual carousel changes and Spain benefited despite playing with a strange defense, which included Sergio Busquets on one side and Javi Martinez as central. Also entered Thiago Alcantara, who at 20 years debuted with Spain. Gave dynamism to the midfield, but lost too many local selection balones.La benefited from combinations between Silva and David Villa. So much so that almost the entire second half was played in the Italian countryside.

But Italy took oil to seven minutes left in a move apparently inconsequential. Aquilani shot from outside the area without much faith, but the ball ran on Javi Martinez, corrected the record and left beaten and held a triumph Valdés.Italia that serves to maintain confidence in the revitalization of their football. In return, Spain lost again in a friendly, something that became a habit. Before they were Argentina and Portugal, and now was Italy. (via SPORT)

[Technical Data]
Italy: Buffon; Maggio, Ranocchia (Bonucci, m.77), Chiellini, Criscito; De Rossi (Aquilani, m.65), Pirlo, Motta (Marchisio, m.46); Montolivo (Nocerino, m.74); Rossi (Pazzini, m.59) y Cassano (Balotelli, m.59).

Spain: Casillas (Valdés, m.46); Iraola (Villa, m.46), Piqué (Busquets, m.45), Raúl Albiol, Arbeloa; Javi Martínez, Xabi Alonso; Iniesta (Thiago, m.46), Cazorla (Mata, m.80), Silva; y Fernando Torres (Fernando Llorente, m.15).

Goals: 1-0, m.11: Montolivo. 1-1, m.37: Xabi Alonso de penalti. 2-1, m.83: Aquilani.

Referee: Felix Brych (GER). Admonished Chiellini (66) and Balotelli (90) Italy, and Arbeloa (56) for Spain.

Incidents: friendly match played at the Stadio San Nicola in Bari in the presence of 50,000 spectators. Observed a minute's silence for the death of Italian goalkeeper Andrea Pazzagli.

Piqué and Busquets are doubt for Supercopa

Both players suffered minor injuries to Italy and it is unknown whether he will play next Sunday at the Bernabeu.

Gerard Piqué, Sergio Busquets on Wednesday paths suffered injuries, however slight, and are doubtful for the Supercopa of Spain on Sunday will play for Barcelona against Real Madrid.España Bari played a friendly against Italy which left a remarkable medical report, as well 2-1 defeat.

In all, the greatest concern is the side Andoni Iraola, who suffered a muscle tear that lets pending development. Although it is likely that the Athletic Bilbao player is a minimum of two weeks without training.

Fernando Torres was withdrawn at 11 minutes with dizziness and vertigo. He was then a small concussion diagnosis, pending observation, although out of danger.

Barcelona players, Pique and Busquets, back to Spain with discomfort a few days of the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain at Real Madrid.

"Busquets has a direct blow to the side, noticed the pain when the blow a knee. There seems important. And Piqué has a muscle overload. I think we can get to Sunday if there are no complications. They have days good outcome, "said John Cota, team doctor. (via SPORT)