10 August 2011

Barça will pay 10% of the sale from Jeffren to Tenerife

Barca will pay about 400,000 euros for the transfer of Tenerife Sporting limbo. This was revealed on Wednesday the insular club general secretary, Ignacio Abad.

Speaking to Radio Club Tenerife, Abad said, "These processes seem journalistically the overnight lead a tour, like any cash transaction." "Tenerife will be taken 10 percent of the amounts that he goes paying Sporting to Barcelona. Barcelona is forced to enter it to Tenerife, but starting from each received amount and in a period of time", the secretary tinged.

"That speaks to the selling club," he said without waiting for problems in this regard. "Directly managed the club in question, informing you of the details of the sale, based on the revenue it will receive this club, you receive it," said the professional Tenerife.

For Nacho Abad simple process as there are no conflicts, and added, "with the club there has been conflict in any of the other charges limbo, have been numerous," he added. (via SPORT)

[Former B player] Oriol Romeu: "I have always admired Lampard"

It's been playing in Segunda A with Barça B to become one of the most important signings of one of the great Europeans, Chelsea . After several days of tripartite negotiations between the two clubs and the player himself, Oriol Romeu and a soccer player all effects for the next four seasons the London side, who will join the end of the U-20 World of Colombia . Yesterday, spoke with MD from his hotel room at the concentration of 'very red' in Manila , where today is measured in eighths to South Korea .

Would you congratulate?

Yeah, right. Why not?

Leave the club he longed to win since joining in 2004.

Today, it is best for me. Be realistic and not everything is Barca. He was player of the subsidiary and has come to me an extraordinary opportunity, unique. I can not pass up.

With Busquets and Mascherano, it was difficult. You have not given up too soon to dream of the first team?

I do not see it. Opportunity is to move from Barca to a much better at Chelsea. I do not think I miss anything, the contrary. All that is good and help me improve as a footballer.

What did you think when its representative, Magic Diaz, conveyed the interest of Chelsea?

The truth is I was very surprised, I could not imagine that a club of this size come to me.


Not much, I had pretty clear from day one.

Did you ask advice from family, friends or club players and coaches?

When important things happen in life always speak to the people who appreciate, but the decisions have taken me and left me little room for the change.

If he does well, return to Barca, who has secured an option to repurchase at the end of the first two seasons.

It's something that neither I think. If I am aware of the boat, repurchase options, shining for me to recover ... I will not play well. To pay for progress, one must be focused on what he does and now my mind is only Chelsea.

How do you see your adaptation? Do you think it will cost?

I guess so. Because it is a team of top level football and because the practice is much more straightforward than I'm used to. But little by little I will adapt, for sure.

Do you see the owner?

It will be difficult, but will fight to be.

Have you called Villas-Boas?


And what did he say?

We talked little. He told me he needed a midfielder with features like the ones I had, which dominate the game of position, with some automation in place to adapt rapidly to football as he likes. He conveyed his desire to be a key player.

Did we want to Porto?

It seems so, but I've learned now. I do not had nothing.

How did your underway Bartra, Planas, Roberto and co. in Colombia?

They were happy for me, but mostly I supported the days before it closed everything. We had six years together with Marc (Bartra) and Carles (Planas) we even share an apartment, it is a relationship of friends of teammates, but this separation is the law of football, it happens to many players every day . I have to overcome.

Luis Enrique Guardiola ¿have said something?

No, I could not talk to them.

What have you learned from 'Lucho'?

Many things. The competitiveness, the importance of daily ... Tactical issues such as placement, I was crushed in the orientation of the body, play easy ... I am very grateful, as all the technical hetenido Barça: Sergio Lovera, who gave me the importance of football, which made me feel at home in Barcelona, ​​Fran Sánchez, García Pimienta, Rodolfo Borrell, who is also in England, Alex Garcia ... All are important at the time and all I have learned.

What is the secret to many homegrown Barca are succeeding? Not only the first team, also former colleagues who have gone as Nolito, Víctor Vázquez ...

There is a technical aspect, they are concepts that are practiced throughout history in the club. The way to play when you fry is the same when you raise the child, then the cadet, the young, the subsidiary ... You're going to refine and the only thing that changes is the level increases, but not the style, and when you go to the first team do not notice anything unusual. Then there is the humility with which you work and the tremendous enthusiasm with which you do see players who are coming to the first team.

Do you see winning the Champions League?

I am struggling. Chelsea are a great team and not just the players you have. But to win you have to work hard.

Any favorite player?

Lampard I've always admired, but also to Terry, Drogba ... Especially for your records, carry so many years of playing such a high level. This has enormous merit. I feel privileged to share a dressing room with them, are great professionals and I will grow. Especially mentally.

Is it true that Chelsea was asked to leave the U-20 to rapidly incorporated into their discipline?

Did not ask, just wondering if there was any choice. The Federation does not leave and I told them that here was very comfortable. I'm not pressured at all.

Are you doing during the World Cup? Are you looking forward to London?

No, we disfrutarel time. U-20 World Cup is very important and now I only think about this. And long, nothing. On the contrary, I have little time to talk with the family, the bride, read ... Among the parties, regardless of training, we prepare various activities. Today, for example, we visited a children's hospital has been a great experience.

Share room with Canales. How he lived his transfer to Valencia?

He is very happy. Going through a difficult situation in Madrid, a little off, and now have a role in the four best teams in Spain.

Win the World Cup?

It will not be easy. There are very strong teams like Colombia and much classical level as Brazil, Argentina, France, Mexico ... But what plays now Korea, are very fast and if they surprise us with a goal on the counterattack will be difficult to trace. (via MD)

Three friendlies with ten Barça players

Valdes, Pique, Busquets, Iniesta, Thiago, Pedro, Villa, Alves, Abidal, and Alexis are the ten Barça players who, this Wednesday evening, are playing with their national teams.

Today Barça doesn’t have a game, but almost. Ten of the club’s international players have international commitments this Wednesday evening with their respective national teams. They are divided between 3 top level friendlies: Italy v Spain, Germany v Brazil, and France v Chile.

In Bari (20.45, TVE) the match with most Barça representation will be played. Up to seven Barça players will face Italy on the day that Thiago, who was born in Bari, might make his debut with the Spanish National side. The game comes loaded with symbolism: the last two world champions (Italy 2006 and Spain 2010) are playing against each other.

Alves is the eighth Barça player who has a game on Wednesday. His team, Brazil, are in Stuttgart (20.45) in a game that brings together 2 teams who have won 8 world titles. It’s worth remembering that Alves, who took part in the recent Copa America, is the only player who has not yet trained under the direction of Josep Guardiola this preseason.

The third great international match brings together France and Chile (21.00), each team including a Barça player. Abidal, the French left back, and Alexis, the Chilean right wing, could be facing each other, often, in Montpellier, if coaches Laurent Blanc and Claudio Borghi give them minutes on the pitch. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Latest training session with lots missing

Ten first team players, including Puyol, Xavi, Maxwell, and Afellay, who all trained away from the main group, four from the B team, and one youth team player, took part in training this Wednesday morning.

Josep Guardiola, as happened in training on Tuesday, couldn’t count on the players who are with their national sides, playing in international friendly matches. This Wednesday, aside from the players who are doing specific training whilst recovering from injury, the main group included Jose Manuel Pinto, Javier Mascherano, Seydou Keita, Adriano Correia, Lionel Messi, and Andreu Fontàs. During the session they did some physical excercises, some ball work, and appropriate stretching excercises.

The B team players who took part in the session were Martin Montoya, Jordi Masip, Cristian Lobato, and Albert Dalmau. The youth player, Pol Calvet, completed the group.

Captain Carles Puyol, and Xavi Hernandez, followed their specific recovery schedule. Puyol is still recovering from his knee injury and Xavi is working to overcome the calf problems that prevented him going to Italy with the Spanish National team. As for Maxwell Scherrer and Ibrahim Afellay, they both did some specific excercises away from the main group.

At the end of training the Argentina women field hockey team had their picture taken with members of the Barça first team. The Argentine side includes stars like Luciana Aimar 'La Maga', considered the “Messi” of female hockey. Aimar, indeed, had her photo taken with fellow countryman Leo Messi. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Ibrahimovic wants to retire in Milan because I'm happy, not at Barca

Swedish striker Milan , Zlatan Ibrahimovic says he wants to end his career with Italian club because, as a result of "bad experience" who lived in Barcelona for Pep Guardiola , has realized that what matters is "happy ".

"I realized that what really matters in life is happiness. I used to play for Barcelona, ​​the world's best team, but was not happy . When you've had an experience as bad as that you understand what things really important, "says the player in an interview published today by the Italian sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Ibrahimovic, who was criticized at the end of last season for his poor performance in Milan, says he feels "very strong" after the holidays, and insists that the whole 'Rossoneri' will be his last team, and that is where you want retiring as a player. " I'll only leave when the club I want more , "says the Swedish striker, something unlikely judging by the statements of the CEO of Milan, Adriano Galliani , who on Tuesday said the Swede said: "If he wants to be all life in Milan, we are happy. "

Ibrahimovic also optimistic ahead of next season because his team has a "winning mentality", with which last season won the scudetto and the Super Cup in a match that pitted the Rossoneri to Inter Milan (2-1) in Beijing. "The victory of the Super Cup against Inter was crucial to start well this season because it was not an easy game. Because of this success we will have more peace around the team, "says the former Barcelona player. (via MD)

Leo and Alexis run to Madrid

The Chilean is taking advantage of tutoring received from Messi, and Guardiola in the intense week of its debut in the Supercopa.

Alexis Sanchez made ​​yesterday a second workout, also double, immersed in an intensive course of adaptation prior to its debut in the Supercopa against Madrid . In one week have had to put the batteries and find a way to get along with his new teammates at the moment with Leo Messi at his side, crack Barca, the world's best player, who is receiving a privileged private lessons.

If Alexis is able to restore the walls, to understand their movements, sense when and how Leo is going to put on or it will ask in a week will have fulfilled one of the primary requirements of adaptation, play speed Vertigo is able to print the Argentinian team's attacking play Barca. Train at your pace, though Leo is not forcing the machine, you are representing a demand but also the best and fastest learning to get a career.

The face of responsibility and concentration of these sessions Chile says it all. He knows that the eyes of millions of Barcelona will on Sunday put the first ball that touches the Bernabeu in if you are able to get open and dribbling as has been said of his offensive potential. If there is no news here at the premiere of the official season, Alexis is the first and only signing Guardiola to strengthen the team with the intention of winning a fourth consecutive league title and go for big titles, plus the Champions , we expect to Barca on the way, like this Supercopa so special to the Madrid , the Supercopa de Europa against Porto and the World of clubs.

Yesterday, Alexis Barca spent his second day knowing that by the end of the month will debut in three official competitions, two Supercopa and the League , and aired two titles that can make the season and his adjustment to a fit and football for it is brand new. Thus, Pep will have paid special attention in all the sessions you've shared, it is Alexis who most needs, and support from all his new teammates, who have received it with open arms, pedagogy and technical advice at least to understand how you train, you train and how important it is to evolve at all times be clear how to move and how to play the ball.

The Chilean is a player equipped with an enviable technique and a proven offensive play but of course in the Italian football team as Udinese with dynamics and fundamentals that have nothing to do with the style squad. But it is also a player with indomitable determination. He wanted to come to Barcelona and gave up a lot of money for this opportunity. Surely not wasted.

And he went to Montpellier after training
It will also help Alexis this week to get used to the frenetic pace of his new life Barca, then yesterday went by car from Barcelona to Montpellier, where he arrived around midnight after the evening train in Sant Joan Despi, to play today a friendly against France. While his coach is looking forward to just a few minutes the game started to facilitate their adaptation to Barca no doubt that the experience will help you learn to switch to the faster chip. It will be tomorrow when the return of these parties know the rest of his new teammates costume Barcelona. (via MD)

Claudio Borghi, Chilean coach: "I told Alexis: Go to Barcelona, ​​do not hesitate"

He is convinced that "in Madrid will be what Alexis" and that "with time, the child will explode".

Claudio Borghi Argentina coach is the coach of Chile who wants Alexis like son. "He came to us very young, is almost as old as my daughter Dominique and have grown together, "he argued yesterday in Montpellier , scene today of the friendly with France of ' Abi '.

" Alexis is still a child, a boy of humble origins who is poised to be the best footballer in the world: I have a bet in this regard, "he said and explained that the front had brought a T-shirt tocopillano of Barcelona with your name and dorsal for his son Filippo , "after signing with Barcelona . He returned to Santiago , and asked us to train under our supervision. The club did not give any pattern and assemble a plan as best we could, thinking he could do well. I hope have successful, though is that Alexis is full of physical form. "

Borghi lived close to the 'soap opera' that led to the signing of Alexis Sanchez for the Catalan club. The negotiations with Udinese eternalized "and there was a time when there were other options, referring to Inter , ' City ', ManU and Chelsea - but I said 'go to Barcelona , do not hesitate 'cause I think there can grow. The Barcelona is ideal for Alexis .'ll see what a good boy he is and what a great footballer. Giving a little time farms, even before the Madrid we'll see what Alexis , "that if Pep given prominence in the first two classics of the season.

As recalled Borghi , "I pray not to pray, but all suffer until it closed the subject. Alexis did not call me to tell me when everything was done, but I heard from some friends and I was very happy. No more experienced so much anxiety before and during the Copa America . "

Borghi said that " Chile played very fast and one two touches, a bit like Barcelona . That will do well: it fits smoothly. If I can get away with Messi ? Leo is the best in the world and Alexis only start at the Barcelona ... but everything will come, because it is a marvel in terms of strength and mental toughness. In any case it will be fantastic to see them together. See if Alexis invites me to see a game at the Nou Camp ".

In another, Claudio Borghi moved that "you're talking to Spain to deliver a friendly in 2012. Now, thanks to pass the 'boy' at Barcelona we have a 'status' and will be happy to measure ourselves "in a duel of 'red' that of Vicente del Bosque and his, world number 11 and capable of providing electrifying football today and want to do Brasil or the very albiceleste. (via MD)

Pedro: "We have another important challenge"

A new ‘classic’ will be the game to kick off the 2011/12 season. Pedro Rodriguez can’t wait to play the Super Cup: "It's a good test to start with. We have another important challenge and we’re very excited about it".

This Barça team never tire of winning. The hunger for victory is one of the keys that has helped Guardiola's disciples towards their achievements in recent years. On the 14th of August a new title will be facing them, and Pedro wants the trophy in the museum: "Whenever we play against Real Madrid the matches are very complicated and really tense. We’re starting the season with a tough test, but I’m convinced that the team will respond. We have another important challenge ahead and we’ll go into it with the utmost enthusiasm".

A Pedro goal in Bilbao won the game for Barça in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup in 2009. Pedro opened his particular goal-scoring account with the first team, with a spectacular goal that put Barça on the road to the title that they closed out at the Camp Nou. That day, in Bilbao, was the start of an impressive streak for the young Barça striker.

Pedro Rodriguez already knows what it’s like to score against their eternal rival. His first goal came in the 31st match game of the 2009/10 season. Messi had put Barça ahead in the first half, and Pedro was the author of the second goal in the 2-0 win. The striker also scored the second goal in the 5-0 win last season. His last goal against Madrid took his team to the Champions League Final at Wembley. His was the goal that killed off Madrid in the semifinals of last year's Champions League. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Xavi goes by the gym and will be in Bernabéu

Work with caution, but their participation in the Super Cup is not in danger.

With half Barça matches teams contesting the world, the day of return to training of first team players who were on the U.S. tour there were only three new faces, Pinto , Fontàs and Keita , who joined the four they started work on Monday: Messi , Mascherano , Adriano and Alexis .

The Ciutat de Sant Joan Gamper Esportiva Joan Despi was also Xavi Hernandez , but went straight to the gym to be overloading the soleus muscle of the right leg that forced him to leave on Monday, the concentration of the Spanish team in Las Rozas . Specific work will the damaged area.

Egarense midfielder lost his chance to play tonight's friendly between Italy and Spain in Bari , but after being examined by the club Barcelona's medical services, your competition is not impaired in the first leg of the Supercopa Spanish to be held on Sunday in the Santiago Bernabéu (22 hours). However, their assignment will be progressive for caution.

Also exercised Carles Puyol , although in his case alone, with one of the collectors club, Juanjo Brau , continuing one more day with his set-up after the knee operation which he underwent just after the last season.

Barca captain, now works with football boots, has no date for return, but their evolution is very positive. (via MD)

Nasri will leave before Cesc

Arsenal agree to sell and the French because in 2012 he would go free, but is adamant his captain, who also looks out Chamakh.

The immediate future of Cesc Fabregas may be affected by what happens in the next few hours with Samir Nasri, who is very close to being pierced. Arsenal, aware that the international and French do not want to renew, has decided to sell this summer because in June 2012 would be free and free. This was stated yesterday to a report in The Guardian, which provided figures and their destination club: Manchester City. The nouveau riche of English football has promised an annual tab of about Nasri 10 million euros and just missing an agreement between clubs that would be close to 30 million. That is the amount you want to join the Gunners, exorbitant when you consider that the player is released next year, but very affordable for what we usually pay the Arab sheik who presides.

The fact that Nasri playing in a position similar to Cesc Fabregas, both are midfielders freedom of movement, could be invited to think that the French presumably halt the march of the Catalan language. But nothing indicates that it will be well. In any case, it can mean that Arsenal keep the inflexibility of the money you requested in the negotiations with the club: EUR 45.8 million fixed still far from the 33 offered by the Catalan club, including the amount Cesc resignation its tab. The variables proposed from the offices of the Camp Nou to approach 39 does not allure the time the English club, although there will be a new approach.

Although seemingly different cases, co-Cesc and Nasri in the locker room 'gunner', those who live daily with them and know their way of thinking, do not differentiate. Chamakh, for example, stated in the program 'Foot and co', L'Equipe TV, "I think that both Cesc and Nasri will leave the club. I do not think that the money offered is the problem, but Wenger before to let them go, want to find someone who can take his place. "

Blanc sees him in another club

He was also explicit the France coach, Laurent Blanc, to analyze the situation in Nasri. "Until proven otherwise, it is Arsenal. But I know that it is negotiating with his club not to renew his contract, which did not renew, but to find a new destination," said the Barca defense that was.

Both are registered for the Champions
The Arsenal was announced that Cesc and Nasri are on the list of the Champions League after the Gunners must play against Udinese on 16 (round in London) and August 24 (back in Udine). If the play and could not participate in the competition even if you change club before August 31, but for now, its presence only responds to logic. Neither would dispute to the negotiating with other teams. (via MD)

[Barça B] Barca bid for Rodri presents, but Sevilla requires 1.5 million

The Blaugrana technical secretary is convinced that Sevilla striker Rodri would be a reinforcement of security for the subsidiary and in the last hours have intensified contacts with the club Sevilla.

Sevilla let him go for a figure close to a million and a half euros, always including an option to buy the operation. Meanwhile, the club has finalized its proposal and offering half a million euros plus a similar amount in terms of various objectives. Rodri, 21 years and author of 19 goals for Sevilla Atletico (Segunda B) would be team players for all purposes. (via SPORT)

Barça: Short but very versatile template

Guardiola has the more accurate list of players since taking over the club, but the team's flexibility is its greatest virtue.

The question is recurrent and occurs in the environment of the boat every two or three months and more sharply when the team does not leave things well. Is it too short template Barça? Compared to the number of troops available to teams of similar rank, the answer is obvious: Guardiola has few players to meet the challenges of a very intense season, with six competitions (League, Cup, Champions League, Super Cup of Spain Supercup European and World Club Championship).

However, the recent history of the team invites hold the opposite view. With few players and a fair distribution of minutes the club has won two Champions, three league titles, one Copa del Rey, Spain's two Super Cups, one European and one World Club Championship.

Reviewing the management of Pep Guardiola since taking the bench for Barca technical portrays the evolution towards increasingly shorter templates. Guardiola prefers to bet on a strong group, compact, very close, in which disgruntled players and there is no dissent. The player who, for various reasons, not rowing in the same direction with his companions, he soon leave the club, as in the case of Samuel Eto ¿o Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Guardiola took over the reins when the first team had a relatively large staff of 24 players, more than two players per position. Had three goalies (Valdés, Pinto, Jorquera, although Bescanó just participate) and could bend positions. The sports results speak for themselves: League, Cup and Champions League, but among the multiple readings that drew from his debut Guardiola as coach elite appeared to reduce the number of players. At the end of the day, there were players whose participation was beyond residual lesions. Hleb, Cáceres, Víctor Sánchez or Gudjohnsen just told to Guardiola. Curiously, the season ended with the Champions of Rome, in which the club played without their owners side, Alves and Abidal both punished. Touré played that game of central and lateral Puyol, another example of the versatility of their players in the most demanding part of the season.

Thus, to address his second season at the club, the coach went from 24 to 21 players with first team sheet. Only had two goalkeepers, Valdes, Pinto, and dispensed with the signings that the team had arrived but not congealed, like Martin Caceres and Alexander Hleb. The excellent health of the quarry has been his argument: "When you need players, I will use the branch," then the coach thought.

The advantages of choosing a player from the home to an explicitly signed are clear: their commitment is greater, will not complain about his lack of minutes and not lose match fitness because you can toggle the first team with the subsidiary. Recipe of the coaching staff headed by Guardiola has worked perfectly since the first team has not downgraded and has not undermined the potential of the subsidiary, but instead, in four years, the club B has gone from playing in the Third division to become one of the references of Second A.

The case of Pedro and Busquets have also reason to Mister. The arrival of both players the first team was accompanied by doubts, but both showed enough level to consolidate at the club and end up being starters in the World Cup final.

Satisfied with the experience, Pep repeated last year, disposed of 21 players throughout the season. Barca played every game possible: two of the Supercopa of Spain, 38 League, 13 Champions and 9 of the Copa del Rey. And the team held until the end, with the only lunar losing end of the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid in overtime.

Guardiola faces the current season with shorter staff since he took over the team. Barca have been Milito, Bojan and only Jeffren and Alexis has arrived. Instead, the club has first team sheet Thiago and Font, two values ​​of the house. A failure to confirm the arrival of Cesc Fabregas, Guardiola has now 20 first team players, unlike his first season, can not bend positions, but in return, with more versatile players. On paper, only has three central pure (Piqué, Puyol and Font), but in practice, may use Abidal, Sergio Busquets and Mascherano. The same happens in the lead: in theory, following the departure of the Roma Bojan, Pep has only a 'new What, Messi, striker converted to false. But it can return to the position of Villa striker and put Alexis or Afellay in the end. Iniesta or Thiago also can act on the offensive line, heel to the band. Also expected that both Thiago Alcantara and Andres Iniesta play in various positions throughout the season. Keita, for example, has proven pivotal in midfield in the place usually occupied Mascherano and Busquets.

The most desired profile signing of the recent history of Barcelona, ​​Cesc Fabregas, responds to the versatility for Pep. You can play `4 Do, as well as driving in midfield and even more advanced, to build on its strengths in the last pass. Also the two latest additions to the team, Alexis and Afellay, can play several positions for the attack.

The preparation of the template allows players alternate being the least theoretically alternate European football: players like Adriano (32 official games) and Maxwell (40) last year had a much greater than that expected. Even players who have left the computer for more minutes had a relatively steady presence throughout the season, like Bojan, who participated in 38, or limbo, which appeared in 14.

The evolution of Guardiola least transfers and quarry
Pep Guardiola used eight team players during their first year at the club, but none of them had too much prominence to relevant parties. In fact, only Abraham, Xavi Torres and Jeffren played more than a game. However, as time has passed, Pep has parked the signings to give more opportunities to the quarry: the players get on the first team to have more continuity. In his second season, Pep used six players in the Barça B, and they all played two games or more. Jonathan dos Santos, for example, played 13 official matches and Fontàs eight. All jugadorres the subsidiary last year played a competitive match or continue at the club have made the jump to teams playing in Europe, Oriol Romeu (Chelsea) or Nolito (Benfica). (via SPORT)

The internal tensions of the Arsenal retard the agreement for Cesc

Ivan Gazidis being the last obstacle to a deal that lives its final chapters.

The dome of the Arsenal are suffering the wear of six years without a title. The pressure in the environment of the club is growing and Cesc situation has shaken the growing tensions within the club. Arsène Wenger, technical and project architect `GUNN, and Ivan Gazidis, executive director, have diverged in recent times.

Gazidis has gained weight and wants to have more power in decision-making sport. Wenger, meanwhile, is not the work of giving up their nest and do things your way. This distance is delaying the agreement for Cesc because Gazidis not understand some of the decisions of the French coach in relation to case Cesc '¿.

His discomfort with the family Dein is also known. Especially with Darren, Cesc agent and personal friend of Wenger. Gazidis's anger grew during the Emirates Cup, the tournament presentation of Arsenal. The former director of the Major League trade did not understand that Cesc, team captain, will miss the tournament presentation. Moreover, knowing that the player was able to play some minutes. Gazidis understands that Wenger has made too many concessions to Cesc, who has barely participated in the preseason Arsenal.

So, the executive director `GUNN is delaying the final agreement on a pulse Arenys Wenger staff that goes beyond negotiations between Barcelona and Arsenal.

The French coach, meanwhile, already has taken the place of football for months and being sympathetic to the situation of Catalan footballer. As happened in the past with players like Henry, has finally given up his attempt to convince the player to follow at Arsenal.

Since last summer the situation became very uncomfortable limits to everyone, but then the French castling and would not even sit with Barcelona. Now the situation is very different in the draft Wenger underlined names in red are players like Wilshere and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, recently signed from Southampton for a millionaire.

Cesc is in the waiting room, pending final agreement. Gazidis is the last hurdle of the operation. (via SPORT)

"It strained, come you to Vigo that there is a lad that you will like a lot"

Since joining the club in 14 years, Thiago noted for its technical quality, but also had to suffer.

The Ureca de Vigo will always be remembered for being the team that gave shelter to Thiago Alcántara when he started kicking the ball. His father, Mazinho, played for Celtic and his two sons had an idol. They wanted to imitate the small team and it went Vigo big. They developed their imagination and talent to the point that caught the attention of scouts from the big teams in Spanish football. One of them called one day to the director of football at Barcelona, ​​Josep Colomer, and recommended that he travel to Galicia to see a 14 year old with a mastery of the ball out of the ordinary.

Colomer listen to him on three occasions and met in Vigo Mazinho to address his signing. It was necessary to see Thiago long to see he was a footballer who despuntaría at Barça. Mazinho understood that the ideal setting for your child progresses in grassroots football was Barcelona. Fran Sanchez was the first coach in the Cadete B, and the next year, with 15 years and had minutes in the Juvenil A. His rise was meteoric and in his first year of youth already had occasion to debut with Barça Atlètic of Pep Guardiola, who rose from Third to Second Division B.

His time as a youth of great promise, but the technicians do not want to rush home. So when Luis Enrique came to the bench for Barca B subsidiary interspersed with the set then leading Alex Garcia. On occasion, Thiago had to prove the hardness of the second team Barca bench and indeed could not restrain her tears in the locker room for not being able to play. The Hispanic-Brazilian looked set to play for Barça B, but there was no question of running. Alex Garcia gave him affection when it came to playing in the Junior A and placed it as false striker, Messi style, which emphasized more than anyone and could enjoy as the star of the team.

It was the second season when he broke Luis Enrique in Barca B. He gave the command and the 'play-off was decisive for promotion. Had met all the deadlines and, after last season between the first team and the reserves in seconds, has arrived just reward. (via SPORT)

The signing of Cesc is a matter of hours

Negotiations over the past 48 hours have paid off and Arsenal could give final approval of an operation very on track.

Barça is about to close its doors template to play the first tournament of the season. Friday's summit in London did not give the results expected, but laid the groundwork for negotiations over the past two days have accelerated. This has meant that the agreement is very close to settlements, with the arrival of Cesc Fabregas at Camp Nou.

Sports Vice President, Josep Maria Bartomeu and director of football, Raul Sanllehí have been in contact with the executive director of Arsenal, Ivan Gazidis, and the latest terms offered by the Blaugrana are very close to meeting the demands Gunners ` ¿. The key to making the transfer a reality in the near future lies in large part to the efforts made by the player. Arsenal considered insufficient fixed EUR 29 million provided by the club and at this point has been entered into play when midfielder. Fàbregas has decided to burn all Barça and give up five million would receive at the club, one for each of the next five seasons. The Arenys will from his pocket a million more than he said Javier Mascherano last season to leave Liverpool and play in the Spanish League.

With five million Cesc, the Catalans club its fixed amount to 34 million. A remarkable figure already, which must be added the variables. Arsenal could meet its target of 40 million euros thanks to incentives. Although the chairman of English side, Peter Hill-Wood, qualify these incentives "fantasy" are not so. Hardly.
Barça Arsenal reward the titles won. And Guardiola's team has won ten titles in the past three seasons, so that the background is a guarantee for the English.

Arsenal have reviewed this new offer from Barca more positively than in the past, so both the institution and in the environment Barcelona player are convinced that the transaction will close within hours. Missing final approval from the offices of the Emirates, but the details still to be polished are not considered much less insurmountable.

Arsenal yesterday officially signed on for the prior Fabregas Champions League has to face Udinese, while a process which effectively has no relevance. The English club must do to maintain the appearance of normalcy while the transfer is not closed, but Wenger is preparing the tie knowing that Cesc will not be under his orders. As much as the transfer can still take a few days, Arenys has taken the decision not to wear the Arsenal shirt over and his coach will not force you. In contrast, French Gazidis is pushing to sell right away and to reinforce the staff immediately. The two outputs that are falling are those of Cesc and Nasri, who is about to sign for Manchester City for 20 million euros. The transfers are so obvious that even one of his companions, the French Chamakh, acknowledged in remarks to `L ^ Equipe TV what" if they have not gone before because the coach was found not substitute. "

While awaiting the outcome, Cesc continues to prepare with a clear goal: to be available for Pep Guardiola Super Cup final in Spain. The Arenys takes a month and a half to train and since last week makes the team. Will lack match fitness, but his desire to defend the Barça shirt can make up any shortfall.

Barca and Kurdistan narrow ties

The Kurds are a community of almost 30 million people divided among Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria and a small area of ​​Armenia.

FC Barcelona has always been characterized by solidarity and firm commitment to the weaker aspects that have been enhanced since the signing of cooperation agreement with UNICEF and even with UNHCR.

Now the club has made an important approach to Kurdistan, a region in western Asia inhabited by nearly 30 million Kurds who live divided into four territories: Turkish Kurdistan (15 million), Iran (6.6), the Iraqi (4) and Syria (1.5), plus a small territory located in Armenia.

The Kurds are an Indo-European people that settled over a thousand years in the Anatolian peninsula and, despite having gone through periods of greater freedom, has never enjoyed statehood and has lived immersed in ongoing conflicts, including war between 1994 and 1997 civil and several attempts at extermination. The worst was carried out by Saddam Hussein, who attacked the town of Halabja with mustard gas, killing more than 5,000 Kurds.

Well, through one of the world's most famous Kurdish football, FIFA players agent Bayram Tutumlu, the club has carried out several actions that have ended with the recent invitation from the president Sandro Rosell Iraqi Kurdistan, Masoud Barzani, to attend a live game at Camp Nou. And the Kurdish leader has already arrived at the club accepts the offer with pleasure and joy, so soon we will see in the box next to Rosell.

The leader is the son of the historic Kurdish leader Mustafa Barzani, the former Nationalist leader of this village who died in 1979 whilst in exile in the United States. Since then, he was relieved by his son Masoud, a fervent supporter of FC Barcelona and an admirer of spectacular football displaying the team coached by Pep Guardiola and more specifically from Leo Messi. Tutumlu is that Sandro Rosell has reiterated the deep Barça president of Iraqi Kurdistan and has approached the Kurdish reality.

Last July, Tutumlu and his son Isaac did get to Barzani Rosell on behalf of a ball with the colors of Barcelona and a Barca shirt signed by the president himself. The Kurdish leader responded with a letter of thanks and expressed his admiration for everything that represents the club. And Rosell sent the invitation to Camp Nou referred to Masoud Barzani has been quick to accept. Moreover, one can not rule that in future the club reached an agreement with Kurdistan, which would be a sign that normality has been established in this region. And if it is through sport and FC Barcelona, ​​the better. (via SPORT)

The new Argentina coach travels to Barcelona to talk to Messi

The Argentine coach, Alejandro Sabella, traveled to Europe on Tuesday for talks with his country's footballers who play in teams of the continent, especially Leola Messi, the star of the set albiceleste.

Before boarding a flight to Portugal, the first destination of his journey, Sabella was in favor of Juan Sebastian Veron is the future director of the Argentine national team to replace Carlos Bilardo, but said that does not lose sight of the player has one year left on his contract with Estudiantes.

"We know what it means to Argentine football Veron and selection. Is a person of great worth but it is a decision that does not depend solely on me," the coach said after considering "welcome" the possibility that 'Witch' take as director of the selections "if it serves to add." "It renewed with Estudiantes, meaning that wants to play. Parts of this semblance of reality," said the coach, and said that "expectations have always generates a player of that hierarchy."

Accompanied by trainer Paul White, Sabella, who officially took over on Saturday to replace Sergio Batista will land first in Portugal and then travel to Spain. There is scheduled to attend the two Spanish Super Cup match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​before traveling to Italy. Sources of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) said they did not rule out a later stage by England and France.

Sabella debut as coach in a friendly between Argentina and Venezuela to be held in Calcutta on Friday, September 2, four days before another Albiceleste between Nigeria and Dhaka (Bangladesh). (via SPORT)

[Former player] Giuly returns to Monaco

Seven years after leaving Monaco to sign for Barca, Ludovic Giuly returns to his former house to try to return to the team of the Principality to Ligue 1.

After leaving PSG last summer on a free, Giuly, 35, decided to commit to Monaco for the next two seasons in order to ascend to be his team between 1998 and 2004. "I could not afford to leave this way to Monaco. I will put all my efforts to return to Ligue 1 team in the trust to thank the leaders of the club," said Gallo end the club's website.

Giuly, at 35, could debut in the next league match before the Monaco team Reims for the third day. In the previous two Monaco was not the draw against Troyes and Boulogne. (via SPORT)

The dates and the schedules of the first two days of League, confirmed

You know the times the first two days of the season. Thus, the club will debut in the competition in the field of Malaga on Sunday 21 August at 20 h. The Day 2 will be played at home against Villarreal on Monday 29 at 21pm.

The group led by Josep Guardiola knows the date and times of its first two days in the competition of regularity. As confirmed on Tuesday the Football League, the club will begin their title defense in the field of Malaga on Sunday, August 21, at 20 h, while the first home game against Villarreal, will be held on Monday August 29, from 21 hours. tight schedule to begin In this way, FC Barcelona will play the first league match the day before the 4th edition of the Trofeo Joan Gamper Estrella Damm. Before, namely 14 and August 17, the team will have played Super Cup of Spain. Recall that on Friday, August 26, three days before the second game of the season, the Barça squad will play in Monaco end of the Super Cup of Europe.

Barça B Hours
Meanwhile, Barça B will be released in the League Second Division on Saturday August 20, at 18 h. Eusebio's team played the second day of competition on Saturday 27, in this case 16h. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Eusebio: “We didn’t deserve such punishment”

After the defeat, the manager praised his team on their efforts despite losing the Copa Catalunya final 3-0, a result he felt didn’t reflect the way his players had performed on the night.

Although he missed out on the Copa Catalunya, Eusebio Sacristán is not returning from Tarragona in disappointment. Barça were missing their first team players after the US tour and due to international duty. “We have hardly been able to train as a group at all” he lamented after fielding a side made up entirely of B and youth players. “But they made every effort and showed attitude and mentality at all times”.

Hard work

Analysing the game with Espanyol, Eusebio said “the first half was very even although we struggled to get into our game. They had more chances, and dominated the game more. But we had chances early on and if we had scored them, we could have tipped the balance of the game in our favour”.

But finally it was Espanyol, thanks to a brilliant Thievy, who won the 22nd edition of the Copa Catalunya. “In the end, they made a massive effort and I don’t think we deserved such punishment”, said the manager.

A useful test

Eusebio knows that the preseason has been strange one for Barça B, as they are missing players that are away at the Under 20 World Cup in Colombia or that are training with the first team. But games like tonight’s are handy “for trying things out and getting the group into the right form”.

Asked about youth players Deulofeu, Espinosa and Grimaldo, Eusebio doesn’t want to rush them into Barça B. “We have to evaluate their performances in competitions. We’ll see whether these players are ready for the switch to second division football”.

The following are some of the comments made by the FC Barcelona players:

Sergi Gómez

“The result was excessive. We tried our best at all times but football sometimes punishes you like that”.

“The positive thing is that we fought to the end”.

“We were struggling for players but we managed to adapt to the circumstances”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B; Copa Catalunya final] FC Barcelona B 0 - 3 RCD Espanyol

Thievy hat trick wins Copa Catalunya (3-0)

A second half hat-trick from Thievy Bifouma won the 22nd Copa Catalunya for Espanyol. Playing back-to-back matches straight after returning from the American tour was just too much for the Barça youngsters.
The blue and whites started the game with four first team regulars on the field while Barça’s line-up entirely featured reserves, but the first half was still a tightly matched affair with flashes of brilliance from both sides. But Espanyol ended up retaining the title with a 3-0 win, and the star of the show was hat-trick hero Thievy. The result means Espanyol and Barça have now won this title six times each.

Of the 22 players that Pochettino and Eusebio started with, three for Espanyol and six from Barça played in the final of last season’s youth version of the Copa del Rey, which Barça won 2-0. So, there was plenty of competitiveness between these two city rivals. Both sides were giving nothing away and the football was intense from start to finish. Thievy and Cristian Alfonso were both outstanding for Espanyol, while Deulofeu also shone in the Barcelona attack, but all three struggled to finish off moves. There was not one shot on target in the first half and the scoreless draw was a fair reflection of the way the play had gone.

Everything changed after the break. A lightning quick Espanyol move ended with Thievy deftly flicking the ball past Oier. Barça had barely been able to react before the Frenchman of Cameroonian origin had made it 2-0 by running rings around Armando with a terrific solo run. The Espanyol fans were already celebrating the win, and Barça struggled to find a response, and Thievy eventually made it three and made certain of the win with a quarter of an hour to go. For Barcelona it had been an extremely tough night. For nine of the players, playing two competitive games in two days after coming back from a gruelling American tour was simply too much, and the lack of freshness showed. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
Barcelona: Oier; Rosell (Belliu, min.46), Sergi Gómez, Armando, Grimaldo; Gustavo (Riverola, min.54), Espinosa (Dos Santos, min46), Rafinha; Saúl (Carmona, min.46), Cuenca (Dongou, min.71) y Deulofeu.

Espanyol: Casilla, Galán (Senén, min.46), Canal, Zou, Clerc, Luís García, Javi López, Cristian Alfonso (Kilian, min.74), Thievy (Albarran, min.86), Cristian Gómez y Pirulo (Víctor Álvarez, min. 74).

Goals: 0-1: Thievy, min.49. 0-2: Thievy, min.53. 0-3: Thievy, min.76.

Referee: Miranda Torres. No warnings.

Incidents: End of the twenty-second edition of the Copa Catalunya. Some 5,800 people in the Nou Stadium. Minute's silence in memory of former vice president of the Catalan Football Federation, Jesus Forge and the socio No. 1 Gimnastic Tarragona, Enric Pujol. Among the authorities was the president of the Catalan Parliament, Núria de Gispert.

15 players for evening training

Barça’s evening training session was attended by seven players from the first team, two from the B team and six from the youth team. José Manuel Pinto reappeared after a two-day absence.

Ten of the first team are away on international duty, but Pep Guardiola still put the others through their paces at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. This was the second session of the day and included even more extra players from the B and youth teams.

Following a two-day break after the US tour, José Manuel Pinto trained today along with Messi, Mascherano, Adriano, Alexis, Keita and Fontàs. The Barça B players were Montoya and Masip, and the youth players were Babunski, Cornejo, Quintilla, Miguel Ángel Sainz, Samper and Patrick.

Xavi Hernández also appeared at Sant Joan Despí after leaving the Spanish national team due to an injury to his right soleus. He did recovery work in isolation today, as did the also injured Puyol on pitch number 2.

The team will be back at work on Wednesday morning at 9.00, behind closed doors at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. Alexis Sánchez will not be taking part because he has been called up for a international friendly for Chile against France in Montpellier. (via FCBarcelona.cat)