07 August 2011

Cesc would give up 4,5 millions to register for Barça

Cesc Fabregas is ready to make the same gesture that Javier Mascherano had a year ago to move to FC Barcelona. Arsenal midfielder give up a large sum of money if finally signed for Barca.

As reported on Sunday the British newspaper 'Daily Mail' , Cesc is so anxious to call at the Camp Nou to give up 4.5 million euros to play for Barça. This amount would correspond to the premiums it should contract to have four more years of relationship with the Gunners.

Arsenal this week rejected the latest offer Barca for 38 million euros with variables, and its chairman, Peter Hill-Wood insisted on Saturday that the player will not go for less than 40 million fixed. In the coming days will continue the push and pull. (via SPORT)

Barça back home

FC Barcelona’s plane touched down at Barcelona Airport today after a 9 hour flight that marked the end of their tour of the United States to play in Washington, Miami and Dallas.

The Turkish Airlines plane arrived at El Prat airport at 12 from Dallas, with the players in a positive mood after winning the final game of the tour, against Club America, 2-0. The team were immediately transferred to the airport, where their plane was waiting to take them home.

Barça have been in North America for ten days, visiting the cities of Washington, Miami and Dallas to play exhibition matches against Manchester United, Chivas and Club América, where they have also taken part in several high profile social and promotional events.

The players left for America on July 26 straight after playing in the Audi Cup in Munich, so it is some time since they have seen their homes. On Monday, the South Americans Messi, Mascherano, Alexis and Adriano will be joining them for training at the Ciutat Esportiva. There will be two sessions at 9.00 and 19.00, both behind closed doors.

The team will also train on Tuesday at 19.00, but without the players that are away on international duty. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Maximum voltage for Cesc

The player is tired of the position of Arsenal, who ironically now even with the variables of a safe boat to take advantage of the storm.

Barca conceded the new Arsenal's refusal to pass on to Cesc Fabregas with a calmness that contrasts with the growing conflict that exists in the club 'gunner'. The midfielder is tired of the inflexible position of their coach and their leaders and was very angry with the fact that his gesture is worth putting up to 4 million out of pocket (progressively be subtracted from future income) to refloat the negotiation. His mood would explain his absence from yesterday's friendly against Benfica in Lisbon as much as Arsene Wenger's justified by the lack of competitive pace after his alleged injury. The tension between the Arsenal captain is maximum and Barça knows it. So do not go running to make a third offer and another reminder that until August 31 there is time to close the deal, convinced that the storm in their interests.

The Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood, even joked yesterday with the contents of the second offer from Barça, denied on Friday and consists of a fixed 29 million euros, which had to add the 4 and 6 gave Cesc variables to reach a total of 39, closer to the 45 fixed calling the London club.

"Barcelona is offering variables that depend on all sorts of fanciful things, but we are not interested in that, we want to pay what it's worth," said Hill-Wood 'Starsport, "adding that" your bid is near what we seek. We have told you what we want and we cling to them. We do not believe that we are being irrational when they see the prices at which they sell players who are not half as good as Cesc. "

Despite these words, Barça still believes in the effectiveness of a variable that is willing to enhance and smooth so they can be collected easily, but never change the fixed 29 million.

Ribeiro: "There is no flirting with Barça"
Neymar's agent, Wagner Ribeiro, issued a statement through her 'twitter' in stating that "I do not agree and denies all the news of the Spanish and Brazilian newspapers about 'flirting' Neyman with Barcelona." What they do not want to comment anything Wagner Ribeiro was on the famous penalty clause that Madrid has been imposed in the event that does not end up clocking the white club. Florentino's strategy with Neymar is identical to that once went with Figo at Barca

Barca and Unicef, more united than ever

"We are friends and share values," said the manager Pont referring to the alliance between the two companies.

On Friday, FC Barcelona and the United Nations Fund for Children, UNICEF, signed the agreement yesterday that the Catalan club's first team will continue leading the agency's logo on their jerseys during the 2011-12 season.

Unicef ​​the Catalan and walk together for five years, when it signed the first cooperation agreement. This is the first season that relocate the logo on the shirt, but the two entities want to make clear that the intention is to continue walking together.

"Barca and Unicef ​​are friends and share values, there is much consistency between the two entities. Through sport contribute to a better world, "said the vice president of the Foundation, Ramon Pont, during the presentation of the new agreement.

In this new phase of collaboration, the goal will be to build the social impact of the club to give support to a global movement for education and sport. In the ceremony held at the YMCA YMCA ¿¿of the Lakeside neighborhood of Dallas, the club was represented by Vice President Jordi Pont Cardoner, while Lawrence was by Unicef ​​Picard, deputy director of operations and finance. (via SPORT)

Thiago completed making of Messi

The man in fashion azulgrana began as false '9' and it ended up in its natural position making of Xavi.

Pep Guardiola has a surprise for the last match of the tour, putting the man of fashion in European football, Thiago Alcantara faux striker. Barca turned in his first game as `9 ¿, but actually created more danger in the second half when it relocated as the coach interior.

After his recent call to the absolute of Spain, all eyes fell upon the greatest of Alcantara. Used to display their talent in midfield, yesterday had to be used as `false 9 Do, a position reserved only for real cracks, as Leo Messi.

The innovative placement of highly mobile Thiago gave the Barca attack. The idea was to use the player's nerve when cool, bringing its position to the goals. During the first minutes of the first part, the Hispanic-Brazilian Villa was flanked by the left do what Pedrito why right ¿, even as they moved forward the minutes went by combining the three forwards, ending the Spaniard as referenced in the tip of attack.

The midfielder created danger in the first half, playing as a striker, but in the second, after retrieving his position by the entrance to the field of Isaac Cuenca. From that moment, Thiago Xavi started to make display and the vision of the game that make it a higher value for the football squad. The player looked for spaces, the pass between the lines and almost always chose the best option, and even tried to surprise the goalkeeper Leonin Pineda from afar, taking aim and the state of grace in which he lives. Thiago's performance, one of the players who has played more minutes this season, returned to convince Guardiola. (via SPORT)

Alexis arrives today in Barcelona and tomorrow will make his first workout

Chilean striker will land early in the afternoon at the El Prat airport ready to start their desired stage as Barca.

After a brief vacation in Chile, Alexis Sanchez landed today in Barcelona Barca ready to dress and train, tomorrow, for the first time in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. Barca left yesterday's signing of Santiago de Chile to the 18 h What Catalunya midnight Why fly to Barcelona via Madrid. Early this afternoon will land in the Catalan capital to start a new stage in their desired career.
The Chilean has been twelve days in his country, looking forward to the day of its premiere at Barca. If he even been incorporated into the discipline of Pep Guardiola earlier. However, the coach himself told you break before the season, given that the striker had a lot of wear while participating in the Copa America. Alexis has followed the precepts of their new coach. He has been with his family in Tocopilla, with friends on the beach of Iquique and more friends in the circus of Antofagasta. However, the professionalism of the young player of 22 years, has made ​​the end also has had time to physically prepare their return to work.

During less than two weeks Sanchez has been in Chile, has been tapped to be placed under the orders of the trainer of the national team, Hernan Torres, who did double sessions of maintenance work to enhance strength and endurance, in Stadium facilities Juan Pinto Durán de Santiago. The trainer himself was amazed at the tone physical player, especially for its power and speed, despite having spent a few days down.

The player will land today in Barcelona, ​​where he still has to stop to pick a home in which to stay, so for now will stay in a hotel near the Camp Nou. For now, what you have in Barcelona is a drive, so you can scroll to the Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi Esportiva on their own.

On the other hand, the player will live tomorrow one of the most anticipated days, when he first trained with the shirt of FC Barcelona. On his first day does not coincide with Dani Alves, Eric Abidal and convened by Spain Are Valdés, Piqué, Xavi, Busquets, Thiago, Iniesta, Pedro and Villa ¿, while the rest are waiting to see if Guardiola gives them the day off after returning from the tour. What is clear is that on his first day working as a Barca match Alexis Leo Messi and Javier Mascherano, the two players as he was cited on Aug. 8 as the date to join.

Alexis is looking forward to his debut with the club, although he knows it would be rash to think in the first leg Super Cup in Madrid. Anyway, the Chilean will do its best during the few work sessions that can perform this week before the first match to be available to Rijkaard.

On Tuesday afternoon, the concentration will join Chile in Montpellier
Alexis did not spend many days in Barcelona since Tuesday afternoon will join the concentration of the Chilean team in Montpellier. In this sense, the striker will train tomorrow and Tuesday morning in the Ciutat Esportiva, while the afternoon depart for France. Wednesday will have the opportunity to meet one of his mates at FC Barcelona, ​​Eric Abidal side, since the Chilean national team will face France in the Stade de la Mosson in Montpellier. Until next Thursday the 11th, three days before the Super Cup, will not train with all the Barça squad. (via SPORT)

[Former B player] Arsenal lose before Benfica of Nolito

Bad omens for Arsenal.

Wenger whole is showing a poor image in the preseason and lost to Benfica yesterday, again proving to be a very vulnerable and lacking the roots behind. And that Arsenal started the match being the protagonist, despite the low players like Cesc Fabregas, Wilshere, Nasri, Walcott, Diaby and Koscielny. The one who was Van Persie who was yesterday captain. The Dutchman was featured twice. First with a little after top center Gibbs moved to English side and later to leave the pitch injured.

Dutch striker's goal would not be enough to a Benfica reacted hand Aimar. The Argentine got the equalizer with a cross shot. Nolito, which is on a roll, marked the final 2-1. The exazulgrana made a bend, drawn by the couple and threw a shell at the near post that surprised the goalkeeper gunners Fabiankski. (via SPORT)

[Rating; Preseason Match] FC Barcelona - América (2-0)

Víctor Valdès 8, Adriano Correa 7, Sergio Busquets 6, Gerard Piqué 6, Eric Abidal 6, Seidou Keita 7, Xavi Hernández 7, Andrés Iniesta 6, David Villa 8, Thiago Alcántara 8, Pedro Rodríguez 7, Jonathan Dos Santos 5, Isaac Cuenca 6, Andreu Fontàs 6, Sergio Gómez 6, Jordi Masip 6, Gerard Deulofeu 7, Carlos Carmona 6. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Milito wants to debut this Wednesday

The defender is eager to recover his best after taking a few minutes in the last three seasons.

Gaby Milito not want to miss a minute yesterday and announced his desire to debut as soon as possible with his new team. And the schedule you have reserved an appointment category, the Recopa Sudamericana, a kind of Super Europe that does not give up despite the time pressure. Independiente de Avellaneda, champion of the Copa Sudamericana in 2010, faces on Wednesday (02.50 am on Thursday in Spain) the leg at the stronghold of Porto Alegre International, champion of the Libertadores Cup in 2010.

"I want to play the Recopa. We'll see these days do you feel the coach (Antonio Mohamed) and how I'm finding, but it motivates me to play a cup came to be seen how, of course, "said Milito. The central defender also explained the reasons for his move from FC Barcelona after four seasons as a squad. "At this point in my career, my goal is to play with continuity, something that the club would not have. And that weighed my desire to go back over other offers I had. I feel good, very motivated and I have here to stay, "continued the 42 caps for Argentina.

Milito trained yesterday for the first time with his new teammates, new arrivals from Japanese soil, where they fell in the Suruga Bank Cup against Jubilo Iwata on penalties. (via SPORT)

Barca make another bid for Cesc with softer variables

Barca change their proposal to ensure that the Arsenal, in practice, all revenue goals, individual and collective.

Barca do not desist in the fight for Cesc Fabregas to incorporate into your template. This is one of the most complicated of the recent history of the club, a swing of negotiations with several chapters that despite all the stones that Arsenal is getting in the way, have happy endings. After the English club rejected the latest offer Josep Maria Bartomeu and Raul Sanllehí presented in London, the club is already preparing his next offensive player to sign the Catalan. The solution to this problem is to soften the concept of variables, namely, to facilitate the Arsenal enter amounts relating to the individual and team goals. An example: if the first negotiations between Arsenal and Barca was agreed that the club would enter `GUNN extra money if the club reached the quarterfinals of the Champions, now that limit has been lowered to the second round.

Something similar happens with the parties and the minutes that Cesc should play with the Barca shirt for the Arsenal receive the amounts agreed. Be reduced considerably the number of games and minutes. Barca's decision involves increasing the supply, since in practice will ensure these amounts to Arsenal because they are both perfectly acceptable goals for the club to the player, individually.

Getting the Arsenal accept these new variables (much more favorable to their interests) is the new challenge of Barca club's negotiators. In recent weeks, responsible for representing Barca in talks already accomplished what at first seemed an impossible mission, filing Arsenal's refusal to accept the variables. The London club wanted to make as much money as possible in a single payment, but has not seen and would advance the negotiations. Now past the first hurdle, now Sandro Rosell, Bartholomew and Sanllehí must convince the Arsenal that his latest proposal is final.

Arsenal has always had a complicated relationship with the income variables. Never accepted willingly subjecting their earnings to the future sports conditions, especially since the construction of Emirates Stadium forced the club to make a strong economic investment.

In fact, the ship crashed into that position when they signed Thierry Henry in the summer of 2007. The Catalan club tried to include a portion of the transfer variables, but ended up paying 24 kilos ¿`fixed and only one objective.

Meanwhile, Cesc is still pending the negotiations to move to longer seen as Blaugrana. Arenys midfielder has already made clear its willingness to give even five million, one for each season of his impending contract with Barca, a gesture to bring fundamental positions and smooth things over between clubs. Neither played a friendly yesterday that Arsenal played in Lisbon (even traveled to Portugal). Cesc hopes to be a Barca player before the Arsenal Champions dispute prior to a tie in which neither would play.

They theorized the presence of Gazidis in Liverpool
Juan Mata remains the priority target of Arsenal. Yesterday it was speculated that Ivan Gazidis, executive director of the club 'gunner', was in Liverpool to negotiate his transfer. Gazidis, according to some British media would have made a lightning trip to the city of the Beatles to coincide with the friendly played Liverpool and Valencia. The end of Valencia is the player chosen by Arsenal Wenger to reinforce a doubt that keeps Cesc Fabregas and Nasri.
Both players have already shown interest in leaving the club 'gunner' this summer and the Frenchman wants to cover himself with the star of Valencia. (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-20 World Cup] Australia 1 - 5 Spain

Spain says goodbye to its group with a gale of goals. Alvaro made three in 13 '. Korea is expected to rival round.

Spain finished the group stage with a walkover against Australia in that fi n jar uncovered the essence. I needed this bubble bath and bubbles Selection, which was Sergi Roberto Canales and fi ne as conductors and as afi Álvaro Vázquez side as he assumes this poignant Espanyol striker. His was the first goal assisted by Sergi Roberto when he had just played a minute of play and this fact conditioned a party which has since been left without one of its contestants.

Australia, already without options, bled no way to find a tourniquet hand and Alvaro consolidated its festival with three goals in 13 minutes, one of the historical records of this tournament. It's dynamite Red with him and Rodrigo, who yesterday handed the witness on the point of attack. For little exhibión if you were viewing before, Espanyol was subject to a penalty that changed channels, so the threat of silencing replica that had Australia with a goal by Bulut after an oversight defensive Pulido.

Think round. The wind never stopped and many rotations Lopetegui introduced these days served to any of the Spanish on the field to relax a bit. It was also the perfect opportunity to debut the third goalkeeper Alex and to test the future in mind, such as the left-back position as central Planas and thereby break the captain Marc Bartra. With the white flag of Australia visible to ask for mercy, Spain down the speed and dedicated to handle the ball. Still had the chance with a diagonal shot by Sergi Roberto. But then it was time to think about the second-round rival, South Korea and New Zealand. Playing as the first time yesterday, no matter what. The U-20 World accelerating just as the required speed.

Spain, already among the top 16
to conclude the first stage leaves 16 surviving teams who enter the next round of knockout. The main favorites (Spain, Brazil and Argentina) have failed and the big surprise has given Colombia to be ahead of France.

[Technical Data]
1 - Australia: Birighitti; Grant, Hamill, Sainsbury (Mc Gowen, min.46) Warren; Antonis, Amini; Danning, Ibini Isi (Petratos, min.46), Oar y Bulut. Coach: Jan Versleijen.

5 - Spain: Fernando Pacheco (Alex, min.46); Hugo Mallo (Ezequiel, min.62), Bartra (Planas, min.46), Pulido, Luna; Recio; Kiko, Sergi Roberto, Canales, Dani Pacheco; y Álvaro Vázquez. Coach: Julen Lopetegui.

Goals: 0-1, m.1: Sergi Roberto. 0-2, m.6: Álvaro Vázquez. 0-3, m.14: Álvaro Vázquez. 0-4, m.18: Álvaro Vázquez. 1-4, m.27: Bulut. 1-5, m.31: Canales, penalty.

Referee: Wilson Senem Brazilian yellow card shown to Australians Sansbury and Mc Gowen.

Incidents: game for the final round of Group C World Cup in the stadium Under-20 Palogrande Manizales with an attendance of 14,727 spectators.

Thiago: “I’ll play where Guardiola wants me to”

Thiago played in an unfamiliar role sitting just behind the strikers against Club America and after the game he insisted that he didn’t mind where he played, the important thing was to play.

After his call up by Vicente Del Bosque for Spain’s friendly against Italy Thiago Alcántara was used by Pep Guardiola in Dallas on Saturday night as a false centre forward, but he explained: “what I want is to play. I’m ready to play wherever and if I have to play as a winger, in the hole or in midfield, I don’t mind. I’ll play where the boss tells me to, Now I have to keep working hard ”.

With the game against Real Madrid set for less than a week away, Thiago insisted: “I don’t see myself as a starter in that game. I have to keep working for that –we have to win the Super Cup whatever it takes”.

Adriano happy with performance

Adriano Correia also spoke to the media after the game in Dallas and explained: “I felt fine tonight and I know I have to keep on working to get up to full steam”. Adriano, who only rejoined the squad last week after his trip to the Copa America with Brazil, also praised the Cowboys Stadium, where he stressed the “great temperature” inside the ground, whilst the thermometers were touching 40º outside. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barca get a win to prepare for the Supercopa balsamic

Barca signed a solid victory against the Mexicans to regain the good feelings that outlined the latest details and to face a decisive week before facing Real Madrid.

Barca faced the match against America with the moral obligation to get a good result to recoup the loss to Chivas and is achieved through a very serious game in which eleven Guardiola gala took the permit holder Messi and Alves.

The meeting began with yet another initial shock, standard pattern in preseason games, when Vicente Sanchez escaped by breaking the offside trap and stood before Valdés. A meteoric career Abidal prevented the Uruguayan striker to impact the ball and saved it the first chance of the match.

Barca took a while to take the reins at the meeting, but a bit of Xavi shot from outside the area flew past the right post defended by Navarrete served to alert the Mexican defense and caused the Blaugrana to change the mentality.

Barca dominated the ball and get chances

After the first quarter of an hour began to take action the players Xavi, Iniesta and Thiago striker set to false but delayed his position to intervene between the lines, and the boat began to become master of the midfield.

Piqué on 20 minutes gave the first warning, receiving a pass from Xavi measured the heart of the area, but the Mexican defense was advanced to the central auction Barca. The defense of America ignored the warning Pique and on the next play came the first goal when Hadrian made a great play right wing, eluding his marker and made a measured center to David Villa, who pitched well for send the ball into the net.

Villa overflows again and again

The initial goal set off a David Villa, who began to create much danger. The 'Guaje' got in trouble repeatedly Navarrete beat back on defense and stand up to near the Mexican goal. Peter is not far behind, as the attacker large canary fed Iniesta and Thiago assists to put the opposing defense problems, but Navarrete was very solid in its interventions, with special mention of a move to the brink of break when Pedro eluded his marker, feint on the output target, but he reacted with great reflexes and prevented what would have been the goal of the sentence before the break.

Strong second half start

The second half started with a new rear shock for Barca came out of the boots of Vincent, the most active of the ends of America, he returned minutes later to tell from the front, where Valdes responded with a big hand a foot the ground, sending the ball to corner. Villa not far behind, embarrassed the Navarrete some shots from long distance, repeatedly showing his hunger striker.

More evidence for Pep

The following minutes allowed Pronatura Guardiola made more technical and give input to the young, which at times produced some defensive mismatches and gaps that America tried to take advantage with long balls into space, looking back font and Sergi Gómez, where 'Chucho' Acuña Benitez and were very active. Fortunately for the interests of the club, both Jordi Masip Valdes, who debuted with the first team were very attentive and scratched to perfection in their exits and in goal, defeating rivals and occasions.

Hatching Deulofeu final

The game looked doomed to 1 to 0 when in the last minute figures emerged Basin and Gerard Deulofeu Isaac, who tried repeatedly beat his markers from the sidelines. Finally, in minute 90, the end of Riudarenes got to the right side overwhelm, penetrate to the bottom line, avoid a blow dealt by the defender and put a ball back Keita just had to push to the net to score the second and final goal of the game. It was the final ruling, which marked the reunion of Keita with the goal Deulofeu yy confirmation as an interesting alternative for the future.

With 2 to 0 against the club closes Latin American tour with a win that can be optimistic in dealing with a week of intense work in order to prepare the SuperCopa de España that will measure the Barca to Real Madrid. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "We make tours and before we made preseasons"

Despite the victory, Rijkaard still thinks arriving at a disadvantage to the Super, "but we need time to convince my players that can win."

Pep Guardiola, Barcelona coach still thinks that preparing your team is just ahead of the Supercopa of Spain despite his players against America have improved the services provided to Chivas.

Guardiola does not like the demands of promotional tours and has re-emphasized he finished the last game in the United States in the chambers of TV3: "We used to preseason and now we toured and we have to adapt. Here you can not do nothing, you drown. Two years ago we went to the other coast and had 10 degrees less, nothing changes much, "he assured though he qualified that he is satisfied with the performance of the workforce," went well and I am satisfied with the performance of all. The penalty have been injuries but the performance has been good. "

Despite the first win in the American tour, the coach acknowledged that work against the clock and try to mentally prepare their team for double entrenfamiento against Barcelona: "We would need more time to be in the prime of physical ability but also the mind plays an important role. The legs do not respond to stop, we need time and Real Madrid is more shot. But convince my players that can win. "

Barca coach does not forget that the last Super Cup the team had to overcome in the Nou Camp after losing 3-1 to Sevilla in the Sanchez Pizjuan leg: "So we do not get together Thursday and see how we got to the Super . Last year we lost 3-1 at Sevilla ...". However, wanted to send a message of reassurance to the environment of the club: "If after three years people are not quiet as a problem of each. We compete against a team that rolled over but we accept the challenge and try to do the best paper possible. " (via AS)

[Preseason Match] FC Barcelona 2 - 0 América

David Villa and Keita signed goals of Barcelona who had lost both.

There is nothing finer the Barça . If against Manchester United at Washington (2-1) and Chivas Miami (1-4) could be excused in part by the lack of preparation and the unbearable heat this afternoon in Dallas, spectacular air conditioning Cowboys Stadium gave scope for Barca, who accordingly at all last preseason game weighing legs ran out and therefore, they found the high rate of balloon used to impose on their parties. Villa and Keita scored, but as he said during the week Guardiola must beat the clock time if you want to get to the level it deserves Spain Super Cup against Real Madrid.

The goal for Villa in Ecuador in the first part did justice. Mexicans pressed on the wide area, something that bothered too much to Xavi, who could not quite place it. The inaccuracies were being constantly on a computer memory used to playing and often the first touch. With Thiago as false striker, the Brazilian Spanish carburetor and combined with Iniesta, Pedro and Villa. The canary in turn, made ​​signs of wanting to conquer the world, and again tightening the rear arreculada increasingly of America.

Xavi tried it in 12 'and three minutes later Thiago itself fell within the area. ¿Penalty? Hmmm ... no less dubious than the 8 ', when Sanchez's body was found when faced Valdes Abidal and dreamed of the attacker to make it 1-0. Mexican players claimed a timid, but it was not there.

We talked about the Villa goal, but have been more successful, possibly the Spaniard had become the top scorer of the season in just 45 minutes. A recital of successful movements ended with well-directed shots, but without the appropriate skill to have held more than a goal. It should be noted, though, that could overcome Navarrete Guaje after shake off the mark with a slight push Reyes after an outstanding play by Adriano , including huge change of pace.

Xavi No longer on the pitch, the second part began with a boat that he wanted possession, but the Mexicans came up to the insistent concessions Barca. Two shots of America (one outside and one save with a brutal intervention of Valdés ) made ​​the score did not match.

Two more were suffering were Busquets and Keita . The pivot was playing central Spanish and African interior, ahead of the defense. And of course, if you're not physically stop and do not have the appropriate tone, shortages are just seeing double when you seem to be a patch. For this reason, when the youth entered Sergi Gómez Iniesta relieving the field, the pieces are relocated, but the club did not quite find the office, the base of his game, and pressure. In addition, as happened to Chivas, Guardiola awarded the youngest giving timely and closing minute of the World Football Challenge with six guys in the subsidiary on the field, including Deulofeu the invention of the play of the second goal in the that Keita had only to push the ball. (via AS)

[Technical Data]
Barcelona: Valdés; Adriano, Busquets, Piqué, Abial; Xavi, Keita, Thiago; Pedro, Villa, Iniesta. Also played: Dos Santos, Cuenca, Fontàs, Gómez, Massip, Deulofeu, Carmona, Riverola.

América: Navarrete; Rojas, Mosquera, Reyes, Aguilar; Castillo, Molina, Medina, ; Benítez, Montenegro, Sánchez. Also played: Acuña, González, Martinez, Pineda.

Goals: 1-0, Villa (24'), 2-0, Keita (90' +).

Referee: Ricardo Salazar (USA). Admonished: Medina (44') Busquets (61').

Stadium: Cowboys Stadium, 60,807 fans.

Fontàs: “The truth is that I never expected to get this far”

In an exclusive interview with Barça TV and the Club’s website, defender Andreu Fontas explained how the pre-season is going and just what the promotion to the first team squad has meant for him.

All the B team players hope to make it to the first team squad and for Andreu Fontas that dream has come true and now he has to prove that he deserves his place amongst the best players in the world who are his teammates at the Camp Nou.

“The truth is that I never expected to get this far” explained Fontàs, who has gradually made his way up through the youth and reserve teams after playing for his home town team Banyoles and Girona before his move to Barça.

Big jump to Barça

Reflecting on his experiences in the Club’s youth and reserve teams, Fontàs claimed: “I was never a player who stood out really, but through hard work and effort I gradually progressed and made the jump from Banyoles to Girona and then I had one season with the Barça Youth team, before I played three seasons with the B team”.

He also admitted that the move to Barcelona came as a shock to him: “when I first got to Barça, I couldn’t believe it – so many things were different, it was all so much more professional and you see all the physios, the Ciutat Esportiva, all those grass pitches… it was all a big surprise”.

Luis Enrique gave him an important role in the B team, using him as both a central defender and an anchorman in the middle, but Fontàs admitted that: “I was really keen to take on the responsibility I now have”, as a first team squad player.


And how would he describe himself as a player? “I am pretty calm about coming out from the back with the ball, which is a pretty fundamental part of our game. We also play with a back line which is very high up the pitch and you have to be very alert in that situation. I’ve matured and the switch from midfielder to centre back was a very big change - one of the biggest I’ve experienced at the Club”.

Keen to continue learning

One of the objectives for youngsters who come into the first team squad is to take on the habits of the rest of the players and learn from their more experienced teammates: “they are players with so much experience and I want to learn every day from them. I watch them closely every day to see what they do”, according to Fontàs, who also revealed that “Carles Puyol really helped me a lot when I played against Almeria- he was talking to me all through the game and always marked the line we were to keep. I am so happy to be a part of this group of players”.


“I’m happy with how the preparation has gone. It’s always tough to get started again and we’ve been suffering with all the heat, which has meant we haven’t been able to give of our best- I’m not at my maximum level, but I am feeling better with every game”.

Fontàs has also been impressed with the fans’ reaction on the Tour and with the global importance that the Club clearly enjoy: “we are one of the most important clubs in the world and people value that. The open training sessions are incredible -that’s what Barça have”.

B team teammates

One of Fontàs’ ex-colleagues in the B team, Thiago Alcántara, has been at the centre of media attention on the Tour so far and Fontàs reckons: “he’s had an incredible pre-season and he deserves his call up for Spain”, whilst stressing his “ability to surprise and entertain, both off and on the pitch”.

Finally Fontàs claimed: “we have a spectacular academy” and the B team’s success has not gone unnoticed: “we have players in my position like Marc Bartra, Sergi Gómez, Marc Muniesa...they all play well and I’m really happy about the competition there is for places”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Thiago: "I wish to continue at Barça many years"

Thiago expressed his desire to stay at Barça Unicef ​​in an act that went with Villa.

The Fundació FC Barcelona closed the tour with a last official act to support Unicef ​​in which Thiago Alcantara, the man of the day, he transmitted to children his desire to "be at the club for many years."

The new international joined Barca David Villa to YMCE wesy Family Lake in Dallas, where the deputy director of operations and finances of Unicef, Lawrence Picard said "pride for us is the partnership with FC Barcelona to support and help Children. "

The president of the Foundation, Ramon Pont, highlighted the work of both organizations and the positive new agreement with Unicef, the Fundació FC Barcelona is going to involve and not just donate an amount as before. Then the children took center stage and it was they who made the two cracks questions to the club. Villa explained that his young age "is more important to play hard to have fun and learn to be a good partner will try to do very well. The best of sport is to understand that the group comes first, learn to work hard, have fun and make friends. I still do a lot of sport as a hobby in the summer, "said the Spaniard.

As a child asked what were his qualities, Thiago stepped in: "Villa is very fast and has good shot, I'm slower," he added fun. And the toughest opponent that have faced Thiago not hesitate to say that "Real Madrid is the team harder and more complicated, but it is true that more and more difficult rivals."

Villa admitted that the Wembley goal "was the highlight of my career, and I've been playing 12 years, was a difficult goal, and of which I am very proud of what it meant to Wembley in the history of Barcelona and for the 3-1 us closer to the title. " Barca striker to "learn everything they tell you, your coaches told the kids' is the best you can do to get away."

Fluency in English and sense of humor
Thiago replaced at the last minute Xavi Hernandez in the act of Unicef ​​which demonstrated that speech and speaks fluent English, learned during his childhood in Vigo. He also exhibited a great sense of humor and samples to be comfortable with the kids. When one asked if he would sign the shirt that was white, of course, replied: "All but you," prompting laughter. Naturally, it was a joke. (via MD)