06 August 2011

Xavi: "The signing of Cesc is in the final straight"

Xavi Hernandez, one of the captains of FC Barcelona said in an interview that he believes the RAC1 signing Cesc is "in the final straight".

FC Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernández spoke about the possible arrival of Cesc Fabregas FC Barcelona in an interview to 'RAC1'.

"We look forward to Cesc, read the newspaper every day and we are informed of the press officers of the wardrobe," said Terrassa, adding, "it seems that is in the final straight."

Xavi said it is the wish of every player Arenys arrival: "We hope that the signing was set long ago that we all want, the first Cesc, Barca and the players in the house, we are your friends and colleagues in the selection. "

"It's a matter of agreeing Barca and Arsenal," recalled the '6 'Barca and concluded: "I am optimistic and I think Cesc will call at the club."

He also spoke about Real Madrid and made it clear they do not think be aware of the eternal rival: "Do not look anywhere but at home we have the upper hand and are the benchmark in football," or give it much importance: "I do not have to talk too much of Real Madrid," he added Xavi. (via SPORT)

Neymar flirts with Barça

You have permission to open up with Barcelona", that was the father's answer from Neymar to Wagner Ribeiro, the player's representative.

Barcelona has not left the track Neymar. Adriano's words, saying it would be good that the new Brazilian star Barca dressing had just were not hollow and were playing to the gallery to lure his compatriot.

Sandro Rosell has always had a soft spot for the Saints player and has not removed the eye to all that has been happening with Real Madrid. The scenario we expect the president of Barcelona began to take shape last weekend, when contacts between Santos and Real Madrid player stalled until closer to strangulation.

"You have permission to open with Barcelona." That was the response of the father Neymar Wagner Ribeiro's agent when he announced his intention to knock Barca every time negotiating with Real Madrid is stalled while the Saints and take it for dead Neymar . Over the next week, Ribeiro is scheduled to speak to Rosell.

The choice of Barcelona is in the Peixe welcome because they understand that long term, the template that has the club and its economic problems. Rosell know through would not be before June 2012 when the Barcelona try to be Neymar. (via Marca)

Xavi: "It clear: I will retire here"

Xavi Hernandez is already well established as the conductor of the best ship of all time. After playing his first game in the first half against Chivas prepares its fourteenth season with the club, with the possibility of becoming the first player in club history to win seven leagues.

Are you aware that nobody in this club has won more league you playing?

I know. Six are Ramallets, Pep and I think Carles Busquets. I am very excited and enjoying it a lot of football in recent years. My role is important here and in the selection, almost won many titles, all, and besides we had a good win and that is the basis for any work. That lasts.

What will it take?

I hope so. I am excited, I feel good physically, I see a great team, we have many people coming down with talent, signing Alexis help if you eat the signing of Cesc as well ... Once again, I'm excited to face the new season.

Coming Thiago Cesc and you're here, do you fear that you retire?

No, man, if that will make me better myself. Competition is great, we will all be important. This year, if we get far in all competitions are sixty games, crazy, and there are times you will not be as well ... everyone will be important at the end. For example, Seydou: do not talk about it. Is it that we sold?

For what's playing around

Yes it is a fundamental player for us in many aspects, such as the passing game, as second-line or give defensive balance. Everyone is important and if it please the coach, staff cuts, with people from B to go up.

What will happen when Xavi not?, Should we prepare for the relay?

It is a fact of life. The day Puyol and Xavi are not mejoresque will Puyol and Xavi other. Everything evolves.

Have you considered, if you see going justito, going to end up in another club?

No, no. I have very clear that I want to retire here. I am aware of the demands of football, there are physical and mental, but the truth is that I like to start again. Every season, every game here is a test and so I'll take it. Now, for example, have lost two friendly games and seems to jump alarms.


Pep corrects errors in the last training in Dallas

Forty degrees Barca and Guardiola exercised in Dallas, after the two defeats to Manchester United and Chivas, emphasized the tactical work.

Barca sweat sweat bullets in Dallas. The first training in the Texan city on Thursday afternoon held a hundred degrees in temperature, although sunlight issued its last gleams in the twilight Texan. No out of home or vampires. It was also the first training after the 4-1 to Chivas and there was something morbid to see how the group reacted. Normally did, beyond a brief huddle before the session in which Pep Guardiola encouraged them to continue working just reminding them how much is at stake in the Super Cup.

What we had the ship's training is a component of intensive tactics. Guardiola did not cease to instruct their players in relation to the possession of the ball and play position. Some tactical errors detected at the Chivas and corrected with overt gestures. One of the novelties of this season Barca game that is being used more long ball movement, and have made clear some stock or Iniesta Piqué, drawing the diagonals of Villa, but what worked yesterday Guardiola was the game the first touch, movement off the ball and cover.

Carmona, because of a bruised foot suffered against Chivas, did work on their own, like Puyol and Font, as usual throughout the tour. Players who had more minutes on Wednesday, as Keita, Abidal, Jonathan, Thiago and Cuenca, worked with less intensity. Afellay, meanwhile, continues to physiotherapy in the gym to concentrate.

The training session was followed live on a large group of fans in the stadium Westcott Field in Southwestern Methodist University, which has some amazing facilities. Although somewhat less than in Washington and Miami, the presence Barcelona has attracted much excitement among football fans. If there were misunderstandings in previous days between journalists and the club for the partially closed door sessions yesterday, Pep made up for allowing the media the entire session, including the tactical part, which was hitherto closed to the media. (via MD)

Barça-América: Friendly to all pressure

Barca closes the tour to Mexico's America must not repeat result.
It is the latest test equipment before the first leg of the Supercup at the Bernabeu.

The U.S. tour ends this afternoon at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, with FC Barcelona's friendly against America of Mexico full of pressure for all Pep Guardiola, who has failed to win any of the two games played so far on the tour United States, against Manchester United and Chivas, and does not want to go home empty. The meeting is also the last rehearsal before the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain, as Pep Guardiola has already said that in the Copa Catalunya almost could not align the first team players and who will go the the reserves.

It is very likely that, with the exception of the possible additions of Messi, Mascherano and Alexis Sanchez (Dani Alves is all but ruled out because it will not be joining the team on Monday but will go with your selection), the team that this Pep Guardiola tonight that looks like a lot to reply to Real Madrid at the Bernabeu on Saturday 14.

Adriano, Xavi Pique and once again enjoy minutes to come in terms of preparation Valdés, Iniesta, Thiago, Sergio Busquets, David Villa, Font, Pedro and Abidal, who have already spent a considerable shooting. As for the homegrown, Jonathan dos Santos, Carmona and Cuenca are the trio of players who are having better performance on the tour, so they have options to play a role in the upcoming Super.

The rival, America will be a good touchstone. El Barça and lost last Wednesday against a Mexican team and now another gets in his way. Another Mexican team, Monterrey, is a possible rival to Barca in the World Cup, which takes place in Japan.

In any case, the challenge for the club is not thinking about the next World Club Championship in December, but a step forward after the severe correction fitted to Chivas de Guadalajara and return to the path of good feelings, which came unexpectedly in Miami. Guardiola is aware that another defeat could be very damaging emotionally to the unit itself and also the image of the institution among its hardcore fans so far.

Guardiola: "Preparation is better this year"
The last message Guardiola was confident that the preparation "is even better than last year. Many of the World Cup, played the first match without training. This time will have played and trained more for the Super Cup. We were well then and throughout the year. There is no reason to think that now will not work, "and insisted that" the mind of the players to control the delay that we". (via MD)

Arsenal rejects the offer of Barça and Cesc it puts other 'kilo'

Josep Maria Bartomeu and Raül Sanllehí negotiated his move in London yesterday.
At the last moment, the player himself decided to put a million more available to the club, but the answer remained no.

The top management of the Arsenal back to pumpkins yesterday FC Barcelona in another chapter of eternal summer by Cesc Fabregas negotiation. The rectors of the English club refused the second offer on the table that puts the Catalan and referred to the 45 million who apply for the transfer of midfielder. Josep Maria Bartomeu, Barcelona sports vice president, Raúl Sanllehí, director of football, moved from the U.S. to London (from Dallas did it first and the second from Miami) to meet with directors of Arsenal and there met the negative the British to sell Cesc in the terms offered by the Catalan club. The second attempt of the boat reaches the 29 million plus 6 fixed variables and another 3 that put the player himself, ie a total of 38 million euros that was welcomed by the British. At the last minute of the meeting, Cesc Fabregas himself decided to put a million more available to the Barca so he could continue negotiating, but neither of those. The answer is still no, with what executives Barca back to Barcelona without being able to close the deal.

Despite this new negative, the club will not give up for now trying to hire one of its main objectives, the specific request of Pep Guardiola and is considered key to the functioning of the current team to ensure their survival in the future. Nevertheless, the leaders Barca are clear that in no case will not reach the 45 million requested by the Arsenal. In fact, the club has no intention today to move the 29 million offered in fixed and at most would be willing to increase the amount variable and soften the conditions for achieving them. Entity is expected to re-load Barca Monday.

Meanwhile, Cesc Fabregas was brought yesterday with the Gunners for the fourth consecutive day and during the session you could see on several occasions talking with his coach, Arsène Wenger. The midfielder was not included in the list of expeditions for the friendly match that the English will play today against Benfica at Da Luz. On arrival at Lisbon, coach, Wenger, justified that "has been out a long time and is unable to play. It could also miss the start of the Premier." As for his possible move, said that "three years I've been talking about it and I do not need to keep doing it. I love Fabregas and want to stay, basically it." (via MD)

Valdés: "In the wardrobe we all want that Cesc comes as soon as possible"

In Dallas, under a blazing sun, the goalkeeping record of the last League today and reflects on what is to come ...

Dallas is a furnace. A stifling heat, however, do not bother to Victor Valdes: "I prefer Dallas to Miami. I like America deeper, more authentic, more history. " Dallas has, among other things, because at low distrancia Hotel Barca went to assassinated President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Current boss, Victor. You are about to close the signing of Cesc ..

May it be soon. News of the summer would rather say that in recent summers.

The costumes wants your arrival ...

Yes, we all want to come and the sooner the better. It's a great friend and an extraordinary player. I think it would be good for the template, for many reasons.

Tell ...

Raise the level of equipment, which is already very high in itself, and because having a player like him is an honor and FC Barcelona.

Tito Vilanova said that Cesc could go to any other team winning more money in the club ...

Yes, as the case of Alexis. It is normal that everyone wants to play at Barca. In the case of Cesc would be very rapid adaptation because he knows the vast majority of the costumes and the way we play.

Alexis has cited ...

I am convinced it will succeed in at Barca. Is very fast, very destabilizing and his style is well suited to our own.


Guardiola demands to the team to win America

The coach pointed out mistakes in the match against Chivas and urges his players to end up winning the American tour.

Pep Guardiola had many things to say to his men after the defeat and discreet image offered on Wednesday in Miami against the Chivas of Guadalajara Mexico. So before shelling the many mistakes made, the coach demanded why that was the word without mincing words or anything-to win the next game against America tour that is played today in Dallas: "We need to win together or yes. We can not go on tour without winning a match. It will be good for the public, for the club and for us. " And there is no doubt that it would be a real blur for Barcelona, ​​the most successful of the last five years, appearing in the annals as the bottom side of the World Football Challenge 2011, where a total of thirteen teams in the United States have competed in this summer and more 'INRI Where Real Madrid was proclaimed victor.

Thus the match against America today at Cowboys Stadium unusual copper transcendence despite being a mere friendly ¿22.00, TV3 and Gol Td . It is not the first time that the club faces the Mexican team, in 2006, he endorsed the Catalan side four goals to America in the World Club competition two years ago and played a pre-season friendly in Houston ended 4 - 4.

The Blaugrana will play with the sword of Damocles of knowing that you play more than the prestige and image of the club on tour What sells, among other things, FC Barcelona, ​​because a win would be the best springboard to address the first official game of the season, played on Sunday August 14 in Madrid. Besides passing dispel any doubts that the team is throwing this spring, but the game also, on what to do with the ambition to remain competitive.

Guardiola, his face serious and obvious concern, addressed his men to begin to detail some of the tactical mistakes that the team is making. The coach stressed this as the worst since the victories are built through respect and work.

then put special emphasis on some tactical issues to resolve, as the mess was on the pitch when they lost the ball clear sign that the concepts were not yet assimilated and explaining why in some stages it seemed that every player made ​​war on their own. Errors when defending corners and lack of quick thinking in some sections of the party are details, in any case solvable ..

However, what worries and occupies the coach is the lack of competitiveness was mainly in the second Chivas party before the after conceding the equalizer.

"We need to compete better, be over, and that's not a physical but mental and tactical" Sticking coach last Thursday during his appearance in Dallas at the reception team seeking in part a little pride picarles his men.

Today we'll see if Guardiola has achieved its goal and may face more optimistic Super or if against their players are still learning the lesson and on the horizon is a future full of uncertainties. (via SPORT)

"Here is not able to breathes"

The technical 'staff' assessed the possibility to cancel the training due to the intense embarrassment that prevented even breathe.

"Here you can not breathe!". This came so eloquently Pep Guardiola on Thursday afternoon the stage of Southern Methodist University. It mattered little that the team delayed one hour workout in the heat wave plaguing Dallas. And that although the sun was declining strength, the temperature was touching 40 degrees. Guardiola, conscious that this situation was not ideal to exercise the team entered the field visibly upset and frustrated. "How do we do?" With a hint of his aides.

Players also reacted astonished at the warm air that almost prevented them from breathing, commenting on each other before starting the session. "That warm feeling! I had never noticed anything in my life," said Gerard Piqué while José Manuel Pinto, who drew breast Washington to ensure that more heat had happened in Cadiz, recognizing a partner " this nor in my land, I swear. " Young people much more cautious, they tried to hold the stake in the best way, if you heard one admit that began to feel unwell.

Those responsible for the camp were ready and just inside the pitch sprinklers turned on, the Blaugrana received with cheers.

Guardiola met with the trainer, Paco Seirul.lo and the doctor Ricard Pruna, to make an assessment on whether they could work under those conditions. All parties agreed that the training could go forward, lowering the intensity of exercise, shortening the duration of the session and richly hydrating players.

Fifteen minutes into the training, the feeling of embarrassment was subsiding, thanks largely to the sun was almost at its end.

Also not all the team trained. Marc Carmona was brought apart because of a blow to his right foot like Maxwell. Marc Muniesa was watching the session from a bench, with Andoni Zubizarreta. For his part, was in the gym Afellay, recovering from his break in the ligaments. A real part of war for the beginning of the season. Keita, Abidal, Dos Santos Basin, Isaac worked at a slower pace, and not involved in the partidillo. To complete the scene, the canary Peter ran out of performing a series of training exercises in the pubic prevention under the supervision of Francesc Cos trainer.

A priority was to prevent the players were dehydrated so drink water every ten minutes and the doctors brought pieces of fruit to increase energy resources.

Just after training, Guardiola decided to cancel the morning session yesterday and changed the scene of the afternoon, under an outdoor field also, by the Dallas Cowboys Stadium will be played today, where do the party-simply because it is a field covered with air conditioning. (via SPORT)

Xavi Hernandez: "To play Supercopa against Madrid motivates"

"It appears the serial Cesc is coming to the finish line".

The Barcelona player Xavi Hernandez has said in a statement the program 'Tu diràs,' RAC1 that the bulky defeat against Chivas de Guadalajara deceiving because the club was higher at all times, whilst acknowledging that it is a warning that the team is doing well.

On the first leg of the Super Cup played Barca and Real Madrid on 14 August, Catalan has been very motivated by having the whole of Mourinho as a rival. "I always like playing against Real Madrid and play the Super Cup against them is something that motivates us. "

At the same time has ensured that in a game so much stress and with two teams in the field so large there is never a favorite: "A duel Barca-Madrid is always 50%"

Finally on the transfer of player Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas , FC Barcelona, ​​Barca is optimistic his arrival stating that "it seems that the serial Cesc is coming to the finish line". (via MD)

[Former B player] Oriol Romeu: "God willing it can return to Barça"

The youth player of azulgrana and Chelsea signing, Oriol Romeu, said "hopefully" in the future "can return" to the club, but "now," you want to "win at Chelsea".

"I've always said my first choice is Barça. But there comes a time when a team up there is spectacular and the competition is very strong and if that opportunity comes to you and the coach is committed to you, you have to take it. I think I can not pass up, "said the concentration of the Spanish Under-20 in Manizales (Colombia).

Romeu was very pleased it has been made official his move to gain peace and to concentrate only on Under-20 World Cup. "For weeks he was already talking about it and just wanted to close it and you just as soon as possible to be more focused here, which is what matters right now," he said.

The midfielder holds the 'rojita' not ruled out returning to Barcelona, ​​but now you want to think longer alone in his new team. "In the future you never know what can happen. I'll always be Barça and hopefully someday I can go back there. But right now, what I want is to win at Chelsea and stay there well," he reiterated.

Romeu believed that the English can "learn a lot," and that Chelsea "is a very big club" with "some players buenísimos." "He has a quality big players, the coach is very high too and I just want to keep improving as a player there. All I can pass will be for good," he added.

Oriol was also very happy with how things are going his teammate Thiago Alcántara, convened by Vicente del Bosque for the Spanish senior team. "Thiago recent years and carries a high level and all that is reaching it deserved, because he worked hard. Came to Barca to be a stranger and has a hole on all sides. Now is the absolute not by chance, "he said.

In that regard, he recalled the midfielder just did a "great European sub'21 last year was also in the European and did Sub'19 spectacular season has been very good with the first team." "Everything comes to him it worked and he deserves it," he stressed, "sure" that Thiago "triumph." (via SPORT)

Wenger: "Cesc is not traveling because it is not fit"

There were curious to see what would Arsène Wenger for the absence of Cesc in the squad for the friendly match on Saturday, but insisted Arsenal in the cases of Catalan physical problems as well as insisting that the player likes.

"He's been out a long time and is unable to play," Wenger told a news conference, insisting that Cesc just "returned from an injury" and that is not fit to play this weekend and even " also could miss the start of the Premier League. "

Thus, the technician continued to defend the alleged physical problems Catalan midfielder when the reality is quite different. Wenger, however, declined to give more back to the subject. "I have three years talking about his move and I do not need to keep talking about it," said the Alsatian, who reiterated his love for Arenys: "I like Fabregas and basically want to stay," he said.

Gives the keys of late signings ... and exits
Asked about the delay in signing Arsenal players, Wenger defended the position of his club: "First you identify the players, get in line with the clubs and finally set the price. That means the other team has to reach an agree with you and find a player that supplements that are going before you sell." (via SPORT)

The referee of the is already known Málaga-Barça

The collegiate Navarro, Alberto Undiano Mallenco, referee the Malaga-Barcelona match on the first day of La Liga.

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) announced appointments to the first day of the Championship League, 20/21 August, in which the Spaniard Carlos Velasco Carballo, who obtained the highest score last season and refereed the final the Europa League derby between Betis beep and Seville. (via SPORT)

The collegial relationship designated by the Technical Committee of Officials (CTA) in First and Second division is as follows:

Osasuna-Valencia Teixeira Vitienes F. (C. Cántabro)
Real Sociedad-At. Madrid Muñiz Fernández (C. Asturiano)
Villarreal-Sporting Álvarez Izquierdo (C. Catalán)
Málaga-Barcelona Undiano Mallenco (C. Navarro)
Betis-Sevilla Velasco Carballo (C. Madrileño)
Espanyol-Granada Del Cerro Grande (C. Madrileño)
Rayo Vallecano-Mallorca Iturralde González (C. Vasco)
Real Madrid-Athletic Club Mateu Lahoz (C. Valenciano)
Levante-Zaragoza Fernández Borbalán (C. Andaluz)
Racing-Getafe González González (C. Castellano-Leonés)

Cartagena-Deportivo Pino Zamorano (C. Castellano-Manchego)
Villarreal "B"-Hércules Amoedo Chas (C. Gallego)
Huesca-Barcelona "B" Lesma López (C. Madrileño)
Xerez-Sabadell Arcediano Monescillo (C. Castellano-Manchego)
UD Las Palmas-Alcorcón Miranda Torres (C. Catalán)
Numancia-Guadalajara Burgos Bengoetxea (C. Vasco)
Valladolid-Alcoyano Mariscal Sánchez (C. Andaluz)
Almería-Gimnastic Hernández Hernández (C. Las Palmas)
Elche-Córdoba Ocón Arráiz (C. Riojano)
Celta de Vigo-Girona Valdés Aller (C. Castellano-Leonés)
Recreativo-Real Murcia Gil Manzano (C. Extremeño)

Villa: "The Wembley, my most important goal"

David Villa in Dallas explained that the goal he got at Wembley was the "most important" of his career. He has said in an act of Unicef ​​in Dallas, surrounded by children.

The meeting with young people, which has served to strengthen the partnership between FC Barcelona and UNICEF , has taken place in the building Lakewest Dallas YMCA and has had the participation of David Villa, but Thiago Alcántara, one of the protagonists day, after hearing his call for the Spanish absolute .

One of the young attendees Villa asked what was the important goal of his career: "It was hard. I feel very proud. The Wembley goal was the most important my career. On the stage, as it was important to the victory. We got the Champions League a little closer. " Attendees will also have wanted to know what was the Spaniard's favorite shirt. "La Barca," he responded without hesitation too.

Thiago: "I look forward to many more years"

On Thiago Alcantara, children attending have been curious about his beginnings in the club: "I arrived at 15, but small, their ages, and played football. This is my sixth year at the club but I hope to be many more, "he said as the crowd cheered. The final part of Question Time has focused on advice for aspiring young players. "You must do what you have fun. And this will make you happier," said the player from Brazil. For Villa, it is important to "try to be partners and good people. Duty to respect colleagues because this is a team sport. At these ages is much more important to make friends." They were the last words of a day where the Barcelona players have given prominence to the children.

During the event, Ramon Pont, vice president of the Foundation, explained that the club wants to continue working with Unicef ​​"because we friends and shared values. " There is much consistency between the two entities. Through sport, we contribute to a better world, "he commented. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Messi, Mascherano and Alexis back to Barcelona on Monday

Josep Guardiola will have three players on Monday, August 8. The Chilean will join the Tuesday afternoon to the concentration of the selection of Chile to play friendly against France in Montpellier.

Alexis Sanchez first trained with his new teammates on Monday. The Professional Football Association of Chile announced on its website that the new Barça player will participate in training with the club on August 8th and Tuesday 9th in the morning. After this training, moves to Montpellier where he will join the concentration of your choice to play, starting at 21.00 h. a friendly against France. Messi and Mascherano are also incorporated on Monday Next Monday will also join the first team coach Leo Messi and Javier Mascherano after having enjoyed two weeks of vacation. Both players, like Alexis, Alves and Adriano, participated in last year's Copa America, which ended July 24. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] The New Masia, in detail

The new Oriol Tort Training Center today opened the doors to the media. More than 30 journalists have been able to visit the space that blends functionality with tradition.

The new house has opened its doors this morning to the media. With the presence of Director of Strategic Economic Area, Jordi Moix, the building's architect, Josep Llobet, and the director of the Mas, Carles Folgueroles, the media have been able to visit the new center which shows the importance that the Club is given the formation of the players. All three have had words of thanks and remembrance for Jesus Forge, former vice president and director of the Club.

Functionality and tradition

Jordi Moix As stated, the new center aims to be an exemplary reference space where the main objective is to achieve a good education for youth players. "This is an investment, asset management of the institution that thinks about the sport and the players' performance," he said. Moreover, the building's architect, Josep Llobet, has made ​​a review of all facilities welcomes the new center. Llobet stressed the desire to reinterpret a building to be much more functional, modern and practical, but not lose the elements of identity and tradition of the old Masia. "There are two buildings in a much more autonomous, they want a space in which life is visible from within, but above all to retain some symbols of identity with the old building," he said.

Symbol of continuity

Director of the Masia Carles Folguera, wanted to insist that it was not starting from scratch, but we wanted to unite all the basic elements of the old traditional Marsia with a building more modern and practical. Folguera insisted Barca will create such a training school with more popularity. "We want this training school is a role model, motivating the players and make them feel at home."

Comfort and functionality

The new Masia is a building of almost 6000 m2, two floors, which will have single rooms of two and four, with individual desks to enhance the study of the players. The Masia can accommodate up to 83 people. The academic activities of the players also have their space, study hall, where players will boost school every day from half to six in the afternoon. This room will also serve to restore the talks from the coaches and technicians who were lost in the old Masia for lack of space. On the other hand, the game room, meeting space for all members of the Masia, has several activities entertainment, such as football and game consoles available during the weekends. Wi-Fi is also one of the major developments.

Intimacy and motivation as key

Areas for players to reunite with their families, with views to the fields of training are two elements of motivation for members feel at home. Finally, the computer room located on the second floor, almost every computer has completed the visit is open to the media. The new Masia, is now a reality. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mazinho: "I would have liked Thiago to play with Brazil

Thiago Alcantara's father was happy after the call for your child's next friendly against Italy the Spanish team but admitted he would have liked to "play with Brazil".

The father of FC Barcelona midfielder Thiago Alcántara, Mazinho, admitted that she wished her son play with the Brazilian national team after learning about the call for his son to Spain's friendly against Italy next September 10.

"I wish we were playing for Brazil Thiago but would not be fair because he grew up in Barcelona and Spain," said Mazinho.

It so happens that the player debut for Barca led by Vicente del Bosque in Bari, the city where he was born twenty years ago. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Bojan: "It is easy to play next to Totti"

Linyola striker was satisfied well understood on the lawn with the veteran captain of the Roma.

Bojan Krkic on the right foot has started his career in Rome. Despite not scoring on his debut, the former Barcelona left a good feeling and reaction from press and fans his performance has been most positive.

The information portal 'Forza-Roma.com' on Friday praised the performance of Bojan and defended the player who considered it little more than "the discarding of Barça."

Such means celebrating the rapid adaptation of Bojan to Roman discipline at the hands of their countrymen: the side and coach José Ángel Luis Enrique, the only one not surprised by the quick adaptation of Linyola.

After the friendly in Budapest, Bojan welcomed the proven performance in their first meeting as 'Giallorossi'. "I am satisfied with my debut," he said, recalling that the objective is the development of the whole. "Most importantly, team growth and Rome has taken the right path," he said.

But above all, highlighted praise for Bojan to set great emblem of Roman captain Francesco Totti. "If I adapt quickly is for one reason: Playing with Totti is easy," he said. (via SPORT)

Cesc not travel to Portugal

Cesc Fabregas has not traveled to Portugal to play against Benfica against what was planned.

Cesc Fabregas the soap opera opens another chapter, this time the diatribe is installed on your presence in the plane of the expedition team that traveled to Portugal to face Benfica.

When all pointed out that the player would travel to face the team Luso, arriving from England reported that the player should not finally traveled to Portugal to compete in the 'Eusebio Cup'.

His presence on the plane not be confirmed upon arrival in Portuguese lands but various sources suggest that the player has not been seen on the plane chartered by the club. (via SPORT)