02 August 2011

[Barça B] Barça B looks for a '9' in the market

Among players with their selections and those in the first team, Eusebio Sacristan has not been able to gather all his men. In addition, the technician misses a player.

Sign a '9 'guarantees. That is the big goal at this time of the technical secretariat of FC Barcelona to close the template Barca B. The future of Jonathan Soriano, the man who occupies that position has never been very clear and, moreover, is now injured and will miss the first part of the season. The dream was Araujo, Boca Juniors striker, but the high claims of the Argentine club have made his move is practically ruled out.

So the Barcelona is looking for. Another objective is Paco Alcacer, Valencia striker, great player in the victory of the Spanish team in the European Under 19 with two goals in the final against the Czech Republic. But his buyout clause is 10 million euros and the European action in this he has appreciated even more. Too much money for a player destined for the subsidiary.

And the other names being considered, Colombia World Under 20 dispute. A good opportunity to see those who should be the great players of the future. Barcelona has there Albert Valentin, responsible for managing the technical secretary and Pep Boada, coordinator of the observers of the club. Both have a list of potential targets and are taking note to pass the relevant reports to makers of the club that ultimately will be in charge of deciding who is the '9 'ideal for Barça B Eusebio Sacristan. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Bojan is already an idol in Rome

It was in landed in Rome. Bojan Krkic awakens a huge buzz among fans of his new team. The fans 'Giallorossi' has placed high hopes on his new striker. And meanwhile, the Linyola spends his days discovering first that from now on will be their city.

Bojan already explained a couple of weeks that one of the main reasons that led him to leave the club and accept the offer romista was the love he professed at all times the Italian club. And with his new puffy not being an exception.

The Catalan striker is these days in Rome with his parents discovering his new city. Explains the magazine Don Balon ", have been seen walking through the most emblematic and frequent different restaurants. One is the central Baffetto pizzeria. In the room may be different pictures of the front, along with other other idols such as Totti and Batistuta Romanists.

Bojan is never a 'but' to sign autographs for his new 'fans' and take pictures with all the fans who request it. (via SPORT)

Adriano and Muniesa, news

Adriano, who was in the Copa America but was not involved in any party, has been one of the novelties of the morning training of the club. The other has been discharged from hospital by Marc Muniesa, that a few days ago who trained normally.

Pep Guardiola and can have two pieces to continue the preparation of the 2011/12 season. The first is Adriano , who on Tuesday morning dress is short to work with the rest of his teammates in the Cobb Stadium at the University of Miami.

Although the template has already received the Brazilian player on Monday afternoon when he arrived at a Miami hotel concentration has not been until this morning when the team met in the usual circle and has welcomed with great applause. Recall that Adrian, along with the rest of Barca who have participated in the Copa America , was later allowed to join the team. However, as the player of Brazil did not participate in any party has returned to work with the club before you make Messi, Milito, Alves, Mascherano and Alexis Sanchez, scheduled for August 8.

On the other hand , Marc Muniesa has been discharged. In June the player suffered a hamstring injury that has prevented him from being in the U-20 World these days is held in Colombia . On Monday, at the press conference Guardiola, coach and said he had options to play Muniesa minutes on Wednesday against Chivas .

In the first session of the day has not been Afellay who has been in the hotel doing recovery work. Maxwell has worked the sidelines due to an abdominal overload, while Puyol on the pitch has been doing individual work with physical therapists following their recovery process. Who has not already been in the first team training has been Jeffren , who on Monday afternoon left the concentration to finish negotiating a move to Sporting in Portugal.

This is not the only session of the day of barca. It is scheduled at 20 am local time, Guardiola train in the Sun Life Stadium in an open workout to the public. Sergi Gómez and Deulofeu Gerard , who just won the European Under-19 with the Spanish team, expected that may already be under the orders of Guardiola this afternoon in Miami. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Adriano: "All want to win, but we are prepared"

The Brazilian Adriano Correia joined Barca in the concentration of Miami after enjoying a well deserved holiday.

Adriano is the first azulgrana of those that it disputed the Copa America that has returned to the work and he has made it with the on and prepared mentally piles from face to a season in which Barça will be the rival to beat. "Everyone wants us to win, especially Real Madrid, but we are prepared. Last season we showed we were better and do it again. I do not mind that Real Madrid fiche quality players because we keep our players," said the side.

Faced with this new year begins now, Adriano hopes to have more minutes than last season, but is aware that they hold in this boat is always complicated. "I'd play more but the competition is very strong. I know that the club trust me and I have no doubt. So I want to continue helping the team win. Barça is a team designed to do and is the only way to keep in this club, "he added.

Finally, Adriano praised Porto, Barça's rival European Super Cup to be held later this month in Monaco. "We want to win at Porto because we are the champions of Europe and we intend to maintain this condition. It will not be easy because they are a big block with a touch of individual brilliance as Hulk and Falcao," he said. (via SPORT)

Piqué: “I feel more and more proud of this club”

Following the agreement signed with the Fundación Pies Descalzos, Gerard Piqué gave an exclusive interview to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat in which he spoke about the club’s philosophy and the values football can provide.

Gerard Piqué said the agreement between FC Barcelona’s Foundation and the Fundación Pies Descalzos is another step towards Barça being a caring club beyond the field of play. Piqué feels that solidarity among the players, playing as a team and respecting the rules of the game are a part of Barça life on and off the pitch.

What does today mean to you?
"It’s a big day. I think we have done something good for children, and we have to feel proud of that."

What does collaborating with the Fundación Pies Descalzos mean to you?
"We always try to help children through sport, through football, I think we have to give a hand and now we can through the FC Barcelona Foundation and Fundación Pies Descalzos. Coming here, helping, spending a little time with children, and I’m sure they’re thrilled … and promoting the values of sport a bit, in this case the values of football."

Personally, what has football taught you?
"It has given me a lot. Since a was small, playing with a team and needing to observe a set of values, and knowing that there are rules to the game, and also solidarity with your team mates, being a team … and promoting that. I think sport and football give a lot. "

On this tour you have met important people like Bill Gates and Kobe Bryant. All of these meetings show what the club is like right now.
"Yes, thanks to football and the other sports teams, we have won lots of titles. Barça is more and more important around the world, even here in the United States, where it seems to be all the more difficult, because soccer not so famous but it seems that we are making more and more of an impact and Barça are the leaders at doing that right now."

With Barça involved in projects like this, does it make you even more proud of the badge, of the shirt?
"I’ve been a Barça fan since I was a kid, and I’ve always been proud of my club, but now I feel even prouder, and not just because of what happens on the pitch. Now it’s not because we play well, but because I think we behave perfectly off the pitch, and apart from that, the Club, because of its strength, tries to help." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

FC Barcelona uses to Jeffren "like currency of change", according to his father

The player's father, upset with the club, the player says "thank you to Mr. the opportunity it has given".

The player's father still FC Barcelona Jeffren, Efren Suarez believes that the entity has used her son "as a currency" without prior agreement with him, but ensures that the player will go to Portugal's Sporting grateful to the club.

"Jeffren will not hurt, thank you to Mr. the opportunity it has given. The only downside is that you have been used as currency without talking to us, "said Efren Suarez told the Cadena COPE. Given the role that was assumed entirely secondary to Jeffren in Barca this season, both the player and his father saw fit to find a place in another computer to have more minutes and prominence.

"If he plays and is going well, it will be pulling the spine. It comes from one season to play recently and now have the opportunity to play, will play the UEFA and can pull forward as a player again, "he predicted.

In the next few hours could be almost sure to formalize the march Jeffren the Sporting Club of Lisbon , estimated at five million euros. In fact, yesterday the same technician 'Barça', Josep Guardiola , acknowledged at a news conference that the operation was very close to closing, so its announcement seems imminent. (via MD)

[Former player] Touré Yaya: "We can be as good as Barça"

Ivorian midfielder is excited about the new project 'citizen' not forgetting his admiration for Barca.

Yaya Toure remains committed to Manchester City at the height of FC Barcelona. The Ivorian does not hide his admiration for FC Barcelona in the same way he believes it possible to achieve the level of the group led by Pep Guardiola.

"I was interviewed last season and responded by saying he thought the City could be as good as the club someday. That was before the club finished the season so amazing, especially after the end of Wembely, but I still can really be, "said Toure words reported by the Guardian.

The midfielder believes that this season is marked with a cross for the Manchester City triumph and now everyone thinks that you look at the 'citizen' as a team to beat.

"With the ambition shown by the club I think many teams are beginning to take part of Manchester City. We have shown we can beat the best in the Premier Leagye and the next step is to do against the best in Europe," he said. (via SPORT)

Mia Hamm’s ‘This is Barça’ report goes online

‘This is Barça’ is the latest edition of the ‘Porta 104’ programme on Barça TV, in which Mia Hamm, one of the most famous female footballers ever, speaks about why Barça is more than a club.

Fighting, committed, competitive, caring and self-sufficient, FC Barcelona is more than a club. What started as a slogan has become a consolidated part of the Barça identity. Because she understands this so well, in 2009, Mia Hamm, considered one of the finest women footballers ever, became an ambassador for FC Barcelona. Barça TV joined Mia Hamm on her last trip to the city, and over two days recorded the ‘This is Barça’ documentary, the latest edition of ‘Porta 104’, in which the American lady speaks about why Barça is more than a club. The show will be broadcast for the first time on Thursday August 4 at 23.00. But the world premiere will be on Monday when the show goes online, specifically on the club website, social networks and the Barça YouTube channel.

Having always been an admirer of the Barça style, the American is still learning the secrets of the Barça method in order to spread their word to her compatriots, who see FC Barcelona as the model to follow: “Barça represents excellence, which is what I aspire to every day. I try to be a better mother, a better wife, a better person... Forming part of the Barça family and learning new things means everything to me”.

Mia Hamm, living legend of women’s football
Although she retired in 2004, Mia Hamm is still an important figure in the women’s game. She was already shining as a teenager, making her debut for Team USA at the tender age of 15. She went on to make her name at the University of North Carolina and is now considered the finest female footballer ever to come out of the United States. She was twice voted FIFA World Player, won two World Cups and scored a record 158 international goals. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pedro Rodriguez: "It is a privilege to be in Barça"

It recognizes that Guardiola for him is everything" and it reduces the concern for the goal lack, "we lack freshness".

What has changed Pedro's life since he joined the first team?

Join this team is a privilege and an honor and may have changed that I'm a little known, but people have always followed me well. I want a lot. I'm happy to do my job and I recognize it.

Do you keep the ticket office in its first year?

Not exactly. When I started, being the subsidiary was in a zone with all the players 'B'. After that I spent an office next to 'Puyi'.

And is not next to his friend Sergio?

Well, all that All we are almost all we've gone from the quarry: Valdes, Xavi, Sergio, Puyol, Bojan was also ... everyone in that area. It is a good place to stay, because it is the most confident I have.

You are inseparable from Sergio. How long time?

Yes, I have been fortunate to play with him at the base, and came up together, as with limbo. It is a very good friend and companion, to share difficult times also present, and it is very important.

Who do you see the squad for the first team up now?

Of those who are not here I can not speak, but there are young people coming up with great gusto and force, as Issac (Cuenca) or others. They are great players and hopefully they can play many games with the first team or even stay.

What changes have occurred in your life?, Does it lead the same car?

No (laughs). Before wearing a Clio, now have switched to Audi offered by the club. Life-changing, but not much, just details.

You're still the same Pedro ...

Yes, life changing, not the person. Remain the same as before, with the same people, the same family and the same friends, I think for me it was good.

With strikers like David Villa, Pedro and Jonathan Soriano, and only mark Thiago Dos Santos. What is that?

It is true that we do not have that chance or that coolness in front of goal, but I am convinced that the goals will come because there are people of great quality and with the signing of Alexis won top speed and freshness.

What features stand out of Alexis?

Everything works fine on the pressure, is fast, powerful and physical and has a good one on one, quick and fast.

Does the account of his goals in the first team?

The truth is no.

MORE: www.mundodeportivo.com

Jeffren "In Sporting I will be able to play regularly"

Jeffren is excited about its new stage in the Portuguese football.

Jeffren is about to close his move to Sporting Lisbon and there's no question that faces this new stage in his career as a player with tremendous enthusiasm, "I will give everything to Sporting."

Was quoted as saying Portuguese 'A Bola', the end acknowledged that everything is ready to close his move to Lisbon and was all eager to start their new venture away from Barça.

"I'm very excited. The Sporting is a great club where I can play with the regularity that I have at the club and where, in addition, I can fight for titles," he said. (via SPORT)

"Neither the tumor is a game in solitary"

French poses for GQ magazine and teaches the scar left by the operation.

For the first time since last March, he was removed a tumor in the liver, defender Eric Abidal shown publicly scar that operation. The French central posed for the magazine GQ in Italy , which on its front page titled 'The wound Champion' and the phrase seems a resounding Abidal : "With this scar I have played the game of my life beating the disease" .

In this extensive interview, Eric reflects on what it meant to face the most momentous game of his life. "No pain of losing the final of the World (2006), at least it's not personal, because you lose and win as a team. This is my education. Neither the tumor is a solo game, it's team. No the help of family, the common people of other patients and friends, nothing gained, "said Abidal .

Gallic defender also details the moments before going under the knife. Dr. Josep Fuster tumor was detected in the liver and said it would operate next week. "No," said French. "I am operating tomorrow, I will not be much time thinking about it," he stresses.

Abidal confesses that he stuck the phrase Fuster when he said he would be in the final of Wembley soon as you awaken from anesthesia. Although it did not expect to be on the field. " Guardiola gave us the latest recommendations and read us the training. No one flinched. Except me, of course, "he admitted. Equally shocked was Abidal with the gesture that had the captain Puyol to cede the honor of lifting the Champions . A gesture that sums up his live Barca . "It's a game, we get paid for doing something nice, but let's do it seriously," he repeated. (via MD)

[Barça B] Montoya, another to the Bernabeu

Yesterday he returned to work with B along with Rafinha.

Martin Montoya returned to training yesterday with Barça B after recovering from ankle sprain that occurred with the Under-20. The aim is that the side will be available for Pep Guardiola facing the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain before the Madrid at the Bernabeu on August 14. For this important event both Alves , who joined the team until February 11 as Adriano, who joined Barca issued yesterday in Miami , just get very technical and want to have an alternative to the side if the Brazilians are not in adequate shape. (via MD)

The heat leaves the team at half speed

Guardiola suspended the afternoon session and gave a free afternoon on a day that Pique and Maxwell rejoined.

Taking advantage of the morning provides respite, the staff of the FC Barcelona trained with intensity at Miami University , a small athletics stadium which often use the Miami Hurricanes , a team of football. The conversations of the day within the team focused on the progress of the front Jeffren Suarez, hours after confirming ended, and the spectacle of a city like this, pure motion, aesthetics and environment precaribeño. In the afternoon, always with the accompanying heat, Pep Guardiola decided to discontinue the training session and give a few hours of rest their players, they could have dinner with their families.

There was only minimal respite during the morning as players exercised: the work session went on, fortunately, under the passage of small clouds that prevented receive direct sunlight. Even a little rain, which did nothing to cool down but at least to soften the potential of a sun when he appeared in all its purity was felt. By then it was not ruled to cancel the afternoon session, as it was.

However, the best of the day was the return to normal activity group's Gerard Pique and Maxwell Scherrer . Both of them have left behind in the aftermath of contractures suffering and that they away from the game against Manchester United.

Adriano arrived in Miami "shot"
Adriano Correia came to Miami to shorten their holidays in a week, despite having been in the Copa America. "Although I did not play the tournament, I am shot," warned the Brazilian side. "I always care and will not have problems in adapting to work," he said. Adriano Pep Guardiola feels confident in him and suggested, "with all due respect," which can be "a stable solution for the team, not as a resource".

Keita sees "good competition"
Seydou Keita admitted that the club feels the tension of the Supercopa. "It's not the World Cup final, but it is an important game for all fans and players. We both want to win for one key reason: start winning," he said. The arrival of new signings and the emergence of Thiago encourages positive competition. "Competition is normal and is good for a team, this is the club, the best team in the world," said.

[Barça B] Deulofeu, better than a signing for Barça

Pep bidding on it, which joins the tour with Sergi Gomez.
After winning the European Under-19, is fit to meet in the Super low.

With Messi on vacation until Monday, August 8, Alexis is not incorporated until 11 (10 plays with Chile to France ), Afellay and Jonathan Soriano injured Bojan in Rome and Jeffren way of Sporting Lisbon , a Pep Guardiola he has only two first team strikers, Villa and Peter , in preparation for the Spanish Supercup first leg against Real Madrid which takes place on Sunday 14 August.

You can sense that the third attacker in the Bernabeu would Iniesta forward its position to the left wing, always thinking that not force the Argentine and Chilean with little training. But still few effective offensive. So the FC Barcelona confirmed the news yesterday in advanced MD Monday edition: Gerard Deulofeu today joined the American tour yesterday after winning champion Europe with the Under-19, like the central Sergi Gomez , who holder and played exactly one year ago the last leg of the Spanish Super Cup in Seville.

"As I had to spend the minutaje any player will come Deulofeu and Sergi Gómez for sharing time. Also to congratulate you and to make an effort. Then they'll have vacation, "said Guardiola fondly toward the two homegrown, recognizing that "low Afellay and Soriano we have complicated calculations. "

At the time when there was speculation in some circles with the ability to search other booster on the market, Pep has kept his word to look to the grassroots with his usual courage. And thinking about a possible emergency in the Super Cup, one like Deulofeu , reaching the optimum point after starring in a sensational European U-19 .

It's better than a signing improvised quality, and price adjustment, as is free. The young end of Riudarenes ( Girona ) may be entered as an arrow for the two bands and 17 years are not a problem because an unusual self-confidence is the key qualities.

During the past season and participated in several training the first team and was on the bench of Anoeta in the league match against Real Sociedad , but ultimately could not debut for a couple of injuries among the owners forced Guardiola to make other changes. In young (he still would be two years in the category), they debuted in second division with Luis Enrique and next season will be played at all the effects of B Eusebio Sacristan.

Without belittling Basin Isaac , who is serving in the preseason after its transfer to shine for Sabadell , Deulofeu has long seduced Pep , decided to gamble on him if necessary.

The FC Barcelona fans and claimed his presence in the League Chamartín
Last season, before the ships visit the Bernabeu four days of the Cup final at the Mestalla, some Catalans requested his presence in the classic league, as shown in the attached image in the Ciutat Esportiva. Your dream may be fulfilled on August 14.

From Bucharest to Miami, as anticipated MD
After proclaiming sub'19 European champions, Sergi Gómez Deulofeu and travel today to Miami to join the tour of the club, as yesterday's exclusive advanced MD. (via MD)

Mazinho: "It's very difficult that Thiago seen the canarinha"

Thiago was one of the cornerstones of Spain Under '21 and is called to open the doors of the Spanish national team.

The Brazilian Mazinho exfutbolista said it is "very difficult" for his son, Thiago Alcantara, a rising star of FC Barcelona, ​​wearing the shirt of the Brazilian team, said Wednesday digital media.

"It's Spain, Thiago comes with an ascending order and take care of him in a wonderful way. Go to Brazil would be a disadvantage due to the instability of the coaches. Today a summons, tomorrow may be another and no more calls," said exmundialista to portal Terra Brazil.

Given this situation, "the horizon is lost Thiago suddenly can not play or in one or the other. Brazil never gave him that chance, always marginalized. I love it, but today it is very difficult," said Mazinho.

The new talent in the Barcelona first team was one of the figures of the Catalan team in the Cup title last month disputed Audi in Germany and in friendly matches.

The player and defended the Spanish team in the smaller categories. "The boy is now in Spanish sub'21 could not take a step back in that direction. Whenever he gave information to the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation), to request the chance to play for Brazil," said the exlateral.

Mazinho explained that "never" was sought by the CBF, even when warned them four years ago that his son, born in Italy, but Brazilian parents, would be convened for the first time the Spanish team.

"I sought the Americo Faria (exsupervisor the CBF) and was informed that he was trained abroad do not return. As a Brazilian, as former player selection, it was to me absurd. I saw all the possibilities that the boy was for Brazil, "he said.

Last year, when the adult team was prepared for a friendly in Barcelona, ​​the national coach Mano Menezes, Thiago invited the youth national teams, but the midfielder chose to follow the Spanish team in the category.

However, CBF spokesman Rodrigo Paiva, Thiago admitted that "can be a player who would be in the plans of the selection in the future."

Mazinho's other son, Rafinha, also player of the smaller categories of Barcelona, expressed his desire to defend the Brazilian team.

"He (Rafinha) still think of playing for Brazil, is crazy about it and, if possible, will be available," said Mazinho. (via SPORT)

Barça could play a friendly one every fifteen days

The márketing department receives so many offers that it could surround the sport alone calendar with friendly.

The social area of ​​FC Barcelona is the heart of the club, we could say that the area of ​​marketing are the lungs of the entity. It is a strategic department, to the extent that they fail to meet their annual targets for revenue, the club would have serious operational problems.

Marketing, to make us a precise idea of ​​its importance and size, brings to the club about 60% of all income, a ship commanded by the French executive Laurent Colette, fished by Sandro Rosell for FC Barcelona as became president . Colette's team, based in Catalonia more than twenty years ago, consists of 65 professionals with extensive experience in different fields.

Of this gigantic one 'octopus' they hang many tentacles, since it controls television rights, licenses (as the different schools FCB distributed all over the world), the 'ticketing', esponsorización in the whole extension of the word, the business in Internet like the 'and-commerce', a new application for Iphone and, also, and there is the great operation difference here with regard to previous years, all the strategic alliances of Fundació of FC Barcelona, of their department of public relationships and practically of everything that that one makes of doors toward it was. That is, you have to sell the Barça brand globally and uniformly. And to be effective must be coordinated throughout the club.

Colette Laurent understands the club as a multinational, but with an added value that makes it different from other competitors in the market: the club is the club that leads Unicef ​​on their shirts, is the club whose foundation does many solidarity campaigns in everyone and every company that is associated with the FC Barcelona are not just buying a game, product, or the presence of Messi, adds a social commitment and espouse universal values ​​that have earned the club, for example, be chosen by Bill Gates Foundation as a traveling companion in the fight against polio.

Proof that marketing has given the club a unification is that Colette Laurent traveled to the United States to prepare along with the heads of the Foundation of Barcelona's meeting with Sandro Rosell Bill Gates last week at Washington, while also was one of the architects of the agreement with Qatar Foundation.

In addition to the image, prestige and admiration, FC Barcelona looks monetize their position in the market, and today, as the most important sports brand in the world, ahead of Manchester United and Real Madrid. Loyalty to the more than 18,000,000 of followers you have on Facebook (be millions more in China lift the embargo on this social network) is a very clear objective.

To have that consumer loyalty and that there are two routes: one to keep winning titles and displaying the wonderful football that makes Pep Guardiola, because that started everything. And two, being present in those markets that consume Barça. That's why the tours are so important.

This year ends the contract between the MSL (Major Soccer League) and FC Barcelona. At the last stop of this tour, in Dallas, Colette will meet with officials from the Association to review what have been the five-year relationship and lay the foundation to renew that commitment.

For the club, the next challenge is to re-conquer the Asian market, primarily China, which last year was not successful because they lacked desired all world champions and that caused a bad taste in the local organizers. As usual, the club AC U.S. Asia and therefore the Asian tour next season will I save surprise.

The power of attraction and interest in the club is extraordinary. Marketing department continuously receives offers to play friendlies. It has so many that could play a match every two weeks and collect the current cache, which is around two million euros per game. Poland, Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Vietnam, India Are some of the countries where they have been interested to see the club. The club motto 'there is no catch and money and runs ¿. Behind every friendly match, a tour, there is a business plan and action, economic and social development.

It is an indisputable power of the brand club, which has enormous capacity to do business. One button shows what we have with Botiga FC Barcelona's Nou Camp, run by Nike. Nike store is the second most in the world bill behind the New York, noting that New York is establishing an area much higher.

Interest in FC Barcelona can be seen every day in the Camp Nou. The tour of the Stadium and the visit to the museum has experienced in 2011 an increase of 40% over the previous season.
With all these data in hand the question arises: Where is the roof of Barça? (via SPORT)

Del Bosque thinks of Thiago for the absolute one

The Spanish Brazilian, who has gone through all the lower categories of the selection, you may receive recognition for his great form.

Thiago Alcántara is the man of fashion this summer. Barca midfielder has become the Newcomer of the season, thanks to four goals that have become the man in the form of the preseason. But now the squad can go still further in coming days, when the coach Vicente del Bosque make public the squad for the friendly against Italy next August 10.

The technician has not overlooked the momentum of the Hispanic Brazilian, Thiago what you think to complete the list of 23 players who will be Italy. After going through all the lower categories of selection for Barca would debut in the squad, a fact that would gain importance in view of the place where the game will be played.

Italy and Spain will meet in San Nicola Stadium in Bari, a town in which Thiago was born 20 years ago. For the player, who once gave up playing both Italy Your birthplace what paternal ancestry Brazil What ¿, would undoubtedly be the culmination of a dream, since its debut in the senior team would not only a great recognition his game, but also take place at its place of birth.

It was not until Friday, day 5, to determine the final list of Vicente Del Bosque for the friendly in Bari. But after the performance of Thiago in the European Under-21 played this summer in Denmark, what about the champion Spain was what the preseason is underway with the first team, it is surprising that the coach does not call first. (via SPORT)

Cesc returned to London Colney today

Despite speculation, the player did not leave the team on Saturday and return to the facilities of Arsenal.

Cesc Fabregas at the moment no further tighten the rope with Arsenal after the Friday and the situation will require Wenger limit to accept his transfer. `The club has it wavered gunner and is only waiting for the club agree with the conditions, but yesterday there were no progress expected. For now, the player will continue to fulfill their professional commitment, and after the rest day yesterday, today will come back to London Colney facilities to continue their personal preparedness.

Arsenal dispute their next friendly on Saturday against Benfica and the intention is to keep Cesc Fabregas on the sidelines of his companions to the concrete pending his transfer to Barcelona, ​​although it is one hundred percent and working very hard alone. (via SPORT)

Contact to three bands for Cesc

Barca went back to work to address the arrival of Fabregas after the player would face Wenger and Friday before the technician managed to accept his departure. The footballer even agreed to reduce his salary to lower the signing and now awaits the Catalans and Arsenal club permanently set the conditions.

The negotiating process that should lead to Cesc Fabregas at Camp Nou was resumed yesterday after having lived a period of impasse `For how the weekend. The contacts took place yesterday to three bands. On the one hand, Sandro Rosell and director general, Antoni Rossich, took the reins from Barcelona after returning from the United States, Josep Maria Bartomeu continued attached to the phone from Miami, while Darren Dein, representing Cesc, he served as a bridge to Arsenal. A negotiation worldwide that aims to get the midfielder will become later this week in new Barca player.

The contacts were used to bring positions closer yesterday, though not especially significant. The great step taken by the player on Friday meeting with Wenger and Arsenal's executive director, Ivan Gazidis, paved the way for the Catalans club decisively. Cesc started the final commitment of his coach to let him go and told him of his pocket that will not reach the amount the club to reach 40 million euros to the Gunners' have you identified for transfer.

The directive has been planted Blaugrana in the 29 million fixed and the player is willing to give a million for each of the five-year contract that has committed to the club. Therefore, the Barcelona club will 29 million, the player five and the remaining six to reach 40 are now leaders must agree with the British Catalan way of variables. Arsenal is not in favor of accepting the items Udinese gave good at the signing of Alexis Sanchez as the number of games played or objectives achieved as a qualification for the Champions League. However, the negotiation is open pending that Arsenal show a greater willingness to variables or in any case, lower the 40 million game.

Otherwise there was only one way out: the player should give up part of the tab even higher than would correspond to a new contract for the club. An effort, however, remain as the last track. Negotiations between the clubs is now open and will resume three-way contacts via Barcelona, ​​Miami and London.

Pep Guardiola is keen to have their second signing, but Arsenal still have more of a hurry. Arsène Wenger has 29 million euros fixed Barcelona offered to take over from the recruitment of Cesc, as Juan Mata. Valencia requests 25 millions for the sale from the forward to the Arsenal, while those 'gunners' they offer 20. However, the movement is paralyzed waiting for the transfer of Fabregas to become a reality.

The pieces have to fit the output from Cesc way to Barcelona. Wenger has already been tested in recent friendlies with a new midfield, swaps by Wilshere, Song and Ramsey. A formula, however, can be changed prior to the Champions League as Wilshere was injured and is doubtful for the game to play on 16-17 August. This setback further emphasizes the need to obtain a replacement Wenger Fabregas is seen away from the group dynamics.

The deadline for player registration for the Champions League preview ends on Sunday and Wenger wants to have well-defined template for a playoff decisive for the immediate future of the club. After a season plagued by doubt, stay out of the continental showpiece would be a traumatic blow.

Arsenal The tension is rising day by day. The results are not accompanied and feelings are not good. The two sets theoretically draw against Boca Juniors or lower as the New York Red Bull hurt the fans who gathered at the Emirates Stadium over the weekend and sowed concern.

Nerves Gunners to bolster the staff immediately and resolve outstanding cases of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri can play for the club. Arsenal seek an immediate solution, or that he was down ligeramante of 40 million euros to build their new project without their captain. Meanwhile, the club continues its position of waiting until later this month, although not the best option for Guardiola. (via SPORT)

Shakira: “The recipe of football and education is infallible

The FC Barcelona Foundation and the Fundación Pies Descalzos will work together to foster education for vulnerable children. Shakira, its founder, has explained that football can be used to build a future for these young people.

'The value of having values’. That slogan that was revealed when Barça won la Liga and the Champions League has become stronger on this US tour. Because aside from the games being played by the first team, FC Barcelona has also found time for the most vulnerable sectors of society and has been involved in several important agreements this week.

On Thursday they were in Washington signing an agreement with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and on Monday in Miami the FC Barcelona Foundation was at the University of Miami to unveil its collaboration agreement with the Fundación Pies Descalzos set up by the Colombian singer Shakira.

A number of boys and girls and plenty of people from the media, including about 30 TV channels, were there to watch the event featuring Shakira with Barça players Piqué, Puyol and Busquets, and the vice president of the FC Barcelona Foundation, Ramon Pont, and former footballer and Barça ambassador for the USA, Mia Hamm. Also attending were vice presidents Josep Maria Bartomeu and Jordi Cardoner, plus directors Josep Ramon Vidal-Abarca, Dídac Lee and Ramon Cierco.

The aim was to talk about the importance of sport, and football in particular for the education of young people. As Shakira said “education is important. And education with football is even better for promoting integration”.

Shakira admitted that thanks to Piqué “I have learned what sport means. Respect for the rules, discipline, reaching targets, building dreams and making them come true.” She also said that at Barça “there are different nationalities, beliefs, idiosyncrasies … but what matters is the unity of wearing the same shirt. And I dream that humanity can wear the same shirt, which is that of giving children a chance”. Given all the values that Barça represents, Shakira has found that football is a means to educating future generations. “The recipe of football and education is infallible. Every child should have a book and a ball” she said.

Involvement with famous people from around the world is one of the ways for FC Barcelona’s agreements to produce results. That is what the vice president of the FC Barcelona Foundation, Ramon Pont, said, explaining that “collaborating with Shakira is an extraordinary opportunity”. Pont also said that Barça “is more than a club because it has a heart, energy and sentiments”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Villa: "We want the same titles... or one more"

Villa said the ambition of the costume to a season in which the team takes the challenge of Champions League and validate without forgetting Cup.

David Villa appeared before the media for the first time in the U.S. tour. The Spaniard is a very popular player in this country, between the Spanish colony, and especially among the fans. No wonder he was awarded the prize for best player in the last World Cup.

The striker reiterated that for him to be FC Barcelona "is a great joy, because it is the wish of all children from small and they like football." He admitted that one of the major differences between playing at the club and other clubs do is pressure, "Wear this shirt carries the added pressure of having to win titles every year, but it is an incentive to apply yourself to get more and better those successes. "

The Spanish international want for this exercise "to win back all the titles last season and if possible, some more, because it was such a thorn in the final of the Copa del Rey." He also wished that individual "I respect the injury as the previous year."

Despite those titles, beginning at the club last season were not quite easy for Villa and was recognized: "I knew it was difficult to adapt and conform to the style of game that has the club. The proof is that many teams try and very few, if any, get it. Thanks to all the club, coaches, teammates, staff `¿, and my effort in my first year I was able to adapt very well to that game."

Guaje do not you think these long trips preseason team preparation harm. "The club has a great coach, great coaches and they know very well what is best for us. We gladly accept all that we recommend and travel conditions affecting not think and then make a better or better season. "

Villa is excited about the challenges ahead: "This August we have two titles at hand and we must prepare well to win, for that we must arrive in good condition. We're doing a good preseason, each day a little more work load and all this physical background we are now taking us to go very well. " (via SPORT)

Mazinho: "I spoke with Valdano on Thiago"

When it seemed that the issue was now closed Thiago after renovation, some new statements from her father have returned to generate controversy.

Mazinho, father Thiago Alcántara, spoke for the microphones La Sexta. And his statements are much like those made by the player days before that and then renewed and raised a great dust.

"Thiago is to succeed in football and can be in any team," said former Brazilian player. And also openly acknowledged contacts with Real Madrid, he became interested in the future of the young midfielder a few months ago. "I talked pleasantly with Valdano at the time, wanted to know what the situation was: if Barcelona wanted, if he was, was not." Mazinho even see parallels in your child's situation and Sergio Canales, "a situation of going directly to the first team."

And despite renewed by the club and this season things may be better not to Thiago, his father did not close the door on any option. "He wants to succeed in football, you can be on any other computer. You never know. Tomorrow is another team, makes goals, another team will ...". (via SPORT)

Pep Guardiola confirmed that Xavi and Pique will play on Wednesday

Coach Pep Guardiola has confirmed that both Gerard Pique Xavi Hernández, a few days ago have been doing individual work, "will play a few minutes" Wednesday against Chivas de Guadalajara.

In the case of Xavi Hernández will be the first party that plays this preseason. after the first days of training to do individual work due to overload in the soleus muscle. Piqué, who played few minutes in the match against Bayern, will return to a position that, due to injuries and absences of players who are on vacation, is short of cash during this preseason.

Also to recover and Pique Xavi, Guardiola returns to Adriano, who joined the tour after the holidays. The other players who participated in the Copa America (Alves, Messi, Milito and Mascherano) will join in Barcelona on 8. On the possibility that it can play the game of the Supercopa of Spain (14 and 17 August), has not ruled Guardiola but has not guaranteed to participate: "We'll see how they come. Depending on the players available on the day before the game decide who convened. "

Gerard Deulofeu and Sergi Gómez, after finishing the European Under-19, also joined the team in Miami "to give rest to people already here and this spring is accumulating many minutes. " "This feature is disabled and not because I have too much spare parts. They come with good physical tone," he added. Santpedor coach was "very satisfied" with the preseason, because "we have competed very well, especially in the last game."

Guardiola, who confirmed that Jeffren goes to Lisbon for a deal with Sporting Portugal , trust the resources available for tackling the season and did not want to talk about possible additions: "It would be bad taste to complain about the staff, the players I have." And he had words of praise for Alexis Sanchez: "We come in handy. You can take the 3 positions of attack is direct, deep, and is skilled at 1 to 1. Work hard in all facets."

Villa: "In the Barca will always have competition"

The arrival of Alexis expanding competition in the lead positions. But David Villa, who appeared with Guardiola in the press conference in Miami, is confident of his chances: "In a team as big as this, I will always have competition. Last year, he and those who come.'s The best team in the world. " Asturian striker, who was very pleased to participate in spring training from day one, believes that it is coupled to the system's gaming club. "Playing this way is not easy. Many teams try to play the same style as the club and just get it," he said. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Jeffren given permission to go to Portugal

Jeffren Suárez will leave Barça’s US Tour today to travel to Barcelona where he will negotiate his transfer to Sporting CP.

During his press conference in Miami, Pep Guardiola confirmed that the young forward had been given leave to leave the Tour and travel to Lisbon to negotiate with Sporting CP. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection Under-19 Euro Final] Czech Republic 2 - 3 Spain

Champions Again! Spain struggled to lift their fifth European Under-19. Behind twice to the Czech Republic. Pardo disabled Krejci's goal at 85 '. The Alcácer bigoleador annulled menhaden in overtime.

The Spanish Under-19 won its fifth European category Monday after winning by two goals to three in the Czech Republic in the extension of the final tournament in the Stade de la Concorde in Romania. Team Melendez, who was with her eleven gala with the only casualty of Carvajal, outsold its rival in terms of times and play for ninety minutes. A Spanish cluelessness behind Krejci allowed to open the scoring early in the second half. Ours, not stopped trying at any time, managed to tie five minutes from time. Czechs ahead again in overtime with a goal from Valencia Alcácer Lacha and turned it over to the scoreboard with two goals in the second half of extra time. The Madrid Morata finished top scorer of the tournament with six goals.

From the first whistle Spain took the ball skills and initiative in the game. Melendez's men began authoritarian and marking the tempo of the game, looking very superior to its rival. Pressure up for ours throughout the tournament began to produce results within minutes with the first approaches to the area Koubek pieces. Spain variants included in the game came to mislead the Czech Republic as an example worth the long balls that were used to break the first line of pressure rival. Although the Hrebik had little ball in the beginning of which was the first opportunity on goal. Krejci's shot went cross wide.

The missed opportunity spurred the Czech players that began to be more loose and dynamic balance, reaching levels in terms of ball possession and control. The improvement resulted Czech the first signs of nervousness of the Spanish players, reflected in a number of inaccuracies in the circulation and delivery of the ball. Save the first line of pressure the opponent, carried too high, became the main objective Spanish, who came to enjoy after winning three consecutive chances in the first half of Ecuador. The two auctions Juanmi Sarabia and last came close to opening the scoring.

Spain gear printed a party that rescinded the script for the Czech team. Thus, the figure of us grew larger as the minutes passed and was approaching the break. Ten minutes from time off, Morata was on his feet the last chance of the first act to pressure the keeper to beat on a ball that did not end in the network of miracle. The controversy would not miss this final and not Stuart Attwell did not indicate a clear penalty committed by Brabec after hitting the ball with his arm in the area intentionally just before the two teams take the road to the tunnel.

The second act began with both teams approaches the penalty area. Spain was the first to try his luck with a shot from the edge of Alex who stopped Koubek. Then, Brabec headed in a corner that was the prelude to the first goal. Spanish behind Krejci allowed to drive the ball unopposed to the edge of the area where the Czech dropped his left foot that ended in Edgar Badia network without the Spanish goalkeeper could do nothing about it.

Melendez reacted immediately to the blow received and left the field and Alex Juanmi for input Alcácer and Campania. Psychological recovery from ours was instantaneous. Alcácer Deulofeu and the same, twice, had a draw in their boots in a Spanish attack that managed to bottle and lay siege to the Czech Republic in your area. Thus, the Spanish players became absolute masters of the ball and the game completely nullifying the offensive aspect to his opponent. Both made very clear his intentions for the last twenty minutes of play. While Spain had a goal between the eyes, the Czechs withdrew all its lines to lock himself in his field with the idea of ​​managing the advantage gained with the goal of Krejci.

The Spanish team did not face the party lost in no time and kept trying relentlessly to the finish line of the party. After an excellent speech to trigger Alcácer Koubek came the deserved prize for Spain. Ruben Pardo's shot from the edge of a rebound after the Spanish side served to equalize the match and give the kick a game entirely new 30-minute overtime.

In overtime, though the Czech Republic and Spain was very touched spaces available, the goal came from the opposing team. Krejci Lacha attended after a gallop so that this will mark the second of his. A goal by a superb move Alcácer after the first touch of Spain to ten minutes from time gave wings to our own, when it appeared the way to the lottery of penalties, got the final goal back through Alcácer. Spain is the first choice is proclaimed European Champion U-21 and U-19 in the same year. The champions will arrive tomorrow at around 11:30 at Madrid's Barajas airport. (via AS)

[Technical Data]
Czech R.: Tomas Koubek; Martin Hala, Jakub Brabec, Tomas Kalas, Tomas Jelecek; Pavel Kederabek, Adam Janos, Roman Polom (Martin Sladky, m.36), Ladislav Krejci; Jiri Skalak (Patrik Lacha, m.79) y Tomas Prikryl (Antonin Fantis, m.102). Coach: Jaroslav Hrebik.

Spain: Edgar Badía; Albert Blázquez, Ignasi Miquel, Sergi Gómez, Jon Aurtenetxe; Álex (José Campaña, m.55), Rubén Pardo, Gerard Deulofeu, Pablo Sarabia (Juan Muñiz, m.78), Juanmi (Paco Alcácer, m.54); y Álvaro Morata. Coach: Ginéz Meléndez.

Referee: Stuart Attwell (ENG). Admonished Skalak, and Brabec Fantis, for Czech Republic, and Alex and Campaign for Spain.

Incidents: European final played in sub''19 Romania Concordia Chiajna Stadium before some 5,000 spectators.

Guardiola confirms that Jeffren will travel to Lisbon from Miami to finalize his transfer with Sporting de Portugal.

[Youth] Juvenil A and B return to work

Back to the work of Juvenil A and B. All of Oscar Garcia made the first training session in the sports, while the Juveil B Garcia Pimienta has gone to the'stage 'preseason in Prades.

Juvenil A of Oscar Garcia has already made ​​the first contact to prepare for the new season. The players trained on Monday morning at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper, a session that served as the coaching staff and players to exchange first impressions.

The main objective is Oscar Garcia is scheduled to continue training players . "We are very pleased. This year 7 of 9 players who were with us last year, now part of the B team squad. "

Moreover, Oscar Garcia aspires to be a good team to follow winning titles. "The improvement of each individual player is also important because it will help us be a better team and if we succeed, we aspire to all three competitions," concluded the coach. The team will leave Thursday to Holland, where they will have a first taste of the season by participating in a tournament organized by PSV Eindhoven.

Meanwhile, the new coach of the Juvenil B has called for all troops marched in Prades, where will the preseason. Garcia plans to pepper daily routine of double training session, except on Friday 5 August, which will play a friendly with the Exhibition.

For Garcia Pimienta, as the new coach of the Junior B is a real motivation. Knowing most of the players will help the task: "When I confirmed, I began to see all the staff, planning this season, and I catch up. I am lucky to know the most players, because they were with me in Juvenil A ". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The secrets of football

Andrés Iniesta and Sergio Busquets talked to a group of aspiring youngsters in Miami today and tried to explain some of the secrets of becoming a top professional.

Barça are the in team right now and everyone wants to know what it is that makes them tick and produce the fantastic football they have given us over the last few years. If those secrets can be explained by two of the Club’s biggest stars - Andrés Iniesta and Sergio Busquets, who boast five Champions League winners medals between them – it’s going to be a special treat.

That’s what happened in an event organised by Nike this morning at the Soccer Locker shop in Miami. Kids from two local teams - Miami Springs Virginia Gardens and Strike Force, got the chance to hear the two Barça stars after training this morning and there was also time for the usual autograph and photo session.

Footballing values

Iniesta reminded the kids of the importance of “always training with interest and desire: “watch carefully what professionals do and try to follow that” as well as stressing the importance of a good education and respect: “in order to get to the heights of playing for a first division team”.

Busquets, who joined the Club aged 16, insisted: “when you are that age you always like playing football, but your studies, passing exams and enjoying yourself are also important”. The midfielder went on: “playing with the best players in the world makes everything easier”, whilst reserving praise for Pep Guardiola: “he’s a great coach who loves to control all the details about our team and our rivals”.

Iniesta: “it’s a privilege to wear this shirt”

Iniesta was asked what Barça, a club he joined when he was just 12, meant to him and he as quick to reply: “for us Barça is our lives. We’ve been here for so long that it’s something we’ve felt since we were little. It’s a privilege to wear this shirt!”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Keita on the Super Cup: “it’s important to start on a winning note”

Seydou Keita is focussed on working hard in the pre-season, but he was prepared to look ahead a fortnight or so and insisted that for the Spanish Super Cup game against Real Madrid “it’s important to start on a winning note”.

After Monday’s first training session in Miami, Seydou Keita spoke to the media and insisted on the importance of getting the season off to a winning start when the team take on Real Madrid in the final of the Spanish Super Cup in a couple of weeks time.

“Obviously, it’s not a World Cup Final, but a game against Real Madrid is always important, both for the fans and for us players. It’s a final and both teams will want to win. What’s more, it’s the first official competition in the season and it’s always important to start on a winning note”.

Competition in midfield

The Mali player also expressed himself happy with his pre-season fitness, explaining: “I always like to look after myself in the holidays” and when he was quizzed about the effect of a possible signing of Cesc Fabregas, he insisted that he wasn’t worried about the competition: “it’s normal that there is competition for places in a great team like this with so many good players. Competition is always good in a team and that is what FC Barcelona is about”.


Finally, Keita responded to a question about the possibility that Jeffren could move to Sporting: “he’s a good friend and I’ve spoken with him, but I can’t say anything about it- I’m sure if he does move, you people in the media will soon hear about it”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça is exercised in Miami

Barça is brought in which is the second season of the American tour in Miami. And it does so at Cobb Stadium at the University of Miami. The team already has in mind the game against Chivas de Guadalajara.

The group led by Josep Guardiola continues its pre-season preparation and trains in which the second stop of the tour you are doing for the United States, in Miami. This Monday it has in Cobb Stadium at the University of Miami, a university known for its football team.

A preparatory session, it marked by the heat, although in some instances a light rain has fallen that players thanked . Many fans have come to the entrance of the stadium to watch the Barca players a little closer.

Besides seven players who played more minutes in the match against Manchester United at FedEx Field in Washington and ended with a 1-2 Barça-averse Iniesta, Villa, Font, Thiago, Keita, Sergio Busquets and Pedro have been trained outside the group. So has Carlos Puyol, who continues to recover from the injury he suffered in the knee.

The other hand, Afellay, who in the match against Manchester United suffered a hamstring tear in the thigh left, and will be four to five weeks off, has been concentrating on site to carry out remedial work.

The other hand, note that, from Tuesday Josep Guardiola will be without two more troops for its staff. This is Gerard Deulofeu and Sergi Gomez, who, after playing Monday in the final of the European Romania U-19 with the Spanish team, will join the expedition FC Barcelona Barca Miami. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Five Cameroonians, the first tenants of the new Masia

On Sunday night to Monday July 31 August 1 was the first that has come into operation the new Masia, located in the Ciutat Esportiva FC Barcelona.

Spend a few minutes of eleven o'clock on Sunday July 31. Five young people reach the premises of the new Masia del FC Barcelona, ​​located in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. They come from Cameroon, via Paris. At the door of La Masia awaits the head of it, Carles Folguera. These five young men are the lucky first tenants of the new facility.

By day 16 are joined by more young people to reach the 21 who will spend their first night in la Masia. All are players from the youth club A and B, the first teams that have been launched. And Monday morning has come the tenant number 22. Marc Julià is called, is Olot and the team will be junior hockey.

Some of these players, who come from different Catalan towns, they accompany their parents. Everyone is impressed. The facilities are wonderful. The director of La Masia, Carles Folguera, along for the journey. The first surprise is that they take all the games room. Spectacular. But the rooms are not far behind: large, bright, all very different from the old Masia that, indeed, had already been a bit small. When dinner comes the second big pleasant surprise. If until now was a traditional system as in any restaurant, now young people have a comfortable self-service to the delight of all.

The new Masia is designed to accommodate 81 athletes, but for this season are expected to be about 70. Of these, 58 are football players and 22 professional sections of the club. By the end of the month is scheduled to arrive some additions 'exotic': the case of football, two Korean and one Dutch players and in the basket, a Swede. (via SPORT)

Jeffren's father confirmed that the signing is nearly closed

Jeffren's father, Efren Suarez, acknowledged in a statement to Lusa web "MaisFutebol" that the signing of his son by the Sporting of Portugal is almost closed.

Suarez explained that just "need a conversation" between the player and the club to close the deal because the understanding between the other parties is complete. "I have to talk to the manager, Zubizarreta, to fix some things. After that conversation, we can travel to Lisbon to carry out medical examinations and sign," said the father of limbo, which has abandoned the concentration of Barcelona in the United travel to Lisbon, and confirmed that the agreement with Sporting would be for five seasons.

Born in Venezuela, but the Spanish international in the lower grades, Jeffren, 23, will strengthen the offensive part of the team that the Portuguese Domingos Paciencia, who has made a notable effort to bolster its staff this summer. The end Diego Capel (Sevilla), Argentine Rinaudo (Boca), Dutch Schaars (AZ), Bulgarian Bojinov (Parma), the Peruvian Rodriguez (Braga), the American Onyewu (Milan) and Dutch striker Van Wolfswinkel (Utrecht ) are the hottest club signings Portugal. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Jesjua Angoy Cruyff and the son of Gudjohnsen, among the 78 drops in the cantera of Barça

Up to 78 players, among them some of illustrious name, they have abandoned the inferior categories of Barça this summer.

In the same way they have recently arrived about 80 players to the ranks at Barca this summer have left the club another 78 young footballers, according to the report prepared by the analyst SPORT collaborator Marti Perarnau .

In it, detailing each and every one of the casualties suffered by the club this summer from Barca B to Benjamin and in most cases have been decided by the Catalan club, except in seven specific instances in that prevailed the will of the player: Nolito, Víctor Vázquez and Oriol Romeu (Barça B) and Toral, Héctor Bellerín , Pol Garcia Tena and Keita Baldé, all belonging to the Cadete A.

Least six casualties in the subsidiary Barca

For lack of that some exit can take place more, up to now they are six the players that Barça B has left in the summery recent market: Abraham Minero and Edu Oriol (Zaragoza), Nolito (Benfica), Víctor Vázquez (Bruges) and Benja (Girona), along with Oriol Romeu, who was traveling to London in Barca and Chelsea agree on the repurchase clause that Barca have the first two years.

Those who remain are finally Jonathan dos Santos and Jonathan Soriano. Mexican midfielder had one foot in Zaragoza, but the march of Oriol Romeu has been allowed to continue, something that appreciates both the player as Eusebio, who minimize the impact of progress Romeu. For its part, the injury to the ligaments of Jonathan Soriano makes your sale is more likely to be postponed at least until next winter market.

Five players leave the juvenile and 12 more are in the B

While eight players have made ​​the jump to Juvenil A subsidiary of Barca are five that have left the club this summer: Jesus Unzúe (Cornell), Carlos Castarnado (Logroño), Jordi Maso (Llagostera), Pepe Palau (Villarreal C) and but yet to be confirmed, Gaël Etock to Chelsea.

The transition from Juvenil B to A has been much harder because of the 26 players who formed the team led by Sergi Barjuan last season, are 12 to leave the club, including some 'media' as Jesjua Angoy Cruyff ( exentrenador Barca's grandson) who goes to Wigan or striker Pol Roigé , which leaves the club the way to Madrid. In addition, Pol Aitor Busquets and Ruano are Atletico Madrid, Joshua Currais and Roger Canadell, Espanyol, Roberto Alarcon Murcia, Alex Lopez, West Ham and four other players (Yannick Adamu, Adrià Escribano, Bakary Mendes and Mamadou Sylla) still have no computer.

Drain in the cadete

The computer on which there have been more level is the absence of Cadete A. The march of Héctor Bellerín and Jon Miquel Toral to the Arsenal and of Pol García to Juventus leaves to the team without three of the players with a more promising future. In addition, have left the club Keita Baldé (Lazio), Pau Belana and Marc Navarro (Espanyol), Antonio Glauder (Villarreal) and Juan Fernandez Mara (Málaga).

In the cadete B six players leave the club decided by the club. The Venezuelan David Zalzman (Cornell) and Aleix Bigorda (Lleida) do as assigned, while Ramon Saavedra and Sebas Leguizamón went to Espanyol and Pol Serrat, to Damm. David Soto still has no team, while David Soto queel Canary and Greek Efmorfidis James could end up leaving the club as well.

Low 41 more children, juveniles and Latest

Up to 41 players leave the club earlier in the categories. Among them, the son of Gudjohnsen, Sveinn Aron, who goes to Cornellà or Cameroonians Nelson Mandela (Infantil B) and Aboubakar Camera (Alevín A), which could have left the club by doubts about his age.

The casualties, according to the website www.blaugranas.com would be:

Infantiles: Cristian Sanz, Cristian Fabra, Álex Carbonell, Iván Martos, Conrad Carbó, Carlos Martínez, Rafa Mir, Marc Catón, Javi Puado, Marc San José, Ramón Alfaro, Guillem Burriel, Sveinn Aron Gudjohnsen y Nelson Mandela.

Alevines: Juan Fernández, Aboubakar Cámara, Eric Mas, Pol Muniesa, Adrià Collet, Lluís Martorell, Xavi Manrique, Joel Vallejo, Sergi Duarte, Arnau Valero, Sergio Medina, Álex Calatrava, Yevgen Zhenya, Miguel Sénder y Carles Portas.

Benjamines: Marc Tenas, Mika Mármol, Manel Rebollo, Joan Capdevila, Ismael El Youssfi, Marcos Olmo, Xavi Priego, Erik Castillo, Xavi Garrido, Mamadou Touré, Hugo Ramírez y Jordi Escobar. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Sergi: "I leave with empty hands"

Juvenil B will start up today with García Pimienta like trainer after the renouncement from the former captain barcelonista to the stool.

The football at Barca was surprised on Friday by the announcement of Sergi Barjuan of resigning as coach of Juvenil B. His decision in the absence of just three days after starting training with his team, does not hide an offer for a change of scenery, but, as explained by the very technical, is because "I want to move, talk with experts and specialized people, see training and training for when I get the opportunity. "

Barjuan stressed that "I leave with empty hands" and actually "had become disillusioned because three years in the same team are many. If there is no better or professional development, that is within you and affects you in day to day. " Javier García Pimienta, date coach Cadete A, from today will be replaced. (via SPORT)