01 August 2011

Jeffren leaves the U.S. tour to close its transfer

The future of limbo could be resolved within hours after the club is looking for a flight to the Canary Islands to return to Europe end and may close its transfer to Sporting Portugal.

SPORT has been told, the transfer of the Portuguese club Jeffren is imminent and for that reason the player will return to Europe in the coming hours, leaving the American tour that is taking place the club since last week.

In this way, would be an operation officer in recent days has been increasingly specifying and through which the club would enter five million euros. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Keita Balde, Cadete azulgrana to Lazio

The Senegalese winger leaves Barca's youth ranks to enroll in a new adventure in calcium, which coincide with other former Barcelona and Berlanga, Pol Garcia and Mauro Icardi.

Keita Balde Diao Senegalese defend this season sporting interests of Lazio, after the Italian has opted to make their services.

La Gazzetta dello Sport 'highlights that all fish have laziale quarry in the powerful Barca and praises the virtues of the far end Barca.

Keita was born in 1995, is close to achieving the EU's passport since he was born and raised in Spain, which makes it even more succulent its incorporation to the Italian.

In the sports media transalpine lands indicate that the player was on loan last season UE Cornellà, noting that contested the under-17 World Cup with Barca spring, after returning from his assignment.

The main virtues are its great ability Keita for Dodge and his physical power. Virtues that have enabled him to call at Lazio in Rome, where another former Barca match as Domingo Berlanga, who also came just to go through an assignment at Cornell.

Despite the great interest shown by the Premier clubs as Arsenal, United or City, Keita decided to try his fortune in the less crowded homegrown Italian football for Barca, which coincides not only with Berlanga, but Pol Garcia, the same fifth and recently landed at Juventus, and Mauro Icardi integrated in the market Sampdoria since last winter. (via SPORT)

Thiago Alcántara is an all-terrain vehicle

The number that takes, the '4', it is being talisman: it adds 4 goals in four parties.
"We must always try to shoot, but what prevails is the team," said

"When Thiago brand, the price of Cesc low. " It says at least economic theory in the specific situation of a signing-on to Fabregas - who has caused rivers of ink that has come with the explosion of Thiago in an unknown dimension.

Not that Thiago will be in competition with Cesc , since the very Guardiola has repeated there will be minutes for all, but obviously the larger of the Alcantara has been stimulated by the rivalry for a spot on the team, just as now in Arenys knows he will go over more to get another crack at the starting site.

Rebound also at Arsenal runs out thanks to Thiago 's arguments for not sell Cesc this season maybe the Barca no longer needed next season if the young man wearing the crack is '4 'and not by coincidence, keeps his line of play and, above all, effective.

It is not normal in any case, a midfielder with newcomer and just turned 20 years has become the top scorer of the group, with four 4 goals in four games summer, 'wet' to Porto Alegre International (1) and Bayern (2) in the Audi Cup against ManU early Sunday in the USA Tour. Pep has given every minute of every game and go if you've used, no door but just looking at signing in Munich and at the FedEx-Field, great goals.

Even without the clarity shown on Wednesday against Bayern and less opportunities to get forward, to the ManU completed another outstanding performance, both signed with a man on 70 minutes. He explained himself Thiago , "I personally am very happy, but the collective premium, so I feel sad for the loss," referring to the 1-2.

Then, downplayed the fact of being the scorer: "As' scorer 'of training camp will not give you any prizes. It is that the goals help the team. In games like that you stay well for the goal, and you're ". To dial, "must try" , he said, "I am having the fortune they enter. Just keep trying."

Thiago denied that his run of form and playing exceptional, are the result of playing the European under 21 . "The Europeans that has left me more tired, no more road. The wear is very strong pressure, so I'm equally or more tired than others," he said.

His great goal, 'The play of the day' for CNN
The goal by Thiago Alcantara signed to Manchester United in the reprint in the form of summer friendly Champions League final was chosen for the prestigious CNN as 'Play of the Day' and repeated in sports programs and newsletters. Thiago signed note that the only goal against Barca United (1-2) with a shot from outside the area came as a shell and that significant number four on its own filmmaker summer. As it did in the Audi Cup in Munich, the current bearer of the dorsal '4 'celebrated his marksmanship with his great friend Jonathan dos Santos. Furthermore, he demonstrated a special chemistry with Andres Iniesta, one of the largest players in the preseason squad. In another joint action touched the goal Barca. (via MD)

Brazil wants to stay to Thiago

Although all indications are that Vicente del Bosque will call Thiago Alcantara , who has always played Spain in lower level of status, for the friendly of the 'red' absolute next day 10 against Italy in Bari in Brazil do not desist in their attempts to seduce the young midfielder to defend the colors of the 'canarinha'.

The Brazilian football estates have long been trying to convince Mazinho for both Thiago and his younger brother Rafinha play with the 'Seleçao', something that has not entered into the plans of the family. (via MD)

Wilshere wants sign to replace Cesc

The England midfielder felt that the Gunners desperately need a couple of reinforcements to be competitive, a situation that is accentuated with the release of Arenys midfielder.

Jack Wilshere found Monday that Arsenal need to confirm a couple of reinforcements guarantees before the end of the summer transfer period.

The England midfielder admitted that the London club does not usually make many signings but recalled that, in spite of that, "we can finish in the top of the clasifficación all seasons," quoted by the Daily Mail.

However, Wilshere was ambitious for this year and called for the incorporation of new players, something that seems even more necessary to the probable course of Cesc Fabregas. "This year we win a title and have a couple of players would be helpful to get it," the half-English.

Wilshere set its sights on the future of the coming months and assess which is the key to winning titles. "Around March and April we should be really strong. We are confident that we can be up and stay strong when they arrive at crucial moments," he recalled after Wilshere remark that "if two new signings arrive with sufficient quality, will drop some degree." (via SPORT)

[Youth] The new Masia of Barça opens its doors

Yesterday slept since the first tenants, 21 juveniles
The building, which has study rooms, common areas and gym, is intended for residents 83

When within a few decades someone rewrite the history of La Masia is obliged to incorporate photographs taken yesterday July 31, illustrating this report. Last night, 21 players from Juvenil A and B first crossed the doors of the new (and spectacular) residence 'Oriol Tort Training Centre' that the club has built in the Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi Esportiva .

A building for its uniqueness, structure and function is unique. No club in the world has such modern facilities for education staff and their homegrown sports. To the amazement of the discoverers own, this group of kids picked up the baton from the 500 players who went through the old building located next to Camp Nou and that June 30 became institutional use.

From eight o'clock, they were all coming in dropper to La Masia . Family time to say goodbye, to bear much luggage as well as reunions with friends and with his director, Carles Folguera , who was welcoming them one by one. The holidays are over and starts a season full of sacrifice and ambition.

Among the first tenants had Catalans, other regions and some players from Cameroon , from the Foundation Samuel Eto'o . Almost as soon as they left their belongings in the rooms and were disciplined for dinner. The building, which has study rooms, common areas and gym, is designed for 83 residents, 58 of them are football players and 23 professional sections. The other two are intended to accommodate those who submit to testing or are temporarily disabled access.

Juveniles have had the privilege of opening the center because its activity starts today. A's coach Oscar Garcia and last year reached an historic treble will be three days working out in the nearby fields and will travel to Holland on Thursday for a tournament. B that García Pimienta will direct after Sergio Barjuán's good-bye will travel today to Prades to carry out a stage. (via MD)

Kobe Bryant meets Barça players

LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant met the Barça squad at the team hotel on Sunday, just before the squad left for Miami.

The meeting took place at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington DC in the room where the team had just eaten. Kobe Bryant had just finished a press conference with Carles Puyol and Sergio Busquets as part of a promotional activity for the Club’s sponsor Turkish Airlines, for whom Bryant is also a global ambassador.

Carles Puyol invited Kobe Bryant, who was wearing a T-shirt with the slogan ‘Més que un club’, to come and meet the squad. After chatting with a few of the players, he posed for a photo with the whole group, standing between Seydou Keita and Gerard Piqué. Bryant joked with Piqué about his height and told him he could even be tall enough to play basketball.

Bryant also spoke for a while with Pep Guardiola and then had another photo taken with the technical staff and other members of the Club party. It was an intense moment after Bryant had worn the Barça shirt in a charity game and projected the global image of the Club. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former B player] Víctor Vázquez operates in Belgium and gives the lead to Brugge

The former Barcelona continues his scoring form and starred in his debut in the Belgian league to kill off the game for his team, which eventually ended up beating people and becoming the first leader of the championship

The Spanish midfielder Víctor Vázquez declared the victory against Club Brugge Westerlo (5-0), a result that his team ranked as the leader of the League of Belgium who began this weekend.

It was an own goal marked by Wouter Corstjens which entrains the home side's victory, which sealed the shock until the hour mark, with a target for the player signed from Barca's youth system.

Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe and scored the third goal in the final stretch, and Victor Vazquez replaced by Maxime Lestienne absence of a quarter of an hour, Thomas Meunier and Ryan Donk rounded off the rout of Club Brugge in the meeting that closed the first day of League Belgium "Jupiler Pro League". (via SPORT)

Cesc said goodbye to his partners

The Catalan midfielder said in a emotional farewell to players of Arsenal, who could say goodbye to that until now had been his captain.

Cesc Fabregas took another giant step on its way to the club Sunday at the Emirates Stadium.

As revealed by news agency 'News Agency, "the Arenys witnessed the encounter between Arsenal and the New York Red Bulls and Thierry Henry at one point went to the locker room, where he had an emotional meeting with their peers yet.

Cesc affectionately took leave of them all, and all the coaches and other trainers, a sure sign that his career in London is coming to an end and that his move to Barcelona is closer than ever. (via SPORT)

Pep Guardiola, elect as the partner of trip ideal

More than 64% of users of 'CasaSpain.com' they choose Pep Guardiola like partner of trip ideal, in the survey 'Fútbol vs. Vacaciones'

With this victory shows FC Barcelona coach also have much pull outside of the pitch, after winning his rival `Did José Mourinho football and other coaches like Michel, Michael Laudrup, Quique Sanchez Flores and Unai Emery.

The aim of the survey was to show if the holiday were compatible with the passion for the game that many people in our country and the conclusion was yes. Now, the answer is tricky, because 35.1% of the participants answered yes, but explaining that "because there is no official competition." Another of the prerequisites to 27.7% in housing is that there is a good plasma TV, which can follow the preseason games.

But there are also attempting to combine the things you give as you target the cities in which his team plays. Response given in 12.9% of cases, 24.1% remaining clear answer that is not supported, so we assume that will match your holiday season with the club they love.

As for the preparation of the case, 61.1% admitted to always carry your team's shirt. Another 'must-have, must be part of the luggage for 12.9% of respondents, is the football. Not only that, some people would take the scarf or the flag of your computer, the DVD with the World Cup final or other endearing memory of that competition, vuvucela.

It is therefore clear that holiday and football are compatible, provided that certain conditions are met. What seems to not have much pull when there is no official competition are football stadiums, as only 38.9% would visit during a trip. (via SPORT)

Tour reaches Miami

Barça arrived in Miami on Sunday night as the squad reached their second stop of the US Tour, where they will stay for the next three days until the game with Chivas de Guadalajara.

The Barça party arrived after a two-hour flight from Washington DC following the charity game organised by Mia Hamm and the get together with Kobe Bryant-

The team’s plane touched down just after eight local time and the players were whisked off straight from the runway to their hotel in the downtown area of the city. The players will be busy in Miami with a number of training sessions and promotional activities planned over the next few days,

On Monday, two players and representatives of the Fundació will take part in the presentation of the Soccer Alliance for youth development and healthy living between the Fundació FC Barcelona and the Fundació Pies Descalzos. Before that, Pep Guardiola and David Villa will take part in a press conference to present the game against Chivas de Guadalajara. Monday will also see a visit to a Nike shop in the city and two training sessions –both at Miami University.

One of the main events for the squad will be the return of Adriano after his time at the Copa America, on Monday afternoon. Club President Sandro Rosell, who was with the team in Washington, has returned to Barcelona together with director general, Antoni Rossich. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barca will today present its latest bid for Cesc

The club hopes to convince the Arsenal after the player makes a part of their tab to the operation.

Cesc Fabregas may be living his last days as a player for Arsenal . His gesture of giving up part of his salary as a Barca player to facilitate their return to Camp Nou has not fallen on deaf ears. Instead, the Catalan club thanks him and is now harder to convince the Arsenal that let out his captain. Today, the Barcelona intends to make an English club to reach the final offer is closer to 40 million euros that have assessed the player Arenys .

A fixed 29 million offered by Barca initially, will be joined by six others in the form of variables and five go out of pocket player, deducted from his salary in five years to sign with Barça. In principle, the contacts with the club 'gunner' telephone and fax will be, but it is possible that the president Sandro Rosell , who left the tour yesterday in USA .- to intervene directly to refloat the situation.

Rosell returns with the request of Guardiola you try to sign Cesc as soon as possible, while Arsène Wenger has also urged its leaders to stop and resolved the issue.

Beyond the offer now raise the Barça to Arsenal will please the whole London-the variables can become the workhorse of the two entities, another piece that can finish swing the output Cesc is your partner in the selection Juan Mata . The Arsenal Valencia think in the end as the replacement Cesc and only lack the Valencia gives its OK to offer from Arsenal to Emirates in turn give approval to the release of their franchise player.

A Cesc would have liked to say goodbye to the fans of Arsenal this weekend in the Emirates Cup . However, since the two clubs had reached an agreement on Saturday had to settle to follow their comrades still in the stands, in the match against Boca Juniors . Yesterday, Arsenal returned to play in their stadium against the NY Red Bulls , but chose not to attend Cesc and enjoy the day with his family.

However, Fabregas has decided to say goodbye to his fans with a video recorded, as reported yesterday 'The Mirror' and was confirmed MD . Cesc believes it has much to thank the fans who have idolized both during the eight years since the Arsenal and the club and, despite recent gestures at the same Arsène Wenger. (via MD)

[Youth] Gómez and Deulofeu, to the tour

Sergi Gómez and Gerard Deulofeu tomorrow will join the tour that is taking place on Barca by the United States today after playing in Romania's final European Under 19 with the Spanish against the Czechs. Both Barca, who last season fought in the Juvenil A, return to Madrid with the issuing officer and will be from where tomorrow at 12 noon to take a flight that takes them directly to Miami . In this way, will arrive in time to play Wednesday's game against Chivas and Saturday in Dallas against America of Mexico. (via MD)

'Friends of Messi' imposed on 'World Stars'

The team of 'Friends of Messi' won by 5-4 to the 'Stars of the World' in the charity match 'Messi & Friends' which was played at the Estadio Azul in Mexico City.

Both teams were made up of active and retired players. The winning squad was led from the dock by Brazilian Dunga and the set by Mexican rival Raul Gutierrez, Mexico coach sub'17 world champion.

Both teams filled half the Estadio Azul in a charitable initiative whose proceeds will go to the Doctor Smile Foundation, a philanthropic organization that brings joy and hope to children with terminal illnesses.

On the pitch the iron discipline and tactical dispositions of the official parties gave way to fun in support of the show.

The first part of the meeting was summarized in the face a duel between Messi and his' friends' against the goalkeeper "Stars of the World ', Jorge Campos.

Mexican goalkeeper, now retired, held off the opposing team during the first rush of it, commanded mostly by ten of Barcelona.

He could not, however, stop the shot on the turn of Diego Lugano who put the score at 1-0 in the tenth minute of the match. The Uruguayan captured a loose ball inside the box following a corner and the team went ahead of Messi.

In a dogfight between Messi and Campos later, he lost the ball at the foot of the Argentine star, who attended his compatriot Martin Palermo whose shot was saved on the goal line by the Argentine "Chaco" Gimenez.

Gimenez was himself who put the tie on the scoreboard in the first serious chance of scoring for the 'Stars of the World' with a good cross shot that slipped under the legs of Roberto Abbondanzieri.

Messi's team enjoyed more and better chances but it was the top rival in the 30th minute reintroduced the ball in the net and turn the scoreboard thanks to a nice jelly exguardameta Osvaldo beat Getafe.

The first half would end with the equalizer Romario made a pass from Messi. The couple great luxury on the lawn, did wonders for viewers and scored a deserved goal with this award to his previous watermarks.

After the break, the 'Loco' Palermo broke the deadlock with which it came to rest.

Soon after, the public could witness another great combination between Messi and Romario in what was the first and only goal of the Argentine at the meeting.

The current Barcelona player faced and was introduced into the area, left toe the ball to Romario, he handed it back with its classic touch of spoon, leaving a clear advantage to 'The Flea', which just had to push the ball into the posts.

Messi made his goal and Dunga took out the field so that will take the roar of the crowd.

Following his departure, the team of 'World Stars' reached back to put tables on the scoreboard thanks to a goal after a pass Osvaldo Gimenez and the same rear Esteban Fuertes.

However, it was the team of 'Friends of Messi' which ended up clinching the victory with a new goal to beat Palermo Cristante after a heel pass great Romario. (via SPORT)

Alexis trains five pesetas to arrive under good conditions

The tocopillano is working out on your vacation days at the stadium Juan Pinto Durán de Santiago de Chile to reach point.

The first signing of the summer for FC Barcelona, ​​Alexis Sanchez is training hard these days to relax after his participation in the Copa America. And that is despite having two weeks holiday to recuperate and get to Barcelona rested, the preferred tocopillano train hard landing in Barcelona with the best possible physical tone.

During these days, the `Boy Wonder Is exercising at Juan Pinto Durán stadium located in Santiago de Chile, the sports in which they conduct the preparatory sessions the men who make the Chilean team. Just do not take the opportunity to travel to his hometown Tocopilla, before traveling to Barcelona for a few days with friends and family, which is very close.

The greatest illusion of Alexis is back again soon to Barcelona to join the dynamic squad. However, the tocopillano must wait for Barca back issue of the American tour and drain their last vacation days to which practically has been called since, have been for him, would have joined the training of men Guardiola on the day of presentation.

"I look forward to returning to Barcelona, ​​to enter the field and get balls to show my game," said the `9 Can Barça full vacation. On August 8, is listed with the rest of his teammates and fulfill his dream of once and for all.

Duel with Messi in October
On 7 October in Argentina, a match between Chilean albiceleste and marking the first qualifying match for the World Cup to be held in Brazil in 2014. That's why the new partners in the Barcelona striker, Lionel Messi and Alexis Sanchez, come face to face for the first time since sharing the color Blaugrana. (via SPORT)

Shakira, hostess from Barcelona in Miami

The Catalans will meet with Colombian present the agreement between the two foundations.

Barca will start the new tour stop in Miami, with a quote that will certainly have global impact. This is the presentation of the agreement between the Fundació FC Barcelona and Fundación Pies Descalzos, chairman of the singer Shakira. It is an act characterized by solidarity, because since the two foundations present a cooperation agreement on February 17, have been working together under the project 'Football for youth development and healthy living ¿. However, the presence in the act of Colombian and her boyfriend, Gerard Pique Barca, has attracted interest from all sectors of the press, including the heart.

The event which will take place tonight (23.30 pm, Catalan), the club will be represented by its directors and some players in the squad, including not miss the central Catalan. And it Piqué, who this summer traveled half the world during the holidays with his inseparable partner, wants to put his image and all its support for the work done by two foundations.

The project which will be discussed today has benefited in recent months to about 28,500 U.S. children, particularly vulnerable communities in Miami, where the Colombian has his primary residence. The project also helps the YMCA of Greater Miami organization dedicated to community service.

In a marginal area north of Miami, the alliance is to provide resources to rehabilitate and convert it into a sports implement an education project, development through football and also transmit the values ​​of fair play, teamwork, victory with humility defeat with dignity and respect for the rules.

Barca is all we break
Sandro Rosell, Ramon Pont met with President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Luis Alberto Moreno, whom the club works in the construction of sports equipment in 12 favelas of Rio Moreno was surprised by the supportive nature of Barca and said "I'm amazed at the importance that the club, its colors are everywhere."

Afellay leaves orphan the forward

The former PSV player can no longer be the companion of Villa and Peter in the official start of the competition.

The first defeat of the season against Manchester United had an even worse result as was Ibrahim Afellay's injury. The Dutchman suffered a puncture in the thigh concern of his left leg in the final half-time and medical tests confirmed a tear in the hamstring. The player will have this at least one month down, four to five weeks, so it is ruled out his presence in the Super Cup final in Spain, Europe and the first game of the season in Malaga.

This injury is of particular relevance to affect the line is shorter effective. David Villa and Pedro Rodriguez are the only two first team strikers currently available. Therefore, both seem to have fixed place for the first leg of the Super Cup on August 14 at the Santiago Bernabeu. The question lies in who will be the third point.

Alexis Sanchez Messi and just take a week of preparation in their legs, and his return to training is scheduled for August 8 in Barcelona. His presence at the Bernabeu can be risky because his physical tone will be far from the best, but the desire of both to participate can convince Guardiola.

In any case, Leo has the advantage of saving the party planned to Argentina for the FIFA date of August 10. The friendly against Romania has been suspended for the moment, the Argentine Football Association has not specified a new commitment. Instead, Alexis Sanchez to play that day against France in Montpellier. The Chilean has entered the call, but his absence could negotiate with the federation about the risk of injury.

While waiting to check the fitness of Messi and Alexis, Guardiola should consider other alternatives and more reliable forward again to Andres Iniesta and false left-winger. Busquets, Keita, Xavi in ​​midfield form, so that the club maintain its usual appearance.

Another option is to resort to risky youth branch, as Jeffren still negotiating its exit from the club and does not count. Gerard Deulofeu today dispute the final of the European Under 19 and this week is already available to Eusebio Sacristan, while Isaac Basin has been the revelation on the U.S. tour. (via SPORT)

Thiago: "I'm just happy when team wins"

Four of the five-goal Barca's pre-season bearing his signature, but the Spaniard insists Brazil to give priority to collective

Thiago Alcántara seems determined to exhaust the adjectives on their performance in the preseason and all, show that you are fully prepared to join the first team. Did it again against Manchester United with another great goal, his fourth goal of the best summer of your life. Of the five who set the summer in preparation Barca, four are signed by Thiago.

Gone are the comments he was accused of adorning too much, distracted by the details, step on the ball too much or too much like a football player. His talent has been imposed gradually and has come to dispel the doubts and convince the most skeptical.

"But give no award for being the top scorer in the preseason," Brazilian Hispanic granted after the game that the club lost in Washington to Manchester United (1-2) despite his great goal, again from the edge of the area to beat his friend David de Gea. "The most important is the collective," endorsed.

"For me, there can never be personal satisfaction if the team ends up losing. The only prize that I have is that Barca played a good game and we came out stronger from this, "said Barca midfielder, who insisted on reducing staff to discuss their role in collective terms provided.

Thiago is not obvious that having "a bit of luck" in front of goal, but recalled that "to let the ball have to try." Do not change the way you play ("I will continue trying," he promises) and insisted that is only happy "when the goals help the team win games."

The youth is the player in the squad that had fewer holidays, as it reached the final of the European Under 21, a factor that has been able to help you achieve optimal physical point in the early stages of preseason, but the player believes precisely otherwise. "I think it's backwards. I am no more shot, I'm tired. Or at best, just as tired as the others, or more. "

He insisted at the time to prioritize the team had played "a good match," confessed to Manchester and when you play for Barcelona, ​​"the defeats hurt more," although concerned "only a friendly." And is that Thiago has internalized that when you pulled on the elastic Blaugrana is "to win."

Thiago who accused her of seeking first showcasing personal rather than collective revenues have an extraordinary opportunity to see the contribution of the Bari-born player in 20 years (his father, Mazinho, then played in Lecce) goes far beyond the 'heels' or 'truancy': from the tail end of last season, Thiago is undergoing rapid maturation football. Now a player is actually better able to read the game and has improved significantly in decision making on the pitch. Has lost his football talent, but it is more practical and flexible to the satisfaction of coaches. He has also taken a step forward when combined with his companions on the basis of shooting much better understood with Iniesta, Keita, Sergio Busquets and company, but still did not match Messi Xavi nor during the preseason.

Within three months, Thiago has gone from being an interesting promise to take cover and become the sensation of summer football.
On April 9, scored his first league goal of the season against Almería and since then, the explosion is unstoppable. Anoeta scored again, was on the bench in the final at Wembley, he went to the European Under-21, led the Spanish team won the tournament and scoring another goal in the final extraordinary, he returned to Barcelona, ​​where he underwent surgery vegetations , renewed his contract until 2015, enjoyed a brief vacation and returned to the Barca ready to continue to grow as a player.

The rest is recent history: a goal against Internacional of Porto Alegre, two against Bayern Munich and one against United. Strategy, header and distant shots. Thiago had already demonstrated its ability to assist their peers, especially when giving the final pass, and during the preseason has highlighted other records of the game, a real discovery for the fans Blaugrana.

The possibility of full international debut on the horizon looms. Spain will play precisely in Bari on 10 August against Italy and in the environment of the Federation and it is speculated that Vicente del Bosque will make its debut. It would be a decisive step to ensure that the selection of future talent, as his dual citizenship would also play for Brazil. (via SPORT)

Rosell returns to Barcelona to accelerate the 'operation Cesc'

The arrival of midfielder is close to becoming reality and, therefore, the leader of the United States returned Blaugrana

The signing of Cesc Fabregas for the club is definitely a few hours to materialize. After the players to communicate on Friday Arsène Wenger there's no going back on the French operation and had to give up, from now on will resume contacts between the clubs to close once and for all negotiations. In this sense, the return of the president, Sandro Rosell, the U.S. provided to expedite talks between Barca and Arsenal.

Maximum land Blaugrana president today in Barcelona after having participated in the first part of the American tour and watch the match against Manchester United. Rosell represented the club in institutional events, such as meeting with Bill Gates, and left in charge of the expedition to the vice Josep Maria Bartomeu and Jordi Cardoner. Even if you are in the United States continues Bartomeu glued to their mobile phone waiting for news from London. Contacts with the representative of Cesc, Darren Dein, are constant and events must rush shortly.

The operation has entered its final stage and it is time that comes into play Sandro Rosell. To date it has been Bartomeu who has taken the lead in negotiations and is now the president must close the final agreement. The basis for negotiation are set, but important concepts are defined.

Barca will pay a fixed amount of 29 million euros and Cesc is willing to give five million of his contract by the club for the amount is 34 million. From then be another six to reach 40 million requested by the Arsenal. Incentives and the entry of sponsors can be one solution, but there is also the option of Darren Dein get through his relationship with Wenger that Arsenal accept the sale by a figure below 40 million.

The operation has progressed, but a transfer of the caliber of Cesc Fabregas comes great complexity and lawyers of the club also must analyze in detail all aspects. Barca, as did Alexis Sanchez, meticulously review all terms to leave no stone unturned or late to avoid meeting with any unpleasant surprises.

The incorporation of Cesc would be advisable to start as soon as possible to couple to Pep Guardiola and it seems to reach a solution throughout the week. The player is expected to resolve elacuerdo since it has no intention of returning to defend the Arsenal shirt, as demonstrated this weekend by not participating in the tournament at the Emirates.

The player expects the negotiations to close and engage the August 10 friendly in the Spanish team to play against Italy in Bari. It would be an excellent opportunity to acquire match fitness after almost four months without playing a game. However, to be called for Vicente del Bosque should stop being part of the official list of injured Arsenal. (via SPORT)

Jordi Cardoner: Of sharing desk with Bartomeu, to the vice-presidency of Barça"

Those responsible for social and recreational area studied together from age six through college

Jordi Casaus Cardoner (Barcelona, ​​July 5, 1962) has a story worth telling. His son Josep Maria Pepe family, was enrolled as a member of FC Barcelona when he was still in the womb, Iciar, a few months of pregnancy. Everything was blamed of the great-grandfather, the beloved and missed Nicolau Casaus, Jordi Cardoner maternal grandfather, currently vice president of FC Barcelona and responsible for the social area. Of course he is not far behind. With only two days old, his grandfather, then president of the Penya Solera, he became a partner. "In the memory of its proximity, its ability to be objective and not get angry. Wherever I go I say he was a gentleman, a man, a beautiful person. It really was a great speaker, but above all knew how to listen a lot, "he says proudly.

A graduate of the University of Barcelona in Economics, was a classmate and Josep Maria Bartomeu desk, vice president of sports club, from age six through college. Hall was in school where they shared good times. "I was forbidden to play football, so I chose volleyball. Land and we played Barca in the league measure ourselves. " Her passion for volleyball was shared with tennis, a sport that practiced child and you spend two days a week.

His first job was as meritorious by the beloved Barca manager Josep Mussons, director of Bimbo. "While studying the race, the summer was in the department of marketing and new products for Bimbo, a great school."

Already licensed entered the family business, dedicated to the packaging. In 1997 she was sold to a French group that was later absorbed by a German multinational. Jordi Cardona is the CEO of the company, located in Mollet del Vallés.

Cardoner rises every day at six o'clock. At seven already read all the press, especially the sport, and before eight o'clock in your office. "All my life I liked it up early." At six in the evening is directed at least two or three days a week, the offices of the club.

One of the few managers of the ship that has a current page on Facebook. "Every night I check the messages sent. I try to answer all I can and turning many of them to the Barcelona Supporter Service Office or PMO, for club members. Facebook has helped me to know the opinion of many that Barcelona and I enrich me, help me with new ideas. "

In an already frenetic pace of life has added its commitment and responsibility to the club. "I was able to embark on this adventure because from the first moment I had the support of my wife. She lived very close to the figure of my grandfather at home always, we shared this passion for the club and that we too want to give our children. "

Cardoner in September 2009 started a blog and wrote about 140 articles that "were the basis of the social project of FC Barcelona." In the election campaign for the candidacy of Sandro Rosell "traveled over 10,000 miles and visited all areas of rocks, which are 35, with the exception of Murcia, the Canary Islands and Extremadura." An essential task for him hard. "Communication is fundamental and basic to the success of our social area. If you only listen to those around us, we lose objectivity. I apply a method: observe, analyze and decide then able to monitor and analyze. "

Sandro Rosell met in 1991, before the Barcelona Olympics 92. "I introduced him and the three formed Bartomeu a real estate business that lasted six years." Since then maintained a certain relationship, which narrowed in 2008 "when Bartomeu took me to a meeting at the home of Rosell wanted to tell me to bring the social issue."

Cardona was one of nine directors who abstained from the famous Assembly of delegates, which voted to undertake social action for liability against the board of Laporta. "I abstained because I did not want to condition the audience's vote."

On the operation of the Assembly notes that "we want to address and amend the Statutory Committee of the Board's right to have 25 electors in the Assembly invited. I think something that goes against democratic values ​​". He adds that "we want to create the post of reserve elector, that he who is unable or unwilling to exercise that responsibility passes to another elector, because we want maximum participation."

It was a magical year and intense for him and the entire board. "During the past twelve months we have been at FC Barcelona, ​​I am particularly proud of two things: Siglo XXI project to the rocks and the creation of the Office of Attention to the club members, and in the social area, the regularization of high new partners. "

Jeffren keeps silent while it finishes his exit

He did not play a minute against United and the club would not let him make statements waiting to resolve his future

Barca are about to close the transfer of Jeffren Suarez. The club is awaiting the decision of the player, who must opt ​​for one of the many offers that have come since we're in the market. The last and most important has been the Sporting Lisbon. The Portuguese entity is willing to make an effort to incorporate the Venezuelan for your project, while five million euros to the club still intends to seem excessive.

In any event, Pep Guardiola took a minute to football in the friendly against Manchester United as proof that their output is falling. Barca do not want to risk injury and ruin to the transfer. The bad time lived with Jonathan Soriano has served notice and did not want to put Barça in the running to limbo in the match against the Red Devils. In the same vein and to avoid problems, the club did not allow him to make statements in the mixed zone. (via SPORT)

Adriano to join squad in Miami on Monday

Adriano will join the squad in Miami this Monday after finishing his holiday following his appearance for Brazil at the Cop America.

Pep Guardiola will have the first of his South American players who have been playing in the Copa America back on Monday when Adriano meets up with the rest of the squad in Miami.

Adriano didn’t figure in a single game during the tournament, which means he is the first of the South Americans to return to the squad.

Guardiola has had to improvise at right back so far this pre-season, with Jonathan Dos Santos amongst others being drafted in. Dani Alves is also on holiday of course and B team player Montoya, who could take his place, is not available. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection Under-20 World Cup] Costa Rica 1-4 Spain

The striker managed the first two goals of the National Team in their debut World Cup. Koke and Isco also scored. Ruiz made from Costa Rica.

Spain ruled with a win on the scoreboard, 1-4, World Cup debut complicated that Costa Rica has demanded that paid the early mistakes in the output of the ball, recovered after punchy when he was nearly all lost and ended up giving in Spanish quality. However, by Julen Lopetegui been better in a global meeting that Rodrigo gave them easy with a little 0-2 to start the second half, John Ruiz complicated them catching up and giving way to the best minutes and ended ticos sentencing goals from Koke and Isco, this penalty.

Isco himself with a free kick set the stick far, warned the intentions of Spain and for 4 minutes. And at 15 a blunder in receiving the ball from the central Soto, he nearly beat expulsion trying to grab Benfica striker, Rodrigo allowed ahead of the Lopetegui. You the one put soon of face the party to a "rojita" - today of white - with the style always, ball possession, good circulation and quick rhythm changes up.

Costa Rica, despite the initial blow, do not lose face shock and searched long and hard the area of ​​a solid Aitor, surprise start in goal. The goal of the Athletic Bilbao solved the job he had in the first half, especially a shot he finished an excellent solo run Campbell just 0-1 a minute later, another half an hour Vega and the edge Barrull its large area and reaching the break.

However, even with these occasions, and a long shot Bustos on 21 minutes, Spain was higher in the first time that could have scored more goals. Rodrigo was at 20 a second time with which he could return to penalize errors in the output of the ball in Costa Rica. And in the final leg of the first part Pacheco, twice, and Isco were about to take advantage of his skill in shooting from outside the area. Two of them, Vargas was right and the third a free-throw Pacheco licked the stick.

The Ticos had their chance to return costumes, but their big star, being left-handed Campbell born penalized. The player on the verge of signing for Arsenal amused to find his left leg after receiving the edge of the small area and could not take a serious error of all the Spanish defense. In what could be the 1-1 that would open again the match went into three minutes at 0-2, who was born of a good incorporation of the Moon by the left wing. The Seville side rushed to almost the bottom line and its center was no clear shot to defend America. Rodrigo, watch as the whole game, sent the ball into the net.

A beautiful wall between Pacheco and Koke, with a good stop Vargas, and another shot from Rodrigo, a cross from the right seemed to make clear the Spanish superiority. But when it assumed a peaceful end to Spain, a change of Costa Rica, Ruiz Calvo, changed the decor of the meeting. The newly built Aitor pulled one back for breaking his stick after breaking uncheck the right flank and almost tie soon after with a stunning shot that crashed off the crossbar.

He spent a few minutes of anxiety Spain, which came easily down the flanks, and he caught up Aitor defensive nerves. But when he guessed the 2-2, Koke took a good transfer of head Alvaro Vazquez in dead-ball situation to kill off the game. Isco put the final 1-4 by converting a penalty which he had been when he tried to squeeze between two defenders inside the area. (via AS)

[Technical Data]
Costa Rica: Vargas; Smith, Contreras, Soto, Mora; Campbell, Bustos, Tejeda, Bryan Vega (Deiver Vega, min.81); Calvo (John Ruiz, min.59) y Escoe (Joshua Díaz, min.81).

Spain: Aitor: Hugo Mallo, Bartra, Pulido, Luna; Oriol Romeu; Pacheco (Recio, min.70), Koke, Sergi Roberto (Ezequiel, min.57), Isco; y Rodrigo (Álvaro Vázquez, min.80).

Goals: 0-1, min.15: Rodrigo. 0-2, min.49: Rodrigo. 1-2, min.65: Ruiz. 1-3, min.80: Koke. 1-4, min.93: Isco, penalty.

Referee: Ubriaco Dario (URU). He showed yellow card to ESCO and Contreras, Costa Rica, and Oriol Romeu, Pulido, Pacheco y Luna, Spain.

Incidents: About 20,000 spectators in the stadium ended up witnessing Palogrande, Manizales, the party that started the Group C, completing Ecuador and Australia, World Sub''20 Colombia. During phases of the game there were shouts of encouragement for Spain.

Prize for the cantera

Pep Guardiola's decision not to sign anyone but Cesc means more opportunities for young people

Barca coach have decided that if the club finally made ​​Barcelona the services of Cesc Fabregas will be the second and final signing of the season, unless circumstances make it to reconsider the possibility. In such a case would be the economic availability of the club which would give the green light to a hypothetical transaction in any case, now is not covered. The proper role of some homegrown players on the tour by U.S. and recovering parts like Montoya , injured, or Bartra , the U-20 World , have come to convince Guardiola for not signing anyone else after the attack by Cesc .

Widely covered places in midfield with the signing of Fabregas, the template was slightly lame in Barcelona defense and attack, so it might be possible alternatives. Technicians are expected to start the preseason to position. If last season after starting the competition, we chose the signing of Mascherano to see the staff faltered in some districts, this time the party development technical staff leads to completely opposite meaning precisely. There are more than enough equity.

In the friendlies so far, and despite not having Puyol , Piqué , Alves and Adriano , who together form a rear which very well could be considered the owner (or near) the team has responded well to the alternatives that Pep has provisions the central and side. Sergio Busquets and Fontàs solvent have been configured in a couple of the rear axle, with Abidal and young Armando in the reserve. But is yet to come Bartra and, in turn, has had Muniesa minutes. On the sides, 'prodded' the test Riverola on the right, but instead was great Jonathan dos Santos . Guardiola, as well as Mundo Deportivo reported yesterday, has a blind trust in Montoya, who is very close to full recovery. On the left is now Abidal, waiting for Adriano . Overload Maxwell could be a setback in plans for the coach.

Another thing is the front, which is the line in the hypothetical case of a last minute signing would do some more numbers. The arrival of Alexis compensates progress Bojan , but Jeffren and Afellay are those who complete the quota of strikers and the canary has one foot out through a handover. So, would not rule out the late arrival of a striker, a possibility that a few weeks ago was on the table, even though according to sources closely linked to the policy currently the plan is to stay the same. Obviously, the last word always would Guardiola, you might even consider to continue betting on Jonathan Soriano. (via MD)

"Barça is inimitable"

Four coaches of prestige, Laurent Blanc, Fabio Capello, Luis Fernandez and Lothar Matthäus, are full of praise to the team

Four renowned coaches like Fabio Capello (England), Laurent Blanc (France), Luis Fernandez (Israel) and Lothar Matthäus (Bulgaria) are convinced that "those who would copy the style of Bara are wrong, is inimitable."

Moved to-2014 World Cup draw yesterday in Rio de Janeiro, Capello and Blanc agree that "to play like Barcelona, ​​you need your players."

For these technicians, curiously, "the tactics are secondary, what matters are the players. If you do not have quality men and inventions can do on the board that are useless. A team like Barca takes out any system, such as seen with Spain in the World that Vicente del Bosque, a list type and practical, took advantage of automation and game Pep Guardiola. "

Luis Fernandez believes that "Argentina and Brazil are wrong in wanting to play like Barcelona because they have Messi and Alves. How do you do if you play well in midfield Burdisso or without lateral depth?".

Matthaus added the issue of individual capacity, "need a very high level to maintain the rate of circulation of the ball as high as it is the club. They end up getting bored."

Blanc admits that "the 'bleus' I try, just try, to look like Barca. So far, I've gotten out from behind playing the ball without giving it away on punts or passes without rhyme or reason. In this regard it is important to figure Abidal. Of course, then I have no Xavi and Iniesta to follow, Messi or above. I improvise. "

Capello believes that "the model of boat is also inimitable level of young players. Do you think Thiago would have the same performance on another computer? If even a veteran like Mascherano suffered at first to join the 'machine' Blaugrana. In any team A young llegade out or lower categories need time to adapt. Instead Pep puts any and seem to take many years playing in the first team. The secret? The philosophy of play that has prevailed up until the last fry . All technicians play the same. "

At this stage of the conversation he joined Michel Platini, UEFA president and FIFA vice-president. For him, "it is a good question if the model is replicable or not Barca. To me it is a philosophy, a culture of game in which everyone believes and defend successfully. This is much more important than having such or that player. While I recognize that is not the same implement with Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and company with others. Undoubtedly Pep has it easier, but it is also merit to have made that team and that template with so many people out the quarry, the wonderful Masia ".

However, Bert van Marwijk, Netherlands coach defends "the desirability to imitate Barcelona to the extent possible." He has already launched in South Africa on the eve of the final, his famous theory that the Barça de Guardiola was closing a "virtuous circle" in which Dutch football has part ownership: "Guardiola is a clear continuity with its large personal contribution of course, the job that started Rinus Michels at the Camp Nou in the seventies. Then came Johan Cruyff, who was instrumental in the progression of the game and the philosophy of the club. Louis van Gaal was very concerned about the grassroots, gave prominence and, finally, Frank Rijkaard was the last link up to Guardiola. "

Ajax, a clear mirror

Van Marwijk insists that "we who must now try to emulate the boat as they did before us." Van Marwijk to Ajax as an example of Frank de Boer, who has much to play Barcelona. "This season has returned to its origins, a football which was inspired by his own boat and day for the Netherlands and have managed to win the league after seven years of drought that had 'strayed' somewhat from its traditional how to play, "he says.

Bert van Marwijk, father of former Barca Mark van Bommel, no hidden "Holland, my selection, try to play the same way they do Barca and Ajax is not a secret and we are close to doing"

"Alexis Sanchez has not stopped improving"
Laurent Blanc said the new addition of Barca, Alexis Sanchez, who will face France in Montpellier on 10 August. "I have followed since joining Udinese. It has not stopped improving, has matured a lot in his game, in its contribution to overall team game. It started as a little individualistic, but now that quality that has put it in the overflow serving the whole, "said coach Gallo.

Blanc said that "since I paid attention to the World Cup played in South Africa and Chile with no luck but left ample signs of its evolution." Laurent Blanc believes that "the party (August) may be a good opportunity for their brilliance, as in the Copa America was pressured by the negciaciones he had with the club". (via MD)

Show and football with Kobe Bryant and Pep Guardiola

Kobe Bryant and Pep Guardiola FC Barcelona have put on and shared the same computer. It was in Washington DC in a partidillo organized by Mia Hamm, FC Barcelona's ambassador in the United States.

The charities achieve things in life often cost to see. Today we experienced one of these cases. For example, a game where both teams have the Barca shirt. Or a game of 'soccer' where the protagonist is a crack in the NBA. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers player, has left the basketball side is dressed in full kit of FC Barcelona, ​​with '24 'on the back and sunglasses included. He has even tried to play football, but we could say that its physical dimensions have not helped much. He has achieved a goal, but it was an own goal ...

Team in Kobe Bryant, and also wearing Barca had an ally with more skills with the ball at his feet. Pep Guardiola, who hung the boots of a professional footballer in 2006, has relocated to the Barca shirt, with the number '4 ', and has been one of the most acclaimed players by fans when they have presented. And it has fallen short: he made ​​the first goal assisted by his team, Mia Hamm, and has achieved the second. As usual in his stage play is dedicated to sharing game.

Representation Barca in this match, was completed by Manel Estiarte, who played for Barca's technical team, and Andoni Zubizarreta, with '1 ' back has recorded sober the sticks until two clear consecutive occasions stopping Kobe Bryant. For one day only, the goalkeeper was in the rival group Guardiola, who also wore the shield of Barca, but with the black kit.

It was the game event as an excuse, because the goal was eminently beneficial. This is the Mia Hamm & Nomar Celebrity Soccer Challenge Gardaparra a friendly match for the fourth consecutive year, organized by the U.S. ambassador to give Barca in relevance to the many social projects it develops. Besides Kobe Bryant and representatives of the club, the party has told showbiz personalities, journalists, basketball players and some players from the U.S. soccer team that recently placed second in the World Cup.

At the end party, the president Sandro Rosell has delivered in the middle of Kastl Stadium at the Wharf, with more than 1,500 people in the stands, a reminder of Mia Hamm, in recognition of the social work that takes place. Once again, football has been the perfect excuse to help people. As it could be otherwise, the club has not lost: the game ended in a draw (6-6). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Puyol: “I‘m feeling better every day”

Carles Puyol has no problems with his knee and told reporters he is feeling “better”, but after a six month period dogged by injuries, he’s not prepared to put a date on his return.

Carles Puyol was operated on in July and has been busy with his recovery since and is yet to train with the rest of the squad: “I’m feeling better every day, but the recovery is slow. Everything is going little by little. As Doctor Cugat(who operated on him) put it, I’m not in charge here, it’s the knee that is”.

The captain insisted: “I’ve got no problems with my knee any more”, but refused to be drawn on a date for his reappearance, although the first official games of the season are set for 14th and 17th August: “I don’t know how long I’ll be before I’m back, but I want it to be as soon as possible, when I am fully 100%. Everybody who knows me will understand that I am really keen to get back. I’ve been a long time with this injury –six and a half months. I am really keen to get back”.

Puyol was accompanied by Carles Busquets who was questioned about the role of Barça’s leading scorer in this pre-season –Thiago: “he’s a quality player, but he is still young and shouldn’t be pressured any more. I am sure that he will be an important player for the team”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)