30 July 2011

Cesc will pay the difference

Wenger told the player that is willing to relinquish part of their salary to expedite the negotiations and to play for Barça

Cesc Fabregas The meeting held yesterday in London with Arsene Wenger, Ivan Gazidis (Arsenal chief executive) and Darren Dein, its representative, was a decisive step on the road Arenys Player to Barca. Everything went as expected by the player: the atmosphere of the meeting was cordial, Wenger began to assume that it will not at Arsenal and Cesc officially conveyed its willingness to significantly reduce his salary for that to wear the Barça shirt. Mascherano will be the formula `¿, similar to that used by the Argentine to leave Liverpool for the club: clubs make up the difference between getting off the tab. In the case of Cesc, the five million separate Arsenal and Barca will be balanced because the player will give up a portion of the chip that would offer the club. Thus, the ship reached almost 40 million claiming Arsenal Cesc thanks to the commitment, willing to lose money by playing in the Nou Camp. There is scarcely room for the operation include the concept of income variables (amounts paid by the number of games or titles Cesc I get) because the British club has been adamant on the issue and want an absolute guarantee of payment .

During the meeting with Cesc, Arsene Wenger was sympathetic, paternalistic, but hastened to maximize their options to keep him at the Emirates Stadium. He admitted that he has a soft spot and assured him that the club should increase its offer as proof that he really valued as a global crack. It was a last attempt by the French coach to change the position of Cesc: try to convey the idea that the club was not enough because no value has reached 40 million euros. Wenger's strategy, however, does not alter the picture. Cesc is more optimistic than ever and the top management of Barca also supports the negotiations run through the best possible way, thanks largely to the gesture of the player, will resign for substantial amounts of money to return to his club life . Cesc Wenger confirmed that the club will not raise its offer and that the negotiation will succeed because their desire is to play for Barca club. In his press conference after the French coach was assumed that the captain of his team and not play with Arsenal, a very telling detail in a club is always tight when reporting on the movement of players.

Barca will not increase its offer of 37 million euros, but will get a shot from Cesc decisive. Upon receiving a salary lower than it had been stipulated in each of the five seasons for the card, the club has a much wider margin to appear at the offices of Arsenal and put on the table a lot to convince Arsène Wenger and Co. .

Since the new turn of the negotiations, the board of the vessel must take a step forward. The president, Sandro Rosell, continues in the U.S., but tomorrow will undertake journey back to Barcelona. From the Catalan capital could help make a definite contribution to the signing, although it seems clear that a manager of Barca must travel to London to negotiate in person and, now, a definitive settlement agreement by which thousands of Barcelona fans sigh and especially one: Cesc Fabregas himself, nor today will play Arsenal in the Emirates Cup against Boca Juniors in the first match of the Gunners before his audience. (via SPORT)

Kobe Bryant attended the party Mia Hamm

The Los Angeles Lakers star will participate, together with Josep Guardiola and Andoni Zubizarreta in the fourth game in solidarity with the friends of Mia Hamm, ambassador of FC Barcelona and sponsored by Turkish Airlines.

The party for Mia Hamm organized four years will have a guest: Kobe Bryant. The Los Angeles Lakers guard will be present at the game and play alongside the first team coach Josep Guardiola and Barça's technical secretary, Andoni Zubizarreta. The game will be this Sunday, July 30, at 17 pm (Catalan).

And it is that the player of Lakers is a fervent admirer of the game of Barça and it has never hidden his colors as for football. Barcelona visited several seasons ago and chatted with the first team players. The morning of Saturday to Sunday (the game is at 01:00 hours) Kobe Bryant will be present at the match between FC Barcelona and Manchester United at FedEx Stadium in Washington DC.

Also, Kobe will give the trophy to the winning team match between the last two finalists in the Champions League.

At this meeting will also take part, the Boston Celtics player Jeff Green and two players from the U.S. national team, Alex Morgan and Ali Krieger. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Seeking repeat of Wembley success

Two months after the Champions League Final at Wembley, the same two teams meet again. The Red Devils would like to make amends for losing in May while Barça will be hoping to maintain their unbeaten run in preseason games.

The FedEx Field in the capital of the United States (01.00 CET) will be the venue for one of the most attractive games in world football today. It’s a repeat of last season European final.

Barça face Sir Alex Ferguson’s side in their first game on American soil after playing away to Hajduk Split, and then facing Internacional Porto Alegre and Bayern Munich in the second edition of the Audi Cup. But for Manchester United, this game marks the end of their tour of the USA.

United have won all four of their games against New England Revolution (Foxborough), Seattle Sounders, Chicago Fire and an MLS All Star team in Houston.

The main attraction in the FCB team is the possibility of Xavi Hernández appearing for the first time in the preseason. He has been sidelined through injury ever since missing the end-of-season friendly internationals for Spain and has been taking things carefully over the last few weeks.

Xavi may well be back against the Premier League champions in Washington. Apart from the players that travelled to the Copa America, only Xavi and Puyol have yet to play, but it looks like being a few more days before the latter is back on the field. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça players meet up with US fans

The Barça players were greeted by thousands of fans at Friday evening’s training, who enjoyed seeing the stars work out up close and were then treated to a long session of autograph signing.

After nearly half an hour signing autographs for the fans after the training session proper had finished, the players left the FedEx pitch to chants of “The best team in the world”, as the US supporters and the players shared some quality time together at the gigantic Washington stadium.

Nearly 5,000 people watched United and then Barça train ahead of Saturday’s game, with the Barça fans certainly outnumbering the United followers and plenty of Barça flags and scarves in the crowd.

The Barça players put in a physically taxing session, which was also very spectacular for the fans, with the ball control exercises moving from one side of the pitch to the other to give them a clearer view and the ball always present in every exercise.

As with the morning session, Gerard Piqué and Maxwell worked apart after their muscle strains, as did Carles Puyol, who continued his recovery from his knee operation. Those three were the first to leave the session and begin signing autographs for the fans and despite the humid conditions and the effort they had just put into training, the rest of the squad soon joined them, as did Pep Guardiola – the last man off the pitch - for autographs and photos. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Arsenal surrenders to Cesc

Hill-Wood, and Wenger Gazidis Arenys agree that the move to FC Barcelona
The player told that relinquishes part of its tab to close the deal

For the first time gave Arsenal public signs of surrender. For the first time, coach Arsene Wenger admitted the difficulty of recovering the involvement and complicity of Cesc Fabregas. For the first time, the chairman Peter Hill-Wood Barca urged to accelerate and close the deal. Even dared to put a deadline on Monday. To complete every indication that the signing is very close, this weekend the captain 'gunner' will not be before their fans in the Emirates Cup trophy in the summer gives the starting signal for a new season. Wenger did not conceal even the injury that led to the Asian tour of Cologne and the friendly is more than just a public justification.

Yes, French is loosening. Yesterday, in the previous tournament, opened the door to Cesc. A lot had to do face to face with Arenys maintained. At the meeting with Ivan Gazidis. executive director, and the very Wenger, Fabregas, who came along with his manager, Darren Dein, explained that, as Mascherano did last year, the salary will be reduced at the club to supply meets demand and what makes no sense to continue with their stance of not selling. MD has learned that if the transaction closes, collect Cesc four million per season.

Then, before the media, the technical discourse was much deeper. It assumed that the Catalan wants to return home to the Camp Nou, and will not give this possibility for the third time. "Today I can not say that will stay in Arsenal. Cesc is torn between two loves," and distinguished "Barca, the club that raised him as a child and Arsenal, who raised him from the 16".

Wenger understand the attitude of midfielder, "but he's our captain and we want to be sure of their commitment, that is really focused on us." And Wenger is no longer clear. He hesitated in private and in front of cameras now. Against this background, the coach 'gunner' had no choice but to urge everyone to find a quick solution. "His future is unresolved and should be soon. Sooner than later," he said. On 6 against Benfica in Portugal, a friendly dispute Arsenal awaiting the start of the Premier on 13. It only requires that the price is right. "Our idea is to get time with the players who are committed to the club," he said.

Meanwhile, the chairman Peter Hill-Wood was open to a deal with Barca always to increase the offer. "The ball is in your court. They made an offer of 30 million and an upper," revealed, stressing that the Arsenal has called for "a reasonable amount." Also claimed to accelerate the negotiations and put forth the saga: "They've been wasting time over the past year and a half and have to be decided at a time. Or pay what it Cesc or be without it." (via MD)

Cardoner: "We want partners it stops a lifetime"

No other member of the current board may have a track record of experience and proximity to the club Barca as he, the grandson of Nicolau Casaus, the vice that marked a before and after in the club in the same field, and socially. The circumstances, certainly not by dynastic right, but through elections, legitimate and democratic, it led to his grandson, Jordi Cardoner, heir to the same office, responsible for the area of ​​social and also leading a revolution to it takes the decision and energy. As a good Casaus, however, performed in that spirit of seny Barcelona, ​​reasonableness and proximity to the partner.

Have you given a bang quietly?

It refers, of course, the regulation on access to the membership. Most importantly, the goal is to identify the partner, who understand what it's like Barca does not want to rationalize the price of the card, that you do not confuse value and price. The value of belonging to the biggest club in the world is to have a certain exclusivity and must be rooted, we think, in the differential based on territoriality, prioritize one group of people from Barcelona, ​​and the rest Catalunta identified and always identified with the club, and regardless of the results.

And the balance?

Vegetative growth is expected. On the one hand we have about 200 people have opted for the Commitment Card, understanding that are so Barca as partners and will therefore be worthwhile to obtain membership. What is worrying is the average of 15,000 members have been discharged from the last three years. This shows that the systematic acquisition of membership was not correct.

Certainly Rosell promised to be a partner with Bill Gates the other day. That is impossible .

No, not impossible, is the way of the Commitment Card. But in this case there are no exceptions, not covered by statute that the board has the privilege of an extraordinary partner to people like Bill Gates notoriety. But Mr. Gates, as cualuquier other citizen of the world can be a partner in three years with the Commitment Card. We want to give high who is a partner the rest of his life.


To the reconquest of Asia in 2012

It points to that Barça will play next summer two parties in China and a third maybe in India

For the next summer, FC Barcelona is already working on the hypothesis of returning to Asia, specifically China, where an estimated potential growth of football and Barca still has a long way. The other major emerging market, because at no time will the American side, is indeed the Asian and especially a country like China is discovering the game and strengthen. A unique opportunity for the Catalan club, wanting to make the appeal of your team, your brand and the label of 'more than a club' to become the first team, if possible, of thousands of Chinese.

The competition, however, is tough. English teams have been working and himself has not hesitated to Real Madrid this summer to fly to the U.S. first and then to Asia, something that the club considered counterproductive for the team and their own plans for sport and commercial expansion.

Those responsible for the marketing Barca prefer to work very deeply this tour, attention to detail and promote the brand seriously, rather than spend the sites in haste. So now, in compliance on this tour the last friendly at the time signed with MLS, a partner please the club, very powerful and professional, has already put to work in preparing the 2012 tour of Asia with intend to contest at least two games in China, probably one in Beijing and one in Shanghai and another in a third country, perhaps India, where it is judged successful and timely to promote the brand and color Barca.

As always, however, dispute the condition Eurocopa'2012 the poster of the team and player availability.

The last experience was not, in this sense, especially positive, as the Asia 2010 tour was marked by disappointment and frustration. The previous board had left Messi signed the presence of international and World Cup Barca despite the apparent incompatibility of the dates, which produced some tension and a bad image Barca completely avoidable.

The pause American country that the club has visited three of the preseason Josep Guardiola (2008, 2009 and 2011) under an agreement signed in 2008 for the disputed time of six friendly matches for the two sides will discuss the balance of your agreement and feel, if necessary, to negotiate a new partnership. Since then, the club insist, because the figures confirm the growth of Barcelona and the brand in the U.S. in the hand is back in MLS or other partner, as it has on the table offers and attractive projects in the face the future. (via MD)

Henry encourages Wenger to sell

"Arsenal can survive without Cesc, a club is bigger than a player"

Thierry Henry, former Arsenal and Barcelona striker, helped to unblock the situation of Cesc Fabregas in the Guardian. "Arsenal can survive without Cesc Fabregas, a club is always bigger than one player," said French, undramatic the possible transfer of midfielder Arenys and encouraging his former manager Arsène Wenger to sell.

Present in London to play this weekend's Emirates Cup in his current team, the New York Red Bulls, with PSG (today) and Arsenal (tomorrow), Henry recalled that "in my time at Arsenal we had a great team. No was a matter of one, two, three, four, five, six or seven players. It was a whole team effort. " 'Titi' was a teammate Cesc four seasons between 2003 and 2007.

In Rio de Janeiro, England coach Fabio Capello praised the operation: "Cesc has been born to play this boat and has the advantage that could be used tomorrow and not be out of football because he has sucked blaugrana a child". (via MD)

Wenger: "Cesc is debated feelings between two"

Coach 'gunner', Arsène Wenger, confirmed Friday that the Arenys not participate this weekend with his team in the Emirates Cup ..

The Arsenal midfielder's absence blamed for the club claimed that "not yet recovered" from the muscle injury that prevented him from playing all summer.

Wenger Arenys assumes that you want to sign for Barca, the club was formed as a child: "Cesc is torn between two feelings." And those "two loves" are, according to the coach, the club, "the club where he was educated as a young man," and the Arsenal, "which has raised from the age of 16."

"It's something I can understand, but he's our captain and we want to be sure of their commitment. We must be sure that is really focused on being with us," he added in his press conference Friday.

Coach 'gunner' urged that the situation is resolved sooner Cesc: "His future is unresolved and should be soon. Sooner than later," he said.

Wenger, unlike Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood, who had given as a day limit to the closing with the club next Monday, said that the date for resolving the situation on 31 August: "Our installment buyings notion is reached then the players who are really committed to the club, "insisted Wenger.

In any case, the Arsenal coach has admitted responsibility for Arsenal and if you decide to sell a player must be at the right price. According to various reports, Barca's offer would not exceed 30 million pounds, while Arsenal sought 40 million pounds.

Cesc Fabregas was not involved in the tour of Asia, was not present on the stage of the team in Germany and now will miss the team's presentation, the Emirates Cup to be played this weekend. (via SPORT)

Valdés: "Although it is a friendly match yes it is important for us"

FC Barcelona's players completed two practice sessions in Washington with a view to a friendly match on Saturday, they played against Manchester United

No one within the template Barcelona wants to talk about revenge, but if they are aware that it is an important part of preparation for next season and the Super Cup duel against Real Madrid.

The Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes were fully recognized up phrase and not at all come to duel with Manchester United with the mentality of revenge.

"Nobody thinks that within the computer, just work hard to make good homes," said Valdes. "Ultimately we realize that although it is a friendly if it is important to us."

Meanwhile, fellow striker David Villa said he felt very at home in Barcelona, ​​the team that last season demonstrated his status as champion and winning team.
"I think the success we showed we are a top team by both our game as the results we achieve, "said Villa.

The Spaniard said he was fortunate to have a companion to a star player Lionel Messi, which he defined as the best in the world.

Villa also said he was "happy" and "delighted" to have as a coach Josep Guardiola, which he described as very good and his desire was to be with him for many years.
"Hopefully we can work with him for long and keep doing things right, "said Villa.

In both trainings the news was the return to work by Xavi Hernandez, while for the match against Manchester United are low secure the central Gerard Piqué, with an overload in the left calf, and the Brazilian Maxwell, who suffers the same ailment in the abdominal area.

He also trained separately in recovery efforts veteran defender Carles Pujols.

Before the second training at FedEx Field, Landover (Maryland), which will play the game, the directors of Barcelona, ​​led by the president, Sandro Rosell, met with reporters today to talk about the team.
But the focus was on the issue of possible move to Arsenal Catalan player, Cesc Fabregas, and which offered no novelty, just simply say they are "moderately" optimistic, but still nothing is resolved.

The team has done the last financial offer, which is lower than the 40 million euros demanded by the Arsenal, and expect it to be the English club with the player to reach an agreement that these numbers add up.

Meanwhile, Manchester United also trained with the only absence of Mexican striker Javier Chicharito Hernandez, who will miss at least two weeks due to mild concussion he suffered last Tuesday as he prepared for the game against the Stars MLS.

Scottish coach of Manchester United, Alex Ferguson, reiterated that all was well with Mexican international and his recovery was normal.

While again reiterated the great team that was the Barcelona and how interesting it was to be the game for all fans. (via SPORT)

Locate Jeffren in Sporting Lisbon

Sporting Lisbon for a right winger and Jeffren, 23, would be a step away from signing with 'lion'

The process, according to data compiled by the newspaper 'A Bola', is well underway and its transfer could close next week.

The paper does not mention figures luso but anticipates that it is not a negotiation "plump" and stresses that limbo is a year to finish his contract with FC Barcelona and is not in Pep Guardiola's plans.

The terms of the contract between the Sporting and the player would still argue, but we talk four or five seasons, just like Diego Capel, the same age and newly signed for Portuguese club. (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-19 Euro Semifinals] Spain 5 - 0 Ireland

A goal by Deulofeu get back on track through to the final of the Under 19

he Spanish team will play the European final on Monday against the Czech Republic after thrashing to Ireland with a superb performance by Gerard Deulofeu

The Spanish team was ranked on Friday brilliantly for the final of the European Under 19 Championship after winning by 5-0 to Ireland could not do anything to stop the guys from Ginés Meléndez.

The Blaugrana Gerard Deulofeu was the big star of the victory to open the scoring on 26 minutes with a truly great goal and put on a silver platter to Juanmi it 3-0, ending with the hopes of the Irish at the very beginning the second period. Sarabia (39 ') and Morata (78' and 90 'by penalty) rounded out the scoring.

The Spanish team will contest the final next Monday (19.00 hours) in Chiajna against the Czech Republic, in the other semifinal won by 4-2 to Serbia. Spain will seek his fifth title of the category, having lost the final in the latest edition against France. (via SPORT)

[Technical Data]
5-Spain: Badía, Carvajal (Bázquez, 82’), Sergi Gómez, Ignasi Miquel, Aurtenetxe, Pardo, Alex, Deulofeu (Alcácer, 80’), Sarabia (Gallego, 66’), Juanmi y Morata.

0-Rep. Ireland: McCarey, Shaughnessy, Egan, O'Connor, Williams, Hendrick, O'Sullivan, Murray (Knight, 71'), Carruthers (Wearen, 62'), Forde y Murphy (Smith, 46').

Referee: Clément Turpin (France). Hendrick admonished, Murray, McCarey and Carvajal.

Goals: 1-0, Deulofeu (26 ') 2-0, Sarabia (39') 3-0, Juanmi (46 ') 4-0, Morata (78') 5-0, Morata, penalty (90 ').

Stadium: Concordia Stadium. 2,000 spectators.

Rosell is moderately optimistic 'case Cesc'

Those responsible for the Barca displaced the United States talked about current Blaugrana

President Sandro Rosell and executives accompanying him on this tour of the U.S. held an informal meeting with representatives of the media to accompany Barca displaced during the U.S. tour after visiting the White House. Blaugrana makers feel cautiously optimistic about the chances of getting the signing of Cesc Fabregas.

Rosell, who was accompanied by its directors moved to the North American tour, including Josep Maria Bartomeu, responsible for keeping the negotiations with Arsenal took the appointment to talk about different aspects of the present Blaugrana.

Within the entity Blaugrana are satisfied with the attitude of Cesc, who is proving to Barcelona, ​​but also are determined to keep the business plan established in chapter reinforcements. If you can finally complete the recruitment of `player still GUNN, perfect. Otherwise, no more signings. From there, the club is in no hurry. If the agreement crystallizes, can be closed today, tomorrow or 31 August. They are aware that other teams have expressed interest in hiring Fabregas and this is the trick you try to play Arsenal. But we also have offices of Aristides Maillol with the firm decision to play Cesc at Barca.

In this sense, only expect to be able to maintain until the end of the pulse, training outside the template while expected to close agreement between the clubs. In the club yesterday were not aware of how he had been a meeting between Cesc, his manager Darren Dein, Arsene Wenger and CEO Ivan Gazidis. In any case, from the standpoint of the Catalan club little can be done because they have submitted an offer that is immovable, and consider it the Arsenal, with their chairman Peter Hill Wood to the front, you can do the operation.

In fact, the offer of Barcelona has always been the same, a total amount including the amount to be received and the Arsenal player's salary. While maintaining the utmost discretion, has not liked nothing happened with the two football players and Bellerín Toral base.

In any case, the president Rosell, who is now the party will return on Monday morning to be in Barcelona. Bartholomew, Zubizarreta and Sanllehí, negotiators Blaugrana will continue on the tour, hoping that Arsenal move tab. (via SPORT)

Lee: "We have grown to a superior rhythm to Facebook and Twitter"

Didac Lee fondly remembers moments like the final at Wembley on match day or the USAP in the Lluís Companys

How was the FC Barcelona in July 2010 and how it is now from the standpoint of social networks?

We have grown at a rate between 3 and 4 times the very growth of Facebook and Twitter over the same period. The first social network our increase in a year, was 700% and the second, up 800%

Is there a profile of the user who is interested in the club?

It's so diverse, inclusive and broad as the fact that we have visitors from all world countries and five continents. A lot it helps to get the public in six languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic.

Can we say that the club is a global phenomenon?

Absolutely. Proof of this is that 74% of the Barca fans that come into our social networks are the rest of the planet.

MORE: www.sport.es

A final of Champions at dawn

Barca and Manchester are reunited across the Atlantic two months after Wembley in a friendly high-flying (01.00 h, TV3 and Gol T)

Just two months after the game that exalted Barça at Wembley, Manchester United again cross paths with the Blaugrana. In very different circumstances, at dawn and in a more typical of that of European football, the stadium FedExField, home of the Washington Redskins of the NFL's two best teams in Europe compete today a world-class friendly against the American public , which has responded with a maximum expectation of the best games you can see today. The tiers of the stadium, located a few miles from downtown Washington but in the state of Maryland, will be full because they have already sold the 91,000 locations.

For the club, is the second American tour. Manchester, who has played four games in his' why U.S. tour, will end its 23-day stay in America because the August 7 will play the Community Shield (Super English) to Manchester City. Barca will be the first and only major rival in the preseason of Manchester. The English champions thrashings account their games (4-1 at New England Revolution, 7-0 to Seattle Sounders, 3-1 and 4-0 to the Chicago Fire to a selection of the MLS) and reaches more shot at the friendly, but Guardiola has already shown that their game is above the stage and rival.

The American public will have the opportunity today to see live the team's sexiest sport they call soccer '¿, an invitation to engage European football in a country that still prefers baseball, basketball or football.
Barca and Manchester played a game high in a difficult time, from the one in the morning. It will be like a Champions League final but late at night. The party, however, no shortage of attractions. The list of players promises a great football show from the point of view Blaugrana, check if Thiago is still shining at the best level is one of the great attractions of the meeting.

The Brazilian midfielder has earned Hispanic own right label great sensation of the season. Author of three of the four goals of the club, if more reminiscent of the players who have been able to consolidate in the first team to others that glowed in the preseason but not congealed in the club, as Giovanni dos Santos, Litmanen or Prosinecki, for example.

The emergence of Thiago, however, does not eclipse the power of the collective blaugrana: one of the key pieces of gear, Xavi Hernandez, today could have its first few minutes of preseason, already exceeded the caution period of the early stages of preseason. Terrassa midfielder did not play against Hajduk Split, International and Bayern Munich and will be released in preparation for the season. Only Carles Puyol (in addition to the players who participated in the Copa America) has not yet been minutes in the preseason. The captain continues to work outside and there is no specific date for his return to racing.

Although the hierarchy of the rival, Pep Guardiola will use the match to continue testing mechanisms and provide opportunities for youth players, but probably will be without Gerard Pique and Maxwell. The center, with twin overhead on the left leg, did not train with the group, while the Brazilian worked with Puyol and Emili Ricart recovery due to an abdominal overload.

In Manchester, goalkeeper David de Gea, former Atletico Madrid, could start. Ferguson, in fact, has three additions summer (Phil Jones and Ashley Young, and former Atletico goalkeeper), but you can not have `¿Chicharito Hernandez.

Although the idea of ​​revenge for the defeat at Wembley hovers over the concentration of Manchester, Ferguson's players take it easy the game. "Right now, we are all ready and nobody wants to hurt, so do not think it's a good idea to play thinking about revenge," said Wayne Rooney. His teammate Patrice Evra also preferred to postpone revenge. "The defeat of Wembley is fresh in my mind and I love to play against them in the next Champions League." (via SPORT)

[Former player] Riquelme: "To Leo he is wanted a lot, but Argentina is a complicated country"

Boca's legend but was always low profile. With 33 years speaks frankly, without concessions to the stands

Juan Roman Riquelme (Buenos Aires, 1978) is held in Argentina for the last 'ten'. A kind of player, hitch, endangered requiring rapid sensitive feet and head. In La Bombonera when gripping the ball hearts swell. The '10 'down the steps, put the pause as if he understood the game as a piece of jewelry. Off the field is accompanied by a legend such sullen and confused, but appears in the lobby of the hotel Hesperia at the agreed time. Shake hands, and throws fits a wall in short: "Champion, it quickly."

How a fan of Argentina and has lived the outcome of the Copa America?

With a bit of anger because it was in our country and people filled the stadium every game. I had the illusion of doing something important for the players we had and because Brazil was not at his best. Surprised that Argentina is out so fast.

Much was made of Leo. The feeling is that jumped responsibility?

Each time the selection is not always achieved a success he was appointed to it. But on my way to watch football is always right. For me it has done a great Copa America. Look, we have the best player in the world. We should learn to enjoy it.

But you call it 'chest cold' ...

I also gave quarrel with that. Boludeces! I always put the different. Those who are technically superior. In football you do not need to talk every day on TV, insulting opponents and raise your arms to your classmates.

There are players who perform when they are pressed, perhaps just need love Leo ...

I think he wants a lot, but our country is a bit complicated. A normal country would enjoy the best! But if a player is less important question is not controversial. With Leo everybody will say, all programs are going to talk about it. Matter the audience.

You said the other day that often speaks with Lionel ...

A Leo I met him at a roast. He was there but was so small ... He did not speak anything, the kid! I always imagine the Cost How baby. I was playing in the lower. It was all I said. Now I speak very often with him. I was very excited to give joy to our country but in the end left us outside Uruguay.

And now Batista dropped the project ...

The selection is a complicated time. Failure to follow a line, if not respected the coach's job at the end the team did not know what to play.

In Argentina there are fewer talented Is it too much to speak of crisis in football training?

I think that Argentina are going good players. But today most teams try to defend the goal. Who plays nice in the world? Barcelona and Arsenal are exceptions.

You know about a quarry like Boca and also played for Barcelona Are they very different young people of La Masia?

In Argentina, the kids have more obligation to be footballers. It's a way to help your family, your parents. In Barcelona the kids play without the backpack. Without the weight of being compelled to be top players.

What a pressure for the kids!

Yes, and then go to Europe and football are very different. In Argentina, he moved the ball more, here in Barcelona, ​​you play one or two touches. The courts are wet here in Argentina not, here the ball runs much faster.

Why not irrigated fields in Argentina?

It's a mystery, what do I know? In the Copa America they wanted players from Argentina, but who cares courts are angry. They say he drops the lawn if watered. Football would be better, but very few teams that want to do in Argentina.

Then had to hallucinate when he saw the Camp Nou turf ...

I spent a year in which I enjoyed. When you get used to is very nice. I'm still talking to Puyol. With Iniesta. I keep coming on vacation because I have a house here. Then it was kind of weird because I found a coach who first told me he was a president signing and did not want.

You will be delighted with the growth of Andrés ...

I was impressed when I was in 'B' and began to train with us. It is better person than player. Leo is the best, but Andrés is doing very very close. (via SPORT)

Informal meeting with the press

The president Sandro Rosell has made an informal meeting in Washington DC with the Catalan press in the United States moved to continue the tour of FC Barcelona.

In a hotel room Ritz-Carlton, Sandro Rosell, accompanied by vice-presidents and managers who are in Washington DC as well as the general manager, held an informal discussion with about 20 journalists who follow the team.

During the meeting, which lasted approximately one hour, have addressed issues related to the latest news FC Barcelona, ​​mainly on the low and high potential, but also aspects related to European football or financial condition of the entity.

These meetings are customary in these types of tours. This case has been made ​​in Washington DC taking advantage of the presence of the president Sandro Rosell, who after the stay in the U.S. capital will leave Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barca in the White House

A delegation from FC Barcelona, ​​led by president Sandro Rosell has visited the White House Friday on a tour of the facilities of one of the icons of the U.S..

After the morning training, all staff of FC Barcelona, ​​most executives traveled to Washington DC, have been directed at Pennsylvania Avenue and have participated in a private visit to the White House residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States. There have been welcomed by Michael Strautmanis, deputy assistant to President Barack Obama and adviser for strategic commitment.

Barca's delegation, comprising 59 people, was headed by the president Sandro Rosell, the vice president and Jordi Josep Maria Bartomeu Cardona, Josep Ramon Vidal Abarca managers and Didac Lee, general director, Antoni Rossich, the director of professional football, Andoni Zubizarreta, coach Josep Guardiola, plus the rest of the coaching staff and the players traveled to Washington.

After passing two passport checks before accessing the members of FC Barcelona have divided into two groups for an hour and visited the different areas of this space as emblematic. They have visited the collections of artefacts (for example, dishes of each president), the reception rooms of the official delegations and access corridors to the conference, among others. At the same time have received explanations about presidential families who have lived, the usual routines and sights of some of the presidents.

It has also been a special visit to the gallery of portraits of all the U.S. presidents. They have found that all presidents look ahead, but John Fitzgerald Kennedy, portrait was painted after his death. That's why he's with his head down, because, as explained, the author of the picture could not reflect your look.

To end the visit, all members of the delegation of FC Barcelona have made ​​a family photograph on the south side White House. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Eusebio: "Guardiola is very positive that has the subsidiary"

Eusebio has few players these days. Oier, Miño, Dalmau, Gustavo, Lobato, Rosell and Saul are the seven players from Barça B who exercise in Barcelona. The rest are the first team in the U.S. tour and in the U19 World Cup.

Eusebio is aware that it is a very small group but it builds for individualized sessions. "We are taking the circumstances we have, there are many people out, but we have a group of players that work must continue in order to catch the ideal point to reach the top of the League at its best. Harnessed to individual work to get fit, "he told the club's media.

In relation to the presence of team players on the tour's first team, Eusebio appreciates the fact that Guardiola has the own: "This is a time when the first team relies heavily on the reserves. Doors are open, and that makes the guys have all the excitement and motivation in the world. "

"The performance of the players in the games they have played very positive, are highly adapted to the philosophy of the Club," he added.

Finally, the coach of Barça B wished a speedy recovery to Jonathan Soriano: "It's a shame because I was having a significant share in the first team. It is a very good time in his career, and that's a minor setback." "There has been a serious injury, we look forward to being able to recover as soon as possible," he said. (via SPORT)

[Youth] García Pimienta, new coach of Juvenil B

The previous coach of FC Barcelona Cadete A, Francesc Xavier Garcia Pimienta, is today the new coach of Juvenil B. The previous coach this team, Sergi Barjuan has left the club on their own.

Pepper Garcia takes over from former Barcelona player Sergi Barjuan. Pepper Garcia this year has been champion with the Cadete A squad. Pepper Garcia's place on the bench for his now former team takes Victor Sanchez, technical than last year has been on the technical staff of the Barcelona Football Formative and has done a tactical analysis of all equipment of the quarry Barca. Sanchez had been two years ago, coach of the Cadete A.

Sergi Barjuan voluntarily leaves FC Barcelona to start a new stage and professional sports. The former coach of the Juvenil B has been two seasons in charge of this team last step before professional football, and both campaigns the team has been league champions. Sergi began work as a coach just in the club. As a player it was the boat from the course until the season 1993/1994 and 2000/01. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pinto: “Nobody can beat us through desire alone”

José Manuel Pinto does not think that Manchester United will be looking for revenge when they meet Barça in a friendly in Washington. Although the Champions League final is fresh on everyone’s minds, this game is only about preseason preparations.

Two months after meeting at Wembley, FC Barcelona and Manchester United meet again, this time on the Fedex Field, Washington in the early hours of Sunday morning in Europe (1.00, CET). But this will be a very different game to the one on May 28 in London, as José Manuel Pinto said to the press after Friday’s training session.

The goalkeeper said the game with the Red Devils “is not about revenge. I’d say it will be a nice game”. Pinto explained that his team is only just beginning its preseason preparations and these matches “are about nothing more than improving and getting into our rhythm”.

The main objective is “to get ourselves up to 100 percent for the start of the season” but that “nobody can beat us through desire alone.”

It is telling that no fewer than nine reserve players are with the first team in the United States. Pinto described these youngsters as “wonderful” and congratulated them on all that they are achieving. In the youth teams “they have learned well” and that makes it so much easier for them to adapt to football at the highest level. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Gates: “Nobody better than Barça for this agreement”

The founder of Microsoft is delighted with the agreement between his foundation, Bill&Melinda Gates, and the FC Barcelona Foundation for the eradication of polio from the world.

“I am very happy with the agreement with Barça, because we have the common cause of looking after children’s health”, said Bill Gates during the presentation of the agreement .

Grateful to Barça
The American praised FC Barcelona for such commitment and stressed that their objective “is to eradicate polio, something which is now much closer, but unfortunately there are still many people with this illness”, he said.

Bill Gates also spoke about how the agreement will help get the message across to more people. “Through this agreement we can say that that objective can be reached, and people have to receive the message so that they can help us”, he said.

The president of FC Barcelona, Sandro Rosell, speaking to Barça TV also spoke about the agreement. “Our objective is to transmit the values and messages of Bill&Melinda Gates”, he said.

Sandro Rosell also said that “once the objective of eradicating polio has been achieved, and there is only about 1% left to go, we shall support whatever other project they create”, while also pointing out that his club’s role will be focusing on “Barcelona and the Camp Nou” but without forgetting its global projects.

Bill Gates also said that “we are associating ourselves to a great organisation, which is known around the world … Barça is unique and the ideal companion for this agreement”.

He also spoke about how “Barça has sponsors, Unicef and the Qatar Foundation, who help a lot of people and are sponsors with values”.

He ended by repeating the message once more: “We want to eradicate polio together.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)