29 July 2011

Barça trains with the ball for the first time in the USA

Guardiola and his team used the ball in training for the first time since arriving in the United States. The venue was the emblematic Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial Stadium.

Barça will be in America for ten days, and after working out in the gym and then having the Thursday evening session cancelled on Thursday, today they finally trained with the ball.

The venue has been used in the past for a host of different sports events, including matches at the 1994 World Cup. It was built with baseball in mind, which is why it is slightly more oval shaped than a regular football stadium. Its previous tenants include the NFL’s Washington Redskins, who were there for 36 years, and baseball’s Washington Senators (now Texas Rangers), while it is currently home to Major League Soccer franchise DC United.

The positive news today was the return of Xavi Hernández to active duty. Until now, the midfielder has been working out in isolation, and his colleagues gave him a hearty round of applause as he came onto the field today.

In stifling temperatures of 36 degrees, and humidity of 45%, Puyol, Piqué and Maxwell all trained on their own. Puyol is still recovering from a knee injury, while Piqué and Maxwell have taken minor knocks, Piqué to the calf and Maxwell to the abdomen.

Barça support in center of Washington DC

Barça’s first day in Washington ended with a visit to the Penya Barcelonista, a young but dynamic group that is the meeting point for Barça supporters in the US capital.

The Elephant & Castle Pub is located at number 900, 19th Street, Washington DC. That’s useful for any Barça fan visiting the city to know, because it’s the home of the Penya Barcelonista Washington DC. This is where the club was established in late 2009, which now has more than 175 members.

President Sandro Rosell, joined by vice president Jordi Cardoner, director Josep Ramon Vidal Abarca and director general, Antoni Rossich, led the FC Barcelona delegation that popped by the clubhouse carrying none other than the Champions League trophy.

Rosell said that its supporters clubs are one of the reasons why Barça is ‘More than a Club’. After mentioning his meeting a few hours earlier with the Bill & Melinda Foundation, he spoke to the local supporters club, saying “thank you for helping the Club become even bigger and better known.” Jordi Cardoner also said how pleased he was to see so many young people, because “supporters clubs like these help promote the Barça brand … I hope that if the time comes that our results are not as good as now, that you will continue to work so hard”.

One of the funniest moments came when Sandro Rosell joked that the president of the Penya, Raimon Puigjaner, was a dead-ringer for the Barça coach. “It looks like Guardiola has a brother in this supporters club” he laughed.

The organizers spoke about the social program they are working on in association with the DC Scores charity, which combines soccer with academic support for more than 800 boys and girls at 26 schools, aged between 8 and 15 years. Just like Barça, this supporters clubs is about more than just soccer. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rafinha will change Spain for Brazil

Rafa Alcantara, also known as Rafinha does not intend to continue wearing the shirt of the Spanish national team and do it with that of his native Brazil. The good game of Iniesta, Cesc Fábregas and, now, their brother Thiago would make difficult that could dispute many minutes with la Roja, for it seems clear that point to opt for the Seleção. (via AS)

[Ex President] Núñez, sentenced to six years in prison for bribery

The son of former Blaugrana president receives the same penalty.

José Lluís Núñez and his son sentenced to 6 years in prison

The former president of Barcelona football club, José Lluís Núñez and his son have been sentenced to 6 years in prison for bribery and forgery. The Court considers it proven that the construction company bribed officials Nuñez to defraud the IRS. The plot was uncovered corruption in the late nineties. The then head of the tax inspectorate of Catalonia, Jose Maria Huguet, has been sentenced to 13 years in prison. The businessman Javier de la Rosa, also charged in this case, has been acquitted.

Ten years of process and a year to write the longest sentence expected in Barcelona in recent years ended yesterday with a harsh sentence that file called 'Case Hacienda' and condemning the president of Barcelona, ​​Josep Lluís Núñez, six years prison on charges of bribery, active bribery and forgery. His son, José Luis Núñez y Navarro, who was manager of FC Barcelona, ​​was also sentenced to six years in prison and former club director Juan José Folchi (right hand of the businessman Javier de la Rosa) dropped him seven and a half.

The sentence has nothing to do with the Nunez management Blaugrana in front of the club, but refers to his activities as head of the construction Núñez and Navarro.

According to the ruling of the Court of Barcelona, ​​the dome of the Tax Office who led Barcelona Josep Maria Huguet (11-year sentence) love records of various inspections in exchange for favors. In the case involving the former Barcelona and his son, the judge considers it proven that eluded to the tax payments worth 13 million euros in exchange for a series of bribing tax inspectors that facilitated the floor at a very below market and they were getting favorable mortgages.

Appalled. Núñez, who is about 80 years old, he heard the sentence visibly shaken and had to be removed from the courtroom by his lawyers as he was about to break to mourn.

Nunez's lawyers, like the rest of the damned, announced that they would appeal the decision. However, the prosecutor has requested a recess to study the possible application for an interim measure for defendants sentenced to jail in a 'Vistillas', however Vistillas has been extended until today.

The defendants against whom the injunctive relief are tax inspectors Huguet, Abella, Perm, Bergua and to Folchi, Nuñez (father and son), and Gui. The 'Vistillas' could even determine the income inmedito in prison for some of the prisoners. That is, there is a possibility that former Barca enter today at a penitentiary.

If not, and if successful the appeal by his lawyer, the process would be delayed for two years or teas in the former Barca try to prove his innocence in court.

The reason for his resignation
Nunez gave up the presidency of Barcelona by surprise. Finance The case, which by then had just reported was always mentioned as one of the reasons that led the oldest president of the club's history to give up a day to otro.No Nunez was the only victim in this case the Treasury Josep Borrell at that time was running as candidate of the PSOE from the general had to resign because of their links with the accused. (via AS)

[Former B player] Nolito marks his first official goal with Benfica

The former Barcelona B player scores the first goal for his team against the Turkish Trabzonspor in the previous phase of the Champions

Nolito decided to leave Barca B to find another team minutes more modest. So ended up at the Benfica where has quickly start to bear fruit. In the first game of the season, former Barca youth squad scored the first goal for his team after receiving good care.

The Benfica , like other European teams have been set in the spectacular campaign subsidiary of Barcelona led by Luis Enrique and have enticed several of his players. In fact, according to Lusa news, the same club could have been interested in signing striker Jonathan Soriano .

Thus, Benfica won at Trabzonspor in the Turkish leg of the preliminary stage of the Champions League , 2-0. The second goal was a wonderful work of art. (via MD)

[Former B player] Víctor Vázquez scored a goal against FK Karabakh

Club Brugge has posted a big win in the third qualifying round of the Europa League. The team coach Adrie Koster was at home 4-1 on strong for FK Karabakh from Azerbaijan. Bjorn Vleminckx opened the scoring in the ninth minute, Ryan Donk was twenty minutes before the time 3-1. Victor Vazquez and Nabil Dirar signed for the other hits.

Twenty thousand people enjoyed the win the team that led Messi

About 20 thousand people enjoyed tonight's charity match between "vs Messi and his friends. The rest of the world," led by Marcelo Salas, and that the former won by 7-2, played at the Estadio Nacional.

In the team of Lionel Messi highlighted, besides the FC Barcelona striker, goalkeeper Abbondanzieri and Brazilian Cafu, who, despite his 40 years, remained in the field for 90 minutes.

Messi drew applause from the fans who came to Chilean sports arena thanks to its exquisite technique exhibited during most of the game. The goals for the team, "Messi and his friends" were scored by Diego Milito, Ezequiel Lavezzi, Juan Manuel Martinez, Alvaro Gonzalez, Lionel Messi, on two occasions and an own goal by Emiliano Papa.

For the team, "Rest of the world," he said on two occasions the Chilean international Esteban Paredes.

The team played Abbondanzieri Messi, Cafu, Lucio, Diego Lugano, Gabriel Milito, John Viafara, Alvaro Gonzalez, Diego Milito, Lionel Messi, Juan Manuel Ezequiel Lavezzi and Martinez. In the rest of the world participated Nicolás Peric, Pablo Contreras, Miguel Riffo, Jorge Vargas, Emiliano Papa, Arturo Vidal, Walter Gargano, Edgar Davids, Ariel Ortega, Marcelo Salas and Radamel Falcao Garcia.

In both teams, especially the group led by Marcelo Salas, scorer of the Chilean, several changes were made.

The exhibition game raised funds for charities and non-perishable food to benefit the victims of the snowstorms that occurred in southern Chile and also received funds for a foundation that runs the famous Argentine player.

The match, played in the National Stadium in Santiago de Chile, with about 20 thousand people, was led by Chilean referee Ruben Selman. (via MD)

This Friday, the day decisive for Cesc

Arsenal midfielder will meet with Arsène Wenger and make him see that he has no grounds to hold him in London

On July 29, 2011 may be remembered forever by Cesc Fabregas. After three years of soap opera, the captain of Arsenal will now face to face with Arsene Wenger with a single purpose: to convince him that his departure to Barcelona is now inevitable.

Coach 'gunner' Cesc said publicly that if they wanted to go, had to say was not happy at Arsenal. Today will tell. While you will recall that at the time convinced him to stay because it would make a team capable of winning titles and has not kept his word. Arsenal has not only failed to compete with the greats of the Premier, but already has six years without lifting a trophy.

Will the tactic Mascherano

Wenger believes that Cesc has played his cards as best as possible to ensure the interests of Arsenal and now his turn to take the final blow on the table. First rebelled not training with his teammates, then refused to participate in the Asian tour and play a friendly in Cologne and now make the ultimate gesture in order to fulfill his dream of returning to the Camp Nou.

With 36 million offered by the club for him, the more money he is willing to give your card as Barca player, the Arenys believes that Arsenal can not refuse to sell. Culé between supply and money put it in your pocket, something that did Mascherano last season to force his departure from Liverpool, the whole 'gunner' would receive almost 40 million euros demanded by Cesc.

Consequently, Fabregas is convinced that Wenger now no longer any argument to hold up and still be able to brag to his hobby that he fought until the last day to convince him. Look trivial, as the Frenchman, with less and less credit, you need a 'victory' moral justification to his followers.

Although there may be as white smoke today, the signing of Cesc for Barca still take a few days to make official waiting for Darren Deinn agent of Fabregas, who is in New York on a theme by Henry, close all the details the contract. (via MD)

Zubizarreta it 'snatched' to Ferguson

Sir Alex offered to go to ManU, but Thiago chose the challenge of Barca seemed to have no place where

Voted MVP in both games of the Audi Cup, Thiago opened his phone after the shower just to talk to their parents, excited, he welcomed from afar. A recognition that family was overjoyed as much as their own colleagues openly, a costume that is noticed, appreciated and applauded his audacity to have accepted the challenge at her age, opening a path that seemed impossible to both the hegemony Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta, and the threat of Cesc, as desired.

Thiago had only imagined, doubtless the result of his excessive self-confidence, a summer scene as he himself has drawn with his right leg, his mastery of the game and a surprisingly effective eye for goal. Three goals in two games have left dry at the front. Thiago is not the solution to a problem but the blessed Messidependencia this Argentine team that played without equally wonderful, but without guaranteeing Leo excelente.

Momentarily, Thiago has used the absence of the crack to decide the parties, a right reserved for the best and so we will discuss in good cheer when Leo returns.

What is relevant is that the 'signing' Thiago much more satisfying than the desperate hopes of Cesc, the Barcelona fans have been identified fully. Tier prefer a thousand times a squad that is in defiance as he no future horizon and apparently lost. He could be wrong and the club itself, but matched.

It was following the discussion Cesc-Thiago two months ago, a debate that did not exist at the technical secretary and coach, who were betting on the two, when Andoni Zubizarreta raised to advance its policy renewal. Be addressed in October according to a defined strategy and timetable, but Zubi sensed by measuring either the output but mostly providing job experience and at the exact moment that everyone would gain continuity Thiago resolved before the season started. A goal for the future throughout the squad, rather than as a doorman would not have done in life but who as director of football has been known to run Barca. More valuable yet to properly resolve a conflict is anticipated, have the vision to, as in this case, save the ship the surplus of these goals in the player's contract if he had to be negotiated now and especially having to negotiate after explosion .

Good view of Zubi, who had no trouble convincing the super Thiago despite ManU offer, your site was at the club. Ferguson wanted to take it, tried to seduce him as he did in his day Wenger with Cesc, ensuring the team take the lead because Thiago has the kind and arrests and ill-fated enough and because the continuity of the project in time for Pep. Also in the war of the managers the club won the game against the powerful English club that Barca will face Washington on Saturday. (via MD)

In Brazil they request to Thiago for the 'seleçao'

The player prefers absolute Del Bosque, who could call and for the 10-A

The ESPN commentators in Brazil, which featured live Bayern v Barça, mad with Thiago Alcántara. He repeatedly asked his coach Mano Menezes, who convened the midfielder. "Call him, it is still possible to play with Brazil," he insisted.

Although Thiago has played in the lower echelons of the Spanish team to victory in the Under 21, if you have dual nationality rules of FIFA to change the selection that is not always the absolute debut. In fact, as was confirmed MD reliable sources the Spanish Football Federation, Vicente del Bosque was already considering the possibility of convening Thiago for the August 10 friendly against Italy in Bari before his exhibition at the Audi Cup, specifically since marveled at the European Under 21. Lesions of Xavi and Cesc current invite you to do so. Nevertheless, Thiago, he confessed in their day to MD, had no doubts that I wanted to succeed in the selection. (via MD)

Thiago Explosion

With 20 years revolutionizing the Olympus of the mean and threatening the team hierarchy
Pep does not want to interview in their first year in order to win the covers in the field

Pep Guardiola reacted by raising his arms, happy, cheerful dramatically when Thiago produced the best move of the Audi Cup careening left and leading the attack as a young veteran at no less Afelay to develop a goal that gave the Allianz Arena and confirmed that Barca in the best of all time is a succession of miraculous events. The emergence of a phenomenon of only 20, fresh out of Barça B, can guarantee the succession of Xavi and cancel summer anxiety about Cesc.

Xavi himself and other heavyweights of the team put their hands to the head and with greater spontaneity, her gestures expressed with a mixture of awe, admiration and complacency. The team is to convert Thiago, measuring the accolades, taking care of its progression and nullifying any risk of early divismo, another contender for the Golden Ball as Iniesta and Xavi himself. Good news.

So far the club has decided to cut the personal interviews, at least during his first year of residence in the first team, a standard that Pep had to manage the Wednesday night race, the hasty departure of Munich path Washington, aware that it's up, fortunately, the explosion of a deal with the kind of player Xavi, Iniesta's intuition, personality and winning goal Messi, for example, should be able to provide, if it were, the Cesc own.

Thiago will therefore have to earn the covers with his football gold, apparently Brazilian style, danced and adornadito perhaps in the form, but absolute return fund and decidedly European and sealed in the Masia. You may not, however, a share of the media role-based statements, as the game itself and in combination with its demonstrated strong character and pride, could create the unique problems that a jugadorcomo him, so good but so young can ruin your career. Rebound, nor the other newcomer, Font, give interviews until next summer.

Guardiola, once again, has anticipated the move, but reacting, surprised even him, because Thiago has assumed the role of crack long before what surely would have imagined. "It will have minutes," said the coach a week ago when it was still speculating on a core status of gods. Three games, counting the split, we have enough with his goals to attack the pantheon of sacred cows. The question now is how to remove it and bring three seats for four phenomena. "There are games for everyone," said Pep at the end of the Audi Cup, modulation and intelligent adaptations of his own speech.

Saving the distances, Pep reminded the summer of 2008 when he started on Messi saying that "I do not want to solve it all" and the next week admitted that "we are stronger with Leo." In the case of Thiago will not end, sure, saying it is the "fucking show" and "the best in the world, of course," as Leo says, but no doubt find a suitable form and adjectives.

There were three goals scored in two games in Munich, two coming as a 'nine' (one foot, liking to the International and other headaches) and a third, fabulous master with a thread having put together personal and very 'made in Thiago', which catapulted him into the limelight, but the display of his winning personality, to such shameless ambition who comes last to be first. No respect for anyone. Nothing forbids it except the control of its own appetite. Differentiate between gluttony and hunger is the key, because their instincts guide you wisely or because among all the costumes and technicians to adjust their power at the right speed. Bust of revolutions is the risk, but also its fuel, quel carburetor as a player does off the charts. Thiago is going to his own when it comes to winning. And that can not be bad. In his own temper, rebellious and daring, their difference lies. (via MD)

Rosell, with a delegation to the White House

Until the last minute not specify what the tour guide senior Barca

A delegation led by FC Barcelona president Sandro Rosell this morning visited the White House, whose president has attempted to fit the agendas to meet the team Messi, who was recently quoted by Barack Obama. The U.S. president faces these days, its worst economic crisis and the Oval Office meeting with so many smokes.

When arranging the tour's own Bill and Melinda Gates and other American lobbies promoted a reception with the president around the world showed the best disposition but as it was impossible to marry the agendas of Messi, Obama and the equipment in the U.S. . at the end of the White House has organized a visit of one hour and a half hours without specifying the senior U.S. administration finally accompany the policy to the Washington home of President Obama. (via MD)

The chairman of the Arsenal puts hurry to Barça

The Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has admitted for the first time if Barca up the offer to sell Cesc Arsenal player, but that negotiations be speeded up

Speaking to 'Daily Star' the chairman of Arsenal was open to a deal with Barca for the permanent transfer of Cesc Fabregas provided the Catalan club to increase its bid for the player. "The ball is in your court. They made an offer of 30 million and higher one, but if you want to sign Cesc will have to pay the price for it," said the leader, who said that all the time Arsenal have asked a number " reasonable "and that, according to British press reports, would be located around 40 million euros.

Hill-Wood also requested the Catalan club to accelerate the negotiations and put forth the saga beyond next week, the 'Mirror' talks on Friday August 5 deadline. "They've been wasting time over the past year and a half and have to be decided at a time. Or pay what it Cesc or be left without him," he said. (via SPORT)

Arsenal pressed by Mata and Jagielka while waiting for the solution of the 'case Cesc'

With the signing of its decisive phase Cesc, Arsenal is already starting to spend money that would enter the Catalan in the signings of Valencia Mata and central Jagielka

20 million euros by Mata and 17 by the central Phil Jagielka. These are the new offerings presented by the Arsenal, notes the British press, Valencia and Everton to try to strengthen the team 'gunner' in anticipation of the probable course of Cesc Fabregas in the coming days.

Tired of waiting for a solution to the sale of the midfielder, Wenger would have chosen to start and complete a team that barely have signed Ivorian Gervinho Jenkinson and young side this summer. Should the negotiations by the two players come to fruition, Arsenal would have strengthened two different positions with the money that would enter the sale of Cesc. (via SPORT)

Ferguson: "We won't discover the team that has Barça now"

Manchester United coach had words of praise for the football that makes the whole Barca team that played against a friendly on July 31

Ferguson, in a press conference after the friendly match that his team will play for FC Barcelona in Washington, recalled that his team has lost the last fine Champions League by UEFA against them.

"We will now discover the team with Barcelona and the kind of players, so it will be very difficult match, but be friendly," said Ferguson. "Despite the absence of players like Lionel Messi your template is very good and complete," he added.

Ferguson said he was very happy with the way the team has worked so far this preseason and I thought that regardless of the outcome they can get against FC Barcelona goals had been met.

"I am very happy with the work of veterans and those who come new to the team, everyone has had an exemplary behavior," said Ferguson. "Again the U.S. tour has been very productive for the team."

Manchester United have won the victory in the four games he has played friendlies against FC Barcelona and will be the fifth and last of the tour that began last July 13 when he faced the New England Revolution won 4-1. (via SPORT)

Signed this way Alexis

Pozzo intended to exhaust 'Barto' Zubi and Sanllehí to quit the club because Chelsea and City paid around 50 million

Alexis Sanchez's signing for FC Barcelona, ​​as is known, the entity will cost Barca a fixed amount of 26 million euros. A sports officials figure that the club have managed to pay in three installments to Udinese, owner of the rights of Chile. The first be paid in January 2012, the second in January 2013 and the last in January 2014. That is, for practical purposes, and accounting, the stretch from August to December 2011 comes out free at Barça.

With respect to the variables, prizes and titles feature matches will be satisfied if it gives rise, also in three sets: July 2012 July 2013 and July 2014.

Alexis Sanchez operation has had a happy ending, although that has not been an easy negotiation or a signing of a desire who asked late, Josep Guardiola. SPORT has been able to meet some of the passages of this contract. Interestingly, you will know why, at the offices of the club before the phone was the player of his agent, Fernando Felicevich, Argentine businessman based in Chile. Alexis was precisely who facilitated the phone representative to Barcelona for the two sides could begin negotiations early. That was last March when Guardiola was still set to face the end of a season that would end the league and the Champions League in the bag.

The first person you spoke with Barça was Josep Maria Bartomeu Alexis, vice president sports. Later he also was able to talk with those responsible for the technical secretariat Sanllehí Andoni Zubizarreta and Raul who, as Barto `¿, work with the utmost discretion. By the time the operation was being defined, Pep Guardiola stepped in to finish convince Alexis to call at the Camp Nou.

It is common practice in all the clubs in the world, telling the player and his representative with the entity to which it belongs. FIFA requires the opposite.

Barca also did not want talks with Udinese entrablar not end officially until the 2011-2012 season to prevent leaks and many months before the end and began to radiate `does the signing. Discretion ¿

In March, he traveled to Barcelona Felicevich from Santiago de Chile and already at that time the club reached an agreement with the emoluments of his client. Alexis gave an order: "I just want to play for Barça." A courageous and worthy of appreciation because the Chilean had offers much more succulent Chelsea and Manchester City. If only I had looked forward the money would not have landed in the Nou Camp, that's sure Do

The first phone call from Barcelona to Udinese, by Bartholomew, was held three days after winning the Champions League. On June 1, Gino Pozzo, son of the president and owner Giampaolo Pozzo, said the manager of the boat: "I was expecting your call." The Italian club already knew for sure that the club was behind because Alexis ordered them not to attend any club other than the squad.

Later that same day without delay the opening of negotiations between Barca and Udinese. So quickly why Gino Pozzo has a home in Barcelona, ​​where he spends most of the year.

Udinese began deploying its tactic of the product more expensive. Had every reason to do so. Barca's offer was lower than it had. Chelsea offered about 55 million and Manchester City around 50. At one point in the negotiations, especially at the end of July, where the boat was upset by the sudden changes of opinion by the directors of the Italian club. At night, some clauses were agreed and the next morning a fax appeared where they were other requests, including time payments, the amounts in the variables ¿

Bartholomew, Zubizarreta and Sanllehí stood firm because they were coming that meant that the club Udinese are fed up of so many delays and will eventually break off negotiations and the way the Italians were free to sell to Chelsea or City Alexis. Udinese, however, was against the sword and the wall because the player through Felicevich, it made ​​it very clear: "Negotiating with whom you want, but I just I will go to Barca."
And that strength, that desire, made possible its signing. (via SPORT)

The cards that Cesc stays

They are extreme options and one of them cannot apply it until next year

For the next few days in Barcelona and Arsenal fail to reach an agreement for the transfer of Cesc Fabregas, the player still has some steps 'what for achieving extreme departure from the entity gunner although the footballer Arenys Mar has never been keen to reach these positions of strength.

This is a formal written request of the player's club that will pass through. In the Premier League is often morally bind the entity to permit the release of the player. The most recent cases are those of Xabi Alonso and leave Liverpool for Real Madrid or Fernando Torres to change the Liverpool Chelsea.

It is a borderline case, and in any case, it could use this season but should wait for next season. According to the interpretation by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) of Article 17 of the FIFA Regulations on the Status of Transfer of Players, a player may request termination of his contract when it's been three years since the signing of the same if less 28, or if it had been two over 28 when he signed it. For Cesc it would be the first course but there would be another caveat: You must notify its decision to the club during the fifteen days following the last game of the season. Therefore, Cesc should wait until the end of the 2011-12 campaign and then pay the remainder of his contract to meet until June 30, 2015. (via SPORT)

Cesc played his future

The Barcelona summit expected to be decisive today and reach a meeting point for transfer

Cesc operation may have a key chapter for the day today. The reason is the summit that will keep Arsène Wenger, Ivan Gazidis, executive director of Arsenal, Darren Dein, Cesc Fabregas agent and the player himself in London. Negotiations are in critical stage and this face to face with four bands can unravel some points of disagreement that delayed the final agreement.

Cesc will continue to defend its position not to play for Arsenal and was not expected in the Emirates Cup this weekend will bring Boca, PSG and New York Red Bulls' stadium GUNN. The Arenys not contest the tournament presentation of Arsenal, another symbolic gesture that has foot and a half outside the club. Wenger Cesc will notify the tournament no contest is there anything with the coach already had what will persist in their idea of ​​signing for Barcelona. It is also more time is harder to put pressure on Arsenal, and he understands that the offer that handles Barcelona, ​​about 37 million fixed and variable, it is more than reasonable. It also believes that one can not doubt what has given the English club since arriving in this sense feels that Arsenal should make a gesture and not put more restrictions on departure.

Wenger will persist in the idea of ​​putting pressure on Barcelona and take bigger slice of the player. Understands the French than the market price of Arenys is 40 million and Arsenal do not need to sell. Moreover, the goal is to close in the coming hours the signing of Mata do the talks are going well and the player of Valencia is the work to go to England what no pressure to negotiate after a pass from Cesc.

Wenger also has another name in the head in case it breaks the operation Mata. The name has already come out on occasion and is none other than Thiago Alcántara. Coach months following the evolution of football and thought it would be an interesting player to replace Cesc.

Barcelona in any case does not contemplate the possibility today that the son of Mazinho into operation. Pressure technician to strengthen Arsenal is still very strong these days, after six years without a title but Wenger remains convinced that Barcelona will eventually arriving at the amount requested.

In any case, the French must provide explanations to the media during the Emirates Cup on the absence of Cesc Fabregas, a situation that is becoming increasingly uncomfortable for the technician. Cesc will miss the semifinals and finals of the tournament. So far Wenger has justified that Cesc continue outside the group with a thigh injury from which would be recovered. At the meeting, however, is expected to maintain its position: Cesc is worth 40 million.

It is at this point will be crucial the role of Darren Dein, Cesc agent. A personal friend of Wenger, who knows the inner workings of the Arsenal, you must see the Frenchman and Gazidis Barcelona's stance is firm. Rosell partners promised not get to 40 kilos for Cesc and is willing to comply. Darren is well aware of that fact and persist for Wenger subsides.

The Frenchman shows hard in negotiations but acknowledged their environment if you do not accept this offer from Barcelona summer the situation will be repeated next summer, but with a twist. The Catalan club will offer even less money for the player.

All this over the weekend are expected to continue contacts between the representatives of Barcelona and Arsenal. The club `GUNN and knew firsthand last Friday's proposal Barcelona. Josep Maria Bartomeu, sports vice president, was responsible for leading the negotiations. A week ago I was in London, a trip that served to Ivan Gazidis knew the details of the last formal offer Bacrelona. Raul also attended the trip Sanllehí, director of football.

In today's meeting there will be no representative of Barcelona while Darren Dein what Barcelona has agreed with the strategy to follow is it the one to make sense into Wenger.

Once the meeting ends, with all the information gathered, Bartholomew could hold new telephone conversations with representatives of Arsenal on Saturday and Sunday, although it is on tour with Barcelona for the United States.

Cesc will continue training while on the sidelines as it has done in recent weeks. So far it has refused to join his comrades and has not been moved with their colleagues in Asia and Germany to play several friendlies. (via SPORT)

Thiago, king of Barca in the USA

Author of three of the four goals in the preseason Barca, son of Mazinho is the feeling of summer

Across the Atlantic, the star of Barca's season has a name: Thiago Alcantara, who has earned his own right the title of Most Valuable Player of the key summer blaugrana to the point of reviving the debate over the appropriateness of Cesc signing. Thiago has dazzled fans and skeptics Barça football fans in general all those who had not had the opportunity to see a complete game. In the United States, where the ship landed yesterday to play three friendly matches and participate in various promotional events. During the flight and the first hours in the United States, the name of Thiago point topped almost every conversation.

Not surprisingly, his numbers make him the reference of the preseason. Three goals and MVP of the Audi Cup, in which the club won the final against Bayern. Brand new Under-21 European champion with a remarkable goal in the final. The sensation of the season. The son of Mazinho Thiago Each exhibition has followed a call for caution and humility, a message of restraint in front of his football talent, as if to correct him at every turn. So the player has taken naturally. "Here the most important is that the team keeps doing a good job," he said. A good example is the cord. Thiago has worn the `4 Do theoretically already booked since last year for the arrival of Cesc, with an astonishing naturalness. "But to me the number I do not care, I just want to play with the club," he insists.

From the physical point of view, Thiago comes at the beginning of August, just over two weeks of winning the first title of the course, the Super Cup against Real Madrid, with a workload slightly higher than the rest. Of those summoned by Guardiola for the U.S. tour is the player who has taken fewer vacations because they played in the European Under 21, ended June 25, but shortly after he underwent surgery for growths in the nose and renewed his contract. Thus had a short holiday and busy that have allowed go a shot at this point in the preseason.

If your future goes through the path that promises him the football world, Thiago will soon make the jump to the senior team, but for now, their participation in official matches with the club does not happen to be almost symbolic. But his dual nationality, Spanish and Brazilian allows him to play even with the `selection canarinha ¿, a long shot but not impossible.

Although the commitment is unquestionable Thiago with Spain (international has been in almost all categories below) because it is a servant in Spanish football, Vicente del Bosque may already have him on the list of future events for the upcoming matches. Interestingly, the next game of the Spanish team will face absolute Italy on August 10 in the city of Bari, where Thiago was born in 1991. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Ronaldinho and Neymar were challenged on the basis of great goals

Santos and Flamengo played a spectacular match which ended in victory for Ronaldinho by 4-5 in a match that the Brazilian star and split the role Neymar.

The midfielder Ronaldinho won his first game today, the young star Neymar and with three goals, was the architect of the victory at home by 4-5, Flamengo on Santos, from the twelfth day of the Brazilian Championship .

Flamengo, who trailed 0-3, went up the score on a night inspired by Ronaldinho, charged with three goals and put the Brazilian team in third place with 24 points, four behind leader Corinthians.

Borges striker opened the scoring and scored the second goal of Santos, which increased with Neymar in what is heralded as a win, but rapidly in the last minutes of the half the team from Rio de Janeiro reacted and got the equalizer part with goals from Ronaldinho, Thiago Neves and Deivid.

In the second half, Santos came back into the lead with another goal Neymar, but the star of the night, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, in a free throw and another play with the complicity of the defense ruled the victory of Flamengo.

With three goals, Ronaldinho went on to lead the scoring charts, which accumulates eight runs, two more than Borges, Santos, and Argentine Walter Montillo of Cruzeiro.

In the first half when Sao Paulo's team overcame a 3-2 port, Elano had the opportunity to increase the scoring with a penalty payment and redemption of the definition disastrous against Paraguay in the quarterfinals of the Copa America in Argentina.

This time, unlike the shot that went away from the goal and contributed to the elimination of the Brazil team, Elano the lackadaisical collection easily landed in the hands of goalkeeper Felipe.

With the loss, Santos, who have three games in the calendar, it is eleven points in the table. (via SPORT)

Barça strengthen global social commitment

Barça’s social commitment has taken on a further global character with the agreement signed today with The Gates Foundation to work towards eradicating Polio. Mr Gates expressed his personal satisfaction at working with the Club.

Barça launched another message of its social commitment today in Washington D.C. with the agreement with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to end the scourge of polio. The US philanthropist praised the Club’s commitment at an event where he was accompanied by Club President Sandro Rosell and first team coach Josep Guardiola.

Bill Gates, who is now dedicating his time completely to his foundation, praised Barça’s implication in social work: “they don’t just win out on the field, they also have their values off the pitch and those are values which we share” The Microsoft co-founder also called Guardiola “a genius” and had words of support for the Club’s commitment to its youth system and the Club’s singularity: “a foundation at a football club is really something out of the ordinary”.

Club President Sandro Rosell explained that the deal had been agreed a month ago and went on to return the praise the Club had received from Mr Gates: “I’d like to stress his intelligence, but even more than that, his humanity and his ability to invest in other people through his philanthropic works”.

Sr Rosell continued: “I would like to thank you in the name of the Club members for allowing us the opportunity to work with you”, whilst making it clear that the Club and its Foundation were prepared to work hand in hand with the Gates Foundation in other areas beyond the “More than a goal, End polio’ campaign. “It is a great honour to be able to lend a hand here” admitted the President, who also stressed the ability of football, and particularly the global position of the Club, to communicate positive messages to children.

Pep Guardiola echoed the President’s feelings about the power of the game, claiming: “we know that many millions of children throughout the world look to us and we have a great responsibility. When I see what is happening in places like Somalia, it makes me happy that I am at a club which promotes the values that ours does”, Andres Iniesta and Eric Abidal also attended the event which was widely covered by the US media. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bill Gates: "Guardiola is a genius"

The American tycoon Bill Gates owner of Microsoft, surrendered Thursday to Barca, and specifically to coach Pep Guardiola which said "it is a genius."

Barca starting their U.S. tour with one of several commitments set out in its agenda. Barca Nweseum visited on Thursday, where the club president, Sandro Rosell, and Bill Gates, cochair of the Bill & Melinda Gates, signed a new agreement to fight for eradicación of poliomyelitis.

This agreement, which will run for three years, aims to fight for the global eradication of this disease, despite having been reduced by 99% worldwide, still takes its toll on many children in countries like Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

"We have the opportunity to lift us with a great victory against polio, but we need strong and passionate voices join in the fight," said Bill Gates during the presentation of the agreement, which was also attended by Pep Guardiola and the players Andres Iniesta and Seydou Keita. "Barcelona's commitment to serve the social good sport for us to help mobilize support for vaccines," said the computer tycoon.

Along the same lines Sandro Rosell said in his speech that "sport is an effective way to reach children and youth, and can be used to benefit the health of people around the world." "Our partnership with the Gates Foundation reinforces our commitment of so many years to make a better world," remarked the leader FC Barcelona.

And this agreement is that the club undertakes to transfer images from your computer for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to conduct awareness-raising projects. In addition, the Catalan club will also unveil this new case fans and solidarity among members through social networks and during the announcements issued in the Nou Camp during games.

During the presentation they handed Guardiola Rosell and Bill Gates in a club shirt with the slogan "End Polio". (via SPORT)

Thiago, the scorer of the moment

With only 20 years, Thiago Alcantara is discovering this spring. 3 of the 4 goals as the Catalans have made this spring, bearing his signature.

Just uploaded the first team and is gaining attention. It's a unique player and unpredictable, is the best past and also the best spaces. The 3 goals he has scored this season, talk about an excellent technical level and also a great goalscorer.

Thiago Alcantara has been chosen as the best player in the Barca starred Audi Cup against Inter of Porto Alegre's first goal of the season 2011-2012. Result of a great strategic move very similar to that Xavi had starred in the final at Wembley, and let Thiago limpresa goalscorer.

In the final of the Copa Audi Barca left no one indifferent. He was the author of two goals that led Barca to become champion of the Audi Cup against Bayern Munich. The first head after being center Jonathan Soriano and the second on 71 minutes with a spectacular shot that beat Butt away and left the audience speechless.

Despite its prominence, Thiago stressed the importance of good team performance this season and the importance of victory in the tournament. "The most important is that the team is doing a very good job, every time works best and has won," he said. With Barca Cup Champion Audi 2011, and a U.S. tour that kicks just output will certainly Thiago Alcántara surprising. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Soriano, six to eight weeks off

Jonathan Soriano will not have to undergo surgery after the injury he suffered Wednesday in Munich. The Pont de Vilomara player will be sidelined for between one month and a half to eight weeks.

Jonathan Soriano undergoes further elongation of the right knee and anterior cruciate ligament. Recovery Treatment will be based on immobilization brace. The expected low period will be six to eight weeks. lesser evil has come forward this afternoon Manresa to Barcelona after spending the night in Germany. After overcoming various medical services medical tests have ruled out the Club surgery and have opted for conservative treatment. The injury may keep him away off the pitch between 45 and 60 days depending on the evolution of the injury. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Agreement with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

FC Barcelona, la Fundació FC Barcelona and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have announced a three year collaboration deal to help in the worldwide fight against polio.

Bill Gates, Co-President of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, together with the FC Barcelona President Sandro Rosell and first team coach Josep Guardiola, announced the agreement this Thursday at The Newseum in Washington, DC. Players Andrés Iniesta and Seydou Keita were also present.

Eradication of polio

The first year of the collaboration will centre on the eradication of polio, an illness which has been greatly reduced due to improvement in life saving vaccines. In the past the illness affected millions of children all over the world, but is now basically restricted to Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

FC Barcelona, with more than 18 million Facebook friends and millions of followers on Twitter has committed itself to encouraging its followers on the social networks to support the campaign and will also use publicity at the Camp Nou to highlight the importance of eradicating the disease through child vaccination to save millions of lives. In order to channel the fans’ support, Barça will use the slogan “More than a goal, let’s get rid of polio”, in a clear reference to the Club’s motto –“More than a Club”.

The collaboration with the Gates Foundation will allow images and videos of the Barça team to be used in the campaign. Both parts will combine their resources to finance the marketing and promotional activities at no cost to the campaign.

You can join the discussion at www.facebook.com/morethanagoal or at #morethanagoal on Twitter. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Xavi back in training on Friday

Xavi Hernández reckons he’s feeling fit and well and is over the physical problems that have kept him training apart for the start of the pre-season. The midfielder will join the rest of the squad in training this Friday.

“I had some problems with my Achilles tendon last year and I’ve had a few problems with my calf this year, so I have started the pre-season quite gently”, explained Xavi, adding that the work he’s been doing with the Club trainers so far this pre-season: “is to help prevent any injuries”.

Xavi will be training normally this Friday and also insisted: “I hope to take part in the next few games like any other squad player”. The first game the team face is against Manchester United on Saturday, just over two months since the two met in the Champions League final: “we were by far the better team at Wembley. We held onto the ball for the all the game apart from the first 10 minutes. Even Fergusson has admitted it –something which does him a great honour”.

With Xavi missing the first two pre-season games, Thiago has stepped up to the plate with some well received performances and Xavi agreed with the praise the youngster is receiving: “He has an excellent level, a special talent - he has a real spark that will definitely bring a lot to the team”.

Quizzed as to whether the young midfielder could fit into a Barça side if Cesc should join the Club, Xavi drew on his own experience, explaining: “I have suffered from comparisons at the Club, but the season is long and the more good players we have, the better”. That was an opinion shared by Piqué, who sat alongside Xavi in front of the media and claimed: “there’s plenty of competition in midfield and that is positive for the team as a whole”.

Both players were speaking at the press conference to present the game against United, with the Champions League trophy they won against Fergusson’s team alongside them. The local press expressed their admiration for Barça’s style of play and Xavi explained: “there is both mental speed and speed of execution in football. We work hard on the former at Barça. For us it is important to work at keeping hold of the ball and positioning on the pitch” – a tactical lesson that we all hope to see put into practice at the FedEx Field on Saturday against the Premier League champions. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Walk in the National Mall and work in the hotel gym

The squad spent their first morning in the States with a stroll around the National Mall in Washington D.C, followed by a work out in the Ritz Carlton gym.

The players were driven out towards the National Mall –a park area surrounding Capitol and the Washington Monument – but although their intention was to have a longer walk in the area, for security reasons they cut short their stroll in the rather close and humid conditions.

The squad then returned to their hotel to work out in the gym, with the players who had been involved in the Audi Cup final doing a little less than the rest of the players. Some of the other players enjoyed a casual game of basketball in the hotel’s sports hall, whilst Xavi and Puyol continued with their own specific fitness programmes.

The biggest challenge facing the players on a trip like this –Washington is six hours behind Barcelona –is jet lag, but with the Club having had plenty of experience in tours to the States, the procedures for helping the players minimise the effects are tried and tested. On Wednesday night before the flight for instance, the players ate a meal rich in carbohydrates to encourage sleep and indeed the Club doctors were prepared with medication to help any player who needed it to sleep and encouraged them to drink plenty of non-caffeine based liquids.

The arrival of the players at 5 in the morning local time allowed them to get some further rest, after which they had a protein rich breakfast to help them prepare for the first training session ahead of what is bound to be the longest day of the Tour. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Presented the demand against the board of Laporta

An action for damages against members of the board and former FC Barcelona is in progress. The club filed the lawsuit voted by the delegates at the last Assembly

FC Barcelona has officially exercised an action for damages against former club board, chaired by Joan Laporta. Through a public statement, the club announced on Thursday that has submitted to the Dean of the Courts of First Instance of Barcelona, ​​the lawsuit against Laporta policy, as agreed at the last Assembly of delegates.

Specifically, the FC Barcelona Laporta claims "and in a pooled among all board members lost" a quantity of 47.6 million euros in respect of the negative economic results during the previous meeting management. Also, the same claim is brought, by accumulation, "direct action" against the insurance company Zurich Insurance Plc worth 25 million euros since the previous board signed an insurance policy in the last days of his mandate , according to the club "to cover risks that are subject to demand accountability."

If the insurer meets this amount will be subtracted from the required 47.6 million to former executives. In any case, the entire contents of this application opens a normal procedure provided for in Articles 399 and following of the Law of Civil Procedure.

The board chaired by Sandro Rosell runs this way the process was voted by the electors of the club members on 16 October. That day, 468 of 1093 electors who were in the room voted in favor of filing suit against the board Laporta responded to it by the losses of the club during his seven years in office. 438 electors voted against the decision and threw out by only 30 votes. (via SPORT)

Messi: "Alexis will adapt quickly"

The crack Barca back to celebrate the incorporation of the 'Wonder Boy' and said he will have no problems assimilating the Barca game system

The Argentine Leo Messi on Thursday praised his new teammate at Barcelona Alexis Sanchez in the previous meeting that measured at the Thursday night the 'Friends of Messi' to the 'Friends of Salas', played in a charity match in Chile.

Messi has not clarified that personally dealt with the Chilean, but have all the time ahead. "As a person I do not know yet, but there will be time later," he said.

However, the Argentinian star himself who referred to the qualities of new signing Barca. "In Italy and the Chilean team and showed what he is capable," he said, adding the forecast of future performance in Barcelona. "I think it will be a great addition, it is a great signing for Barca," he said.

Aside from sports Alexis conditions, Messi praised Chilean options to adapt properly to the Barca game. "We play a game system that he knows. I think I will adapt quickly and he will do very well," he said. (via SPORT)

Galliani: "The price of Cesc is exorbitant"

It is Barca or Arsenal. Milan, with no chance of signing him, throw the towel over the signing of Cesc Fabregas ...

The Italian club's vice president Adriano Galliani admitted Thursday that the club can not afford to Lombard signing of midfielder Arenys "will not go into a fight with the club for him. The price is exorbitant. Not our objective."

Milan are looking for a replacement for Andrea Pirlo, calling at Juventus. Cesc ruled, one of their preferred candidates is the Fiorentina midfielder Riccardo Montolivo of. (via SPORT)

"Thiago and Cesc are compatible"

Thiago Alcántara all Barcelona has dazzled with his football. Including their own peers. Xavi Hernandez and Gerard Pique said Thursday the qualities of the squad

Thiago break the bank has made its appearance in the preseason of FC Barcelona. In addition to the team to throw back as an organizer, has scored three goals in four games: one to Internacional of Porto Alegre (2-2) and two more at Bayern Munich (0-2).

"Thiago has endless talent. It is a fantastic player. It has a spark that will bring us much," Xavi said in his joint press conference with Gerard Pique in Washington.

'6 'Barca did not spare praise for what many consider his successor in the future, but prefer not to compare with him: "I suffered a lot in his day when I compare myself with others, are never good. Everyone has a place here. The season is long and there are games for everyone, "he said. Xavi also does not believe that the emergence of Thiago is an obstacle to the club fiche Cesc: "The two are compatible."

Piqué: "Thiago know much and still has a lot to learn"

In the same line said Gerard Piqué: "Thiago know much at his age and still has much to learn. With him will be more competition, the level is very high."

With respect to Cesc, '3 'Barca said that "everything has a process signing. Cesc is very important for Arsenal. It is normal not to let him go. See if you can sign at the end," he said. (via SPORT)

Milito can end up in Independiente...

Gabriel Milito have many numbers to play in Argentina next season. Independiente Specifically, the club where he trained

Club de Avellaneda invest the percentage that has been matched by the transfer of 'Kun' Agüero to engage the City in central Barcelona, ​​about 4 million euros, according to our partner Jorge Lopez.

The player wants to Independent team he played for six seasons before signing for Zaragoza in 2003. Thus would end a four-year career at the club, club where he arrived in 2007.

Milito could travel to the Catalan capital shortly to negotiate its way out. (via SPORT)