28 July 2011

[Barça B] Femenía: "The selection is great reference in the world of football"

The new FC Barcelona B is clear that Spain is a favorite in the upcoming World Under-20 and admits that arrive with "the utmost humility to reach the top"

Also, Kiko Femenía assumed that following the success of the senior and U 21 have a very high standard. "Right now we know that Spain is the great reference in the world of football, but we must try to go out with the mindset of everyone who has the best quality. And then if we're lucky in the group, I am convinced that we will make a good World Cup.

The end of Barça considered low Muniesta last minute, Thiago Alcantara Montoya and Martin should not affect the performance of the U 20. "Those who have been in place they can do as well or better. It is true that very important are low, as demonstrated by playing a great European and Muniesa also know how good it is central. The important thing is not one or two players but the whole group, "admitted Alicante.

About their characteristics on the field, it is clear Femenía. "I'm more used to playing in the middle. I can do far left or far right, in all positions," he said. (via SPORT)

Alexis Sanchez: "I learned to play football in the street"

The new Barça player reviewed his football career and gave his first impressions after having signed for FC Barcelona on the program "Welcome, Alexis', which will be broadcast tonight at 23h on Barça TV.

Alexis, despite your youth, you already have an extensive curriculum, and you’ve played in both South America and Europe, although you started in the Chilean team Cobreloa. When and how did you start playing football?
"From an early age I liked football and I started with my friends in the neighbourhood, before we even had grass pitches: they were pure dirt pitches, and we got used to playing on them."

What do you remember about your first games with Cobreloa, where you debuted as a player?
"I played with older players, all my life I grew up playing with older kids. Sometimes I played up front, although I was very young, and they always kicked me. They kicked me because they couldn’t stop me and it motivated me even more."

Did you also watch matches on television, when you were little?
"I only played football, and didn’t watch matches on television. I enjoyed playing, I didn’t like watching football matches. I just liked to play, and and that they might watch me".

What time do you remember as one of the happiest of your childhood?
"I think it’s when I told my family that I wanted to be a professional football player, and I ended up realising that dream."

Where do you think you’ve learned most as a player?
"I think I've learned most playing in the street and the neighbourhood games, as in South America a lot of football is played like that. Other than that, I think that both championships and trips also teach you a lot".

Why did you start playing football and decide this was the sport for you?
"Every time I started a game of football I forgot all my problems and I enjoyed myself with my teammates on the pitch".

At 22, you can already say you've played for five different clubs: Cobreloa, Colo-Colo, River Plate and, in Europe, Udinese, and now FC Barcelona. How would you describe your evolution in the world of football?
"I always said: "I have to take it step by step" and, until today, it’s been the case. I never move directly from a small team to a bigger one. I always had to fight for my place in the side and finally get to go to a great team as I have done now, to Barcelona."

How do you compare football now that you're a professional player, to when you played as a child?
"I always think of football as a game, but never forgetting that it entails responsibility. I love to take more responsibility, although I’m still the same player as when I was five or ten years old, I’m still enjoying myself on the pitch".

Having always played in South America, you got the offer to come to Europe in 2007. Despite your youth, you accepted the challenge. It must have been a great challenge for you...
"I like to dare myself to do difficult things, and I decided to come here because I thought that if everyone thought that it was so difficult, I wanted to fight so that it would become easier for me and I might enjoy myself. Thanks to this I had a good championship."

In fact, you have had good championships and this has propelled you towards big clubs. What do you think has been the key to your professional success?
"I think I always had faith that I would get to a big club, be one of the best and win championships with whichever club I may be at".

Just lately you’ve been at the Copa America, with Chile and Marcelo Bielsa. What has he taught you about the world of football?
"I think I learned a lot from the "Profe", and I think he left his mark both in Chile and the rest of the world. I learned a lot with him, I would have never thought I’d learn as much as I did".

The day of your presentation, in the press conference, you said you wanted to learn from your new teammates. Do you often do that?
"I always try to learn from all my teammates. If I see a good move and I like it, and it’s another player who does it, I practice it until I get it right."

On that same day you met Pep Guardiola. What do you think of him?
"I haven’t spoken much with him, but I think he wants to win, and win everything. Not only that, but he wants to do it playing good football, which is how Barça plays."

Here you’ll be wearing the number 9 shirt, is it the position where you are most comfortable?
"I’ve played in all three forward positions, both in the middle and on the left and right. I can adapt to all three positions. Messi wears number 10 and plays as a striker, just like a number 9. Here, it doesn’t matter the number you wear or the position you play in, because in the end everybody changes position all the time."

It’s been said that you can bring things that the team hasn’t had up to now. How do you feel after having signed for FC Barcelona?
"If they need me, I’ll give them everything I can. I feel well supported and with a responsibility at the same time, because I want to leave the name of Chile well positioned."

How would you define Alexis Sanchez away from the football pitch?
"I’m shy and don’t like to go out a lot, I prefer to be at home, watch movies ... but, above all, I want to come onto the pitch and receive the ball". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The 'moc moc' of Pique and Puyol

Gerard Piqué informed at all times of the steps the first team of FC Barcelona

For the fans are all familiar with Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol on Twitter. Both messages are exchanged and posted information about her footsteps. This time, the team traveled to Whashington and Pique went on a picture message. "I spend a Oooooohhh to all! We are going (some would say I know) to Guasinton! Moc moc."

Nothing more land in the United States, both reported their arrival to America and Puyol wrote: "We're in Washington, you can ask @ 3gerardpique happened during the flight ... Ooohhh! Moc moc." Genius and it figures... (via SPORT)

Guardiola: “Whoever we play, we’re a recognisable team”

Josep Guardiola is satisfied that despite using so many reserve players, Barça stayed faithful to their style. “We came to play football and we did it”, he said.

FC Barcelona qualified for the final of the Audi Cup after beating Internacional on penalties. The manager was pleased with the way things had gone, and said “I’m proud of how we played with so many reserve players. We came to play football and we did it.”

Full confidence

Guardiola then explained that “I feel trust in all my players because they are all good. I just have to put them in the right places to play. The younger ones must have a bit of patience and show what they can do, which is a lot.” He singled out Thiago as “a different player” and said Jonathan Dos Santos “always does very well”.

Busquets at centre back

On playing Sergio Busquets at centre back, the coach said he did so because he’s a player “that makes the team reliable” and explained that he is missing players in that position. “I haven’t got Mascherano, Milito, Puyol, Piqué, Muniesa, Bartra or Sergi Gómez” he said.

The Supercup

Asked what condition Barça are in to play the Supercup with Real Madrid, all the boss would say was “it’s important to do well with whatever players are available. This competition tends to come just in the nick of time”.

Negotiations for Alexis

On new signing Alexis Sánchez, Guardiola said “he was a player we all wanted. The fundamental reason he has come is because he wanted to, because of the player’s own desire, and because Barça has negotiated very well.”

As for the idea of coming back to the Allianz Arena to play in the Champions League final, he said “it’s too much of a fantasy to think about that. There are lots of good teams who want to and can play in that final. Simple desire is not enough.”

David Villa also spoke about how well some of the youth players had performed. Here are some of his statements:


“It is wonderful to watch some of the youth players. They are the result of a lot of hard work with the youth system.”

“Internacional is a good team with a strong history. We are just starting our season and we have other objectives than just winning.”

“Set plays are an important part of our game and they gave us a good result in the first goal.”

“When the competitions start we’ll be ready in every way.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bill Gates bets on Barça

FCB Foundation provides a giant step forward with its agreement with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Fundació FC Barcelona will on Thursday in Washington a giant step in its consolidation as one of the organizations of a more supportive and attractive media internationally. Taking into account that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is considered the world's largest, with budgets that handle around 17 million euros, about 7 million FCB Foundation, the alliance will be signed on Thursday the capital of the United States between the two is mostly based on the attractiveness multiplier effect of Barca , the universal values ​​it represents are those who have drawn the attention of Empire solidarity Bill Gates , considered one of the largest fortunes of the history.

Bill Gates himself, who appears only rarely in front of such acts, presented by the Barca president Sandro Rosell this agreement as unique and special three-year joint work and the front of the health care and fitness focused on children and adolescents around the world.

The overall strength achieved by the FC Barcelona is one that caught the attention of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which will invest in the next few years large quantities of global eradication of some diseases, including malaria, one of the most punishing strokes Africa and some Asian countries. The ambitious campaign dubbed the 'decade of the vaccines'-by 2020 is expected to end malaria by vaccination withthe really effectively, FC Barcelona will participate as an active agent.

The first year will be developed on all aspects and broadcast media in favor of this major operation, a year in which both concrete foundations actions siguientesmediante decampomásconcretas of the two training programs in health and values ​​through sport, land on which the FC Barcelona Foundation particular its growing work of social responsibility. FCB Foundation, which a year ago the vice president presides Ramon Pont and directs Josep Cortada has opted to act locally with own funds, from 0.7% of revenue, their regular sponsors and contributions (0 , 5%) from a year ago and technicians donate professional sports club, and globally with specific firms sponsor and each of their projects outside of Catalonia , an area that the Foundation considers its priority in the direct action of solidarity against .

A strategy well defined and a balance that captivated the B & M Gates Foundation when FC Barcelona seriously considered abandoning the collaborations in which he had participated in the fight against Malaria and open the door to a wide agreement and true joint effort between a banking giant as the foundation of the millionaire creator of Microsoft and the power and magnetism of a club like Barca and internationally can also be considered more than a club.

The visibility that you just have these 10 titles in the last three years and convertirldo the best team in history, both in football and their social identity as so different, is what has captivated millions of fans around the world and Bill Gates himself, who did not hesitate a second to the ability to go hand in hand with Barça. A goal for the world in which intervene on Thursday, with Rosell, coach Pep Guardiola and two players, Iniesta and Keita. (via MD)

They celebrate Pedro's birthday in the air

Pedro celebrated his 24 cunmpleaños on the plane with cupcakes for all his mates

The flight took Barca issue for the United States was enlivened with the best party possible: the birthday of Pedro. The canary winger celebrated its 24 th anniversary on board the plane with the rest of his teammates.

The party did not wait and as soon as they arrived at 00:00 hours the crew served cupcakes to everyone could congratulate Barça. Undoubtedly one of the anecdotes of a long journey in which, later, the Catalans players would fall rendered. (via SPORT)

Barça touchdown in D.C.

After a nine-hour flight, the Barça expedition has arrived in Washington D.C. at the start of their nine day US Tour.

The party flew out of Munich airport straight after taking the Audi Cup with their win over Bayern and indeed the schedule for the flight was so tight that a number of fans and other members of the group had to leave the game at half time to get to the airport in time for their check in.

The squad and the accompanying press corps were the last passengers to embark and the plane took off for the States, arriving in Washington at 03.15 local time . There’s a long day ahead for the squad, with a gentle training session and then a press conference to present the game against Manchester United both scheduled for the first day of the Tour. There will also be the signing of an agreement with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the inauguration of the Penya de Washington DC.

The squad flew out on the same Turkish Airlines plane as for the Champions League final in London in May, and the Club sponsor has also given its name to the Tour –The Turkish Airlines US Tour 2011. The players were thus able to enjoy the maximum possible comfort during their flight, as they began the nine day tour which will take them to three US cities, before they return to prepare for the Spanish Super Cup.

The summer of Thiago

Neither Neymar or Kun or Cesc . This is Thiago's summer. Yesterday was the hero at Munich . In Munich. But it all started when they wanted to cede place. He resisted. Was renewed. He won the European with the Spanish Under-21 and scored a decisive goal. He's started all three preseason games and Catalans, with three goals, leading scorer. Yesterday in Munich, he scored a goal. Thiago has won the '4 ' in three games with three goals before the international and Bayern . If Cesc ask 45 million, how much is today Thiago?.

The Blaugrana youth player has the quality, the nerve and scoring enough to win the club. Cesc is now cheaper because all the arguments that were used to make room for l Arenys and displace Thiago not work. In the end, everyone has seen clearly the power of this kid desacomplejado. Those who were critical in the most delicate moments now say that is compatible with Cesc. Sure, like everyone else.

Thiago has two features that complement an explosive mix: the foundations of a squad of Barcelona and Brazilian genes. And he has a goal, a long goal, and that in a '4 'is a value today, much appreciated.

It is early, it's true. He's young, yes. Thiago But, today, excited to Barcelona. You have to take care of this gem. And other homegrown much projection. Munich Barca pressure trying to look good, but only the first part of his players wanted to drive the ball too. They are taking the first steps, but before the 'Ferragosto' This Indian summer has a name and is crack: Thiago. FC Barcelona already has a little genius you have to look mature among all. (via MD)

Tactical Cesc to force their transfer to Barça

Arsenal captain will meet in the next hour to say that Wenger is not happy at the club 'gunner' and force a move to Barca

Cesc Fabregas faces a tougher test of his career: to ask face to face his father's sport, Arsène Wenger , who let him go as the Arsenal with destination to Barca . Alsatian coach said a few weeks ago that the only way that Fabregas could leave would he say "she is not happy at Arsenal." That is precisely where the midfielder Arenys has a way to touch a chord Wenger: let it clear to keep playing for Arsenal, without much prospect of winning titles, not far from happy. And instead, what we would do would be immensely happy to return to his home club, FC Barcelona, ​​to aspire to win all the cups are put on each season.

If Cesc does that, and keeps his word Wenger, the Arsenal exit door begin to open for Catalan. In addition, if you tell your trainer reinforces that if you do not let out will continue standing, even better. One tactic, much as Guardiola says he does not like, the player is applying to the letter, since I returned from vacation has not trained with his teammates on the grounds that even a sore muscle prevented him from attending the tour made the team 'gunner' in Asia.

In principle, that is why Cesc is working with Sol Campbell , who at 36 is without a team than Arsenal and allows you to use their facilities as their past deference 'gunner'. Yesterday, Cesc hung a picture on your twitter with the England defender. What they expect is that the Catalans brief, via twitter or orally, to communicate that has convinced Wenger. Should be tightened because the FC Barcelona wants him but not at any price. (via MD)

The night of Saint...Thiago

THIAGO He led Barca, scored two goals to make it Pichichi team and again finished as MVP

Thiago Alcántara naturally assumed responsibility for moving the team when Iniesta is blocked and does masterfully despite being only 20 years and recently just released the first team sheet. Yesterday, as the first match against Internacional of Porto Alegre , the midfielder sent, thrashed and was elected MVP of the game.

Thiago is the perfect complement to both make Xavi as Iniesta. But also known as a place '9 '. Yesterday he did with danger on several occasions, dropped the band knew, sort, attracting marking ... He did everything right. Still adorns a little but is a player who has matured into a huge summer-renewal, EuropeoSub 21, go to the first team. Moreover, without a personal touch that makes it different from the rest, would not be Thiago.

It's Pichichi of Barca this season, added three goals in three games. The goal is a quality which has increased its price, especially if a player can play against a Bayern Munich and at home without any complex. Three goals, the best in the tournament, when everything pointed to that would be the signing Cesc, Thiago has emerged as the crack of summer, strengthening and revelation. A three in one out of La Masia and zero cost.

The first goal, Thiago showed their attitude coming to the end of the play to the center measured Jonathan Soriano . Although not noted for their height, Thiago flew above the Bayern defense and hit a header goal unattainable for Germany.

In the second, a masterpiece in the style of the European Under 21 final, Thiago was supported Afellay , combined perfect, and nothing else mark-type Villa at Wembley with a thread impossible for the goalkeeper, he thanked the 'Ibi 'with a wave of partner to rise above that player, maybe a few months or a year, was more self-conscious. In just over a week with the first team sheet, and details like to thank Afellay pass, Thiago has been shown to have assumed that Guardiola expected of him as a player and person.

Being true to himself, but always thinking in the collective. Such is the greatness of this club, it is even able to mold to the potential divas like Thiago. Brazilian midfielder took a step forward yesterday, only one, on their way to be someone in football. (via MD)

The tour begins with the agreement with the Foundation Bill Gates

Barca wanted to provide a strong and supportive institutional content to their tour of U.S. and today will open the day with two major events

FC Barcelona and its Foundation will open its institutional agenda of the U.S. tour with an event as significant as the presentation of the agreement with the Gates Foundation Bill & Bellinda.

The club wanted to care for the appearance of solidarity as much as U.S. sports his journey. Hence the representation in this first act in Washington DC is the maximum range, with the president Sandro Rosell, Josep Guardiola coach and first team players and Andrés Iniesta Seydou Keita.

Will Bill Gates himself who heads the delegation from his charitable foundation, under the premise that every life has equal value, aims to promote models of healthy and productive life. Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder and now considered by the magazine 'Forbes does the second richest man in the world, decided after 2006 to promote his wife Melinda the foundation that has earned him numerous awards such as the Prince of Asturias Award international cooperation.

Leaders Barcelona closed the first day in Washington with the official opening of the PB of Washington, which has been operational since a few months and brings together many of the Barca in the U.S. capital. (via SPORT)

The agenda
Thursday, 28
00.20 * h. Departure for Washington.
9.40 * h. Arrive and transfer to Hotel Washington concentration.
17.30 * h. Press conference by Josep Guardiola.
20.30 * h. Announcement according to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with the presence of Bill Gates, Sandro Rosell and two players.
00.00 * h. Official opening of the PB of Washington.
(*) Time of Barcelona.

Ferguson recommends Wnger sell Cesc

The exit of that of Arenys toward Barça is considered unavoidable from all the environments of the world of the soccer

Arsène Wenger's stubbornness to try to keep Cesc Fabregas at Arsenal for another season continues to amaze football in all areas, including rivals. Leaving aside the citizen engagement with Totthenham, Manchester United is the main enemy sporting supremacy in the Premier League and English as the main exponent in Europe. His manager, Alex Ferguson, has a great reputation and tremendous experience in solving thorny costume cases and recommended to Wenger that the best solution is to sell Cesc Fabregas.

Asked about the awkward situation of Arenys, who is still training with his colleagues and insisted on leaving the club, Ferguson replied that "there comes a point where I really do not want to stay a player in these circumstances." The Scot knows that retain a player against his will only take problems and understand that the transfer is the only way to move forward.

Of course, Ferguson said that the desire to leave Arsenal Cesc does not mean they feel a special attachment to the entity `GUNN, but it is a sporting challenge and very respectable staff. The coach of the Red Devils 'Compare the case of Fabregas with whom he lived in his flesh when he negotiated his departure Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid for the Gunners' fans do you understand the decision of its captain. "Cristiano was not unhappy at United, it never was. Simply called the Real Madrid and it was very important to him because he had always wanted to play there, "he said.

The cycle of Cesc Fabregas at Arsenal after eight years at the club, and Ferguson is running again see a parallel with the departure of Christian: "We had six years to Ronaldo and one extra for him after disappointing results have to stay when you first received the interest from Real Madrid. "
Cesc has already met this season the extra year after last summer expressed their desire to sign for Barça. A second season in the team without being identified with Wenger sports project can only be detrimental to everyone. Therefore, the only way the transfer should be as with Christian with Manchester United or, earlier, as did the French coach himself with his own Thierry Henry.

Cesc's manager, Darren Dein, and lived the experience of negotiating the departure of Henry ry morning should be a key figure in the game that the player remain in the offices of the Arsenal Wenger and chief executive, Ivan Gazidis. Although some media pointed to yesterday's meeting could take place, it was impossible since Dein was in New York and is now scheduled to return to London. Tomorrow has to be next to his client and also Henry, who participates with the New York Red Bull in the tournament at the Emirates this weekend. (via SPORT)

Alexis, summoned for the friendly against France on 10-A

The agenda of Alexis Sanchez in his early days as Barca is almost as stressful as the negotiations that led to his signing, after being introduced, he flew to Chile to finish their holidays and when he returns from his country would only spend a day in Barcelona before to travel again, this time to join the concentration of your choice

Chile will take the time FIFA `To play a friendly against France on August 10 in Montpellier, and the Chilean national team coach, Claudio Borghi, confirmed yesterday that the new player with the club.
So, Alexis must travel at least a day earlier, on Tuesday August 9, Montpellier, 340 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​a relatively comfortable journey by road.

Coach, Borghi, had already confirmed that Alexis will "because it is the only one having problems" difficult to combine schedules with their club. "But, Alexis will be in the friendly." Borghi mentioned that after the Copa America, "we provided the club" players and "they who decide," and added his satisfaction that "Guardiola has said that the holidays are as important as work, because hen I said I wanted to kill me with Fernandez. "

Alexis Sanchez arrive at the first official match of course, August 14 at the Bernabeu, with just three workouts with Barca.

Popular prices for Gamper of this year

Members and fans can now get the tickets for the Joan Gamper Trophy. Napoli will be the rival of this issue

Now offered for sale for the match to be played for FC Barcelona and Napoli on Monday August 22 to mark the Trofeo Joan Gamper.

The meeting will help the Barcelona 2011-12 is presented ahead of his own and the partners and families can enjoy low cost.

Prices for the general public range from 9 to 74 euros, while members enjoy a 25% discount, in this case prices will move between 7 and 56 euros. The club also wanted to emphasize the family fun and historically has had the Gamper.

That's why the club has prepared a special promotion for families Barca. So for the purchase of an adult ticket, children under 14 who are members will have free admission, while those who are not will enjoy 50% of the price of admission.

This promotion is valid over 5,000 entries, and may only be made effective at the desk of Camp Nou. From now until the day of battle, members and fans may wish to buy his town to attend the game and the Fiesta del Gamper.

The meeting will be held on August 22 and will feature some special events relating to the nature of Gamper, a tournament that was historically the first contact between the partner and the team. This time is scheduled to take place at 19.45 at the Camp Nou Barcelona official presentation of 2011-12. This was announced over the loudspeaker the names of all the players who will be part of the fourth draft Barca Guardiola on the bench.

Alexis and Cesc, if finally confirmed the return of the prodigal son could be the stars of the team's presentation. After the presentation of the template, the meeting will start at 20.30.

This year the Camp Nou, however, and have had the opportunity to see her family before Gamper occasion of the return of the Super Cup. Guardiola's first play at the Bernabeu on day 14 and receive the set target in the Nou Camp 17. If Barça was proclaimed champion of the Supercopa of Spain, Gamper may also serve to honor the champions. (via SPORT)

[Rating; Preseason Match] Bayern Munich - FC Barcelona (0-2)

Víctor Valdès 9, Jonathan Dos Santos 8, Sergio Busquets 8, Andreu Fontàs 7, Maxwell 6, Seidou Keita 7, Thiago Alcántara 9, Andrés Iniesta 8, Pedro 6, Jonathan Soriano 7, David Villa 7.

José Manuel Pinto 7, Jeffren Suárez 7, Martí Riverola 7, Ibrahim Afellay 7 Isaac Cuenca 7, Gerard Piqué 7, Carmona 7, Armando 7. (via SPORT)

Barça heading for the USA

The F C Barcelona has direct bearing to the airport he finished the match in the Allianz Arena . The expedition will take a plane that Barca will take you directly to the United States where they will continue their preseason tour.

The only exceptions are some players like Carmona or Masip by the possible low Soriano , injured in the match against Bayern Munich that will be made ​​Barcelona again. (via MD)

Alexis will be trained during their vacation

Chilean Alexis Sanchez footballer decided to train during their holiday, ahead of their debut at his new club, FC Barcelona

The Chilean, who rejected pay better options just to be at the Catalan club, practice done only in the training center of the national team in Santiago, Chile.

"You know where Sanchez today? You Pinto Durán, alone. And some of it, no one called him to train," he told the coach, the Argentine Claudio Borghi.

Sanchez should return to Barcelona on August 8 to join his new team, although he offered not to go on vacation and had to be Pep Guardiola who curbed his intentions. (via SPORT)

Alexis is now in Chile, to recover

The splendid player of Barça, Alexis Sánchez, arrived in his native Chile where will rest two weeks before being reinstated to the discipline culé

Alexis Sanchez arrived in Santiago de Chile on 14:00 (Spanish time, 8:00 local time). The player will remain at home the next two weeks to rest before returning to Barca, who joined the team for just a few days ago. Apparently, to our knowledge through the Chilean newspaper "La Tercera", Santiago Airport did not register much excitement and so there were only two fans and some media waiting for the player. However, out the side door of the terminal for security reasons. Alexis return to Barcelona in about ten days since the August 8 should arrive at the Nou Camp to train for the first time with their new friends and joining it to preseason Guardiola. Although it is not official, it seems that the Tocopilla could debut Aug. 14 in the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain that will take place at the Bernabeu. (via SPORT)

Alexis and Ronaldo, commercial new conflict

Both are part of the commercial image of the sports brand Nike and it seems that this upcoming season is approaching another rivalry

"With his arrival at Barcelona obviously its impact and relevance becomes more important, and could be the image of a global campaign," said Jorge Jaqueih, head of advertising for Nike in Chile, says the Chilean newspaper "La Third '.

Jaqueih clarified that "is not to arrive and put Sanchez in a campaign worldwide. To get to that many things must pass, as its performance is outstanding in the club. But obviously playing the best club in the world right time, you open up a number of possibilities. If you do well in a year or so to make him consider global campaigns. "

Regarding his contract with the sports brand, Jaqueih admits that "we worked with him before his debut in Cobreloa. We have followed all its evolution, but obviously with this new step in his career links are reviewed, and readapting are the new status that is taking as a player, but it depends on their performance. I can not tell until years have a contract with him, but I can confirm that even beyond the World Cup Brazil 2014. "

Thus opens a new battle between Barcelona and Madrid. This time, commercial. This time, between Alexis and Cristiano Ronaldo. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "This is the way to compete well all year"

Guardiola highly values this first major test of the season. Despite being a friendly, Barça’s rival in the final was one of Europe’s top teams, and because of this the Barça manager believes that "the performance was very good".

At this stage, at the start of the preseason, winning or losing games or tournaments is "secondary" for Pep Guardiola. He acknowledged this once the game with Bayern Munich was over and they had won the Audi Cup. In this way Guardiola takes from these two days in Munich the fact that he has had the opportunity to "play the games with players who I haven’t seen. Everyone has met our performance requirements, and we have been faithful to our style".

Guardiola congratulated the organisers of the tournament for the quality of the teams taking part: Internacional of Porto Alegre, Bayern Munich and Milan, making it "fantastic" for him. He stressed that "it’s really good for us to play from the start against such top level teams”.

Another of the conclusions drawn by Guardiola is the style of play of these days "it’s the way to compete well all year", and he knows that on the road to follow "the best thing is to go bit by bit and do the right things in every game".

Thiago, with two goals in the final, was named 'Best Player of the game’, a trophy he repeated since he also won the award in the match against Internacional of Porto Alegre. Guardiola recognised that "Thiago is a special player. He wants a career in this world and we’re fortunate that we’ve produced another player in-house". But he stressed that Thiago is just another first team player, and during the season "there will be space and time for everything, and in this area he has to win his place in the team".

Guardiola didn’t want to forget about the other youngsters who took part and especially mentioned Jonathan Soriano, who has to return to Barcelona, injured. The manager also emphasised the fact that these players have had the chance to play "in front of 70,000 people. It’s a great experience for them". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Jonathan Soriano lost the tour

Barca striker suffered an injury to the posterior cruciate ligament in his right knee and returned to Barcelona to assess the extent of the injury.

Jonathan Soriano can not travel with his teammates on the U.S. tour. The Pont de Vilomara player has an injury to the posterior cruciate ligament in his right knee and Wednesday night will return to Barcelona where you will be more tests. Soriano had played in three preseason games.

Armando and Espinosa, the tour
Although not planned, and Javi Lozano Armando Espinosa viatjaran finally to the United States to participate in the tour. On the other hand i Oriol Rosell Gustavo Ledesma also return to Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Washington DC: high level agenda

After the Audi Cup, FC Barcelona's next destination is Washington DC, with an agenda full of solidarity, social, and institutional events, highlighting the values and identity of the Club. Sandro Rosell will join up with Barça’s tour there.

The capital of the United States is the first stop of the U.S. tour. For the third time in the last four years, Barça are going to the U.S., where, over and above the usual football activities (the match against Manchester United is the most important of the tour), there’ll be a series of partnership agreements, press conferences and working meetings, affecting different areas of FC Barcelona. In some of these events, Sandro Rosell, FC Barcelona President, and Antoni Rossich, General Manager, who will join the Barça tour in Washington DC, will also be present.

One of the events with most international projection will be with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Newseum, where the agreement with FC Barcelona Foundation in the fight to eradicate polio will be the principal objective. Working ties will also be established for the coming years. The presence of Bill Gates is expected at the event, together with Sandro Rosell, Pep Guardiola, and the first team players Seydou Keita and Iniesta.

On Friday afternoon, representatives of FC Barcelona will attend the gala dinner organized and hosted by the Red Skins, owners of the Fed Ex Field Stadium, where Barça will play against Manchester United. Apart from the joint press conference with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the directors of the FC Barcelona Foundation also have working meetings with other social work organizations. This is the case of the U.S. Soccer Foundation and the InterAmerican Development Bank, where director Ramon Pont, and General Manager of the Foundation, Josep Cortada, will work to define and strengthen alliances.

After the game against Manchester United, Barça’s opponent in the CL Final at Wembley, and reigning champions of the Premier League, Barça will stay on one more day in the U.S. capital. It will be a day when we will be able to see Pep Guardiola and Andoni Zubizarreta relive, albeit briefly, their times as players. Both will take part in a charity match at Kastles Stadium, organized by former player Mia Hamm, the U.S. ambassador for FC Barcelona. It is also expected that Kobe Bryant, the Lakers player and self-proclaimed Barça fan, will take part in this charity match, and will meet some of Pep Guardiola’s players, at an event organized by Turkish Airlines.

Also with the Washington Supporters Club
Barça’s institutional agenda will also include a meeting with supporters. There will be visit to the headquarters of the Washington DC Supporters Club, founded at the end of 2009, which brings together Barça fans from the U.S. capital. On that Thursday evening Vice President Jordi Cardoner, Director of the Social Area, will head up the Barça delegation. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Preseason Match; Audi Cup] Bayern Munich 0 - 2 FC Barcelona

Barça beat Bayern Munich 2-0 and won their first trophy of the season. Two goals from Thiago Alcantara in the 41st and the 74th minutes decided a game that Barça dominated from the start.

There are no friendlies for Barça. This Tuesday, in the final against Bayern Munich, once again Barça captivated the Allianz Arena, showing that their style, despite missing several key players, remains intact. Possession and control of the game, Guardiola’s players best weapons, and 2 goals from Thiago, sealed the victory.

Barça created more chances, and the first to shoot at the goal defended by Jens Butt was David Villa. The Barça number 7 had 2 free-kicks from central positions that failed to find the back of the net. The first was pushed out by Butt and the second went just wide of the mark. A while later, in the 32nd minute, he had another chance, again saved by Butt. In minute 38, Valdes was called on to save from David Alaba, who was unable to beat the Barça keeper in a 1 on 1 situation.

The first goalscorer was not one of the strikers. Part of Barca’s greatness is that the midfield players get into many attacking positions, and the player who took most advantage was Thiago Alcantara. In the 41st minute Thiago headed in a cross from the left by Jonathan Soriano, who later had to be replaced due to injury, putting Barça 1-0 ahead, the score remaining the same until half-time.

In the second half the game’s dynamics were no different from the first. The Barça performance and workrate was just the same, and although Bayern enjoyed slightly more possession, Barça were in total control of the game. There were fewer chances, but Thiago managed to convert one of them. In the 74th minute he played a 1-2 with Afellay, and scored with a fantastic shot, well placed, into the top corner of Butt’s goal to make it 2-0. From then until the end Barça didn’t suffer too much and reached their objective of becoming Champions of the second edition of the Audi Cup.

[Technical Data]
Bayern Munich: Butt; Rafinha, Badstuber, Luiz Gustavo, Contento; Pranjic, Alaba, Boateng, Usami; Olic y Petersen. También jugaron Tymoshchuk, Schweinsteiger, Mario Gómez, Kroos, Müller.

FC Barcelona: Valdés; Jonathan dos Santos, Fontàs, Busquets, Maxwell; Keita, Thiago, Iniesta; Pedro, Jonathan Soriano y Villa. También jugaron Pinto, Jeffren, Afellay, Riverola, Cuenca, Piqué, Carmona, Armando.

Goals: 0-1, m.42: Thiago Alcántara. 0-2, m.75: Thiago Alcántara.

Referee: Wolfgang Stark (GER)

Incidents: 66,000 spectators filled the stands of the Allianz Arena in Munich in the final of the Copa Audi. Before the match we observed a minute's silence in memory of victims of the attacks in Norway. In 65 minutes Jonathan Soriano had to be removed on a stretcher after an action Tymoshchuk. Thiago Alcantara was voted player of the match.