26 July 2011

Araujo, sought by Barça, lands in Barcelona

Barca wants loan with option to buy foguearlo in the subsidiary and, if convinced this season will become the property

Sergio Araujo, the new Argentine football talent, landed last night by the staff of Boca Juniors to play tomorrow in Barcelona Ciutat de Barcelona Trophy against Espanyol. The new Kun, to its style and stamp compared Argentine fans may be the next bet the club. This potential is no longer a hypothesis and becomes a reality it is imperative that the leaders 'Boca Juniors' to accept a negotiation on the terms he wants Barca. The austerity policy boss in the Catalan club, and if it affects even the first team, even more so when talking about possible reinforcements for the subsidiary, as with Araujo.

In the offices of the Camp Nou value Araujo as a player of obvious potential, but can not crack at all when pricing since its debut in the Boca first team two years ago has only been involved in a dozen games with the auriazul older. Therefore, when speaking of an assessment by Boca was going 10 to the 15 million euros, Araujo had no chance of entering the roadmap culé.

Now, however, the basis of negotiation would be an assignment option, probably a symbolic compensation. If the player confirmed expectations with their performance on the Mini itself then the club would exercise that option, which could be around 10 million euros. Araujo could have occasional opportunities in the first Barça, candy for any player in the world.

Barca have planned to talk with Boca and forward 19 years taking advantage of the arrival of Argentine club to play tomorrow at Cornell. The expedition xeneize staying at the Hotel Hesperia Tower, first stop on the tour of Europe in the coming days will bring you to London, where the next weekend's Emirates Cup Boca played against the host Arsenal and Paris Saint Germain.

Julio Cesar Falcioni, coach of Boca, is due to give more prominence this season Araujo after the withdrawal of Martin Palermo. Or so they say in Boca environment, although since the debut in December 2009, the young striker, who moves across the front of the attack, has certainly had much lower role in the selections from Argentina with your club. Today there may be new. (via MD)

The team is already in Munich

Barca's players are already in Munich, where this afternoon from the Audi Cup. Internacional of Porto Alegre will be the first opponent of the Catalans in the competition prior to the start of the Turkish Airlines U.S. Tour 2011.

FC Barcelona is now in Germany. The plane landed at 11.15 am at the Joseph Strauss airport in Munich . Two hours of pleasure flight and 1095 miles later, the expedition has come to Barca in the Bavarian town that has welcomed some time.

A total of 135 people that Barca are the issue has moved to Munich and then travel to U.S. for The Turkish Airlines U.S. Tour 2011 . For the 28 players (16 first team and 12 of the subsidiary), technicians and staff joined the Vice Josep Maria Bartomeu and Jordi Cardona, Josep Ramon managers Vidal-Abarca, Ramon Puente and Didac Lee and sporting director of professional football, Andoni Zubizarreta . Club employees, journalists and 20 completed the procession Barcelona fans. Only team players Gustavo Armando Espinosa and return to Barcelona after the tour Germany.

Once landed, the team has moved into the hotel where he remained until some time before the match between the Guardiola's men to Internacional of Porto Alegre in the first of two semifinals of the Audi Cup. Moreover, Milan and Bayern Munich also will vie for berth in the final of the competition would be disputed on Wednesday at 20.30. The match for third place will be played on Wednesday at 18.15 pm.

Once the Audi Cup , Barcelona began the expedition from the Munich Turkish Airlines U.S. Tour 2011 which will lead to FC Barcelona in the U.S. cities of Washington, Dallas and Miami . FC Barcelona will travel to the United States with Turkish Airlines plane that used to return from London with the Champions League Wembley . The Boeing 777 is printed with the image of the first team players. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

iPhone application "FCB Watch" launched

FCB Watch app is now available. Wherever you are, find the nearest place to watch the match! (via FCB twitter)


Alexis, the Chilean number 30

Alexis Sanchez's arrival to the league makes either 30 Chileans who have played in the Spanish top flight since its inception

As recorded by the portal ferplei.com the list of Chilean Primera Division initiated Ortúzar Higinio midfielder, who despite being born in Santiago de Chile, he played for Athletic Club from 1939 to 1943 and later in Valencia until 1947.

Ortúzar was the pioneer and most successful Chilean won in Spain, three league titles and one Copa del Rey, and the only one who would have a league title until the arrival sixty years after his countryman Ivan Zamorano. In between more than two dozen Chilean played in Spain, Guillermo Diaz (Zaragoza) and Jaime Ramirez (Espanyol), in the fifties, or the legendary Carlos Caszely (Levante Espanyol), who along with Gabriel Galleguillos (Salamanca ) and Fernando Carvallo (Cádiz) played in the seventies in Spain.

In the eighties and nineties was increasing the number of Chileans in the league, all-stressed from Zamorano scoring for Sevilla and Real Madrid, where he landed a top scorer) but it was not until 2000 when they joined many players from Chile to the Spanish league. Many of them went unnoticed, for example Raul Munoz (Numancia), César Santis (Espanyol) and Mauricio Pinilla (Celta Racing) - but other good performances as congealed Pablo Contreras (Celta and Osasuna), Mark Gonzalez (Albacete, Real Society and Betis) and Claudio Bravo, keeper of the Royal Society since 2006.

Just Bravo, Waldo Ponce with (Racing) and Gary Medel (Sevilla) are the three Chileans who will be the newcomer Alexis Sanchez of Spain. Be seen whether after passing through the club has been able to make history and become the third Chilean to win the league in Spain or the first to conquer the Champions League with a Spanish team. (via SPORT)

Start the tour of Barcelona

Barca already on its way from Munich, the first stop of a tour after the Audi Cup will take you to the United States

The expedition of Barça, formed by 28 players, the sport vice-president heads it Josep María Bartomeu that travels accompanied by the sport director Andoni Zubizarreta and the also directive Raúl Sanllehí.

The flight, with arrival scheduled at eleven o'clock, moved to the Barca first team to Munich, first stop on the preseason tour of FC Barcelona. In the German city the team will play two friendly matches framed within the Audi Cup, first, this Tuesday against Internacional of Porto Alegre. Depending on the outcome, the club will play the final or the third and fourth Wednesday.

After the homer, the expedition of Barça will head to the United States, where the team will continue putting them ahead of the new season. (via SPORT)

Cesc Fabregas agrees with Zapatero and Cameron at a ceremony of the ONG Street League

The Catalan player came as ambassador of the nonprofits
The meeting has been relaxed to converse with the greatest Spanish leader

To Cesc Fabregas has trouble hearing God and ask for help with Arsene Wenger to let him go the way to the Camp Nou Emirates, but instead open the door of 10 Downing Street has been a breeze. There, the traditional home of British Prime Minister, the Arsenal midfielder, who spent three years waiting for his move to Barca, he met with the 'Premier' David Cameron and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero , Spanish Prime Minister and also recognized Barça fan. Although not confirmed, both Zapatero and the press wanted to know about this one thing: "What do you when you go to Barcelona?". A smile and silence were the answers Arenys player, at least to reporters. If your relaxed and private chat with Cesc, ZP knew something more about it is because as a gag.

The 'summit' in London Cesc with Spanish Prime Minister and British Prime Minister was with a group of young people in the organization 'Street League', an NGO which has as one of its illustrious ambassadors Captain 'gunner'. Cameron Zapatero announced their support for this association that aims to use "the power of football" to help young unemployed and not receiving any education.

The photograph was made at the doorstep of 10 Downing Street is almost a metaphor for what is going Cesc just between England and Spain. If the curriculum is futbolero Cameron, who confessed at least once, ZP pressure should be much more effective: Cameron was 'supporter' of Aston Villa in his younger years, and it is known, has nothing to do with Arsenal.

Piqué returns to joke on Twitter
One of the closest friends of Catalan, Gerard Pique , has been quick to echo the story, and through their social network profile twitter , said the curious image of Cesc to EU leaders:

"Now I just need to see Cesc with Zapatero and David Cameron! What you have changed politics, kid?" (via MD)

Tito Vilanova: "Madrid made us the biggest praise when modifying its grass"

Guardiola on the bench the first team, everything has been filmed. In three years, ten titles. Before starting the fourth, his second, Tito Vilanova, the coach who sometimes lights up and others will argue, MD attended the Ciutat Esportiva for analysis.

What changes with respect to the first?

We are equally excited. It's different because the first year we had an obligation to convince the people and we already have. The question now is keep winning.

Do you notice more wear and stress of the last season?

Sure it will be the same as Ferguson, Wenger, Mourinho ... I do not think we have more. And they have trained many years in a row. We've had time to recover and we are one hundred percent.

Does it inconvenience to begin with a Supercopa before Madrid?

Typically, with our templates, we leave for Madrid in finding the various competitions and are tough games. The title perhaps less level, but we will try to win them all.

In other Super, holders alternated alternates. Is it the same way to Real Madrid?

Barca always comes to win and a title at stake. But it depends on the players in the Copa America. In the first leg because it will take a few workouts. But we will do the best possible equipment.

Is Supercopa of Spain has a psychological value?

For us, no. Last year started five games against Real and we reinforced these clashes. This year we will see.

Then, Monaco and a rough start of the season against Villarreal Malaga.

It will be difficult, but other than that of the rest of the Copa America may make a pre-season play. It is the club: from day requirement.

Can we improve?

There are always things. Although the first year we won the treble, there has been an evolution in motion, especially since many players have three years and know exactly what we want from them. Rivals ever know us better and also why we must improve ourselves.

What if Mourinho school creates its defensive approach?

Posed to us matches all possible ways: some are closed, others tightened up ... Each of the poses and looks better, I do not think most rivals locked.

Are you afraid that mimic their tricks like the grass at the Bernabeu?

The greatest compliment you have received this Madrid team was around the league at the Bernabeu, when a big club and a coach who has won both modified turf conditions. The feeling I had before playing that game is going to win the League gave the message to his players.

Can you win the Barça attack him?

Sure. If you do not have offensive players, you can not play the attack. But if you have them, it is difficult to win playing defensively. Madrid has very good offensive team and we can win the attack.

Is the first part of the Cup final was far more doubts for grabs at the classics?

I do not know if Madrid is the best squad in its history, but what is certain is that the most expensive. It is normal for some games to master. We can not always expect to win Madrid 5-0 or 2-6. That's not real, it is normal once also beat us.

¿Alexis and Cesc are the answer to competitive growth of Real?

We are not just competing against Madrid, we compete against the largest in Europe, want another Champions. Every year we think that we are going to give a bonus or something we did not have and that will make us better.

What will Alexis?

Bielsa had worked with the lead in defensive tactics and do it well. Those who play up their defensive help and ask that he sacrificed. You can play all three positions of attack, especially in the bands. We need players with imbalance, one on one and score. Alexis scorers improved their records and can give us that.


Guardiola visit the new Masia with all his staff

The new Masia FC Barcelona Sant Joan Despi yesterday received approval from Pep Guardiola and his entire technical staff and the reserves. With Pere Gratacos, head of the Ciutat Esportiva, Guardiola, Tito Vilanova, Aureli Altimira, Juan Carlos Unzué, Lorenzo Buenaventura, Paco Seirul • lo, Emili Ricart, Eusebio Sacristan, Joan Barbarà, Carlos Hugo and José Ramón Callén made an informal visit to all rooms of the residence accompanied by their director, Carles Folguera, and according to some after a MD commented, impressed.

The idea came from Toni Alonso, CEO of B and responsible for the facilities of Sant Joan Despi the previous four seasons, and Tito Pep recommended to visit the new Masia before starting the tour. And they ignored her. Guardiola, his custom, asked a lot and with Altimira Vilanova, who lived in the former residence, hallucinated with rooms for two people instead of eight as in his time y. .. With TV! Folguera made clear that the devices are supervised from a central control that prevented the children watch TV at night.

Technicians also fell to the floor -1 for receiving Teams making 'stages' in the Ciutat Esportiva and intended also for concentrations of the first team, the B and occasionally the lower. In principle, Pep has ruled out this option and will continue to own, before the European parties, to hotels like the W or Florida. (via MD)

Guardiola will observe Leandro Damiao

Barcelona is a long time one of the most interesting players in Brazilian football

Leandro Damiao is a player who likes the technical secretariat. Their name was shuffled as plan 'B' in case that the club, at the end, he had decided reinforced the leading with a '9' pure.

The Audi Cup is presented as a good opportunity for Pep Guardiola 'site to check what feelings it conveys the young striker, 21, who have spoken so well Blaugrana scouts.

Damiao has exploded this year and has become one of the pleasant surprises of the inexhaustible quarry in Brazil.

Ariete tank profile (measuring 1.87m and weight 80kg), has the most goals scored in his country in this 2011, and has 24 goals in all official competitions, apart from having given a total of 6 assists. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Barca leave without its share of the transfer of Giovani

The subdirector general sport hispalense, Monchi, denied contacts, but the Mexican will dress of rojiblanco the next five seasons

Giovani dos Santos signed for Sevilla for the next five seasons on 2 August. Although yesterday the deputy general sports club Seville, Monchi said he had not spoken with the player or his club, Tottenham, the fact is that the agreement with Mexico is complete and just need to finish polishing the fringes operation with Tottenham.

The reason for this secrecy is that the English club not to formalize the sale until after August 1 when it expires a clause that Barcelona would take ten percent of the operation. About 600,000 euros, considering that the Spurs have you priced Mexican striker six million. That is one of the negotiating points that have been put on the table and also promote the Seville, which would significantly lowered the amount of the transfer. One trick that will leave the ship without an extra income.

Negotiations are practically closed since announced Tottenham Giovani accept only go to Sevilla, dismissing the possibility of calling at Udinese, who was paid by the six million to play tile. The English club will forfeit some of that money, since the supply of Seville is about four 'kilos ¿. In return, Tottenham paid the money in full, without having to take that ten percent to Barcelona.

Capel Farewell
Monchi denied contacts with Giovani and Tottenham during the farewell ceremony of Diego Capel, a transfer to the deputy general manager said it had hurt sport in the soul. Capel, meanwhile, was very grateful to Sevilla: "It has given me the chance to win titles, that is what all players want, and has been an honor to defend his jersey. Now I begin a new stage and try to take it, always with Sevilla in my heart. " The striker said he has set a goal "to win titles and return to the team." (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Carlos Hugo, the strategist who captivated Eusebio

To their 37 years it already takes 18 in the stools; the leonés will contribute novel concepts to the filial blaugrana

Barca has built one of the greatest talents of the new batch of coaches. Eusebio Sacristán wanted to tell the subsidiary that had been his assistant at Celtic and he was impressed by the thoroughness of their methods. Carlos Hugo Garcia-Bayon, a lion 37, applied technology in the world of football is completely devoted to study new ways of working and your computer has processed many plays strategy can be very useful.

Carlos Hugo began at age 19 in the CD Ejido, a team of Leon, and also advanced on another computer in your city dedicated to training such as the Puente Castro. Trained its Juvenile Division of Honour, which left its mark for its training systems. The manager Carlos Filipe remembered as "pre-game players to put images to analyze the strategy. Last season he scored 17 goals from set pieces. " That figure represents about 40 percent of the goals to put together a modest eighth in competing as equals with the youth of Depor, Celtic or Sporting. His interest led him to improve on last winter's permission to study at Chelsea in London. His desire to learn is constant, although his style is defined. "Do not let the patadón play. Had to be the last resort. Also changed a lot of tactics. He was very demanding, even winning, if he had not done what he wanted, he got angry, "said Filipe.

During his time as coach of Castilla-Leon was Juan Carlos Rodríguez, the former side of the Dream Team, a collaborator and was struck by "how he liked the training plan. Software created as a tool. His dedication to football is full and there is also the character of Leon have to pull forward. " The former Blaugrana emphasizes that "if I ever coached, I would have him at her side. And not just because he's my countryman ... It's very prepared, has a degree in physical education and dominates much of the technology. "

Onesimus Sanchez is another coach who knows him well from his time in Huesca. He had the second and helped the team climb to the second division A. Onesimus notes that "what Carlos has not been able to live as a professional player makes up for with utmost dedication, study and knowledge of football. It is an excellent complement to Eusebio and Barbara, who have known more about the elite. " Huesca not forget as "the ascent phase two goals from set pieces decisive. It was a side that took care of and he likes a lot. "

Peiró Andrés was the one who allowed him to be the head coach of the Gymnastics Segovia, Third Division when he was manager, and points out that "always wanted to give an exquisite ball, a game combined. The team paid the psychological strain to go far in the Cup and losing to Sevilla after eliminating top class teams such as Cartagena, Burgos and the University of Oviedo. " Peiro could not avoid the loss because "the directors had no patience when we were in the lead group, but it deserves and will have more opportunities." (via SPORT)

To point a face to face with decisive Wenger

Arsenal returns tomorrow of Colony and Cesc it will force to the maximum so that the taenicide accepts sale

The signing of Cesc Fabregas has entered a week will be crucial to know whether the player will finally become a new member of the Barcelona first team. The trip Friday's sports vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and football director Raul Sanllehí served to lay the groundwork for a bid that is seen as final. The club awaits a response from Arsenal and Cesc should come back into play to put pressure on Arsene Wenger in order to emphasize that the only solution is a move to Barcelona, ​​so the coach must accept the new proposal Barcelona.

Arsenal are doing these days, a stage in Cologne after having played a friendly on Saturday before the home side and ended in victory 'GUNN (1-2). The expedition will remain in Germany until Wednesday, so all indications are that the meeting between Cesc and Wenger will take place on Thursday in London Colney facilities. Remember that the player has not traveled with the team and is in training in the British capital alone.

Barca start Fabregas is confident that the final compromise of the coach to sell, and thereafter begin to iron out the fringes of an offer, whose total amount would rise to 37 million euros. The player is ready to hold a final battle with Wenger and will leave very clear, if in doubt, do not want to play more for Arsenal and if the Frenchman castling will have a serious problem in the locker room. (via SPORT)

He received the first advice of Rosell

The player changed the white tee was at the signing, on the recommendation of President

They spent a few minutes from 13.30 pm, when the shield in front of the offices appeared smiling Barca Sandro Rosell, Alexis Sanchez, Josep Maria Bartomeu and Andoni Zubizarreta. The four took a photo for posterity hides a curious anecdote.

Minutes before standing up to the photographers, the player signed his new contract in the office of president, but before leaving, Rosell gave him his first board as Barca.

"Swing for the shirt, because going out with that white is not appropriate," said Sandro and the innocent Alexis that she had not wear a white shirt on the day of his presentation was not the most appropriate color for the occasion . The player has got a navy blue polo shirt, which combined with the skinny jeans she had worn the day before.

The Chilean has not brought much luggage, knowing that this week will return home. But surely after yesterday, it will cost to put back a white shirt in his suitcase. (via SPORT)

Salas: "If Alexis adapts, he won't have roof"

The Chilean ex-striker looked optimistic about the arrival of Alexis Sanchez Barca, the evolution of the player and assessed their chances of success orders Guardiola

Marcelo Salas, the highest scorer in the selection of Chile, appeared on Monday night in an interview in "RAC1" to assess the arrival of his compatriot Alexis Sanchez Barça.

Salas was optimistic when rating options in Barcelona and Alexis did not hesitate to see their fellow will beneficionado surrounding himself with talented players. "Alexis has improved every year. It is a great level but it will serve lot to come to a major club like Barca to improve the technical and tactical aspects," he said.

Former South American striker showed his confidence that gets Alexis to adapt to play European champions but warned that not all succeeded. "If Alexis manages to assimilate the game Barca will have no roof." "If it fits, it will be difficult. Many players arrived with a big sign and did not get it," he warned.

Salas said what are the feelings of fellow next to his debut with his new shirt. "I just want to go out there and show your game. Do not think of any pressure," he said.

Regarding the potential connection to Leo Messi, Salas did not hesitate to consider that Alexis will benefit playing next to the Argentinian star. "Messi is the soul of the team and the backbone of everything. If Alexis is understood he will be a very important player," he said with conviction.

Former Chilean striker also broke down the main virtues of Barcelona's new signing. "He has great capacity to overflow and address but also to recover many balls." But also said his pending was being defined, although there is a marked improvement in recent times. "Just lacks definition, but has improved a lot. If it better, strengthen even more," he said.

Asked about the real choices of his compatriot to win in Barcelona, ​​Salas was hit. "No fear, very confident and all the means to pay. Hopefully I can adapt and take advantage of every opportunity to succeed," he said. (via SPORT)

Wenger, on the signings: "Nobody respects the rules"

Coach 'gunner' has not digested that these teams have spoken directly with the players
"We should update the rules because no one respects," said French coach

Arsene Wenger is very pissed. And it does nothing to conceal. The coach of Arsenal has not yet digested the fact that despite having repeated more than once that Cesc and Nasri "are transferable," the Barcelona and two teams of Manchester insist in their attempts to 'steal' his two jewels bright.

Unfortunately for the Frenchman, the days when players were 'prisoners' (gold, must be said) of the clubs are already far back in time, although there is a legal restriction that prevents a club to talk directly with a player who has a contract with another team.

Asked about this aspect, the coach of the 'Gunners' responded with another question: "What do you think? live in the real world. I do not mean I can not prove. I know the things I see." He concludes: " the rules should be updated because no one respects . " (via MD)

The signing of Cesc will depend on the "money and available" time, according to Bartomeu

"Things are as they are and are on the road going," Afrim Barcelona sports vice president
"Until August 30 is able to see this and more, and certainly the will," adds Zubizarreta

Vice sporting Barcelona , Josep Maria Bartomeu , stated that the goal "number one" for this season Barça was the Chilean Alexis Sanchez , so the introduction of Cesc Fabregas will depend "of money and time available" the club.

Although the presentation of Alexis as a new player Barca has focused all outbreaks in the Camp Nou , questions about the possible incorporation of the Catalan captain Arsenal have been repeated several times before what Bartomeu insisted on remembering that the Chilean was the "star of the day."

However, the vice president has acknowledged that working in the club "with a orders, and not one or two players, but" including Cesc : "We will do we have time to do and the money that we have as is true that there is a budget constraint, "said Bartomeu, in relation to whether the investment in Alexis Sanchez could delay the return of midfielder Catalan.

And, in his opinion, "the number one goal was Alexis , and once obtained, we can think what to do from now on. " In any case, the sports officials stressed that "it is better not say anything (on business), but things continue as they are and are on the road going."

Various British media have published today that Barcelona has increased its bid for Arsenal midfielder and that the operation could be completed before the end of this week.

But sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta , has refused to give clues about the development of the operation. "These are issues that we are quietly and belong to the discretion of the negotiations. Until August 30 is able to see this and more, and certainly the will," he explained.

"Let's remember that 90 percent of the world possible signings for Barca are training in our sports town. I know the summer you have to animate it with signings, but it is curious that we are presenting one of the best players in the world we are already thinking about what's coming, "has ruled Zubizarreta , despite himself Alexis is the one who has responded later: "Obviously I like to play with Cesc . " (via MD)

25 players to go on tour

Josep Guardiola has announced the names of the players that will travel to the Audi Cup that starts this Tuesday and also the Turkish Airlines US Tour 2011, which gets under way on Thursday 28.

Nine Barça B players will get the chance to travel with the first team on the US Tour. The names picked by Guardiola are Masip, Muniesa, Balliu, Rosell, Riverola, Carmona, Dos Santos, Cuenca and Soriano. The other sixteen players come from the first team, although the South Americans that played in this summer’s Copa America (namely Alexis Sánchez, Leo Messi, Javier Mascherano, Gaby Milito, Dani Alves and Adriano Correia) will not be going to the USA.

The same 25 players will also be travelling to Munich for games in the Audi Cup on Tuesday and Wednesday. Three Barça B reinforcements will also be going to Germany (Gustavo Ledes, Armando Lozano and Javi Espinosa), where the team will play Internacional Porto Alegre and then either AC Milan or Bayern de Munic. Those three will return to Barcelona after the tournament. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The squad of 25:
Goalkeepers: Valdés, Pinto and Masip
Defenders: Puyol, Muniesa, Piqué, Balliu, Rosell, Maxwell, Fontàs, Abidal
Midfielders: Busquets, Keita, Riverola, Thiago, Iniesta, Carmona, Xavi, Dos Santos
Forwards: Cuenca, Soriano, Afellay, Jeffren, Pedro, Villa.

Alexis Sánchez

Alexis Sánchez has had a busy first day at FC Barcelona. The Chilean signed his contract this morning and in the afternoon got the chance to meet his new colleagues.

Alexis got his first chance to try on the Barcelona shirt at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, given that the Camp Nou turf is being relaid. So it was at the training ground where he posed for the traditional photo session for the media.

On a busy morning, he had also taken his medical tests and signed his contract, but those routine events were followed by a lively afternoon with no end of introductions.

At six in the evening Alexis appeared on pitch number one at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper now wearing the Barça kit. TV cameras and photographers crowded around to get the first pictures of Barcelona’s summer signing. Alexis was all smiles as he played around with the ball and made sure of kissing the badge on his shirt.

The Chilean first experience of the Ciutat Esportiva was especially unforgettable because he crossed paths with the people that will be his future team mates. He was able to share a dressing room for the first time with the many illustrious players that make up the FCB first team squad, who welcomed him with open arms. Alexis also had a meeting with Pep Guardiola, who also made sure of welcoming his new player.

The player will not be expected to join the first team until August 8, the same day as the other players that played at the Copa America, but he wanted to get his first proper feel of the club, and stayed to watch the first 15 minutes of the training session.

At the end of his first day as a Barça player, Alexis Sánchez returned to the Camp Nou to be interviewed by Barça. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Messi and Xavi, candidates for European Player of the Year

FC Barcelona’s Leo Messi and Xavi Hernández have been nominated for UEFA’s award for the best player of the 2010/11 season, along with Cristiano Ronaldo. The award will be presented on August 25 in Monaco before the draw for the Champions League.

The UEFA Club Footballer of the Year is recognises the best player, regardless of nationality, who played in one of the 53 UEFA member states over the previous season. The jury is made up of 53 journalists from each of those nations and announced today that the three short-listed players are Leo Messi and Xavi Hernández of the latest Champions League winners, Barcelona, and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

As well as the top three, the positions of the other players in the top ten were also announced. Two of these were Barça players, Andrés Iniesta, who came fourth, and Gerard Piqué, who cam ninth.

The winner will be announced on August 25 at the UEFA Champions League group stage draw. The 53 journalists will be casting their votes on the same day as the announcement. (via FCBarcelona.cat)