25 July 2011

Andoni Zubizarreta: “Alexis brings things to the squad that we don’t have”

The sports director for professional football, Andoni Zubizarreta, has spoken about the versatility of FC Barcelona’s latest signing, Alexis Sánchez, who he believes can play in several positions.

In his first press conference as an FC Barcelona player, Alexis Sánchez was joined by Josep Maria Bartomeu, the director responsible for the football area, and by Andoni Zubizarreta. Both of these gentlemen played an active role in signing the Chilean, and spoke about what a useful acquisition he is likely to be.

The man charged with introducing Alexis Sánchez to the media was Josep Maria Bartomeu. In front of a packed Sala París, Bartomeu said that Alexis “was an express request from the technical secretary” and commented that the agreement settled on a fixed transfer fee of “26 million plus 11.5 in variable bonuses”. He also explained that the Chilean “turned down better financial offers” and therefore “collaborated in being able to come to Barça”.

Andoni Zubizarreta described the club’s latest signing as “versatile and able to play in several positions … he will give us an extra edge and some aggression” as well as “offering us more options in attack”. Zubi also believes that “Alexis brings things to the squad that we don’t have right now”.

During the presentation he also said that part of deal with Udinese to bring Alexis Sánchez to Catalonia involves the participation of the Italian outfit in at least one edition of the Joan Gamper Trophy over the next three years, as well as one friendly match between the two clubs. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alexis, under physical full conditions

Early this morning Alexis Sanchez has gone to the Hospital of Barcelona, ​​where he spent the first medical examination, and then moved to the Club Medical Services for the second part of the medical review.

At eight this morning, the FC Barcelona's new signing has crossed the threshold of the Hospital of Barcelona for a medical examination. The hospital tests, radiological and analysis basically, have included resonance, x-rays and analysis. Midmorning has moved to the club's medical facilities at Camp Nou.

This time, tests have been both cardiology and doctors have done different tests and muscle ultrasound and cardiology podiatric.

The state of the player 's first team doctor, the doctor Ricard Pruna, explained that the player is in very good physical condition and health, "is fully able, is to play the Copa America and the stress test has been really good, both in health and in terms of performance." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

FC Barcelona - El Toon d'Alexis

Alexis now wearing Barça colours

The Chilean striker has been handed his number 9 shirt and was presented on Monday as a new member of the first team.

“Guardiola phoned me and put his trust in me” said Alexis, explaining one of the reasons that he chose to come to Barcelona. He also said that his father told him one day how much he would like to see his son playing for Barça and that this also helped him to reach his decision.

The Chilean admitted that he is very happy to have become a Barcelona player, and spoke about how proud he is to form part of what he calls the best team in the world. Alexis Sánchez, whose number 9 shirt will carry the name ‘Alexis’ on the back, said that his main priority is to “integrate with the group and learn from Xavi, Messi and the best players” and to make sure he can “make a good impression” both on and off the pitch. He also recognised that friendship among the squad is something he values very highly.

He also said that one of his childhood idols was Ronaldo Luiz Nazario da Lima. Alexis always found the Brazilian, who also played fo r Barça, to be a ‘phenomenon’ and modelled many things on his hero.

Alexis, who was joined by several members of the Chilean media on the day of his presentation, and admitted that it won’t be easy to earn a regular place in the first eleven because there are so many good players in the squad.

Minutes before his official presentation, Alexis Sánchez signed a contract that binds him to Barça for the next five years. The get-out clause is worth 100 million euros and he will be joining the rest of the team as soon as Josep Guardiola considers it right. The Chilean said that on Monday afternoon he has been cited for a meeting with his new coach to talk about his future role in the team. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alexis Sanchez: "I have come to learn of Messi, Xavi... of all"

Alexis Sanchez wants to prove himself "in the field"

Alexis Sanchez has done his first press conference as a player for FC Barcelona . Chilean striker has acknowledged that it is "many words" adding that "I am happy to be here at the FC Barcelona at the moment is the best team in the world " .

Alexis Sanchez stressed that "the first thing is to leave a good image, win titles." " Now the clubs in the world have two intentions to win titles and beat the best team in the world, Barça . Let's try that does not happen, "joked the crack.

The new Barcelona striker has revealed that " gave me confidence that the coach (Guardiola) called me " . "My first memory of the barca is when I was little. Every child wants to play for Barça" has continued. "I want to prove myself on the pitch," said the Chilean. "For me what matters is not money are the titles," he continued.

"When in the field see what the pressure of playing before 100,000 people," Alexis has stressed that recognizes that "the most important thing for me is to learn from Messi, Xavi ... all "has continued to crack at the question Barca whether it is aware that the club "Messi is the master." "Of course I know" has settled the outstanding player level of the champions of Europe.

For Alexis' soap opera (his signing) was long. " "I always give more. I have not proven anything," stressed the player replied that " all parties to win the game, more a classic "when asked if he motivates especially against Madrid Supercopa. "I want to be one of the best in the world and obviously learn from the best are here," Alexis has ruled.

Bartomeu player highlights collaboration

Josep Maria Bartomeu , FC Barcelona sports vice president acknowledged before Alexis Sanchez "was a request from the Technical Secretariat of the club." Bartholomew has stressed that "we had the full cooperation of the player . From the first moment would come . rejected offers economically far superior to those offered by the club. "

On signing the economic variables, Bartholomew said that the 11.5 million "are based on the games he plays, titles and reached the club in the Champions League knockout. There will be a Gamper with Udinese in the coming seasons and a friendly ".

Zubi: "Versatility is our weapon"

Andoni Zubizarreta, Secretary General of the club , has stressed that Alexis "plays in the 3 positions of attack. We look for versatility, one of the main characteristics of our workforce, one of our main weapons. Looking for more options for the coach." Zubi has acknowledged that "we want a workforce with diverse resources "and believes that Alexis' work gives us, is something unique to the forwards. Our team has a front to defend and attack defenses."

Finally Zubizarreta has opined that Alexis "is bold and wants to belong to the best squad in the world" for sentencing that "we will rest after the Copa America." (via MD)

Q: Alexis, what can bring you to Barcelona and Barcelona can provide to you?
A: The first thing I want is to join the group, look good and get on with what you are doing the Barcelona win titles. Everyone wants to win at FC Barcelona and we have to keep fighting for everything.

Q: Were you able to talk with Guardiola during the transfer?
A: I called. It was very important to me that he will show me your interest.

Q: What is the earliest memory you have of Barcelona?
A: Difficult. Every child wants to play the best team in the world and is the FC Barcelona. And the dream is now a reality.

Q: Who was your idol and believes that small will be difficult to play the title?
A: I admired very much Ronaldo the phenomenon. It is number one. Being the best team in the world is hard to make myself a hole. The important thing is integrated.

Q. You had several offers, why the decision to come to Barcelona?
A: My father always wanted to play here. No matter the money, but the titles. I tell my children and grandchildren got the titles so I came.

Q: At what point in your career is coming to the boat and how about the reception in Barcelona?
R: We thank the people who came to support me on my first day in Barcelona. When I arrived at the airport looked like a movie. Still do not feel pressure, I have had many experiences in life and Barcelona is the top for me. It is difficult to come up, but harder to stay and that's what I do.

Q: Would you compare with Cristiano Ronaldo in your country?
A: I respect him, but I'm Alexis, who plays for Barcelona, ​​and I'm Chilean. One does not like to compare it with anyone. We're here to learn from Leo, Xavi, everyone.

Q. Do you know the curse of 9 in Barcelona?
A. I do not know. I have said good luck.

Q: How does the rivalry with FC Barcelona Real Madrid and how to address the next classics Super Spain?
A: If we play with them, we want to beat them and win titles. I have not thought of yet. You have to beat them and nothing.

Q: The last reference in Spain for a great player Chilean Zamorano. Is Chile is now of Barcelona?
R: Zamorano is a reference. It has a great career and I take much to get to their level. My motivation is to win trophies and I'm here. Let me make it as the name of Chileans to leave doors open for them.

Q: What about the good words that have Messi and Alves to you?
A: I am proud that players like them talking about me.

Q: Have you felt anxious during the long process of transfer?
A: I was eager to finish it. The saga has been long.

Q: Do you feel the pressure of having to prove who is Alexis Sanchez?
A: I have not done anything, I have to show a lot. Pressure must be in the best team in the world. I like the rivalry, hard things. They make me grow as a person or player.

Q: When did you decide not to hear more offers and that was where I wanted the club to play?
A: When my brother told me that my father wanted to see me in Barcelona

Q: Would you like to play with Cesc?
A: Obviously yes. (via AS)

The champions’ airplane goes on tour

FC Barcelona will travel to the United States aboard the Turkish Airlines plane that brought them back from London with the Champions League trophy. Pictures of the players will be stamped on the outside of the Boeing 777.

FC Barcelona are off to the USA this week, and will be appearing in Washington, Miami and Dallas. The team will be travelling to the States aboard a Boeing 777 provided by their official sponsor, Turkish Airlines.

The team is off to Munich on Tuesday to appear in the two-day Audi Cup. On Thursday, they’ll be heading straight from Germany to North America on board a Turkish Airlines aeroplane that the team is already familiar with. It was this same aircraft that brought them back to Barcelona on May 29 after winning the Champions League at Wembley.

Barça will also be using the plane to return to Barcelona after the last game of their US tour in Dallas on August 6.

There will be no missing FC Barcelona and Turkish Airlines’ Boeing 777 because it will be decorated with pictures of first team players. The plane can carry 365 passengers and has maximum autonomy of 14,685 kilometres.

The 777-300ER is also the largest twin engine aeroplane in the world and is 19% lighter than its nearest competitor, which greatly reduces its fuel requirements. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Piqué returns to train with the group

The centreback overcome their discomfort in the calf and train stops outside their peers. Moreover Xavi and Puyol are your specific training plan.

At half past nine on Monday the club has returned to work. As usual in recent days has been a joint training between the first computer and the subsidiary. They have trained a total of 30 players, including five porters, and the most important news was the return of Gerard Piqué to the group. The Catalan defender has overcome their discomfort in the calf and has rejoined the group after having several meetings apart from their peers.

Training on Monday, has also had the presence of Eusebio Sacristan, and Joan Carles Busquets Barbarà has been marked by the exercises by Lorenzo Buenaventura. The first team coach has the players do a series of stretching and resistance exercises to follow the specific plan preparation.

From 19 hours on Monday will take place the second practice session. They cited the same players in the morning and once Josep Guardiola will be the list of players named in the face of two games of the Audi Cup, which takes place Tuesday and Wednesday in Munich. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alexis already passes the medical revision

The Chilean player is now in the Club Medical Center from the second part of the extensive medical tests. Early in the morning has also gone through the Hospital de Barcelona.

Alexis Sanchez is currently undergoing medical tests at the Nou Camp Medical Services in a very full day for the player. Early in the morning, soon had to go to the hospital in Barcelona to undergo the first tests. Later on, at midmorning, has moved to the Nou Camp to continue the review process, where it is today. Remember that at 13.30 will be presented to the media. This presentation can be followed live on Barça TV starting at 12.45, when will launch a special program. In short I will expand the information. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alexis: Meeting with Pep and presentation

Monday intense: medical review, signature and photos Rosell, press conference, talk with Guardiola and perched

On the agenda for Alexis Sanchez for his first hours in the FC Barcelona, ​​provided by the Catalan club last Friday, missing one of the most important events of the day: his first meeting with Pep Guardiola. The coach often talks with the signings in the Nou Camp before its official presentation, although Chilean might change the standard because this afternoon will approach the Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi Esportiva for his first posed by media-equipped Barca and offering of the classic touches the ball. Due to the recent placement of the turf at Camp Nou Stadium in the Mini and can not receive the affection of the fans from the stands.

Whether morning or evening hours, Guardiola wants to welcome the players and, among other things, remind you of vacation until Monday, August 8, like all Barcelona who participated in the Copa America (Messi, Mascherano, Gabi Milito, Dani Alves and Adriano). Of course, you will be free to join before if that was his will, perhaps in the U.S. mid-tour or Barcelona to begin training alone personal while tackling issues in your new city. Remember that on Sunday August 14th and the club disputed the Spanish Supercup first leg at the Bernabeu against Real Madrid. If Alexis wants to play his first classic, you may need to enter before Monday 8.

The day will begin with the first early start of Alexis, Pepe Costa will guide their first steps. At 8 am, the Chilean striker is quoted at the Hospital of Barcelona for a medical examination to be completed from 11.30 am at the Medical Center of Camp Nou. If you pass a satisfactory medical examination, at 12.30 will know the president, Sandro Rosell, who will meet in the offices of the club to sign until 2016.

Fixed red tape, Rosell and Alexis will pose at 13 h. front of the club crest on the door of the offices. And at 13.30 h. be presented at the Paris Chamber Vice President Sports, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta. In the afternoon, as said, first posed in the Ciutat Esportiva and a good opportunity to meet peers, to be trained there from 19 hours. (via MD)

Chilean madness for Alexis Sánchez

Fellow enthusiasts await you in the Prat and the Nou Camp with banners and chants

"I never imagined so many people come to meet me." The phrase of Alexis to Barça TV, short and almost breaking with emotion, summarized what he felt in his first steps in Barcelona. Dozens of fans were waiting compatriots in El Prat airport from early in the afternoon, including a folk dance group dance 'rapanui', which had elements of percussion. The delay of two hours increased nervousness and madness broke out when the door appeared the 'boy wonder'. These, with flags of Chile and Barca's shirts, some already with the '9 'and the name of Alexis in the back, were launched with so much love to his idol Pepe Costa, the service office player, used his Former central fortress to protect the front with the security forces. In the end, 'escaped' a race to get into a car club.

The scene was repeated in the Nou Camp with another large group of Barcelona fans and Chileans living in or visiting the city, although in this case without access to the player on the other side of the fence. When the crack appeared to be photographed together Tocopilla the shield, began yelling ("Alexis, Alexis, Alexis!") And chanting "Chi, chi, chi, le, le, le, Alexis Sanchez of Chile!" and "Chi, chi, chi, le, le, le, live Chile!". The children tried to climb trees to see their idol (aided by their parents) and waving the flags of Chile. When the player approached the fans to match the mood and madness was the first Chilean to the history of Barca. (via MD)

21 days without Cesc is allowed to see as 'gunner'

Today could coincide with Zapatero and David Cameron in London

More than a distance race, the signing of Cesc Fabregas to Barca is the marathon of marathons. Start a new week as captain of Arsenal yet, but hope the player and Barca is that in the coming days there are new developments. For now, continues its strategy of attrition: it is 21 days without being seen in routine 'gunner', while today might coincidor in a charity event with the Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Since returning to London after holiday rush, Cesc has remained in the shadow, training with his teammates and give away a picture with Arsène Wenger, the coach 'gunner'. You can not qualify for any of the ways of rebellion, among other reasons because the broadcast itself if Arsenal captain has been working in isolation is due to injury.

The effect, however, is equally impressive: Arsenal has been touring Asia, has returned to London and gone to play in Cologne (Germany) as long without their most emblematic player. After the trip to London a few days ago and Raül Josep Maria Bartomeu Sanllehí, Arsenal is on the table the best FC Barcelona, ​​36 million euros.

Fabregas is expected today to coincide with Zapatero and Cameron, who blessed young graduates in the academies of the Street League (street), a charity that Cesc is the image. (via MD)

[Barça B] Dilemma Soriano in Barça

Think it is striker and coach, also

Beginning to understand the conditions for Jonathan Soriano has a place in the first team. For now, it's a possibility at all can be discarded. Pep Guardiola admitted as much in Split, after opening pre-season friendly. "While Jonathan is with us have him," the coach said Saturday. It was a message to the gallery to look good. The striker's playing style that was once the jewel of Espanyol's youth system has always liked to Guardiola, and now the circumstances that may ultimately lead to its continuation fall into place like pieces of a puzzle.

The first piece of that puzzle is obvious: Soriano comes from being with 32 goals, the Pichichi a league as competitive as the Second Division. This impressive figure has been achieved also in the subsidiary Barca put in a style and gameplay mechanics in a group that closely resemble those of the first team. A little over a month of the age of 26, Jonathan is still young for football, ripe for a step forward and a veteran to continue in a subsidiary. And he remains still a season contract with Barça.

During this summer the club a transfer facilitated Soriano very affordable to continue his career in one of the many clubs who want to sign him. He was willing to start a new professional adventure. Now, the player himself begins to appreciate the challenge to stay.

Guardiola is maturing the idea, weighing the pros and cons. Among the advantages, in addition to football, there is another obvious: Jonathan does not cost a euro. And that, as is the case of the club and fifth striker for the template is not a minor argument. The last pure striker who signed a book coup was Zlatan Ibrahimovic and already saw how the story ended. Among the disadvantages, one stands out above all: if he stays, he risks playing Jonathan very little. Soriano is a pure striker but is shining as false '9 'and that district, at the Camp Nou is the area reserved for Messi. At his own biography, Argentina crack is played most by his extraordinary competitive zeal that knows no dosages or rotations. Guardiola does not want to disappoint the expectation of the Pont de Vilomara striker and that is all that is concerned, I can not give the minutes that any player needs to prove things.

For now, it seems that the striker will be part of the expedition that will play in Germany the Audi Cup and then will tour the United States, just before facing the first serious challenge of the season, the Super Cup of Spain against Real Madrid. There is time to take the final decision, but the 'dilemma Jonathan Soriano' is there by both the player and coach. (via MD)

[Barça B] Mendes wants to be taken to Jonathan

The player does not see anything clear as Guardiola calls time to restructure the first team and the reserves

The future of Jonathan dos Santos is not clear. The player faces an important crossroads in his career. After the departure of Oriol Romeu to Chelsea, the club is not about troop levels in the midfield and the coaching staff would have raised the option of keeping the player for another season. An alternative would be accompanied by an expansion and improvement of his contract. However, Jonathan runs away from various offers that would allow him to play Barcelona in the Primera Liga, English Premier League and still others. And last but not least, from Zaragoza ensure that the representative, Jorge Mendes, had pledged to exert all the pressure is at its disposal to facilitate the arrival of Dos Santos to the set of Aragon.

For now imposing a hold. In principle, Guardiola would be the work of Jonathan have this start to the season while defining the restructuring of the first team and the subsidiary. The player, in private, and commented that fails to seduce the economic proposal and sport Zaragoza and has not made a decision.

The problem is that Jorge Mendes seems not to be idle. In Zaragoza not only assumes that Jonathan will play in the Romareda but also speculate on the option that is own Portuguese advisor who pay the required amount for the club to incorporate it Aragonese their ranks. Another personal commitment to revalue waiting to figure out the midfielder and juicy dividends in the future.

The British press speculates Thiago impossible to pass the Emirates

The English media speculated the alleged yesterday with a counter offer from Arsenal to Barca would be 28 million euros, in addition to the pass Thiago Arsenal, to accept the sale of Cesc Fabregas.

It is clear that an operation would be very beneficial for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger a dream that has long been pining for the Hispanic-Brazilian. Barca do not even have in mind the option to use as currency Thiago, let alone, after its recent renovation. Guardiola's intention is to unite with Cesc on the same computer. (via SPORT)

Cesc, sure of living their last hours like 'gunner'

The dispute of Emirates Cup and the USA tour of Barça they should facilitate the exit.

And now back again. Arsenal returns to his normal routine before the imminence of London the first serious tests of the preseason. Simultaneously, Cesc Fabregas will shut tight at the gym doing recovery work. Nothing new on the horizon. The parallel tracks are still waiting for the executives of both entities are an intersection to open the door to exit the Catalan midfielder.

The main innovation comes from the hand of the calendar. At the end of week there will be incidents that have enough weight to tip the balance in the negotiating process end. Arsenal will play the Emirates Cup, his own tournament that Wenger must show their credentials to the fans. And that figure of their captain is expected to be defined.

The inner movements of the Arsenal match Barca's tour in the U.S., a major turning point in the preseason Guardiola and another element to consider for both clubs its desired maximum force the agreement. Continue narrowing the economic gap, although the transfer would not have entered its decisive phase.

Cesc Fabregas could return there to burst on the scene. The Catalan player takes time keeping strict silence and limited to leave their future in the hands of both clubs. Time is short, and although no one wants to make a definitive timetable, the player starts to get tired of the situation. Cesc has warned that it is able to squeeze and not ruled out action in the form of press conference or go to the transfer request formula. (via SPORT)

Alexis, a product of the 'laboratory Bielsa'

Alexis Sanchez has always been a prophet in his land. With Chile has always had star treatment.

When confirmed the signing of the Barcelona Alexis Sanchez, Marcelo Bielsa could not help but smirk. The 'Loco' was always a game enthusiast Alexis. In his three years at the helm of the Chilean took the evolution of the end as a personal matter. With his characteristic obsession. Also with the infectious enthusiasm that highlight those who have worked with the Argentine.

Newells in its infancy in Argentina coach Bielsa walked in looking for young talent. The technician came and asked the people for the good of the people and tab. So Bielsa is passionate about finding the talent, like the different, and so quickly connected with Alexis. Demanding like few others, was captivated commitment Alexis, a player back and forth that fills the entire band. Losing a ball on the bottom line and stick a sprint to the other area to retrieve the ball.

Bielsa was able to order the most talented game left Chile for many years. Together with Francesco Guidolin, his last technical Udinese, DT has been the most important in the evolution of Alexis. Argentina coach taught him that it was often better to save the last dribble. He also tried to instill that often was better for the team expect the ball to attack.

"I am delighted by Alexis, at Barcelona. I do not feel responsible for anything, he's a great player and would blend well with any team. But I think it would blend much better with Barcelona, ​​"he predicted. Bielsa not openly acknowledged, but Pep call soon to get their opinion on the player. The answer, of course, was very positive.

In Chile has no doubt that Alexis will triumph. They know their qualities since it debuted with just 16 years does the February 12, 2005 With the first team Cobreloa, with the selection has always been the great hope, most exciting project in Chile in recent decades. His media explosion came with the success of the U 20 of Chile in Canada 2007. That group fell in the semifinals against the albiceleste, but everyone was charmed Need more than just their own Alexis how often the performance of players like Larrondo, Medel, Vidal, Vidangossy and Medina.

A child prodigy, Alexis was soon to debut with the senior team at age 17 in a friendly against the club Universidad Catolica. Of these meetings, many remember his performances in the matches of the 2006 European tour. Especially his match against Sweden in Stockholm, where he gave one of these actions have earned him the nickname "Boy Wonder". Alexis made a dribble and launched with hooky including a strong shoe that went wide. For Alexis was just a diversion. "I like to play well, do unexpected things. I'm excited to do things that people like. If you scored on the play I made, been concluded yet, "he said after the meeting. With Bielsa succeeded in qualifying for the World Cup, losing to Spain.

Borghi is now enjoying, which trained him in Colo-Colo, to the chagrin of the America's Cup, losing to Venezuela in the quarter. Alexis was again the highlight of his. (via SPORT)

Puyol does not reach the Supercopa

All indications are that we can not enjoy the presence of the ship's captain in the first game of the season.

Who more or less I was hoping to see the great captain, Carles Puyol, playing in mid-August in Spain Super Cup against Real Madrid. Well that desired image by Barcelona seems to have little sign of becoming reality because if it is true that the recovery of Puyol goes like a shot, as Pep Guardiola himself forward on Tuesday when asked by defense The reality is that the deadline set recovery after arthroscopy which was submitted on 1 June was two to three months, besides being more realistic three months, said upon completion of operation doctors Ramon Cugat and loa Ricard Pruna.

Six weeks after surgery on his left knee, where he removed a cartilaginous free body, recovery is following the deadlines set. A few days after leaving the clinic Chiron and began to move his knee under the supervision of Juanjo Brau retriever, who has become your shadow all summer, getting to travel to Ibiza with him to continue with the work scheduled.

In little over a month and started to run smoothly in order to keep muscles their knee. He continues in this phase of his rehabilitation, working morning and evening with the other retriever club, Emili Ricart, Brau has since returned to Argentina to be with Leo Messi in particular season.

In any event, the upcoming U.S. tour will not be an impediment to the Blaugrana captain, who plans to continue accumulating workload in his knee, although the intense heat wave that was announced in the coming days on the East Coast not the best place to work.

Today is in sight really difficult to put a date for the return of Carles Puyol, but has virtually ruled out that may be in full condition in the first game of the season, played on 14 August at the Santiago Bernabeu against Real Madrid in the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain. Nor is scheduled to hit the back, to be played three days later, this time at the Camp Nou.

Too bad, no doubt, because the presence of Puyol in games of this magnitude is always a life insurance policy, although in principle Guardiola should not have much trouble setting up a defense package, considering it will have on their hands to most of his men, as long as they respect injuries.

From here, opens a wide range of possibilities for the master to his first team debut. The first league match against Malaga at La Rosaleda not seem in any case the best option, which takes place the same week as the Super Cup in Spain, so you still come relatively soon, while the European Super Cup against Porto , played on 26 August, is becoming a much more realistic possibility than before. Still would not have met the three months of recovery and I would be playing an official match, besides being nothing more and nothing less than a European final.
It is very clear that both the club and the player is that you can not take another false step and when will be coming back to play with continuity.

This 2011 has only played seven games, with a total balance of 377 minutes
There is no doubt that 2011 is very unlucky to be a year for the interests of the Blaugrana captain, and that because of the vastus lateralis tendinitis in his left knee that eventually leading to a release of a free body cartilage, has been doomed to almost a year unprecedented, with sporadic occurrences to demonstrate their commitment and help the team, especially at intersections against Real Madrid in both the League and Champions League in the semifinals. In fact, he played 58 minutes against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu in La Liga and the 179 he played at intersections in the semifinals of the European Cup was undoubtedly the highlight of a year that has seen an injury he has left almost six months off the pitch.

Fortunately, it seems that at the end of 2011 to reverse this situation and start to add up minutes and have more continuity. And that is what you need is to play games for Puyol to get back and feel confident player again for all purposes. It is clear that this 2011 has not been able to enjoy football on a pitch, as evidenced by the fact that it could only play a total of 377 minutes in seven games, four and three Champions League. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Soriano, with offers from England and Germany

The striker is still shaping its future to be made aware of a gap in the first team is, today, very complicated

Jonathan Soriano was one of the players who shone in the first game of the preseason, so much so that he won praise from Pep Guardiola after the meeting. "As long as Barça continue taking into account what is a striker with an amazing scoring ability," said the coach. The tremendously grateful Barcelona coach's words, "while still in the club I will work to make things very difficult those who choose, "he said after the meeting. But the player is aware that it is facing a key moment in his career, which must choose between staying waiting for an opportunity or IRLA to seek himself, even outside Barca.

No shortage of offers. The second top scorer of 32 goals ¿is it has become fashionable. Several German and English clubs have been interested in the striker, who still has a one year contract with Barcelona. From the Bundesliga, Borussia Monchengladbach and Mainz 05 are willing to bid on it, while from the Premiership, teams from the middle of the table have also been interested in the Pont de Vilomara. Another option would Jonathan to stay in the league, in the ranks of Betis, who has also called its doors in the face to arm for his return to first.

But on leaving the club's priority is to find Soriano a club that offered a long contract of at least three seasons, and play a competitive league.

After the turmoil has had his career, Jonathan has earned the right to seek stability. In this sense, the offer of Mainz is the day that is more attractive to the front, knowing that today, Guardiola can not secure a spot in the first team. (via SPORT)

The first crack lands free...until 2012

The two clubs have agreed a flexible payment system for which the club will begin paying in 2012.

Yes, indeed. Believe it or not, Alexis Sanchez played 'free' at the club for the remainder of 2011. How can that be? Very easy. Udinese Barca and agree on a payment system as flexible to the coffers Barca were ready to face the draconian demands of Mr. Ivan Gazidis and Arsène Wenger in the thorny case Cesc Fabregas. From the outset, the Pozzo family was the most generous and agreed to a formula without excessive repairs unusual in football. That is, formally, Alexis Sanchez is today a new player of FC Barcelona, ​​although his former club Udinese, will not receive the first payment of transfer until January 2012. That said, the 2011 comes out free to the club treasury. Finally, 26 million euros in the fixed priced of the transaction were not distributed according to the five seasons of Chilean striker's contract. Barca need to open the safe in January 2012 to face their first payment and the rest of the transfer will be offset in two games but will be effective in 2013 and 2014.

The agreement includes that the final payment may include some additional items if they are not complied with certain variables specified in the contract. Or what is the same, the 26 million euro will be fixed with relative ease slightly increased. A requirement of the Pozzo family that solves the aesthetic problems of all parties: the Italians will approach a final figure next to their needs while Barca can publicly present an agreement that meets the parameters of austerity advocated by the board directive. (via SPORT)

Culé Alexis

Chilean striker posed for the media to shield the club offices.

Alexis Sanchez on Sunday posed for photographers, cameras and other media to shield the club offices.

The brand new signing Barca had a fleeting appearance which did not hide his joy at joining the European champions.

Alexis will be officially unveiled tomorrow at 13.30 in Room Paris Camp Nou.

There shall be open to the public
Because the remodeling of the Camp Nou turf and Mini Stadium, the club decided not to open the doors for the presentation of Alexis, so only pose for the media.

[Selection Under-20] Perú 0 - 0 Spain

The selections under 20 in Spain and Peru goalless draw in a friendly match which Spain clearly dominated but failed to convert scoring chances that were presented.

Although Spain had control of the ball, especially in the second half and managed to get close to the penalty area, the lack of accuracy in the definition and the work of Carlos Cáceda goalkeeper prevented the Spanish from Lima came out with a win .

The match started strong with a quick game of one side to the other field. While Spain was entering the attacking moving the ball, the combined Peruvian appealed to the speed of its ends. However, as the minutes passed, Spain gained possession and ultimate comfort in the game, although interned Antonio Moon and middle distance shots Rodrigo Romero failed to surpass the Peruvian defense closed.

The start of the second half showed a Spanish team that advanced their lines of pressure, making the output of the Peruvians in their own half of the court. They were the first instances of a series of offensives the Spanish team that seemed more attack-minded in the first half,

while Peru could not find his place in the field and showed a picture taken aback at times. As the minutes passed, Julen Lopetegui was also made ​​numerous variations on your computer, thus providing opportunities for much of the Spanish banks.

Although Peru seemed almost disappeared from the countryside and the Spanish fleet managed to touch the ball with skill on the court rival, was missing last pass that would create dangerous situations. In 79 minutes, however, combinations Cristian Tello worked and managed to get a shot that forced Cáceda to stretch to catch the ball.

[Technical Data]
0. Perú: Carlos Cáceda; Cristian Dávila, Néstor Duarte, Werner Schuller, Luis Trujillo (m.46, Mauricio López); Angel Romero, Mario Velarde (m.46, Joyce Conde), Paolo Hurtado, Jorge Bazán, Cristian Cueva (m.70, William Mimbela); Christofer Soto (m.82, Christian La Torre)

0. Spain: Aitor Fernández (m.46, Alex Sánchez), Jorge Pulido, Marc Bartra, Hugo Mallo, Antonio Luna, Francisco Alarcón, Ezequiel Calvente (m.62, Jose Luis García), Oriol Romeu (m.62, Cristian Tello), Daniel Pacheco (m.46, Jorge Resurreción), Sergi Roberto (m.62, Francisco Femenia), Rodrigo Romero (m. 46, Alvaro Vásquez). coach: Julen Lopetegui.

Arbitration: college is headed by Victor Hugo Castillo, who admonished Oriol Romeu, Francisco Alarcon Hugo Mallo by Angel Ojeda Spain and Peru.

Incidents: Friendly match between teams from Peru and Spain Under 20 occasion of the inauguration of the National Stadium renovation of Peru in Lima, before some 30,000 spectators. Before the meeting paid tribute to the senior from Peru, who came straight from the airport from Buenos Aires, where on Saturday achieved the third place in the Copa America. Peru's President Alan Garcia took the kick off.

Messi: "Alexis Sánchez will hook very well in Barcelona"

The Argentinean crack welcomes to Alexis and it is shown satisfied by the fichaje, qualifying him as "a great reinforcement"

The Argentine Lionel Messi FC Barcelona has expressed his satisfaction over the signing of his new teammate, the Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez , whom he described as a "great boost" and does not doubt that will adapt well to Barca .

" Alexis Sanchez is a big boost for Barcelona . For its qualities, I think I hooked well in football and in the group, "acknowledged Rosario told the Chilean newspaper La Tercera. Messi fell a few days ago with his selection in the quarter of the Copa America final against Uruguay . During the course of the tournament, when the contract was not yet the Chilean official. Messi had already praised the ' Boy Wonder '.

"I've seen play. I've known him a long time and I can say is a great player," he said. In that sense, says Chile's arrival will further enhance the team led by Josep Guardiola , and this could contribute to the expansion of the good run of results they have achieved in recent months and that remains the best picture in the today.

The current winner of the Fifa World Player also wanted to discuss their expectations with FC Barcelona . "We've done a lot of history in recent years. It really has been great all happened. What most motivates us is to continue making it and have fun playing. At the same time we want to give joy to our fans," said the Argentine, the expected on 3 August in Spain .

In the interview, Messi underlined the misfortune of Argentina in the Copa America , which came on penalties. "We went from less to more criminal and they let us out of the fight. But that's football. Now we must move on and continue working for what is coming," he said. (via MD)

Marcelino: "Mourinho is extraordinary but Guardiola is the best"

Sevilla coach, Marcelino Garcia, on Sunday joined the long list of admirers of the Barca coach Pep Guardiola, which said that the best technical La Liga.

"Mourinho is extraordinary, but Guardiola is the best," said Marcelino in an interview with''''Ligabbva.com, which spares no praise for the game of the Barca team. "Globally and especially in the League, Barcelona seems to me superior, "says Sevilla coach, however, dares to predict a much more demanding championships for Pep. "Given the number of titles that have always earned the question arises whether to give one hundred percent to keep winning, because Madrid is itself going to require," he adds. And that is to mimic the game Marcelino Barca is mission impossible: "It is very difficult to do anything similar to Barcelona." "Mourinho said something like this: if you want to imitate Barcelona will be the second ever because his style is unique," he continued.

Finally, the Sevilla coach also praised the choices that his team faces this season opener. "Sevilla have enough potential for or Valencia, Atletico Madrid, Villarreal and Athletic Bilbao 13 points you out." "The goal of Seville is fighting for that third position and be close to her throughout the competition," said Marcelino. (via SPORT)

[Copa América final] Uruguay, King of America

Uruguay 3 - Paraguay 0. Luis Suarez and Forlan, who had doubled, scored the goals that gave Uruguay 15 th America's Cup more than anyone. Paraguay drew all his games in the final, which he lost.

Someone once wrote that Montevideo is a home football field and the definition could be extended throughout Uruguay. Uruguay is a small country where women have no children, but players who give birth. They are born champions, irreducible character athletes who have written brilliant pages in the history of the World Cup and the Olympics and already can boast of having won more Copa America than anyone. Champion and 15 times as many left gave the victory lap, the last at the Monumental stadium after overcoming a few troubles with justice and to the limited selection of Paraguay , who drew all his games in the tournament unless the final, which he lost.

The start of Uruguay was overwhelming, encouraging after the disappointing Copa America suffered. But it was only a little football and a lot of minutes, tangle of fighting. Uruguay was loaded with yellow unnecessary, those that do not serve to intimidate the opponent and the only thing they achieve is to condition your game.

But it took Uruguay to find what they wanted. It was after 12 minutes when Luis Suarez scored the first goal. The ball came by chance, as did almost everything in this tournament and hopefully beat a Justo Villar , the goalkeeper during the tournament went through the fields of Argentina embraced fortune.

The goal could well come sooner if the Brazilian referee Salvio Fagundes had indicated a clear penalty for hand Ortigoza in a header from Coates . Avoided as much and deserved expulsion.

Uruguay already was, and remained well above and Paraguay found no answer, because he knew not where to find it. He went to see the world go by and life passed before him, not knowing how to act. And is that Paraguay is a selection can prevent things from happening, but unable to lead her events. This time even defended badly, not well positioned. Ruined and any options you may have to approach the title.

With no arguments to change the party leadership, Paraguay kept the shame to the air when he was forced to attack. Uruguay withdrew, took several steps backward, perhaps because it is something that is also in character and can not help it, and the shock seemed balanced on a fictional basis. But there was no dispute as possible and Uruguay only needed to rebuild something that figure had been neglected and advance lines to deal a further blow to the Paraguayans.

He struggled Villar to leave everything in place and beat him in a dogfight to Forlan , who did not spare three minutes of rest. Arévalo Ríos , the tireless midfielder Uruguayan excellent tactic that makes the interpretation of the parties, stole a ball and gave it to Forlan for a powerful left-footed shot batiera Villar. Until then, Forlan had lived with his back to goal, but was able to supplement their lack of success in the auction with a valuable work for the team. No one benefited more from their movements within the field that Luis Suarez . Excellent tournament completed by Forlan.

Uruguay left the locker room with the nerves of the hand, with a vague and had no doubts that reason. He saw the ball and Paraguay is believed with all the right to seek their moment, to embarrass an opponent who had a hard time if it was for that anguish seemed GET WITH by being so close to victory and, above all, for giving to have the ball.

Ortigoza , disappeared during the afternoon, he invented a great pass to Valdez , without dropping the ball hit him hard to send the crossbar after being grazed Muslera , hitherto unpublished. Missing more than half an hour and then ran out of opportunities in Paraguay.

Came after the time of giving air to the equipment. Cavani replaced Alvaro Pereira in Uruguay and responded Paraguay with the entrance of Hernan Perez and Estigarribia by Vera and Caceres . The movement completeness Eguren to replace Diego Perez , exhausted from running, fighting and paste. And his feet had Eguren's third goal, but the miraculous hand of Justo Villar avoided it.

The entry of Lucas Barrios by Zeballos was just the latest attempt to Paraguay to avoid their first defeat in the tournament. A defeat that kept him away from a title that he never approached his football and Diego Forlan was in charge of enlarging a new goal that closed a mediocre championship. (via AS)

[Technical Data]
Uruguay: Muslera; Maximiliano Pereira, Lugano, Coates, Martín Cáceres (Godín, m.88); Alvaro González, Diego Pérez (Eguren, m.79), Arévalo Ríos, Álvaro Pereira (Cavani, m.63); Forlán y Luis Suárez.

Paraguay: Justo Villar; Piris, Verón, Da Silva, Marecos; Vera (Estigarribia, m.64), Riveros, Víctor Cáceres (Hernán Pérez, m.64), Ortigoza; Haedo Valdez y Zeballos (Lucas Barrios, m.76).

Goals: 1-0, m.11: Luis Suarez. 2-0, m.42: Forlan. 3-0, m.89. Forlan.

Referee: Salvio Fagundes (Brazil). He showed yellow card to Victor Cáceres (16 ') and Enrique Vera (57'), Paraguay and Diego Pérez (24 '), Martín Cáceres (25'), Maxi Pereira (30 '), Sebastian Coates (84') of Uruguay.

Incidents: Final Copa America 2011. 52,000 spectators filled the Monumental de River Plate. He chaired the party Joseph Blatter, FIFA President, who was accompanied on the stage by the president of the CSF, Nicolas Leoz.

Childhood dream comes true for Alexis

The Chilean touched down at El Prat airport at 20.15 and was then photographed next to the Barça crest outside the Camp Nou offices, and said that he reckons Barça is a right place to be to win titles.

It has been some wait, but now he’s here. Alexis Sánchez, the first Barça signing of the 2010/11 season has had a look at his new stadium after arriving in the Catalan capital on Sunday. He went straight to be pictured outside the Camp Nou offices and spoke to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat. “Me and my family thought Barça would be a good club for winning titles and being happy. It has been my dream since I was a child”, he said.

The Chilean will wear the number 9 shirt, and on his reception both at the airport and the Camp Nou, he said “I am very happy, I didn’t expect this … This is the biggest club in the world. I hope to do the best I can.” Alexis said one of the reasons he wanted to come to Barça was “the way they play, it’s the best in the world at the moment”.

The striker will take a medical examination on Monday. After that he will be presented and will don a Barça shirt for the very first time. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The agenda of the Foundation for American tour

FC Barcelona and its Foundation will carry out an act of solidarity in each of the cities that the first team visit during the tour. Be events with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foudation, Pies Descalzos Foundation and UNICEF, among others.

The pre-season tour that will take the first team during the first week of August for North America will have a supportive social and very relevant. FC Barcelona FC Barcelona Foundation have planned a busy schedule where events are scheduled for presentation of projects of high technical value and outstanding media attraction.

On 28 July, Washingtong DC, FC Barcelona Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will conduct a ceremony attended by Bill Gates, Sandro Rosell, and Josep Guardiola, as representatives of each party. Under the premise that every life has equal value, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation works to promote models of healthy and productive life.

On July 30 in Washington, will hold a meeting between President of FC Barcelona, Sandro Rosell, and chair of the Inter-American Development Bank, Luis Alberto Moreno to evaluate the first steps of the joint project developed in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, which was introduced last April.

Finally, also in Washington DC will be held on 31 July Celebrity Soccer Challenge where Hamm Mia, Ambassador from FC Barcelona in the United States will lead a charity match which also involved representatives of the Club.

On August 1 in Miami , will present the alliance between the FC Barcelona Foundation and the Barefoot Foundation and the projects that fall within this agreement. Singer Shakira is the founder of this social institution designed primarily to promote education.

On 5 August in Dallas, the FC Barcelona Foundation and UNICEF will be in an act with the aim of strengthening the commitment of both parties in their pioneering partnership that demonstrates the potential of sport and education in delivering tangible results for children and youth. (via FCBarcelona.cat)