24 July 2011

[Former player] Bojan: "I want to be happy playing football"

The new Roma striker admitted in his presentation that he is a great encouragement to know that is trusted by Luis Enrique

Bojan Krkic made the remarks in an appearance before the Italian media after his arrival in the town of Brunico di Riscone, in northern Italy, where the Roman team is concentrated.

The player wanted to settle any controversy with Barcelona and said that "the past" and now just wants to think of Rome, where he said, will seek "maximum" and will do our best for the team.

"Clearly the presence of Luis Enrique has been decisive for my arrival (at Rome) and I appreciate it. Is a great encouragement to know that I have confidence," said Bojan.

The striker said that his goal is "to be happy playing football," an opportunity, he said, has given Rome.

Thus, Bojan wanted to send a clear message to the fans 'Giallorossi' to ensure: "I'm here because I wanted to be here" and said he did not "any provision" in the contract.

"I am proud to have reached this great club and I want to return the affection I have received," said Bojan, who emphasized that he is also proud to play alongside players like Francesco Totti, Mirko Vucinic and Giuseppe De Rossi .

The striker said he is sure to be a "competitive team with the right combination of young and experienced players."

With respect to the number worn on the shirt, Bojan said it would be 14, and said: "The other numbers that I liked and were caught and this is an important T, have been players like Johan Cruyff or my friend (Thierry) Henry. "

Roma and Barcelona reached an agreement whereby 12 million for the transfer of the player also includes a play-off clause 13 million estimated at the end of the season 2012-13.

An important caveat in this agreement is that it is a must buy, not optional, so all indications are that in June 2013 returned to the team Bojan Camp Nou.

The buyback, however, could be blocked by the Roman table, although in this case the "total cost" of the transfer would be estimated at 40 million euros.

About the future, Bojan referred to is something he does not think it is "useless" to make predictions because in football you never know what might happen. (via SPORT)

Unzué: "We fight for all the titles again"

Navarre coach goalkeepers redirects first team football after a year in Soria. "I feel privileged to be able to go home," said Unzué ensuring that the ambition of the template remains intact.

Second stage of Juan Carlos Unzué as coach at the club. Joined in 2003 with Frank Rijkaard in the first team and continued in office with the arrival of Pep Guardiola as coach. After a year in Soria, where Numancia finished tenth in the Second Division, Navarro has decided to return home. Unzué has talked with Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat about his return to first team squad.

How are you after these first few days of work?

"I have the feeling of having come home. In some ways it seems that time does not has passed. There is the same group, the connection to players is the same. But personally this past year has been exciting. Soria experience I will remove it one. It was my concern, I am very pleased to have made ​​that decision and now I am very happy to be back. "

You decided to leave and return to Barcelona Soria. Why take this decision?

"Last year, my concern was to train and for some months, my concern was getting back with the family. It's clear. I did not think it would take away so badly. And having decided that returning to Barcelona raised the possibility of returning to work in this great club and I feel privileged. "

What if we had reached a new proposal to train? "

The priority was to stay in Barcelona. I am where I wanted to be. Those who know me know I will provide my experience and knowledge for the team to maintain the status and skills demonstrated during all these years. "

What conclusions drawn from his time at Numancia?

"Especially the personal. It was an experience that has put me in situations limit of high stress, I had never lived. It has helped me grow. And it has nothing to do with being the assistant coach to be primarily responsible. Now I cherish even more coaches. Now I say that will try again because I am a coach. "

Want to play like Barca away from Camp Nou is very difficult?

"It is usually more complicated because you go to any computer they have acquired habits. The more you notice are the players defensive end, not when defending but when attacking. This year I found that there are many fears in football. They have always played a different way for many years, but I am pleased because the players during the season have the willingness to improve and they have succeeded. "

Carles Busquets back to B after doing a great job.

"Busi's work has been fantastic this season. I knew the job was done because both Pepe Pinto and Victor and I had talked about it. But I think we all must serve to realize they really are the protagonists, in this case the porters. Unzué may be Juan Carlos or Carles Busquets working with them, but who is in the field is the most important game. The level of both has been very high. "

Valdes has shown in its best last season?

"I have seen an increase. Especially when you start the game. This year many rivals have pressed very high, but the first superiority have carried out both he and the Pinto and decision-making has been very good. "

Valdés has peaked?

"Always have room for improvement because it has very good mentality. Whenever you put the gloves feels can be improved. His ambition has not been stabilized, the reverse. I think in recent years has enjoyed Valdés. In the games I've seen him enjoy what he did, and this is also part of process. "

Pinto has played more than ever.

"Pinto has shown since the first moment I can play here. Furthermore, the situation is not easy because few parties and everyone is pending. And, you usually have less room for error. And given the circumstances in which he has played, the level was very high. hardly find a porter who took his role as Pinto has done and to give the performance we gave. "

Collectively, you see the team hungry for titles?

"Yes it would be a surprise to me that did not.'s Xavi, Puyol, Iniesta, Valdes and company have never lost this ambition because they always have very much the beginning. It is not easy for a team to maintain this level so high for so long and with the feeling that this cycle can continue. I am convinced it will. I have no doubt that we will fight for every title. "

The team will opt back to the six titles.

"Now we have the experience. But sometimes to earn the same should not be doing the same, but something more. If something went well in the six titles was much thought to the day. Each party looked to play the most level. And with the quality with these players, you usually get to important appointments in the month of April, May, where you play everything, and the rest depends on many circumstances. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alexis arrives this Sunday

As a result of delayed flights should carry Alexis Sanchez in Barcelona, ​​the shoot will take place around 20.30 in the office doors.

Medical examination, the contract was signed for the next five years and the presentation would be made ​​Monday. Udinese goodbye to him through a video on Youtube. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

United States tour in detail

Next Thursday 28, Barça start their nine-day tour of the United States, participating in the Herbalife World Football Challenge which involves three friendliest, and various institutional activities to transmit the club’s values around the USA.

From July 28 to August 6, the team will be visiting Washington, Miami and Dallas, thanks to Turkish Airlines, the main sponsor of this 2011
tour. The following is a detailed explanation of the expedition, including training sessions, matches and events that the players Hill be attending.
Thursday, July 28

06.00. Arrival at Washington airport
11.30. Press conference in the Hotel including appearance of two players.
14.30. Visit to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation attended by Sandro Rosell, Josep Guardiola and two players
18.00. Inauguration of the Penya Blaugrana de Washington attended by Sandro Rosell
19.00. Training at RFK Stadium

Friday, July 29

09.00. Training at RFK Stadium
20.00. Open doors training at FedEx Field
21.00. Attendance of Redskins supper. Whole group will attend

Saturday, July 30

09.00. Training at RFK Stadium
19.00. Friendly match between FC Barcelona and Manchester United at the FedEx Field, especially sponsored by Turkish Airlines
Sunday, July 31

09.00. Training at RFK Stadium
11.00. Charity match featuring the Friends of Mia Hamm (FC Barcelona ambassador in the USA), with participation of Josep Guardiola and Andoni Zubizarreta.
17.30. Flight departs for Miami
20.00. Arrival at Miami airport

*All times are local (CET is six hours ahead of Washington)

Monday, August 1

09.00. Training at University of Miami
11.00. Visit by two players to the Nike Store in Miami
14.15. Press conference by Josep Guardiola and a player at the hotel
17.30. Event involving FC Barcelona and ‘Pies Descalzos’ Foundation. Attended by two representatives of each foundation
19.00. Training at University of Miami

Tuesday, August 2

09.00. Training at University of Miami
11.30. Visit to Seaquarium Discovery Cove where several players will be able to swim with dolphins.
11.30. Visit to Campus FCB in Miami, situated in Kendall Soccer Park. Attendance by representatives of FC Barcelona
19.00. Training session open to fans at Sun Life Stadium
20.00. Activity with the Penya Blaugrana de Miami at venue TBC. Attendance by representatives of FC Barcelona.

Wednesday, August 3

09.00. Training at University of Miami
20.00. Friendly match between FC Barcelona and Chivas Guadalajara at the Sun Life Stadium.

*All times are local (CET is six hours ahead of Miami)

Thursday, August 4

09.00. Flight departs for Dallas
11.15. Arrival at Dallas airport
12.30. Visit to the Nike Store attended by two players
14.15. Press conference by Josep Guardiola and one player
19.00. Training at SM University

Friday, August 5

09.00. Training at SM University
16.00. Unicef event. Venue to be confirmed
19.00. Open door training session at Pizza Hut Stadium

Saturday, August 6

09:00. Training at SM University
15.00. Friendly match between FC Barcelona and Club America at the Cowboys Stadium
19.30. Departure of flight to Barcelona arranged by Turkish Airlines.

*All times are local (CET is seven hours ahead of Dallas)

Sunday, August 7

16.00. Arrival in Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mata and Cazorla, possible replacements of Cesc

Arsenal manager, Arsène Wenger, and start thinking about replacements for first level to offset the possible loss of the Catalan midfielder

As reported by the British newspaper Daily Mail, Arsenal would be willing to sign Valencia midfielder Juan Mata, with part of the proceeds of the possible transfer of their captain, Cesc Fabregas, FC Barcelona.

The British institution, the newspaper said, provide approximately 22 million euros for his signature if it finally ends Cesc Barca dressing. If confirmed, the operation would become the most expensive transfer in the history of Arsenal so far held the hammer Russia, Andrey Arshavin, which was paid nearly 20 million euros for three seasons.

Now it appears that Cesc Fabregas (absent in the match against Cologne) will end in the FC Barcelona but, as usual in recent days, the standard pattern of his coach, Arsène Wenger is to dodge the issue. "I do not speak of the negotiations, but if you sell or sign a player, I'll tell," he said. In addition, the French, with a straight face, he added: "I do not like talking about details that happen during the negotiations."

With the income from the possible sale of Cesc, about 37 million more variables, the Arsenal would be able to invest part of this income to rebuild a suitable template to be back among the European elite. In this case, Mata would be ideal reinforcement for the London club, despite that Valencia would not be willing to negotiate for less than 35 million euros.

Despite the juicy offer made several days ago Malaga Villarreal midfielder, the entity would be interested in British recruitment, especially for their versatility of positioning in the midfield. In addition, it adds the uncertainty of renewing the French winger Samir Nasri, who could be key to finally end Santi Cazorla playing with the Gunners.

The 'soap opera Cesc' continues a lot of talk and, increasingly, more and more names appear around this whole operation. (via SPORT)

Alexis will arrive with more than two hours late

The new Barca striker will land at the airport Barajas (Madrid) late this afternoon regarding the scheduled time

SPORT has been told the flight that travels FC Barcelona's first signing for next season, Alexis Sanchez, will arrive in Madrid with two more hours of delay compared to the schedule.

At first, the flight was scheduled to arrive at Barajas Airport at 13.25 hours, but eventually it will at 16.05 hours.

This also delayed the airlift that could enable him to Barcelona on the 18 pm today to sign his contract the next five seasons at Barca entity and also to pose next to the FC Barcelona crest Camp Nou. (via SPORT)

And with the '4'...Thiago

The dorsal Cesc reserved for last night was taken temporarily by the Hispanic-Brazilian

Between the lack of effective first-team moves and the lack of importance, few conclusions could be drawn from the friendly last night in Split. If anything, some that they are still anecdotal. Without going further, one of the first comments that sparked the dorsal party was elected yesterday by Thiago Alcantara. In a good middle line, the Italian-Brazilian midfielder looked a provisional basis the number '4 'Cesc Fabregas booked for, if the Arsenal still finished at the club. With him back, Thiago did well, with the ease with which he usually does and was one of the highlights of half that, even without Xavi, yesterday was also a luxury. His audacity and joy will be very important at certain times of the season. Give something different to the midfield, but their presence also poses risks, since it is a kind of football player who leads him to lose balls in areas involved, as happened last night at some point. Anyway, the highlight of the meeting was a great solo run in which, after dodging two opposing players attempt on goal found the goalkeeper.

It was the night of the shirt, because if it was to see Thiago morbid with the '4 'was no less expected to know who was going to look at the second time that '9' seems to have become a cursed back after consecutive starts Eto'o, Ibrahimovic and recent Bojan. Not surprisingly was the striker's subsidiary, Jonathan Soriano, who also led an interim basis, because most likely be looking to end the Alexis Sanchez. Soriano, who this past season managed a whopping 32 goals with the team coached by Luis Enrique in the second division A, put all the efforts of the world, enjoyed a couple of times but could not find a door. I would not have been too bad a goal to finish to win their first presence in the squad for next season. For now, you have to wait for Guardiola included in the squad for the Audi Cup in Munich and the U.S. tour and try to prove then that has a place in this club.

There were many who would remember last night Bojan, because there was no longer strange that the very day that passed Linyola front checkup with Rome, his former team since leaving his locker scoring zero in Split, which is very unusual Barca. No longer merely anecdotal another fact of a friendly encounter which only served to release the preseason. (via MD)

'Guaje' starts knock on wood

Last year he fought with the pole and finished marking the goal by the end of the Champions

For sure David Villa would sign to trace a second season the same as the first one as player of Barça. It may be noted after attending its premiere last night in Split course. The Guaje was one of the most active players of all who put in play Pep Guardiola, but returned to run into an old acquaintance who'd rather not see so often: the post. Villa left one of the best offensive actions of the game with a great shot from outside the area that repelled the stick. His great shot deserved a goal, but as so often happened in the past year the ball smacked into the framework of the rival goal, thus denying the pleasure of enjoying what you love.

In the game that marked the centenary of Hajduk Split, Villa started in the first half, led by the top fifth of the bottle. Meanwhile novel, the highest scorer in the last European Championship and World vicepichichi past was one of the most recognizable cracks on the pitch for the 35,000 fans who filled the stands. With Leo Messi rental, Villa could play the position in which made a name throughout his successful career, before Barca dressing: as a pure striker. Logically, given the feeling of being very comfortable, offering to draw walls or face leaving the ball for second-line players. If anything, perhaps a habit acquired during his first year FC Barcelona, ​​at some point when I chose the most suitable combination had been shot at goal.

When he did, however, was cracking. That balonazo with its known power, a slight curve traced out in practically anticipated goal. Luckily for the flamboyant goalkeeper Croatian-more for their clothes than their ways, the ball went to the wood.

But as the saying 'touch wood' is the most fortunate to look ahead, no doubt, that Villa will make everyone happy Barça. In his first year at least ten culé his pitches went to any of the three poles, which deprived the Guaje to close the season with a scoring significantly higher figure than she got. Finally they were 23 points - not bad, distributed as follows: 18 in the League Cup and one in four in the Champions League. The fireworks were reserved for the largest party, the final of the European Cup to Manchester. Villa had the best goal of that magical night in London. So, ending, begins as you want. (via MD)

Pellegrini assures that Alexis will "triumph"

The Chilean trainer applauds Barcelona to be taken to the 'Wonder Boy', to which omens him a great future

Malaga coach Manuel Pellegrini, endorsed the signing of his compatriot Alexis Sanchez Barcelona, ​​ensuring that it is a player who will bring "many things" Guardiola's team. "A player who has matured slowly came out very young in Chile and has undergone very important institutions such as Colo Colo in Chile, River Plate in Buenos Aires, Udinese in Italy and now Barcelona. Year after year, Alexis is getting stronger, doing more goals and it shows much more mature in his game. I have no doubt that it will be a great contribution to the club, "he said yesterday on the website of the League.

Also wanted to make clear he does not feel any revulsion to his successor on the bench for Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho: "I am neither for nor Mourinho Guardiola. Each technician has his style, his play, his way of being. the erdad is not allied with me either. " Although that does not mean to give their preferences directly facing the upcoming season: "I believe that Barcelona is still the best team, it is true that Real Madrid has strengthened very strong during the past two years, but in the end season we'll see how things are. "

Pellegrini also appreciated the problems involved in the league playing debut against the defending champion: "Knowing Pep know that every game will play the league, things eventually may gain or lose by one point. We will find Barcelona, ​​regardless of whatever happened in the Super Cup, will come to their full potential. " (via SPORT)

Alexis: "I'll play the best team in the world"

Chile was stopped completely during the moments where the signing Barca showed her the way to happiness from Camp Nou

Barca works miracles from time to time. For example, yesterday afternoon in Santiago, Chile. The Chilean press desperate met an almost divine gift at the international airport Arturo Merino Benitez Alexis Sanchez stepped on campus, and instead of running up from your gate to avoid those present agreed to meet briefly to media. An unusual gesture in the Chilean star. It was an affectionate farewell in which he was eager to join soon, "the best team in the world."

Alexis will land this afternoon at the Barcelona airport, but seconds before proved to be very clear from where he will play from now and the role assigned in the period of adaptation to the locker room at Camp Nou. The front displayed a great humility. "I'm the biggest fight club, being a champion and prove my worth what the club paid for me." In the first exchange, the player had to dance with a couple of names that from now on will be very common in his public speeches. "We are proud to play with Messi because it is the best player in the world. Barcelona is a very big and I am glad that has finally completed the signing. Now what it is to continue doing what I did during this time: to play football, "he said. Those who look for similarities and comparisons with Cristiano Ronaldo, Alexis were scored his first goal as FC Barcelona. No controversy or dispute of entry. "Am I to be the Ronaldo of Barcelona? No. Only Alexis Sanchez will be no more. " Alexis also devoted a minute to make his country's flag in the air before the imminence of its signing as a new player of FC Barcelona. "A Chilean gets to Barcelona was not expecting anyone. I have seen that there is a good group, I know it's quiet and very important to play there, among the best. "

Alexis did not want to elaborate on his contract and the figures have been considered during these weeks of tough negotiations. Also failed to address domestic issues such as his talks with Pep Guardiola and its incorporation into the team. However, it would make an exception to discuss their most dreamed debut. And the striker knows what the fans like Barca, his predilections. "I would be ready for the first derby against Real Madrid. I know it will be played on August 14, but that does not depend on me. "

Alexis arrives earlier today afternoon flight to Barcelona What Iberia 7322 / 722 LAN tomorrow what for signing a contract that will join the Catalan the next five seasons at a rate of just over three million euros per season. At 22, I was able to forgo the lure of petrodollars from Manchester City, who came to offer eight million free of dust and straw season, is a clear sign of his maturity and his huge football approach: rather lose in your checking account but to win in his career.

No wonder that his new coach, Pep Guardiola, has wanted to put as an example for those who dream of playing for FC Barcelona, ​​noting that had it not been for his tremendous will and ambition by dressing blaugrana surely now the Chilean international albiceleste be wearing the shirt of Manchester City. Certainly much richer than ever, but also poorer footballing.

Alexis now begin to gauge firsthand the global impact of his gesture. Barca, as he says, the best team in the world will open its doors. (via SPORT)

Cesc is increasingly closer to Barca

The midfielder continues to train outside the group waiting for a call from Arsenal to communicate an agreement

Hope prudent. Contained joy. Cesc Fabregas has more than a hunch about his chances of playing this season at Barcelona. This time it has evidence to believe that his move to Barcelona can specify in the coming weeks.

Cesc is suffering wear negotiations with ups and downs, he wants to be informed about everything, but the latest news is more positive than usual. Their immediate environment at Arsenal is the club even more willing to give up English in the past.

To start, Arsenal have agreed to negotiate, to sit with Barcelona. The course passed the English club closed ranks and Wenger pulled a lot of football to make him see that the best thing was to postpone the transfer at least one season. French is a great ancestry Fàbregas, so the situation became particularly uncomfortable for everyone. Now Wenger maintains a public speech like that, but privately acknowledged that it is best to sell this course for next season how often one year contract less than market price is your drop.

Bartomeu trips to London and Sanllehí recent days have been highly valued by the player, who understands that is a sure sign of interest from the club in bet heavily on him. Another important actor in this story is the very Pep Guardiola.

Barca coach has been a fundamental support for the player. Even in the worst of times has always insisted he would play for Barcelona. Pep was also concerned to explain the role it has in store on your computer and transmitted to it by the enthusiasm of his arrival. In his first appearance after the holidays, the technician was very careful with it. Is recalled that the Arsenal player but insisted the goal: "We will fight until the end to tarer Cesc. We will do better. " A message encouraging for Cesc because clear that the club will continue in negotiations and that suggests its importance in the sports project.

Pep addition reinforced the speech with a call to Cesc himself the same day to qualify a few sentences of the press conference that could affect the Catalan. In this regard he recalled that his move was still a priority regardless of Alexis.

Cesc lives these days with the incomodiad which means being away from routine equipment. In London he trained with Sol Campbell, who has left the English club facilities not to lose shape. Cesc did not participate in yesterday's friendly in Germany and his own in London assumes a transfer is imminent. The slope of the mobile Arenys walks waiting for a call from the way clear for Arsenal to go to Barcelona. (via SPORT)

Alexis, the maturity of an irreverent guy

Alexis is a shy off the court, but the more adventurous type when it comes to overcome rivals

Alexis Sanchez raised suspicions where he played because he always chose the right path diversions, improvisation authority and their own ideas to the conventions. Nothing unusual for a guy who had to grow up fast after suffering the abandonment of his father, who left the family when he was just four years.

In its beginnings River were not simple, quickly earned it the reputation of individual players. Alexis always had the best of the considerations, and understanding that no one should have the ball longer than he. Passarella first and Simeone later thought to grab the neck in more than one occasion. Colleagues also went weary of his usual outbursts of prominence. Alexis went to his own: "I faced in nature. And I learned to play barefoot. That's why I run so to the falls. I used to go dodging rocks the floor. " After all, has always understood the game as an individual challenge and took the dribble as a personal matter. Soon the defenders to take action on the matter, because they understood that their irreverence was a great excuse to tighten his ankles. Tired of being humiliated, Chimi Blengio broke the ligaments of the ankle and discovered the harshness of Chilean football.

Alexis quickly found its place in the costume River. Nor was it easy to win over critics. But it soon became the swollen River. Next to the Burrito Ortega, Diego Buonanotte and Falcao formed an impressive offensive. On the grass grew much faster than in the locker room. There he killed her shyness. Barely raised his voice and only complained when he thought he not passed the ball enough. They say those who know that sometimes you would be more comfortable if I had the opportunity to be transparent. Nevertheless, Ortega approached and was complicit with Abreu. In River eventually convinced everyone, though not often see goal. He had time to play the Apertura and Clausura until Udinese decided it was time to give it a chance. The Italian had signed during his time in Chile after a process of maturation LOGICAL to last stop on River does the Italian club did not hesitate.

Alexis landed in Italy. Again, the strangeness of the new. Again the misunderstanding. As happened in their appetite for River dodge controversy. In a locker room full of hierarchies, with great presence of Neapolitan clan, Alexis frowned and suffered many parties noted that some companions passed the ball less than desired. He kept insisting, running as usual. From one place to another. For beyond his hunger for the ball, always knew that Alexis was equally important to recover it when lost.

In his three seasons in Italy gained an unknown maturity in their early years. "I've learned to choose better times and I think I've improved a lot," he says. In his last season with a 3-5-2 burst. On a basting for the contras. His four goals against Palermo was an unprecedented show of force. Alexis has matured, his game is more poised and ready for the challenge. (via SPORT)

The cantera of Barca passes the test

The 'Pep Team' provided a good staging the first pre-season friendly, despite the casualties. The result was the least

Barca is a little much. A stroke play champion of Europe is enough to hope another promising season. Yesterday it became clear in unfavorable circumstances. In the first preseason game. No shooting necessary, of course. With no weight. With players who played a few months ago at junior level. Despite a little convincente.Ocurre result that this team has defined a pattern as a model for theirs as chewing, which is always beyond the recognizable names.

The image of Eusebius, technical subsidiary, on the bench was a very symbolic image of an image that perfectly expresses the will of the subsidiary to be a mirror of the first team. Hajduk Split was ahead, but this is not a team Barcelona to change his speech. It does not matter the opponent. No other team more pragmatic with their model. Just as there is another coach Pep more inflexible than his idea of ​​the game.

Yesterday was an interesting portrayal of the team for what they suggest always promising team players. Thiago's presence with the number '4 'To be confirmed pending the arrival of Cesc you stopped glimpse of the growing role of the first team player. A feeling which grew with the minutes, as the son of Mazinho was the best the first time. A is assumed Thiago pass and overflow. Yesterday offered its most temperate, just lost a ball in 45 minutes and took the best decisions. He was seen above the rest. Sobrado. With him, Jonathan worked as a midfielder, a position he would occupy often in the subsidiary if the pass is closed Oriol Romeu Chelsea.

Mexico's performance always improves when you are close to Thiago, your best friend in the world of football and the split offered at a good level. Without Messi on the field, Villa was able to enjoy 45 minutes and nine. The Spaniard was one of the most active players in the first half and again suffered the sticks, a real obstacle to the Spaniard in recent times.

Afellay was less participatory, energetic in the first few minutes, more off later. The second half also made good details. The computer is not messed up, despite leaving with a completely different lineup. Although some of them played together for the first time. Despite playing with two juveniles and Rosell and Balliu. Iniesta played his first minutes of the preseason and was the highlight of Barcelona. Theirs were the best stocks in the second half. Pure talent. Isaac Basin, one of the players that has most surprised Guardiola in the first session, was also present in the second half.

Skilled end, offered a sense of danger when confronted near the area. Martí Riverola, who played on loan at Vitesse in the final stretch of the academic year, unfolded as normal by Sergio Busquets. It was another club, the club was always.

Alexis, a very ordinary star

Guardiola incorporates a different player in the game land and that doesn't give the note outside of him.

Alexis Sanchez decided not to alter your schedule or your lifestyle in the hours before his flight to Barcelona expected to sign the contract. The Chilean newspaper `The latest news Did he show its expertise and caught a crack in one of his traditional visits to the restaurant Tierra del Fuego, in the Boulevard del Parque Arauco.

For everyone going to get an idea of ​​the culinary delights of the Wonder Boy, there goes the menu tasted the first signing of the 2011-12 season luxury: some crazy salsa verde is it a variant of sea snail genuineness of the Chilean coast-and-cheese empanadas incoming mode. This simply washed down with lemonade. Then Alexis and his two companions enjoyed the boneless chicken, mashed potatoes and avocado salad. The lemonade was replaced by mineral water, apparently his usual drink. The meal came to 50,000 pesos. That is, about 75 euros at the exchange for three diners who enjoyed the white-linen next to the star. In all, an encounter which lasted for just over two hours.

The eyewitnesses said they Alexis Sanchez was, as usual, kind of treatment but returned to be sealed to the reporter who sought to present an exclusive pair of responses. Even joked in reply: Have you talked with Pep Guardiola in the past few hours? Silence. Tell us your last words: "Last Words". Souvenir photos with the privileged who became aware of his presence ... and little else. A 4x4 vehicle ended the ride waiting for the character's most illustrious moment in their country.

The day had a gentle to small details added. The restaurant manager, Erick Guzman, was more gracious with the press and said "it is an honor to be chosen as a restaurant before leaving for Barcelona." The waiter, Alexis Ulloa, all smiling and satisfied by the development of the day, confirmed that "the tip was very good." Those who know him say that Alexis only has expensive tastes in details such as clothing and automobiles. She likes to be cute and not bargain in their efforts, although in its day to day is generous with his immediate surroundings.

Another of the children present had the honor of crossing a small phrase with his idol. Are you happy to go to Barcelona? "Yeah, dude," he said. Another smile of farewell and a bubble. Full stop. (via SPORT)

[Rating; Preseason Match] Hajduk Split - FC Barcelona (0-0)

First Half: Víctor Valdés 8, Albert Dalmau 7, Armando 6, Andreu Fontàs 7, Cristian Lobato 6, Jonathan Dos Santos 7, Carmona 7, Seydou Keita 7, Thiago Alcántara 8, David Villa 7, Ibrahim Afellay 6.

Second Half: José Manuel Pinto 7, Iván Balliu 7, Oriol Rosell 7, Eric Abidal 7, Maxwell 6, Sergio Busquets 8, Martí Riverola 7, Andrés Iniesta 8, Isaac Cuenca 7, Jonathan Soriano 7, Jeffren Suárez 7. (via SPORT)

Alexis Sanchez: "I am proud of playing in the best team in the world"

After days and days of speculation, Alexis Sanchez began the journey that will allow you to fulfill your dream. The Chilean player left on Saturday from his native country to Barcelona, ​​where Monday will be presented as a Barça player.

"I'm proud of playing the best team in the world," said the striker minutes before the plane will be moved to Barcelona, ​​where his arrival is expected at about 17h PM. "We are proud to play a Chilean to reach that high," said Alexis who already showed all his ambition to ensure that signed for the club to be "champion."

"My goal is to continue to show, keep doing what I've been doing," said the Chilean player, who rejected any comparison to Cristiano Ronaldo, and Peter. "The first group is to integrate and adapt, then give the opportunities," admitted known as the `Boy Wonder ¿, also had words of praise for some of his new teammates. "Of course it's good to play with players like Xavi and Messi," he said. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Bojan: "I am very happy to be in Rome"

Bojan Krkic their early lives as a player for Roma. Former Barcelona striker passed a medical on Saturday prior to your presentation with the Italian ...

Bojan underwent routine review Gemelli Polyclinic hospital before being released Monday. His presence at the medical center was awakened by a strong expectation. Dozens of fans waited him out for autographs and take pictures with him.

The 'noi Linyola' welcomed his impending addition to the team led by Luis Enrique. "I am very happy to be here," were his words to reporters just outside the hospital.

Figures of the agreement, Rome

Rome became official on Saturday the signing of Bojan for four seasons, until June 30, 2015. The agreement provides that Bojan receives 3.2 million euros gross per year for 2011/12 and 2012/13 seasons.

Where to stay in Rome at the end of the season 2012-2013, the agreement provides for a gross salary of 6.4 million per year for the next two seasons.

Bojan, who arrived in the Italian capital on Friday night, has been transferred to Barcelona for twelve million, with a mandatory clause encrypted playoffs in thirteen million at the end of the 2012/13 season.

Roma also said in its statement that the Barcelona striker could recover at the end of the 2011/12 campaign on payment of 17 million euros, while the option of compulsory purchase playoff at the end of the season 2012-2013.

In the case of the Roma blocked this option, the Italian box should pay 28 million euros in a deal that would reach a total cost of 40 million. (via SPORT)

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Guardiola: "We have made a serious match"

Barca coach has welcomed the image of his men at the opening of spring training in Split. He liked it more the second than the first.

Pep Guardiola was leaving with good taste in Split. His men had turned their face in the first commitment of the preseason (0-0) against Hajduk. "With the short time that we work with youth ... has been good, I'm happy. We have a serious party," he said. In his debut, has served to "put ideas and some miles in my legs."

Very satisfied with the performance of players, Guardiola has seen "better second half than the first." Yes, the Barca coach said he was "pleased with all who have made ​​their debut."

They have also spoken to the media and Fontàs Iniesta:

Iniesta "Alexis is a great player. Powerful and fast. I hope you feel good and comfortable". " We are saddened by the departure of Bojan because it is a good friend. "

Fontàs "Cuesta, took a week of workouts, but we played well." "With fans screaming makes you much more focused." "I am very happy My first game as a first team player. " "I feel responsible, I hope, work, sacrifice and help as the team."

On Monday, double session
The next training will be the first team on Monday with a double session at 9.30 am and 19 hours. Both are open to the media the first fifteen minutes. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Preseason Match] Hajduk Split 0 - 0 FC Barcelona

Barça drew against Hajduk Split in the first preseason game. Despite their clear superiority in terms of play, possession and chances, Guardiola’s team were unable to beat Subasic in the Hajduk goal. Villa, Soriano, and Jeffren had the best chances.

56 days after Wembley, Barça showed their style to the world once again. In the game to celebrate Hajduk Split’s centenary, Barça played seriously and gave everything, but couldn’t break through the web woven by the Croatian side, who have already started their league campaign, and are probably more match-fit. So, Guardiola remains unbeaten in preseason debuts.

Thiago Alcantara was the most active player on the pitch in the first few minutes, creating danger with his running into space and precision passing. Thiago took the lead role in midfield, bringing his teammates into the game, and providing some great balls for David Villa, who had a few chances, and hit the post in the 16th minute with a superb strike from outside the area.

After failing to score with his first attempt, Villa had the chance to score Barça’s first goal of the season, a couple of times more. The first came in the 30th minute, when he came very close from a free-kick in a good position outside the box. In the 39th minute he tried the same thing again, but this time his shot hit the defensive wall and was easily dealt with.

Coming in at the break 0-0, Pep Guardiola decided to bring on all eleven players from the bench. Despite the good work of the first 45 minutes, in the second half the team was totally different. Bringing on Riverola into midfield gave the team more depth, and this helped to gain even more possession of the ball.

Jeffren and Jonathan Soriano had the best chances in the second half. Jeffren was very active for the whole half and his cut inside and cross-shot almost put Barça ahead. Jonathan Soriano also came really close and his shot, in the 64th minute, was centimetres outside the post. Barça played with their usual style, and created chances, but this time they just didn’t have any luck at all.

Next Tuesday, 26th of July, at 18.15, Barça will have their second pre-season game, in the Audi Cup, against Internacional of Porto Alegre. It might be the opportunity to get their first win of the pre-season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection Under-19 Euro] Serbia 0 - 4 Spain

Landslide victory of the Spanish team against Serbia in the second meeting of the European Championship in Romania. On the first twenty minutes to Morata, twice, and sentenced Juanmi leave the party. Sticking with the fourth Morata. Mathematically Spain already qualified for the semifinals of the tournament.

Excellent game displayed by all the Spanish players was reflected in the field with many arrivals to the area defended by Serbian Peric. The goals were game product that we have used the Spanish teams in all categories and the result could have been a scandal if they had realized some of the countless times that told the players.

Ginés Meléndez The guys gave a real show game. The opportunities created by Morata, Sarabia, following Deulofeu-dazzling the fans or, then during the second part with the red and white Borja, who joined the national team after a serious ligament injury cuzado and not being able to integrate with the Under 19 until this tournament. Also highlight the good work done by the young José Sevilla Campaign that debuted at this meeting with the selection in this category.

The Spanish concluded with Turkey on Tuesday 26th July at 20.00 CET Spanish, this first phase of the European , before playing the semifinals, for which, with 6 points so far achieved, is already classified.

The results of the second day of European are as follows:
GROUP A: Romania 0 - Greece 1 and Czech Republic, 2 - Rep. Ireland 1
GROUP B: Serbia, 0 - Spain, 4, Turkey 1 - Belgium 1

[Technical Data]
Serbia: Peric, Kuzmanovic, Cosic, Vitas, Petkovic, Rogac (Trujic min.46), Causic, Brasanac (Mrkela min.46), Jojic, Lukic y Pesic (Despotovic min.65).

Spain: Badía, Carvajal, Sergi Gómez, Miquel, Aurtenetxe, Campaña, Rubén Pardo, Deulofeu (Borja min.73), Juanmi (Alex min.56), Sarabia (Muñiz min.80) y Morata.

Goals: 0-1 Morata (min.13); 0-2 Juanmi (min.15); 0-3 Morata (min.22); Morata (min. 75).

Referee: Gil Pawel(Poland). admonished the Serbian Kuzmanovic (min.37) and Jojic (min.68) and the Spanish Aurtenetxe (min 56) and Morata (min.72).

Stadium: Concordia Chiajna.

Barça doesn't discard to sign to a defense and a centrefoward

Barca reopens the possibility of bringing another marker, even better if you can adapt to the side, and fifth ever born striker would be superfluous

Signed Alexis Sanchez and Cesc Fabregas in the process of doing so, the club does not rule out further incorporate a defense and a forward. Everything will depend on economic availability can always go to more sales blitz like Oriol Romeu. Concerning the strengthening of the entire winning back the possibility that more central lateral, although the ideal would be to adapt to both positions.

Not long ago transcended the interest of Pep Guardiola for Yaroslav Rakitskiy of Shakhtar. Jan Vertonghen , Ajax, or Mahmadou Sakho , PSG are also long observed defenses. As Victor Ruiz , of Naples, or José Enrique .

In front there is a clear numerical instability. Despite the arrival of Alexis Sanchez, the boat is only four bombers born: in addition to Chile, Leo Messi, Pedro Rodriguez and David Villa. Bojan Krkic and transferred to Rome and Jeffren Suárez looking team, the club faces a market that offers everything. There is zero investment solutions , such as that would stay with Jonathan Soriano or sign a veteran team yet as David Trezeguet . Attackers are also those that would entail a modest operation in profile and economically , as Dani Guiza and Nelson Valdez . And there it has been termed 'market opportunity' , whether by having disputes with his club, as Diego Forlan , or being a contract year end, as Willian Borges . More difficult is Juan Mata . Yes, it is again in the window, but priced out of the idea of the club. Unless you have new sales or transfers of future progress. It seems.

And Jonathan Soriano has not yet been
Jonathan Soriano, second top scorer with 32 goals, is now in the orbit of Benfica, according to Portuguese daily 'Record'. With a one year contract as Barca, still can not rule out that Catalan had a chance to stay in the Barca first team as a fifth striker. (via MD)