23 July 2011

Guardiola happy with the arrival of Alexis

Pep Guardiola has thanked the Club for the effort, and Alexis, the insistence, once agreed the signing of Chile. Moreover, Valdes and Busquets have been convinced to hold the line victorious.

Two days after announcing the agreement to hiring Alexis Sanchez, coach Pep Guardiola was pleased: "I congratulate and give thanks to the Club for the effort and he's insistence.'s Young and can give many things." In the press conference before the game's centenary Hajduk also explained that "there is nothing new about Cesc." On the farewell of Bojan, Guardiola said: "Wish luck two years, then return to us. Clause repurchase fine with me, everything that makes the club seem right. thank him for all he has done over the years and their behavior. " And the possible departure of Oriol Romeu said: "The opportunity to start is very good. Chelsea has specifically asked us and Barca would have controlled."

Moreover, the Technical regretted not being able to travel to Split with all staff. "As a coach I would have them all, it would be better but can not." Two of those who have moved are Valdes and Busquets, who have appeared before Guardiola. "We expect to win things going step by step it will be a very strong season," said the goalkeeper. The midfielder has supported the idea: "We will try to follow the same steps as the other years. We will work to gain the most." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Valdés: "Although it is of preparation, we will leave to win"

Barca goalkeeper and Sergio Busquets also appeared in the press conference after the match against Hajduk Split

FC Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes asked about the meeting this Saturday, said "it is a special match for your hobby, albeit in preparation, we will win."

Also hopes that this season even better for the interests of FC Barcelona. "We expect to win titles, step by step, it will be a strong season," he said.

Meanwhile, midfielder Sergio Busquets admitted that try to "follow the same steps as previous years and work to gain the most." (via SPORT)

A strong cloudburst receives Barça in Croatia

Barca had arrived at noon to Split, where at night in preseason debut against Hajduk. He met with a heavy rain that has hampered the landing.

The flight that has carried the team to Croatia has lasted about two hours. Has come out with about thirty minutes late El Prat and landed in Split to 13 hours later than planned because of heavy rain has delayed the landing. The plane was carrying 24 players (12 first team and 12 of the subsidiary) will play tonight against Hajduk. He has also traveled the coach of Barça B, Eusebio Sacristan.

The expedition is headed by Barca vice-president Javier Faus, managers and Ramon Pilar Guinovart Cierco and sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta.

Once in Split, the club has transferred directly to the hotel Globo. It will remain focused there until game time. Hajduk-boat-first game of the season, FC Barcelona will start at 20.30. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Premiere in Split

The FC Barcelona first team contention on Saturday (20.30 pm, TV3 and Golte) Split the first of three games to play before the U.S. tour. Xavi, Piqué, Puyol Peter and have not traveled to Croatia.

56 days after the final at Wembley, FC Barcelona will step on a pitch. Will Split Poljud Stadium, against Hajduk in a game set within the events celebrating the centennial of the Croatian entity (founded on February 13, 1911).

24 called The meeting will serve to allow players Barca, who have made seven training in this first week, continue taking shape for the official competition, which will begin in mid-August. For the party are calling for a total of 24 players, 12 first team and 12 of the Barça B.

Josep Guardiola has four low for the meeting with Hajduk. Xavi and Peter will continue with their specific work scheduled for this spring, dragging Pique muscular discomfort in the calf of his left leg, while Puyol still recovering from knee surgery. Also miss the match South American players who have participated in the Copa America, which are still on vacation. The brand new signing Chilean Alexis Sanchez, also has traveled to Croatia and will arrive in Barcelona on Sunday .

The first team again tonight in Barcelona. The arrival is scheduled for 2.15 hours of the morning. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The debuts in preseason unbeaten Guardiola

Guardiola knows no defeat in the first preseason games. Barca coach since joining the club, the club has signed two victories and one draw. Hibernian, Tottenham and have been rivals Valerenga release.

Guardiola premiered at the Barca bench against Hibernian in Scotland and the team won by 0-6. The following year, Barça drew one against Tottenham at a very familiar, Wembley. Moreover, Oslo was the city that opened the season 2010/2011, where the club met up again with the victory, winning by 2-4 Valerenga.

0-6 in the opening Barça de Guardiola gave the green light a July 24, 2008. The style that Guardiola promised in his day, became evident. Touches, depth, verticality and good play were the protagonists in his debut against Hibernian in Scotland. The result, 0-6, with goals from Messi, Gudjohnsen two and one Bojan. Yaya Toure and then-team players were also Pedrito goal.

Next year the club played the first preseason game in a scenario that is already very familiar, Wembley. They tied one against Tottenham. Barça B then was the clear star of the game, and even saw some young people. Under the watchful eye Guardiola, and without losing the essence of the club before a shot and Tottenham, the club lived up to the party. Bojan Krkic scored the only goal in Barca.

Last academic year, the club passed with the first preseason game. Despite the absence of the internationals, who contested the World Cup with the Spanish team, and of contesting the final of the UEFA European Under-19 the next day, Barça won by 2-4 Valerenga, a team that was already immersed Norwegian league in full.

The game served to see Adriano wearing a Barca shirt for the first time and also to demonstrate the high level of the base of the club. Just be Victor Sanchez who opened the scoring after starring in a spectacular wall with Jonathan dos Santos. Soon after, Maxwell scored a great goal, which marked the end of equality that had prevailed during the first minutes.

Another player then subsidiary, Benjamin, was the star of the best goal of the game, and Keita scored the fourth head taking advantage of a great center of Edu Oriol. This Saturday, at 20.30, the first team will play the first game in Split. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Villas-Boas: "Oriol Romeu is a player with a bright future"

The London club announced through its website, interest in Barcelona midfielder B. For several minutes, he even announced his "recruitment"

Chelsea announced through its website, interest in the midfielder Barça B, Oriol Romeu.

André Villas-Boas admitted Romeu "is a player with a bright future" but said he did not want to talk much because "it is still our player."

He also said that "is one of the most important promises in this position." And he was convinced he could be a good replacement for Michael Essien, long-term injury.

On Barca B, Villas-Boas said, "had a great year in the Spanish second division, where he finished third."

In addition, the new Chelsea's Portuguese coach said he is a player that can play in central defense and is able to get the ball "with discretion".

The Barça B excentrocampista and could be incorporated into the orders of the whole 'blue' to end their involvement with the Spanish in the World Under 20. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Chelsea makes official the signing of Oriol Romeu

Chelsea announces the agreement with FC Barcelona for the recruitment of the subsidiary centrocamista.
Romeu orders will join the club 'blue' to end their involvement with the selection in the World under-20.

The Chelsea has made ​​public a statement on its website , the addition of midfielder Oriol Romeu Barca B . Vice sporting FC Barcelona , Josep Maria Bartomeu , was in London on Friday to close this operation and the signing of Cesc Fabregas.

Romeu orders will join the club 'blue' to end their involvement with the selection in the World U-20. (via MD)

To Beckham it leaves him a son culé

David Beckham, Real Madrid myth, has to give Barca via subsidiary. Just look at his eldest son Romeo with your favorite tee ...

Romeo Beckham, son of former Real Madrid and Victoria Adams, has very clear on your colors. And with them was 'caught' by the cameras walking along the beach in a picture that circulated the web 'divinity.es'. Romeo walks through the arena wearing the away kit Goalkeeper of FC Barcelona, ​​with the Qatar Foundation sponsor on the front.

The eldest son of David Beckham seems to admire a team who defended totally opposed to his father for four seasons. The fact is that Barça's football around the world love. A Romeo is a bit large uniform Barcelona, ​​but their football preferences are beyond doubt. (via SPORT)

Alexis called to City and ManU to say that he wanted to go to Barça

Chilean striker welcomed the interest but nipped in the bud any chance of going to England.

The board of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, and Josep Maria Bartomeu front, is delighted with the attitude he has shown in all times and both Alexis Sanchez has helped the Catalan club in your pulse with Udinese. In fact, the footballer from the start said who would want to ask, starting with their own club, its aim was solely to dress and play Barca in the Nou Camp. Come on, let alone call at the rainy city of Manchester to play or the City or United, or London to do battle at Chelsea or Milan, close to Udine, to anchor in the Inter. Nothing, no. If a change of scenery was to play for Barca and if the Udinese did not want to pierce the Catalan club, as it was in Udine.

A message that has been with all the pressure it has exerted over the Udinese player and succulents offers that have come from England. Because from the FC Barcelona ensures that Alexis has given more than half the money offered him by the City tab. In any case, the player has behaved with chivalry with the suitors who have played harder to convince. So much so that even technical experts called Alexis City, United and Chelsea to thank you for your interest and because we value so highly as, and to make it clear that his only desire was to wear at the cost of Barca earn less money.

In the club have also become dissatisfied with the agent of Alexis, who despite not managing major bids to the Chilean malmetido reconsider its goal of FC Barcelona. And that the more you should pay for Alexis, took Felicevich more ... (via MD)

Alexis arrive in Barcelona on Sunday

Chilean striker pass a medical on Monday signed five-year contract and will be presented to the media

Barça's first signing of 2011-2012, the Chilean Alexis Sanchez, will soon come to Barcelona to sign the pledge to join him at Barca team over the next five years and be presented to the media. The arrival of the Udinese player is still scheduled for Sunday morning, the day that afternoon media pose for the traditional image graphics that provide all the new signings with the shield which is located next to the doors of the office . It will be the first contact of the player with what will be his new city and his new club.

The hard days ahead for Alexis on Monday, first day when, at 8 am, pass a medical in Barcelona's Hospital Medical Center after moving from FC Barcelona and continue with the relevant evidence. If they are successful, the player will go to the office where he will sign a contract with the president, Sandro Rosell, for five seasons and with a buyout clause of 100 million euros. The amount of transfer is 26 million more 11'5 fixed variables. Once the papers are arranged both Rosell Alexis and will at the door of the offices to be photographed together. Then the front will go to the Hall Paris, where it will be presented to the media and speak his first words to all the press. This time will not hold the traditional staging to members and fans, as both the Nou Camp as the Mini is just put new sod and want to prevent you from suffering any damage. Once the Chilean finish all these acts will be allowed to go on vacation.

Alexis arrives at Barcelona after last Thursday gave the final push to a negotiation that has lasted over a month but that has always been convinced that Chileans would finally Barça player. The position from the beginning of the player, delighted to call at such a team has made things easier, though of course Udinese has tried to make all possible slice of the situation. Finally, differences between the position of either club have been addressed including a large number of variables in the transfer. The agreement between all parties could finalize also allowed yesterday definitely Bojan Krkic's pass to Rome. Linyola striker is expected to close definitely Alexis to receive the nod to his departure.

With the arrival of Alexis and progress of Bojan, the list of strikers in the first team remains six components: Messi, Villa, Pedro, Afellay, the tip of Chile and limbo, although the latter is yet to be seeking a output. 2011-2012 The template with which you face the challenge of the six titles begin to be gradually shaped. (via MD)

[Barça B] Barça presses Chelsea to take out more for Romeu

Bartomeu secured an option to buy for the first two seasons and then, right of first refusal

In addition to negotiating for Cesc, the vice president's visit sports club, Josep Maria Bartomeu and Barca director of football, Raul Sanllehí, London yesterday had another mission: to close the Oriol Romeu signing by Chelsea.

The news ahead of Wednesday on the web premiere of Mundo Deportivo, is a step away from fruition, but has yet to live a final chapter. Chelsea's initial offer was 5 million euros for the midfielder, but the leaders Barca want to get more cut. And these will continue the next day. The contract you sign with Oriol Romeu Chelsea will be for four seasons. In this sense, the Catalan club has secured an option to buy the first two seasons. From the third, the club loses the option to buy but maintains a right of first refusal, by which, if Chelsea wants to transfer to Oriol Romeu, before Barca must notify and, on equal terms, Chelsea always accept culé supply.

The unexpected and serious injury that has been Mikael Essien, a fixture in the Chelsea midfield, has led to the new coach 'blue', the Portuguese André Villas-Boas, big players in the Barça midfielder subsidiary, which and became interested when he headed to Porto.

Such is the rush to Villas-Boas is to incorporate the international sub'20 that even the coach has already made it known that you want to leave the World Colombia concentration now and join the concentration of Chelsea in Malaysia, where yesterday began their tour.

However, given the illusion that the player makes sub'20 participate in the World, its agent, Magic Diaz, Oriol Romeu has made the finals to play and then join the discipline 'blue'.

Furthermore, although Villas-Boas also has on its agenda other pearls as Sergi Roberto Barca and Marc Bartra, the club has already made clear yesterday that leaders Chelsea are neither for sale. The Catalan club has Romeu output because, although it has in the future plans of Guardiola, now has no place in the first team and believe that Chelsea is a good showcase for foguearse. Instead, both as Sergi Roberto Bartra may have some choice but Romeu along the course. (via MD)

Summit Pep-Bielsa for Alexis

They are friends with Lorenzo Buenaventura and were last May in Barcelona.

On June 25, El Mercurio published a story about the friendship between Pep Guardiola and Marcelo Bielsa, coach of Athletic Bilbao now. The daily said he remembered the roasted Chilean Rosario homeland Messi not only itself but also Bielsa-full of meat, soccer videos and chat Balompédica David Trueba and protocols in their day in El Pais, but also revealed a summit in Barcelona since last May, with Pep, Marcelo and Luis Bonini, the yudante Bielsa, protagonists.

At that meeting, which was held following a displacement of Bielsa in Spain when sounded as a possible coach of Sevilla and other sources even put him in the orbit of Madrid 'Mad' over to convince Alexis Sanchez Guardiola that would be a big boost for the club because it was an extraordinary player and a great person. In short, Marcelo stressed their status as good people, a trait essential to anchor in the Camp Nou. From Italy had been alerted to track the front tocopillano by Barca in January 2011 and at first the interest was confirmed in March, Bielsa had finished giving him another push.

Marcelo had attended the April 30 Real Socieddad-Barça League (2-1), to watch the Bravo goal ahead of the Copa America, which led to that talk with Pep.

According to El Mercurio, the former coach came to Chile and 'ex' Espanyol through Lorenzo Buenaventura, 'personal trainer' him during his time in the 'calcium', Lorenzo, now trainer of the club, had been an assistant of Bonini. (via MD)

First game after Wembley

Barca's preseason starts tonight with a friendly in Split low and marked by the presence of twelve team players

Barca will face today (20.30 hours / 3 and Golta TV) Hajduk Split before their first game of the 2011-12 season with low weight and a large presence of team players. Apart from the five international holiday after his participation in the Copa America (Messi, Mascherano, Milito, Alves and Adriano) shortage Puyol, who will continue to differentiated work, Piqué, with the twin problem of the left leg, and Xavi and Peter, subject to a specific training plan. Among the 24 men available, there are 12 first team (Valdés, Pinto, Fontàs, Abidal, Maxwell, Sergio Busquets, Thiago, Keita, Iniesta, limbo, Afellay and Villa) and 12 of the Barça B (Dalmau, Balliu, Armando Rosell Jonathan dos Santos, Gustavo, Riverola, Carmona, Cuenca, Soriano, Saul and Lobato).

The rival is already shot

Pep aligned, then a team of circumstances, even at the height of its centennial celebration by the host club. Remember that the Hajduk have already played their first league match-beat Sibenik 2-1 last Tuesday with goals from Vukusic (3 ') and Tomasov (86') - and is shot also because of their participation in the third qualifying round of the Champions League, which will face Stoke City English.

Trained by the Bulgarian Balakov now, Hajduk finished second last season, 17 points behind champions, Dinamo Zagreb. The team strives to provide a mixture of power play and claw.

Barça turn is inactive since May 28 when he won the Champions at Wembley. 55 days have passed since then and only missing 22 for the first major event of the summer, Spain Super Cup first leg against Madrid at the Bernabeu Mou.

The bolo tonight also be marked by the imminent landing of Alexis Sanchez and possible advances Sanllehí Bartomeu and do in London for Cesc. Without wishing to detract Hajduk entidadcentenaria as the 'boy wonder' and crack Arenys focus surely Guardiola press conference, which also faces a possible reunion with Ibra morbid in the Audi Cup final next Wednesday in Munich .

But the meeting today is incentives. It is hoped the release of Thiago as first team player for all purposes and to be seen whether or not Pep gives way to limbo. Besides, it is still the first game of La Liga champions and European.

Rosell will not travel with the expedition
Andoni Zubizarreta sporting director and senior Javier Faus, Pilar Ramon Cierco Guinovart and led the expedition to Split, but always according to club sources, Sandro Rosell has no plans to move. The president will stay in Barcelona, ​​awaiting the arrival of Alexis Sanchez, who will be presented next Monday. (via MD)

[Youth] The seventh edition of the FCB-SPORT campus down the curtain

After four intense weeks forming young players, the official FCB Campus comes to an end and says goodbye until next year

In the closing of the Campus FCB-SPORT was a lot the hugs, applauses, exchange of emails and some tears those that monopolized the attention. The seventh edition of the curtain came down yesterday after four intense weeks of football, with the best specialists in the school of FCB, transmitting their knowledge to young learners crack. The facilities of the INEFC welcomed the last day of work, with comfortable temperatures and light where 150 children / lessons as they assimilated the latest prior to departure.

Throughout the week they received 16 hours of football, which have combined with swimming pool to beat the heat. Visits to Camp Nou and Barça Museum on Tuesday, where they saw near the scene where they work their idols, were accompanied by photo sessions with the two cups this season achieved: Liga and Champions. On Thursday visited the editor of the newspaper where they heard SPORT attentively the performance of a sports newspaper. Yesterday participants picked up their gifts and diplomas attesting to its passage through the Campus only seal and guarantee of FC Barcelona.

The balance of the seventh edition of the Campus has proved a real success, both in terms of participation and the level of the participants. In fact, a total of five scholarships will be to train and play the 2011-12 season in FCBEscola. This selection has been made by the coaches and directors of the 5 locations on a hard choice after spending this year 1,700 children / as.

This is the end point of the Campus 2011, but the club and the newspaper SPORT return next season to continue to nurture the cracks of the world's leading quarries football and informing the smallest values ​​of the Club.

Barca 2012 debuts today in Split

The first team travels to Croatia today in box to play the first preseason game with low Piqué, Pedro, Puyol and Xavi.

Yesterday afternoon was the last workout before his Barcelona debut in the first preseason game against Hajduk Split in Croatia to be played (20.45 hours, TV3 and Gol TV).

In the training worked again, and together, the available men of Pep Guardiola and Eusebio in the Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi Esportiva in a session that started at 19.00 after having party on Thursday evening and the morning Friday.

At the meeting there were two developments: work outside the team that made Gerard Pique muscular overload due to the suffering in the left calf, so he has done specific exercises with a physical recovery of the club, and work guidelines and specifications Peter marked for this spring.

As a result, none of the players will travel to Split with the rest of the 24 summoned by Guardiola like Xavi and Puyol, who are still upset and yesterday never even step on the grass practice field. When not traveling, Piqué specific work will continue in the Ciutat Esportiva to catch up ahead of the American tour which begins on July 28.

Of the 24 selected to travel to Croatia, the 12-man first team are Valdés, Pinto, Font, Abidal, Maxwell, Busquets, Thiago, Keita, Iniesta, limbo, Afellay and Villa while Dalmau, Balliu, Armando Rosell, Two Santos, Gustavo, Riverola, Carmona, Cuenca, Soriano, Saul and Lobato are 12 kids from the reserves called parity with what is served.

Of the 16 friendly with FC Barcelona Guardiola era has played in spring training season has won 12, drawn three and lost only one. It was in the Joan Gamper Trophy last season in which the club lost by a goal against Manchester City.

Curiously, the only time that the Catalan club has faced the Croatian assembly turns 100 today was in the same tournament in 1993 and that precedent is more than positive, as the game ended 4-0 to Johan Cruyff's men. (via SPORT)

Bojan will seek life in Rome

He pocketed the fans at 17 and 21 and has an enviable track record, but wants to play more and keep scoring goals.

There is no better compliment for a striker is said of him that virtue has no greater goal than to have that gift. And Bojan Krkic has goal since I was a kid. The more than 800 goals he scored in Barcelona's youth ranks were his letter to Frank Rijkaard made him his first team debut in 2007 while still a boy of 17 years.

In that season sad sleepy starring a team by the attitude of some stars decadent, Bojan was one of the few breaths of fresh air and quickly became the darling of the fans.

It seemed that in the 2008-09 season with the arrival of Josep Guardiola's first team bench, the Linyola would settle. However, in a project that has committed more than ever by the home players, Bojan Pistons lost value relative to other emerging Busquets, Pedro or repatriated Piqué.

The always discreet and polite attitude of players and coaches to avoid creating controversy. But it has been some debate about her figure. If the final explosion of Leo Messi as false `9 What are swept away Eto ¿oo Ibra and has shifted the band to Villa, Krkic left him half way to success. Some untimely injury and the emergence of Peter, who adapted more quickly, did the rest

The run-run has increased over the last year, when Bojan lost prominence after his prominent role in the final stretch of the 2009-10 season, when he covered the successful dropout 'Zlatan Ibrahimovic way does the second league. Its proponents believe that Guardiola has not given him the confidence you need any player, especially a striker to settle in the first team. Agnostics believe that it lacks a final boil and forget that it is a boy before age 21 years and has played four seasons at the club.

Bojan has decided to take matters into his own and tell this story, which is his adherence to this luxury adventure in the Calcio. Rome is a giant in Serie A and Luis Enrique, a technician who knows the Catalan forward and what you can give. In Rome's Olympic stage in which Barca won his third Champions, Krkic will have two seasons left to be claimed as cazagoles and perhaps realize his dream of returning to the Camp Nou. But above all, you can be happy again as a player. (via SPORT)

Messi will make a mini pre-season in Argentina with Juanjo Brau

The recovery yesterday moved to southern lands for specific work with the Argentine star

Leo Messi will start shortly and gradually a mini pre-season in Argentina to reach the Super Spain How to be held on 14 and August 17 How best possible conditions. To do so, will the help of Juanjo Brau, the physical recovery of the first team, the confidence man of Leo, one of the most responsible for the absence of injuries in recent times Argentina.

Brau, who was on vacation, went yesterday and now awaits you in Argentine territory. Once there you intend to meet with Leo and begin developing a work plan for Messi comes with a sufficient workload to blend when added to the expedition Barca in the USA.
Messi completed his participation in the Copa America July 16, has since disconnected his hometown Rosario, next to his, after a Copa America that has been a setback for Messi. The good news for Argentina is that this time has not been the great protagonist of the reviews.

A Messi has acknowledged his effort with the albiceleste and has also been identified as one of the best footballers in Argentina during the tournament. For Leo, however, the dislocation has been important, as it had placed high hopes in a competition that seemed to offer the best context for Argentina.

And this time the combined albiceslte playing at home with his family, and Leo felt that this should be his championship. After the tragic loss to Uruguay, holding up on the lawn, comforted an intemperate Tevez, but began to mourn in the locker room. Seven days after removal, Leo was able to recharge their own, disconnected from the football and just think back to enjoy the ball home. In Barcelona, ​​the team that takes better advantage of their qualities. The challenge of course is better, since the season has particularly demanding, full of big events.

For starters expect nothing less than Real Madrid Mourinho again reinforced, as dangerous as usual. Messi dreaming of a good level to play both games. In front there are still 22 days to the first leg to be played at the Bernabeu. Messi for now, hopefully, still a few more days of relaxation. Brau, meanwhile, returns to Argentina, a country he knows well, since in recent times has become accustomed to being overshadowed by 'The Flea ¿.

And is that the physical recovery Barca always accompanies the Argentine star on the move with the albiceleste to monitor your physical condition. No one knows better than he muscles Messi. America's Cup was no exception. Now work together again with a new challenge: Madrid Supercopa against Mourinho. (via SPORT)

When Arauco dreamed of being Ronaldo

Coachs who have seen him grow in the Arauco and Cobreloa Chileans are convinced that their adaptation to Barca game will be total.

Alexis was born into a humble family in Tocopilla, a city in the mining and fishing are the only job prospects of local people. Son of Martina, a single mother, grew up in a poor environment with his brothers Humberto, Marjorie and Tamara. Those who know him say that his house was built of adobe and sticks that could hardly stand.

At 8 years, moved to Ranchi tocopillano to live with his uncle Joseph Delaigue and his wife to participate in the school of Catholic University football 'does the city. However, it failed to adjust to new lifestyle and returned home.

Arauco was in Chile at age 12, where he took his first steps in amateur football. His friends called him `Dilla ¿, squirrel does it climbed trees to catch the balls hung, and always had a real admiration for Ronaldo. I dreamed of being the best player in the world, although not ruling out the option of becoming a spy or an astronaut.

The Dilla `¿contributing to the household working as a cleaner car in the cemetery of Tocopilla and those who know him say he was always dressed up because he worked and bought her clothes.

"It was tiny, so skinny Will tried hard. Sometimes coming to class without purse, then her mother came, apuradita to give her things, but always came when his shirt even if not more, "says Juanita Alvarez, a professor of Alexis during his time in the Chilean Arauco. Familiar as they come, has remodeled the house in which poor born to make at home that his mother always dreamed of as a gesture of thanks.

In 2003, aged 14, Alexis Sanchez's career took a huge step when he joined Cobreloa football school for cadets located in Calama. There he began playing professionally and said to the audience that "I'll be the best player in the world," a phrase that provoked widespread laughter. "From the first practice we saw that was different from the rest. It should not be pigeonholed in one area but leave him free and the club is the team just for him. Will do well with Messi, Xavi and Iniesta and Guardiola will know where to place it "adds Nelson Acosta, coach of Cobreloa.

No friend of the cameras, like talking on the court `Even if the privacy is the most practical joker. Spicto Roberto, head of the lower divisions of Cobreloa, highlights some of the personal aspects of the new FC Barcelona forward. "It makes you want much, is very special because it is reserved when people do not know but then very friendly. I'm proud of where he came because he always thought he was going to be the best of all. " Like any other boy his age he is passionate about surfing the Internet, luxury cars, designer clothes and perfumes.

A musical level, likes the reggaeton `Even if it appreciates all styles of music. "Want to play at the club," said Juan Jose Segovia coach `Boy Wonder Does the Arauco. With his move to Barca, Alexis meets one of the dreams of his adoptive father, his uncle Delaigue, who died a few months ago of a cancer victim and who would have loved to see him dressed in Barca, as the same Alexis promised before he died. (via SPORT)

Interrupt his vacations to go to the wedding of Di María

Leo Messi will interrupt his vacation in Rosario to attend various commitments in the last week of July. 'The Flea' does it travel to Chile next July 28 to play a friendly against the friends of Marcelo Salas.

The Argentine agreed months ago that exinternacional attend the meeting in Chile. Salas, who made his career mainly in Italy at clubs like Lazio, is one of the most historical Chilean players next to Ivan Zamorano exmadridista Barca and now Alexis Sanchez.

Three days later, on July 31, Messi will have to take back the plane and move to Mexico to play a match between Friends of Messi `what` team Rest of the world ¿.

In between you should go to a wedding. Specifically that of his compatriot Di Maria, who will attend the other components of the Argentina and Higuain and Javier Mascherano. (via SPORT)

24 squad for the match against Hajduk

Josep Guardiola will be 24 players, 12 of the subsidiary, for the first game of the first team this Saturday in Croatia against Hajduk Split, which will start at 20.30. Pedro, Puyol, Piqué i Xavi, do not travel

Already know the squad for the first game of the preseason. A total of twenty-four players will travel Saturday to Split to play the first match of the 2011/12 season now begins. Tot i així hi Haur quatre absències the first team. Even so four absences will be the first team. The already known to have joined Carles Puyol and Xavi Hernandez Pedro Rodriguez, who will continue with specific job, and Gerard Pique, who due to discomfort in the twin also stays in Barcelona.

A total of twelve players subsidiary will be present in the first game in Split. We can say that they have all been training the past few days Josep Guardiola's orders in the joint sessions between the first team and Barca B.

This Friday afternoon has become the final preparatory session of face to play the game tomorrow against Hajduk Split in Croatia. Fourteen of the first team and 14 more of the subsidiary have been trained from 19 hours in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. Moreover Gerard Piqué has been trained outside the group due to the inconvenience it has on the twin, and Xavi and Puyol have specific job. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[The List]
Goalkeepers : Pinto, Valdes.
Defenders : Dalmau, Balliu, Armando, Rosell, Fontàs, Abidal, Maxwell.
Midfielders : Sergio, Jonathan Dos Santos, Gustavo Ledes, Thiago, Riverola, Carmona, Keita, Iniesta.
Forwards : Cuenca, Jeffren, Afellay, J. Soriano, Saúl, Lobato and Villa.

FC Barcelona - Los Barça Toons, a punto para la Gira

[Barça B] Benfica are now interested in Jonathan Soriano

After hiring this summer Capdevila and Nolito, Benfica still tracking the Spanish market with the aim of finding a reinforcement for the attack, and the candidates see the Barça B Jonathan Soriano.

This was said Friday Luso sports daily 'Record', it explained that the 'Eagles' seek to 'nine' guarantees to compete with the Paraguayan Oscar Cardozo for a spot in the starting line and complete the template.

The youth, aged 25 and Espanyol's squad, it is interesting to Benfica and is considered a pure striker, away from the second peak profile with the Argentine Saviola or Hispanic and Brazilian Jara Rodrigo Moreno.

One of its leading proponents is the end Nolito Spanish, who arrived at Lisbon club this season from Barca B and has become one of the most outstanding players of the preseason due to his speed and technique. (via SPORT)

Iniesta: "Next season will be more difficult for Barça"

Barca midfielder wants to repeat the successes of last season while recognizing the great need for new campaign

Andres Iniesta said in Croatia, where his team played a friendly against Hajduk, who next season will be harder for your club

"Sure to be the most difficult. In the past three seasons expired (...). We have quality but we must prepare for battle. It is important that we reinforced, and somehow avoid injuries," Iniesta said in an interview with the daily "Slobodna Dalmacija".

"I like to play the prophet, trying to live from one party to another, not overwhelmed with distant targets," said the footballer, who was happy not to have suffered injuries last year and because he played almost every game for Barcelona and the Spanish.

Referring to the Barcelona friendly play tomorrow against Hajduk Split, on the occasion of the celebration of the Centenary of the Croatian club, Iniesta said in his team had no special preparations for the occasion.

"We have been preparing for five or six years now. Our group is homogeneous. Well, this is a game preparation. But anyway, we play our way," said Iniesta.

For Catalans, the match in the Croatian Adriatic city of Split will be the first game in preparation for the season 2011/2012.
It is also the first visit to Croatia in 50 years, after which in 1961 played against Dinamo Zagreb (2 - 2).

Speaking to the newspaper, Iniesta said that the popularity has not changed. "I've stayed the same, at least I think so. I go to the same newsstand to buy the press at the same cafe to meet with neighbors, buy bread at the store," he said.

"What I have taught in Barcelona, ​​especially since I Guardiola is to be modest. It makes no sense for any of us presume, because we play together, we can not without each other," he said.

Barcelona's arrival to Split and the match with Hajduk culminate the celebration of the club, one of the best of Croatia, on the occasion of its 100th anniversary. (via SPORT)