22 July 2011

Alexis Sanchez arrive on Sunday

Alexis Sanchez will land Sunday in Barcelona, ​​the day which will hold a meeting outside the office chart of the Club. Pass a medical on Monday, signing contracts and offer his first press conference as Barca.

Within two days Alexis Sanchez will start to make their first impressions as Barca. Sunday will tread the offices of the Club and the usual graphical session will address these with the shield of the Club. And on Monday will officially become a new player of FC Barcelona.

As a novelty, it is noteworthy that Alexis Sanchez can not perform the usual photo session at the Camp Nou or the Miniestadi-to members and fans due to the recent placement the lawn in both stages.

Then we detail the provision of Alexis Sanchez for this Sunday and Monday.

Sunday July 24
18 hours. Graphical session at the door of the offices of the Club.

Monday July 25
08.00. Medical examination at the Hospital de Barcelona

11.30. Recognition FC Barcelona Medical Center

12.30. Signing of contract

13.00. Graphical session at the office door with President Rosell

13.30. Presentation to the media in the Paris Room. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bartomeu returns to London to continue negotiating Cesc

Barca vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu returned to London on Thursday to continue negotiations with Arsenal Cesc Fabregas transfer of.

After this was Thursday morning in London, before returning to Barcelona to close the signing of Alexis Sanchez, Josep Maria Bartomeu returned to the city of the Thames to continue negotiating the transfer of Cesc Fabregas from the Catalan club.

After presenting an improvement in the initial offer of 35 to 37 million, as explained on Friday , the positions between the two clubs would be closer, and that Arsenal did not want to lose 40 million euros, but seeing that the club has increased its proposal and that the player is castled position in left, could end up accepting the offer Barca.

Bartomeu's presence in London could be exploited also by Barca vice president to close the sale of Oriol Romeu Chelsea. Figures of the transfer are agreed upon, but would lack concrete details like the final price of the option to buy the midfielder after completion of the first two seasons.

Bojan: “I want to be happy about football again”

The striker has given a farewell press conference at which he made it clear he is going to Roma in search of happiness, saying “I am 20 years old and I want to continue demonstrating what I couldn’t here”.

There were plenty of emotions at the Ciutat Esportiva for Bojan Krkic’s departure speech. He is leaving Barça for Roma and said, “I want to be happy about football again. I am 20 years old and I want to continue demonstrating what I couldn’t here … my dream was to triumph at Barça, but I am happy that another club has given me the chance to triumph”.

With respect to his new contract, Bojan is pleased about the clause for Barça to buy him back in two year’s time. “I am leaving one great club for another and both parties have an interest. So, I’m happy about that”.

With tears in his eyes, he said that this is “the most bittersweet moment in many years at the club” and was grateful to Puyol and Xavi for being there at Sant Joan Despí (along with director Jordi Mestre and sports director Andoni Zubizarreta). “I have been here twelve years, eleven at a top level. Especially this last year there has been a lack of confidence in me, I didn’t get much continuity, and that hurts but I also aware of things and consider myself privileged to have been part of such a magnificent team. These were four great years. I take away the positive aspects”, he said.

Some of his fondest memories have been “living together with colleagues, the cup final, my debut for Barça, my debut at the Camp Nou and my first goal,” while his less pleasant memories include “the many times they haven’t been fair with me and that’s one of the reasons why I have decided to leave. One of the last resorts was not getting to play in the final at Wembley.” But Bojan insisted that “I don’t want any controversy with Guardiola, I don’t want to speak badly about him. As a Barça member I consider him to be the best possible coach, although personally there are many things I don’t agree with”.

His final words were for the fans. “I want to thank all the people who have treated me so well for nine years here, all the youth players and the first team players, the media, the fans … without them I couldn’t have continued.” And to end: “I will always support Barça, I am sad to be leaving the club, but I’m very happy to be going to Roma, they have demonstrated a lot to me this last month. I hope to bring them a lot of joy. Long live Barça and long live Roma!” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rooney wants revenge

In ten days will be reunited with Barca in a friendly in Washington ... but his deep desire is to return to meet in a special match.

A Wayne Rooney does not forget Wembley. Neither Rome either. Unaccustomed to defeat, just as ambitious as the Manchester United striker found the target in Seattle this season, reunite with Barca. And avenge the insult, the defeats suffered.

"Of course we want to meet again with the club. We do not feel any inferiority complex about them, but it is a logical desire "admitted the England striker, who had no qualms in admitting that in the final at Wembley" the club was clearly superior to us "but warned that" I think we are the best team in Europe for one simple reason: in the last four years we have played three times in the final ... "

Hours after scoring three goals in beating Manchester United struck the Seattle Sounders in MLS (0-7), Rooney explained that last season was, despite the defeat in the final of the Champions "excellent. We beat Chelsea in the Premiership, won the League Cup, were finalists in the FA Cup and finalists in the Champions League. It is not easy to achieve all that but it is clear that the loss to the club meant a disappointment. "

Facing the new season, the crack of ManUnited acknowledged that looks forward to the opener, the Community Shield, "because there is nothing better than starting the year by winning a title ... And even if it is a derby against City. From there, of course, our goal is to win it all. Perhaps the Premier is our priority but we will not neglect any title and if anyone makes us special is the Champions illusion ... While speaking at this point that is very risky. "

His role on the team, Rooney knows fundamental. Completely forgotten the controversy that starred at the beginning of last year when he came to request his transfer, the striker does not hesitate now to get orders for whatever Ferguson: "I played in bands, peaked or behind two strikers . I'm used to playing in the position the coach asked me and I have no problem. " His problem, almost his obsession, he admits, is Barca. (via SPORT)

Bojan, transferred to AS Roma

FC Barcelona and AS Roma have reached an agreement for the sale of Bojan Krkic for 12 million euros. The player will be giving a press conference at 13.30 in the Ricard Maxenchs pressroom at the Camp Nou.

The Italian outfit will pay 12 million for the player and the agreement includes an obligatory repurchase clause to be exercised by FC Barcelona at the end of the 2012/13 season, for a cost of 13 million.

This purchase can be blocked by AS Roma, but in such a case the overall cost of the transfer will rise to 40 million euros. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alexis Sánchez, the last one in arriving of the 'Calcio'

Alexis Sanchez is the latest signing of Italian football from Barca, a market began to discover in the nineties and exploded in abundance in the past decade.

The first time the club went to Italy in search of reinforcements was in 1989 when the embryo of the Dream Team took the services of Michael Laudrup (Juventus) to form triplet foreign Koeman and Aloisio. Dane Barca wore five years, coinciding with one of the most glorious periods of the Club. Interestingly, his replacement also came directly from Calcium: Romanian Gica Hagi (Brescia).

European procurement policy took a 180 degree turn with the 'Bosman ruling', which opened the borders to footballers Community 1996. That summer, the club recovered Hristo Stoichkov and signed Fernando Couto , both of Parma. The next to arrive via transalpina were Michael Reiziger, Winston Bogarde and Patrick Kluivert , after brief stages in Milan.

From 2000 to 2004, each season came a player in Serie A by assignment. So he came back De la Peña (Lazio), the 2000/01 season. The second was the lateral Francesco Coco (Milan), the first Italian history. In 2002, Lazio gave Gaizka Mendieta in early course. The Argentine Juan Pablo Sorin Roman spent the whole Catalan in the winter market, although their rights are owned Brazilian Cruzeiro ..

Another sobering Calcium was found in Edgar Davids (Juventus). In 2004, the club joined the Dutchman and he emerged as a key in the recovery of eleven Rijkaard in the second half of the season. In the market's winter season was the Rossoneri after Demetrio Albertini who was joining a team that would win the league.

After raising the Champions League in Paris (2006), the club agreed with Juventus -down to Serie B, the transfer of Gianluca Zambrotta and Lilian Thuram . And yet another couple of players, in this case Nerazzurri Maxwell and Zlatan Ibrahimovic had been the last to land at the Camp Nou (2009) from Italy. The next will be Alexis Sanchez. (via FCBarelona.cat)

"Alexis will have Catalan people's affection that is very good"

Former coaches proncuniaron Alexis Sanchez on the signing of Chilean for FC Barcelona

Two trained technicians Alexis Sanchez, a new player of FC Barcelona, ​​is full of praise for the Chilean. José Roberto Spicto Sulantay and spoke to the Chilean press and welcomed the transfer of the player so far from Udinese. "I always believed in him. I wish that something has been in the forefront of daily talks we had. I really am happy for Chilean football.'s A record to be sumárselo to everyone who has remembered that sub 20" said Sulantay.

"The manager Cobreloa in Santiago told me she had a boy Tocopilla that had to do. When I saw him, I saw very thin, I asked that he played, did play 10 minutes and wanted to buy the pass," said Roberto Spicto.

Finally, former Blaugrana player in 1973 and 1977, former Peruvian striker Hugo Sotil, said: "It should provide everything you know as a footballer, his love, humility and that will have all the love people Catalan, which is very good. "

"It's a great pleasure, because Sanchez plays into the hands of FC Barcelona, ​​which has always had the best players in America, because he has been Romario, Ronaldo, Maradona," he said. (via SPORT)

Alexis Sánchez: A 'three in one' for the attack

With the signing of Alexis Sanchez, the club makes an unusual foresight exercise a great club. An attacking trio consisting of Peter, Messi and Villa (two world champions in the wings and the world number one free to play everywhere) invites us to think that an investment of 26 million (+ 11.5 in variables) is to do it in other locales. However, before the season with six titles at stake, bet Guardiola is clear: get the excellent level of theoretical attack when the owner remains missing any of the above, whether from injury, mental fatigue or technical break.

Alexis will be the solution because it is a crack that fits all three positions. Right, it's a knife on the right side to get to the bottom line. It also feels comfortable on the left, entering preferably diagonally to the goals. And the overflow and speed allow you to move endangered the OMC or '9 'circumstantial because it compensates for his short stature with physical power on startup.

With the seal tactical Bielsa

To all this we must add two features that have captivated Pep: his tactical discipline in positional play, a must at this stage as coach Marcelo Bielsa, Chile, and sacrifice defense makes him a great steals, such As highlighted those who have had as a companion.

While last season the club was closed with goals from Pedro, Messi and Villa in the Champions League final at Wembley against Manchester United at some stage of the campaign Guardiola had to fight as he could the lack of freshness Players have to make the possession of the ball in wins. Bojan was, but for whatever reason the confidence of the coach in the Linyola was decreasing.

Peter suffered a groin injury that forced him to be booked several important meetings and vital force in other parties, as in the semifinal of the Champions League against Real Madrid. Villa was not hurt, but the mental exhaustion became a loss of effectiveness just when it decided to auction titles. Like Peter, the team was sacrificed by drawing strength from where there was none. And Messi, but sometimes not enough, Guardiola is human and is intended to rest more than in previous seasons in a year must often travel to Argentina for the FIBA ​​Americas Championship league. We also have to make Alexis Chile, but possibly fewer games in the legs. (via MD)

[Barça B] Jonathan dos Santos could stay

Football is a domino. The movement of a piece can bring down other immediately. In the club happened yesterday. Oriol Romeu's departure to Chelsea is a radical change in the future plans of Jonathan dos Santos. To contemplate a solution to Zaragoza Javier Aguirre to be a pivotal player in the project that is shaping Eusebio Sacristan Barca in the subsidiary. And rebound, the operation was to bring the Juvenil A Joel Valencia could be slowed.

In the Camp Nou Barça B want to weaken. It is in the second division and the goal is permanence, where better tan for First. The march of some heavy hitters this season as Benfica Nolito, Thiago and Fontàs the first team, Jonathan Soriano safe and Oriol Romeu cuts its technical potential and Valladolid is not for the work. Reunited with sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta, it was decided not to let out too Jonathan dos Santos. Has a contract in force but before the necessity arose of minutes to leave the club. The first interest was Aguirre. Now, the media, which served as Oriol Romeu when he was injured last year by a long period of time, has the last word.

The youth of Zaragoza is very concerned with what happens to Jonathan. Barca and the club hand had agreed an exchange of players and know before leaving Romeu, it was already done. Now open a waiting. (via MD)

Barça now, for Cesc

The caution shown by Guardiola at the press conference last Tuesday that the club does not prevent focus more strongly on Fabregas.

Completed the signing of Alexis Sanchez, Barca sports management now focus all their efforts in order to realize the return of Cesc Fabregas at Camp Nou. Pep Guardiola said on Tuesday that the main priority was the front and said that reaching an agreement by signing Arenys Barca had until August 31, when the market closes for the summer in the Spanish league . The Barcelona club, then, will be strictly roadmap and not deviate from the path taken. With the strategy has worked Alexis and Cesc expect the outcome to be similar.

Despite the nervousness of the midfielder, who has been forced to reassure Pep Guardiola recent days, the agreement with the club's total by Fabregas, whose will must be the key to his move to Barca. Barca need the complicity of the player in its negotiations with Arsenal if they do not want the exhaust pulse is definitely out of hand. There is no deadline set by the boat to reach an agreement with Arsenal, but the strategy is to mature the negotiation, if it is true that Pep Guardiola would be able to prepare the season with the squad in full as soon as possible .

In any case, the South American international who played the Copa America (including Alexis Sanchez) are not required to start training until day 8, which gives a little extra margin also to Cesc, who would not, therefore, the only to join a group later reinforced by the subsidiary.

Barcelona coach, who works in total and absolute synchrony with Andoni Zubizarreta, the professional soccer coach, understands the economic potential of the club are limited, so do not force the policy to commit some folly in the form of expense economy. The upward limit remains the 40 million euros. However, Pep remain optimistic and feel that sooner or later the signing of Fabregas will fall like ripe fruit. (via MD)

Alexis, the 'Wonder Boy'

Would you like your mother, who never went to Italy, now shares his dream in Barcelona

With his move to Barca, Alexis Sanchez is fulfilled a great dream, shared with his adoptive father Joseph Delaigue, who died last May of a cancer victim. Delaigue hoped to live long enough to see play the 'Wonder Boy' of Barca, but died with the promise, though, by Alexis that at the Camp Nou recalaría yes or yes.

Alexis is a very humble family and environment, but a young loving, cheerful prankster who never threw in the towel even though his native Tocopilla, by the way a baseball town futblera that is synonymous with poverty and decay. It is recalled that as a kid he worked in the car park cemetery, car wash, and at home never had money to football boots, so he borrowed or a gift.

He likes to ride a motorcycle

His passion is to ride a motorcycle. And his footballing idol was Salas, but after joining Colo Colo asked him to be quiet as Marcelo's archrival University of Chile. However, Alexis emulated his way of celebrating goals, raising his index finger.

Sanchez is introverted and very shy in front of microphones, for fear of not living up to a news conference, like Messi, he prefers to talk on the field. Only fully opened to those who have are very clear that you trust. Thus, after embedding in Udinese took the lead in the locker room. There was common to see you encourage the team with his music, mainly with 'reggaeton'. Barca's costumes, known for the pineapple is done with the new, will welcome with open arms now and will soon compete with the DJ's official, Alves and Pique.

Another facet of Alexis highlighting those who have been close to him in recent years is his tireless spirit of sacrifice. Once the work ends with the team, Alexis always devotes an extra hour to improve aspects of their game. He is aware that due to its low height -1.72 m according to its web and 1.69 m. according to FIFA and other official sources to maximize their muscle to bear markings of the iron defenses. Hence it is locked up in the gym three or more days per week.

On the other hand, despite his 12 goals last season in Serie A, one of their unfinished business is to improve his shot at goal. Chilean striker stands out for its speed and overflow, but has yet to hone their marksmanship. Thus, after working out with the group spends 60 minutes polishing the shot, both from set pieces and open play.

So dump is the 'Wonder Boy' with the football so now I will do its part to assimilate as soon as the 'book' Pep Guardiola and Barça game philosophy.

His mother accompanied him to Udine, nor was it never see Italy, but Alexis, no girlfriend, hopes that this time is different. Martina Sanchez is a working woman who has been brought forward four children alone and afraid that may not fit.

In his countryman Udinese Mauritius was the great support and your best friend is Junior Fernandez, the Palestinian militant in Santiago. Both will be far, but will not lack support from his agent Fernando Felicevich, in whom it believes to the point of entrusting the management of your account. (via MD)

Alexis Sánchez, of cleaner of cars to star of the football

Alexis's story keeps many similarities with that of several stars of world football. Of humble origins, the Udinese striker had to make do from very small to help his family financially ...

Explains the newspaper "La Tercera", Alexis helped the family coffers working as a cleaner car in the cemetery of Tocopilla, his hometown, about 1,600 kilometers from Santiago de Chile.

Because back then, the passion of art was Chilean football. Always hit a ball, whether in the street or in the fields of their town, and when even dreamed of being like his idol, the 'Matador' Salas made his first steps as an amateur in the Arauco, where he played from 8 to 14. And at that age made the leap to Cobreloa, where two seasons later to dazzle the world begin. His first professional encounter was in February 2005 when it opened in participating in the Copa Libertadores.

And hence, to stardom. Udinese able to see the talent of the 'Boy Wonder', and signed him without hesitation. After transferring it to be in Colo Colo fogueara first, and then River Plate, now with only 22, has become the revelation of the international football player. (via SPORT)

Barca has a new bid for Cesc

Guardiola may have reinforced the next two weeks as Fabregas is closer than ever to the Nou Camp

Barca has taken a step forward in the long process that should lead to Cesc Fabregas to wear the Blaugrana. After the waiting period open while closing the last details of the signing of Alexis Sanchez, the club has already increased its offer for the player, which is close to satisfy the interests of Arsenal.

The priority was to get the sports area as soon as an agreement with the Chilean Guardiola considered as a new striker was basic. Earlier this week, and was profiled agreement with Udinese and Alexis himself failing to file only a fringe in the coming more into play the legal area.

Thank you on track by signing Sanchez, Vice President Sports, Josep Maria Bartomeu, could focus on another goal set by the Santpedor: Cesc Fabregas. The leader decided to travel to London on Wednesday to meet with leaders Arsenal and narrow differences. Barca made a higher bid this time. A gesture like the Emirates, which began to spread a feeling of paralysis, and that gives hope to a close agreement.

The club Catalans had been planted in a proposed 35 million, counting incentives, which now amount to 37 million. The increase is not too much, but enough to approach a point that is palatable to the two clubs. Arsenal did not want to lose 40 million euros, but seeing that the club has increased its proposal and that the player is perched on his stance to leave, could be close to accepting the transfer by a figure slightly below the ceiling set by the president, Sandro Rosell.

Bartholomew returned to Barcelona yesterday morning met the leaders meeting with the British and quickly went to the Hotel Princesa Sofia, where they were referred to those responsible for the club, Andoni Zubizarreta, and Raul Sanllehí with manager Alexis Sánchez, Fernando Felicevich . His journey from London was the reason he joined Bartomeu half hour later.

The displacement of the vice president in London was also very reassuring for Cesc. The player is having a bad time in solitary training at London Colney facilities watching the days pass and does not close the signing. Pep Guardiola's call a press conference after he helped, but much more seen as a leader personally traveled to England to try their incorporation. Santpedor confidence has been fundamental to maintain high morale in the last three weeks, but got the best possible support to ensure that the club went all out to get their services through one of the most senior managers.

High-level contacts will resume today after yesterday afternoon's efforts to focus on tying everything together to announce the hiring of Alexis Sanchez. Those responsible for the renegotiation of sports management with the dome of the Arsenal which has its chief executive, Ivan Gazidis, at its finest.

The leaders will not rest in the next three days to comply with Guardiola desire to have the player for the U.S. tour. Barca moved to Munich on Tuesday to play the Copa Audi and early Wednesday to Thursday takes flight directly from the Bavarian capital to the United States. The desire is to have the player Pep available to all three games on American soil, even if they could play in Munich would be much better.

While trading has been on track, the player drops his guard and continues with its position outside the group trained at London Colney. Wenger must now provide the squad to travel to Cologne, where the Arsenal game tomorrow against the hosts in a new pre-season friendly. Cesc will not travel with his teammates, as it did in the Asian tour, to show their coach that there is no going back on his decision to leave Arsenal and at the same time, be attentive to London at the contacts between his current club and Barca.

The solution seems imminent and Fabregas is closer than ever to fulfill his dream. The struggle of the past two years may have its ultimate effect once the operation has entered its final stretch. (via SPORT)

Alexis Sanchez: "I've finally fulfilled my dream"

Monday will be the big day. The Camp Nou will wear their summer finery to host the first major team presentations.

Alexis Sanchez can breathe easy. Since returning from the selection, the front was restless and permanently glued to his cell. And for good reason, the dream of a lifetime hanging by a thread, or rather, a few calls from Barcelona, ​​Udine, or where was his agent Fernando Felicevich. After days, weeks and even months odd slope, finally worked the little miracle. I was warned, but Josep Maria Bartomeu, Gino Pozzo Felicevich officially informed him that it was Barcelona player. No more obstacles, fringe or suspect that hindered the editorial agreement. Signing accompli. Last night, the press and picked up the message to its environment: "I've finally fulfilled the dream. Now is serious. "

Alexis was silent, although the selection environment, confirmed that their leader was awaiting the handover. It has succeeded, but has not been easy. In Barça still amazed with the personality of Chile. In his day promised to help the signing and has not missed an inch to their commitment. I wanted to step on the Camp Nou, Barca dress and feel the sensation of sharing a dressing room with the best team in the world. Achieve the dream cost him a thousand and one personal battles ... and many millions of euros. Let no one forget that the City, Chelsea, United and other clubs will pay much more exotic than the club.

The hard bargaining that led to Alexis personally intervened to give a warning to the parties. Barca to ask him to comply with its commitments, Udinese to warn him not contemplating other offers, and finally to his agent asking him to spare no efforts in their personal capacity. The crack is squeezed back to Barcelona on Sunday, as you promised when he visited Dr. Cugat. Return to Barcelona, ​​and this time made by the front door. Landing on a high, routine medical on Monday before the show at Camp Nou that promises to deliver his first standing ovation. Then talk with Pep to set the timetable for incorporation. The USA tour could be the chosen location. (via SPORT)

Bojan will bid farewell to the fans

Bojan Krkic can fly, finally, to Italy and revive his career under the command of Luis Enrique Martinez.

Linyola forward, who had already completed its transfer to Rome for days, pending that would give the club the OK to the operation after the closure of the hiring Alexis Sanchez.

The player received yesterday, through his lawyer Ramon Sostres, Documents Rome to sign the new contract that will join the Italian side the next four seasons. The Blaugrana entity that will receive about 12 million, may exercise an option to buy the first two campaigns in exchange for fifteen million.

Bojan's intention was to say goodbye to the fans of Barcelona through a press conference at the Nou Camp in the day before leaving for Rome. Because it is clear that his greatest desire is to get under the command of Luis Enrique and start to earn a spot in the starting of Rome. Krkic is excited about the opportunity that is offered to provide more minutes on the pitch, with a technician who knows you well and in a competitive team is trying to rejuvenate laurels Roma in Serie A and to war in Europa League.

[Barça B] Chelsea takes Oriol Romeu

Barca had to fight until the last minute to include an option play-off in the first two years, amounting to some 8 million euros.

Late on Tuesday came a rumor on the net: Chelsea signing Oriol Romeu 5 million euros. This time the information was completely accurate. Another 'pearl Barca did undertake the quarry down the road to the Premier League, although in this case at least the club's coffers will be rewarded jugosamente. Chelsea and Barca have already signed a verbal agreement after weeks of intense negotiations conducted with the utmost of sigils.

The operation started two months ago via Oporto. And it Oriol Romeu nearly Lusitanian join the club, among other things, his then coach, Villas-Boas, who became infatuated with the midfielder Ulldecona Barca formed in the quarry. The technician wanted at all costs and operate the ship arrived at the first offer that amounted to four million euros. There were formal talks.

Subsequent changes led initially to derail the operation. Villas-Boas was the big bet Abramovich to Stamford Bridge hot seat. A challenge that was accompanied by little more than a blank check to remodel the template. And one of the reinforcements mentioned remained Oriol Romeu. The operation was led by the Portuguese from the start. His faith in the midfielder got to the point that accelerated the bid for the player after Pep Guardiola personally call and explain its intention to open negotiations with the representative of Oriol Romeu. Pep understood perfectly and opened the road.

Among so good feeling it is not surprising that the operation has ended in a happy ending. Both clubs have closed an agreement in principle in the coming days and have agreed to exchange the respective contracts. The player is aware of the negotiations while in full Under 20 World Cup dispute.

Oriol had a clear departure from long ago. Age and performance of players like Javier Mascherano and Sergio Busquets have complicated his rise to first team and have opened new prospects. And, as is evident, the Chelsea club is not just used as a springboard to show that Romeu is one of the many promises of the subsidiary. The player's future is unclear. Input, Villas-Boas wants his side during practice and on his return from world need to demonstrate where you can get.

Barca also knows, and perhaps for this reason, has had a hard fight until the last moment with Chelsea executives. The great workhorse has been none other than the inclusion of a play-off clause in the contract. For days, Andoni Zubizarreta said the club would maintain a link with all those homegrown to leave Barça. And with Chelsea has not been easy. The Stamford Bridge club was not the work of young footballers foguear to then return 'home'. However, Villas-Boas has agreed to the request of the club. In this case, the clause will remain in effect in the first two seasons penalized obviously the final transfer amount. The Catalan club will receive less than expected, but in exchange, Oriol Romeu remain 'tied'. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] The club closes Marc Bartra renewed through 2014

Marc Bartra is one of the youth players who made his debut in the first team and whose renewal was pending materialize.

In recent days, negotiations have been accelerated to reach an agreement in principle. A lack of polish last minute details, the club will ensure the continuity of the young footballer at least three more seasons. Bartra continue in the coming days his contract until 2014.

Over recent weeks, the young squad's name was linked to more than one operation, either by way of assignment or as a bargaining chip in any open market operations. In the end, nothing. Pep Guardiola wants his side and ready to leave the branch and climb to the first template when the timing and the first team needs require.

Marc Bartra part of this select group of players from Barça B have already had a chance to debut in the first team. And not just in the league but in a match of the Champions League. Its versatility makes it a particularly popular piece. Bartra is developed to perfection as central, although its speed and output of the ball allows him to exercise with full guarantees at right back.
The signing of the contract renewal and is only at the expense of a couple of details such as the clause. In the absence of official confirmation, the club was trying to be progressive and booted from the 10 million to reach 30 kilos `What sports according to their progression. (via SPORT)

Chile was paralyzed with the transfer of the 'Niño Maravilla' to Barcelona

It was hoped the news anxiously. And in the end came. Minutes after the FC Barcelona official signing would Alexis Sanchez, radio, television and print media turned to the event. The crack of Chilean football is new booster and Pep Guardiola. The first headlines were as spectacular as humorous. For example, `The latest news Do, where they share home Felicevich Alexis and his agent. All of a crack that has been billed $ 70 million in 24 hours. The rest of the media were limited to the football plot. On Monday there will be a massive presence of journalists at the Camp Nou Chilean another warning that event cripple Chile. Alexis Sanchez deserves it. (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-19 Euro] Spain 4 - 1 Belgium

The Spanish team began its journey through the final stage of European Championship of the category with a win over Belgium. A clear penalty on Morata, materialized by Sarabia, opened the can. Then Paco turned to a marker that had tied Belgium. In the final minutes, first Muñiz and then Morata, certified the Spanish victory.

The game scheduled for yesterday was rained out and an intense thunderstorm in the 16th minute, when Spain had already scored a goal. The regulation, however, after the suspension obligation-to play the game a day later and from the beginning, ie with 0-0 on the scoreboard. An anecdote but did not influence or preparation of the players or their willingness and enthusiasm to start the competition and give everything to make today, as were a victory.

Spain wanted to dominate from the start and the players got. Arrivals are alternated and the team took over the reins. The boldness of the very young Deulofeu the right wing brought the head to the Belgian defense.

In one of these entries, Deulofeu focused at the near post, Casteels Belgian goalkeeper repelled the shot, the rebound fell to Morata, who nodded and then with foot shot against the crossbar. At that time, and amid the confusion, Casteels clearly grabbed the Spanish striker to finish off that forced the penalty and comfortable. He and his expulsion were clear.

Since then, the Spanish attack the bands alternated between interned Deulofeu and Sarabia. As well as the set pieces, because until the defense had its chance Miquel heading in a corner.

But when everything seemed to herald the second part would be clear Spanish rule, very beginning of the period, the Belgian Cuvelier found space, unimpeded, shoot from the edge and beat on low to Edgar Badia.

Spain insisted again and again. Morata was repeatedly have increased the lead, but not completed. Gines Melendez took a gamble and changed first and then Deulofeu Juanmi (which the stands gave him a warm applause) by Paco and Juan Muniz, respectively. We had to find solutions.

It came thanks to Alonso who focused Muñiz to mark shooting Paco crossed. From there, you had to play with head and try not to lose the ball. They did so even at the last minute, and then Morata Muñiz first initialed the victory with two new goals, thus adding the first victory for Spain in the European. The next game will be played on Saturday at 20.00 CET, Spanish, compared to Serbia.

The results of the first day of the European are as follows:

GrouP A: Romania 1 - Czech Republic, 3 and Greece 1 - Rep. Ireland , 2
Group B: Serbia, 2 - Turkey 0 and Spain, 4 - Belgium 1

[Technical Data]
Spain: Edgar, Blázquez (Carvajal min.63), Sergi Gómez, Ignasi Miquel, Aurtenetxe, Rubén Pardo, Alex, Juanmi (Paco min.50), Deulofeu (Muñiz min.60), Sarabia and Morata.

Belgium: Casteels, Ngawa, Arslanagic (Kaminski min.14), De Bock, Van Steenkiste, Cuvelier, Pietermaat, Van de Bruggen, Trompet, Hazard (Cerigioni min.66) y Lestienne (Vertokele min.78).

Referee: Stuart Attwell (England) admonished Juanmi (min.34) and Belgian Trumpet (min.36) and Hazard (min.40), driving with the goal Casteels red card (min.14).

Goals: 1-0 Sarabia (p) (min. 15), 1-1 Cuvelier (min 46), 2-1 (Paco min.65) 3-1 (min.90 Muñiz) 4-1 (min.92 Morata)

Field: Center Football Romanian Football Federation, Mogosoaia.

The new Camp Nou turf, placed

Thursday completed the process of laying the new turf at Camp Nou. The stadium Barca, therefore, is again offering the usual green. Now are the work of preparation and consolidation of the land.

Once placed the 472 rolls of 18 square feet of turf from Bordeaux, will begin the next and final step: with restriking, reseeding and punctures will seek to obtain the proper density and flatness for good circulation of the ball.

Not until the days before the first game at the Stadium, on August 17th for the return of the Super Cup of Spain, who placed the goals and paint the field lines.

With the placement the new Camp Nou turf ends a process that began on July 4, when they started removing the grass Miniestadi and prepared the ground for the arrival of Mini Stadium turf.

On July 13 began to withdraw the Camp Nou turf and moved to Miniestadi. Good quality and health of grass made ​​the Club opted for transplantation into the Mini, which was nine years since you changed the playing surface.

These days are run in parallel for the two fields present the look their best when they begin competition. The goal, the grass is in optimum condition and to present a zero risk to the players during the season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

President Abbas visits the Club

The President of the Palestinian National Authority Mahmud Abbas this morning visited the Camp Nou, accompanied by the Club’s Institutional Area Vice-President Carles Vilarrubí.

As part of his tour of Europe to visit a number of institutions, the President of the Palestinian National Authority Mahmud Abbas visited the Camp Nou this morning. Mr Abbas was met at gate 15 of the Stadium at 11.30 this morning by the Club’s Institutional Area Vice-President Carles Vilarrubí and the two then moved inside the Camp Nou where the President gave a short speech.

Abbas explained he was “full of honour and happiness for the hospitality Barça have shown to me. This is a Club with a wide recognition. FC Barcelona represents a civilisation and a people with good values and that can always be seen. I would love them to visit Palestine one day to play a game”.

Replying, Sr Vilarrubí responded to the President’s visit by declaring: “it has been an honour. FC Barcelona represents a window through which people can see the Catalan feeling – the way a whole people feels. This is a special moment for the Club as we are enjoying such great success. Barça share the values of peace, living together, sport and civil society with the Palestinian people ”

Abbas and Vilarrubí exchanged various gifts, including two shirts for the President’s grandchildren who accompanied him on the visit. Mr Abbas then signed the Club’s book of honour and then visited the Museum with Sr Vilarrubí to see the 16 titles won by the Club’s various teams last season.

How the Chilean wonder boy plays

Known as the 'boy wonder', Alexis Sanchez (22) is right-winger capable of playing in any of the three attacking positions. Fast and very skilful, the Chilean also stands out for his tactical discipline.

Alexis Sánchez (19-12-1988, Tocopilla, Chile) took his first steps in football at Cobreloa Chile, the team where he made his debut at a professional level in both the Chilean League and the Copa Libertadores. His good performances carried him into the lower categories of then national team and attracted the attention of several clubs, but finally the Italian club Udinese signed him in the summer of 2006.

The Italian club decided to loan him out to Colo Colo Chile, and then to River Plate in Argentina, which helped him to mature and prepared him for Serie A. The 2008/09 season was his first in the colors of Udinese and since then, over the last three seasons, he’s played a total of 95 games. It was last season, however, when he improved his goal-scoring figures, becoming a prolific scorer (12 goals). Designated as the player of the season in Serie A by the 'Gazzetta dello Sport', Alexis Sanchez was one of the main reasons why Udinese qualified for the Champions League next season.

Despite his youth, Alexis Sanchez also has a lot of international experience. He’s played in European competitions and also in the last World Cup in South Africa.

The 'wonder boy' has a lot of virtues. Particularly remarkable for his speed and skill with the ball at his feet. He’s an explosive player, unpredictable, takes players on, and can shoot from distance, and his crosses are pinpoint. His versatility, however, means he can occupy any of three positions in attack. His experience with Marcelo Bielsa’s Chile has helped him to become a player tactically very disciplined and with the clear objective of recovering the ball when the team has to defend. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça signings Alexis Sánchez

Udinese and FC Barcelona have reached a definitive agreement for the transfer of Alexis Sanchez. The operation cost is 26 euro millons of fixed and variable 11.5. The arrival of the player is scheduled for this weekend.

The medical, signing his contract for the next 5 years and the presentation would be made ​​next Monday.

The Chilean player of 22 years, comes from the Italian Udinese, where he played the last three seasons. Last year, however, was named the best player in Serie A after getting 12 goals in 31 games.

The summer of 2011 has been contesting the Copa America with his selection, which were eliminated in the quarterfinals at the hands of Venezuela . Alexis played a total of four games and scored one goal and where he was voted MVP of the match in two games because of its impact on the game.

After debuting the 2008/09 season with Udinese, where he has played 95 games the last two seasons have been the most prolific in terms of play and goals. The last season has scored 12 goals, four of them in the same game, and has been sought by the best teams in the world. He, however, has a strong commitment to play at Barca.

First team coach on Tuesday spoke at a news conference in the Chilean player and called it as follows: "He is very young, can play in the three attack positions, has a lot of defensive intensity, it is vertical, destabilizing, and what I have said, very good boy. " Therefore, Alexis Sanchez meets all the requirements needed for the attack Josep Guardiola FC Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

One day more for Alexis Sánchez?

To be closed once the signing of Alexis Sanchez Barca only need to Udinese to agree with the player to finalize his contract, but that last step may not occur this Thursday.

Explains RAC1 and has been confirmed SPORT, Alexis Sanchez's agent, Fernanado Felicevich would not have expected to meet Thursday with one of Udinese to close the settlement of the Chilean player with the club.

Thus, the formalization of Alexis signing for the club could be delayed even until Friday after Thursday representatives of the vessels have closed and a full agreement with Alexis.

Without this small step, Alexis Sanchez on Friday will become the first signing Barca 2011/2012. (via SPORT)

Thiago Alcántara launches his Facebook page

Thiago Alcántara launches his Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/alcantara91

[Barça B] Oriol Romeu, signed for Chelsea!

Barcelona B midfielder will play next season in the England team under the command of Villas-Boas

Oriol Romeu of Barca B, could be pierced by five million euros to Chelsea . Barca are negotiating with the Blues the last fringes of the transfer of midfielder Oriol Romeu subsidiary to all English. Pass Ulldecona player could close around five million euros and that the Blaugrana club want to include in the operation is an option to repurchase at the end of the next two seasons as Pep Guardiola has it .

After the first negatives of Villa and after Thiago, finally Chelsea and their recent sign in the stool, André Village-boas, they have been able to be made with the services of a player azulgrana. It is not ruled out that they try soon with other team players.

Oriol Romeu (Ulldecona, September 24, 1991) joined the club in 2004, infant, from Espanyol. On August 14, 2010 opened with the first team in the first leg of the Super Cup against Sevilla of Spain. undisputed title in the subsidiary , earlier this year suffered a torn meniscus in his right knee that kept him low four months. Physically powerful, has improved its handling of the ball in recent games, for the low, Luis Enrique put him as central. This season will play in the Premiership. (via MD)

[Youth] The staff of Juvenil A, profiled

In the absence of a couple of additions that could be closed in the coming days, the Junior A Barca already has outlined the template for the 2011-12 season. The team that won the treble five players remain.

The second season of Oscar Garcia with the Junior A start on August 1 with a template with many new to the team that won the treble in the 2010-11 season.

Oscar Garcia will have five players who are kept last season, 10 coming up from the Junior B, one who does it from the Cadet A and three signings. The Club is expected to close in the coming weeks a couple of more additions.

Miguel Bañuz, coming from the Elche goalkeeper Miguel Angel Sainz playmaker from Racing Santander and Atletico end Alex Moreno are the three additions Vilafranca closed today .

Defenders Edu Campabadal and Sergio Ayala, midfielder Pol Calvet, winger Ernesto Cornejo are the only players to repeat the initial template of Juvenil A last season.

Of the 10 players coming up from Juvenil B only Bagnack, Brian, Nando Jordi Limerick have no official game debut in the Juvenil A. The rest (Carlos Julio, Bako, Patri, Cristian and Dongou) have scored a lot of minutes in the final stretch of the course prior to the orders of Oscar Garcia and Quique Alvarez. Grimaldo, rising Cadet A, also enjoyed both the minutes as the Juvenil B in the final stage of last season.

The 19 players Oscar Garcia

Goalkeepers : Miguel Bañuz and Sergi Tienda.
Defenses : Edu Campabadal, Carlos Julio Martinez, Bako, Macky Bagnack, Brian Oliver and Alexander Grimaldo.
Midfielders : Pol Calvet, Patri Gabarrón, Nando Quesada, Jordi Limerick, Miguel Ángel Sainz.
Forwards : Ernesto Cornejo, Armand Ella, Cristian Herrera, Jean Marie Dongou and Alex Moreno.

Juvenil A return to work next August 1. After three days of testing at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper, August 4, Juvenil A will go to Holland to participate in a tournament organized by PSV Eindhoven. From 11 to 20 August, the Oscar Garcia will participate in the U-20 tournament cotif Alcúdia. (via FCBarcelona.cat)