19 July 2011

Guardiola: "The priority is a forward"

Pep Guardiola has acknowledged interest in Alexis Sanchez (Udinese) and Cesc (Arsenal), but has preferred the arrival of an attacker to a medium. The coach begins his fourth project "with the same desire to keep playing good football."

In the first press conference of the season 2011/12, Pep Guardiola has stated what his plans are to strengthen the staff: "The priority is a striker and midfield that we have more people up." Throughout the hearing have appeared only two names of potential hires: Alexis Sanchez and Cesc Fabregas. Barca coach hopeful has been shown to incorporate them: "As I said Andoni [ Zubizarreta ] enough money to sign both and we'll try. "

Guardiola has defined Alexis: "It's very young, you play all three positions of attack, has a lot of defensive intensity, it is vertical, destabilizing, and what I have said, very nice guy. " Whatever happens with Bojan, who has acknowledged that wants to go to get more minutes, Santpedor considers only the arrival of a basic point. "There are midfielders who can help us and the subsidiary. Everything costs money and it will go. We need one," he said.

Tried the other player, Cesc, said: "Last year we were interested, but Arsenal did not put either in the market. This year we have agreed to negotiate and attempt to reach an agreement. Until the end try to wear it. " Guardiola is perfectly compatible with Thiago "The midfield is our essence and there never on good players. Has never been raised or the one or the other. Thiago has a very large and try to give many minutes to demonstrate its Cesc potential and can help us in many tactical variants. The season is very long. "

The coach wanted to point out culé the last movements of the player himself and the Club: "Cesc has to do what you Arsenal request. I know that if you have not traveled the road is because it has some discomfort and when well played. We have done everything that has been seeking permission to Arsenal. " In this sense, expected to complete negotiations successfully concluded: "See the calendar and a little scary how many games. We have to give a little more breadth to the template, we round up. The club has worked excellent throughout this time. " In this sense, also has called Puyol and Abidal as the "best signings." Was delighted the successful recovery of captain. Regarding the five South American said: "Now it's rest and they can return. I want you to catch two or three weeks on holiday and no later incorporated on 8."

The other hand, pointed Guardiola sensations before starting his fourth project in front of the first team. "It's different the first year of the fourth. The motivations are different, a point of calm, but I still have the same enthusiasm for the work and the same desire to play good football." He added: "There's always room for improvement, there are always things you can do better. If you do not think so would not be interested." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Zubizarreta, on Bojan and Alexis: “We’re near the end”

Sports director Andoni Zubizarreta has recognised that the negotiations to sign Alexis Sánchez and for Bojan Krkic¡s departure are almost complete. On Cesc, he insists that the negotiations have been clean.

Speaking together with Josep Guardiola, Andoni Zubizarreta has explained how things are going with respect to Alexis Sánchez and Bojan Krkic. “All three parties have worked hard and we understand that the negotiations are coming to an end”, he said on the Chilean, who he expects “to be with us very soon … Some endings are long-winded, but we hope that it is a happy one”.

On Bojan, he said “the agreement will be closed very soon,” in reference to the talks between AS Roma and FC Barcelona, adding that “we have decided that it’s better for him to work for himself.” The player has been excused from training with the first team in order for him to spend time sorting out his future.

The name of Cesc Fàbregas copped up once again. Zubizarreta defended the way the club has dealt with the issue. “Our position is to show the utmost respect to Arsenal, because that club owns the player. From here, our job is to make proposals and to create proposals that might be of interest to Arsenal. It is not our way to use force, although there are some people that are only interested in the way things finish. The negotiations have to be face-to-face, not behind backs”.

Zubizarreta then discussed Jeffren Suárez. “He knows his situation in the squad. We are looking at the best options with him and his agent in order for him to find the best place to carry on playing football … but the market is not as active as the media is making out … the club is only receiving very limited offers.” This, he claims, is reflected by the small number of transfers this summer involving the biggest clubs in Europe.

Other than these comings and goings, Zubizarreta also mentioned Éric Abidal, whose contract ends on June 30, 2012. “We had proposed the renewal of his contract before his illness, and once he recovered, we restarted negotiations. From there, we shall be looking to reach an agreement” he said.

The last name he mentioned was that of Gabriel Milito, where there is no change. “Milito has a contract, he will be here on the 8th and we’ll work with him”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Arsenal considers "unacceptable" the proposal of Barça

Arsenal chairman Peter Hill Wood has no intention of accepting an offer that is not close to the requirements proposed by the London club.

Tensions between Arsenal and FC Barcelona are still growing around the businesses of both clubs for Cesc Fabregas. The last act was Peter Hill Wood, Arsenal chairman, who has joined the cause to continue tightening the rope without hesitating to attack the Board presided over by Sandro Rosell.

"They made an offer of 26 million pounds, about 30 M € - but that was ages ago. We have said repeatedly that what they are proposing is unacceptable and yet have not bothered to change it," said the Daily Star

The leader of the London club made it clear that the intention of Arsenal have Cesc goes through in this new campaign and therefore do not wish to transfer midfielder. However, threw a dart at the top Barcelona leaving the door open to a possible move in case of receiving a hearty economic proposal for Cesc.

"At the moment our position is very clear: we do not want to lose it. Obviously, if they come with an offer that is a very good offer, we would think about it," he said. (via SPORT)

15 players in first daytime training session

Barça will train twice on Tuesday, and the first session was fitness based and featured the same players as Monday’s session.

The venue was the Ciutat Esportiva, where things got going at 9.30, with the fifteen made up of 14 first team members and Jonathan dos Santos of the B team.

Xavi was still absent, for he is following a specific individual programme, and Puyol is still recovering from injury. Bojan has been given permission to concentrate on sorting out his future and the five South Americans are still on holiday.

It was a demanding session in which there was plenty of circuit training concentrating on changes of pace, strength and resistance. The goalkeepers worked separately with Juan Carlos Unzué until the final section, when everyone gathered for a game on a downsized pitch. In a game without goalkeepers, they played outfield.

Barça have another training session this evening at 19.00. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Agent Alexis in Italy waiting for news

Felicevich has it all agreed with Barca to when its OK to give Udinese.

Fernando Felicevich agent, Alexis Sanchez, is in Italy waiting to hear from Udinese. In the Alpine country even speculated yesterday that the presence of Felicevich also is directly related to the extent of pressure being exerted on Alexis Sanchez set 'Bianconeri'.

The Chilean player's agent has it all but spoken and spoken with Barca and is only waiting for confirmation of the transfer Pozzo to call your player and give the order to travel to Barcelona and sign his new contract.

Since Alexis ended the season with Udinese, Fernando Felicevich has dealt almost exclusively to listen to offers from all teams that had interest in his player. In addition to Barca Felicevic attended Inter Milan, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and even made a stop in Madrid at the express request of Ernesto Bronzzetti. Exposed all proposals to Alexis, and although many of them far exceeded the 3 million charge in the club, the striker said he did not hear more and help him play in the Camp Nou. (via MD)

Alexis requests for letter that already blindfold it to Barça

After being eliminated of the Copa America, the Chilean wants encarrilar as soon as possible his future in azulgrana.

Once eliminated from the Copa America without competition through with nothing to distract you, Alexis Sanchez and just think to resolve their future. If a few weeks ago and made it clear to the owners of the Udinese that, or pass it along to Barca or sat in the Udinese striker Chile has now a new twist to force his departure from the Italian side.

After doing so by phone by voice, Alexis Sanchez has also decided to send a letter to Pozzo in which they claimed that, please, I break through and Barca. The Tocopilla understood that Udinese have about economic proposals are juicier than the club. However, he only wants to wear Barca. So it has been said by both active and passive owners to Udinese as their representative. Beyond money, Alexis what you want now, with only 22, is enjoying playing football and fill your resume of qualifications, and to do that knows that the best guarantee is the FC Barcelona.

After being eliminated from the Copa America, Alexis yesterday flew from Mendoza to Santiago de Chile with the rest of his team-mates. Once force exerted greater pressure on Pozzo, Alexis await a call from his agent that he confirm his move to Barcelona. Once the call occurs, which in principle would be this week, between tomorrow and Friday, Alexis would fly directly to Barcelona to spend the appropriate medical examination and sign his new contract with the club, which will be for five seasons.

Although Roberto Mancini, City manager, has already shown a few weeks ago withdrew from the bidding for Alexis, in recent days the club 'citizen' has tried again to persuade Udinese again offering 50 million. The Pozzo know that much to offer the City, Alexis will not change your mind, but instead try to find that the club pay more. Barca is clear that supply will not rise because Alexis Barca wants to wear only. (via MD)

Barca will raise the bid for Cesc

Barca studying various ways to increase the initial proposal of 35 million and content managers to Gunners.

Barca will step forward in signing Cesc Fàbregas increase that raised the initial offer in early summer. In an attempt to relieve an excessively entrenched, the board and the head Barca sports, Andoni Zubizarreta, studying different ways to include in its initial five million for the 40 missing from the Arsenal to claim again and again. The figures would now 34 million, 29 fixed and 5 variables, plus another 6 in royalties ongoing training through the club 'gunner' youth and Bellerín Toral, whereas before they were 29 more of these same 6.

This new offering, the second so far this summer and has not yet been drafted, appeared in a recent summit that discussed various ways to speed up talks, but above all, to find a solution as quickly as possible . The board understands that the situation Barca player is too uncomfortable, which has given enough clues and messages to one and on what your wishes are sports but can not be forever tightening the rope. Cesc not even want the club is going to allow. His arrival can not be delayed much longer, although outside doors to keep the day's market cap is 31 August.

Barca are in constant contact with him and although the tactic is common and agreed upon, the Arenys is subject to deadlines sports erode his public image. Citing a sore muscle, the midfielder missed the tour of two matches that Arsenal made in Asia. This week, the Gunners will work in London Colney facilities because they will face on Saturday 23 at Cologne in Germany, the fourth pre-season friendly. The club ranks in nursing as a question but Cesc does not look bad with English fans who idolized him in eight years. 'The Sun' yesterday warned that the patience of Arsenal had expiration date later this month, just as the stage played in their summer tournament at the New York Red Bulls and Boca Juniors. Cesc watch in the stands would not like anyone. The 13 Premier League starts and insist there will be no turning back.

Cesc and Arsene Wenger had agreed a new interview yesterday at the offices of England. According to sources in the environment of the player, which are also connected to his agent Darren Dein, his position was going through a friendly but forceful contact. Avoid flame wars, because all the cards on the table, maintaining its firm intention to leave the English club. Alsatian coach violated its promise to facilitate their departure and that his confidence deteriorated.

The English club maintains that it is definitely against the Colonia
The website said yesterday that Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger has Cesc Fabregas for the friendly match that the English club plans to contest the July 23, Saturday in the German city of Cologne. "We will check what your fitness for the injury, but, yes, be with us in Cologne," the French club to the media. The owner of the news led to a cautious "Cesc is a doubt for the match in Cologne." The entity itself and said the English midfielder had not traveled to Asia for a tour of sore muscles and maintain this argument if it is back to refusing to ride. The player is expected to continue training in the gym alone, as he did yesterday, if not change tactics. Who does travel is the new signing Gervinho, who some consider the substitute Cesc in the team. The Ivorian striker yesterday formally contracting with the Gunners. (via MD)

Debate about whether he is hosting the 'transfer request'

Cesc prefers to hold out until the economic OK, but part of its surroundings advised not to wait.

Aware that no return, Arsene Wenger is obsessed with saving the image to the fans of Arsenal and Cesc to be who leave the club by the back door. Want to express by letter, through a 'transfer request', irrevocable desire to be traded.

The midfielder is not for the work to adopt this attitude because it would be an unnecessary media lynching. A section of its environment, however, tries to make him see that it is the only way not to prolong the process, his farewell to the Emirates Stadium will be equally traumatic and the fans 'gunner' will be just as exhausted at his feet. Outweigh what was done in eight seasons leaving do, interpret it.

Eligible or not 'transfer request' has sparked a debate among people who are closest to him. Some also recommend that you wait until no longer possible to take any more, until it reaches unbearable decibels. And attempt to argue. Wenger is a victim, an attitude which maintained until the end. Do not want to appear as the culprit of the progress of Cesc and less now that his six-year project, with only two titles, inevitably collapses, and with Van Persie and Nasri asking for their turn to take off promises. So the coach puts you in the role of evil and so wants it. Having this scenario, the direction of Arsenal opt for diplomacy. It's all about price, not good and less good. (via MD)

Zubizarreta will be beside the trainer

The technical director 'will help' to Pep in all the relative questions to the 'mercato'

Andoni Zubizarreta will be today at the press conference in the Ciutat Pep Guardiola Esportiva. Professional sporting director of FC Barcelona will appear before the media along with first team coach to mediate where they raise questions about the status of the 'mercato', as the state of negotiations ups and downs.

Experience shows that it is not no friend Zubizarreta give details of the internals of the negotiations, but if you stick to the nearest precedent anything is possible.

Zubizarreta was present at the official presentation of Eusebio Sacristán as coach of the subsidiary and in the course of that hearing, in principle protocol ends up announcing the signing of herculano Kiko Femenía.

If the coach of B Zubizarreta pulled at the last moment a reinforcement of the hat, can we expect today, with the first team, falling for example Alexis Sanchez? Sources close to Barca say they do not go as far. (via MD)

Bojan prefer to continue working in Bellpuig

Waiting to resolve his future, the Linyola asked the club to train on their own.

Although it was originally cited by the rest of the 17 first team players who have not participated in the Copa America, Bojan Krkic missed medical tests in the morning and workout in the afternoon. It was an act of rebellion. Hardly. Linyola striker asked the club to continue training on their own in light of the uncomfortable situation they are living. Once placed on the market, and failing to give the club officially confirmed his transfer to Rome, chose Bojan save the bitter swill of having to go to the Ciutat Esportiva knowing that their future is no longer there.

As it has done in recent days, as revealed in a lengthy report MD on Sunday, Bojan continued yesterday to train in the field of Bellpuig, where six-year team took its first steps as a player and where his father was a school football.

Bojan's approach is to continue exercising at Bellpuig until you receive the OK to travel from Barcelona to Rome. To better cope with the training, the front Linyola is working alongside his uncle Xavier.

Roma began training last week and Bojan not want to be out of shape once it lands in the Italian capital and get to work under the command of Luis Enrique. The Barca striker still is following the guidelines that gave Barca coach to work during the holidays. Even so, given that Bojan was in the European under21 the Linyola fitness has remained perfectly and all you need is to return to work in groups to keep pace. (via MD)

Bolton pressed for Jeffren

It offers six million euros, the highest bid.

Bolton appears as a viable destination for limbo. The team led by Owen Coyle is the only thing that keeps a firm commitment to the Barca squad and the only one who has consistently taken the best at Barça. It offers six million, two more than Liverpool, another candidate from the Premier League.

The ball is now in the court of the player. Jeffren rule into operation Udinese Alexis and refused to call at the Italian Serie. His ambition sports club goes through a first line of the Spanish League or the Premier. Valencia's proposal vanished hiring Granada Piatti and only picked up the phone to try to convince his father and manager, Efren Suarez. Was unsuccessful. The other teams just wanted to learn but its high price and made it impossible to form any attempt limbo. The two peaks had with the club in recent weeks have failed to move over and Bolton to maintain its proposal, the only guarantees you a seat, though not the European showcase. Barca accepts the amount offered and is subject to English management representatives come to Barcelona to negotiate. They will only do if they receive final approval of the player. (via MD)

Jouhaud "Pep Guardiola is undervalued by the greatness of his players"

"Barcelona do best to each and every one of his players. Abidal That brings us to ..."
"For me, behind 'bleu' with Thuram, Desailly, Blanc and Lizarazu was better than the current Barca defense"
"If you think, say or write that Barca are not playing football are not only an honest journalist"

Fabrice Jouhaud, chief editor of L'Equipe has striking views over the club. For many it is the bible of the sports press for the quality of its information, its ability to create currents of opinion, encompass a broad spectrum of modalities and not stop journalistic precedent.

What is your opinion of Barça's football as a journalist and amateur?

If you think, if you write and if you say that Barca are not playing great football and only you are not a fan, regardless of your team, nor an honest journalist. What the club offers three years is a tribute to football.

Is this barca the best team of all time?

It is difficult to compare times and may not have no sense. The most remarkable is that the club plays as plays in the XXI century, when the defenses are much better and faster when the orientation of the tactics are more defensive or counterattack: Capello, Jacquet, Lippi, Scolari, Ancelotti, Rehaggel and Mourinho are technicians of the last 30 years considered successful. With few exceptions, like Van Gaal and Del Bosque, his teams are labeled as winners and not so much as formations that dazzle.

Could Brazil in the 70 or the France of 1998 and 2000 beat Barca now?

I do not know. In the case of Brazil I think not because of physical and technical evolution of football. As for France ... I think the four defenders 'bleu', Thuram, Desailly, Blanc and Lizarazu, were better than the defenders of the current club.

Abidal is the French player who has achieved more success with the club. Why they have never Platini or Zidane one?

What do you think of 'Abi'?

It's a complicated question. Perhaps the club did not need creative players in France. Platini and Zidane were fantastic, but have adapted to the philosophy of Barça? Not sure. Both make the team better, while the club makes it better each and every one of his players than they would without. That brings us to 'Abi'. France is irregular, but more secure when playing with the club that gives you confidence.

What do you like most of Guardiola's Barça?

Never give up their game. Play as a coach and have been educated. They have convictions.

Is there interest among readers for Barca now?

Yes We daily news, and more. A two-page interview with Xavi won the award for 'Best interview in a French newspaper' 2010. And another interview with Pique was a huge success. Because the Barcelona players tend to have views on the game itself.

Guardiola What do you think?

It's a great coach, undervalued because of the greatness of players who directs. Madrid also has great players and coach is considered the best ... But I think a coach capable of handling large egos and build both a genuine team to offer a football dream and win, that's the best coach.

¿Barca win the Ligue 1?

Oh, yes! We only ask if lose a game.

Leo Messi Describe Pep Guardiola in three words ...

Unpredictable, maverick, winner. And competent, humble group.

What connects this boat?

Essential in football and in sport, play and enjoy playing.

Do you think that Messi should be guaranteed, as has been said, a 'Golden Ball' for the coming years while the rest struggle to another?

No. Sorry, but it seems a silly approach. It is as if we gave Barca a special Champions trophy and prize money for, and we exclude them in the coming years so that others can win.

Michels, Cruyff, Rijkaard, La Masia, Guardiola, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta ... Who is responsible for the success of the current Barça?

All a bit. And maybe a party has to be attributed to pressure from partners: they seem to be attached to an old philosophy that periodically reminds the board. I think there are cycles and no doubt some day the club will go through a difficult situation, although the directors have a duty to prevent the future. La Masia La Masia in South America and are good foundation for maintaining the 'culture Barça' long.

Nasri, Gignac, Gourcuff, Ben Arfa ... some of them succeed at the club now?

I do not think that would be useful. I see no French player that deserves a crack squad. But be attentive to the young Marvin Martin. (via MD)

Guardiola will give today answer to (almost) everything

The dream of the '6 in 1 ', the signings of Cesc and Alexis, low Bojan, Thiago continuity of the Madrid ...

Barcelona are eager to hear Pep Guardiola. For over a month and a half that ended last season with three titles for the Museum and the promise to return to try again. Barca coach went holiday drawing the outlines of the template configuration. For now, Guardiola work yesterday with the same faces he left behind, as they have not yet reached the signings requested, with special mention for Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez. Surely, these two names will be the stars of the first press conference for the 2011-2012 season Guardiola, scheduled for noon in the Ciutat Esportiva, once you have completed the morning training. There will be many more topics of general interest, in an appearance that can answer all, or almost all-the issues that occupy the fans culé.

Besides knowing Guardiola's opinion regarding the status of negotiations for the high, no doubt the issue more media hook of all, the technician may also transmit their impressions of the recent renewal of Thiago Alcántara and his role in the first team. Improving Pedro Rodriguez also require valuation, and the only safe course of Bojan Krkic to Rome and if that indeed is the prelude to the arrival of Alexis Sanchez. The confusing situation of players like Maxwell Scherrer and Jeffren Suarez and Gabi Milito's future need clarification. The reinforced Real Madrid, the second campaign face to face with Jose Mourinho, the imminence of the Supercopa to whites and whether the opportunity to be the first to win 6 titles in the same campaign is challenging or impossible to make Guardiola the protagonist of the day. (via MD)

The renewal of Abidal remains unresolved

The centreback has the club's offer to extend his contract until 2014 but has joined the team without defining its future Barca.

The French defender for FC Barcelona, ​​Eric Abidal, joined yesterday as normal with the rest of his teammates the first practice of spring training without any new development Barca. And the central future remains unresolved as Barcelona. His contract ends on June 30, 2012 and Barca directors, in their eagerness to tie up the cracks of the whole FC Barcelona, ​​has made an offer to extend their contractual relationship until 2014.

Although Abidal has told over the months that his dream is to retire in Barça as a thank you to the board, his teammates and Barca fans by the show of support received since it was detected a tumor in liver, his agent, David Venditelli said the other day that there are still some points of renewal that do not quite convince the French. The agreement is stalled because of economic differences between the two parties do not just tip the balance one way or another. Nor is there any movement or meeting scheduled in the coming days.

Abidal, a buyout clause of 90 million euros, is one of the heavyweights of the Barca defense. However, the preseason has started as a Barca more with the only difference that it is part of five players who complete the contract in 2012 are Milito, Font, Jeffren and Pinto. The remaining players in the first team end their contractual relationship in 2014 at the earliest ¿except Maxwell and Puyol, with the agreement until 2013 ¿.

Venditelli also commented at the time that if the French League starts without renewed "we'll see what happens in the future." That's why both the player and the club Barcelona remain pending refloat the situation as soon as possible to celebrate the commitment of the whole FC Barcelona Abidal is still intact. (via SPORT)

Puyol is fulfilling all the terms

Doctors say that evolution is satisfactory and that deadlines are being met recovery.

Forty-seven days after the captain of FC Barcelona underwent an arthroscopy on his left knee to remove a loose body cartilage, Carles Puyol medical tests conducted yesterday along with the rest of his teammates and the assessment of the evolving injury by the club doctors have been more than positive. "Evolution is very favorable. It is very well and are meeting deadlines but has a lot of fitness work, "explained the first team physician Ricard Pruna.

That's why yesterday in La Pobla stayed in the gymnasium of the Ciutat Esportiva doing fitness work, the same place over the coming days. And Puyol has continued its efforts to recover as soon as possible to be available for the Supercopa of Spain.

The payback period was estimated at between 2 and 3 months but the effort made by the central over the summer promises that his knee will be in perfect condition before they meet the deadlines set. Barca enjoyed four days relaxing on the beaches of Ibiza but did not halt its recovery because the physical recovery of the club, Juanjo Brau accompanied him at all times. Arriving in Barcelona, ​​the captain continued his training every day in two morning and afternoon session with the club's medical services.

Their efforts and dedication throughout the summer will pay off in no time.

Juanjo Brau is already in Barcelona
The physical recovery of FC Barcelona after spending the summer with Carles Puyol and not let either sun or shade, traveled to Argentina to take care of Messi throughout the Americas Cup. After removing the albiceleste competition, the therapist is already in Barcelona to deal with the preparation and care of the bulk of the team throughout the preseason. (via SPORT)

Bojan, just one step of signing for Roma

The club and the striker agreed at the last minute that does not participate in the training of Barcelona.

Bojan Krkic may be living his last hours as a player for FC Barcelona. At the moment the club maintains the plan, and will not be officially transferred to the Roma striker is not closed until the arrival of Alexis Sanchez.

Bojan yesterday and did not attend the premiere '¿of the team. The Linyola did not attend the start of the European champions. Bojan, with permission of the club, he missed the medical evidence in the hope of resolving his future. The striker's absence was the big surprise of the day, since it was first mentioned yesterday, the day that Guardiola's team was in motion for next season. Finally, the player received late approval of Barcelona rather than submit to a blood test at the Sports City and later a medical at the Camp Nou.

The player is not present at the Sports City yesterday staged a known reality: the output of Barcelona's Bojan is a matter of days. Linyola striker already has the idea that his time at Barcelona is over, at least for now. Bojan trust claimed in Rome, a team where you have the confidence of Luis Enrique, his great supporter in the whole Roman. The front has been slow to assimilate the idea of ​​having to play in another club, because his dream has always been to become an important player in Barcelona.

Once accepted his departure, Bojan has encountered a new obstacle. The club does not give the green light to the output of the player until you have about the signing of Alexis, who will come to play a role in front of Barcelona. In sports management is confident he can solve the case 'Alexis how much earlier, especially now that the player has completed his participation in the Copa America with Chile, Venezuela eliminated against forecast.

Bojan is uncomfortable in this situation of waiting, especially now that he has accepted an exit, but they have to live with the uncertainty of the situation of Chilean Alexis, who is taking longer than expected. The Linyola, however, trust is resolved the sooner the matter and think back and just enjoy the football after a very disappointing season, charged with collective titles did the last European Championship with the team but why against, very few opportunities at the individual level.

And Bojan started last term after a superb season finale, but was losing ground throughout the season, especially in the final leg injury which removed him from the pitch.

Although it is not official, the transfer of the Roma Bojan was closed for almost a month. Josep Maria Bartomeu, sports vice president, Andoni Zubizarreta, sporting director Walter Sabatini, his counterpart in Rome, and Ramon Sostres, Bojan Krkic's legal representative, agreed to the terms of the signing on 21 June. The agreement will link the front Linyola five seasons on the Italian side, but the Barcelona player can recover the Catalan at the end of the first two seasons by an amount close to 12 million euros.

Roma will pay about 10 million for the transfer of the player, he will leave Barca after twelve long years wearing the colors of Barcelona. Linyola forward and only think of joining the training set of Luis Enrique.

Professionalism to the last
Bojan Krkic has not forgotten his fitness, despite being in a situation of impasse uncomfortable waiting for any professional. The Linyola want to start the preseason and butt for days exercising in Bellpuig with a trainer. Bojan ended its participation in the European past June 25 and despite winning the tournament was not very satisfied, as he expected to play more minutes. The ownership of Adrian downplayed presence in the team and just had a presence. Recognizing that continued in the final of last season, Bojan wanted to get to spring training with homework well done.
Pending confirmed his move to Rome, Bojan has been seen training with the pants 'The Red' and Tohu shirt with the name Mark Lenders, which was the great rival Oliver Aton in cartoon series 'Champions'. Bojan has been a week of physical labor in Bellpuig and is not expected to be incorporated into routine practice of FC Barcelona. Yesterday and did not appear at the start of the preseason. It was not physical evidence, an example more than obvious that his future lies away from the Nou Camp. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Yesterday the last shift of the campus began FCB 2011

Yesterday kicked off the last turn of the FCB-SPORT Campus facilities INEFC in Barcelona. A total of 150 children attended promptly at 9.00 to the Montjuic mountain to begin with a meeting of players and coaches, where they told all the kids that would be the week of Campus seal Barca hundred percent.

The desire of these is to learn the tactics used by Pep Guardiola with idols of children as Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, and so on. but also the honor of being for a few days of the great family Blaugrana.

Enjoy a campus where every day is dress Blaugrana (pants and shirt) with the shield on the chest is for them all a great experience. Small will also enjoy a visit to the facilities of FC Barcelona and the bowels of Camp Nou, and the Museu del Barça, the most visited of Catalonia.

In this fourth and final turn, most children are Catalan, as in previous weeks, although there is a high rate of kids from outside of Catalonia with players from Cartagena, Zaragoza, Avila, Logroño, Valencia, Alicante, Granada, Palma de Mallorca, Murcia, Santiago de Compostela and the province of Madrid as Colmenar Viejo and Valdemoro.

How could it be otherwise, there are also participants in the Campus FCB-SPORT cities like Amman (Jordan), Bromley and Lancaster (England), Marrakech (Morocco), Poznan (Poland), New York, San Antonio and Houston Texas, New Providence, New Jersey, Iowa City, Falls Church, Virginia (USA), Caracas (Venezuela), Brussels (Belgium), Guntramsdorf (Austria), San Salvador (El Salvador), Perpignan and Sete (France). They complete a list of future players who have come to Barcelona ready to pass one of the best weeks of the summer of 2011.

Most coaches showed yesterday, on the first day of the campus, football is his passion. Also exhibited a high level for their age and who have demonstrated the desire to learn the training system that uses the FC Barcelona first team, as the campus said, Iñaki Andreu. (via SPORT)

Messi, two friendlies and a wedding

Barca rests these days on his farm in Rosario (Argentina) and will join FC Barcelona in Miami during the tour.

The crack of FC Barcelona are resting in Rosario, Argentina from the elimination of America's Cup to rest as much as possible and re-energize before joining Barca dynamics.

Remember that the best player in the world ended very touched after the match against Uruguay, after consoling Tevez, as team captain following the dismissal of Mascherano, was desolate to mourn for failing to go further with the albiceleste. Messi slept with other partners in the concentration of the selection and the next day went to Rosario, where you can enjoy for 16 days with his family in that football will be present in the life of 'The Flea ¿. And it will participate in two joint and several commitments at the end of the month to continue to meet the social work that characterize the star of Argentina.

On July 28, Messi will travel to Chile for a friendly with friends Marcelo Salas. On 31 July, the `Friends of Messi faces do you see the` Rest of the world Do in Mexico. In between, will come together with other fellow albiceleste as Mascherano, Higuain, and so on. Real Madrid to the wedding of Angel Di Maria, who married in Buenos Aires.

After this tour of three countries, as long as Argentina does not receive a call from Pep Guardiola prohibiting him from participating in such meetings, the `10 Do Barca plans to join the rest of Barcelona on August 3 in Miami, where Barcelona played the second friendly of the American tour against Chivas. The premature removal of the albiceleste has accelerated plans to join Barca as before the bulk of the expedition culé.

That's why Leo Messi will be perfectly prepared, with the rest of their peers, to contest the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu on 14 August. However, no one can ensure that the front part in the meeting although it is almost confirmed that Messi is jumping onto the field in a competitive match in the return of the same competition on 17 July at 23.00 at the Camp Nou. (via SPORT)

This week the action is taken social responsibility

FC Barcelona's lawyers submitted in the coming days the demand in the court of First Instance.

FC Barcelona, ​​represented by the prestigious law firm Cuatrecasas, Gonçalez Pereira, presented in the next few hours the famous social responsibility and action lawsuit against the last board of Joan Laporta.

In this way, the organization headed by Sandro Rosell will comply with the mandate of the partners commissioners that they voted at the Annual General Meeting on 16 October at the Palau de Congressos de Barcelona. At that historic vote, 468 of the 1093 commissioners present spoke in favor of holding the courts to Laporta and his board that he be held accountable for the losses accumulated during his seven years in office, specifically 27.9 million euros. 438 electors voted against, so that decision eventually won by just 29 votes.

Parallel to this decision of FC Barcelona, ​​the club will be watching, from next October 24, the trial began on the objection filed by the same Assembly Laporta and its management. They will have to declare, among others, at the request of lawyers Laporta, Sandro Rosell, Javier Faus and Toni Freixa.

The Assembly, between 24-S and 31-0
The next assembly of delegates, which must approve the accounts for the 2010-2011 season and 2011-2012 budgets, making concidir be held with one of the parties that the club played at the Nou Camp between 24 September and 31 October. And they will be at Atletico, Racing, Sevilla and Mallorca.
The Board meets on 26 and see the numbers
Next Tuesday 26 Board of FC Barcelona held the last meeting of the season. It will be a board of great importance because the economic club vice president, Javier Faus, and the director general, Antoni Rossich will present the numbers for the year.
Barca this season is scheduled to lose about 20 million euros. When you know the budget of expenditure for the 2011-2012 season, managers will know exactly how to endorse (15% of the budget). In addition to the nearly three billion euros each manager now supports, will be expanded, more or less, by about a million more euros. (via SPORT)

Rectifies the club website and reschedule the dorsal '4 'to Arenys

Thiago came to occupy the vacuum to the stored number to Fabregas to be in the relationship behind Fontàs.

Barca yesterday changed the relationship of the first team players in Thiago Alcántara which included the dorsal theoretical `4 Are just between Pique (3), Puyol (5). The website of the club changed parts yesterday morning after being featured this detail SPORT, and left the site for the `4 Do again empty.

Thiago was suspicious change of place for a position more like a newcomer to the first team. The Spanish-Brazilian was located in the last place, just behind Fontàs Andreu.

This gesture shows that the club still stored on their dorsal Cesc preferred. Arsenal It's in recognition of his childhood idol, Pep Guardiola, and I love to wear with the Barca shirt. The Spanish team became champion of the world with the number `10 Do as the dorsal` 4 What is the power of a veteran as Carlos Marchena. Meanwhile, Thiago chose the same number that now wants to play with Cesc at Barca B. (via SPORT)

The 'soap opera' Alexis comes to an end

The first major reinforcement of Guardiola begins its countdown. The clubs just waiting to balance their schedules to start the final meeting.

Barça and Udinese are certain that they are pending of a last one face to face to sum up the eternal transfer of Alexis Sánchez. There is still a meeting to seal the deal and give the nod to writing the second draft contract. This time it is expected that no more `misunderstanding what the representatives of both clubs to sign the Final Act of the operation. Late yesterday, the big event still to be confirmed, as they try to play the dismissal to avoid the presence of onlookers and external pressures, but everything suggests that the summit will take place either tonight or at most tomorrow. Agendas are permanently open a pending administrative procedures Gino Pozzo retain outside Barcelona.

When face to face to be definitive arrives with the homework done in good measure. Through numerous telephone contacts and various emails between, vice president of FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu, Udinese and the manager, Gino Pozzo, have nuanced positions that put paid to the verbal agreement reached last Monday. Barca sources were limited to noting that the deal will go through an attitude that is repeated regularly. "Some have to loosen a bit at some points and others will be less demanding in their economic demands." It has been agreed that there will be winners or losers in the staging of the transfer. Barcelona and Udinese will be more than satisfied with the final terms and appeal to the desire of the player as the main argument.

Another problem that still remains is the public display of the numbers of transfer. The final amount will not differ much from 27 million euros for 11 million fixed and variable. The clubs want to avoid excessive influence in the chapter on incentives as they are likely to be measured very differently depending on how and when to run. Currently still working at the legal level in search of a formula that allows the Italians preferred to link the quarry. It is not easy, but will apply formulas for the two quarries to maintain closer contact.

On what is not there are doubts about the future of Chilean striker Barca. Neither the club nor Udinese have paid much attention to everything published on the economic effort of late in clubs like Chelsea or Manchester City. Among other things, because the family knows that Alexis Pozzo is not for last minute adventures and just want to be Guardiola's orders soon. The Italian club grants it willingly and insists that the operation has never become an economic auction. Barca is clear from the first day and periodically has kept open channels of communication with the player to make sure nothing has changed in this regard. There has always been a guarantee of success in the operation.

If Gino Pozzo meet their commitments and can catch your flight to Barcelona today, tonight could have discrete peak. Otherwise, the administrator should close Bartomeu Italian and the transfer tomorrow. This is just cool the telephone conversations, net and gross polishing with extreme care and draft clauses that jeopardize the transfer took only a week ago.

Indeed, following an agreement between clubs, the club will still have to resolve some outstanding issues of contract Alexis Sanchez. Through the player's advisor, Felicevich, overall numbers were agreed and were fringed slopes to be addressed to the arrival of the player.

Arsenal wants to retain Cesc with a new contract

The club 'gunner' daily growing pressure on the midfielder and is now trying to attract a great deal.

Arsenal enjoyed the rest day yesterday after returning from the Asian tour and their leaders planned the latter strategy to try to retain Cesc Fabregas. The dome 'gunner', with Arsène Wenger at the helm, will provide a renewed upward to show all the confidence and that the player feel very appreciated, but the Arenys already have fully decided that his time in London has reached its end.

Wenger is desperate to see the attitude of the player, who has already passed does not want to go back into the team dynamics, and will use the money to try to earn it again. As noted several British media, the French will propose the extension of its contract for two more seasons, through 2017 at a rate of eight million euros for each of these exercises. Thus, Cesc would be better rewarded financially in the club, which would win about two million less per season, and with a longer lease.

However, this desperate attempt to France is doomed to failure as Fàbregas not want to leave for money, but is excited to return to the club of his dreams. If it were to fill their pockets, Arenys would have accepted Manchester City's proposal, which gave him the opportunity to become the world's highest-paid player at 12 million euros per season, plus other extraordinary expenses as private flights to Spain.

Wenger will be the refusal of the player, whose desire is to disengage as soon as Arsenal. The technician left the door open to his presence in Saturday's friendly in Cologne, but pointed out that "one must first see how the injury is." Arsenal justified his absence from the Asian tour for a muscle problem and may use the same strategy to cover his absence on German soil. A smokescreen to hide the player does not want to dress more Gunners' shirt just what awaits the two clubs reach an agreement.

The British are nervous seeing Cesc situation remains unlocked. The player is rock fill in your stance to leave the ship and still not see the offer blaugrana important enough to let him go. The newspaper 'The Sun Does it point at the Emirates yesterday that would have given an ultimatum to Barcelona two weeks to close the transfer. The deadline is not met, his intention would be to keep Cesc against their will to have his services for the start of the Premier League and Champions League preview. Arsenal official competition starts in mid-August and Wenger would have him fearing that a bad start in domestic competition or be felled in the previous round Europe would be traumatic.

The French want a quick fix that contrasts with the marked line of patience from the entity Barcelona. Sandro Rosell policy has set as its first objective to close the incorporation of Alexis Sanchez, scheduled for mid-week, and then burn all the ships with Cesc. However, contact between the clubs are ongoing and will intensify when the Chilean and new player is officially Blaugrana.

Since then, all efforts will focus on incorporating Fabregas and Guardiola would have him for the tour that starts next Tuesday with a trip to Munich. Cesc has no other choice but to continue resisting and waiting. (via SPORT)

Alexis Sanchez accelerated negotiations between Barca and Udinese

After finishing the participation of the Chilean national team in Copa America Alexis Sanchez has decided to end as quickly as possible to the 'impasse' of their possible transfer to Barcelona . Has been told MD , the player would have stepped forward to refloat the importantissimo transfer to Barca.

This gesture is seen in Barça as a big step and it is expected that the final agreement could fall within hours. MD unveil updates to this negotiation in its print edition tomorrow. (via MD)

Joan Laporta in Formentera: Cigars, Moët & Chandon and good company

MundoDeportivo presents you with images of the great vacation you are enjoying the former Barca president Joan Laporta, on a yacht with friends, toasting with Moët & Chandon and smoking a cigar.

"With a white bathing suit, that revealed a bulging belly, the former chairman of Barcelona had a great time aboard a yacht" in various media say where they collected the information. (via MD)

[Barça B] Preseason end with the fulfilled objectives

End of 'stage' preseason Barça B. Eusebio The return on Monday in Barcelona with the satisfaction of having done a good job. The practice match on Sunday afternoon, the Navata thrashed by Barca 0-10.

The branch dominated the match from the first minute. Jonathan Soriano was the top scorer with 5 goals, followed by Marti Basin Riverola and Isaac, who scored 2 goals each. Saul completed the ranking of goals with a target. First contact with the team.

In a training match in two parts of 30 minutes each, the club B had the opportunity to finish to get in shape, and out the front door of TorreMirona. With an atmosphere of great expectation, and a public that did not hesitate to ask for autographs and take pictures with the players. To stay in TorreMirona Eusebio was his first contact with the team and is pleased with the work: "These games have supplemented the work of preseason. We have been very good to complete the physical work and to assimilate concepts I want to convey to the team. " Despite the good results, Eusebio insists the desire to continue working. "The conclusion is that we keep working. Players concepts have been assimilated and are in good physical condition."

In this sense, Eusebio is very pleased with your performance " This team already has a job for many years and is easy. " The team has returned to Barcelona this morning, following a last training TorreMirona. All ready to think about the league. "We are in preparation, excited and very happy. Now we have to work hard and go about picking the ideal way of thinking already in league opener," said Eusebio. A lovely surroundings Finally, Eusebio also had words for excellent stay at TorreMirona: "We have been in perfect working conditions, we are very happy with the environment, the treatment and temperature, which has been very nice to work." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Muniesa, in the last phase of his recovery

Marc Muniesa and Martin Montoya will be lost through injury U-20 World Cup which starts on July 31 in Colombia. The first recognized in the final meet of her recovery process.

"I'm fine, the last phase of rehabilitation, and have already begun training with the group. Little by little, but I still have," said Marc Muniesa to Barça TV and fcbarcelona.cat and added that you want to the dynamics of training as soon as possible. In this sense, their coach Eusebio Sacristan has also recognized that the central "is improving, but still not able to participate with the group."

This lesion, produced a hamstring injury early June on a compromise with the U-19 against England, he had to keep five or six weeks off. Now, then, is facing its last stretch and recovery is not yet ready for the World U-20 Colombia. "A World Cup U-20 is very important and is an opportunity to demonstrate many things, but you have to think positive and give everything in the club," he assured Muniesa. Carles Planas Barca He also has his replacement in the squad , while Martin Montoya, injured a few days ago may not be in the finals.

On the actuality of Barça B, Marc Muniesa has recognized that new players, both players signings as uploaded from the Youth A-are well integrated into the locker room. "They are adjusting well and we are building a very good group. A juvenile know them a long time and each one of the team," he said. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

First training session with 15 players

The FC Barcelona first team was back at training today, 51 days after the final at Wembley. There were 15 players involved in the first session of the season.

The medical revisions out of the way, the FC Barcelona players grouped at the Ciutat Esportiva de Sant Joan Despí. The 14 first team players were joined by Jonathan Dos Santos of Barça B. Xavi, Puyol, Bojan and the South Americans were the only players missing.

Xavi on his own

Carles Puyol, who underwent an operation on June 1, will be concentrating on recovery work this week by recommendation of doctor Ricard Pruna. Xavi also did individual work and didn’t appear on the field. Bojan had special permission not to be present, while Milito, Mascherano, Messi, Adriano and Alves are away at the Copa America, although both of their respective teams were knocked out this weekend. This was the first training session for Fontàs and Thiago as fully fledged first team members.

There were also changes in the coaching staff. Juan Carlos Unzué, who was goalkeepers coach from 2003 to 2010 and manager of Numancia last season, has returned to the former job. His place was taken by Carles Busquets while he was away, who has now gone back to coaching the Barça B keepers.

The first team will train twice on Tuesday, first at 9.30 and second at 19.00. After the morning session, Josep Guardiola will be giving his first press conference of the 2011/12 season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)