18 July 2011

Zubizarreta will meet with Abidal to refloat its renovation

The sporting director of FC Barcelona , Andoni Zubizarreta , is scheduled to visit this evening to Eric Abidal to deal with him face to face the issue of renewal, which according to his agent said was "stalled." The club presented a proposal to David Venditelli , representative of Abidal, within the parameters considered to satisfy the expectations of the player .

Therefore, the words of Venditelli asserting that the negotiations stood amazed at the offices of the Camp Nou. Today, Zubi attempt to refloat the situation. Abidal (31 years) is contracted to Barca until 2012 and would like to continue at least until 2013. (via MD)

Puyol to work on muscles all week

This Monday morning the doctors evaluated the condition of Carles Puyol following an operation on his left knee last June. The injury is healing well and within the predicted time schedule. This week he will be working on building up muscle strength. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

European champions back at work

The Barça squad met up again on Monday morning after the summer holiday. Sixteen players took the different medical tests.

The Liga and European champions got the 2011/12 season off to a start this morning with the traditional medical examinations at the Ciutat Esportiva and after that in the Camp Nou medical centre, where they did different exercises and were also had their weight and height checked.

Carles Puyol, who is still recovering from injury, and Bojan, who has been allowed some time to sort out his future, were excused from the session, and obviously the five player that have been playing at the Copa America (Messi, Mascherano, Milito, Alves and Adriano) were also away.

The players were wearing the new yellow change strip, and there were smiles all round as they got together for the first time in weeks. They were divided into four different groups for the Camp Nou tests. There were two groups of five (Valdés, Pinto, Piqué, Iniesta and Xavi, in one group and Sergio, Villa, Pedro, Keita and Abidal in the other) and two groups of three (Jeffren, Maxwell and Afellay, plus Thiago, Fontàs and Jonathan dos Santos).

Barça have their first training session this Monday evening at 19.00 in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. Only the first quarter of an hour will be open to the media. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bojan, with permission of the Club does not train with the group

Bojan Krkic, who had permission from the Club, has not trained with his teammates Monday, the day the champion league and Europe has returned to work after summer vacation.

The player Linyola therefore not been incorporated into the workflow of the first unit with permission of the Club and has been exercised by his account, pending resolution of future status. Remember that Bojan Krkic is a member of the first team from the 2007/08 season, a season in which Frank Rijkaard is confident in him a total of 48 games. Since then, three years on the bench Josep Guardiola, '9 'FC Barcelona has played 117 more. In total, he played 163 official matches with the first team. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Ánimo Messi

The phenomenon has received messages of encouragement Rosario Club Barcelona
Leo has more pressure than anyone ever played for his country
Again, the Barca dressing room morale will touch the crack

The KO Argentina against Uruguay in the Copa America, as well as of Brazil to Paraguay, both on penalties, dropped a bombshell among most fellow Leo Messi, FC Barcelona, ​​who yesterday were already finalized preparations to begin today in the preseason workouts. All had at least see some of his companions in the final of the South American competition. Barça dreamed of a game at the summit with the three Argentine Messi, Mascherano and military on the one hand, and Dani Alves and Adriano on the other. It may be, and although the elimination of 'canarinhiha' albiceleste and allow them all back before the blow of mind received care for them all, especially by Messi.

Leo is often criticized by his countrymen especially when Argentina fails to meet its objectives. Since the start of the competition, the crack Barca has been under the spotlight and has been the center of attention. A Messi is subjected to constant checks with a magnifying glass in his country, but after removing the shots have not pointed out in the media to Leo quite the contrary (he is considered the best of your computer), the crack Rosario has already received numerous messages of support from Barcelona, ​​both peers and other estates of the club.

Costume heavyweights did get messages of encouragement through sms as soon as they learned Argentina's elimination. In the locker room Messi Barca do not want a depressed or sad. Often, they have to cheer after a rally in Argentina and fully understand that a Leo smiling, cheerful and happy is synonymous with wins for all. Therefore, from the moment his companions were put to work to get it animated and happy the day they return to work the equipment.

In the dressing room of the Camp Nou has been bemoaned as the elimination of Argentina and Brazil, but it is clear that if there is a special case is that of Leo Messi, who left the stadium Brigadier Lopez, Santa Fe, where they played Argentina- Uruguay, very 'touched' morally and without making statements to the media. Leo is different because none of his colleagues in the albiceleste have the same environmental pressures Argentine Mascherano despite the captain. In the case of Alves and Adriano, even played yesterday.

The coaching staff and fellow Barca Messi now face the task, which have sometimes had to play, lifting the mood of his number one.

Beckham praise for '10 '
Eliminating the albiceleste at the hands of Uruguay has sparked criticism of the combined Batista. However, David Beckham Messi has chosen to keep the margin of the carnage: "It is the world's best, plain and simple. It is a role model for kids who want to look like him and everything he does, how behaves or the way he works for the team, it is not just a player ".

It could be on official visit to the White House
Although according to initial estimates do not incorporate Leo Messi to work on the U.S. tour until August 3rd, Messi is not ruled out a visit to attend the club, as reported MD, will the White House, where it could be received even by Barack Obama. Messi would not want to miss the visit of its repercussions and the recent American president's reference to the Argentinian star. (via MD)

Alexis will fall, this time yes as signing of Barça

On Wednesday he presents a new date of reference in a pending negotiation of a million euros

Hot, hot, but still not boiling. And that's the end of the movie is sung, Alexis Sanchez end up being the club. The opposite is today a hypothesis unlikely given the extent that is negotiation. One million euros between Barca than it takes to give Udinese official transfer of the Chilean end, who these days of intense competition in the Copa America with his selection of pearls have been to shake off the anxiety to know when it will light Green to his departure to the Camp Nou. Wednesday is now presented as the new reference date in negotiations now marked by silence. The official silence and the silence of two clubs that hold the pulse because they want to make the most economical, well to pay less, either to charge a little more.

In 48 hours is scheduled landing in Barcelona Gino Pozzo, son Giampaolo Pozzo, great patron of Udinese. Gino was in charge of negotiating on Monday with Vice President FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu, at the famous peak and after which almost all sources were assumed that the announcement of the signing of the 'Boy Wonder' by the club was imminent. The basis of the agreement began to leak Tuesday morning spoke of an encrypted transfer of 26 million euros in fixed amounts of 11 other variables, a friendly and preference in favor of the club on future disposals of friuliano players subsidiary or the first team squad. In this "imminent announcement" that was suspected after the handshake between the two sides of both clubs exactly one week ago today. The problem is that a productive day after that conversation between Bartomeu Gino Pozzo and Italians came out with any extra demand left in 'stand by' the conformity of the operation. According to Mundo Deportivo could know, that extra that separates the two positions is' apenas'un million euros, a figure that nevertheless important to consider both the former negotiator for pure itching and facing other negotiations underway, as should Cesc Fabregas lead the way to the Camp Nou.

Meeting or call

Not be ruled out before the arrival of Pozzo in Barcelona takes place a call from Udinese who can solve the issue. That is, without doubt, the happiest news that would make Alexis Sanchez, the best bargaining chip that has the club for his determination to go only to the Camp Nou. (via MD)

Barça begins to work with a dream, the '6 in 1'

The Barça squad began with 18 players a season that poses a challenge almost utopian: to win six titles in one season
Barça communicates that Bojan has permission for not being today in the beginning of work of the team

Barça has informed that Bojan, with permission of the club, doesn't incorporate with the rest of partners to the work.

2011-2012 Barca starts running today in order to remain the best team in the world. Pep Guardiola's fourth season starts now become the best coach in the club throughout its history, its 10 degrees over 13 as the track played football international public opinion that recognizes him. After being the first team of all time to achieve six titles in a calendar year, 2009, now submitted for this challenge Barca legend of near-utopia: winning six trophies in one season. League, Cup and Champions, more Supercopa of Spain, European Supercup and World Club are within range.

The huge challenge will no truce or summer. Conversely, in a month, the club will already have played Super Spain in two classic against Real Madrid on August 14 at the Bernabeu and 17 at the Camp Nou. On 26 the same month in Monaco, Barcelona and Porto will fight for the Supercopde Europe. And to top it off, it could still add another title, the seventh, coming chronologically before the other six. It is the Copa Catalunya, 8 and 9 August. The 'whiplash' is the epoch-making, especially when Guardiola's team will combine all these games with a friendly government in Croatia, two in Germany and the U.S. tour.

At eight o'clock today are above the 18 players available for Guardiola, who will be submitted for routine analysis and testing session between Ciutat Esportiva medical and Camp Nou. In the afternoon and be trained to open, starting on Tuesday, a week full of double sessions work at nine and seven.

It will be tomorrow when Guardiola told reporters offer their highly anticipated first impressions in a season in which, paradoxically, will have most of its staff but, instead, still will not have any of the requested transfer window, with special mention for Cesc Fàbregas Alexis Sanchez. Excluding the Chilean footballer still Udinese, the technician will be short today only five players who have played Catalans America's Cup: Leo Messi, Javier Mascherano and Gabi Milito, Argentina, and Dani Alves and Adriano Correia, Brazil. Thiago Alcántara, renovated by popular acclaim, and Andreu Fontàs are the 'reinforcement' of the workforce, after leaving his role as player-bridge with the subsidiary.

Having 18 men to work, however, a half-truth. Guardiola place to start first preseason with the Spanish international. However, there are players who are more outside than inside: Bojan Krkic, who has everything done with the Rome Jeffren Suarez, negotiating his departure, Jonathan dos Santos, near Zaragoza, Maxwell Scherrer, with an uncertain future.

On Saturday, Croatia, Hajduk will be the first opponent that Barça will fight to make bigger his legend

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Second year of 'stage' without leaving home
It is the second consecutive summer in which technicians choose Barca preseason start work in the Ciutat Esportiva instead of the traditional land travel to colder. This roadmap will enable players in the Ciutat Esportiva eat and stay overnight at home, which will undoubtedly appreciate. Last summer, Guardiola decided to stay in Barcelona almost force majeure, after the World Cup team players were more than the first team. As was well, repeat this year. Since in 1973 Rinus Michels was the plantila culé Holland, travel to the first course work has been a tradition.

Just 50 days after Wembley
Fifty days after closing another historic season at Wembley, with the conquest of the fourth European Cup in what was the third title of the course, Barça de Guardiola begins again with the illusion forever. The base of the template will remain the same, and waiting for reinforcements, has been renovated to players intuit equally important to the future, including those of Pedro Rodriguez and Thiago Alcantara, who has completed a memorable summer with the conquest of Euro Under-21 selection and the MVP title in the final. There remains the renewal of Éric Abidal, to be made. The campus deserved vacation winningest club history and today are over Guardiola start saying that 'all cattle, everything to gain'. (via MD)

Messi will play the Supercopa!

Messi has been reported to be incorporated on August 3 on the tour, so arrive in time to the Bernabeu.

The early elimination of Argentina and Brazil in the Copa America will have a positive counterpart for FC Barcelona, ​​despite the coup of mind that's supposed to Messi, Mascherano, Milito, on the one hand, and Alves and Adriano on the other. Both Leo and his mates and the club have announced their intention to join Barcelona on August 3, the expedition will be doing the U.S. tour, which will begin their preparation time for Guardiola can count on them in the Super Cup.

It is expected that the Argentines and Brazilians to join the rest of the group in Miami, where the club will play that day, August 3, a friendly against Chivas de Guadalajara. Thus, Messi, who already had decided to play around the Supercopa of Spain in the Nou Camp 17, will also be in the first leg on 14 at the Bernabeu to contribute their bit in the first official dispute, precisely against Real Madrid, which boasts the great rival of Barca in all titles.

Although Super is one of the competitions junior officers of the club that will play this season, the fact that the rival is Real Madrid gives a special significance. With or without Leo, if the set of Mourinho took over, the propaganda Madrid would be unstoppable and ignore completely the double Champions League, which the club is current winner. A Barca win, however, maintain the hierarchy exactly as it is now.

Joining the group on August 3, Messi, Alves and others have enjoyed 17 days of vacation and reach the Super having accumulated twelve days of work. (via MD)

Hinko: "Messi gives titles but Busquets is irreplaceable"

"Piqué know raise. As said Özil, Xavi and Iniesta depress the passes behind other clubs"
"Guardiola is good for isolating the equipment from abroad. Excess lowers performance commitments"
"With two Leo, two and two Iniesta Xavi Barcelona would be worse as a team. Pep has managed to compensate"

Is this boat the best team of all time?

I would say one of the three best teams in club history, next to the Milan of Arrigo Sacchi, with Gullit, Rijkaard and Van Basten, and Stefano Di Madrid. It is because it has helped set a new style of play and it has maintained its level with an unparalleled center of the field. There have been other groups that have chosen to pass in short, but no one has ever been so constant.

Would it be as good without Messi Barca? Or are they, as some scholars suggest, Xavi and Iniesta the key to successful football and Barca?

The first question is unanswerable. Well, you can answer but there is no valid answer because you should first see the post-Messi Barcelona. What is clear is that Barca wins so many titles by Messi. Just remember that play in the final at Wembley, when he lifted the ball over the opponent's knee ... a delicatessen. But it has seen the club win games without Leo because it has resources and a workforce with high quality. That is, the club can do without Messi throughout the season, but he gives titles. As for Xavi and Iniesta are unique. And it's Piqué: as said Özil, Xavi and Iniesta depress the pass defense from other teams. Piqué know how to open the game.

What makes it so great to Barca?

On the one hand, his coaching philosophy. It's what separates the rest Barca. And on the other, the fact that Pep Guardiola isolate both the players from abroad, working behind closed doors and regulating contact with the press and sponsors. Here in Germany there have been elite players whose performance has fallen when they have an excess of commitments of this nature. The strength of Barcelona is that it is a closed group itself.

Do you have any weakness the team?

Perhaps some specific areas could be strengthened, but in essence with Guardiola is bordering on perfection. He has got the right mix of superstars, superstars and stars. If you had two and two Xavi and Messi Iniesta would not equal two and the club would be worse or less as a team. Sergio Busquets, for example, seems to me a fundamental and irreplaceable player in the Barcelona. Guardiola has been able to compensate with much intelligence. Nothing about nothing missing ... Just knowing escape of approaches such as the Inter in the 'semis' round the Champions'2009-10 or Arsenal in the latter one round or Real Madrid in the first part of the Cup final in Valencia.

Is the best coach Pep Guardiola in the world?

One of the best technicians in the world, of course, but so far only succeeded in a club, Barca. Mourinho has won titles in Portugal, England and Italy already has a Cup in Spain. Although it may not like his 'book' and his attitude to football, these achievements are there.

How come in his view the two classic Super Spain?

I think Barca will win the title. And that parties are more or less intense depend on the importance given to the competition Mourinho. In any case for me Barcelona is stronger and has more leeway.

Why has there been so few Germans in the club?

Because as a matter of tradition has been thrown over the Dutch, while the Germans used and usually end up at Real Madrid. In addition, the club itself is one less buyer club than Madrid.

What current crack German football has 'at Barca'?

Götze, Borussia Dortmund, and Sahin, who has gone to Madrid. Schweinsteiger has been mentioned, but it is TOO slow. If I were the Barca president would go for Mario Götze. Fit smoothly.

Awake interest among readers 'Sport Bild' Barcelona now?

Is there really a ravenous hunger in terms of news and information relating to Barca and their cracks. If ever we have lowered the attention, we get e-mails asking us to return to the charge, tell us what you post is interesting and good, but please give more things for Barcelona. Also the Spanish league itself and Real Madrid have a lot of hook. (via MD)

Franklin Lobos, No. 1 fan of Alexis Sanchez

Former Chilean footballer, who spent 70 days buried in a mine, pending the 'niño maravilla'

Franklin Lobos, Chile's former footballer who spent 70 days trapped underground in the San Jose mine in the Atacama region along with 32 other inmates, is following the developments of his countryman Alexis Sanchez in the Copa America with great interest and hopes that the signing of the Barcelona striker destabilizing "to close now, because it would give us immense joy to all."

As highlighted Lobos was quoted in Argentina, "I am especially delighted that Alexis landfall in Barcelona it is a great club. I remain grateful to David Villa for the gesture he had to give us-through an MD- signed shirt to encourage us during our confinement. It was an unforgettable gesture of good people, as I told himself last October. "

Again according Lobos, "Alexis is a great player and will be honored that a countryman of ours militates for a team like Barca.'m Sure he'll be fine, and the boats with him. We will be very aware of their developments."

Lobos, 54, was born in Copiapo, a distance of over 800 kms. Tocopilla where it originated the 'niño maravilla'. Franklin was a midfielder and even defended the colors of Chile but not as much as Alexis Sanchez out now. "Indeed he is one of a kind," who survived the collapse insists the mine cited. (via MD)

Wenger will make Cesc play

Arsene Wenger is not the work to get rid of Cesc Fabregas and trembled pulsopara test the rebellion of Cesc Fabregas in the next commitment to the Gunners this season.

The coach wants to see what the response of Cesc Fabregas after missing the Asian tour of London side Arsenal have once again returned to London to pursue his plan of preparation.

The friendly against Cologne next Saturday is marked on the calendar for that Wenger Cesc has to try to stem the departure of the captain headed for Barcelona.

"We have to see how your injury. If it is, will play," Wenger said when asked if he would play on Saturday told the British press.

France coach wants to evaluate what is the fitness of Cesc prevent inconvenience to travel with the rest of the expedition 'gunner' to Malaysia to force their participation in the next friendly at Arsenal. Thus, Wenger continues to increase pressure on their captain in particular pulse to leave the club.

"Cesc is in my plans for the rest of the preseason. The problem is that we are dealing with speculation on all sides, but my goal is the same, keeping the players," he said. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Soriano scored five goals while still waiting

The subsidiary now returns to Barcelona after a week of work with good feelings, but not resolve the future of striker.

Barça B closed the stage pre-season friendly against local team where he has trained all week, the Second Division Navata of Catalonia. The game was actually training with public and which consisted of two parts of 30 minutes and served mainly for the players are gradually gaining his best physical condition. The subsidiary won a convincing 0-10 with a major player. Jonathan Soriano scored half of these goals and showed great professionalism and that despite being aware of his departure from the club, was the brightest player.

Soriano scored five goals and hopes that his future is clarified coinciding with the return to Barcelona. The Eusebio return home today after seven days of work with the striker still in their ranks not materialize any of the offers received, such as the Salzburg and Benfica. The demands of the club, requesting an amount close to its buyout of three million euros, is complicating that Jonathan can sign for one of the prestigious European clubs have been interested in his services.

In yesterday's game, Eusebio used to only ten outfield players available to you after the departure of the Under-20 international who will contest the World Cup in Colombia. In addition, Carmona watched the game from the bench to drag a little annoyances. The repeated Valladolid team in each of the parties with the only change Oier by Masip in the second half. Rubén Miño, fresh after enjoying more rest for his participation in the European Under-21, did not play.

The first half ended 0-2 thanks to goals from Isaac himself Basin and Soriano. After the restart came the eight goals: Jonathan scored four more former Basin harlequin repeated the same, while Marti Riverola rounded the scoring with a `double what Saul Berjón.

The club's website gives the '4' Thiago

The midfielder appears between Piqué ('3 ') and Puyol ('2') in the distribution of the Barça squad.

On the website of Club Did www.fcbarcelona.com Thiago does the tab appears on the site of the player who should bear the dorsal '4 does the next season.

Brazilian-born midfielder lined out Pique, dorsal '3 what Puyol, dorsal '2 ¿.

Interestingly within the tab, in the space where you should see the number of dorsal, not ascribed any ("undefined").

In any case it could be an error of the site, but the truth is that preferences are known son of the dorsal Mazinho that once took Guardiola. In fact, both the subsidiary and in the selection, where its role has been to organize the play of his, has often led the '4 ¿.

Currently the number is reserved for Cesc Fabregas, who collect the baton from Rafa Marquez, the last player of Barcelona who looked back '4 ¿. Since then, nobody has taken the back. Xavi the player who most reminded Guardiola, the metronome play Barca, has always opted for the '6 ¿, a number that is not associated with any other player in Barcelona recently. If finally Cesc does not return to Camp Nou, Thiago, than last year wore the '30 ¿, could become one of the most historic ridges of Barcelona.

All this, on the web are also other players even without a dorsal confirmed, as is the case of Fontàs Andreu. The center, which this season will be part of the first team, appears on the website of the club behind Abidal, race number '22 ¿of the first team. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Montoya injured his ankle and lost the World Under 20

Martin Montoya, the right side of Barça B, he injured his ankle yesterday in the Spanish national team and now returns to Barcelona to confirm the severity of the injury.

At the expense of testing, the first inspection made clear that the defending champion Barcelona What European Under 21 in June did not take part in the Under 20 World Cup which kicks off July 31 in Colombia.

Another who will be in Colombia is not Marc Muniesa, who yesterday rejoined the discipline of Barça B after being examined by doctors on Saturday of the Spanish Federation and check it would not be recovered for the World Cup. (via SPORT)

The liking trusts Messi to win the Fifth

The Argentine forward is the most decisive player in the next year for 69% of voters.

The survey by `www.sport.es is it also served to know how Leo Messi keeps Barcelona in the barometer after a summer that has been under enormous pressure their participation in the Copa America.

Well, how could it be otherwise, the charisma of the number `10 What blaugrana remains intact despite the sad role of selection albiceleste. 69% of respondents considered the Argentine soccer player is the most decisive, far behind the rest of his teammates.

Particularly striking is the good classification of Thiago Alcántara, voters have next to Xavi Hernandez in the second of their preferences with 8% of the vote. No doubt his excellent performance in the last Under-21 Championship, which became one of the leaders of the Spanish team tournament champion, has played in his favor.

In full summer season and when it is about to start pre-season Barcelona, ​​it was inevitable to ask about the 'mercato did high and low sock, and the responses of Internet users have been equally interesting in this section. For starters, consider that the board "takes too long to close the transfer" (85%) and only the remaining 15% of those involved believed that the group responsible for negotiating the reinforcements "follows the normal course of market."

Instead, Internet users support the policy have been marked Guardiola, Zubizarreta Bartomeu and reinforcements only to find very specific. 52% "would be happy with the staff of the ship" in the case of the closing of the hiring Alexis Sanchez and Cesc Fabregas and only 10% would still unhappiness, while for the 38% "would lack any signing."

Fans have also set their priorities at the time of order arrival of reinforcements for the season 2011-12. 88% of respondents believe that Alexis Sanchez, its characteristics as a player, it is necessary to complete Cesc Fàbregas Josep Guardiola template.

In fact, it is widely believed that the directive has been successful when negotiating with the always clever and Gino Giampaolo Pozzo to achieve the transfer of striker Udinese yet. 60% of respondents give good price for 27 million euros plus another 11 million variables to gain the services of Chilean striker.

The long serial about signing Cesc Fabregas seems to be passing a bill to midfielder Arenys. In general, participants in the survey believe that the captain `gunner now are they not pressing hard enough to Arsène Wenger's Arsenal get to budge and allow their transfer.

However, there is also little doubt about what you can bring the Catalan midfielder if they eat their return to Camp Nou. 70% sure that with his arrival in the workforce "ensures continuity of style boat` ¿"for the next years. (via SPORT)

Today begins the season of the great challenges

After a well deserved holiday and longer than ever, the club returns to the activity. The incentives will not lack for motivation.

Some people think that Josep Guardiola may be difficult to motivate his players after three years of success, to win every possible title. Others will see during 2011-12 a new challenge full of attractions. In any case, statistics and honors always offer new challenges for Team Pep `what if intact hunger for titles.

Ten titles in three seasons, including two consecutive Champions League and three in addition to the first World Club Championship for the windows of the Museum and the honor of being the only team in the world who has won six titles at stake ofciales a course. From these data colossal, Pep and his players still have challenges to achieve.

Some are categorical and difficult as repeating the six cups measured with Real Madrid Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo in four of them. Or link a second time in club history and four league championships emulate the formidable streak of Johan Cruyff's Dream Team between 1990 and 1994. Another challenge: becoming the first team that wins two consecutive Champions League since the competition changed its name in 1993.

Guardiola and Barça is the team that has added more points in a league (99), the most consecutive games won in a championship (16) or the most points in one turn has added (52 of 57). But ahead, for example, the challenge of beating the record for goals from Real Madrid (107 in 1989-90) or the party without losing the Royal Society (38 in 1979-80).

Although perhaps the greatest challenge for the team is to maintain the level of play that has exhibited this season and in some games, such as the classic of the League at the Nou Camp against Real Madrid (5-0) or at the end of Champions League against Manchester United (3-1) brushed to perfection. (via SPORT)

Cesc: Another blink to Barça

Sandro Rosell policy continues with the complicity of the player. After refusing to attend the Asian tour, will continue to train just Fàbregas.

Cesc Fabregas is playing his cards to achieve his dream of joining the club. The player is waiting for the Catalans club launched a new offer in the course of this week, meanwhile, will stick to its stance of not joining the 'GUNN discipline in their second plant after failing start spring training with the team.

The player did not participate in the first sessions and traveled to Asia with other partners. Cesc will not give just as Arsenal returned to London, once it has played two friendly matches in Malaysia and China.

The expedition landed GUNN 'yesterday afternoon in the English capital and Arsène Wenger were given two days off, so players will not return to work until Tuesday.

Cesc, meanwhile, continue with your particular workflow. The coach is aware and so far, not force you to train with the team until cleared.

The player is doing the treatment to act with discretion throughout the negotiating process and the French must correspond to the fans out looking against. This parenthesis has been agreed by both parties, although it can not be eternal. His signing for the club to be accelerated or otherwise, goodwill tensaría Cesc would end and more rope.

The Catalans club, meanwhile, has reassured the player explaining that the contacts are far fewer blocks. The impasse 'Do you obey only the sports vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu is fringed recent filing with Udinese to announce the arrival of Alexis Sanchez. These procedures should be wound up imminently, and mid-week, the club plans to launch a new offensive by the Arenys.

Pep Guardiola's desire is to have the player on the American tour, which begins on Tuesday next week with the move to Munich to participate in the Audi Cup. The team will travel directly from the Bavarian capital to the U.S. for the tour in which Barça played three friendly matches in Washington, Miami and Dallas.

Guardiola wants in this shift is already present the Arsenal midfielder is still to facilitate their adaptation to the team and the staging of another goal, Alexis Sanchez, would be delayed until mid-August. The Chilean, once closed his move and presented officially begin their holiday after taking part in the Copa Amercia with CHLI.

Therefore, this week is expected movements around Cesc Fabregas. The player can hold a meeting with Arsene Wenger over the week, as both coincide in the morning in London Colney facilities. Fabregas will come on time to train on his own in the gym waiting to materialize its output. Cesc and Wenger already have all spoken, but are in constant contact either personally or by representative, Darren Dein.

The player is confident that the club Catalans move tab to continue its position of strength to coach. If French detects that the transfer can be speeded up, and will not pressure you to continue alone. For now, Wenger is working with various alternatives in their starting lineup in the future that does not fit their captain, as witnessed during the Asian tour.

The Alsatian not have Cesc and would like a quick fix. For this it is necessary that the club is closer to 40 million euros requested by transfer. The difference between the proposed five million Barca and Arsenal's request should not be far from insurmountable, but both sides should be more flexible.

The trail is marked and should lead to Cesc Fabregas at Camp Nou. It's about time and the willingness of the two clubs to sit down to iron out differences. The summer is moving and the time for speculation is running strategies. (via SPORT)

[Copa América quarter-finals] Alexis was unable to Chile in the semifinals

CHILE, 1-VENEZUELA, 2. Surprised to 0-1, tying Chile cost and when it was assumed his victory, Venezuela buried with another final unexpected goal.

First was Colombia, was followed by Argentina, after Brazil ... And finally Chile. The favorites of rooms to house America's Cup, more than ever in the hands of outsiders, in the best cases, and unexpected guests. Above all Venezuela.

Gabriel Cichero, in goal, saved a shot on goal from Alexis; crosshead spat Suazo's shot, the stick a shot Valdivia ... Chile, in a good second half, matched by an attendance topped Alexis Suazo and embraced the victory, but a fatal mistake in rejecting Bravo, ten minutes from the sentencing ended.

Gripped by the responsibility and probably looking down over the results of other cross-quarter, the Chilean national team is a world made ​​the spirited game against Venezuela, a team less than obviously courageous, well placed, with interesting players but a set halfway between the logic and the epic. The logic of knowing little and behave sensibly epic to rival the most depth.
But he added that epic gripped the nerve that Chile and the award was egregious and unexpected. Alexis Sanchez, aware that the spotlight he pointed directly to him, wanted to offer its best but found equally unassisted and alone. The game of `The Red does it melted in the blink of an eye on what your organization is concerned and it gave wings to the Venezuelans, a` Vinotinto when he was in command that solidarity is unchangeable, which forwards are the first defenders and in which no note at all, all are delivered as if they were the best.

More than disability, Chile fell liability. Suazo and Alexis moved with ease, looked space, combined and searched tirelessly with a commendable record ... But they lack support. Back beyond the goal, Claudio Borghi's team did not suffer more than expected, but the lack of success before he was sentenced to a cruel and unexpected defeat. Or feared in view of previous results.

If two finishes were enough to Venezuela to early lead, Chile cost him a world to be noticed. Vizcarrondo, shortly after the half hour, headed in a ball hanging from the area that chilled the Chileans and from there began the rush and nervousness will increase every passing minute.

Chile, much improved with the entry of Valdivia, with a good football led by him and Alexis, called and went looking for a win as logical as it deserved, but he left a fortune in the same way as had happened before in Brazil and in achieved 1-2 Cichero sank into a depression so unexpected as insurmountable. (via SPORT)

[Technical Data]
Chile: Bravo; Contreras, Ponce, Jara (m.61 Paredes); Isla, Medel, Vidal, Jiménez (m.82 Muñoz), Carmona (m.46 Valdivia); Sánchez y Suazo.

Venezuela: Vega, Rosales, Perozo, Vizcarrondo, Cichero; Lucena, Rincón, César González (m.89 Moreno), Arango, Maldonado (m.65 Seijas) y Fedor (m.60 Rondón).

Goals: 0-1, m.34: Vizcarrondo. 1-1, m.70: Suazo. 1-2, m.80: Cichero.

Referee: Juan Carlos Vera (ECU) which showed red cards to Chile and Venezuela Medel Rincon, yellow and also the Chilean island, Contreras and Gonzalez Vidal and the Venezuelans and Lucerne.

Incidents: Party for the quarterfinals of the Copa America match at the Stadio San Juan Bicentennial against some 23,000 people (almost sold out). With five minutes remaining the match was interrupted by four minutes after a power failure light on the network.

[Copa América quarter-finals] Paraguay is loaded champion

BRAZIL 0 - PARAGUAY, 0. Brazil can not win his third consecutive title after losing on penalties to one which saved Paraguay from start to finish, an excellent keeper.

Defending champion and champion in four of the last five editions, Brazil went home in a bad way, undeservedly, a hallucinated and penalties to which he condemned the exceptional performance of Justo Villar, the Paraguayan goalkeeper who saved KO your choice of football that must be absolute. And in the shootout was sentenced because the pressure and eventually to destroy the Brazilians.

Paraguay gave the great bell, at the height of Peru against Colombia in the third quarter-final, as in the past, came to the extension and the same way as in the Argentina-Uruguay decided at the fateful round shootout. Brazil deserved more, no doubt. He dominated from beginning to end with a football bet has given clear that Menezes since coming to the bench, where the game of attack is beyond dispute.

Yesterday almost repeated from beginning to end the party of the first phase. Paraguay, a team that just last week he was in Cordova on the ropes Is the tied canarinha two thanks to a goal from Fred in the last minute Force you to give the best of herself again to Brazil, although the canarinha showed a much improved side ... that was useless in the end. And it is this selection of Paraguay, a year ago in Johannesburg did not walk far removed from Spain in the quarterfinals then damn, yesterday in La Plata showed the same pattern and character of recent times. And this time he served the fortune to be first to the penalties and sentencing her to the KO of the favorites.

The result, the fiasco, the stroke, however, should not hide the improvement is seen in Brazil. Dunga's successor on the bench never hid his bet. Barca's Guardiola spoke as a model, except on rare occasions Brazil has recovered three forwards born, has placed players in the midfield and their defense has insisted that pamper the ball. With this personality Brazil has regained essences. Above a result, the game is paramount. And although yesterday I went cross and in the coming days, sure, that will weigh on the environment in an absolute way, should not forget that this is a very good canarinha football to offer.

In fact, given the party would not be surprising that Brazil scored four or five goals. The goal of Paraguay, such as Justo Villar has barely played eight competitive games to Valladolid this season, managed to keep the dream Guarani as much as getting on my nerves over the Brazilians. Lucio Neymar, goose or duck crashed against a goalkeeper like an octopus with brilliant performances, each more ... And wherever he came was the head of a goal to save Barreto sung.

As the minutes passed the nerves gripped the canarinha so guess it is not surprising what happened on penalties. There the nerves and the pressure eventually to sink the Seleção. Elano shot out like Andre Santos and Fred, while Thiago Silva Villar takes the throw. A tragic to convict a round KO crazy.

[Technical Data]
0 - Brasil: Julio César; Maicon, Lucio, Thiago Silva, André Santos; Lucas Leiva, Ramires, Ganso (m.99, Lucas Moura); Robinho, Pato (m. 110, Elano) y Neymar (m. 79, Fred).

0 - Paraguay: Villar; Verón, Da Silva, Alcaraz, Torres (m. 70, Marecos); Vera (m.62, Barreto), Cáceres, Riveros, Estigarribia; Valdez y Barrios (m. 82, Pérez).

Penalty shootout: 0-0: Elano, out. 0-0: Barreto, out. 0-0: Thiago Silva to Villar. 0-1: Estigarribia goal. 0-1: Andre Santos, without. 0-2: Riveros goal. 0-2: Fred, out.

Referee: Sergio Pezzotta (ARG). Lucas Leiva and expelled Alcaraz (m.102). Admonished André Santos (m.56), Maicon (m.58) for Brazil; Vera (m.20), Barreto (m.64), Marecos (m.71), Estigarribia (m.110) for Paraguay.

Incidents: quarter-final of the Copa America played in the city of La Plata Stadium, before some 36,000 spectators.

André Santos recognizes the interest of Barça and Ansaldi sounds

André Santos , left side playing in Fenerbahce , has acknowledged the rumors circulating about an interest rate of FC Barcelona for the player. Also prefers to be cautious and leave the matter with your agent. The defender, 28, is focused these days with the "Seleção" and not specify his future plans until you complete the Copa America.

The name of Christian Ansaldi , who plays for Rubin Kazan returns to interact with the team Guardiola. The side, which was followed by Barca last summer, regained importance because of rumors that put Maxwell out of the Nou Camp and the many 'girlfriends' Capdevila. The Argentine player would be priced around 12 million euros and is being closely watched by other clubs. (via MD)

Messi leaves vacations to visit Obama

Obama can fulfill an intention that has for months: to know the crack of Barcelona, ​​which Messi and Barca also responsible for the illusion.

With the disappointment of having been relevant eliminated from the Copa America and the accumulated fatigue of 66 competitive matches this season (between Barcelona and the Argentina), Leo Messi deserved vacation began. Little is known destination. Well, that starts in Argentina and will be a few days with fellow Barca in Washington . The reason? The reception that Barack Obama , President of the United States, is scheduled to perform in Barcelona next week. According to AS may know, in the offices of Camp Nou expected to give official visit during the following days, after months of work, not yet transcended the day nor the duration of the meeting.

Thus, Obama can fulfill an intention that has for months: to know the crack of Barcelona (something Messi and Barca also responsible for the illusion). Weeks ago, Obama left a clue to the perpetrators of the protocol squad. A visit by the Colorado Rapids (champions of the MLS ), the president of the United States referred to the inch, when he was handed a shirt with the race number '10 '. "We're already up to Messi , "joked Obama, who will find room for the Catalans.

Barca's U.S. tour will begin on Thursday 28, the day they arrive in Washington , after having played 26 and 27 the Audi Cup in Munich (Germany). In the U.S. capital Guardiola's team will be up on Sunday 31 and 30 will play their first tour match against Manchester United . Then visit Miami (is measured at Chivas de Guadalajara) and Dallas , where he will face Mexico's America. (via AS)

Beckham admires Messi: "He is the best in the world

Speaking to ESPN, David Beckham admitted that Leo Messi Barca is the best player on the planet.

"It's the best in the world, quite simple. It is a role model for kids who want to look like him and everything he does, how it behaves, how he works for the team," said Beckham, who value not only their quality but also its commitment to the team. "Work hard for the team and that's what makes the player and person he is," he said.

Beckham believes that Messi is like a boy "8 or 9 years playing every game as if it were útlimo and enjoy it. It's a special player," added the midfielder, acknowledging that their children admire the Argentine and even a of them have the jersey Messi with Argentina. (via SPORT)

The seven pillars of Alexis

Alexis Sanchez brings great qualities but has been forged over the years. The 'master' of tocopillano defined seven pillars that have made successful.

In a report published in the pages of the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, the journalist Nicholas Olea brings together some of the people that have marked the path of the 'boy wonder', to analyze seven of the details that have marked his short but intense career. Seven factors that explain why Barça de Guardiola is set in it and want it as soon as possible Blaugrana.

The first concept to help understand the reason of being of Alexis football is the mentality . The player is still clear that he wants to reach the top and in this sense he speaks Arturo Norambuena, who gave him the alternative of Cobreloa in 2005: "Alexis could not get enough training because he lived for one purpose: to be the best . For this reason, not tuning out other things, like fun. "

The gene also helps define Alexis. The trainer of River in 2008, Oscar Ortega, believes the tocopillano "has good removal of lactate and a faster recovery. It is genetic and allows you to recover quickly from exercise very destructive." A fundamental factor in response to the long season awaits Barca, immersed in six different competitions.

The third pillar of the career of Alexis is the stimulation , a quality that has developed since its Chilean infacia. Thus, it was kiniesólogo the selection of Chile, Fernando Zamorano, points to El Mercurio that "Alexis is noted that stimulated their skills and football skills from an early age, when you learn the techniques of the sport. He lived with the ball at his feet and that made ​​him fast on a different player. That's what made ​​his fast twitch fibers you were stimulated in the right time. "

The speed is evident in his understanding of football. This aspect looks at the trainer of Alexis Sanchez in the Chilean sub20, John Armijo. "The speed may be genetic, but the athlete Usain Bolt is not football. Coordinative factors are being educated, as the technique in the speed and frequency in the race," he says.

Armijo also affects the fifth pillar of the career of Alexis: the joy . It may seem an afterthought, but it is not, as noted by the trainer: "The joy will help you recover more practical." The legendary Jorge Aravena went to the 'boy wonder' in the U15 and believes that Alexis is "happy in football, enjoy playing, holding the ball, threatening or topping."

The sixth word in this analysis is to rest . The trainers who had agreed on the importance of respect that gives tocopillano rest periods to be always ready. "Sprinters are fast-twitch fibers and are more prone to muscle problems, lack of oxygen in them," says the El Mercurio John Armijo. In this regard, Italo Traverso trainer Alexis in 2005, when he defended the jersey Cobreloa adds that the player "always respected the time of rest, sleep, training invisible."

Finally, the hunger just defined Alexis Sanchez. Hungry for football success, of course. "When you lose the ball, trying to recover immediately. Would that all strikers had that feature. It is a special hunger," says Armijo, who also recalls that "the best psychologist Alexis was deprived childhood."

Mentality, genetics, stimulation, speed, joy, rest and hunger. Are the ingredients of an explosive cocktail of football with the name of Alexis Sanchez and bound for Barcelona, ​​if not prevented anyone. (via SPORT)

Gerard Piqué: "Our challenge is to get six titles"

Barca defender has held this Sunday the first anniversary of the Penya Blaugrana that bears his name on a festive day that ended with a meal of fellowship and an indoor soccer tournament.

The first year of life Penya Blaugrana Gerard Pique is a reality. Barca defender has moved on Sunday to Sant Guim de Freixenet (La Segarra)-birthplace of his parents to celebrate with the members of the Penya the first anniversary. With the player has moved the responsibility of Social Policy, Pilar Guinovart, and the liquidator of the partner, Ramon Termens. During the conference was held a football tournament, which has involved taking Gerard Pique on the jury and award prizes to the winners final.

Then spoke to the media by ensuring that a good start official competition will be beneficial for the group. "We must prepare well and make a good preseason to do well in the Supercopa of Spain and the European Super Cup and to start the season well," said Gerard Piqué one excited about the possibility to play six titles. "Our challenge is to get six competitions. In addition, winning the Club World Club Cup would be good for the club," he reflected.

Piqué also wanted to send a message of support to his teammates at the club and have been eliminated from the Copa America quarter-final. "It's a big blow for them, but will rise rapidly," he said.

Asked about Fabregas, Gerard Pique claims to know very well how "the situation" but said it should be allowed to "pass time" ensuring that Summer "is over." Finally, said a lot about Cesc Fabregas "is not helpful." (via FCBarcelona.cat)