17 July 2011

'Stage' at home, repeating an unprecedented

For the second consecutive year Barça technicians decided to withdraw the usual pre-season in northern Europe and begin preseason training at the Ciudad Deportiva.

During the first week of preseason, the Catalans come home and sleep in his car in the first practice of the new course. This routine is already carried out last year, but is an almost unprecedented in recent decades.

In an atypical season after the World Cup, Guardiola had to start training with team players more than the first team and chose to start in Barcelona. The formula should not go wrong, because this course will be repeated this calendar. Whether to save miles or many days to avoid concentrations of hotel, or because in Sant Joan Despi have everything you need, or a little of everything throughout the first week Barca train double session and will make as many meals as do lack in Ciudad Deportiva.

I started training at home and was last year, but is an almost unheard of in the past 40 years to the Barcelona players. Since Rinus Michels in 1973 was the first team to do a 'stage' in Holland, go out to start the preseason has been an almost inescapable routine.

They have almost 40 years 'work experience' in Holland, United Kingdom and northern Europe. The rooms were served to the group, to work more quietly and cooler temperatures. And this has been a formula that seemed untouchable until the tours began arriving from other continents. In fact, the first year since 1973 that the club did not pre-season was with Rijkaard, just the first in the team toured the United States. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Piqué: "It's necessary to leave calm to Cesc"

Gerard Piqué hurry their last vacation days and before returning to work has come to the first anniversary of 'Penya Gerard Pique' in Sant Guim de Freixenet.

Barca defender has taken the opportunity to review the current Barca and, very specifically, is going to decide how Cesc everything about his possible move to FC Barcelona.

"I know what the situation is but I think we should let Cesc quiet and wait for time pass" to define his rehash finally signing for Barça.El summer is very long, you're talking a lot and it does not help "he commented. Also added that it is no" nothing happens "because they are the champs league and Europe.

Gerard Piqué has also come out against criticism of Wenger Xavi Barca coach when the midfielder crossed the disrespectful comment about the future of Cesc.

"Barca and the players have always spoken with great respect. Any player suffers when so much talk about his future by the uneasiness of not knowing where he will play. To say this is not disrespect anyone," he said.

Finally, Pique has also endorsed the possible arrival of Alexis Sanchez who knows their last clash in the World Cup.

"I know of the potential is very good in one by one, is a young player and we'd be great," he said. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] The illusion of the juveniles

Oriol Rosell is one of the eight lucky that last year played in the Junior A and this season will have the opportunity to demonstrate their talents in the new Barça B Eusebio Sacristan.

The 'stage' is doing Barça B Torremirona is serving for the young center Puig-Reig joined the team, along with seven other juveniles who are also in the team. These are days of unity and knowledge, as acknowledged by the Rosell: "I am very happy fellow, because you are helping and try to correct your mistakes."

Rosell, who acknowledges having "very good" feelings during these first days of work, has already detected that the requirement is different from the one in the Juvenil A. "The pace is quite different," he says, knowing it would bring things to the group and learn, whether playing or not. The defense has also explained fcbarcelona.cat Barça TV and what were the slogans of Eusebio first group: "He wants to improve and learn and so far, what we're doing, and as a group and join us." Rosell will secure. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Fifty days since Wembley

The squad will be back in training on Monday –exactly 50 days since their Champions League triumph at Wembley. During their holiday break, the Club have made three important contract renewals and five of the players have won European U-21 Cup.

It’s been a relatively quiet summer break at the Club, with the majority of the squad able to enjoy a well deserved break after winning the Spanish Super Cup, the League and the Champions League last season. Only the South American players involved in the Copa America and the five Spanish Under 21 internationals who won the European Championship, have been busy since that night at Wembley.

Although there have been no new signings as yet, the Club offices have seen three important contract renewals to guarantee the presence of three of the Club’s homegrown talents. First off was Thiago, whose contract was extended to 2015, then a few days later, it was announced that Fontas had been awarded a first team contract. Finally. Pedro committed his future to the team, with an extension deal with the Club to 2016. In addition, Victor Sánchez and Cáceres, who had been out on loan, finally left the Club, whilst Henrique signed a new loan deal with Palmeiras.

On the coaching side, Juan Carlos Unzué has returned to the Club as the new goalkeeping coach and on the retirement front, two ex-Barça players who were important in the 2006 and 2009 Champions League winning teams –Belletti and Sylvinho – both announced they were hanging up their boots.

On the field, five of Barça’s young talents - Miño, Montoya, Jeffren, Thiago and Bojan were involved in Spain’s successful Under 21 European Championship win in Denmark, with Thiago scoring a fabulous goal in the final against Switzerland and also winning the man of the match award.

After the success of the under 21s, it was the turn of the South American footballers at the Club to turn out in the Copa America Tournament. It was a disappointing end for the Argentinean trio of Milito, Mascherano and Messi – who played a personal best 66 games this year – as the hosts were beaten in the quarter finals, but Alves and Adraino are still in the tournament with Brazil. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Seventh Italian team at Gamper

The last decade has seen the Joan Gamper Trophy take on a marked Italian flavour and Napoli are the latest Serie A team to be invited, following the appearances over the years of Milan, Inter, Juventus, Sampdòria, Parma and Brescia.

Napoli will face Barça in the 46th edition of the Joan Gamer Trophy on August 22nd in what will be the first official game between the two teams at the Camp Nou, as last season’s third place team in Serie A join a long list of Italian teams who have graced the tournament.

AC Milan were the first Italian team to take part in the tournament, taking part in the triangular 1986 edition, alongside Spurs and Barça and going out 3-1 in the semi finals, despite fielding a team including such legendary names as Tassotti, Baresi, Maldini or Donadoni. Milan returned in 2004 and last season, when their visit became a tribute to Ronaldinho.

Inter Milan and Sampdòria played in the Gamper in 1996 and 1997, with Inter losing 2-1 in the final against Barça, whilst the following year, Sampdoria lost on penalties to Van Gaal’s Barça team. Inter also made a second appearance in 2007.

Leo Messi made his first big impression on the international scene with his performance on August 24th 2005 against Juventus, whose coach Fabio Capello was highly impressed with the youngster’s precocious talents. Juve ended up winning that trophy on penalties after the teams had drawn 2-2.

In 1994, Brescia were invited to take part and were roundly beaten 4-0, with goals from Stòitxkov, Txiki Begiristain, Gica Hagi and Jordi Cruyff, whilst in 2001, Saviola, Christanval and Alfonso scored for Barça in their 3-2 win over Parma. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alexis, to a million euros of Barça

The difference that separates Barcelona and Udinese is 'symbolic'
But vital because it defines how things are now

The signing of Alexis Sanchez for Barca is one million euros to close. Speaking of elite professional soccer, even in current times of economic crisis, like a figure 'symbolic'. And indeed it is. But not in the sense that is usually given to this word as a synonym for 'irrelevant'. Quite the opposite: that million euros separating Udinese to give Barca the official transfer of the Chilean 'symbolic' because it defines a way to act marked by the desire to be rigorous. Current Barca assumable make every effort to deal with the signing of players you need, but also will fight at every trade on every dollar without a penny give cheerfully. That's the message valid, the ruler of the Operation Alexis' and that, as a warning, may apply with respect to Arsenal for Cesc Fabregas negotiation .

It is evident that Alexis will not be a bargain . In the famous summit Monday between Josep Maria Bartomeu and Gino Pozzo , crowned also with other 'symbolic' handshake, set the basis of a transfer agreement which seemed imminent: EUR 26 million fixed 11 more variables , a friendly and preference for Udinese in assignments. Then came the Italian brakes, also 'symbolic' because it defines the Pozzo as a family business wrestled the ball. Not surprisingly, the pattern Giampaolo Pozzo is the oldest leader of the 'calcium', with a quarter-century curriculum . His son, Gino, is in Formentera and to not set foot in Barcelona on Wednesday. Typically, in such a situation is that everything was solved. What is a million talking football on this scale? Surely very little for Madrid, which called for 30 per Benfica Fabio Coentrao and paid 30 , but a lot to the club and also for Udinese. The club friuliano almost 20 can multiply the value of Alexis: I bought five years ago by two million euros and can sell, if the variables are met by 37.

In the midst of this tug of war due to the itching shared by fighting the deal, Barcelona are impatiently awaiting transfers. As the player just wants to go to Barça, Alexis will be done. More difficult to set a date.

Chile opportunity to see you at midnight
Catalans fans wanting to see Alexis in action today can do a reasonable hour, at least relatively. Sanchez will play with the selection of Chile the quarterfinals of the Copa America to Venezuela. The match is scheduled at 00.15 h. and will be televised live on Canal + League and Youtube. (via MD)

Cesc and Wenger, again facing

Cesc and Wenger will again face each morning and can not be ruled out that both agree on a friendly.

After drawing (1-1) against Hangzhou Greentown in the last match of the Asian tour, the Arsenal landed early this morning in London and am returning to work in the sports city of St. Albans . There Cesc Fabregas and Arsene Wenger faces meet again one week after the football stands and decided not to travel to South Korea and China. The climate of tension is high, and Arsenal showed their level of belligerence on Thursday after hearing from Xavi Hernandez says "Cesc is having a tough."

Aware that it has more to lose than win, and that in his head, above Wenger is having a dignified exit from Arsenal, a club that has given all these past eight years, Cesc not rule out a change of strategy . His agent, David Dain , I would have advised that, away from face and ask Wenger's famous 'transfer request' to Arsenal, what is good to have a friendly set output 'gunner' is dance a little water to the technical and thereby soften it a bit so that once and for all access to pierce the conditions that make the club. (via MD)

Barca back to training without first signings so far this century

It is the first time so far this century that the club returned to practice without signing any

For the first time so far this century, the Barcelona uncorking a season without signing any materialized. Candidates for any ( Cesc and Alexis Sanchez ) but so far his contract has become a soap opera in installments with no closing date for now. Arsenal captain depends on the mood of Wenger and the Udinese striker, the anxieties of the family tax collection Pozzo .

The economic crisis that forces contain costs, the coldness of a market downturn and lack of immediate fluid is delaying the template configuration Barca. In June, President Rosell warned that the budget for new signings was 45 million euros and sales, if produced, would increase this amount. Only has tied the transfer of Bojan but 12 million will use concrete when the arrival of another striker. Arsenal Cesc claim 40, the same as Udinese Alexis . The form of deferred payment is to be the main negotiating tool.

Be the first time that Pep will face the start of training camp without new faces. In the previous three had secured at least one reinforcement. The first year at the League 2008-2009, knew Keita, Pique, Alves, Caceres and Hleb joined the team. All at once. The season started on 14 July. In 2009-2010, he began to notice the tightness of the market. Maxwell was the only one who arrived on time, because Ibra , chosen to supply Eto'o , it was expected, as Chygrinskiy . In the past, the 2010-2011, he left knowing that holiday Villa was Barca. The drawback of the Asturian is not trained him to conclude the World Cup but was the least. Adriano Mascherano arrived on time and landed with the bell ringing, in the absence of hours for the final horn. With former president Joan Laporta went faster than in the first year of Sandro Rosell . In two seasons of his term (2007-2008 and 2008-2009), the signings have been on time

The outputs have only 12 million Bojan
Barca return to training without having solved the outputs. The only one who knows his fate is Bojan, for whom Rome has spent 12 million euros. His final trip to Italy today depends on the signing of Alexis Sanchez. A forward on the other, said sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta. As Udinese did not give up its demands, the Linyola is quoted on Monday 18 to start training. It will also be limbo, you do not have offers that entice. Udine will not go to Granada and not fulfill their aspirations, despite having secured tenure. Maxwell also continues. A year ago, the club sold for a value of 40 "kilos" (Touré and Chigrynskiy). Previous, 2009-2010, were 22 (Eto'o and Guddy), and 2008-2009, 53 (Ronaldinho, Deco, Zambrotta, Oleguer and Giovanni). (via MD)

A summer with good premonitions for Barça

Barca began Monday a season with lots of available men in the first team from day one, as in 2009, the year of Cups '6 '.

The season of 2011-12 Barça start tomorrow with 18 players, including Bojan and Jeffren , which are unresolved future, Thiago and Fontàs and tabbed first team, and Jonathan dos Santos , the only player in the 'B' above input for Pep Guardiola .

According to the club on Saturday, the group with missing the 5 men participating in the Copa America ( Messi, Mascherano, Milito, Alves and Adriano ) undergo medical tests in the morning and afternoon exercise in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper .

Without the ballast World Cup

Between Tuesday, when Pep talk in morning press conference, as MD-and moved on Friday, two daily training sessions, and Saturday, desplazmiento Split to be measured at Hajduk in the first bolo a summer that is very reminiscent by 2009: will Supercopa of Spain and Europe as a prelude to World Club Championship in December, there will be a large number of twigs of equipment available from day -16 in 2009 and 15 now, do not enter the sum Bojan , Jeffren and 'Jona' with tab-subsidiary, will tour USA , there will be motivation to stop ... If two years ago went for the Cups '6 ', now the challenge is to (try) to win them back will not stop making history.

As well as advanced MD, is scheduled during the week working closely with the Barca B of Eusebio , lacking international and Sub'20 Sub'19. And waiting to be closed the signings of Alex and of Cesc , the 'new face' will be to Unzué , returning as goalkeeping coach after a period as coach of Numancia.

At igualque in 2009, the season will be geared towards the Super-in this case against Mou Madrid and Porto and to the World Club, which this time in Japan, which will require specific measures.

After the summer's World Cup 2010, a burden well into the course, moving to another quiet, the 'sacred cows' Alves and Messi will be only the rest is back from vacation. In addition, Dani and Leo and Mascherano, Milito Adriano and even that may not follow, have signaled that after the Copa America will take a break only and early August will be ready to join preparations for the Supercup first leg at the Bernabeu.

Madrid, a week before

For its part, Madrid's preseason started last week, with 90% of the signings made. Failure to bring a crack, yes

Dos Santos will not leave the club
According to sources close to the player himself, Jonathan dos Santos will stay in Barcelona. The medium
Tomorrow will be added at the start of preseason first team but has yet to know if then work orders and Eusebio Pep. Dos Santos has sounded for Zaragoza, among other possible destinations, but you are going. (via MD)

Adriano: "I think this year will play more"

"I knew when I arrived that had to be patient," said.

Adriano came on Saturday in support of Dani Alves , relegated to the bench by coach Mano Menezes after an error in the Brazil-Paraguay in the group stage of the Copa America and also in all likelihood regain the title this Sunday in the quarterfinals.

"He is calm, is a player showing their football in every game. He had a less fortunate and the 'Mr.' put Maicon , who did well against Ecuador (4-2), "said 'Adri' told the program" You say 'of RAC 1 , which also noted that "I myself am not happy to be on the bench. I do not think that Mano will make many changes already, but I will fight to try to enter their plans. We have failed everything we could fail, we go for the final. "

De Messi said "I am surprised the pressure they brought before it. It is not fair or normal." As for Alexis -potential adversary of the "Seleção" with Chile 'semis'-as Adriano is "a very good player, hopefully end up coming to Barcelona , has much room for improvement. " With respect to Cesc , said "If tab, eventually succeeding in the club safe. If the club wants is for something."

While waiting for the 'Seleçao' going round ends tonight at the America's Cup, Adriano is already thinking about the first title game for the Barcelona'2011-12. " I would sacrifice the vacation to be in the Supercopa of Spain against Madrid and win the scepter, especially after they won us the Cup. "

Because in their own choices in the Barca defense, Adriano Correia said that "with respect for Maxwell and 'Abi', I always fought for a place in the team and I think I can play more this year. I knew when I signed to be be patient, and gradually I have been going." (via MD)

Xavi: "I thought that I could not play turned to the ball"

The crack considers "fundamental" Rijkaard in its career.

n the interview made ​​with Gio van Bronckhorst for a Dutch magazine ("Life after football '), Xavi stresses that "the coexistence in the club is very good. Perhaps there have been 3 or 4 players who have not been able to adapt, but So here is crucial. Ibra players saw us as a low profile. He said it as critical, but it seems to me a compliment. We are the best team in the world, that's what matters . Football and the press will become personalities, but if you believe it, you're lost. You have to keep being yourself forever. "

Xavi reveals that "when I get home, I sleep a lot. And I see every possible football on television. Right now I am without a girlfriend who wants to watch a movie or be with family. I do what I please."

It explains that "when Rijkaard changed my position '4 'to the '6' first told him that I was able to play there, back to the ball. But surely this step has been instrumental in my race. " There is also praise for Pep - " Guardiola has renewed the Barca game system , there are fewer places to play, but he creates "- and for the Dutch coaches in general:" The Catalans have always had luck with them. " (via MD)

Jimmy Jump made his Copa America

The famous spontaneously interrupted the match between Argentina and Uruguay and placed a beret to 'Kun' Agüero.

He had not seen it appear in public on Saturday reappeared. The world's most famous spontaneous, Jimmy Jump, jumped on the lawn of the stadium Colon de Santa Fe in the 16th minute of the second half of the game and placed a beret to 'Kun' Agüero shortly before being arrested by the security stadium.

Jeffren could end up in Bolton

English Bolton have made an offer to the taste of Barcelona to close the end Barca signing.

According to the 'People's English, Bolton have made an offer of seven million euros in limbo, a figure higher than what other teams like Valencia, Sevilla and Atletico were willing to pay for the player. Now to be seen if limbo is the work going to Bolton or whether it prefers to remain in the Spanish League.

Bolton have also asked the Barca Thiago Alcántara, but in this case the Catalan club said the English club the midfielder, recently renovated, is not transferable. (via SPORT)

Thiago, awarded for his great European

The organization of Vigo Cup gave to the azulgrana the trophy to the sub best player with Spain Under-21.

Thiago Alcántara yesterday received a trophy for best player under-21 which granted the organization of the Vigo Cup from Mayor Abel Caballero. The Barca player, which recently renewed in Barcelona, ​​was delighted to collect this prize, just in Vigo, a city that has a special love.

"It's a pleasure to receive this award and to be part of the history of Vigo," he said. Thiago Vigo recalled that "is where I grew up and where I learned everything," in relation to the years he lived in Vigo coinciding with the stage of playing in the Celta Mazinho. "I had fun, had my room to play. He saw the major chateau and learn the tactics of the coaches, "he said.

The player was greeted with great excitement by a city that is very attached to being the son of a footballer as Mazinho. Thiago, however, recalled that his present is linked to Barcelona, ​​"the right place, the right place." (via SPORT)

The insole of Barça requests to Cesc

The captain of Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas, to give up the privilege of being the soul of the team to be part of FC Barcelona. Such is the commitment of the 'gunner' who prefer to reject the captaincy of a team as important in the Premier League and ignore the juiciest deals, salaries of heart attack and several with such vagaries to wear the Barça shirt.

At 24, his only desire, like that of coach Pep Guardiola and Barcelona are all back who carries the colors of the club where he grew up. You even have the race number `4 How can reserved for wear with pride, if all goes well, starting next season. A ridge that once looked Guardiola and is intended to appear again in bloom Barcelona with the name of Cesc.

However, the arrival of the club blaugrana Arenys is taking longer than expected. The only thing that is getting away with it is the coach of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, who intends to keep Fabregas on the whole GUNN `at all costs.

His former colleagues at La Masia than Barca and their colleagues' likely future workforce What FC Barcelona can not stop demonstrate publicly how much I appreciate the midfielder, good friendship and maintaining quality that follows the player on the pitch. For these reasons and because many of them have been crowned world champions together with the Spanish, the Barcelona players wishing with all his might that the difficult situation being experienced by the Arenys in its current refloat team so you can return to home.

Known is the excellent friendship between Piqué, Puyol and Cesc, who have fun from time to time conversations via Twitter. Villa says the Arenys is their weakness while the rest of colleagues say that the illusion of the player is back and will be fully compatible with other players both in the locker room and in the field of play. Hopefully everyone's wish is fulfilled. (via SPORT)

Upcoming face-off between Wenger and Cesc

The delay of the transfer is eroding the relationship between player and coach. On Monday, the saga will live a new chapter.

Cesc Fabregas and Arsene Wenger will again face each morning. The meeting comes after the Arsenal yesterday put closure to the Asian tour and undertake the journey back to London to continue with the preparation of the preseason `GUNN.

The summit between the technician and Cesc is expected particularly tense since the wear of the negotiations has taken its toll on the relationship between the two increasingly estranged. The most recent French have not liked the environment of the player, which considers technical Barcelona attacks only serve to torpedo the negotiations.

Cesc is not doing as well, fearing that repeats again the outcome of last season, although Wenger promised him I would give facilities to, this year, to fulfill his dream of returning to Barcelona. The Arenys has so far chosen to remain silent because he understands that the noise will not help facilitate the transfer, but their gestures are still uncertain. First he did not accompany the expedition `GUNN in their Asian tour and maintains its position not to join the team routine. So in principle the idea is to continue to work in the gym tomorrow if Wenger insists his idea not to accede to a transfer, something the coach has stressed time and again when asked.

The Arenys not intend to travel with the team to Germany to play the friendly played Arsenal on 23 to Cologne. Yesterday did not participate in the meeting that his men fought against the Hangzhou Greentown. The Wenger did not pass the draw (1-1) in their second friendly on Chinese soil. The Mexican Carlos Vela was the car of both GUNNER. (via SPORT)

The last swim of Pique

Unlike other years, most of staff has failed to recover fully the efforts of last year and recharge.

European champions Barca hurry his last hours of vacation before starting engines Monday morning beginning at eight o'clock in the Joan Gamper Esportiva Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi. The goal, as each campaign, to fight for every title at stake.

Some members of the team Pep `¿, as Gerard Piqué last Friday, rushing their holidays on the beaches of Miami, where Shakira was performing within his world tour. Gerard, who has accompanied her partner in many of the cities that acted in recent weeks, Florida agreed with a former Blaugrana good friend, Albert Jorquera, and now awaits you at Sant Guim de Freixenet where there Barcelona's a rock that bears his name.

Others, like Josep Guardiola, Barcelona return today, in the case of technical Santpedor comes from Italy where it has rested with his family. It has also been a large part of the Blaugrana in Ibiza, Xavi Hernandez, Carles Puyol and David Villa, with a good friend who could soon slip into Barca shirt again, Cesc Fabregas.

Unlike what happened in the summer of 2010, when holding the World Cup in South Africa demanded that eight of the Barca maximum effort while playing (and winning) the tournament final against the Netherlands, now the bulk of the staff return to work after a long vacation that allowed them to recover in terms of the efforts of the past year.

The four American International (Messi, Mascherano, Milito and Alves) who still dispute the Copa America and European champions three sub ¿21 (Thiago, Bojan and Jeffren) who were competing until the end of June, which will have fewer days recovery. Still, the bulk of the workforce (Valdés, Iniesta ...) will have enjoyed six weeks and in the case of Xavi Hernández and Carles Puyol, who were exempt from the Spanish team friendly in the U.S. and Venezuela in June have added up to 48 days.

It was definitely a need for all of them break after a tough 2010-11 season tremendously both physically and psychologically. For the first captain will be allowed to recover from a knee surgery she underwent after the final of the Champions League and that has forced him to combine the gym sessions with the beach.

In fact, beyond what each had just the last year, much of the staff members bring their homework they charge those responsible for physical preparation.

Most of the players in the squad to follow a pattern in recent weeks vacation to return to work not so hard in the early days of the preseason. It is true that for many years Paco Seirul • lo varied approach pre-campaign work, but so is that even Puyol, Abidal and Keita are genuine fans of fitness and do not need too many guidelines to keep point.

In any case, the goal of Guardiola as his players to forget football for a while because once put in place should AFONT the first competitions while working with his sights set on a schedule which will last for many them with the running of the finals of Euro 2012. (via SPORT)

Leo Messi wants to join the August 3

The Brazilian Alves and Adriano, if they reach the final, would be incorporated on Monday, August 8 in Barcelona.

The 'crack' blaugrana is 'crack' for many things, not only because it plays the soccer like the angels.And Leo Messi proves every day with their commitment to the club and country. The last note of this professionalism will live on tour with FC Barcelona in the United States. And the Argentine star has announced that it intends to incorporate the form certified August 3 in Miami when the team lands in the American city. And regardless of whether Argentina will reach the final or the Copa America.

It seems that the tour a number of additional clauses penalty if Messi is finally and it seems that the striker is ready to sacrifice part of their holiday for the club Catalans do not have to be deprived of the monetary amount. In any case, his fellow Milito and Mascherano are not in eas tessitura, so no need to join before the deadline, even the 'little chief should it also has dropped the possibility of joining before.

On the other hand, Alves and Adriano Brazilian defenders have also announced that his idea is incorporating them on Monday, August 8 directly to Barcelona as the team will have landed a day before the American tour. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Barca includes 80 players to their football bases

The club reinforces the model, but adds new nuances in the work of training to keep growing lalala

The general structure of football training blaugrana remains very similar to last year, with the only significant change to the retrenchment. Some teams had come to accumulate up to 25 players, which made management very difficult, being a stage in which all components of the assembly have to engage the parties in similar terms. To avoid this imbalance has implemented the "rule of 20" for the next academic year, with the intention that no football template-11 available players under 19 or over 21.

Not surprisingly, the number of additions has a certain progression pyramid: 22 players arrived for the youngest category, 14 to fry; 14 to the Infantil, 10 to the Cadete, and 11 for juveniles, and additions at both ends of this pyramid, five players for the EASYSHOP_LINKNAME still uncertain and a figure in Barca B, probably limited to three or four players: Cristian Lobato (far left with the possibility of playing side), Kiko Femenía (able to fill all the right lane ), a striker and maybe another piece.


For positions, show additions arriving 9 goalkeepers, 16 defenders, 30 midfielders and 25 forwards, although several of these figures are very nuanced, as the roles of play at the club are quite different from other teams and that, originally, can be considered a midfielder used to be a defense when you saw the Catalans, and many converted into lateral ends. For sources, most comes overwhelmingly club Catalans: A total of 59 entrants from 32 different clubs in Catalonia.

In the Spanish context, 15 players come to Barca provinentes eleven different clubs, highlighting the addition of five players in the Levante area and four Seville. As for foreigners, there are six guys who wear the Blaugrana shirt, two Koreans, one Dutch, one Portuguese, one American and one Japanese.

The Catalan club has attracted more players where the club are: Espanyol (7), Cornellà (6, although two were assigned), Mataró (4), Damm (3) and Calella (3). 75% of the Catalan players arriving, it is to play in the smaller categories: between EASYSHOP_LINKNAME (born 2004) and Infantil B (1999). From that age (12-13 years) and until Barca B, the distribution is very different: 14 Catalans 15, the rest of Spain and 4 foreigners. This situation is common in soccer training: the first circle of recruitment at younger ages is always Catalunya, the second focuses on the rest of Spain, but only after a minimum age and the third circle, the world, only used for very specific cases, given the logistical complexity.

The cost of these additions has not been revealed by the club, but the most outstanding has been paid up to 100,000 euros for training rights for any of the youth that are recruited.

It is seen in the work of capturing the 21 scouters that Barca is distributed throughout Spain, a very important detail: the search for very specific profile players that exceed the technical level of the players who withdraws.

In this sense, quite glaringly warns the incorporation of high-class players to teams and very complete shot in the older age groups (juvenil and cadete). Goalkeeper Miguel Bañuz as juveniles, José Aurelio Suárez Guillermo Lara cadete or are sensitive to cover some gaps in goal. In defense highlighted the arrival of Rodrigo cadete central Tarin, a profile similar to Alberto Botia. As midfielders are firmly believes in the Lleida Joel Huertas and also in the cadete Albert Torras, Espanyol. In offensive positions, yet to be defined, there are three players from many categories, to be confirmed: Miguel Angel Sainz Maza, who within the Racing for the Manchester City bid, the Ecuadorian Joel Valencia, similar demarcation, and the sportinguista Juan Mera some of which could start the course at the Juvenil A and finish at Barca B. The City and got a pass from Denis Suarez, Celta, intended for the Juvenil A, and Malaga has slowed the arrival of Abdelkader Brahim, although the club still has the signature of his father in force.


The six foreign players who come to the club belong to five different nationalities. With 10 years incorporating the Japanese striker Takefusa Kubo, who live in La Masia, but in private home with his mother. Kubo was on trial in mid-April in the Ciutat Esportiva and convinced the technicians, as well as midfielder Ben Lederman, 11, the first American who joins the club. Two Koreans surnamed born in 1998 and Jang and Lee will join the Infantil A. Both parties were spotted in the Korean and definitely accepted after Danone Cup finals in South Africa. A Portuguese man and a Dutch close the payroll of foreigners: in this case, both come to complete the Infantil B, but their contracts are nearing completion fringes.

The continuity of the three coaches of the last stage prior to Barca B (Oscar García and Sergio Garcia Barjuan in juveniles and Pepper Cadete A) ensures progression in the formation of the chosen football and preparing for professionalism. Three coaches demanding that next season will have better and more consistent templates, as well as reduced in number to those above 20 players.

LOW 85

In the opposite direction, 85 players have been removed or are about to do. Some are well known. Barça B, Victor Vazquez, Nolito, Edu Oriol, Abraham, Benjamin, and possibly five others, some of them pierced with a repurchase option. Juvenil A, goalkeepers Pepe cited media Palau (Villarreal C) and striker Jordi Maso Etock (Chelsea). Juvenil B out of a dozen players, three of them at Espanyol, but the club has refused to officially confirm any casualties at all football training. Cadet A well known is the progress of Arsenal Bellerín Toral and Pol Garcia Tena and to Juve, as well as those of Navarro Belana and Espanyol and Malaga of Mara. In total, 85 players will be leaving the quarry Blaugrana, with Espanyol who benefits most from it (8 to 10 players). Four players of the Foundation have received Eto Or down the club. In the case of juvenile Etock Gael, has got his move to Chelsea. In the youngest (Adamu, Camera and Mandela) his departure due to new criteria with respect to the guys from Cameroon, in relation to age and to size.

All in all, the staff of Barça B will close in about 25 players, those of the youth teams, cadets and children, 20 each, and fry, Benjamin EASYSHOP_LINKNAME, an average of 12 children per team.

In total, 253 players will be available for further growth Barca, simmering in La Masia and Ciutat Esportiva. (via SPORT)

Barcelona was the last one in ending up and it is the last one in returning

The bulk of the teams in the league already in full season for a week.

The champion will be the last to re-cut dress in the year 2011-12, but the delay is fully justified: the club was also the last team to start the holiday first by having to play the final of the Champions League Wembley against Manchester United on May 28. The effort was worth it added its fourth European Cup.

In fact, the Blaugrana release date shared with the newly promoted Granada which also has a good reason: he was running until June 18 to Elche promotion to rise from second to first.

The story was very different for other teams. For example, for Villarreal was launched on 10 July with the mind of the qualifying rounds of the Champions League which will play into the draw for the group stage.

Nor has it been the early bird the 'Yellow Submarine July 4th Is already starting to sweat shirt templates Atletico Madrid and Sevilla, perhaps because they have in common that premiered coach Gregorio Manzano took charge of Atletico, while Marcelino Garcia Toral took over the bench that has just vacated Manzano ...

In fact, the bulk of the equipment was launched during the past week, including Real Madrid was released on 11 before starting his North American tour. As the club, the set of José Mourinho be the first to enter the competition as they vie for the Supercopa of Spain. Still, all teams have had to vary somewhat preparation for the league championship starts sooner this time: the weekend of 20-21 August.

The Catalans will fight for the first titles in a month
The holidays have been long for the club this summer, but during 2011-12 is presented long and intense from the start as the team begins to play one of the six titles to which it seeks from August 14. It is then when faced at the Bernabeu leg of the Supercopa of Spain against Real Madrid.
Three days after Mourinho's team will you move to the Nou Camp to settle definitively this trophy. And the August 26, the club will face in the Louis II stadium in Monaco to Porto to try to win the European Super Cup. Before the day 20, the 'Pep team' will be released in the league against Malaga at La Rosaleda. (via SPORT)

Alexis trusts to be azulgrana on Tuesday

It is hoped a meeting with the Pozzo family in the coming hours.

Alexis Sanchez counts the hours he has left to become player of Barcelona. Chilean striker is confident that the recent clarification Tuesday fringes between Barcelona and Udinese and to realize its dream of playing at Barcelona. Hope football is that coinciding with the resumption of negotiations does the Monday there will be further discussions between the Pozzo family and Barcelona do you speed up a deal that seems closer every day.

For now, the player prefers to keep a prudent silence and not to distract from his more immediate goal: to bring to Chile the highest in the Copa America.

Although the agreement seemed imminent is it OK waiting mismsa Udinese this week, did the Italian club has taken a breather the last few hours before tackling the final stretch of negotiations. Aware of the strong performance of the player in the Copa America, the Italian club have not rushed. With next week, however, hoped that a new summit between representatives of the Italian club and Barcelona in Barcelona.

Alexis have high hopes for this meeting that could define his future next season. And is that Chile is the one who is going worse by the inevitable anxiety of waiting. Also in Chile expect everything to be clarified as soon as possible and the player reaches his dream dress Barca. (via SPORT)

[Copa América quarter-finals] Messi is going on vacation

ARGENTINA, 1 - URUGUAY, 1. Delivered without the necessary support, Leo could not help a albiceleste KO fell by the error of Tevez.

On July 16, 1950 in Rio de Janeiro, was what happened in history as the greatest tragedy of Brazilian football. That afternoon Uruguay destroyed all logic and won Maracana in Brazil. The famous, legendary Maracana. After 61 years in Santa Fe, the same assault Uruguay took the stage with comic nickname Elephants Graveyard ¿what became Argentina's aspirations to regain the throne that resists since 1993 at all.

Play a coin is an ordeal for this in Argentina and Diego Perez put the 0-1 laying bare the fragility of the rear albiceleste the party became a torture for Messi and company. And toss the lot was sentenced, on penalties, which favored Uruguay, winning by 4-5.

A Leo's goal changed the face. Little or nothing resembling the crack with that enjoyed in Barcelona, ​​responding to an own goal with the peace of knowing accompanied by a herd of cracks capable at any time to turn things based on good football. Aguero in Argentina accompanying front, yes, and the struggle of Higuain, Mascherano's leadership ... And some more. Gago, presented after the ghostly rout Costa Rica as the organizational solution to the ills of the team, was a drag that little or nothing helped create. Because that building work had to be almost unique to Messi.

It was he who gave a middle / wonderful tie assistance to Higuain, but is that going through the whole bet Leo's football team, the sentence seemed, eventually, a fact. Neither the expulsion of Diego Perez before the break, or electrical enjoyed those minutes were enough to overwhelm Argentina resistance Uruguayan pieces in each of the nerves got to everyone.

Argentina have Messi. Good. And Aguero, Higuain, Di Maria ... It has wicker, but as reported at the time Tevez suffers equipment. And tactically proved a disaster, giving silly fouls as dangerous as seeing pieces, above, was overcome again and again by the Uruguayan ... And so he did things.

The rout of Costa Rica and disappeared from the retina of either. Argentina regained its sad image, no capacity for association and illusion turned into disappointment. Can not be said that the disappointment and surprise has compared the imaginary football with what happened six decades ago to Brazil, but success in the Derby celestial river La Plata Argentina made it clear that, today, is less than might expected from its legend and history.

The must establish their brands in the rear on one side or invent football, the thing wavers. Messi, much as some insist, is not enough to lead his team to excellence. Need as much support and encouragement moral receives football ... And despite the evil that many, doing little more than necessary.

Uruguay is like cotton. No tricks and displays its virtues without concealing its defects. Blunt ago, the blue team supports their dreams forward Forlan and Luis Suarez. He knew long before you start what to expect with the two football betting. And he took the prize. (via SPORT)

[Technical Data]
Argentina: Romero; Zabaleta, Burdisso, Gabi Milito, Zanetti; Gago (Biglia, m.96), Mascherano; Messi, Di María (Pastore, m.71), Agüero (Tévez, m.80); e Higuaín.

Uruguay: Muslera, Maxi Pereira, Lugano, Victorino (Scotti, m.19), Cáceres, Alvaro Gonzalez, Diego Perez, Arevalo Rios (Eguren, m.110), Alvaro Pereira (Gargano, m.110) Forlan and Luis Suarez .

Referee: Carlos Amarilla, Paraguay. Diego Perez drove (38 ') and Mascherano (87'), both for a second yellow. Admonished Zabaleta Gonzalez, Burdisso, Gago, Arevalo Rios and Tevez.

Goals: 0-1, m. 5: Diego Perez. 1-1, m.17: Gonzalo Higuain. Penalty shootout: 1-0: Messi, gol. 1-1: Forlan goal. 2-1: Burdisso, goal. 2-2: Luis Suarez goal. 2-2: Tevez to Muslera. 2-3: Scotti goal. 3-3: Pastore, goal. 3-4: Gargano, goal. 4-4: Higuain goal. 4-5: Martin Caceres goal.

Referee: Carlos Amarilla (Paraguay). Sent off for two yellow Diego Perez (m. 3 and 38), from Uruguay, Mascherano (m. 49 and 83), Argentina. Warned the Argentine Zabaleta, Gabi Milito, Burdisso, Gago and Tevez and Uruguayan Alvaro González Cáceres (m. 42).

Incidents: quarter-final of the Copa America 2011, played at the stadium Brigadier Estanislao López de Santa Fe before some 37,000 spectators.

Bojan Krkic is trained alone in Bellpuig

The Barcelona striker is brought to await news of their future transfer to Roma.

Bojan Krkic is still waiting. The striker knows his future is in Rome but the transfer has not yet been made ​​official because the Barca has not tied to Alexis Sanchez , and the Catalan club do not plan to let go until it reaches Linyola the Chilean.

For that reason, the Barca squad has included in the list of players who start the season under the direction of Pep Guardiola on Monday when Barça player yet. Bojan , who has had fewer vacations than some of his teammates to compete in the European U-21 in Denmark who won the 'Rojita', you are exercising alone in the soccer field Bellpuig (Urgell) with his uncle Xavi. (via MD)

[Copa América quarter-finals] Patience placed Peru in the semifinals

COLOMBIA, 0-PERU, 2. Colombia could and should sentence during the 90 minutes pass, but his mistakes at the goal Fernandez condemning the defeat ended.

L bequeathed to Cordoba Colombia to get his passport to the semifinals and finished with no muss bald '¿. Peru, minor equipment, stone guest in this tie and whom little or nothing is trusted, waited patiently until the extensions stabbed two fatal stabbings coffee growers, who left home almost unable to believe what happened.

Peru saved a penalty, a shot to the crosshead and up to two more times. Sought fortune and eventually it came to his unexpected encounter. Colombia could and should have won for 90 minutes and beat Peru in overtime, thanks to their faith and, of course, luck and Colombian company goal, which came out to catch butterflies without rhyme or gifted to the shell that Lobaton was the beginning of the end.

Away from semifinal since 1997, Peru remains a lesser team, certainly inferior to Colombia could not impose its logic football after a first half to sleep, a second in which awoke looking for a goal that was three times resisted and an extension in which the target Lobaton left him responsiveness.

And that beyond Guerrero pointed and the strength of Vargas on the left, the combined Peruvian held off the Colombian coffee-based pressure and faith. But little else. Colombia sentence should start with a penalty that was launched Falcao or a shell that spat the crosshead of the goal defended by Fernandez, or a shot of Fernandez Guarín miraculously pulled a corner and in added time.

And all during the game spared Colombia was paid in overtime in a bad way. One could almost say that inadvertently, Peru took gold for your patience. First building on the gift Martínez and after another gift from the rear, and in the second half of extra time, which allowed Guerrero to play a round with excellent assistance in the bombing Vargas became final. Colombia, a favorite, went home almost without realizing it. As Peru, little, slipped in a big way in the semifinals.

[Technical Data]
0 (0) - Colombia: Martínez; Zúñiga, Perea, Yepes, Armero; Sánchez (m.112: Jackson Martínez); Moreno, Guarín, Aguilar (m.105, Gutiérrez), Ramos (m.72, Rodallega); Falcao.

2 (0) - Perú: Fernández; Revoredo, Ramos, Rodríguez, Vílchez; Cruzado (m.117, Ballón), Balbín, Advíncula (m.46, Lobatón), Vargas; Chiroque (m.96, Yotún) y Guerrero.

Goals: 0-1, m.102: Lobaton. 0-2, m.112: Vargas.

Referee: Francisco Chacon (MEX), which admonished Advincula and Rodriguez.

Incidents: from the quarter-finals of the Copa America match at the Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes, the city of Cordoba, before some 30,000 spectators.

[Barça B] Oier, a young veteran

Barça B goalkeeper has become, just 21 years, the oldest player in squad. Basque begin its fifth season on the team, where he arrived on 2007/08.

Oier Olazabal consolidation as a player requires many steps the Irun is discovering and overcoming every year. Even so, this season debuts in a new role: that of veteran. At age 21, Oier longer is who has been in the Barca players subsidiary that currently make up and is the only enduring the stage of Guardiola as coach of B. Youth and experience, quite a paradox that will accompany the goalkeeper throughout the season.

From the current squad of Barça B, only Miño approaches Oier seniority. The Esplugues de Llobregat joined the team for the 2008/09 season, a year later Oier together with Andreu Font, who this summer is already the first team sheet. Behind them there are thirteen players including the goalkeeper Masip, which reached the 2009/10 season. This year, two new signings, Femenía and Lobato, as well as Riverola Basin and, returning to the Club, and the seven youth up, completed, for now, the template Barça B.

Since Oier joined the club in the summer of 2007, Porter has not stopped accumulating success with Barca B. In the last year on the bench Guardiola subsidiary, and the first goal Oier Barca defending, the team won promotion to the second B. Luis Enrique, his second technical in the Club made ​​history by getting another promotion, this time in seconds, and classified in the best position in the history of FC Barcelona B. With Eusebio Sacristan, the branch refuses to live the memories and want to look forward, without ruling improve the results of last season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

'Fiancés' for Jeffren and Afellay

Dalglish wants the canary for Liverpool and Juventus longs for the Dutch.

Barça could receive an unexpected economic boost if the interest that several clubs have shown in limbo and Afellay bear fruit in a transfer. The Liverpool prepares an offensive by the canary of Venezuelan descent, according to British news portal 'caughtoffside', while Dutch midfielder would be on the target list of Juventus , according to Italian media reported yesterday.

Liverpool has long been following the steps in Jeffren and now willing to offer seven million Barcelona club since Kenny Dalglish as a priority to strengthen the front. Jeffren, meanwhile, has seen at all times with good eyes the possibility of playing in the Premiership and, more specifically, in a club the prestige of the institution Anfield.

The end of Barça has been in negotiations between the club and Udinese by signing Alexis Sanchez . The Italian club is interested in the young player, so he could bring down the operation. Jeffren, however, refused to play for Udinese. Even there, however, the possibility of Jeffren between the operation to play in Granada , family-owned club Pozzo, like Udinese. The price of crack young Barcelona, ​​right now, has risen thanks to the interest from Liverpool.

As for Ibrahim Afellay , several Italian media echoed the interest of Juventus, who would join the Lazio , among others, a list of clubs interested in centrocampiosta Dutch. Afellay, however, has already made ​​it clear to all applicants to sign him, he does not want a change of scenery. (via MD)